Arrow (2012–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Honor Thy Father - full transcript

Arrow moves further along his father's list while battling family issues with his mother, Moira, and especially with his sister. He also makes amends for past difficulties with Laurel.




OLIVER: The name of the island
they found me on is Lian Yu.

lt's Mandarin for purgatory.

l've been stranded here for five years.

l've dreamt of my rescue
every cold black night since then.

For five years,
l have had only one thought, one goal...


Survive and one day return home.

The island held many dangers.

To live, l had to make myself
more than what l was... forge myself into a weapon.

l am returning,
not the boy who was shipwrecked...

...but the man who will bring justice
to those who have poisoned my city.

My name is Oliver Queen.

Oliver Queen is alive.

The Starling City resident
was found by fishermen... the North China Sea
five days ago.

Five years after he was
presumed dead...

...following the accident at sea which
claimed The Queen's Gambit.

Queen was a
tabloid presence...

...and fixture on the club scene.

Before his disappearance,
he was acquitted of assault...

...stemming from a highly publicized
drunken altercation with paparazzi.

Queen is the son of Starling City
billionaire Robert Queen...

...who was also on board but now
officially confirmed as deceased.

LAMB: Twenty percent of his body's
covered in scar tissue.

Second degree burns
on his back and arms.

X-rays show at Ieast 12 fractures
that never properIy heaIed.

Has he said anything about
what happened?

No. He's bareIy said anything.

Moira, I'd Iike you to prepare yourseIf.

The OIiver you Iost
might not be the one they found.




My beautifuI boy.

I've got it.

Your room is exactIy as you Ieft it.

-I never had the heart to change a thing.

Damn good to see you.

It's WaIter.

-WaIter SteeIe.
-You remember WaIter.

Your father's friend
from the company.

-It's good to see you, Raisa.
-WeIcome home, Mr. OIiver.

Mr. MerIyn phoned.
He wants to join you for dinner.



OIiver? Did you hear that?

Hey, sis.

I knew it. I knew you were aIive.

I missed you so much.

You were with me the whoIe time.

JOANNA: Come on, LaureI.
We're Iawyers, not miracIe workers.

We can't win this.

If we can't win a cIass action
against a man...

...who swindIed hundreds of peopIe
out of their Iife savings...

...we're not fit to be caIIed
a IegaI aid office.

And if we go bankrupt in the process,
we won't be a IegaI aid office.

Hunt has an army of Iawyers
and they are ready to bury us.

You and I against an army?
I Iove those odds.

Why do you hate me?


And in other news...

...details as to the castaway story
you've all heard about...

...the son of a very wealthy billionaire
will soon become a legendary story.

Jessica now has more details
and the complete castaway story.

WOMAN [ON TV]: The Queen's Gambit
was last heard from more than five years ago.

Mr. Queen has reportedly confirmed...

...he was the only survivor of the accident
that took the lives of seven people...

...including local resident Sara Lance,
survived by her sister, Laurel--

After five years...

...everything that was once familiar
is now unrecognizable.

The face l see in the mirror
is a stranger.


Storm's a category two.
Captain's recommending we head back.

AII right. Inform the crew.

-Are we in troubIe?
-One of us is.


Where do you keep the bottIe opener
on this thing?

I'II be there in a minute, Sara.

You know, son...

...that is not going to finish weII,
for either of them or for you.

What did I teII you?
Yachts suck.

-Tommy MerIyn.
-I missed you, buddy.

Okay, what eIse did you miss?
Super BowI winners:

Giants, SteeIers, Saints, Packers,
Giants again.

A bIack president, that's new.
Oh, and Lost. They were aII dead.

-I think.
-What was it Iike there?


Tomorrow, you and me do the city.

-You've got a Iot to catch up on.
-Great idea.

Good. I was hoping to swing
by the office.

There's pIenty of time for aII that.

Queen ConsoIidated
isn't going anywhere.

I am so sorry, Mr. OIiver.


-Dude, you speak Russian?
-Didn't know you took Russian at coIIege.

I didn't reaIize you wanted to sIeep
with my mother, WaIter.

-I didn't say anything.
-She didn't have to.

OIiver, WaIter and I are married
and I don't want you to think that...

...either one of us,
did anything to disrespect your father.

WALTER: We both beIieved that Robert,
Iike you, was, uh...

-...weII, gone.
OLIVER: It's fine.

May I be excused?

Hey, don't forget about tomorrow, buddy.


One, two, three.

-It's getting cIoser.
-That's not very scientific.

What wouId you know about science,
Mr. Ivy League drop out?

I happen to know a Iot about science.
I know about fermentation.

I know bioIogy.

LaureI's gonna kiII me.

-Oh, she's so gonna kiII me.
-Your sister wiII never know.

-Come here.

-Okay, that one was reaIIy cIose.
-Sara, we're gonna be fine.





GUS: OIiver! OIiver!

-No! No! No, dad, she's out there!
-She's not there.


-She's gone.
-OIiver! Wake up. OIiver!




-I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry.
-No, it's okay, OIiver.

It's aII right, sweetheart. You're home.

You're home.

THEA: Where did you get these?
-Roxies. Thank you, Daddy's ACL tear.


-No one's caIIed me that in a whiIe, Speedy.

Worst nickname ever.

What, aIways chasing after me as a kid?
I thought it fit pretty weII.

-Maybe it stiII does?
-See you at schooI, Speedy.

-Sorry about her.
-I have something for you.

You did not come back from
a deserted isIand with a souvenir.

It's a Hozen and in Buddhism,
it symboIizes reconnecting.

I kept it, in hopes that one day
it wouId reconnect me with you.

A rock. That is sweet.

I want one of those T-shirts that says...

...''My friend was a castaway
and aII I got was this crappy shirt.''


Don't Iet him
get you into too much troubIe.

You just got back. Take it sIow.

Ahem. The city awaits.

Have you noticed
how hot your sister's gotten?

Because I have not.

-Your funeraI bIew.
-You get Iucky?

Fish in a barreI.
They were so sad and huggy--

-And I'm counting on...

...another target-rich environment
for your weIcome home bash.

-At my what?
-You came back from the dead.

This caIIs for a party.
You teII me where and when.

I'II take care of everything.

This city's gone to crap.
Your dad soId his factory just in time.

Why'd you wanna drive through
this neighborhood anyway?

-No reason.
-So, what'd you miss the most?

Steaks at The PaIm?
Drinks at The Station?

-MeaningIess sex?

Everyone is happy you're aIive.

You wanna see
the one person who isn't?

LaureI, I just got this
from Hunt's Iawyers.

They fiIed a change of venue.
We're now in front of Judge GreII.

-Hunt funded GreII's re-eIection campaign.

-GreII's in his back pocket.
-It's fun being your friend.

I get to say ''I toId you so'' a Iot.

Adam Hunt is not smarter than we are.

He's richer and wiIIing to commit feIonies.

-We don't need to go outside the Iaw--
-To find justice.

Your dad's favorite jingIe.

HeIIo, LaureI.

You went to Iaw schooI.

You said you wouId.

Yeah. Everyone's proud.

Adam Hunt's a heavy hitter.

You sure you wanna
get in the ring with him?

Five years and you wanna taIk about
Adam Hunt?

No. Not reaIIy.

-Why are you here, OIIie?
-To apoIogize.

It was my fauIt.

I wanted to ask you not to bIame her.

For what? FaIIing under your speII?

How couId I possibIy bIame her
for doing the same things that I did?

-I never meant to--
-She was my sister.

I couIdn't be angry
because she was dead.

I couIdn't grieve
because I was so angry.

That's what happens when your sister
dies whiIe screwing your boyfriend.

We buried an empty coffin.

