Arrow (2012–…): Season 1, Episode 22 - Darkness on the Edge of Town - full transcript

The time is fast approaching for the Undertaking to occur and Malcolm Merlyn begins to tidy up the loose ends, beginning with the scientists at UNIDAC. Oliver and Digg trick Moira into ...

My name is Oliver Queen.
For 5 years,

I was stranded on an island
with only one goal--


Oliver Queen is alive.

Now I will fulfill
my father's dying wish--

to use the list
of names he left me

and bring down those
who are poisoning my city.

To do this, I must
become someone else.

I must become
something else.

Previously, on

Rescuing your father
and stopping Fyers

is not going to be
some walk in the park.

- Yao Fei!
- Ba!

How did you

I didn't.

You told me to stay away
from your family and I did,

but your family isn't
staying away from me,

which means something
must be done about it.

You're going home.

About my mother,

and about her involvement
in the Undertaking.

She's working
with Malcolm Merlyn,

and they're planning
something terrible.

So, I was

there's a late night
happy hour at Stella's.

You know, the place
across the street.

You mean the place
that's always playing

loud salsa music at all hours
when I'm trying to work late?

That--that would be
the one, yeah.

Anyway, I was
thinking that, um,

maybe, you know,
if you wanted to,

we could perhaps
grab a drink?

How about two?

Oh, my God!


I did everything
Mr. Merlyn required of me!

He knows,
Dr. Markov,

and he thanks you
for your service.

- Open the door!
- Open the door!


- No!
- Open the door!

Get down on the floor!

Darkness on the Edge of Town
Original Air Date on May 8, 2013

I've been watching your mother for
days now, Oliver, and nothing.

She goes to work,
she comes home.

she goes out for dinner.

She seems to particularly
like the salmon tartar at Table Salt.

I'm linked into her home
and office phone.

Nothing out
of the ordinary.

No mention of Walter's abduction
or the Undertaking.

Just a few innocuous calls
to Malcolm Merlyn.

Why wouldn't she
call him?

They're old friends.

We're all
old friends.

Are you ok?

My mom and my best
friend's dad

are involved
in a conspiracy

that may have dire
consequences for the city.

And I'm pretty sure
they murdered my father.

I'm not planning
on using the word "ok"

again any time soon.

Listen, all we know for sure
is that Malcolm

and your mother are planning
something for the glades.

And that Walter and I
were getting too close to it,

that's why
they had him kidnapped.

We have to find out
what this Undertaking is.

I got to ask her.

Well, no. The last time the Vigilante
paid your mom a visit,

you got shot, and I got
to play doctor with you.

Ahh! My brain thinks
of the worst way to say things.

This time it'll
just be me asking.

mother-son chat.

Laurel? What are you doing here?
It's not even 7:00 a.m.

That's just after
closing time, right?

How's business?

Well, it's busy.

Busy. It was easier when
Tommy was running things.

- Tommy's a good guy.
- Yeah.

Are you?

What do you mean?

Last week,
I told you

that I wanted
to get back with Tommy.

That I needed you
to go to him

and explain to him that you
didn't still have feelings for me.

But instead,

you told me that you did.

As I'm sure you can
probably imagine,

I haven't been able
to think of much since.

I shouldn't
have said that.

Then why did you?

I didn't...
have an agenda.

I didn't mean to make it
more difficult for you

to fix things with Tommy.

But what if you did?

After you disappeared--

with Sara--

I was sorry
I ever knew you.

But now, things
have happened that

I never thought would.

You coming home.

My parents being
in the same room.

And you.

What if I'm finally
starting to see you

for who you really are?
No, Laurel, it's--

And maybe
Tommy was right.

Maybe he and I
weren't meant to be.

Maybe I'm finally
ready to admit that...

that I still have
feelings for you, too.

Nothing's changed.

My life hasn't changed.

I haven't changed.

I got to go.

Walter's coming home.

Everything's exactly
as you left it.

How are you feeling,

I'm on the mend,
thank you, Oliver.

Oh, I'm so glad
you're home.

That makes two of us.

All of us.

We've prepared
a delicious brunch for you.

All your favorites.

Oh, yum,
English food.

Actually, I'm more tired from
the drive than I expected.

So I think I'd like
to lie down for a bit.

