Arrow (2012–…): Season 1, Episode 20 - Home Invasion - full transcript

Oliver decides that his next target is going to be someone on Digg's list: Deadshot. They set a trap for him and Digg's spy friends get involved as well. Meanwhile, Laurel's latest clients ...

My name is
Oliver Queen.

For five years, I was
stranded on an island,

with only one goal:


Oliver Queen is alive.

Now I will fulfill
my father's dying wish--

to use the list
of names he left me,

and bring down those
who are poisoning my city.

To do this, I must
become someone else.

I must become something else.

Previously on Arrow...

So you met up
with the Hood guy?

He's contacted me before.

You're a murderer.

You were my best
friend in life,

but now it's like I don't
even know you.

I quit.

Listen, Lyla, Lawton
is a very dangerous man.

What do you
know about him?

That's everything
you need to locate

who's giving
Deadshot his targets.

This Lawton kick
his dog or something?

He killed his brother.

I can't move on with my life

knowing that he's
still out there.

I thought if anybody
got that it'd be you.

You two have
unfinished business.

Where do we start?

You feel better?

I'll feel better
once we end Deadshot.

Welcome to Germany,
Mr. Ambassador.

Henrik, you're looking great.

We have to end this guy
before he makes any

more widows out of wives.

We will.

Diggle, we'll stop him.

I promised you I'd
help take him down,

and I keep my promises,

but he's on
another continent.

Not anymore.

I thought it would
be helpful to track

A.R.G.U.S' manhunt for
Floyd Lawton aka Deadshot,

so I decrypted their
communication logs.

Which means, I just
hacked a federal agency.

Which kind of makes
me a cyber-terrorist,

which is bad because
I really don't see myself

fitting in well
at Guantanamo Bay.

Don't worry, Felicity,
they don't send blondes there.

I dye it, actually.

- I keep your secret...
- Hey, what'd you find?

Deadshot is
scheduled to meet

with a potential new client
here in Starling City.

Except the potential
contract is bogus.

Your friend Lyla is
setting a trap for him.

Lawton took the bait.

Great, I'll talk to Lyla, see
if I can suss out any details.


I've got to have
lunch with Laurel.

So when did you become,
uh, lunch dates with Laurel?

Look, we're just...

We're friends.

- Friends are good.
- But?

Couldn't you be friends with
someone less complicated

than your ex-girlfriend,
who's your ex-best friend's

current girlfriend?

I wear a hood and I put
arrows into criminals,

so when it comes
to complexity...

I grade on a curve.

Rescuing your father
and stopping Fyers

is not going to be
some walk in the park.

They're not going to allow us
to just stroll on into their camp.

Which is why
we'll need cover.

If both of us are infiltrating,
who'll provide that?

He will.


The assault
rifle is flushed.

It's useless.

We have a bow,

And no one capable
of shooting them.

No offense, kid.

I was going to say
the same thing.

I think we should be spending
our time trying to devise a plan,

not lower our already
slim chances of survival.

He'll hit his mark by sundown.
If not, we'll do it your way.


What is it, Johnnie?

Just came by to see
how things were going

on your Deadshot investigation.
Anything new come up?

Funnily enough,
it did.

I was curious why
you, a bodyguard,

were so keen on taking down
such a high profile assassin,

so I did some
reading up on Lawton.

Lyla, listen...

Did you really think I wouldn't find out
that he killed your brother?

That you were
using me--me!

To what? Draw him
into the open

so you could take
him down yourself?

I will not let you use my agency
to settle your blood feud.


I need to see
this guy in a bag.

You of all people
should get that.

Get this--stay away
from Lawton, Johnnie,

or so help me, I will
have you arrested.

You doubt me?

Never have.

- Hi.
- Did you get my voicemail?


Things got a little crazy around here--
back to back meetings...

- I am so sorry, rain check?
- Sure.

I could definitely catch up
on some club paperwork.

We're way behind
since Tommy left.

I'm still shocked that he
went to go work for Malcolm.

You know, you were
really understanding

to let him take
this opportunity.

Tommy said
you were cool with it.

Why wouldn't I be?
He's my friend. Like you.