Because her body
was at the bottom of the ocean...

...where you Ieft her.

It shouId've been you.

I know that it's too Iate to say this
but I'm sorry.

Yeah, I'm sorry too.

I'd hoped that you'd rot in heII
a whoIe Iot Ionger than five years.

How'd you think that was
gonna go, Tommy?

About Iike that.

We took care of that. Good caII.
Now we can make up for Iost time.

If you're not sick of fish
Iet's find some Ieggy modeIs...

...and eat sushi off them.
What do you say?

What the heII?


Here, son. Drink.

What the heII are you doing?
That's aII we've got.

If anybody's making it out of here,
it's gonna be him.

I'm so sorry,
I thought I'd have more time.

I'm not the man you think I am.

I didn't buiId our city.
I faiIed it.

-And I wasn't the onIy one.
MAN: Mr. Queen?

Mr. Queen?

Did your father survive that accident?

I ask the questions.
You give me the answers.


Did he make it to the isIand?
Did he teII you anything?



Yes, he did.

What did he teII you, Mr. Queen?

He toId me I'm gonna kiII you.


You're deIusionaI.

You're zip-cuffed to that chair.

Not anymore.


-He kiIIed that man.
-You don't have to do this.

Yes, I do.

Nobody can know my secret.


QUENTIN: So that's your story?
A guy in a green hood fIew in...

...and singIe-handedIy took out
three armed kidnappers?

I mean, who is he?
Why wouId he do that?

I don't know.
Find him and you can ask.


What about you?

You see the hood guy?

I saw just movement.

Everything bIurry. I was kind of out of it.


It's funny, isn't it? One day back
and somebody's gunning for you.

Aren't you popuIar?

Were you abIe to identify the men?

Scrubbed identities.
UntraceabIe weapons.

-These were pros.

They figured you'd pay a king's ransom
to get your boy back.

Or a Queen's ransom, as it were.

After aII, a parent wouId do anything
to keep their chiId safe.

I don't find your tone appropriate, detective.

If OIiver can think of anything eIse,
he'II be in touch.

Thank you, gentIemen, for coming.

Your Iuck never seems to run out, does it?

You are different.
Not Iike you to read a book.

I missed you, Raisa.

-No kitchen on the isIand.

No friends, either.


...thank you.

-Do I reaIIy seem different?

-You're stiII a good boy.
-Oh, I think we both know I wasn't.

But a good heart.

I hope so. I wanna be the person
you aIways toId me I couId be.


...I wanna introduce you to someone,
John DiggIe.

-He'II accompany you from now on.
-I don't need a babysitter.

DarIing, OIiver's a grown man. If he
doesn't feeI he needs armed protection--

You know, I understand
but this is something I need.


...what do I caII you?

DiggIe's good.

-Dig, if you want.
-You're ex-miIitary?

Yes, sir. 105th Airborne out of Kandahar,

Been in the private sector
a IittIe more than four years now.

I don't want there to be any confusion.

My abiIity to keep you from harm
wiII outweigh your comfort.

Do we have an agreement?




OLIVER: The abduction was unexpected.
lt forced me to move up my plans.

What l told the police was true.

The man in the green hood
was in that warehouse...

...and he's just beginning.


MAN [ON TV]: The suit alleges Hunt
committed acts of fraud...

...and theft against the underprivileged.

Laurel Lance, attorney for the city....

Adam Hunt.

His crimes go deeper than
fraud and theft...

...but he's been able to bully, bribe,
or kill anyone who's gotten into his way.

He hasn't met me yet.

Remind GreII I put him on the bench.
I can take him off.

-I wiII turn him into a cautionary taIe.
-Yes, Mr. Hunt.

And this attorney, LaureI Lance?

You said she wasn't gonna be a probIem
anymore. I toId you to fix that situation.

Why are you stiII here?

Get in the car!

Hey, you missed.


What? What?

Look, just--

Just teII me what you want.

You're gonna transfer $40 miIIion
into StarIing City Bank account...

-...1141 by 10 p.m. tomorrow night.
-Or what?

Or I'm gonna take it.
And you won't Iike how.

If I see you again, you're dead.

He was wearing a hood. A green hood.
And had a bow and arrow.

What, you don't beIieve me?

That maniac put two of my men
in the hospitaI.

WeII, thanks for your statement.
We'II put out an APB on Robin Hood.

Hey, paI, I'm not some grocer
who got taken for his register.

I go to the front of the Iine.

He said he'd be back here by 10 p.m.
Make sure you're here first.

You can coordinate with Mr. Drakon,
my new head of security.

AII right. WeII, uh, thanks for your time.

Looks Iike Queen was teIIing the truth.

Yeah, weII, there's a first time for everything.

This hooded guy comes
Iooking for troubIe, he'II find it.

Put on your seatbeIt, sir.

WouIdn't want you to miss your party.



Everybody, hey!

Man of the hour!


And, Iadies, pIease give this man
a proper homecoming.


Thank you very much, everybody!

OIIie, OIIie, OIIie.

I missed tequiIa.



What the heII's going on out there?

Across the street.
Party for the guy they rescued off that isIand.

OIiver Queen.

-Hey, does he wipe for you too?

Now, by my rough estimate,
you wouId not had sex in 1839 days.

As your wing man,
I highIy recommend Carmen GoIden.

OLIVER: Which one?
-She Iooks Iike the chick from Twilight.

-What's Twilight?
-You're so better off not knowing.

Back in a minute.

-OIIie, hey! This party is sick.
-Who Iet you in here?

I beIieve it was somebody who said,
''Right this way, Miss Queen.''

-WeII, you shouIdn't be here.
-Oh, I'm not 12 anymore.

No, you're 17 .

OIIie, I Iove you, but you can't come
back here and judge me.

EspeciaIIy for being just Iike you.

It couIdn't have been
easy when I was away.

Away? No, you died.
My brother and my father died.

-I went to your funeraIs.
-I know.

No, you don't.

Mom had WaIter. And I had no one.

Now, you guys aII act Iike it's cooI,
Iet's forget about the Iast five years.

WeII, I can't. For me,
it's kind of permanentIy in there.

I'm sorry, if I've turned out
a major disappointment...

...but this, me, is the best I couId do
with what I had to work with.

Let's bounce.

-You have the fun dip?
-Yeah. It's right here.

No, I must've dropped it.

Oh! Oh.

-You're here.

He made the point that we have
too many years between us... Ieave things the way we Ieft them.

Is there some pIace quieter
that we couId go?


I'm sorry about saying that
you shouId've been the one who died.

That was wrong.

If I couId trade pIaces with her,
I wouId.

About Sara....

There's something that I've been
afraid to ask, but I need to know.


When she died...

...did she suffer?

OLIVER: Aah! Sara!
SARA: Aah!


I think about her every day.

Me too.

I guess we stiII have one thing
in common, then.

I can't beIieve I'm gonna say this,
but if you need someone to taIk to...

...about what happened to you, I'm here.


-Something wrong?
-I asked somebody to do something.

They didn't do it.

LaureI... aIways saw the best in me.

Right now, that's what you're doing.

Looking at me and you're wondering
if that isIand changed me somehow...

...if it made me a better person.
It didn't.

Stay away from me.

Otherwise, I'm just gonna hurt you again.

But this time, it wiII be worse.

Gotta roII.

I got five years of debauchery
to catch up on.

You know what, OIiver?

You're wrong.
That isIand did change you.

At Ieast now you're honest.

Something I can heIp you with, sir?

-I just want a second to myseIf.
DIGGLE: I wouId beIieve you...

...if you weren't fuII of crap.

Party's this way.

It's Iocked.

You two cover the eIevator.
Hang back and be ready.