Yes, of course.

Walter doesn't really
seem like himself.

He's gone through a lot.

It's just...
going to take a little bit of time.

I'm really sick of us

all having to go through
a lot, you know?

Six scientists
and three security personnel

are confirmed killed
in the massacre.

Among the dead, respected
seismologist Brian Markov.

A spokesperson
for Unidac Industries

says a comment
would be forthcoming.

Mom, we need to talk.

Oh, uh, later,
Oliver., parents
and families of all the victims

to see how they're coping
with their loss.

- You!
- Save it.

We don't have the luxury
of indulging in vendettas.

- Ba!
- Shado.

You led Fyers
right to us, you coward!

Fyers was about
to fire bomb the entire forest

just to eliminate you.

This way, you all
have a chance.

Well, pray I don't get the
chance to repay your mercy.

How fitting.

Everyone reunited
for the end.

The end of what?
What is all this for?

HKIA, this is
Ferris Air flight 637 out of Paris,

nonstop to Hong Kong.

We are steady on approach
at 33,000 feet

and winds at 15 knots.

ETA, two hours,
15 minutes, over.

Ferris 637, this is HKIA.

Adjust course
to 0.6 degrees south.

11 minutes, over.

Roger, HKIA.
Why the course change?

Nothing to worry about, 637.

Just looking to make sure
you avoid a little turbulence.

Roger that.
Adjusting course now.

They're altering course,
sir. The plane

will be in range
of Lian Yu in 26 minutes.

Good. Keep tracking it.

That's a commercial
airliner, Fyers.

It's not like it can land here.

It won't be landing
anywhere, Mr. Queen.

I'm going to destroy it.

Arrows are black,
not green.

Copycat archer again.

Psychopaths are color-coding
themselves now.

- That's helpful.
- Yeah, except we haven't seen

the copycat in quite a while.

Ok, last time he took hostages
to draw out the Vigilante.

This time, he massacres
a bunch of lab nerds?

I want a press lockdown, nobody
hears about the other archer

and we need to get a list
of all Unidac employees

and find out what
they're working on here.

Apparently it was
a tight group.

Anyone who knows
anything about the project is dead.

And the copycat fried all their
computers and burned their research.

going on here,

someone doesn't want
anyone to know about it.

Where did you even
get that camera?

Come to think of it,
where did you get this car?

I borrowed it.


You know, when I imagine
being in a car with you,

this isn't exactly
what I had in mind.

Yeah, well, you're the one who said
you'd help me find the Vigilante.

I know,
but it's been two weeks,

and the closest we've come
is snapping photos

of the cop who hates
the Hood just as much

- as you worship him.
- I don't worship him.

I just need
to find him.

You don't need to find him
to be somebody.

Besides, it's not like you're going
to meet him any time soon.

Just that the cops
don't have a clue.

We don't know
what they know.

Ok, I officially
do not like that look.

You still work
at CNRI, right?

Hey, Mom.

Walter's upstairs resting.

I think he's...
doing well, don't you?

Who took him?

Well, we don't know yet.
But I'm going to make sure

all the resources of Queen
Consolidated are behind it.

That's the answer that you
gave to reporters yesterday.

Tell me the truth.

I don't know
what you mean.

I think you do.
A couple months ago,

when I showed you dad's
notebook, you seemed

to know something.

Something about our
family being in danger.

Are you suggesting
that I knew something

about my husband's kidnapping?

I'm just suggesting that
maybe you were scared.

That maybe you didn't
mean for any of this to happen.

But it was harder
than you thought.

And now you're barely keeping
your head above water.

Please, Mom.

Let me help you
before you drown.

You need to stop asking these things.
Do you understand?

I need you to stop.

I can't.

I need to know.

Is that a power outage?

I don't know.

Oliver! Oliver!



Are you ok?



we got to get
out of here.

Moira Queen...

You have failed the city.

It doesn't make any sense!

Why do you want
to blow up a plane?

When the New York
Stock Exchange

reopened after 9-11,

the Dow Jones dropped
nearly 685 points.

Can you imagine
what would happen to China,

the world's second
largest economy,

if all air travel
in and out of China

were to be grounded

You want to destabilize
China's economy?

It's not what I want,
but rather my employer.

