Arrow (2012–…): Season 2, Episode 19 - The Man Under the Hood - full transcript

Oliver, Canary, Diggle, and Felicity return to the lair and find Slade waiting for them. An epic battle breaks out and one member of Team Arrow is sent to the hospital. Thea hits her ...

My name is Oliver Queen.

After five years on a hellish island...

I have come home with only one goal:

To save my city.

But to do so, I can't be
the killer I once was.

To honor my friend's memory,
I must be someone else.

I must be something else.

Previously on Arrow:

There's a new player we've been
tracking. We're calling him Deathstroke.

I have a proposal for you men.

Roy was injected with the serum. He's
alive, but we have to keep an eye on him.

- Stay away from Thea.
- No.

She's not safe around you.

You love her, and that's why
you're gonna do what I'm asking.

How could you not tell me
Malcolm Merlyn was my father?

I believed in you.

As of 30 minutes ago,
your company belongs to me.

Slade. You're working for him.

I know Oliver Queen is the Arrow.

I don't think my
eye holes line up properly.

- Is anyone else having this problem?
- Don't be nervous.

I'm a lot nervous.
This is a big move, even for us.

- We've cornered the market on big moves.
- Slade didn't give us a choice.

Yeah, but as far as plans go,
this is not a good one.

Felicity, this was your plan.

I didn't think you'd actually say yes.

We're here.


That man used to work for me.

And now he works for our enemy.

Security cameras are down.

You all remember the skeleton key...

courtesy of William Tockman,
a.k.a. The Clock King.

It can open any lock, including this one.

This is where we met Barry.

These are plug-and-play.

Fasten them where we talked about.
Let the C4 do the rest.

- Been a while since I've blown anything up.
- Quick and clean.

I'm a bomber.

I can't believe I'm a bomber. Can I list
it on my resume under "special skills"?


We have to go.

Thermal shows everybody's out.

It's just a building, Oliver.

Cowards. Who else would
needlessly destroy...

cutting-edge scientific
and medical technology...

whose sole purpose is to make Starling
City a healthier and safer place?

As CEO of Queen Consolidated...

I have a message to the terrorists
who committed this unspeakable act:

You will be caught and punished.

For the record, I hated her
before we found out she was a supervillain.

Okay, Slade's goal is to create an army
of human weapons using the Mirakuru.

To do that,
he needs an industrial centrifuge.

Which having Isabel Rochev steal
Queen Consolidated from your family...

- gave him full access to.
- Since Applied Sciences went kaboom...

he can't use our technology, formerly
ours, for his warped experiments.

Slade has had us on our heels for weeks.
It's about time we took the fight to him.

All this Will do is Set him back.

We have no way of knowing
where the next attack is coming from.

Look, you need to drop this, okay?
I'm fine, really.

How is any of this fine?

Look, you need to concentrate on you.
Now, are you going to your meetings?

Yes. It's where I talk about
how my father's facing prison.


this will all blow over, okay? Please.

No, it won't, Dad.

You were caught aiding
and abetting the vigilante.

Working with him last year
cost you your detective shield.

Now it can cost you 18 months in prison.

They want his name.

Do you know who the Arrow is?

I don't.

I swear.

Well, what about the woman in black?
The one the Arrow works with.

Do you know who she is?

You must have some idea.

Honey, I can't tell you what I
don't know. GUARD: Time's up.

You girls, you take care of each other.

Do you really think he doesn't know
who the Arrow is?

It's not like Dad to lie.

Sometimes it's people closest to us
who lie to us best.

Where is Thea?
She should be here for this too.

- Yet I doubt she's coming.
- Well, I can't lie to either of you.

It's bad. If Isabel Rochev
is one thing, it's thorough.

She's laid the foundation
for this takeover for months.

We still own a majority of stock
in the company.

Yes, but Isabel has diluted that stock
to the point where it's worthless.

On paper, you're virtually broke.

And what's the good news?

We can protect your assets.

We need to move everything to a new trust
Isabel can't touch.

All I need is the beneficiaries from the
current trust to approve the transfer.

The two of you and Thea.

- Thea needs to sign off?
- Yes, and quickly.

Thank you, Ned.

Well, now I have to become mayor.
It seems I'll need the income.