Stay in the corners and stay aIert.


It's past 10 .
He's never getting in here.

-AII's cIear.



-You missed!

He's here!

AII units converge. AII units converge.

Go right, go right.

On me.

Lay down your weapons
or we wiII open fire.

I repeat, Iay down your weapons!

TeII me you saw that.

Okay. Let's go. Move!


Search the buiIding.
Roof to basement. Find him.

StarIing City poIice.
The party's over, kids.

Oh, Mr. MerIyn. Imagine my shock to find
you here. Roofie anyone speciaI tonight?

This is a private party.

There was an incident at Adam Hunt's
buiIding. Know about that?

-Who's he?
QUENTIN: A miIIionaire bottom feeder.

I'm surprised you aren't friends.

I've been out of town for a whiIe.

Yeah. WeII, he just got attacked
by the guy with the hood.

The guy that saved your ass
the other day.

-You didn't find him?

I'm gonna offer a reward.

Hey, everybody.

Two miIIion doIIars to anybody
that can find a nut bar in a green hood.


-Did you even try to save her?
-Okay, Iet's go partner.

Did you even try to save my daughter?

Sara wouIdn't want this. It's not.
Partner, Iet's go. It's aII right. Let's go.

-It's too quiet in here! This is a party.


Some coincidence.

You asking to have your party here
and Hunt getting robbed next door.

And by the same guy
who rescued us at the warehouse.

If I were you, Tommy,
I'd just be gIad you're aIive.

-What happened to you on that isIand?
-A Iot.

What the heII are you taIking about?

Forty miIIion doIIars
doesn't just up and vanish.

UntraceabIe? It is $40 miIIion.

Find it!

How did he do it?

There's not enough for aII of us.

-Save your strength.
ROBERT: You can survive this.

Make it home, make it better.

Right my wrongs.
But you gotta Iive through this first.

You hear me, OIIie?
You hear me, son?

Just rest, Dad.





If, hypotheticaIIy, $50,000
magicaIIy appeared... your bank account
it might be best not to speak about it.

To anyone. Ever.


God bIess you too.

I just got a very gratefuI phone caII from
one of our cIients against Adam Hunt.

Me too.


It Iooks Iike StarIing City
has a guardian angeI.

By the way, your cute friend's here.

You Ieft the party quick Iast night,
even after I stocked the bar with Pinot Noir.

It wasn't reaIIy my scene.

I thought maybe you and OIiver
went mano-a-mano again.

I saw you two head out.

There's nothing between OIiver and I.
Not anymore.

And here I thought the onIy thing
between you and OIiver was us.

I wouIdn't characterize us
as an us, Tommy.

-Then what wouId you caII it?
-A Iapse.

It's quite a few Iapses. Your pIace.
My pIace. My pIace again.

Come on, MerIyn.

We both know that
you're not a one-girI type of guy.

Depends on the girI.

I have to go back to work.

Dinah LaureI Lance.

AIways trying to save the worId.

Hey, If I don't try and save it, who wiII?

She says the island changed me.

She has no idea how much.

There are many more names on the list...

...those who rule my city
through intimidation and fear.

Every last one of them
will wish l had died on that island.

The poIice faiIed to identify the men
I hired to kidnap OIiver.

And they never wiII.

-ShouId we arrange another abduction?

There are other ways of finding out
what my son knows.

[EngIish - US - SDH]


The day l went missing...

...was the day l died.

Five years in hell
forged me into a weapon...

...which l use to honor a vow
l made to my father...

...who sacrificed his life for mine.

ln his final moments,
he told me the truth...

...that our family's wealth had been
built on the suffering of others.

That he failed our city...

...and that it was up to me
to save it and right his wrongs.

But to do that without endangering
the people closest to me...

...l have to be someone else.

l have to be something else.

Who's that? Where'd he come from?


MAN 2:
What's going on here?

MAN 3:
Get the chopper back, now.

MAN 4:
Who is this guy?

Whoa, whoa, whoa. PIease, wait, wait.

No, pIease.

Marcus Redmond, you've faiIed this city.

PIease, don't. PIease. Don't.

CeII phone, inside pocket,
caII your partner.

TeII him to give those pensioners
back their money.

-PIease, don't.
-Do it now.

MAN [OVER TV]: Over the past 15 years,
Mr. Redmond has withdrawn...

...more than 30 million dollars
from the plan's account.

Mr. Redmond claims refunding the Halcyon
pension plan has always been his intent.

But sources say Redmond
was coerced by the vigilante.

This guy gets more airtime
than the Kardashians, right?

Five years on an isIand and
you stiII know who they are.

Been catching up. It's nice to see
our cuIture has improved whiIe I was away.

The city used to be different.
PeopIe used to feeI safe.

Oh. What's the matter, Mom?
Afraid we're gonna be next?

Do you have any questions, OIiver?

It's a simpIe proof of Iife decIaration.
Read out a brief statement to the judge...

...and your death in absentia
judgment wiII be voided.

It's fine.
I've been in a courtroom before.

Four times by my estimate.
There's the DUI.

The assauIt on that paparazzi
douche bag.

SteaIing that taxi, which was awesome,
by the way.

And who couId forget peeing on the cop?

-I wish everyone wouId.
-I'd hang, but we're headed to court.

It's why I'm here. My best friend
is getting resurrected?

-I wouIdn't miss this for the worId.
-What about you?

I think the first four times of you
in court was enough for me.

Fair enough.

Mrs. Queen, car's ready.


Mr. Queen. Mr. Queen.


How does it feeI to return to civiIization
after five years?

REPORTER 2: What happened on that isIand,
Mr. Queen?


REPORTER 3: TeII us about the accident.
REPORTER 4: OIiver--


There was a storm.

The boat went down.

I was the onIy survivor.

-She's not there.

My father didn't make it.


I aImost died. I--

I thought that I had because I spent... many days on that Iife raft
before I saw the isIand.

When I reached it, I knew...

...I knew that I was gonna have to
Iive for both of us.

And in those five years,
it was that one thought...

...that kept me going.

Your Honor, we move to
vitiate the death-in-absentia...

...fiIed after OIiver's disappearance at sea
aboard the Queen's Gambit five years ago.

UnfortunateIy, we wiII not be requesting
that the decIaration of death fiIed...

...for the petitioner's father,
Robert Queen, be rescinded.

The Queen famiIy is onIy entitIed
to one miracIe, I'm afraid.

Now on to the offices.
Everyone is waiting to meet you there.

Mom, that was, uh....

A IittIe bit heavier
than I was expecting it to be.

CouId we do that tomorrow? PIease?

-Of course.
-Thank you.

Last week you couIdn't wait
to get to the company.

Tommy, I spent five years
away from civiIization.

I wasn't exactIy thinking straight.


What are you doing here?

Oh, they were bringing me back
from the dead. LegaIIy speaking.

-What are you doing here?
-My job.

-More Iike the DA's.

-Hi. OIiver Queen.
-EmiIy Nocenti.

OIiverjust got back from five years
on an isIand.

Before that,
he was cheating on me with my sister.

He was with her when she died. Last week,
he toId me to stay away from him.

It was reaIIy good advice. Excuse me.

-It was nice to meet you.
-Yeah, Iet's go.

Come on, buddy.
Shake it off. Let's go.

Mr. Somers. One question, sir.

I don't know what I've done to earn this
witch hunt from Ms. Lance...

...and her bosses at the CNRI, but I can
teII you this. I am an honest businessman...

...and I wiII fight this sIander
to my Iast dime and breath.

That's aII I have to say. Thank you.


REPORTER 2: Oh, there's Mr. Queen.
REPORTER 3: Do you want to foIIow up?


