Arrow (2012–…): Season 2, Episode 12 - Tremors - full transcript

Arrow offers to train Roy so he can learn to control his newfound super-strength. However, Roy is a rebellious student and refuses to listen unless Arrow reveals his true identity, which ...

My name is Oliver Queen.

After five years on a hellish island...

I have come home with only one goal:

To save my city.

But to do so, I can't be
the killer I once was.

To honor my friend's memory,
I must be someone else.

I must be something else.

Previously on Arrow:

Tell me you don't have
a substance abuse problem.

The DA's office
has a generous severance package.

- Wait, let me explain to DA...
- I'm sorry, but you're done.

Time to choose, Oliver,
who lives and who dies.

- You got what you came for...
- Time's up.

You freaking psychopath!


Roy was injected with a serum.
We'll have to keep an eye on him.

Roy, stop it!
You're killing him!

You're stronger,
you heal faster, but you're not in control.

I can teach you.

- Let me help you.
- When do we start?

Got your latest customer.

Genius held up a convenience store
across the street from a precinct.

Not the smartest plan.

Come on through.

Bum knee. I had it
replaced a few years ago.

Well, I guess we'll have to do this
old-fashioned-like. Arms up.

Got you a new bunkmate.

Play nice.

Ben Turner?

Tonight. Midnight.
Redwood Drive, Larkspur Avenue.

The hell are you talking about?

Redwood and Larkspur. Rooftop. Be there.

I don't know if you've looked around, but
we don't have in and out privileges here.

My son is with his mother.

I won't get to see him anyway.

This way, he's set.
I do this, he gets the money.

Do what?

What's going on down there?


- What the hell did you do to him?
- I didn't do anything.


I slapped water out of a bowl yesterday.

- I slapped water out of a bowl the day before.
- You must be getting pretty good at it.

Yeah, well, I can't wait
to get attacked by a dog dish.

It's how an archer builds strength.

Not sure if you've been paying attention...

- but strength isn't my problem.
- No. Controlling it is.


That is how you put a guy
in the hospital last week.

How did you know that?
It's none of your business.

I made it my business
when you agreed to let me help you.

I knew someone like you.

Someone injected with the Mirakuru.

He was my friend.

But it warped his mind to the point where I
didn't even recognize him anymore.

Who was this guy?

How come I've never heard of him
or that Mirakuru?

- Is there anything you can tell me about him?
- Yeah.

I had to put an arrow through his eye.

If I'm reading this right,
then Slade is back at the cave.

- Why would he go back to the graves?
- Don't know. We'll find out when we find him.

And when we do, you can't tell him.

Tell him what?

Don't talk to me like I'm other people.

You've got that look on your face.

The same one that you had
after the first time we kissed.

- Pure guilt.
- It's because I am guilty, Sara.

- Ivo killed Shado because of me.
- Look, that's not true.

And even if it was, nothing good comes from
telling Slade that you're responsible...

for the death of the woman he loved.

Love's the most powerful emotion.

And that makes it the most dangerous.


You still know how to get to the cave?

Yeah. It's this way.

Thea? What are you doing home?
I thought you were at Roy's.

I just needed a little me time.

- What's with the "fancy" fancy?
- Oh, I'm going out to dinner...

with Walter.

- Like a date?
- Like a dinner.

Truly, I don't know what the evening holds.

Are you all right?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Mostly. Uh, it's Roy.

He had some trouble last week...

and I don't know how to help him.

Want me to stay home?
I can call Walter and we can reschedule...

Absolutely not. If you and Walter
are gonna patch things up...

No pressure, but you're going.

It may be nothing.

Only one way to find out.

No, please, Dad, come right in.

Well, I guess you're going for
that lived-in look.

Can't afford a housekeeper without a job.

Got enough beverage money, I see.

I'm gonna need another
if we're gonna fight.

I didn't come here to fight.

Then why are you here?
Because I'm fine, really.

In fact, I have a job interview.

- At Joanna's new firm.
- That's good.

Good. But the real reason I came here is...

You realized that you didn't reach
your weekly quota of reminding me...

of how much I'm ruining my life?

It's because I miss you, Laurel.

For a long time, it was just you and me.

Whatever else was going on,
no matter how bad either of us was doing...

we didn't disappear on each other.

Because you're my family.

And I miss my family.

So how about we have dinner,
you and me, tonight?

I already ate.


How about tomorrow night?


