Arrow (2012–…): Season 2, Episode 2 - Identity - full transcript

Now that Oliver no longer has the list to work from, he's not sure what's next. Roy continues doing his own vigilantism and has to be bailed out of jail by Thea. When he mentions to Oliver ...

My name is Oliver Queen.

After five years on a hellish island...

I have come home with only one goal:

To save my city.

But to do so, I can't be the killer
I once was.

To honor my friend's memory,
I must be someone else.

I must be something else.

Previously on Arrow:

It's a Hozen.
In Buddhism it symbolizes reconnecting.

And now that Malcolm's dead,
there's only one archer left.

And I'm gonna help my boss catch him.

Let the kid go.

It's like you have a death wish.

And guess what. It's going to come true.

Yeah, well, someone has to do something
and stand up for what's right like he did.

- Faster.
- Foot's on the floor, man.

Call it in.

This is FEMA Truck 52.
We're being pursued by two armed bikers.

We're heading south on Third Street.
Requesting immediate assistance.

Get us out of here.

- Get us out of here!
- I'm trying!

Who the hell was that?

Just so you know,
the real bad guys are getting away.

- We're gonna need more sparring dummies.
- I'll start ordering them in bulk.

This mean you're ready
to launch Crusade 2.0?

I'm ready. I just don't
know where to begin.

Last year I had the list.

Getting justice was as simple as
crossing names out of a book.

This is Starling City.

You never have to look far to find
someone engaged in illegal activity.

- Yesterday Big Belly Burger got robbed.
- Was Carly there? Is she okay?

Yeah, she was, um...

It was her day off.

Good, well the three of
us should get dinner.

I haven't seen her
since I got back.

Why the sudden interest
in my love life?

If it's important to
you, it's important to me.

Hey. I didn't see you come in.

I had a secret entrance installed
when I ran the club.



Yes. Yeah, this is Thea Queen.

Of course that's where he is.

- Who is he, Roy?
- I already told you, I don't know.

So you just happened
to have one of his arrows.

- I hear he likes green ones.
- Do you think this is funny?

Because I can charge you
with obstruction right now.


I used to feel the same way as you.

He has this way of seducing you...

making you feel
like he's some kind of guardian angel.

But he's not.

He causes chaos and death.

And you trying to emulate him
just makes the situation worse.

Half the city fell into a hole.
I'd say the situation's already worse.

Some of us are just
trying to make it better.

Who, like you and the Hood?

Look, there...

There are others.

Others out there
who are willing to do what's right.

I've seen them.

I've seen her.

I'm not interested in anyone else.

Just him.

What happened?

- Are you hurt?
- Fender bender.

- He totaled his car playing Hood Jr.
- At least it wasn't my car.

Don't say anything.
I already called you an attorney.

That won't be necessary.
We're not pressing charges.

So long as he gives
up looking for trouble.

Might as well tell him
to give up breathing.

I'll talk to him.

Ask him if he knows anything
about the vigilante.

Roy's obviously forged
some sort of connection to him.

Maybe it goes both ways.

Doesn't sound like the vigilante'd
have a groupie.

That's just it.

We don't know anything
about the vigilante...

except for every time he shows up,
all hell breaks loose.

It has to stop, Ollie.

He has to be stopped.

Thea, can you ask Mr. Diggle
to bring the car around, please?

I'll always think of you fondly.

Save the speeches.

Your ex-girlfriend already laid one on me.
Still no effect.

- I used to be a lot like you, Roy.
- I doubt that.

I spend more time
in the back of cop cars than limos, so...

The world doesn't work anymore.

It broke a long time ago, but it was like
you were the only one who noticed.

That makes you angry.

And you're afraid that that anger
is gonna burn you up inside...

if you have to live in the
world one second longer

knowing that you could
do something to fix it.

That anger's gonna put you
in the hospital, kid.

Or worse.

Well, I'll take worse.

Better to be dead
than in a hospital these days.

- What do you mean?
- Been to the Glades Memorial lately?

No, but I didn't read
that it was damaged by the quake.

It wasn't.

The medicine that FEMA's been sending
the hospital is being hijacked.