REPORTER 4: TeII us what happened inside,
Mr. Queen.

Step back everybody, pIease.

Can you give us a coupIe comments?

REPORTER 5: Before you go, sir.
REPORTER 4: Comments about the isIand?

-What happened?
-Step back.

Hey man, I'II make you
swaIIow that Nikon. Back.


This happens to you a Iot, doesn't it?

How much is a Iife worth?
A Iife of a man, a good man.

A stevedore on the docks of the city
in which we Iive.

A father.

A man with a daughter. The pIaintiff wiII
prove by a preponderance of evidence...

...that Victor Nocenti Iearned that his boss,
that man, sitting there, Martin Somers...

...was taking bribes from the Chinese
triads to smuggIe drugs into our city.

When Victor
threatened to tell the police...

...Martin Somers had him killed.

Mr. Somers is very weII-connected...

...and has friends
in the District Attorney's office.

Which is why if EmiIy Nocenti
is to get justice for her father's death...

...if Somers is to get justice
for his crimes...

...then someone is gonna have to do it
for them.

Martin Somers.

Laurel's targeted
the worst of Starling City... it's no surprise his name
is on my father's list.

The city's police and DA
can't stop him or won't.

Laurel thinks she's the only one
willing to bring him to justice.

She's wrong.

You, Iisten up.

The Ionger this goes on, the more
the media is gonna crucify me.

You shut this triaI down,
understand me?

-Yes, sir.
SOMERS: What the heII?




GREEN ARROW: Martin Somers--
SOMERS: Who the heII are you?

GREEN ARROW: You've faiIed this city.
-No, no, no.


You're going to testify in that triaI.

You're gonna confess
to having Victor Nocenti kiIIed.


There won't be a second warning.


I hired you to protect my son.

I'm not a bodyguard,
but it seems to me the first requirement...

...wouId be staying next
to the man you're hired to protect.

I've never had a cIient
who didn't want my protection.

I hired you.

That makes me the cIient.

Now, where do you think my son is going
on these chaperone-Iess excursions?

-Ma'am, I truIy do not know.
-And he truIy doesn't.

Then perhaps you'd Iike to share with me,
you know, where it is you run off to?


I've been aIone for five years.

-I know that, OIiver--


I see.

I promise to introduce her if it ever gets
to the exchanging first names stage.

I'd rather you promise to take Mr. DiggIe
with you on your next rendezvous.

It's not safe.
You've aIready been abducted once.

There is a maniac out
there hunting the weaIthy.

-That maniac saved my Iife.
-This isn't a game.

I Iost you once.

And I am not going through that again.


Dig's my guy.

Thank you.


Sorry to give you so much grief.

I served three tours in Afghanistan,
Mr. Queen.

You don't even come cIose
to my definition of grief.

I teII you what... ditch me one more time
and no one wiII have to fire me.

-Where are you going?
-Somewhere Ioud and smoky.

Don't bother trying
to pickpocket my stash...

...because I'm gonna go
get drunk instead.


Do you think this is what Dad
wouId want for you?

Dead peopIe don't want anything.

-It's one of the benefits of being dead.
-I was dead.

-And I wanted a Iot.
-Except for your famiIy.

You've been home a week.
And aII you do is avoid Mom...

...ignore WaIter and judge me.

Don't wait up.

WeII, I owe you an apoIogy, Mr. Somers.

We come aII the way down to your docks...

...and turns out
you don't need the poIice.

Which is exactIy what I've been saying.

So I guess that 911 caII we got Iast night
from your stevedores saying... were attacked by a guy
in a hood and a bow and arrow.

I guess that....


Was that a practicaI joke?

-These guys Iike to fooI around.


You know, I'd be very
incIined to beIieve an honest...

...upstanding businessman Iike
yourseIf except....

WeII, one of my men...

...found this at your docks.

You see, there's this vigiIante
running around.

He thinks he's some kind of Robin Hood.

Robbing the rich.
Trying to teach them a Iesson, I guess...

...I don't know.
But the point is, the man is a kiIIer.

And nothing and no one is gonna
stop me from bringing him down.

But Iike you said...


...cIearIy nothing happened
here Iast night.

Isn't this a confIict of interest, Detective?

After aII, your daughter is suing me.

-I'm good at keeping my emotions in check.
-I'm not.

You and your daughter don't wanna find out
what I'm capabIe of when I get emotionaI.


As you can see, OIiver,
we've modernized quite a bit.


-Ha, ha, are you enjoying yourseIf?
-Yes, I am.

WALTER: I remember your father used to
bring you here when you were a boy.

You aIways were so excited.

-Dad Iet me drink soda in the office.
-So that's why you enjoyed coming.

Queen ConsoIidated's success of Iate
is a resuIt of its targeted diversification.

We have been making impressive inroads
in cutting-edge fieIds Iike...

-...biotech and cIean energy--
-That's neat. Excuse me.

Can I get a sparkIing water
or something coId, pIease?

Sweetheart, OIiver, WaIter
and I have something to discuss with you.

Come, pIease, sit.

Mom, it makes me nervous
when you ask me to sit down.

The company is about to break ground
on a site for the AppIied Sciences division.

And we wouId Iike to honor your father
by dedicating the buiIding in his name.


MOIRA: And we'd Iike to make
an announcement at the dedication.

That you wiII be taking a
Ieadership position in the company.

-No. Your, your company.

No. I don't wanna Iead anything.

Besides, WaIter's doing
a very good job here.

You said that you wanted
to be a different person.

And you are Robert Queen's son.

-I don't need to be reminded of that.
-ObviousIy, you do.

Everyone here understands that
this transition is reaIIy difficuIt for you.

Thank you, WaIter.

Which part though?

Everyone fantasizing that I got my MBA
whiIe I was on the isIand?

Or the fact that my father's CFO
now sIeeps down the haII from me?

You know, five years ago, your
irresponsibiIity was somewhat charming.

It is a Iot Iess so now.

There he is.


The driver wiII be here in a minute.


I spent the first 27 years
of my Iife in StarIing City...

...and the next five in Afghanistan.
You want to know what I Iearned?

There's no pIace Iike home?

No, just the opposite.

Home is a battIefieId.

Back home, they're aII trying to get you.

Get you to open up, be somebody
you're not sure you are anymore.

Or I couId be wrong. Maybe after
five years aIone, you're not as messed up... the head as you have
every right to be.


Hey. Hey, get away.





Hey. Hey, stay away from him.




JOANNA: WeII, we anticipate
that Somers' attorney wiII...

...try to paint you as bIinded by grief
or Iooking to make a buck.

But this isn't about the money.
I just want justice for my father.

EmiIy, there are a Iot of peopIe
who don't want this triaI to proceed.

-Dangerous peopIe.
-My mother died...

...when I was a baby. My father
is the onIy famiIy I've ever known.

And they sIit his throat.

They are going to have to kiII me
if they want me to give this up.

-WeII, Iet's hope it doesn't come to that.
LANCE: And it won't.

-What's going on?
-You three are getting poIice protection.

Get used to their faces,
they're going with you everywhere.

-No arguments.
-I'm a Iawyer. I Iive to argue.

I'm your father.
I Iive to keep you safe.

-EmiIy, Iet's go grab a cup of coffee?
-Yes, why not do that? Thank you.

PIease, go with them. Stay there.

Protective custody? I seem to recaII you
trying that once I discovered boys.

-It didn't work then, either.
-This isn't ajoke, LaureI.

Martin Somers got attacked Iast night.


-By who?
-Doesn't matter.

You have whipped up a storm
with these guys...

...and untiI the dust settIes,
you wiII be protected.

End of discussion.

That might've worked when I was 8...

-...but it's not gonna work anymore.
-End of discussion.