Dinner tomorrow.

Thank you.

- How's it going with Roy?
- Not well.

I don't know the kid well,
but he seems to be five kinds of angry.

You might be underestimating.

Roy was mad at the world
before he was injected with Mirakuru.

- You say you've seen this before?
- Slade Wilson. He was my friend.

Troubling use of past tense there.

I thought I could help him control it.

I was wrong. But I know more now, and I'm
not gonna make the same mistake with Roy.

- What's that?
- Iron Heights.

Due to their low security post-quake,
I thought it a good idea...

to keep an eye on their
internal communication for a while.

You hacked into a prison system network?

- Is that judgment I'm hearing?
- Pride.

Iron Heights put out a BOLO
for Ben Turner, a.k.a. Bronze Tiger...

which, BTW, is a terrible nickname,
because tigers are not bronze.

- Turner escaped?
- Killed 10 guards on his way out.

- Think that would've made the news.
- Better at keeping secrets than prisoners.

- Any idea where he's headed?
- No.

Get one.

Tell your men to take a walk.

- Leave us.
- They can leave their weapons too.

Thank you for the early release.

Thought about taking off, but I'm curious.

Who would break a stranger out of prison?

Someone who wishes to hire you for a job.

I need you to help my men
retrieve a certain item.

This is the item. You know it, yes?

Yes, I do.

Do you know what you're messing with?

Won't be cheap.

This is not a problem.

You do know that thing
could kill hundreds of people.

No, Mr. Turner, it will kill thousands.

Now you.

Go slowly.

Stop. This is not about
learning to throw a punch.

This is about learning
to control your strength.

First water slapping, now this.

When are you gonna run out of ways
to make me look stupid?

All I'm learning
is new ways to get pissed off.

And I'm already pretty good at that.

There's nothing wrong with anger.
Anger is energy.

But you need to learn
to channel it in a positive way.

Like putting the hurt
on guys going after the city.

Let me try hitting something
that will hit back.

- Too soon.
- Get me out there with you.

One night.

All this, it'd be a lot easier to take.


Ahh, I didn't realize we'd have company.

This is Mark Francis.
Mark's CFO at Kardak Holdings.

We've been putting in some hours for the
party's Election Steering Committee.

- Oh.
- It's a pleasure to meet you.

Those are words I'm not accustomed
to hearing these days.

You were a lioness doing what she
had to do to protect her cubs.

I'm not the only person
in Starling who sees it that way.

- That's a comfort.
- It's the truth.


Well, it's unlike you to show
such interest in politics, Walter.

It's part of my new position
at the Starling National Bank.

My board of directors is very concerned
about the trajectory of the city.

- You mean Sebastian Blood?
- Yeah.

We believe that his policies
will bankrupt Starling within eight months.

Not that the voter cares,
they're caught up in his charisma.

And he's not running against
a viable opponent.

Blood's trounced every potential candidate
we've focus-tested.

But we believe
that he's vulnerable on regulation.

Well, even if he is, it hardly matters.

Banking regulations are an SEC issue.

Starling City needs to use the means
at a city's disposal.

Walter said you were smart.

But you didn't invite me to dinner
to hear my opinions.

You want to hear my positions.

You want me
to run against Sebastian Blood.

Dad, I'm starving. Where are we going?

It's just a little hole
in the wall right here.

- Laurel, wait.
- Don't touch me.

- I can't believe you would do this.
- Well, you wouldn't have come.

- Got that right.
- Laurel, you need help.

Not from them.

There's not one person in that room
who knows what I have been through.

You're right.
Some have been through worse.

But for better or worse, everyone in that room
needs to be there and you need to be there.

You think you're the only person
that's ever lost someone?

Who ever got fired, got their lives into a mess?
You think again, kiddo, because you're not.

Now, look, we're here now.
So why don't you just stay for a bit?

You don't have to share or talk,
you just listen.

I thought I made myself clear.

I'm hungry-

And now I think I'll eat alone.

Go ahead.

S.C.P.D.'s network
just lit up with a homicide.

Multiple stab wounds, like claw marks.

The victim was an architect.

Turner ransacked his place,
took blueprints of his designs.

One of the aforementioned designs,
Malcolm Merlyn's house.

I don't know about architecture,
but this can't be good.

What would Turner want
with Merlyn's house?

I'm not sure. All of Malcolm's holdings,
the house, are in receivership.