I'm sorry,
are we early?

No, not at all.

Uh, Oliver, this is Eric Moore
and his wife, Nancy.

I'm prepping them
for a deposition for tomorrow.

And this must be
your bodyguard?

This is our son, Taylor.

Well, you are in
very capable hands.

It was nice to meet you.

Eric, Nancy,

I want to make sure that
you guys are up for this.

Edward Rasmus isn't known
for playing with kid gloves,

so this could get rough.

We invested our entire life savings
with Rasmus and he stole it.

Our retirement.

Taylor's college fund.

He stole our future, Ms. Lance.

We want it back.

Well, then
let's go get it.


Mr. Moore? I have some
documents for you from Ms. Lance

related to tomorrow's

What a nice home
you have here.

You can really...

Feel the love.

Sorry about the mess.

This works better
if it looks like a break-in.


- Is it done?
- The parents, yes.

I'm afraid there's been a variable.
The child got away.

Got away?

Did he see you?

No, Mr. Rasmus.

What he saw was
the face of the man

who will reunite him
with his parents.

Starling City
is expected to be host

of this year's Festival
of Lights exhibition.

In other news, the bodies
of Mr. and Mrs. Moore

were found early this morning.

The couple were
being represented

by attorney Laurel Lance of CNRI

in a lawsuit against
financier Edward Rasmus.

Miraculously, their
seven-year-old son Taylor

survived the horrific attack.

Home Invasion

This isn't your fault, Laurel,
you shouldn't feel guilty.

I don't feel guilty.
I'm angry.

This wasn't some
random break-in.

Edward Rasmus is
involved, I know it.

Ok, listen, our guys
are looking into this.

But you need
to stay out of it, ok?

Because if Rasmus is behind this,
he's clearly not messing around.


If you'd like to say
good-bye to Taylor,

I will be taking him
over to child services.

Doesn't he have
any other family?

are in Melbourne.

We're tracking them
down, but until then,

he's going to be a temporary ward
of the state.

He can stay with me.

As his attorney,
I am assigning myself

temporary guardianship.

- You'd still need a judge's order.
- I'll have it to you in an hour.

Well, have it your way.

Ok, look, I'm going
to park a patrol car

outside your place.

- Fine.
- And you...

You look after
them, all right?

I spend most nights at
your daughter's anyways.

There was probably
a better time to tell you that.

Probably not.

Hey, come stay
in my house, ok?

- What are you doing here?
- I heard what happened,

I just wanted to make sure
Laurel was ok.

You could have
just called.

I met Laurel's clients and their
son yesterday and I felt badly.

You met them?

Yeah, when I was picking
up Laurel for lunch...

Which she didn't tell you about.

Tell you what?


It's settled.

Taylor's coming
home with us tonight.

if you need anything--

- we're fine.
- Ok.

We should really
get going.


Set your sight.

Hit the tree.

Probably hit a tree.

Set your sight.

Hit the tree.

Steady your anchor point.

I hope
you're getting closer...

At teaching him how
to be a better marksman.

It's not as though our lives
depend on it or anything.

- Try again.
- Ok.

What's this?

Lyla's mission
profile on the trap

they've set
for Deadshot.

Lawton is set
to meet his new employer

and get his assignment
tomorrow at 8 pm.

Only, his
new employer...

Will be an
A.R.G.U.S. agent.

Lyla will then
swoop in with her team

and arrest him.

Do you want
Lawton arrested?


Then tomorrow night, we cross
Floyd Lawton's name off your list.

There is something else
we need to look into.

Two of Laurel's clients
were murdered last night.

Their seven-year-old
son barely escaped.

That's terrible.

Edward Rasmus,

the financial advisor
Laurel was taking to court,

may not have pulled the trigger,
but he probably called in the hit.

I want you to get into
his corporate accounts,

phone records, anything that
may link him to the killer, ok?

are you going?


Another friendly meal?

My daughter is
secure at her place?

So far, all quiet...

All right, let me know
if there is any movement.

I'm heading over there
right now.

What did you steal this time?

- You got a minute?
- No.

It's about the Hood.

When my men found you
on that subway car

after you were kidnapped,

you told them you didn't know
anything about the vigilante.