Doing yourjob? Great.

This is me doing mine. Okay?
Not just as a father, but as a cop.

These peopIe are more dangerous
than you are wiIIing to admit.

And you've made them angry.

-Thank you for coming.
-Anything for a friend.

We're not friends. You smuggIe drugs.
I Iet you use my port.

For which you are paid a Iot of money.

I don't get paid enough
to have arrows shot at me.

You need to take this guy seriousIy.

He's a bigger threat
than Nocenti ever was.

Now it's Nocenti's daughter
who's the probIem.

UnIike your friend with the hood,
we know where to find her.

Don't be an idiot. Take out EmiIy Nocenti
and Lance wiII never Iet this go.

She won't stop untiI she burns you,
me and the entire triad to the ground.

Then we kiII Ms. Lance.

MAN [OVER TV]: Attorney for shipping
magnate Martin Somers confirmed his client...

...has no intention of testifying, maintaining
innocence in the death of Victor Nocenti.

Nocenti's body was found
four weeks ago.

We'll keep you updated
as information becomes available.

-Wait, how did you get those?
-Don't you knock?

No, wait.... Mom said
that there were scars....

I'm.... OIiver,
what happened to you out there?

I don't wanna taIk about it.


Of course you don't.

You never want to taIk to me
about anything except for my sociaI Iife.

Wait. Where are you going?

Why shouId I teII you?

I'm sorry, Thea.

I need to get better at taIking
about what happened to me there.

But I'm not ready yet. Okay?

-Do you have a second?

Good. I wanna show you
something out back.

Sometimes when I feIt...whatever.

I'd come here.

About a month after the funeraIs,
Mom stopped going out.

Pretty soon
she stopped taIking aItogether.

The house got so quiet.
So I'd come here.

To taIk to you.

Stupid stuff.
Like what I was doing that day...

...what boy I had a crush on.

And then sometimes, I'd ask you, beg you,
to find your way home to me.

Now here you are.

And the truth is, I feIt cIoser to you
when you were dead.

Look, I know it was heII where you were.

But it was heII here too.

You gotta Iet me in, OIIie.

You gotta Iet someone in.


Hi. Are you okay?

There are two cop cars outside.

How am I supposed to stay away from you
if you won't stay away from me?

What are you doing here, OIIie?

My sister took, what....

She pointed out that
I have been distant since I got back...

...and that it wouId probabIy be a good idea
if I Iet somebody in.

So you thought you'd start
with the first person you pushed away?

I did that to protect you.

And then I saw you yesterday
and I reaIized that I hurt you.


Thank you.


This pIace hasn't changed in five years.

I haven't reaIIy had time to redecorate.

I'm ajerk.

Before the isIand, I was ajerk,
and now I'm just a....

-I'm a damaged jerk.
-What's in the bag?

I thought about many things
on the isIand...

...but there was one thing
I thought about every day.

I actuaIIy dreamed about it,
and I promised myseIf...

...that if I ever got a chance to do it again,
I'd do it with you.

Eat ice cream.

This is as good as I remember.

My mother wants me
to join the company.

Yeah. Take my rightfuI pIace.

I can't exactIy picture you
as the master of the universe.

You know, after five years, I have pIans.

I have things that I have to do.

I can't do that if I'm....

I don't know. Attending board meetings
and stockhoIder briefings.

OIiver. You're an aduIt.

-You can say no.
-Oh, I tried.

Didn't take.

WeII, then don't teII her, show her.

Be the person that
you want her to see you as.

Trust me.

I have pIenty of experience
with disapproving parents.

I have been on the receiving end
of your father's disapprovaI.

He bIames himseIf
more than he bIames you.

He thinks that, you know, maybe if
he and Sarah were cIoser...

...she wouId have toId him
about the boat trip.

And he couId have stopped her
from going with you.

-I am sorry.
-You apoIogized aIready.

It'II never be enough.


-Did you hear that?

There's someone on the fire escape.

-Hey, come on. Come on.











-Are you hurt?

-Are you hurt, Mr. Queen?
-No. No.

This is why it's a good idea
to have a bodyguard.

Hey, you okay?


-Thank God.

-Thank God. Are you aII right?
-I'm okay.

-Those cops that you put on me.

-I went to ask for a Iight...

...and they were both dead
in the squad car.

It's aII right, honey. It's okay.

Mr. DiggIe, thank you.

You feeI free to run as many red Iights
as you want.

-I was doing my job, sir.
-No, yourjob is protecting him.

It seems Iike whenever you're
with one of my daughters, peopIe die.

You stay away from LaureI, or...

...the next time you disappear,
it'II be permanent.

-No, LaureI--

It's okay. I understand.



I'd say thank you
but I don't think that'd cover it.

Like I toId your cop friend,
I was just doing my job.

Besides, I think it shouId be you
that I'm thanking.

-What for?
-The knife.

The knife.

-I got Iucky.
-That was a kitchen knife... wasn't weighted properIy.

You threw it for accuracy
across a ten-foot room.

ExactIy. I got Iucky.

I'm not the man you want
to take for a fooI.

-You understand me?

I think I'm just beginning to
understand the kind of man you are.

ShouIdn't take you very Iong.

I'm shaIIow.

And very tired. So....

Good night.

Good night, sir.

OLIVER: l wanted to give
Martin Somers the chance to confess...

....and face a court,
but he chose to go after someone...

...l care about instead.

He's still going to face justice.

lt'll just be a different kind.

That triad bitch screwed up
the hit on Lance.

Now the triad is gonna erase
every ounce of evidence...

...of their smuggIing operation.
IncIuding me.

Except that's not gonna happen.

TeII WaIIace to get the boat ready.
I'm Ieaving tonight.

WaIIace? WaIIace, you copy?


Wallace isn't here.

But l am.

We need to move. Now.

BODYGUARD: Sir, we got six men out there.

That's not enough. Move it..

You're going into that court room
to recuse yourseIf.

Or drop it, but either way you are done.

If you think I'm gonna abandon
EmiIy... don't know me that weII.

You don't know me weII, young Iady.
I wiII Iock you in a ceII.

WeII, I guess
that's what it's gonna take then.

Damn it, LaureI. I thought after
what happened with Sarah...

...that you'd stop being just so reckIess.

It's not about being reckIess,
it's just the opposite.

I'm trying to make this city safer.
Just Iike you.

Sweetie, you're my onIy daughter, LaureI.

-You're aII I have Ieft to Iive for.
-But what you want for me isn't Iiving.

Having cops around,
not being abIe to do my job.

Yourjob is not going after peopIe
Iike the triad or Somers.

My job is to use the Iaw to fight
for what is right.

-Just Iike you taught me.
-WeII, that's dirty. Using me against me.

You can't do that.


...maybe I picked that up
aIong the way too.


MAN: Sir, we got a report from the wharf site.

-Somer's imports.
LANCE: I'II be right there.

I've gotta go.

There's something going on at the docks.









Oh, God, no, no, no.

He can't heIp you.

I want the truth about Victor Nocenti.

-I can't. The triad wiII kiII me.
-The triad's not your concern right now.


AII right. AII right, aII right.
It wasn't me that kiIIed him.

-It was the triad.
-Acting on whose instructions?

-AII right, aII right. It was mine.

It was mine, aII right?

Nocenti said
he was gonna testify against me.





MAN [OVER SPEAKER]: lt's the police.
Drop your weapons.

You're surrounded.
Come out with your hands on your head.


You twitch and you're dead.

Bow down, hands up.

lt was mine. lt was mine, all right?

Nocenti said
he was gonna testify against me.

Son of a bitch.


Laurel was right.

l can't be the Oliver
my mother wants me to be...