So, if they don't resupply,
they'll be forced to close.

- By who?
- I don't know.

The doctors and nurses are already bailing
on the place. And the cops?

The cops rarely venture that deep into the
Glades, so I guess that leaves only me.

What's it take to make you angry?

Oliver! No!

Others will come.
They won't be happy we killed their men.

All the more reason
to figure out why they're here.

It's a map...

of the island chain containing Lian Yu.

This is similar to the
recon shots ASIS gave

me before we came here
to rescue your father.

Whatever they're looking for,
it must be here, on this island.

I've seen men in war
with that look in their eyes.

What look?

The one that says he's split
into someone else.

Someone he doesn't even recognize.

If someone doesn't talk to him,
it'll tear him up.

Come on. Let's get away from this place.

People survive the quake and end up here.
From one hell to the next.

Whoever's stealing from here,
they won't be for much longer.

This city is failing on all counts.

Who's that in the spotlight?

Sebastian Blood,
the local alderman that I told you about.

- Not too shy about sharing his opinions.
- Which are?

Which are that the Glades
have been abandoned...

and no one gives a damn
about these people.

He hasn't met us yet.

We cannot stand by while the
doctors on the other side of those doors...

are working with the bare
minimum of resources because

the police department already
sees us as a lost cause.

Meanwhile, thieves are seeking to make
a quick buck off the misery of the Glades.

Oliver Queen, isn't it?


What brings you to Glades Memorial,
Mr. Queen?

I assume someone of your means can afford
the best medical treatment money can buy.

I can assure you
you're not gonna find that here.

That's wrong, sir.

The people of the Glades
have suffered too much

not to have access to
basic medical services.

Well, that's very compassionate
of you to say...

although I wonder where your family's
concern for its fellow citizens was...

when they ordered the construction of the
earthquake machine that killed 503 people.

Ladies and gentlemen.

I'm going to do everything
in my power to atone

for my family's culpability
in this tragedy.

Well, I'm sure the people
of the Glades that

I represent will sleep
better knowing that.

If they still had a place to sleep.
If their homes hadn't crumbled around them.

If their stores and their businesses
hadn't been condemned.

- You did this to us.
- Go back to your mansion, rich boy.

Spare us your mercy visits, Queen.
You've done enough for this city already.

Excuse us. Pardon us.

Sir, how do you plan on fixing the...?

- I quit.
- No, you don't.

Yes, I do.

Not my old job in the IT Department but
my new job as your executive assistant...

...which you think
I'm going to accept.

Your thinking could not be
more wrong in this matter.

- I need a Girl Wednesday.
- It's "Friday." And the answer is no.

These computers have been upgraded.

Far more processing power
than your typical secretary.

Did you know I went to MIT?

Guess what I majored in.
Hint: Not the secretarial arts.


We all need to have secret identities now.

If I'm going to be Oliver Queen, CEO, then
I can't very well travel down 18 floors...

every time you and I need to discuss
how we spend our nights.

And I love spending the night with you.

Three, two, one.

I worked very hard to get where I am,
and it wasn't so I could fetch you coffee.

Well, it could be worse.

My secret identity is his black driver.

Right now I need you to figure out
how the hijackers are getting a line...

on the goods earmarked
for Glades Memorial.

If we know how they're
picking their targets...

We'll know when and
where to stop them.



May I get you a cup of coffee?

You're not actually offering to
get me a cup of coffee, are you?

Yeah, nope. That won't be happening. Ever.

Well, if you can bring yourself to do it,
can you please make reservations...

for Dig, Carly and I
Saturday night at Table Salt?


I'll get right on that. Using the Internet.
Which you also happen to have access to.

- You still haven't told him?
- He has enough on his plate.

Last year when Oliver Queen returned
to Starling City...

he was met with flowers and well wishes.

However, today, down at Glades Memorial, he
was met with a far less cordial homecoming.

The question is no longer
"Where have you been, Oliver Queen?"

Now, it's
"But what have you done for me lately?"

Mr. Queen was not available for comment.

You saved my life.

That's what I keep telling myself.