Losing the company wasn't your fault.

It was mine.

- I let Isabel Rochev get the better of me.
- No.

You see the good in people
even if they don't deserve it.

I know that better than most.

Isabel is a vindictive woman.

She would've done this
with or without your trust.

How do you know?

You told me months ago
I couldn't trust her.

Your father had a weakness
for beautiful strong women.

They were together?


She was still in business
school at the time.

The pretty intern that
caught the CEO's eye.

All right, you take this to Thea
and you convince her...

somehow, to help us fight back.

Will you help me up?

- Yeah.
- Uhn!

- Just to my trunk.
- Okay.

Ah. Look who's up.

Just in time for all the fun.

- What are you gonna do to him?
- Make him scream.

Just like he made us. Hmm?

They say living well is best revenge. Heh.

I prefer torture.

- You want first turn?
- No.

Please, I can help you.

No, doctor, I can help you.

What was it you said you needed
for research? An eye?

- No.
- Let me get you fresh one.

You can still stop Slade Wilson.



What did you say?

I can help you stop him.

How? That miracle drug of yours
has turned him into monster.

I know. I can turn him back.

Ivo, what are you saying?

The Mirakuru.

There's a cure.


Is Thea here?

I haven't seen her.

- How's your dad?
- He's willing to go to jail for the Arrow.

You said you weren't worried,
but Dig and I went to Roy's apartment.

- It's empty.
- He cleared out a few days ago.

Where the hell did he go?

Roy will have to wait.

We need to deal with Slade,
figure out what his next move is.

I know Slade. He is not gonna stop until...

Welcome home.


Hello, Sara.

Diggle, stay back.

You're wasting your bullets.

Don't forget who taught you
how to fight, kid.

Excuse me, I'm looking for
my sister, Sara Lance.

Excuse me, I'm Laurel Lance.
Is my sister okay?

Oh, she'll be fine. Just a hairline
fracture of her wrist. We set it.

She's got some nasty bruises.
Looks worse than it is.

Thank you.

Nothing compared to her previous injuries.

Previous injuries?

Yes, your sister has extensive scar tissue
over her entire body.

Last person I saw with that much damage
was a veteran injured in Iraq.

Has your sister served in the military?

No. No, she hasn't.

- Sara.
- Hi.

- What happened to you?
- Oh, I'm fine.

Ollie and I just had
a little motorcycle mishap. It's nothing.

- I already got my discharge papers.
- But your back...

Those scars, where did you get them?

You okay?
- I will be.

- You?
- Yeah.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- So tell me what happened.
- Motorcycle accident. It was stupid.

We were making a left turn,
this car ran a red light.

Did you file a police report?

We didn't see the point. We're both fine.
That's what counts, right?

I should really go.

I have a deposition in an hour.

Thanks for checking up on me.


I know Oliver Queen is the Arrow.


We missed you yesterday.

The meeting with Ned Foster.

Thea, I know that you're mad
at Morn and me...

but we may have found a way
out of this financial mess.

We aren't gonna lose everything.

Mom and I both signed. We just...

We need your signature, and hopefully
we can stop Isabel from ruining us.

After you let her ruin us, you mean?


Says "Thea Queen" here. Who's she?

- It's you, Speedy.
- No, it's not.

Robert Queen wasn't my father.
Malcolm Merlyn was.

Thea Merlyn, kind of has a nice ring to it.

Merlyn was your biological father,
but Dad raised you.

Only because he didn't know I wasn't his.

Hey, hey, he...

He loved you.

- So do I. And I'm still your brother.
- No, you're not.

You're my half-brother.

You know who else
was my half-brother? Tommy.

Tommy who I tried to kiss.

I tried to kiss my half-brother...

before my real father killed him.

That's how screwed-up I am.

You know the sad part?

I was actually starting
to be in a good place.

I had the club.

I had Roy. I had a brother
who wasn't lying to me.

For the first time in my crazy life...

everything didn't seem so completely
and totally messed up.

I thought I was gonna be okay.

I'm so stupid.

- You're not stupid.
- No, what I am...

is a daughter of two mass murderers.

Not one, but two.

So let's face it, Ollie.

I was never gonna be okay.