We have enough
missiles here

to shoot down any aircraft
approaching the mainland.

And that will
decimate China's economy.

once a rogue element

in China's own military
claims responsibility.

You see, inconvenient
though you occasionally were,

you're always worth
more to me alive than dead.

Then you should
have killed me.

Because I won't do it.


Shado! Shado!

I said I need you alive,

but I can kill
everyone you care about.

Help you with something?

Yes, um, I'm from CNRI

and we're investigating claims
of racial bias in SCPD arrests.

So I'm going to need
a copy of each file

from every arrest in
Starling City January,

2011 to the present.

It's almost 9:00 at night.

Yeah, well, tell that
to Judge Crow.

He's the one who signed
the court order.

Wait here.

I don't know, it seems
like a bit of a reach.

Yeah, which is what you do
when you got nothin'.

'Cause all I know
is the copycat,

he torched every record
down at Unidac.

And all we got are
phone records

and they show
that this Markov guy,

he made a couple of calls to
an unclaimed line at Merlyn Global.

A couple of calls?
Did I say reach?

I misspoke. I meant leap.

Just get someone down
here from Merlyn Global

to answer a few
questions under oath.

Did you find anything?


- Anything helpful?
- No, still looking.

What about you?
You learn anything from the cops?

As a matter
of fact...

I like the sound of that.

You know that
copycat archer?


Turns out he's connected to
Merlyn Global somehow.

Or, at least
his victims are.

We're looking for the Hood,
not some crazy wannabe.

Well, the guy
with the black arrows

seems to hate the guy
with the green arrows, so...

So what, we just
show up at Merlyn Global

and hope the Hood
shows up, too?

Last I checked,

you don't have
any better ideas.


Do not hurt my son.

Tell me what the Undertaking is
and I won't have to.

Tell me!


Leave my son alone!

What is Malcolm Merlyn

I can't tell you!

He'll kill me,
he'll kill my family.

You should be more worried
about what I'll do.


Malcolm is planning
to level the Glades!

He said so he could
rebuild it, but...


- There's a device.
- What device?!

He says that it can
cause an earthquake.

How is this possible?

I don't know.

It was invented
by Unidac Industries.

Malcolm used my company's
Applied Sciences

to turn it
into a weapon.

Why would you get involved
in something like this?

My husband...

He got involved
without my knowing.

He was just trying
to do some good.

He was lost. He...

His decisions
left me vulnerable

to Malcolm,
and I had no choice.

I had to protect
my family and my children.

This device...
Where is it?

I don't know.

If you don't tell me,
I can't stop Merlyn!

Oh, you can't stop him.

It's too late.

No, no, no,
I told you everything!


- Oh, sweet--
- Dont.

Please, I know what you must be
thinking, sweetheart,

but I never intended
any of this to happen.

You know I would
never willingly

be a part of
anything like this.

I don't know anything anymore.

Oh, my God.

You said you were going
to pull your punches!

- I did.
- Let me get you an icepack for...

- Everything.
- I'm fine.

I need you to dig up
everything you can

on Unidac Industries.

Well, we know Queen Consolidated
acquired them seven months ago.

That's when we met.

I need information
about what I don't know.

Unidac is a small
research and development

technology company

that specializes in
seismic infringement.

Merlyn plans on
leveling the Glades

with a device that triggers
a manmade earthquake.

You're kidding.

What else
does it say?

More information
on the stock auction

and, you know,
the latest

on what the media's

The Unidac massacre.
There's no way

this timing is a coincidence.

there's a website

claiming the police
suspect a copycat archer.

- What?!
- So the other archer works for Merlyn?

He's tying up
loose ends.

Erasing all evidence
this device exists

so no one can trace
the devastation back to him.

All right, so you're going to have a
pointed conversation with Mr. Merlyn.

Well, even if I take out Merlyn,
the other archer is still out there.

He can set off the device.
We need to find it.

Then Merlyn
can get his.

Well, maybe there's another
way to get Merlyn to tell us.

What do you have in mind?

As I keep proving,
people keep secrets.

Computers don't.

Felicity, are you hacking

into the Merlyn
Global mainframe?

"Hacking" is such
an ugly word.

No. I'm...

Yeah, totally hacking
into the Merlyn Global mainframe.