That I killed that guy
because he was gonna kill you.

What if that's not the reason?

I just feel like this island is...

It's turning me into something terrible.

No island, no place,
can make you something you're not.

So I've always been a killer?

Everyone has a demon inside of them.

The Dao De Jing recognizes
the yin and the yang...

opposing forces inside all of us.

The darkness and the light.

The killer...

and the hero.

Never thought I'd say
this, but I'm actually

getting more done down in
the basement of an...

abandoned steel factory than in
the corner office of a high-rise.

What do you have?

FEMA is shipping 100,000 units of
medical-grade opiates to Glades Memorial.


The truck is scheduled to leave
the FEMA depot in 20 minutes.

Not if this motorcycle gang
has anything to say about it.

Bad luck for them.

I have something to say about it.

No, please, don't...


Make your delivery.

The emerald archer.

I feared you had perished in the quake...

denying me the opportunity
to pay you back in full...

for your past
interference in my business.

Your business is going under. Permanently.

I don't think my friend agrees with you.

Our new partnership was easily cemented.

You see, I was eager to see you dead,
and he was eager to kill you.

No kill shots?

I was promised a fight.
I hope you haven't lost your nerve.

Find out.

Starling City Police. You're surrounded.

Put down your weapons or we will open fire.

Open fire!

Cease fire. Cease fire.

Find him.

He couldn't have gone far.

Does it hurt?

Not as much as some things.

I love that we live in a city where the
police are more interested in catching you...

than the drug-stealing mobsters.

Our tax dollars at work.

The authorities have always
gone after the vigilante.

This time was different.

Why? Because this time
it's Laurel leading the charge?

Because they got in my way.

I can't make things
better as Oliver Queen...

and now I can't make things better
as the vigilante.

- So what if Laurel's involved?
- Hey. Go easy on him.

- It's all right. Felicity.
- No, it's not.

You don't get to jump
down his throat just

because you happen to
be having a lousy week.

Ok, you're pissed he invoked
the all-mighty Laurel.

Well, you're not the only one whose
love life is taking it on the chin.

- Felicity.
- What are you talking about?

I'm talking about: You keep bringing up Carly,
but you're so involved with yourself...

that you don't even realize the
look he gets every time you do.

What is she talking about?

Me and Carly pulling the pin.

It happened when you were gone. Truth is,
it's been happening for a while now.

Being the vigilante's wingman was a strain.

He needs to hear this.

This wasn't just about
what we were doing, Oliver.

This isn't just about you, man.

I couldn't separate what was going on
with me and Carly...

- and what went on with my brother.
- Deadshot.

He's still out there.

My brother's killer is still breathing.

And I guess I, uh, couldn't hate him
and love her at the same time.


You are not the only one having trouble
reconciling two sides of himself.

Great crowd tonight.

Now that we're closed,
you gonna be starting your second shift?

Suicide by Chinese street thugs?

Do you really wanna
talk about this again?

We never finished
talking about it.

I wanted Laurel to arrest you.

You know, you're not the first girlfriend
to say that to me.

She said I couldn't change you,
so I'm not gonna try to.

What, so you're giving me money and a rock?

The check is two weeks' severance
from the club.

Just because I can't change you doesn't
mean I have to let you be in my life...

until you get yourself killed.

And my brother gave me that
when he came back from the dead.

Said it was a Hozen...

some Buddhist thing
that symbolizes reconnecting.

If you wanna reconnect with me...

- keep the Hozen and tear up that check.
- I don't do too well with ultimatums.

And I don't do all that great
with people I love getting hurt.

Or worse.

Your 4:00 is here.

Although I'm not entirely sure why
you would invite him up to your office.

Because I need to fix this situation,
and there are no cameras...

or people to throw things at me in here.

Alderman. Thank you for coming.

Mr. Queen.

This is some view.

How small the rest of us must all look
from up here.

- Ms. Smoak.
- Yes.

Would you get my guest and I some coffee?

You know, I would, Mr. Queen, but it seems
that someone's broken our coffeemaker.


I was surprised that you wanted to meet.

As surprised as I was
when you turned a frenzied mob on me?