It's not in my genes.



we need to discuss
that security matter now.

- What do we have?
- What Slade took.

- "Took"?
- He wasn't here to kill us.

He was here because we had
something that he wanted.

The skeleton key.

I did a full sweep.
It's the only thing that's missing.

He needs a way to mass-produce the serum
now we dusted Applied Sciences.

With the key,
he can get anywhere, take anything.

We know what he wants.
We just need to find it first.

Where is the most cutting-edge
technology housed in Starling City?

The combined inventory of every scientist
who ever worked at S.T.A.R. Labs...

all housed right in here.

I hereby christen this building "the bomb."

- Nobody says that anymore.
- I say it.

I define my own cool.

I still can't believe Dr. Wells
is shutting this place down.

S.T.A.R. Labs blew a hole in Central City
when we turned the particle accelerator on.

It's not surprising that Starling City
canceled the lease on this facility.

We're not exactly the poster children for:

"Let us store our unregulated prototypes
in your neighborhood."

- It was an accident, Caitlin.
- Tell that to the families of people who died.

Maybe you can figure out
how to tell that to yourself.

Look, Cisco, let's get this inventory done
so we can go home.

I thought we were the only ones here.

Maybe it's one of the security guards.

Oh. Hey, man. We should be wrapped up
any minute now.

You getting a bad vibe off this guy?

The longer the chase,
the slower the kill.

Help me.

This equipment belonged to Arthur Light.

- Wells fired him two years ago.
- Why?

Because he was a psycho.

Tell me you can make this work.

I take back what I said.

I'll make this quick.



We're too late.

Cisco, Caitlin.

- You guys okay? He didn't hurt you, did he?
- You said "he" twice.

Do you know who attacked us?
That lunatic with the mask and the sword?

No, I... No, I don't know.

I said "he" twice because on the radio...

I heard that the person who attacked you
had man parts, which would make him a he.

I'm John Diggle,
security for Queen Consolidated.

Any idea what the masked man may have taken?
An industrial centrifuge by any chance?

- No. It's a secret.
- What kind of secret?

- The kind I have to keep.
- Does Cisco have to keep it too?

Yes, he does.

Okay. We're so happy
that you guys are okay.

How's Barry doing?

- He's the same.
- Barry's condition deteriorated.

They moved him to S.T.A.R. Labs.
They looked after him.

That's how I met Cisco and Caitlin.

I'll come visit again as soon as I can.

That'd be cool. Don't worry,
Barry gets lots of visitors.

- Iris is there a lot. Heh.
- Iris?

She's, um...




Sure, good.

That's just swell.

Barry's in a coma,
and he's already moved on.

I hacked into Harrison
Wells' personal files.

He's the director of S.T.A.R. Labs,
which makes me unstoppable.

And look what I found.

It's a prototype for one
of their new biotech projects.

The patent is still pending,
which is why they didn't tell us.

- So, what is it?
- It's a biotransfuser.

It can deliver blood from one single
patient into multiple patients at once.

- Why would Slade need a blood transfusion?
- He doesn't.

The prisoners that he freed from Iron Heights
last week to create his own personal army do.

With a few tweaks, Slade can
retrofit it for the Mirakuru...

bypassing a less-than-desirable ratio
of success to death.

Instead of it metabolizing the person,
it happens in the machine.

That requires a lot of blood.
Even a man with Slade's stamina...

- can't handle that kind of drain.
- Good.

- What do you mean?
- We let him use it.

He'll be weak, vulnerable...

and that will be my opportunity to
kill him. How do we find this thing?

A machine like this pulls an exorbitant
amount of power from the grid.

When it turns on, I'll know when and where.

Right now we just wait.

I'm tired of waiting.

Don't listen to him. He's lying.

The cure is real, I promise.
- No, he's just trying to save his neck.

Anthony, look at me.

Tell us about the cure.

Uhn. I want to help you, Sara.

But first you have to promise
you'll help me too.

She can't save your life.

No one can. Not anymore.

All I ask is for a quick death.

You don't deserve a quick death.

I know.

And I'm still asking.

It's your call.

Thank you.

Start talking, Ivo.

I was never able to replicate
the Mirakuru serum...

from the original Japanese
World War II research I discovered.

