Arrow (2012–…): Season 2, Episode 20 - Seeing Red - full transcript

The mirakuru sends Roy into a rage rampage across the city. Sara thinks that the only way to stop him is to kill him but Oliver thinks he can still save him. Meanwhile, Slade is continuing his plan to make Oliver pay.

Previously, on "Arrow..."

But there are some things that must
never be spoken of.

How could you not tell me
Malcolm Merlyn was my father?!

Sara, you're not a killer!

I am what I need to be.

Roy, you're

Some people
are just broken, man.

I am not letting what happened
to Slade happen to Roy.

Is that what
I think it is?

Mirakuru. We're going
to use it to make a cure.

No change?


So much blood mixed in
with so much Mirakuru,

I don't know
if it's good or bad.

We could really
use that cure.

I talked to Caitlin
this morning.

working on it.

No mention on
Isabel Rochev's death?

Not a thing.
I wasn't expecting

a glowing obituary,
but she's a Fortune 500.

CEO that's been missing
for a week now.

You'd think she'd have
some column inches.


Does the fact that him lying
there freaks me out a little

make me a bad person?

Felicity, I don't think there's
a force on earth

that can make you a bad person.
But I am starving.



No Big Belly burger, though.

It's giving me a Big Belly.

Sushi, then.

Sushi, then.

How can you be unconscious
and freak me out at the same...



Oh, my God!

Oh, you scared me.


Forgot my phone.

Roy, listen...


You ok?



What's going on?


Move, move, move, move,
move, move, move, move!

Move, move!

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You think Roy's ok?

Please tell me that you're not thinking
about Roy right now.

We're finally alone, in bed,

in a very nice hotel room.

A hotel room that
you couldn't afford.

I have something
of a history with the manager.

Mmm. I can
only imagine.

I think I trashed
this specific room once.

But favors run out.

We should think about
getting a more permanent place.


Well, you're probably getting
tired of staying with Laurel,

and we can't sleep in the foundry now
that Roy's there, so...

But, I mean, "we,"

now you're asking me
to move in with you?


Hey, your phone's

I know.


Okay, both our
phones are ringing,

that's never good.


What happened?

(EXHALES) I don't know.
One minute he's comatose,

the next, he's flipping over
computer equipment.

He was a lot more out of control than
Slade was at your house.

He looked like Roy,
but he... wasn't Roy.

Where do you think he's headed?

I don't know,

but we have to find him.

Despite everyone's

you've managed to pull ahead
of Sebastian Blood in recent polls.

Yes. I think our message
is resonating with the voters.

The people of Starling know
that I have a vision,

and the experienced apparatus to make
that vision a reality.

What would you say
is the main reason

they should vote for you
over alderman Blood?

Well, um...

Alderman Blood
isn't a parent.

And the soul
of being a parent

is making sure that
your children have a bright future.

And I've been very lucky to be able
to do that for my own.

THEA: Yeah.
Mother of the year.

Uh, we're in the middle
of an interview.

Oh, I'll keep it short.

You can't have
your rally at verdant.

It's the only place I have that hasn't
been poisoned by you.

Can you give me
one moment, please?

Turn it off.

Thea, I know you're upset,

and you have every right to be,
but we need to talk somewhere else.

I'm done talking.
I just came by to tell you,

it'll be a cold day in hell before
you can use my club.

We can't just change
the venue the day before.

I'm sure you can
figure something else.

I mean, you have such
an experienced apparatus.

You signed a contract.


Just when I thought
you couldn't go any lower...

You threaten
your own daughter.


What's going on?

Sorry you had to witness that.

After her abduction, I'd think that
the two of you would be closer than ever.

It's a very
complicated situation.

Well, my advice?

Simplify it.

You have to be
either a mother or a candidate.

You can't be both.

Not right now.
You cannot split your focus.

You're absolutely right.

You're really cute
when you're mopey.

I'm not mopey.

Mopey's your default, Ollie.

It's part of
your smoldering charm.

I do have
smoldering charm.


But you're more
than usual mopey.

Is everything all right?

It's fine.


Tommy had me out
a little bit later

than maybe I should have been,


I'm wiped.

Well, you want me to go?

I promised Sara I'd help her
with her trigonometry.

I don't know what that is.