I'll do it.

I knew your good judgment
could be counted on.

Come along now.

We need to get you
back into uniform.

It's Fyers.
It's happening.


That was Fyers.

Everything is proceeding
to your plan.

It truly is very kind of
you to come all the way out here.


Who are you
speaking to--


How are you?

Thank you.

Actually, you look
a little bit out of sorts.

Oh, no, no,
I'm fine.

Malcolm stopped by
to check up on his nemesis.

On the racquetball court.

I didn't get a chance
to talk to Walter

at the hospital.
Like everyone,

I'm glad he's back
where he belongs.

With his family.


I'll let you get
some rest.

- Thanks again.
- Yeah.

Uh, I'll
walk you out.

Your assassin
wasn't too subtle

in eliminating those
people at Unidac.

Well, now the police are focused
on the copycat archer

instead of the Undertaking.
As for our collateral damage,

I had to limit our exposure.
I see.

And does paying Walter
a visit just now

fall under
the same category?

You held him
for nearly six months.

Surely you had him questioned.
He was.

And I assume
that if Walter knew

something you'd rather he
didn't, agreement be damned,

I would be a widow again.
Am I wrong?


Well, we discovered
a few phone calls

between one
of the Unidac victims

and someone
at the Merlyn Global group.

Which is why I asked
for someone at your company

to help me
with my investigation.

But naturally, they send down
the one guy that's been

working there 30 seconds
and knows nothing.

Detective Lance,
if someone from Merlyn Global

is involved
with those deaths,

I want them found
as much as you do.

Give me more to go on
than some phone calls

and I will help you
in any way that I can.

Thank you.

What are you
doing here?

Helping your father
with an investigation.


Call me

if you need
anything else.

Thank you.

One second, sweetie.

Ok, someone at Merlyn Global
could be connected

to the copycat archer,
all right?

Any chance you can have
a little snoop around

their computer systems?

You'll need a warrant.

No, we'll need a judge
who owes me a favor.


You never did tell me what had
you and Merlyn on the outs.

No, I didn't.

You don't have to tell me.


Come on.

I know.
I know. Say it.

You--you think
I'm crazy.

I mean, Oliver,
he cheated on me,

he broke my heart,
he led Sara to her death

and you would probably
rather drink acid than

see me with him again.


I am sure you're
disappointed in me.

Since Queen's been back, he's...


I'll deny ever
having said that.


Let's eat.


Just for the record,
I will pump my fist in the air

and scream, "yes!"
If I get in.

You know, you can just say
this isn't working.

This isn't working.

All right, there has
to be some other way

we can find out where
he's keeping this device.

Unless I can waltz up
to Merlyn's mainframe

and plug in my tablet directly, there's
no way of getting that location.

Then we waltz.

Excuse me?

You need direct access
to the mainframe,

so we get you direct access
to the mainframe,

and we figure out
where the device is being kept.

Oliver...I did mention

that the mainframe
is located inside

Merlyn Global Group's
main headquarters,

on the 25th floor?

It's only accessible through
a restricted access elevator.

I know.

We're going
to have to break in.

Hi. Oliver Queen.

I have an 11:30
with Tommy Merlyn.

I have a super deluxe
big Belly Buster

for a Mr. Andrews.
I think he's in security.

He a good tipper?

You can go on up,
Mr. Queen.

You can wait a second.

New guy,
you order food?

Yeah, I'm addicted
to big belly burger.

Never had it.

I'll split it with you.

Keep the change.

Hold that.

Where you heading,

19th floor.

Too bad,
I'm going to 13.

Damn it!

Mr. Andrews
got his lunch?

One belly buster with benzodiazepine.
Hold the mayo.

Sleep tight.

Mainframe's on 25, guys.
That's as close as I can get you.

Come on.

Don't look down.

Too late.

I should mention,
I'm afraid of heights,

which I just

- Hey, Felicity.
- Hmm?

Hold on to me tight.

I imagined you saying that under
different circumstances.

Very platonic...

- Ready?
- Uh-huh.

Come on.

You all right?

I'm fine.

Yeah, this is just
my "about to hack" face.

I always...
Oh, look like this

right before I,
you know, hack.

Security patrol's on
a ten minute cycle.

I'll have my meeting with Tommy
and be back in nine, ok?



