Arrow (2012–…): Season 2, Episode 14 - Time of Death - full transcript

Oliver brings Sara into the Arrow team. Watching Oliver and Diggle spar with Sara and talk old scars, Felicity starts to feel left out. The team is investigating a villain named William ...

My name is Oliver Queen.

After five years on a hellish island...

I have come home with only one goal:

To save my city.

But to do so, I can't be
the killer I once was.

To honor my friend's memory,
I must be someone else.

I must be something else.

Previously on Arrow:

- Ivo killed Shado.
- Because I chose to save you.

The man who killed Shado
is still out there.

But not for long,
because we're gonna take the freighter.

Merlyn is Thea's father. But I thought
you deserved to tell Oliver yourself.

I'm not going to tell my son anything.

Thea can never find out about Merlyn.

As of right now we have no relationship.
You and I are done.

Sweetheart, you okay?

Every single thing that's gone wrong
in our lives is your fault.

- Now get out.
- I'm sorry.

I said, get out!

In six seconds,
lobby security will undergo a shift change.

When that happens,
make for the elevator bay.


Remember what I told you:
Timing is everything.

Maintain a pace of 1.3 meters per second.

Six seconds to target, five, four...

Now is the time, gentlemen.

It's a fingerprint reader.

- I can't crack it.
- I can.

You have 5.3 seconds
to get down the east stairwell.


What the hell are we doing?

We got what we came for.

He said to wait.

Out in the open? Forget this.

Don't do it. Don't do...

Security clocked us.

S.C.P.D., you gotta
send some officers here.

Third floor, third floor.

They've alerted the S.C.P.D.

Exit the east lobby in 22 seconds.

S.C.P.D.! Put your weapons down!


Delta-Charlie 52 to Central.
Shots fired. Need backup. Downtown.

Get out of here! Get out! Move!

Power to the people.

- Dig!
- Sara, I'm so sorry.

- It's okay. I'm fine.
- Let me see.

Let me see.

She's bleeding.

But it's not deep.

Good, I can't take any more scars.
Speaking of, mortar round?

Yeah, IED, Paktika Province,
Afghanistan. Good eye.

I know my wounds. Grenade, Algiers.

I've never been
hit by a grenade.

All those scars, you've
never been hit by a grenade?

Arrow, knife, knife.
Lot of bullets, no grenades.

I got myself a new bullet.
9mm right there.

Thirty-eight. I'm mostly swords.
And a spear.

I have a scar.

It's in my mouth.

Had my wisdom teeth removed
when I was 16.

Three stitches.
They were really badly impacted.

You're still cute.

We should get going. You don't wanna be
late for your own welcome-home party.

You didn't have to throw me a party, Ollie.

Sara, when you come back from the dead, you
get a party. It's a Queen family tradition.

I don't know how well
that's gonna work with the

Lance family tradition of
holding grudges forever.

- She'll come around.
- Maybe.

And maybe we should keep what's going on
between you and me between us.

For Laurel's sake.

I get that.

I survived Lian Yu and Nanda Parbat.
I guess I can handle a cocktail party.

I wouldn't be so sure.

We're never gonna make it. Ivo has eight
guards on deck at all times, all armed.

The second they see us, we're dead.

Assuming we can deal
with Ivo's defenses,

how will we get close
enough to board the ship?

- Maybe we build a raft.
- It'll take us weeks to find the timber.

- We don't have weeks.
- I have been on this island for 264 days.

- All I have is weeks.
- Shut up.

- You don't have to stick up for me, Ollie.
- What? No, both of you shut up.

Listen. Do you hear that?

- Hey!
- Hey!

- Hey!
- Hey!


- Hey, down here!
- Help!

- Hey!
- Hey!

You left us
sitting in front of the security camera.

Guards could've killed us.

Are you listening?

If you had simply waited
for five more seconds...

like you were told,
no one would've died.

Sorry, I wasn't gonna bet 10 to 20 up in Iron
Heights on your skills with a stopwatch.

"The strongest of all
warriors are these two:

- Time and patience."

It's from War and Peace, 1440 pages.
It takes a while, but it's worth the read.

Tolstoy knew that patience
was the epitome of strength.

It takes fortitude to stand still.

Just as it is a sign of weakness or
cowardice to move when you should not!

Look, we did the job. You owe me.

The dead are owed nothing.

- Uh, come in. Come in, come in.
- Heh.