You are very cute.

Get some sleep.




Good night,
Mrs. Queen.

MOIRA: Good night.


You didn't go
out with Tommy last night.


Thanks for eavesdropping
on my entire conversation, Mom.

That's... that's nice.

something's bothering you,

tell me what it is.

Dad's going to kill me.

Your father
loves you.

I love you.

I screwed up.

It's bad.

What happened?

I got a girl pregnant.

Laurel's pregnant?


Not Laurel.

This is ridiculous.

We can't just ride
around all night

hoping to lay eyes
on him.

- Diggle?
- DIGGLE: His place is clean.

I don't think
he's been back here.

Call just went out for an ambulance
at 14th and Hobart.

There's four men
seriously assaulted...

By someone wearing
a red hoodie.

What happened?

Guy jumped us.
Came out of nowhere.

The dude is 'roided out
or something.

Crazy like.

MAN: See ya, Sin.

Adios. Yo, Abercrombie.

Hold up.
Where you been, man?

I went over to
your place like 20 times.

Thea said you skipped town.

Holy crap.

Have you been
in a fight?

Hey, Sin, is this guy
bothering you?

No, no, no, he's chill.
Seriously, just step off.

We going to have a problem, guy?


Just leave him
alone, he's fine.

Oh, what, you got
nothing smart to say?


Felicity's running
facial recognition

on traffic cameras
throughout the city.

Which could take forever.
We need to take Roy down now

before he attacks
any more people.

What part of "I want
nothing to do with you"

are just not understanding?

I came by to see Sara.

And what about him?

He's been
stalking me.

He's protecting you.

From what?

Slade Wilson is still at large.

He already tried
hurting you once.

He didn't hurt me.

He told me the truth, which
I know you think is a bad thing,

but it's actually not.

It is if it costs me you.

Your lies did that.

Now, I'm going to go upstairs
to the stock room,

and if I get attacked by some
shot glasses,

I'll call 911.

Thanks for taking
care of her.

Lucky for me, she's not as good
at disappearing as you were.

I'll be right back.

Have you seen Thea?

What happened
to your eye?

It's ok. I could
cover it with make-up.

If I work make-up.

It's fine.

Who did this to you?

It's a long story.

I asked you who.


But he's not right
in the head.

He got injected
with something.

A drug, I don't know,
but it made him strong.

Like, comic book strong.

Look, I know it sounds nuts...

it really doesn't.

Sara, Roy's a friend.

He needs help,
not a beat down.

I'll have
to call you right back.

Do you want me
to stay, Mr. Blood?

Uh, no, no, thank you.

I'll be fine.

My new body man.

He's a little over-protective.


No, thank you.

I'd say this visit
is unexpected,

but I despise understatements.

I'm dropping out
of the race.

I'm making
a concession speech

at my rally tonight.

You're ahead
in the latest polls.

Even the most skeptical pundits are saying
you could actually pull this out.

I felt I owed you the courtesy of
informing you in person.

I don't, however, owe you
an explanation as well.

No, you don't.

But I'd appreciate one.

What you're doing, Moira,

as much as it benefits me,

doesn't really make much sense.

It's my daughter.

At the moment, she needs me
more than Starling does.

Well, you're doing
the right thing.

I'm going to change
this city, Moira.

A new day is coming.

A better day.

For all of us.

I know things seem
bleak, sweetheart,

but we're going
to figure this out, I promise.

Mom, does it seem fair?

To make...

One mistake, and it...

Feels like
my entire life is over.

Oh, your life
is far from over.

Are you sure
it's yours?

Where there is
money, Oliver,

there are people
looking to take advantage.

She's not that type of person.
She's a good person, Mom.


All right.

I don't know what to do.
What do I do?

We all make mistakes,
Oliver. And I had hoped

that one day you'd forgive me for any
that I might make, so...

All right, um,
I'll be right back.

Verdant, 14th and Hobart,

and the bar Sin
spotted him at.

He looks to be moving east.
What's east?

Queen mansion.

If he still remembers
where Thea lives...

well, used to live,

but Roy doesn't
know that...

There might be something
in Roy still left in there.

Or it's just a coincidence
that he's moving east.

Ahem. I know
that Sin's involved,

but don't let that
cloud your judgment.