So there's something
you forgot to tell them?


I just want to see
him brought

to justice like
everyone else.

Don't worry, kid.
We'll get him.

Just keep making sure
I don't have a reason to get you.


Are you hungry?

You know, I make
the world's best

macaroni and cheese.

It's the only thing
she knows how to make.

I miss my mom and dad.

When I was your age,

my mom tucked me into bed

that night before going out.

Then the next thing I knew,

there was a police officer
at my door.

He said that she was gone

and that I would never see her again.
But you know what?

He was wrong.

- You saw her?
- Mh-mmm.

Every time I close
my eyes, I can see her.

Every time I go to bed,

I see her in my dreams.



Now try it,
close your eyes.

I see them.

Whenever you are sad,

or scared,

just remember that
they will always be there.

You constantly
surprise me, Merlyn.

I'll get it.

Ms. Lance?

Lieutenant Kessel, SCPD.

Your dad asked me
to check in.

Lieutenant, can you hold your
badge up to the door, please?

Ok, great.

Just one sec.


His badge number
begins with a zero,

Lieutenant's badge
numbers begin with a one--

It was the badge that
gave me away, right?

You know,
my father's a cop.

And that's not
all he taught me.

I'm feeling like it might
be time for you to move.

Dad, whoever Rasmus hired

is going to keep coming until
he finishes the job,

otherwise Rasmus will just
hire someone else who will.

Ok, listen,
I want the three of you

in protective custody immediately,
and don't even think about it.

He killed two of my men.

The Hood just
saved our lives.

We can trust him.

He won't let
anything happen to me.

Even if I was comfortable

with the idea of him watching
over you 24/7, which I'm not,

something tells me he's
got better things to do.

What about Oliver?

Sorry, you got another
friend named Oliver?

The Queens have more
security than the President.

They've got cameras everywhere,
bodyguards in every wing,

and no one goes in or out
without being accounted for.

We both only want
what is best for Laurel.

And right now that is
to stay close to Oliver.

Trust me.

This is Mr. Robbins.

Where you go, he goes.

You'll be very well
protected, Ms. Lance.

Thank you.

I hand-selected
these men myself.

The house and the grounds
are completely secure.

Please make
yourself at home.

You must be Taylor.

How about I show you where
I hide the good cookies?


Mr. Queen, whenever
you're ready,

I can take you to your next
appointment, sir.

- The Lawton meeting?
- Yes.

I just need to swing by the
club and pick up my good suit.

- So, I'll meet you there.
- Of course, sir.

You're leaving?

There's something else I need
to take care of. It's important.

More important than
what's going on here?

No offense to Oliver,
but I think we need

Mr. Robbins and his men
more than him.

You are the reason
why we're here,

and trust me,
that wasn't easy to admit.

You'll be fine.

I promise.

You know, chewing might help.

Hmm. Not dainty
enough for you?

I could eat you under
the table, Roy Harper.

Don't forget that.

All units,
code 10-80.

Starling City port,

What is that?

vigilante activity,

all available units.

Do you have a police
radio in your pocket?

No, I'm just
happy to see you.

Got to run.

I think you've got something
that belongs to me.

You set this up,
just to get your radio back?


I do love that radio.

Come on.

I'm uploading
a satellite overview

of the Plaza
to your phone...

but I know the place--

Dig was pretty specific
about where you should perch--

you know,

what position gives you
the best shot at Lawton.

I think.

He used a lot
of military jargon.

So you're sniping a sniper.

Kind of ironic, don't you think?

Me neither.

What's that?

I had a remote access trojan

scouring the Internet
for Edward Rasmus.

His name just popped up
on a flight manifest,

8:15 to Shanghai...
He's running.

That's good, right?

If he's leaving town, he won't be
after Laurel and the child anymore.

But if you did
want to stop him,

looks like
it's now or never.

Deadshot or Rasmus...
Your choice.

Trap one,
this is Harbinger.

Wait for Lawton
to enter and make contact.

Then we'll
take him down.

Damn it, Oliver...

...Just until
this CNRI mess dies down.