Welcome home, Sara.

I'm so happy you're here. Come on.

- Oh.
- Uh, Sara, this is Sin.

- Wait, do you two know each other?
- No, uh, we don't.

Right. I just...

I love when people come back
from the dead. You know?

Juices my zombie fetish.

- Hmm.
- Oh.

- Uh, Roy.
- Sara.

Come on.


Laurel, it's Ollie.

I hope you're coming
to the party.

I heard that you maybe were a
little mad at Sara, and I...

She's your sister and...

I mean, you only get one.

Yeah... Bye.


Laurel is not coming.

Maybe she just needs time.

Yeah. Yeah, I needed time too.

When you got back, I...

Well, I was pretty harsh on you.

- Mr. Lance, you don't have to...
- Oh, I do.

When you and Sara went off on your dad's
boat, you were just a kid, both of you were.

And whether she came back or...

I was out of line.

You're not a killer, Oliver.

- Yeah.
- Come on.

There is something

I'm so happy for you, Dinah.

Those five years that Oliver was gone
was like a piece of me was missing.

I know just what you mean.

- Oh, excuse me.
- Of course.

I didn't think you'd be here.

This is my house.

And if you don't wanna pretend
to be mother and son...

then don't throw parties in my home.

Mom, is everything okay with you and Ollie?

Yes, of course.

Can you say things
Just to offer me some release?

- Hey.
- Hi.

You know, I still can't quite believe it.

I never really thought Sara
would come back to us, Quentin.

No one ever gets the best of me

Yeah, I know.

It's, uh... Excuse me.


I'll be right there.

It's work.

There was a homicide in the Glades,
and I've...

- I've gotta go.
- Mm-hm.

Can you say things
Just to offer me...?

I'm on my way.

How'd you know why I was calling?

Because Detective Lance
just got the same call.

So, you guys just show up
to every crime scene now?

We saw you leave.

CSU just pulled this out of a skel
I know named Eddie Walczak.

I've never seen a knife like this.

It's not a knife. It's a minute hand.

Like from a clock.

I popped Walczak for B and E
a few years back.

This morning, he and an accomplice
were involved in a robbery-homicide.

- What'd they steal?
- Some high-tech gizmo.

Kord rep called it a, um, skeleton key.

- What? Know what it is?
- It was intended as a military tool...

to aid in code-breaking
on foreign intelligence targets.

Felicity Smoak works
at Queen Consolidated.

She said they were working
on something similar.

But Oliver Queen shut it down
once he realized what it could be used for.


It could be modified
to open a bank vault.

Any bank vault.

Ok, listen, Walczak's
small-time on a good day.

I mean, I doubt he'd even
know how to use this thing...

let alone break into a place like Kord
and steal it on his own.

Walczak was just the muscle.

We need to find the brain.

Plant your feet.

Strong foundation equals stronger punch.

Nice. If this is for self-defense,
I'd recommend Wing Chun.

It uses your opponent's
strength against him,

so it's ideal for smaller people...
like us.

You seem like you can take care
of yourself just fine.

- You okay?
- Where are we with the skeleton key?

And what are you wearing?

I just thought I'd...

I'm cross-referencing
Walczak's known associates

with decryption experts
on the NSA watch list.

- But it's taking some time.
- Which we don't have.

Ok, the key is not just a code-breaker.
In the wrong hands, it's a weapon.

Whoever killed Walczak, in addition
to finding creepy uses for clock parts...

is very good at covering his tracks.

Lucky for us, uncovering tracks
is what you're very good at.


Of course.

He's barely alive. Do you have
medical supplies in the fuselage?

- We have some, but...
- Just go. I'll be fine.


I'm really starting to
regret giving you a key.

I'm sorry I bailed on the party.

I figured you wouldn't
make an appearance.

Finally, someone understands.

Well, I wouldn't go that far.

But I understand how Sara keeping it a
secret that she was still alive could hurt.

Because it hurt me too.

- I sense a "but" coming in my future.
- But... Yes.

But I need you to move past it.


A family dinner. It's a
chance to reconcile.

I don't wanna reconcile with Sara.

I'm not talking about you and Sara.
I'm talking about...

me and your mom.

What do you mean?

I don't know how to describe it.
It was like there was, um, signals...

and feelings.

And I'm not exactly
sure what's going on,

but I figured if we're all
together as a family...

maybe it'll remind her
of how happy we were.