Well, don't let the fact that
this used to be Roy cloud yours.



SIN: I found Roy.

Well, I thought I
told you to go home.

Yeah, that's where I am
right now.

And so is he.


He's not here.


It's Oliver.

It's me.

What you're doing right now,

it's because of the Mirakuru.

You're a good person, Roy.
You have a conscience

and a soul.
I need you to use those

and fight this.
You can do it!




Drop the arrow, drop it!




A full moon tonight.

That really brings out
the whack jobs.

Good news is,
it can't get any stranger.

My friend
needs your help.

I was wrong.
Got to call you back.

Some of this damage
is chronic.

The cost of jumping off
rooftops, I guess.

I need to get back on my feet.

I can give you a brace,
but you'll still be

in horrendous amounts
of pain. Six months ago,

this cabinet
would have been empty.

The Chinese Triad was stopping all
of our med shipments...

until someone stopped them.

Ever since, I've been looking
for a way to thank you.

(SIGHS) If you're going to have to
follow me everywhere,

at least don't lurk,
all right?

I can't let you
out of my sight.

You're sick of seeing me
everywhere you go;

Lurking seemed like
a good compromise.

Yeah, well, it's not.

Family's hard.

Sometimes they're the hardest
in the world.

Loving someone so much
and letting them love you back.

You know, you're right...
You should go back to lurking.

I've spent a lot of time
with your family.

If you think that gives you the right
to weigh in, you're wrong.

Plus, Oliver will be out of money soon
and you'll be unemployed.


I guess I should get
this in under the wire.

You know, your mother
isn't perfect.

Her judgment
definitely isn't.

But there's one thing she's
consistent about

is that she loves
you and Oliver.

And that should
buy her what in your mind?

Well, I don't know,

But she is
your mother.

That should buy
her something.

A second chance,

WOMAN ON TV: ...A citywide man hunt

for the perpetrator of an attack

that left one police officer
seriously injured

and the other dead.

We have video
shot by a bystander,

but please be warned that the footage
may be too graphic for some viewers.

Oh, my God.

DIGGLE: Thea...

I have to go
see a friend.

If you have
to follow, follow.

These aren't going
to fix your knee.

They'll help it heal faster.
And until then?

Where are we with
facial recognition?

Traffic cams can't
get a clear shot.

Now I see why
you wear that hood.

We need to find Roy

before the police do.

Because they'll kill
him and we won't?

Labs is working on a cure.

Which they may
never come up with.

And even if they do,
I mean, how many people

are we going to let Roy
kill in the meantime?

You know, you wanted
to kill Helena, too.

You found another way.

That was different,
and you know it.

Roy has the Mirakuru
in him, just like Slade.

And if you had a clear shot of Slade
right now, you would take it.

Roy isn't Slade!

Roy isn't Roy.

He's not himself

he's too far gone.

I don't believe that.


Do you even hear yourself
right now, Ollie?

This is the exact conversation that
we had five years ago,

except we were
freezing on Lian Yu.

What are you doing?

What needs to be done.

The Mirakuru won't do anything
against a head shot.


Your mother's rally starts in
a half an hour.

I'd start getting dressed
if I were you.


She reminds me so much
of me after I came home.

When it just seemed...

Seemed impossible to believe
in anything even resembling hope.

But you did.

You did.


Sara will, too.

Oh, thanks for coming.

It's chill.
Who's that? shadow.

Listen, something
is going on with Roy.

I know, I saw him.
He's totally crazed.

What's happening to him?

Do you remember around Christmas
when he bailed on us?


He got shot up with something,
this drug,

and it's been messing
with his head.

Did you tell my brother
any of this?

No... Why?

He's got this bodyguard
all over me.

He must know about Roy,

think he's coming
after me or something.

Well, what are you
going to do?


THEA: Roy?

Roy, it's me.

It's Thea.

I'm so glad I found you.

I've been looking

This is all my fault.

I did this to you.

When you broke up with me,
it was a cry for help,

and I didn't listen.

I should be punished.

I deserve to be punished.

Someone hurts you,
and you hurt them worse.

You hurt them permanently.

You should just kill me.

Kill me.

Kill me.

Oliver, where have you

Haven't you got
any of my calls?

I've been busy.
What's wrong?