Oh, that shouldn't have
been too surprising.

My constituents have a lot of anger
towards your family.

They have a right to.

My mother was involved
in something unspeakable.

But I'm my own man.

- And I'm not your enemy.
- You're not a friend.

To me or the people of the Glades.

I am hoping to prove otherwise.

Mr. Queen, not every problem
can be solved by money.

Real change will never happen
until your elitist friends realize...

that it is morally unacceptable to allow
thousands of its fellow citizens...

to live right down the
street but in a Third World.

Then let's show them.

I'll host a benefit,
invite some of my elitist friends...

and then you and I can help them
see what needs to be done.

People seeing you.

Seeing you stand up, the CEO of Queen
Consolidated taking responsibility...

and being this cause's public face.

That would make a difference.

Then let's make a difference.


I am truly sorry for what happened
outside that hospital.

Sometimes my emotions
get the better of me.

Hey, kid! Shado!

Yeah. Just, um...

Slade, just washing off.

Well, you better prepare to get dirty again.
I figured out where those men were headed.

It's a couple of klicks northwest of here.

Well, let's go.

Be careful.

- Don't fall too hard.
- Why not?

To make sure there isn't any part
of this island that doesn't totally suck?

To survive. She's a distraction.

And in a place like this,
a distraction's gonna cloud your judgment.

And that is what's gonna get you killed.

Look at what this island
has already done to you, kid.

Hello, Laurel.

- Seems like old times.
- Figured we should talk.


Turn that thing off and
pull back your hood.

I'm not your enemy.

- And I thought we understood each other.
- I understand that you're a criminal.

And you think the law doesn't apply to you.
It does.

But you didn't always feel that way.

You used to think that I was
helping the people in this city.

And then I saw you.

I don't understand.

The night of the earthquake,
I saw you at CNRI.

My friend was inside the building
when it collapsed.

He went there to rescue me.

And by the time I managed to climb inside,
he was gone.

But I saw you.

Running away into the night.

You didn't save him.

You were too busy...

fighting a meaningless duel
with Malcolm Merlyn.

And when people...

people you told me you would protect,
needed your help...

you weren't there.

I don't think you wear that hood
because you're a hero.

I think you wear it
to hide that you're a coward.

And I promise you, I will see you unmasked,
prosecuted and sent to prison.

Don't ever speak to me again.

You look like a woman
who's looking for someone.

A friend of mine. He's
throwing this benefit.

Ah. Oliver Queen.
I didn't realize you were friends.

Very old friends.

So you can imagine how I feel
about you putting him in the crosshairs...

of public opinion, alderman.

For what it's worth, I have apologized
to Oliver for my rhetorical excesses.

In fact, it is that détente
which brings us all here tonight.

So where is Oliver?

That's exactly the question
I've been asking myself.

We're late.

Good news is, at least
you get to make a dramatic entrance.

Oh, I'm just lucky Oliver Queen has a
reputation for not showing up on time.

You know I've been meaning to tell you,
it really weirds me out...

to no end the way you refer to yourself
in the third person like that.

It's Felicity.

- Tell me.
- I've got good news and bad news.

I hacked into FEMA's server... Yet another
federal offense, thank you very much.

And was able to find out when the next
shipment of pharmaceuticals is taking place.

- When?
- That's the bad news.

Five minutes ago.

I know this is the definition
of sucky timing...

but which suit are you planning
on wearing tonight?

Doesn't seem Mr. Queen is going to honor us
with his presence this evening.

So where are you going?

To address his guests.

It's time they realized
what kind of a man their host is.

You're just gonna crucify him
in the media again?

Crucifixion has such a bad reputation.

But the Romans used it to punish people
who acted against the public good.


Ladies and gentlemen.

Thank you. Thank you.

But you should hold your applause
for Oliver Queen.

This evening's charity was his brainchild.

As such...

you could be forgiven
for wondering why Mr. Queen...

isn't with us tonight.

And the answer, I'm afraid,
is painfully apparent.

He doesn't care.

I told Mr. Queen...

that this city's problems
cannot be solved with his money.