You know? I mean, I don't know, maybe...

- Is this stupid?
- No, it...

Ahem. Go for Delta-Charlie 52.

415 in progress. Widmeer
Bank. Lieutenant requesting all units.

Delta-Charlie 52 responding.

I gotta go.



- Tell everyone to be here.
- What?

Well, your place is too small and...

No offense, it's kind of a mess, so...

- Oh, sweetheart.
- Okay.

I love you.


- Device is hot.
- Three-point-two seconds.

Extract as much money as you can
in 90 seconds.

Stop. Get out of there.

- We still got 20 seconds.
- No, you don't.


- They're already gone.
- I think I have an idea where.

The skeleton key operates
on an OFDM wireless signal.

I'm picking up a transmission signal
in the alley next to the bank.

But you won't be heading there.

- What was that?
- He's hacked our transmission.

My associates may be headed to the alley,
but the 940 bus from Crescent Circle...

is about to collide
with the Starling freight express.

Oh my God, he's right, the 910
is headed for the track at Amherst.

By my calculations,
you can't be in two places at once.

He doesn't know there's two of us.

Come on! Come on!

He's in the Transit Department network.

He's hacked the signaling system.

I can't get the crossing barriers down.

Those buses have radios.
Can you break in, wave them off?

No, he's keeping me out.

According to authorities
at the S.C.P.D...

It's not real until the media
comes up with a nickname.

How can I run a bar without any bartenders?

For that matter, how can you quit
without giving me notice?

One hour before opening
is not notice, Mandy.

Can I talk to you for a second?

I'm gonna go use the little blonds' room.

- Everything okay?
- You tell me.

Other than the party,
I haven't seen you all week.

Uh, I've been busy.

Being a CEO
doesn't leave me a lot of free time.

It looks to me a whole lot
like you're avoiding Mom.

I'm not avoiding Mom.

You're lucky your life
does not revolve around lying.

Thea, everything's fine.

You know, it's secrets that pushed this
family apart in the first place, Ollie.

Speedy, Speedy, really.

Everything's fine.

- What do we know?
- He hacked into our frequency.

Somehow gained remote access.
But I upgraded our firewall.

Now he won't be able to tap into our comms
even if he had a bazooka.

- You know, computer science-wise.
- Good.

I think I have something that might
help us track him down.

- I can run that to the lab.
- I spent a year on the freighter...

studying genetic blood anomalies.
I kinda know my way around a microscope.

There's some significant cell damage,
and the platelet count is extremely low.

Felicity, can I use your computer?

MacGregor's syndrome.

It's a genetic defect that creates
fluid buildup in the lungs...

which leads to oxygen deprivation
and multisystem organ failure.

It's terminal.

But the syndrome may gives
us a way to ID him.

People with MacGregor's
are extremely rare.

People with MacGregor's and a degree
in computer science are even more rare.

William Tockman.

Former encryption engineer at...
Wait for it... Kord Enterprises.

What's the point? He'll be dead
before he can spend all the money.

He's not stealing the money for himself.

He's using it for his family.
His sister, specifically.

She's got cystic fibrosis
and needs a lung transplant.

Give me an address, please.

52 Nelson Way.

This area doesn't look very residential.

There. That's Tockman's ride.

- Tockman's not here. Just some device.
- I'm on it. Whatever's in the truck...

is transmitting the same OFDM signal
Tockman used at the bank.

- Can you trace it?
- As we speak.

It's leading...

back to our network.

Tockman's piggybacking off my hack.
It's a trap.

- He's trying to break into our network.
- I'm not trying.

I am.

Where are you?

Are you home?

Are you safe?
Somewhere you think you're safe?

Somewhere without windows
for anyone to creep through?

Underground, perhaps?

You think no one can get to you?

You think no one can touch you
in the safety of your hidey hole?


But I can.

How bad?

Tockman used the skeleton key
to penetrate our firewall...

and recode our security.

Basically he told our system
to commit suicide.

And it did.

Bravo, Clock King.

Sara stopped Tockman's men
before they could get away with the cash.

So Tockman is gonna be looking
for another score.

Maybe we should give him one.

Call Walter and have him liquidate
500,000 shares of QC stock.

Put it in cash in my vault
at Starling National.

And ask him to do it tonight.

If Tockman wants to make another score...

Who better to rob
than a suddenly cash-flush Oliver Queen.