It's your mother.
She'll do fine.

No, she won't.

She's not using
this event to rally the troops.

She's using it...

to tell people she's dropping
out of the race.


What happened?

It's a motorcycle

it was stupid.

Yes, this would be the second
accident in as many weeks,

if my math is correct.

Mark says you're dropping
out of the race.

The truth is, I should
have done it weeks ago,

after Thea was abducted.

My complete focus needs
to be on repairing our relationship.

Mom, what's happening
with Thea right now

isn't because you weren't spending
enough time with her.

Well, maybe not.
I have to do something

and I'm not sure
what else to do.

Thea hates you right now
because of the things that you've done.

Terrible things.

So let her see you
do something good.

As mayor.

Mom, I know a little
something about...

Sacrificing the people
closest to me

for the good
of this city.

It's what you need
to do now.

I know.


Oliver, I know.

I know.

I've known...
since last year,

I suppose.

The night of the Undertaking,

everything became so clear.

It was pretty much the night
I stopped sleeping.

Before you say
anything else...

There's nothing else to say.

Nothing I need to say.

Except I could not
be more proud.

Can I have Raisa get you
anything to drink?

Or... or something to eat,
perhaps? Please.

Where's Oliver?

Ah, he's...
running an errand for me.

I thought it would
give us a chance to talk.

With all due respect, um,
Mrs. Queen,

what's happening,
it's between me and your son.


What is that?

Oh, I had one
of our investigators

write up a dossier on you.
I'm sorry, but it's a necessary

precaution against
a fraudulent claim of paternity.

Well, the baby
is Oliver's.

Oh, of that I have no doubt.

Our investigators
were quite thorough.

But you can imagine

how many people
my family attracts

who are looking for handouts.

Well, I'm not
looking for money.

Of course not.

I told you,
I don't want money.

And I'm telling you

that this is
my first grandchild.

And I want to make certain
that he or she has a bright future.


This is
a million dollars.

I want to make certain
that my son has a bright future as well.

That money is yours

once you tell Oliver
that you've lost the baby.


And another million
when you return to Central City,

never to speak to him again.

Can I offer you some advice,

one mother to another?

When it comes to your children,
there is no action

that is inconceivable;

There is no decision
that is impossible.

You do what you must
to provide the life that they need.

And I think that $2 million

is sufficient to provide
the life that both our children need.

Don't you?


When I was first approached
about entering this race,

the prospect of winning
seemed a distant,

nearly impossible feat.

Now, how could a city that had
suffered so much

place its faith in someone
so responsible for its suffering?

But as the weeks progressed,

good people such as you
raised your voices

in support, and I began to think
that I could make a difference.

I could help
save this city.


Recent events
have changed things,


and now I know I can
make a difference.


And should the honor
become mine,

I promise with
every breath I take

to do what is necessary;

To sacrifice what is necessary
for the good of this city.

Starling City is my
home, you are my family,

and there is nothing
more important to me than family.

Thank you,
thank you all.


Great speech, Moira.

A little too off-book
for my liking,

but we'll work on that.

I thought it was perfect.

Um... Hi.

I just wanted to come up here
and say a few words.

I am so proud
to have my mom here tonight

at my club, Verdant,
in the Glades.

What is she doing?

She knows this is
being televised.

She's sending a message to Roy,
trying to draw him out.

So vote Queen.
Tell your friends.


Thea, that was...

That was not for you.


Oh, God, you're heavy.

Is this really all muscle?

Ahem. How many of those
venom arrows do we have?

About 20.
I need all of them.

Okay. Are you sure
that's a good idea?

Can you even get into
those leather pants with that knee?

Lidocaine. Now.


Let's see, the bottle
says the proper dose is...

Is all of it.

I don't think
that's a good... ooh.




Terrific speech,

How did we not think of running
you years ago?

Thank you.

Uh, can you give me a moment?

of course.

Oh, hello.


You need to go now!
No, no, no!

I can't leave
without my daughter!

I'll see to the safety
of your daughter!

Go, go! Thea,
we have to go now!

No, it's Roy!

I'm not leaving him!
He came here for me!

THEA: Roy.

Roy, listen to me!

Listen to my voice!

I don't know what's
going on with you,

but I have to believe the man
I fell in love with

is still inside
there, somewhere.