...and still keep the promise
l made to my father.

l have to be the person
l need them to see me as.


Okay, this is a surprise.

-Did you show up here by mistake?
-By invitation.

-OIiver invited me Iast night.

-Last night?
-Is that surprise orjeaIousy I'm hearing?

Look, I just don't want him
to find out anything, okay?

-OIiver has been through a Iot.
-Tommy, we've aII been through a Iot.

Good afternoon
and thank you aII for coming.

WeIcome to the future site of the Robert
Queen MemoriaI AppIied Sciences Center.

Now this is a buiIding that wiII stand
as a monument... the man whose company
and vision are his greatest Iegacies.

Whoa! Whoa.


What about me? Right? I'm a Iegacy.

Hey, thanks for warming them up, WaIt.
AII right. Fine, fine. ShoveI. I got it.

Whoa! Oh.

I'm kidding. I'm kidding.
I got it. I got it.

Some of you may not know me.
My name is OIiver Queen.

Watch some teIevision, read a newspaper,
I'm kind of famous right now.

MostIy, though, I'm famous
because I'm Robert Queen's son.

Uh, but as WaIter, who's my new dad....
Huh? Who is.... Sorry.

As WaIter was saying,
I'm not much of a Iegacy, per se, and--

-OIiver, you don't have to do this--
-No, sit. Sit. Gosh.

See, I was supposed to come here today...

...and I'm supposed to take
my rightfuI pIace at the company.

ProdigaI son returns home
and becomes the heir apparent.

But I'm not my father.

I'm not the man he was.
I'm not haIf the man he was.

I never wiII be.
So, pIease, stop asking me to be.


Martin Somers, CEO of Starling Port...

...arrested for the murder of Victor Nocenti.

He is also being accused of accepting cash,
including over ten million in bribes.

We can pursue the civiI suit if you want,
but the DA now has no choice...

...with Mr. Somers' confession,
to prosecute him.

He's going to jaiI, EmiIy.
For the rest of his Iife.

Thank you so much for fighting for us.

WeII, thank you for being brave enough
to Iet me.


I thought I didn't need
poIice protection anymore.

I thought I didn't need a reason
to see my daughter.

You don't.

Hm. You Iook tired.

I was fiIIing out reports
on the shoot-out at the port...

...and getting griIIed about
how I Iet that archer get away.

I have to admit, I'm kind of gIad he did.

He brought down Martin Somers.

He hurt a bunch of peopIe doing it.
He is no hero. He's an anarchist.

Yeah, weII, whoever he is,
it seems Iike he's trying to heIp.

The city doesn't need that heIp.
I aIways toId you... don't go outside the Iaw
to find justice.

No, I beIieve that, aII right?
And I promise you, when I catch this guy...

...he's gonna believe it too.


WeII, you saw for yourseIf.

My son knows nothing.

Robert didn't teII him anything
that couId hurt us.

He has no idea
that the yacht was sabotaged.

AII that time on the isIand,
pIotting my return...

...I didn't reaIize
how hard it wouId be... reconnect with Mom, Thea...

...LaureI. Okay, I didn't....

I didn't know how painfuI it wouId be
to keep my secrets.

You asked me to save the city.
To right your wrongs.

I wiII.

I swear.

But to do that, I can't be the OIiver
that everyone wants me to be...

...which means that sometimes... honor your wishes...

...I need to dishonor your memory.

I'm sorry.

Take it down.

WiII you be going out tonight, sir?




[EngIish - US - SDH]


My name is Oliver Queen.

To my family,
l am the brother and son...

...who just returned home
after being lost at sea five years ago.

They don't know l came back with
a mission to bring justice to our city...

...and they never can.

The men and women
l've targeted are dangerous, corrupt...

...a virulent cancer.

Cancers like James Holder,
whose corporation...

...put defective smoke detectors
in low-income housing in the Glades.

There have been many fires
and too many funerals.

But cancers can be fought
and conquered.

All it takes is a surgeon...

...and the right instrument.


Other than the biII I got handed
by my IegaI team...

...I'm feeIing pretty good.

Now that this Iawsuit's been settIed...

...we can focus our attention
on Unidac Industries.


Okay. I'II see you in the office
first thing.


I have armed security inside.
AII I have to do is caII out.

Go ahead. They can't hear you.

-What the heII do you want?
-How many peopIe died in those fires?

How many?

The courts say you don't owe
your victims anything. I disagree.

James HoIder, you--



OLIVER: lt's no surprise a man as corrupt as
James Holder has more than one enemy.


The bullet. Poison.


Who are you?

Why did you shoot me?





Damn it.


What happened? Thea okay?

Cops brought her home.

She and some of her friends broke into
a store tried on some dresses Iast night.

Lit up the breathaIyzer
Iike a Christmas tree.

So how was your evening, sir?

After I said I had to go bathroom
at dinner and never came back?

I guess from now on
I'II be watching you pee.

Thank you, officers.
My wife and I appreciate it.

-I'II see you out.
-Thank you.

Last time it was pubIic intoxication.
This time breaking and entering.

My, how we are moving up
in the criminaI worId.

When you pay off the store owner
you shouId check out the merchandise.

-They got some pretty kiIIer outfits.
-Thea, go get ready for schooI.

Uh, you know, I was thinking
of taking a sick day.

Fine, then get some sIeep.

You Iook Iike crap.

You're Ietting her pIay hooky?

When your sister gets Iike this,
it's best to give her space.

She's testing you.

Yes. Who'd she Iearn that from?


When I was her age, you Iet me
get away with murder. Looking back...

...I couId have used Iess space
and more parenting.

It doesn't make sense.

HoIder fits the profiIe. WeaIthy dirtbag.
Red meat for the hood.

We recovered one arrow.

This time cause of death
is a doubIe tap through the heart...

...and our perp doesn't use firearms.

He's figured out there's easier ways
to kiII peopIe than with a bow and arrow.

And it's Iike you said,
the guy's a whack job.

The bullets were laced with curare.

A rare and deadly poison.
The killer's unique MO.

He's killed all over the world.
Chicago, Markovia, Corto Maltese.

lnterpol even has a codename for him.

l was prepared to give James Holder
a chance to right his wrongs...

...but this Deadshot has no morality... honor, no code.

He doesn't kill for justice, which makes
him as dangerous as anyone on my list.

ln fact, it puts him right at the top.

What do you think?

-Great spot for a nightcIub or what?

If you're thinking caIIing it Queens,
I don't think you're gonna get...

...the cIienteIe you were hoping for.

Private office?

For the private one-on-one meetings,
I wouId imagine.

HopefuIIy the occasionaI
two-on-one meeting.


Man, are you sure you wanna do this?

It's not Iike you reaIIy have
any experience in running a....

WeII, running anything.

How about tomorrow night, the two of us
go and scope out the competition.

There's a new cIub opening downtown.
It's caIIed Poison. Max FuIIer owns it.

-Max FuIIer.
TOMMY: Mm-hm.

-I sIept with his fianc?e.
-Yeah, before the wedding.

It was at rehearsaI dinner.

The rehearsaI dinner
is technicaIIy before the wedding. Ha, ha.

-Ha, ha.

And besides,
who stays mad at a castaway?

Aw, damn it, I gotta roII. Anyway,
I'II see you Iater, man. Good pIace.

See you.


...what do you think?

I'm here to provide security,
not a commentary.

Oh, come on, Dig, do me a favor.
Speak freeIy, pIease.

WeII, this is the GIades, right?

Your rich friends wouIdn't
come to this neighborhood.

I am OIiver Queen, right?

PeopIe wouId stand in Iine
for three hours if I opened a cIub.

No one who Iives in the GIades
wouId see a penny of those charges.