- And what if he doesn't take the bait?
- It's a good point.

- Make it 800,000 shares.
- Okay.

- What can I do?
- Go to your dinner.

Family's probably waiting for you.


Dinner at Laurel's.

This is more important.

Can't do anything here, Sara.

Your family's important too.

- Yeah.
- Hey.

- You should go.
- Will you go with me?


I know I wanted us all
to get together for a while now.

It's just now that it's actually here,
I'm nervous.

I mean, last time I saw Laurel,
it didn't go very well...

and it'd be helpful
to not have to go alone.

I should probably stay here.

What is it exactly
you think you can do here to help?

- Hmm?
- Call if you need us.


- You know, it's not your fault, Felicity.
- Really?

Which one of the rest of you
put up the security safeguards?

Maybe if it had been Sara,
we wouldn't be in this mess.

Now, I know we haven't
talked about this.

But it must be difficult for
you seeing them together.

This isn't about them being together.

This is about me, okay?

Sara can analyze blood, she can kick ass,
she can do anything.

And the one thing I'm supposed to be
good at, I'm failing at miserably.

I mean, why do you even need me
now that you have her?

Because you're irreplaceable, Felicity.

I have a lot of work to do.

Laurel, Sara's here.

Oh. Heh.

- Hey, Mom.
- Hi.

Oliver, uh, thank you. These are lovely.

Thank you.


I don't remember your
last name being Lance.

Well, yeah...

I certainly didn't wanna crash
your family dinner.

But Sara and I ran into each other,
and she mentioned it.

And I told him how Dad is making
his famous chicken cacciatore.

- Actually... Excuse me.
- Oh!

We're, uh... We're... Oliver?

Hey, Mr. Lance.

Yeah, uh, we're having pizza. I'm sorry,
I had a little incident in the kitchen.

I guess that's what happens when you
haven't used an oven in six years. Ha, ha.

Wanna grab a slice?

Yeah, well,
that was kitchen towel cacciatore.

- Cacciatore towel, yeah.
- Ha, ha.

Are you still teaching, Mrs. Lance?

Yes, I am. Greek and medieval history
at Central City University.

- Wow.
- You could probably give them notice.

Why would I do that?

Well, I mean, you're gonna come back
to Starling, right?

No, I'm not moving back
to Starling, Quentin.

Well, Sara's back.

I have a new life in Central City,
and I have a wonderful job.

Well, there's jobs here.

More than a job, um...

I have someone.

Oh. Congratulations.

You know, it's great, Mom.

You deserve to be happy.

- Everybody does.
- Yep.

You've gotta be kidding me.


You've been back like, what, a week?

And you're not even denying it.

It's... It's complicated.

Of course it is. It's you.

- Laurel, please.
- Dad, you are no better than they are.

I mean, what did you think Mom
was just gonna sit around

and wait for you for six
years to bake her chicken?

- Laurel, enough.
- And sweep her back off her feet?

- Enough, okay?
- You know what? It is enough.

You let yourselves out when you're done.

- My wallet.
- Okay.

She's my daughter.

She's 12.

I need to talk to her.

Your radio is broken.

Her mother died
just after she got out of diapers.


And without me, she's not gonna have
anybody to look after her.

I know I don't know you,
and I know you don't know me.

Please, make sure my daughter's okay.


- Hey.
- You are unbelievable.

You lecture me on how I need
to repair my relationship with Sara...

when you're the one who messed it up
in the first place by screwing her.

And now you're doing it again.

- You're right, this is all my fault.
- Yeah, yeah, yes, it is.

And is you losing your job...

doing drugs and being a drunk,
is that my fault?

Is that your family's fault?
Or are you gonna blame Tommy for dying?

Screw you, Oliver.

I have stood by you through everything.
The DUI, losing your job.

I was concerned about
your well-being when you

were trying to get my
mother the death penalty.

Yeah, and you've been
a real stand-up kind of guy.

Do you think you're the only one
that is having a hard time?

Do you think you're the only one
with family issues?

You have no idea what is going on
with my family right now.

But I am still standing here.

And you are still blaming
everybody but yourself.

Are you done?


Yeah, I'm done.

I'm done taking the blame.

And I'm done caring.

Why don't you go have a drink?

Get wasted. Go...

Go to Verdant.

I'll pay for it.

I have loved you for half my life.

But I'm done running after you.

- Have you seen Felicity?
- No.