Dig, you got
eyes on her?

Five by five.


Sure beats
the back of a bar.

I saw your name
in my schedule,

I thought it must
be a typo.

Why so serious?
Did someone decide

that they didn't want you putting
an arrow in them today?

I thought it was
past time we talked.

About what?

Me leaving the club,
you being a serial killer?

We're not lacking
for topics.

Let's start with Laurel,
since you're still in love with her.

So are you.

I can't be with her, Tommy.

You know why I can't.

So what?

I'm her consolation
prize? I'll pass.

She's not anyone's... property.

Laurel makes
her own decisions.

And she chose you.

Until you couldn't handle it.

Lord knows I am guilty
of a lot of things between us,

but not you and her.

That's all I came to say.

What exactly do you do here?

I work closely
with my father.

- Guys, you got trouble.
- What?!

Felicity's about to have some head
of schedule company.

I'm not there yet
on the download.

Hold tight,
I'm on my way.


Mr. Merlyn.

I must say, I'm surprised
to see you here.

Tommy and I just had
a little unfinished business.

Ahh. I know things have been
challenging between you two,

but I trust you're
working things out.

- Felicity!
- Just a few more seconds.


I'm sorry, I have to go.

There are some investors
waiting for me back at the club.

I'm heading out
to a meeting myself.

I'll walk you down
to the lobby.

She's going
to get made, Oliver.

Oliver, did you hear me?!


What? Just a few
more seconds!

Come on, come on, come on.

You don't have
a few more seconds.

Yes! Wow,
I really do do that.

Damn it, Oliver, she's in trouble,
where are you?

This is
a restricted area.

Let's see some I.D.

I.D.? Um...

Tell your mother
I said hello.

I will.

Got held up.
Heading back upstairs.



What are you
doing here?

I, uh, just saw Tommy.

Yeah, me, too.

I'm going to run back up,
I don't want to be late.

Oh, I thought
you just came down.

There you are!

Thanks a lot, man,
this one snuck past security.

One of Merlyn junior's

She's pissed he never
called her back.

Copy that.
I read the tabloids.

Yeah. Thanks again.
Let's go, Barbie.

Your new last name
ain't going to be Merlyn.

But I love him!
He's my man!

You're my knight
in shining armor.

Is that
your friend Roy?

- No, um...
- No?

Yeah, he gave me a ride.

Thea, what are you
really doing here?

The truth, please.

- The truth?
- Mm-hmm.

Um...We're trying to find
the Vigilante.


Roy's been kind of obsessed
with him since he saved

his life at the subway.

And I overheard
Detective Lance saying

that the other archer was connected
to Merlyn Global, so--

- Hey!
- Roy.

We haven't met. I'm Thea's
disapproving older brother.

Yeah, I know.
Good to meet you.

Don't mess around
with the Hood.

He's a psychopath,
he's dangerous,

and anyone who gets
near him winds up dead.

That will not be my sister.
Do you hear me?


Take her

What are you doing?

The Vigilante's not too fond
of guys who sell Vertigo.

I know a guy who claims he still
has a stash to sell.

Maybe we could
stake him out,

hope the Hood
shows up for him.

Did you not hear
what my brother said?

What does your brother
know about him?

Uh, for one thing, the Vigilante
once saved his life,

so if he's telling us to keep away,
that should say something.

No offense, Thea, but your
brother's kind of a wimp.

- Don't say that.
- Why not? It's true.

My brother survived
five years alone on an island!

Five years I thought
I had lost him.

Yeah? Well, I lost
someone, too.

And they aren't coming back.


It doesn't matter.

That is why I need to find him.

So he can teach me
to be like him.

I'm not losing
anyone else ever again.

I can't do this, Roy.

If you don't give this up,

you're going to lose me.

Better now
than later.

Oh, good.

I was just coming
to check on you

to see if maybe
you'd like some tea, or...

What is this?



Divorce is an extreme reaction.

Well, considering
the circumstances,

I find it
somewhat reserved.

Or do you think
I believe that

my abduction
on the night you told me

that I was getting too close
to your conspiracy

was a coincidence.

You--you were in danger.

This arrangement,
it saved your life.

that's ironic.

Because it feels like
you've destroyed it.