After conducting experiments on the
prisoners that I acquired this past year...

I was able to synthesize a solution...

that counteracts...


the physiological effects
that exposure to Mirakuru produces.

From more than human...

back to human.

Where is this cure now?

You'll keep your word about ending my life?

Yes. Tell us.

On the freighter.

In the safe in my quarters.

Now I believe...

this concludes my end of our deal.

Whatever you came to say, it takes security
about 60 seconds to reach this floor...

- so I would start talking.
- Where's Slade?

Just giving you the chance
to do the right thing.

I'm under 30 and I'm the CEO
of a Fortune 500 company.

I'd say I've already done the right thing.

Do you even know who Slade Wilson is?

- Or why he's doing this?
- I don't care.

- I got what I earned.
- What you earned?

You think sleeping with my father
entitles you to my family's company?

- You don't know what you're talking about.
- He fooled around with a lot of girls.

- I don't see them ordering hostile takeovers.
- "Fooled around"?

Is that what your mother told you?

Of course she would write me off
as a meaningless affair.

Slade Wilson put me through hell.
His training nearly killed me.

Would I have put myself through that
because I was a jilted lover?

Honestly, I don't know what you are.

I was your father's soul mate.

- Heh.
- He was going to leave your mother.

Leave the company, leave you.

- Our bags were packed.
- Really?

Then your sister had to go and break her
arm, doing something ridiculous, no doubt.

She fell off her horse.

We were at the airport
when he got the call.

I begged him not to go. I reminded him
that Thea wasn't even his.

Are you saying that my father knew?

Of course he knew.

He was a fool, not an idiot.

And like a fool, he loved her anyway.

He promised me
that we would leave the next day.

But instead my internship was terminated
and he never spoke to me again.

Oh, so that's what this is really about?

He chose us over you?

Escort Mr. Queen off the premises.
Don't touch me.

He's no longer welcome in this building.

My building.

- Thea, it's Ollie.

- Listen, I just need five minutes face to face.
- What do you want?

There's something you need to hear.

Five minutes.
Come by the club after we close.

I just spoke with Felicity.

Someone reached out to the Arrow,
wants a meeting.

- Who?
- Laurel.

You comfortable in there, Lance? I can see
if there's an extra blanket if you're cold.

No, I'm good.

Now I'm this side of the bars,
I think it's just Quentin.

I'm sure it's a misunderstanding.
You'll be out of here soon.

I appreciate your optimism.

Hey. Hey, what are you doing?

Hey, buddy, officer, we need help.

- We need help. What are you doing?
- Remember me?

- You should, because I remember you, officer.
- You can't do this.


All right, take it easy.

You and that hooded freak show
are the reason I'm in this place.

I thought I should be the one
to welcome you.

- Get out of here.
- This isn't over! This is not over!

I heard about your father being arrested.

- If I could help him, I would.
- That's not what this is about.

It's funny, isn't it?

A year ago he thought you were a murderer.

And me, I was... I was drawn to you.

I couldn't explain why, but...

But a part of me felt connected to you.

You were always there.

For me.

For my family.
And for some reason I never asked why.

Are you asking now?

I don't have to...

because I already know the answer.


It's Dad.

What is it?

I'm so sorry. We had your father
under protective custody.

There's no such thing as
protective custody in Iron Heights.


It's all right, sweetheart.

I know you want...
Don't touch the ribs. The ribs.

I'm getting tired of visiting my family
members in a hospital. What happened?

Oh, it's just some old
collar, paid me a visit.

I guess I'm not the most popular guy
in prison.

Sara, do you mind giving Dad and I
a second alone, please?

Yeah, of course.

I'll be right outside.

Don't go far, sweetie.

- Dad.
- What is it, honey?

- I have to tell you something.
- What is it?

I know who the Arrow is.


Don't say another word.

Don't say anything.


Uhn. Listen to me...

there was a time when I would've
sold out my badge to find out his name.

But then I realized I didn't care
who he was. In fact...

- I didn't even want to know who he was.
- Why not?

Because I knew if I knew who he really was,
then he'd become a person, right?

Maybe he's got family, friends...

people that care about him...

someone with a life.