You have to fight.
You're strong.

You can fight this.
Fight this!


SARA: Roy!

Put her down.

Please don't.

He can't control it!

That's why I don't
have a choice.

Get out of the way.

Don't do this.


Kill me.

Please. Kill me.

THEA: Please
don't do it!

No one dies tonight.

The police...

Go outside.

We'll get Roy
the help he needs.

I promise! Go!

Ah, Tibetan
pit viper venom.

A constant dose of that can't be
good for you. Right?

It'll keep him sedated
like it did Slade.

Until when?

And what happens
when we run out?

It's not like you can buy this stuff
over the counter.

Unless you're in Tibet.
Then... maybe.

We'll take care of him.

I'm not ready
to give up on Roy.

Anyone else crave dim
sum after fisticuffs?

No? Ok.

Dumplings for one, then.

I would have killed him.

I was ready to.

He'd be dead right now
if you wouldn't have stopped me.

But he's not.

That's all that matters.

That's not true.

I wanted to kill Roy.

Because that's what I do.

That's who I am.

I spent six years
in the darkness.

And I looked into
the eyes of the devil

and I gave him my soul.

Let me help you
get it back.

No, you deserve someone better.

Someone who can harness
that light that's still inside of you.

But I'm not that person.

And I never will be.



I'm sorry.

I just care about you
too much to be with you.


Everything ok?

Yeah. Just had
a long day.

How's Roy?
Well, he's alive,

no thanks to me.

You know, that was brave
getting between us.

It took guts.
Not really.

I knew you wouldn't
really hurt him.

You're not a killer.

What's this for?

Say good-bye.

What? Wait,
where are you going?

To see an old friend.


We've got every
cop in this city canvassing.

We'll find
this guy.

Thank you.

You ok?

Fine. Where were you?

He was with me.

(SIGHS) Glad to see the two
of you are getting along again.



You knew about Roy.


That's why you had
your bodyguard stalking me.

Somehow, you knew what
was going on with him.


I'm just trying
to protect you.

By not telling me the truth.

Just like
with Malcolm Merlyn.

You know, the two of you,

you think you're
protecting me by lying

and by keeping secrets.

But that's what's
actually hurting me.

You're absolutely right.

We need to turn a new page.

It's not going
to be that simple.

Or easy.

I know. If the truth
were easy for me,

we wouldn't be
in this situation.

But to start...

There's something about Malcolm
that both you and Oliver

need to know.







I was dead the last time
you were offered this choice.


What's happening?

I often wonder
how you looked...

When he pointed
the gun at Shado...

And took her from me.

You psychopath.

Shado wasn't yours!

No, she was yours.

Until you chose
another woman over her.

That's not
what happened!

It is what happened! It is!

She told me!

What do you mean, she?
There's nobody there!


You were on the island
with Oliver?

I thought I had known
true despair,

until I met your son.

I trusted him...

to make the right choice.

Let me make
the right choice now.

Kill me.

- No!
- MOIRA: No!

Choose me, please!

I am killing you, Oliver.

Only more slowly
than you would like.






I swear to God, I am
going to kill you!

No! No!




Mom, what
are you doing?

There's only one way

this night can end.


And we both know that.

Don't we, Mr. Wilson?

Please, don't!

Both my children
will live.

THEA: Mom!

What are you doing?!


Thea, I love you.

Close your eyes, baby!


You possess true courage.

I am truly sorry...


You did not pass that on

to your son.




There is still one person

who has to die...

Before this can end.


Mom! No!

No! Mom!


Well, yeah, I'm sorry, too.

Well, listen, if there's
ever anything that I can do...


Who was that?

That was, um...

She lost the baby.


She said she's sad about it,

and she's going to go
back to school in Central City.

she has family there.

Well, I'm sure this has been
very traumatic for her.

But it sounds
for the best.


- Sure.
- You ok?

Yeah. Yes.

I continue to be
the luckiest guy on the planet.


What would I have done if she...


I'm not ready to be a dad.

No. But someday.

It's my fondest hope
for you.


I'm glad I told you.

I don't think that I could have

gotten through something
like this without you.

You're never without me.

My beautiful boy.


It's, uh...

I love you.

I love you.

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