We make it a successfuI business,
we gentrify the neighborhood.

I was wondering
when we wouId get to that.

The white knight swooping in
to save the disenfranchised.

And aII by his Ionesome
with no heIp from anybody.


You don't think very much of me,
do you?

No, actuaIIy, sir, I have a very
high regard for how perceptive you are.


OLIVER: The nightclub will conceal
my base underneath...

...and provide an alibi for where
Oliver Queen spends his nights.

Hey, do you have the depos
on the Jergens case?

Yeah, they're around here somewhere.

-I was just surfing the net.

Joanna, I'm over him.

And you don't beIieve me.

I wouId have if I wouIdn't have just
caught you troIIing for articIes on him.

I wasn't troIIing.

I don't wanna be the one to remind you
that he cheated on you, LaureI.

With your sister.

I appreciate your seIf-controI.

You're stuck. The reason I know this
is the fact that onIy reIationship...'ve had since OIiver
is with his best friend.

It is time to move on. It is past time.

-I've been busy. I work a Iot.

That's gotta stop.
So we are going out tonight.

And we are gonna have some shots
and we are gonna dance with men...

...that we don't know
and we are gonna stay out way too Iate.

Oh. Heh.

Jergens depos.

I reaIIy don't think
I can go out tonight.

It is adorabIe that you actuaIIy think
I'm giving you a choice.

I want you to come home
right after schooI.

Uh, can't. Margot and I
are gonna go to the maII.

What, more shopping?

TeII Margot you'II have to canceI.
You're grounded for two weeks.

Grounded? I've never been grounded.

WeII, you've never committed
Iarceny before.

-Since when do you care?
-I've aIways cared. I'm your mother.

Look, we've had a good thing
going on the Iast five years.

Why mess with that now?

No, we are paying off store owners
to keep your record cIean.

-So cIearIy, it hasn't been working.
-And you're gonna teach me.

It's OIiver, isn't it?

His judgmentaI hypocrisy
is rubbing off on you.

No, I don't need OIiver to teach me
how to parent you.

-You'II be home by 4.
-Or what?

You're gonna caII the cops on me? Heh.

TeII them I say hi.


Got baIIistics back
on the HoIder murder.

They puIIed two 7.62 miIIimeter
buIIets out of him.

According to stippIing and size
of the entry wound...

...they estimate shots were fired
from 100 yards away.

A hundred yards? So the hood
shoots him from another buiIding...

...goes over to his pIace, he takes out
his security, then fires a few arrows?

And according to his tox screen,
his bIood contained strychnos toxifera.

-Curare. It's a kind of poison.

Oh. Okay, so now we switch from arrows
to sniper buIIets and poison.

-I'm not buying it.
-We stiII found arrows on the scene.

SoIid evidence the hood was there.

-Where are you going?
-I'm going to get my own evidence.

Seven-point-62 millimeter rounds.

The money trail
leads back to the Bratva.

The Russian mob.

Finally, some good luck.





PIeased to meet you.

I apoIogize.

We meant no disrespect to a captain.

ParticuIarIy an American one.

So how can I be of assistance?

I'm in the market for a hired gun.

Someone the organization's
used before.

His caIIing card is a 7.62
miIIimeter round Iaced with curare.

-I know no man who uses such tooIs.
-But you can find out who does.

First, we wiII drink
to each other's heaIth...

...then I wiII Iook into the identity
of this man you seek.

I wiII aIso confirm
that you are reaIIy Bratva captain.

ShouId this not be the case,
I wiII send my mechanic here... find you and kiII you
and your famiIy.

MAN [ON TV]: Carl Rasmussen was found
shot to death in his home earlier this evening.

The police will not comment if there's a
connection between Rasmussen's death...

...and the murder of James Holder.

Mr. Rasmussen leaves behind
a wife and three children.

It's a great Ioss. CarI was a titan.

A titan who was Iooking to buy out
a company caIIed Unidac Industries?

WeII, industries are something
of a misnomer.

UI's recent activity was actuaIIy
Iooking into aIternative energy.

The point my partner is trying to make is
that Rasmussen was the second bidder... Iose his Iife.
-Are you impIying something, detective?

OnIy that your husband's Iooking
into buying Unidac...

...and the competition
seems to be dropping Iike fIies.

And I'm sure your veiIed accusation...

...has nothing to do
with how you feeI about my famiIy.

Unidac's in receivership, detective.

Ownership is subject
to a Iiquidation auction... that means
there are many prospective buyers.

And the auction's tomorrow... if I was taking out
the competition...

...I have a Iot of kiIIing to do
in a very short amount of time.

We're just making rounds
with interested buyers.

-Let them know to be carefuI.
-Oh, yes.

And I'm overwheImed...

...that Detective Lance
is concerned for our safety.

WeII, thank you for your concern,

Our security consuItant, Mr. DiggIe... taking
aII the necessary precautions.

Yeah. Right.

WeII, if you need us...

...we're just a 911 caII away.


Ha, ha. Oh, my, this is gonna be kiIIer.

If Max FuIIer sees me here, I agree.

Aw, if you wanna run a business,
you gotta take a few risks.

-I don't see your name on the Iist.
-Mr. Queen.


I have never seen this guy before
in my Iife. Ever.

Oh, wow.

Doesn't you going out and having fun
vioIate some kind of Iaw...

...Iike the ones
that are carved on a stone tabIet.

-That's cute, Tommy.
TOMMY: Thanks.

I can see you two
are up to your oId hunting patterns.

Just seeing what passes for fun
in StarIing City after five years.

Ah. I'm sure you'II find that it hasn't been
same without you.

Big brother.

Oh, I am so wasted right now.
There is....

There is two of you.

I thought you were grounded.

I am. And thank you.
Thank you for that, by the way.

You're done for the night.

Oh, what are you gonna do?

-TeII mom?

You are hanging
with the wrong peopIe.

You're one to taIk.

How much do you know about your
own so-caIIed friends over here?

Thea, maybe you shouIdn't--

Tommy, I think your BFF
has a right to know.

-Thea, Iet's go.
-WeII, I guess they never toId you...

...that they've been screwing
whiIe you were gone.

-Look, man, I--

It's okay.

You and me,
we're done for the night.

Take your hands off of me.

You're not my father.
And you're bareIy my brother.

WeII, weII, Iook at this.

OIiver Queen.

Max FuIIer.

How you been?

Happy you drowned.

-Hey, Max--

Get him up!

Hey, Iet him go, Iet him go.
Hey, I said Iet him go.

ToId you he was gonna be pissed.

Back off, MerIyn.
This isn't your probIem.

You wanna get to him?
You've gotta go through me.

Wow, they are probabIy gonna go
through me.


So is this over, Max?

Or are you gonna have your boys
pound on me next?

You three consider yourseIves
banned for Iife.

Get the heII out of my pIace.

Your cIub sucks anyway.

-You guys okay?
-Where'd you Iearn to do that?

Cop dad, remember? He made me
take seIf-defense cIasses.


What Thea said....

OIiver, Tommy and I
don't need your bIessing.

And I don't need your forgiveness.





Why don't you guys, uh, take a seat
and I wiII grab a coupIe of burgers...

...and some ice for those faces.

-That's my sister-in-Iaw.

Who I wiII never speak to or Iook at.

Ever. Gonna grab a booth.

She's not wearing a wedding ring.
Brother out of the picture?

Yeah, you couId say that.

Hey, you.

So sweet of you
to adopt two white boys.

They need a good roIe modeI.

That's my cIient OIiver Queen.

Looks Iike you're doing
a bang up job protecting him.

Look, man...

...about LaureI.

I was gonna teII you.

I was just trying
to figure out the right way.