- Wait, why?
- I went to Big Belly to get some takeout.

When I came back, she was gone.
I haven't seen her for hours.

- Hey.
- Tockman took the bait.

The money you had Walter deposit.

I'm reading his signal
at Starling National.


- How do you know that?
- Because I'm here.


- What are you doing here?
- Tracking Tockman.

He fried our computer, so I'm using the
bank's to trace the skeleton key signature.

- And the jacket?
- I was cold.

- Mm.
- Diggle, get her out of here.

Tockman disabled the bank's
security system. I re-abled it.

They're blocking our way out.

I'll deal with them.

Tockman's signal is strong.
He's here, he's close.

Find him.

No need.

I'll tell you exactly where I am.

I'm everywhere.

At the moment, I'm particularly focused
on the sublevel.

The gas mains, specifically.

Oh, my God,
he shut down the gas main release.

- Why's that bad?
- Buildup could cause an explosion.

It will. It'll blow
up three square blocks.

No, it won't.

Wait. Tockman overplayed his hand.
The gas main's in the city's network.

- That's where I live.
- Am I supposed to understand that?

Um... In trying to blow us up,
he gave me a way to track him down.

That I understood.

What's happening?

Watch out!

You don't even know why I'm doing this.

The money's not for me.

- I'm doing this all for her.
- Doesn't make it right.

- Tempus fugit.
- "Time flies."

- What the hell was that?
- His cell phone.

I uploaded the same virus
he used on my gear in the foundry.

- I didn't just kill him, did I?
- Just knocked him out.

- We did it.
- You did it.

Are you sure
you don't wanna go to the hospital?

Mm-mm. You guys never go to the hospital.

Besides, Dig gave me
some of those aspirins.

Are you spinning?

- Aspirin?
- Oxycodone.

I wouldn't be here
if you hadn't been so brave.

Thank you.

It was nothing.

I've always wanted to say I've taken
a bullet for someone, and now I can.

So really I should be thanking you.

- All done.
- Mm.

Not bad, but you're still
gonna have a scar.

My own scar. Yay.

Are you all right?

Diggle had mentioned that maybe you
were feeling a little left out.



I was just used to being your girl.

I mean, not your "girl" girl. Heh.

Your girl.

I know it sounds like the same word, but
it means something different in my head.


Hey, you will always
be my girl, Felicity.

Can I have another one
of those aspirins, please?

- Hi.
- Try this.

Good, huh?

- It's really good.
- Mm.

And what are you doing back here
mixing drinks?

Thea hired me.

I am the new bartender.


I bartended in college, and, uh, well,
it's kind of hard to get a job...

when "international assassin"
is the highlight of your résumé.

- You're gonna do great.
- Heh.

- I have to go home.
- Is everything okay?

I hope so.

You can go.

I'm not here to kill her or anything.

I remember you used to bartend
at that skeevy bar...

with the peanut shells
all over the floor.

The Bolivian.


I'm not here for a drink or anything.

Then why are you here?

Because I realized that...

That I went on that boat with you too.


I've been slowly drowning
for all of these years.

And after every...

heartbreak or...

setback or loss...

I sank deeper into the dark water.

And so when I saw you...

so beautiful and so alive...

I realized that I'm not those things.

Not anymore.

So please...

please don't hate me, Sara.


God, I missed you.

Didn't think anything could make you cry.

Guess I'm not as tough as you thought.

So why the running mascara?

I had...

I just had a moment with my sister.

It was a good one.

That's good.

Hey, Laurel is my big sister.
I still have room for a little one.


Don't know what I'd do without you.

Well, you won't have to find out.

I'm gonna go find Roy.

- Got it.
- It's too late.

He's gone.

We're all gonna die here, just like him.

No, we're not.

I think I found our way onto the freighter.


- Thea?
- Oliver.

- What's wrong? ls everything all right?
- Thea texted me...

- there was an emergency at the house.
- No emergency.

I'm in the middle of a meeting,
and Thea's not even here.

Well, then why would she...?

- I can't believe she would do this.
- Do what?

She's trying to force us to talk. Because
she's sensing the tension between us.

- And what did you tell her?
- Nothing.

To protect her.

Not you.

Mrs. Queen, is everything okay?

Yes, thank you.

Uh, my son just dropped by.

Oliver, I'd like you to meet Slade Wilson.

It's a pleasure to meet you...

Mr. Queen.