That he needed to stand up
and be counted as someone who cares.

- So where is he now?
- Lieutenant.

We got a Hood sighting,
headed down Lemire Avenue.

Let's go.

I don't know where Oliver Queen is.

All I know is that he isn't here.

This city is dying.

And it needs someone to stand up
and breathe new hope into it.

And tonight it is painfully obvious
that person is not Oliver Queen.


I told you. On time to die.

Closing in on the vigilante's position.

This doesn't make any sense.

This is supposed to be live surveillance.

What the hell is this building doing here?
It was destroyed in the quake.

Who in the hell could be feeding us
year-old surveillance?

Health care has enough problems
without you punks.

You're not the only one
allowed to bring a friend.

I'm clear.

That makes one of us.

Go ahead, waste your arrows.

That hurt, but it won't stop me.

That will.



You've changed.

You would have killed me by now
if you hadn't.

The police can take the shipment
the rest of the way.

They still won't see you
as anything more than the enemy.

You'll never be anything
but a criminal to them.

Which means you'll never be a hero.

As long as this city is safe...

it doesn't matter.

After a prolonged pursuit,
police have arrested Chien Na Wei...

a high-ranking member
of the local Chinese triad...

which was responsible
for the recent hijackings...

of pharmaceuticals bound
for Glades Memorial.

Representatives praise the efforts
of the S.C.P.D...

in saving the hospital
from shutting down...

though some sources say
the vigilante may have been involved.

In other news, protests continue...

I was just about to make my move
on her.

I didn't need one of your trick arrows
getting in the way.

Couldn't risk it.
Where would I be without my black driver?


I'm sorry about you and Carly.

Yeah, well, couples break up.

Not everything that happens
in Starling City is your responsibility.

I'm learning that.

What I meant was I'm sorry
that I wasn't there for you.

Because I should have been.

I got wrapped up in my own suffering...

and I forgot that some other people
might be suffering too.

You know, we're getting dangerously close
to hug territory, so I'm gonna fall back.

You need a ride?

Turns out that being CEO,
I actually have some work to do.

I'll find my own way.

You always do.

Back in Starling City, Oliver Queen finds
himself in the hot seat once more.

At least in the eyes of city alderman,
Sebastian Blood.

Oliver Queen's failure to show up to his
own benefit shouldn't surprise anyone.

He's no different than the rest of the Starling
City elite who've failed to show up...

when it comes to ending the suffering
of those left devastated in the Glades.

Oliver Queen is not a friend
of the people of this city.


To those men, this location could have been
on any one of 150 different islands.

But for somebody who knows this island
like he knows his own name...

So those men were looking for this place.

- Why?
- That would be the question.


Over here.

The skulls are misshapen.

What happened to these people?

Whatever did happen to them
was over 60 years ago.

These soldiers belonged
to the Japanese Imperial Army.

They've been here since World War ll.

We're missing something here.

You don't just come here for corpses.

I've been looking for you.

- You need to stop.
- You saved my life.

Made me realize...

it wasn't much of a life.

That I could do what others couldn't,
were too afraid to do.

I could help you save the city.

- You're untrained.
- I can fight.

You can take a beating.
There's a difference.

Then teach me.

Let me help you.

Okay. You can help me.

But not by taking on the Triad or the cops.

Then how?

To do what I do, I need intel.

You can be my eyes and ears in the Glades.

- That's how you can save the city.
- How do I contact you?

Leave that in the alley wall...

and I'll know to contact you.

You sure it's all right that I keep this?

If I wanna be with you,
do I keep that or give it back?

You were a little unclear.

- You mean it?
- No more fighting.

If it's a choice between life with you
or life without you...

life with you will
win every single time.

I'm done trying to be a hero.

I told you to stay away from me.

I thought
you might have changed your mind...

after I stopped the men
terrorizing our city.

This isn't your city.
It's your killing fields.

- The copycats are still alive.
- Tommy Merlyn isn't.

I lost a friend that day too.

And I would gladly...

have given my life for his.

Well, don't worry. Your life is over.

Your life as a free man.

I told you to stay away.
Somehow I knew you wouldn't listen.