And if it doesn't,
two best things about China--

wontons and no
extradition treaty.

Hey, hey, I thought
I was paying you extra

not to stop at the reds.

Trap one, possible
target acquisition.

Get ready.

Stand down.

Maybe Lawton didn't
take the bait after all.

We're blown! Take cover!

On your knees.
On your knees.

Hands behind your head.

I saw you coming a mile away.

Thanks for tipping me off.

I'll kill you for what
you did to Andy.

I'd be pulling
these triggers right now,

except there's
nobody paying me.

There's space
for you right here,

right next to your brother.

You'd do best to remember that.

What happened?

You didn't show,
things didn't go well.

Rasmus was
skipping town...

And I had to

Thanks to your new priorities
four agents are dead, Oliver.

You could have stopped this guy,
ended this maniac once and for all.

Lawton got away?

You seriously think a man who
goes by the name "Deadshot"

was going down without a fight?

I needed you there, man.

Taylor Moore was
relying on me, Diggle.

But this was
never about that kid,

he is safe under armed
security at your house.

- This is about Laurel.
- Diggle,

- I made a choice.
- I know.

You chose Laurel.

Always her.

Everybody else
be damned.

Something to say, Felicity?

Nothing you
want to hear.

Try again.

You're thinking too much.

Nobody ever accused
me of that before.


I see my target
in the distance,

I feel the variation
in the wind,

I hear the bowstring tighten...

And I let go.

Give in to your senses...

Don't think.

You're right,

this is definitively
not the time or place...

No, it's--no,
it's just there's, uh...


And it's a mile
past complicated,

but I can't.

Does she know
how much you love her?

I suspect right
now she doesn't.

But as soon as
I'm home, she will.

You looked
so beautiful that night.

I remember Oliver
telling me once

that he wished
your father

would let him come over
to your house more often.

That being there

made him feel less
like Robert Queen's son

and more like himself.

I liked who my son was
when he was around you.

Thank you.


The police just called.

Edward Rasmus
was arrested.

Really? What happened?

Apparently he confessed
to everything.

He's going to go to prison
for a long time

and won't be able
to hurt anyone ever again.

Why would he confess?

The vigilante
was involved.

Good for him.

So, I guess it's over.

Yes... Yeah.

Great, I'll go
wake up Taylor--

No, Tommy, please.

He's sleeping,
he's been through a lot.

Now you all are
welcome to stay.

We certainly
have enough room.

It's your call.

Thank you, Mrs. Queen.

I guess we'll stay, then.


Your lawyer's here.

It's you.

I'd like to discuss
loose ends.

You didn't get my message?

Forget about the Moore boy.

I've already confessed,
that freakshow in a hood

told me he'd kill me
if I didn't.

We need to make
this meeting appear legitimate.

Lawyer stuff.

Sign here, please.

Am I clear?
You leave the boy alone.

I wish I could,

but he's seen my face.

Just like you.

If you put pressure in just the
right areas above the forearm,

like I did to you,
an embolism will form

in the medial
antebrachial vein.

When the air pocket
reaches your heart in,

give or take,
fifteen seconds,

you'll die.
It's relatively painless.


Nothing personal.

We're done here!

Excuse me, hi,
I'm looking for my boyfriend,

he's kind of a regular
around here.

Piercing blue eyes,

and may or may not have
stolen a police radio.

Yeah, that's him.
Behind you.

Well, that's
a nice look.

What were you thinking?

Well, if it
isn't the wonder twins...

He's very sorry
for stealing the radio,

and he won't ever
bug you or steal anything

from you guys ever again.

Both of you.
Come with me.

What are we
doing here?

Well, your boyfriend
is so interested in the Hood,

I thought he might
like to meet someone else

who already made
his acquaintance.

Oh, God...

Who was he?

Well, that's the thing.
When you're alive, you get a name.

When you wind up down
here, you get a number.

Meet 26.

See, your pal the Hood,

he's already sent
26 stiffs down here

since he started
his little one-man...


Maybe this guy deserved it.
Maybe he did.

But that's not
how justice works.

You see, the vigilante,

he doesn't have to answer
to anyone but himself,

and that's a very dangerous power
to give to any one man.