Who's that you're talking to?

Oh, wait, let me guess.
You can't tell me that either.

A guy that I put in prison got out
and I have an idea where he's headed.

You have one of your hoodies?

Do you seriously have to ask?

Whatever happens...

whoever we run into,
do not engage.

And don't touch anything.

This is his kid, right?

The guy who died?


You know your way around this place.
Been here before?

What was that?

It came from underground.

Merlyn has a large garage.
Let's go.

What the hell is that?

Looks like a prototype.

Of what?

A machine that killed 503 people.

Merlyn's earthquake device.

Okay, simple snatch and grab.

Don't know why Mr. Armitage
thought we needed you.

For that.

Step away from the device.

You don't know what it is
you're dealing with.

Big machine, makes earthquakes?

Do you have any idea what happens
if the wrong people have it?

Yeah, I get paid.

Close it up.

That thing killed eight of my friends.

You son of a bitch!

Hey. That's enough.

- Uh-oh. You got angry face.
- What happened?

- Roy Harper.
- You took him in the field?

He wasn't listening to me, Diggle.
I'm trying to reach him, he lost control.

He nearly killed somebody,
which I couldn't let happen.

- And in the process...
- Turner got away.

- What was he there to steal, Merlyn's art?
- Something much more dangerous.

It's a prototype earthquake machine.

- Holy God.
- Why would Turner want to destroy the city?

He doesn't. He's a mercenary
selling services to the highest bidder.

This watch belonged
to a guy Turner was with.

- Fingerprints.
- Turner's a loner.

Which means that guy works for his client.

Fingerprints equals name,
equals known associates. I'm on it.

It was the look in Roy's eyes.

It was Slade all over again.

- Oliver, what happened with Slade?
- Me.

Someone killed Shado, Slade loved Shado.
And it was my fault.

I wanted to tell him because
it would've been better coming from me.

But I didn't.

And he found out another way.

If I had just told him the truth,
I could've gotten through to him.

- It's why it's important you get through to Roy.
- I lived a five-year nightmare.

But if I learned something
that could help me reach Roy now...

it'd all be worth it.

He's not here.

Where else could he be?
We already checked the plane.

I don't know.

Do you remember seeing these before?

- I didn't really look around.
- They look familiar.

- This could be Lian Yu.
- No, I mean the calculations.

I've seen those before.

- Maybe the first time you were in the cave.
- I don't think so.

- Fyers' launcher.
- What?

Soldiers on the island last year
had a missile launcher.

I saw one of these on the display.
They're firing calculations.

He's gonna blow it up.

Blow what up?

The freighter.

- Thank God you're here. I need your help...
- I have to talk to you. It's important.

Okay. You look stressed out.
Is everything okay?

You have to leave town.

Grab your mother and your brother,
if you can, and leave.

- It's just for a few days.
- A reason would be nice.

- I need you to trust me, Thea.
- I do.

I just can't up and leave
with my family without a reason.

You have to.

Roy, you're not making any sense right now.

- Tell me what's going on.
- Why aren't you listening?

- Now, I need you to listen to me.
- Roy, you're hurting me.

- I didn't mean to. I'm sorry.
- I know...

Well, your work environment
has definitely improved since CNRI.

This place is bigger than my apartment.

There is a limit to the glamour,

I spend my days in...

document production
and answering interrogatories.

It doesn't feel like practicing law
so much as pushing papers.

If I didn't know any better, I'd think that
you were trying to talk me out of a job here.

I guess I do know better.

I'm sorry.

What's going on?

One of the partners serves on the
Bar Association's Disciplinary Committee...

mend, well, when I sent your resume,
he did some checking.

That was a complete misunderstanding.

I mean, sure, yeah,
I had some problems, but I'm fine now.

The Bar is going to open
disciplinary proceedings.

What for?

Conduct affecting your fitness to practice.

- Heh. That's ridiculous.
- I know.

While this is out there...

the firm can't hire you.


Thanks for letting me know. I have to go.

Laurel. Laurel.

We can fight this. Okay?
I'll help you, it...

I need some time to...

process. I'll call you.

- Can I fix you a drink?
- Whatever you're having.

It was good to see you
the other night, Moira.

It was lovely.

It's been a while since I've had
such a good laugh.

It was no joke, Moira.

Mark was telling the truth.

A significant number of people
in Starling City feel that...

your actions with Malcolm Merlyn
were justified to protect your family.