You know, I read about
people in forced captivity.

Some of them said
it was a simple thought

that got them through
the isolation and fear--

to their loved ones.

So I don't know
really why I'm still alive, Moira,

because I didn't
have that.

Walter, please...

What do you think
you can say to me

to convince me that
everything I knew, my whole life...

hasn't just evaporated?

Where are you going?

Come here.


What'd you find?

Merlyn Global's cyber security
is off the charts.

What's that, tech speak
for "I struck out, boss."

Yeah, but I wasn't
the only one.

Somebody else tried hacking into
Merlyn Global systems.

Same pathways I used,
same result.

You're saying that someone
else was looking

for Merlyn's connection
to Unidac?

Yeah, someone good.

Knew how to reverse
engineer her footprints.

- I almost didn't catch her.
- Her?

Yeah. She works
at Queen Consolidated.

Name's Felicity Smoak.

Who the hell
is Felicity Smoak?

In addition to the download,
I also took the liberty

of uploading a trojan
to Merlyn's system.

Figured it might
come in handy.

That's smart. If Merlyn thinks
he's been compromised,

it'll help
if we know first.

Can you locate
the seismic device?

I'm working on it.

But there's at least a terraflop
of data to go through.

You all right?

My father, he told me
that he failed the city.

Asked me to right his
wrongs, but I never knew

what he meant until now.

It's the Undertaking.

I promised myself that when
I crossed all these names

off the list,
I'd be done, but...

Taking down these people,
it doesn't honor him.

I was just treating the symptoms
while the disease festered.

I stop the Undertaking...

I wipe out the disease.

What are you saying, Oliver?
You would hang up the Hood?

Merlyn's plan is what I returned
from the island to stop.

Where are you going?



Can we talk?

Thank you.

What did you want
to talk about?

Wow, I thought this was going
to be easier to say.

But now
I'm standing here...

Looking at you,
and it's--

Just say what you have
to say and go, ok?

Ever since I've been back,
we've been doing this dance.

We come together,
and then I pull away.

Something pulls me away.

But I think...


that something
might be over.

What are you trying to say?

That... you know me
better than anyone.

And that you...

are more important to me
than anyone.

I just hope I didn't wait
too long to say it.

[ ♪ Radioactive ♪
by Imagine Dragons ]

♪ I'm breaking in,
shaping up ♪

♪ then checking out
on the prison bus ♪

You didn't.

You're right on time.

♪ I'm waking up,
I feel it in my bones ♪

♪ enough to make
my system blow ♪

♪ welcome to the new age,
to the new age ♪

♪ welcome to the new age,
to the new age ♪

♪ whoa oh oh

♪ whoa oh oh

♪ radioactive, radioactive

♪ whoa oh oh

♪ whoa oh oh

♪ radioactive, radioactive

What is it?

Felicity found
the Markov device.

Merlyn's keeping it
at a warehouse

his company
owns in the Glades.

Good. Coordinate an attack.

You take the device,
I'll take Merlyn.

Got a location?

Yeah. According to
Felicity's trojan,

Merlyn's logged on to his computer
from his office.

I'm on my way.

The uniform
suits you, Yao Fei.

Any time
you're ready.

To the people of China
and citizens of the world,

I make this statement

taking responsibility
for the shooting

of Ferris Air flight 637

to protest the People's
Republic of China's treatment of me;

for betraying
and abandoning me

to the island of Lian Yu.

Consider this my righteous
delivery of powerful vengeance.

Thank you.

- No!
- Ba!

- Ba!
- Sir.

Plane is within range.

Very well.

I'll be in touch.

Can I help you?


I wasn't
talking to you.

Malcolm Merlyn...

You have failed this city.

And how have I
done that?

The Undertaking.

It ends now.

Oliver, the device...

It's gone.

Where's the device?


I don't know how you got
that trojan onto my system,

but it prompted me
to take precautions.

There is nothing you can do to stop
what is about to happen.

And you shouldn't.

This city needs
what is about to happen

in order to survive.

The people who are
destroying it from the inside

need to be erased
from the map.


Let's start with you.

Ironic, isn't it?

Last Christmas,
I almost killed you.

A few months ago,
you saved my life.

And now you're here
trying to kill me.

You should
make up your mind.


Oh, no.