Then he couldn't be
what I needed him to be.

What this city needs him to be.

It's the Arrow that matters.

The man under the hood isn't important.

Can you imagine
what it's like to be him?

What he has to live with
day in and day out?

What that's gotta be like, eh?

Least I can do is sit here
and do a little bit of time for him.

How's your father?

He'll be better once you drop all charges
and sign his release papers.

- He is facing 18 months.
- Yes.

But he won't stay here another day
unless you want me to resign...

and embark on an exciting new career
as a criminal defense attorney...

whose sole ambition will be to sue
the District Attorney's Office...

for wrongful arrest
and reckless endangerment.

Your father will be released
on his own recognizance within the hour...

and reinstated tomorrow.

A word of advice?

Be mindful of the battles you choose,
because it will not always be this easy.

- Nice work, counselor.
- Ha-ha-ha.

Thank you.

How's your arm?

Hm. Fine. Only hurts when I wave.

- Ouch.
- I'm fine, I promise.

I know you will be.


Thank you for agreeing to talk to me.

- You're talking. I only agreed to listen.
- I just want to start with...

I know you think that...

Hold on.

I can't talk right now, Felicity.

I know, but the grid at Collins and Main
just spiked, drawing a lot of power.

Someone either plugged in
the world's largest hair dryer...

or the biotransfuser just went online.

The power cycle on this machine is
specific. You have 30 minutes, 40 tops.

I know this is selfish, Oliver,
and don't hate me for saying this, but...

don't go.

If you don't get Thea to sign those
documents, your family loses its assets.

If I don't stop Slade right now,
a lot of people will lose a lot more.

I wouldn't touch that if I were you.

Removing him mid-cycle
will surely end his life.

Slade, he's just a kid.

Who's here only because
you pushed him away.

You were the one person he looked up to.

And for that, you crushed his soul.

We found him at a shelter in Bludhaven.
Pathetic. He didn't even put up a fight.

I Will.

Tell me how to shut it down.

If you could feel the power
that is surging through me...

you would know that I do not
fear an arrow.

I am stronger than you
can even imagine, and soon...

I will not be alone.

You can't hurt me, kid.

Come on, Roy. All right, stay with me.

He's lost a lot of blood.

I don't know what the biotransfuser did to him,
but his pulse is weak. He's barely breathing.

- And he needs a real doctor.
- We can't take him to a hospital. They run tests.

We need to keep what's in him
from getting out.

- What do we do now?
- Only thing we can do. We wait.

While we're waiting, we still have a Slade
problem. He's got 20 guys just like him...

- and we have no way to stop him.
- Yes, we do.

Is that what I think it is?

- Mirakuru.
- You weren't thinking about taking it...

- were you?
- No.

We're gonna use it to make a cure.

Oliver, we don't even know
if it's possible to reverse the effects.

Yes, we do.

Ivo did it.

Why didn't you ever tell us that, Oliver?

- Because I'm ashamed.
- Of what?

Five years ago, I had the chance
to use the cure on Slade.

I chose to kill him.

Everything that's happening now
is my fault.

I saved you once, Sara.

It feels like a long time ago now.

Time to return the favor.

You might not believe it now.

I was considered a good man.

A good doctor.

A good husband.

Until the Mirakuru drove me mad.

I didn't even take any myself...

You didn't have to do that for me.

Once you take a life...

it changes you forever.

And I don't want that for you.

Thank you.

So now what do we do?

I don't suppose any of you know
how to pilot a submarine.


- What are you doing?
- Just grabbing some stuff.

The mansion's new owner
won't want my clothes here.

- Thea, wait.
- Now he's not busy.

I'm so sorry. That couldn't be helped.

May I speak to you now?

Dad knew the truth.


He knew about Merlyn.


- He never said anything to me.
- He didn't have to.

Thea, whatever Dad's faults were...

he loved us.

All of us.

Because we were his family.

You were his daughter...

and some stupid blood test
wasn't gonna change that.

He chose us.

He chose you.

He made a decision to be your father...

even though he didn't have to be.

So, what does that tell you?

It tells me that he's a liar.

Just like both of you.

I need you guys to do me a favor.

This time it'll be our secret.


What's this for?

Because you're important to me.