- 43.6 percent, in fact.
- You polled people about me?

Prudent course of action when vetting
a potential candidate, yes.

Six hundred thousand people in Starling
City. I'd think you could find someone...

not responsible for destroying it
with an earthquake machine.

Not with your name recognition.

We need a game-change candidate, Moira.

And there's no one in Starling
with a higher profile.

Charles Manson is rather well-known,
and no one is going to vote for him.

True. Equally true,
voters like redemption stories.

Bill Clinton. Eliot Spitzer.

- Martha Stewart.
- I don't believe she ran for office.

If she had, she would have won.

Would have won what?


What's going on?

I'm just convincing your mother
to run for mayor.

- Of what?
- You see?

- Sweetheart, are you all right?
- You really need to stop asking that.

Are you serious?

It's hard to believe, I know.

No. No, it's not.

Look, this is actually the first election
I can vote in...

and as a newly-minted voter...

I don't think it sounds that crazy.

From out of the mouths of babes.

You're late.

I tried to get my girlfriend to leave town.

But she won't.

You cannot bring her into this.

But how am I supposed to lie to her
and protect her at the same time?

How do you do it?

How do you keep secrets
from people in your life?

By remembering it's the only way
to keep them safe.

No, keeping them safe
is what keeps them safe.

Telling people the truth.

But you? You won't tell me anything.
Not about the Mirakuru.

And this other guy. You've got me
slapping water and hitting dummies.

Roy, you're spiraling,
and you need to calm down.

No. I need to save Thea.

That thing is out in the open
because of you.

I think you've done enough.

Let go of me.

- Roy.
- I said, let go of me.

Get control.

If not for me or yourself,
then do it for Thea.

What the hell do you know about Thea?
Don't you talk about her.

Are you done?

No. I'm not done.

I'm gonna stop this thing.

And if you wanna stop me, try.

Try putting another arrow in me. Go ahead.

Because I heal fast now,
but you get in my way...

and I'll give you a good look at that anger
you're so worried about me losing control of.

You both scoffed when I said we should
invest in an x-ray machine here.

What do you wanna do about Roy?

Where are we with the fingerprint?

Struck out on domestic agencies.
I'm checking Interpol...

PRC Public Security,
and MVD databases now.

Oliver, I know you've taken Roy on,
and why.

But Roy, Slade,
a lot of guys I've served with...

some people are just broken, man.

- And nobody can put them back together.
- I refuse to believe that.

I am not letting what happened to Slade
happen to Roy.

I'm not.


Are you near the club?

I'm pretty close. Why?

Laurel's here.

She doesn't look good.

Hey. Laurel's upstairs.

Mm. Excuse me.
Can I get something with olives?

I don't care what it is
as long as there are a lot of olives.

How about coffee?

Coffee and olives?

Bad combination.

What are you doing?

This is where it's happening, right?
The big club?

- Here you go. Martini, triple olives.
- Thanks.

Laurel, go home.

Thea Queen telling me...

enough is enough.

Now, that is rich.


Bar me from your bar.

That's today's theme, right? Disbarment?

- Laurel, are you being disbarred?
- Yeah, looks like my law career's over.

But you know what?

Maybe Thea here can hire me as a waitress.

Or, Ollie, I could come be your secretary.

But that would mean
you would have to fire her.

Hi, Laurel. How are you?

Did you need to borrow my car?

Did your limo break down?

- Get her a cab, please.
- Yeah.

Fingerprint was in Interpol's database.
Guy worked for Milo Armitage.

- He's a black market arms merchant.
- He's trying to sell the device.

I need you to search for any indication
Armitage is in Starling.

I already did. His ship filed a loading
manifest at Starling City docks.

I'll get you the slip number.

Hi, it's Oliver.

I just ran into Laurel
and something's wrong.

She needs you.




- Keep back!
- We know you're targeting the boat.

I'm gonna send that son of a bitch
to the bottom of the ocean.

You're gonna destroy our
way off the island.

As long as Ivo is dead, that's fine.

I can't let you do it.

Get back!
Or so help me, I will put you down.

- Mom, what are you doing here?
- I came by to get your advice.

Step into my office.

This is about the campaign, right?

It's really awesome
you're thinking of doing this.

You said something that stayed with me.

The idea that there could be
voters out there...

that wouldn't dismiss me out of hand.

Well, you did run
a multi-billion dollar company.