He saved my life.

And how do you know tomorrow
he won't just as easily take it?

Get out of here.

Let's go.

He's safe now, Laurel.

With a hard road ahead of him.

Well, he's lucky
to have you in his life.

I know the feeling.

When you first got home,

I didn't think
that you changed much.

But you have, and...

It's nice to see.

Thank you.

I have a delivery
van coming in for Ms. Lance,

- his I.D. checks out.
- Thanks for the heads up.

For... Ms. Lance.

What a beautiful home.


Such pain here.

A sense of loss and
regret, you can feel it,

down to the wood paneling...


Can you two stay
here with Taylor?

- Where are you going?
- It's an old house,

fuses blow all the time,
it's probably nothing,

just please...

Come on.

He's here.

Where's the child?

This house is quite large

and I don't particularly
care to check every room.

Very well.

Have it your way.

Laurel, don't--

No, Ollie is
still out there.

What happened to you
on that island?

You're about to find out.

Death by poker.

That's a new one.

He was going
to shoot me.

And then, uh, mister...

Robbins, he grabbed
the poker and...

saved my life.

Mr. Robbins
was a real hero.

If it weren't for him,
we'd all be dead.

I've got enough
details for my report.

I'll clear my boys
out of here.

Let's go.

You still love her.
Don't you?

It doesn't matter
how I feel.

Because of what I do...

I could never be with her.

You see, you don't have
anything to be afraid of.

She is never...

ever going to know my secret.

It doesn't matter
if she knows.

I know.

And I don't know
how to be with Laurel

the entire time...

that if she ever found
out who you really are...

she would choose you.

Thank you for everything you
tried to do for Eric and Nancy.

And for keeping Taylor safe.

Come here.

You keep being
a good boy, ok?

( ♪ Be Still ♪
by The Killers )

♪ Be still

♪ and go on to bed

♪ nobody knows
what lies ahead ♪

Tommy, I really
need to talk to you...

♪ And life is short

♪ to say the least

What's that for?

It's my stuff.

What's going on?

I'm not sure
that I'm ready

for the kind of commitment
that you're looking for.

I don't want to hurt you
in the long run, so--

Wait. We both almost
lost our lives,

and I'm emotional, too,
but you can't be serious.

This is me
serious, Laurel.


But it doesn't make
any sense, I mean, why...

Why now?

Why even at all?

I thought that
I wanted this.


And the other night
made me realize I don't.

You're lying.

I am not a liar.

If you've changed,
and I know that you've changed,

then you wouldn't--

you would never do this.

Then I guess I haven't
changed as much

as we all thought, then.

♪ And may your limits be unknown ♪

♪ and may your efforts
be your own ♪

♪ if you ever feel

♪ you can't take it anymore ♪

♪ don't break character ♪

I know.

You think I'm an idiot.

I always thought
you were an idiot.

Now I think
you're brain dead.

you're probably right.

Look, I don't
understand this, Roy.

Why is finding the Hood
so important to you?

I can't stop replaying
that night in my head.

The night I got kidnapped
by that psycho, I just...

I thought I was
going to die.

- But you didn't.
- Yeah, because of him.

You don't owe him anything.

You're wrong,
I owe him everything.

And I can't go back to the way
things were, Thea,

I can't just go back
to being nothing.

You're the one
that keeps telling me

that I can be better
than who I am, and this...

This is my chance to be.

I can't explain it, but...

It feels like my life
is connected to his.

♪ Rise up like the sun
and labor till the work...♪

So let's find him.

I can tell this means
the world to you.

And you mean
the world to me.

So let's find him.

You and me.

Vigilante, here we come.

Was hoping you'd be here.

I want us to get back
on the same page.

Oliver, we're not
even in the same book,

you and me, not anymore.

I just did what
I thought I had to.

Just like I'm doing
what I have to.

We're done.

Don't do this.

The only thing
you have to stop me

from going out that door
is an arrow.


Where's he going?

So how did our
Robin Hood do?

As expected?

So back to the
drawing board we go.

Yao Fei!


How did you escape?

I didn't.

You son of a bitch...


Your time on this
island is at an end.