Yes, and an undertaking
that destroyed the city.

People will get over that.

What makes you so certain?

Because I did.

Can I make a suggestion?

Instead of punishing yourself,
because you think you destroyed the city...

how about you start by saving it?

Ten million dollars, I believe,
was the negotiated amount.

you're now in a new tax bracket.

Just out of curiosity,
you pay me 10 million...

- and you get...?
- Three times that.

You already have a buyer?

I recommend that you stay clear
of Markovia for a few months.

I believe our business is now concluded.

Not yet.

Looks like your partner abandoned you.

He's not my partner.

He's someone I hired to do the job.

And it turns out it was money well-spent.

Just too dumb to stay down.

Don't do it. You'll kill everyone here.

If I don't deliver this device
to my buyer in Markovia, I'm dead anyway.


Roy, I need your help.

- Roy, stop. Roy!
- Son of a bitch!

Roy, I need you to stop.

The earthquake device is in there.

The steel is military-grade. It's built
to withstand a bomb, but not you.

Think about Thea.

Because she could die without your help.

I know you love her.

Because I've seen it.

Save my sister.


Focus on Thea.

She needs you right now.

Or she is dead. Everyone is dead.

- You're...?
- Yeah.


Last year, you saved my life.

And I don't mean from the guy
who kidnapped me. I mean...

you saved me.

You gave me purpose.

We're just getting started.

So the secret society gets a new member.

Where is he now?


He's, uh...


When I found out who you really were,
I processed my way...

through a pint of mint chip.

I stress eat.

Speaking of stress...

I'm not trying to Monday morning
quarterback here, it's Wednesday.

Didn't this all start because you were worried
Roy's marble collection was on the short side?

She has a point, Oliver.

Roy's a loose cannon.
Now he knows your secret.

You're right...

and I wasn't thinking
about the consequences.

I only knew that...

I needed his strength.

His power.

On the island, Sara told me that love
is the most powerful emotion.

Well, the Arrow...

couldn't get Roy to think about Thea.

But I could.

I said, get back.

Think about Shado.

I am thinking about her.

There's something I have to tell you
about Shado.

It's something you deserve to know.

She loved you, Slade.

Maybe not the way that you wanted her to...

but she loved you.

She wanted you to make it home.

She wanted you to see Joe again.

Don't you wanna hug your son?

I know you're angry.

And I know you want revenge.

But if you destroy Ivo's freighter...

then Shado will have died for nothing.

What is happening to me?

I don't know.

But I am not going to let you
go through it on your own.

The man who killed Shado
is still out there.

And whether that freighter
is on the bottom of the ocean or not...

we're still stuck on this island.

Not for long.

Because we're gonna take the freighter.

I was glad to receive your e-mail.

Does it portend what I'm hoping?

I'm going to run.

What changed your mind?

- Thea.
- Mm.

She reminded me that I still owe this city.

And I want to be remembered as something
more than Malcolm Merlyn's pawn.

As you should.

But you know there was another reason
for my reticence.

You're afraid people will learn
that Robert wasn't her biological father.

I managed to get through
a criminal trial...

without the truth coming out, but political
campaigns tend to be a bit more adept...

at extracting skeletons from closets.

But no one else knows?

Someone does.

My OB, Dr. Gill.

There were complications
when Thea was born.

I had to tell him that Robert
wasn't her father.

So if we're going to move forward...

we need to make certain
that he won't be a problem for us.

Mr. Turner.

I didn't know this place
allowed conjugal visits.

My name is Amanda Waller.

You say that like it's supposed
to mean something.

To the contrary.
My identity is highly classified.

Then why are you
introducing yourself to me?

I have an offer for you.

A way to work off your sentence.

As it turns out,
I have need of someone with your...

singular qualifications.

For what?

For a unit I'm putting together.

What type of unit?


it's more of a squad.

Is this the part where you kill me
because I know your secret?

You think that I'd kill
my sister's boyfriend?

Well, you did shoot me in the leg.

Forgiven, by the way.


She can never know.

I get the feeling that if I did tell her,
that would be when you kill me.

Trust that instinct.

Okay. Wait, how many people know what...?

Who you are?

Too many.

But these are the only two that matter.

John Diggle and Felicity Smoak.

Does this group have a name?

- Like Team Arrow or...?
- We don't call ourselves that.

- I do. Occasionally.
- Stop.


Welcome aboard.