To teII somebody
that you sIept with their girIfriend...

...after they went missing
and were then presumed dead.

What, there's no greeting card
for that?


Look, it was wrong.

-And I'm sorry.

I was dead.

No, man, you were with LaureI.

And whether you were dead,
or as it turns out, aIive...

...on a deserted isIand,
you are my friend.

And me being with LaureI
vioIated that friendship... about 50 different ways.
-Thank you.

But it's okay.

How dangerous is this gig, anyway?

It's a cakewaIk, CarIa, don't worry.

Too Iate.

Or have you forgotten
this job got your brother kiIIed?

Because, Dig, I haven't. I can't.

You are being
reaIIy chiII about this. I....




It's a Russian modeI caIIing me.

Can we....
Can I have a minute, pIease?

I can see now
why you were abIe to be so chiII.


So I checked out?

You did. His name is Floyd Lawton.

I have address, where he stayed
Iast time he was in StarIing City.

But that is all.

Let's hope he's a creature of habit. Go.

1700 Broadway, Pape Motel, Room 52.

You'II Ieave us out of this, yes?

[OVER PHONE] Assuming Mr. Lawton
doesn't kill you first.



FeIicity Smoak?

Hi. I'm OIiver Queen.

Of course.

I know who you are, you're Mr. Queen.

No, Mr. Queen was my father.

Right, but he's dead.
I mean, he drowned.

You didn't, which means you couId
come down to the IT Department...

...and Iisten to me babbIe.

Which wiII end.

In three, two, one.

Having troubIe with my computer...

...and they toId me that
you were the person to come and see.

I was at my coffee shop surfing the web
and I spiIt a Iatte on it.


Because these Iook
Iike buIIet hoIes.

My coffee shop
is in a bad neighborhood.

If there is anything
that you can saIvage from it...

...I wouId reaIIy appreciate it.


Wow. WeII, good, you're here.

I'm under house arrest, remember.

Do you wanna wear
the CaIvin KIein or the Zac Posen?

To dinner?

-I was just gonna wear pajamas.
-To WaIter's stock auction.

-I think I rather be grounded.
-No, it's important that you come.

Important to whom?

To me.

AII right, Iisten to me.

When you were 4 years oId,
you came home one day with a cat.

It was a stray, it was fiIthy
and it was mean.

But you stood there and you decIared
that it was coming to Iive with us.

Your father came home
from the office...

...and he saw what was going on...

...and he sat you down
and he expIained to you...

...that the cat was in fact a tiger
and that we needed to get it home.

And somehow... understood.

Robert was aIways so good
at getting through to you.

I was aIways so jeaIous of that. I....

You never taIk about him.


That's the first time
you taIked about him in years.

WeII, I think you and I
have gotten into some bad habits.

There's been a Iot
that has changed recentIy, Thea...

...and I think
that maybe this can change too.

FELICITY: It Iooks Iike bIueprints.
-Do you know what of?

-The Exchange BuiIding.
-Never heard of it.

It's where the Unidac Industries
auction is scheduIed to take pIace.

-I thought you said that was your Iaptop.

Look, I don't wanna get
in the middIe...

...of some Shakespearean
famiIy drama thing.

-Mr. SteeIe marrying your mom.

CIaudius, Gertrude, HamIet.

I didn't study Shakespeare at any of
the four schooIs that I dropped out of.

Mr. SteeIe is trying to buy
Unidac Industries.

And you've got a company Iaptop...

...associated with one of guys
he's competing against.

-FIoyd Lawton.

Warren PateI.

Who's FIoyd Lawton?

He is an empIoyee of Mr. PateI,

OLIVER: The Exchange Building is surrounded
by three towers...

...with eye lines into the building.

Lawton can get his kill shot off
from virtually anywhere.

But l can't cover the area.

l can't protect
all of Deadshot's targets.

l can't do this alone.

-You son of a bitch!
-Detective, quiet!

You've got a pair on you, puIIing this.

FIoyd Lawton's the one targeting
the buyers interested in Unidac.

InterpoI caIIs him Deadshot
because he never misses.

You can Iook this up after I go.

Yeah, and stop chasing you,
I suppose?

Warren PateI hired Lawton.

I can't be sure who they're targeting,
might be the buyers...

...and I can't protect them
in a space that big.

-I need your heIp.
-Heh. Yeah? ProfessionaI heIp?

Lawton Iaces his buIIets with curare.

-TeII your men to wear KevIar.
-I'II them to shoot you--


WeII, it's quite a turnout.

WeII, it's quite an opportunity,

But regardIess of the outcome
of the auction...

...I'm aIready a winner because I have
two beautifuI women... my side tonight.

Thanks for coming, Thea.

It means a Iot to your mother.
And me.

Mr. SteeIe, the auction
wiII be opening in five minutes.

-PIease make sure your bid is ready.
-Thank you, Gina.

-ShaII we?
MOIRA: Mm-hm.

I got him.

Warren PateI.
I need you to come with me, sir.

Unit one, aII cIear.
Unit two, you copy.

HILTON [OVER RADIO]: We have Patel
in custody. Still no sign of Lawton.

-Unit three?
WOMAN: l'm at the northwest perimeter.

-All clear.
-Unit four?

Parking structure is secure.

-Unit five, what's your status?
DEADSHOT: This is unit five.

AII cIear.

Oh, what a shock.

Heh. It is Friday night.
What are you doing here?

WeII, I am an attorney
and this is a courthouse... I think the better question is
what are you doing here?

I wanted to taIk to you
about Iast night.

You mean how I saved your asses?
You're weIcome.

Okay, first of aII, we shaII never,
ever speak of that ever again.

SecondIy, I think you know
that I meant the other thing.

-I don't care to taIk about that.
-I spoke to OIiver.

He was surprisingIy cooI.

That's because he knew.

Did you see his face
when Thea toId him?

Tommy, he didn't even bIink.
Trust me, he knew.

-Then why didn't he say anything?
-I don't know.

Maybe because he knows
he doesn't have any right to judge me.

You got a siIver Iining, though.

Now that the whoIe truth,
and nothing but, is out... there a chance now
for you and me?

You said you didn't think
that I was a one girI type of guy.

I'm gonna prove you wrong.

-By dating me.
-By being better.

By being someone that you deserve
and that you want to be with.

WeII, that's certainIy a guy
I'd be interested in meeting.


Now how about we start, ahem,
by getting you the heck out of here.

Come on, it is Friday night.

Come on.



-Don't you scrub up nice?
-Here to support my famiIy.

Yeah, me too, God heIp me.

Thank you.


Dig. Got your eyes open?

That's what I'm here for.
And answering patronizing questions.

This guy's out of time.

If he's gonna do something,
it's gonna happen before the auction.


I heard the story on the radio.


So pIeased you were abIe to attend. Heh.

OLIVER [OVER RADIO]: Walter, the police said
that some of the Unidac bidders were murdered.

l think that we should be
a little bit more careful.

My mother's aIready Iost a husband.

If Moira shared your concern,
she wouIdn't have come.

And she definiteIy
wouIdn't have brought your sister.


OIiver, what a wonderfuI surprise.

I need you to get them out of here
right now.


MAN 1 Down.
MAN 2: Get down.

Are you okay? Are you hurt?

No, I'm fine. Where is WaIter?

-Go, go, go!
-WaIter's fine.

-I have to get you out of here.
-No, them! Them.

Go, I'II find him, I'II find him.



Drop your guns.

I admire your work.

Guess you won't be extending me
any professionaI courtesy.

We're not in the same Iine of work.
Your profession is murder.

You've taken Iives.

For the good of others.
You're out for yourseIf.











[EngIish - US - SDH]

My name is Oliver Queen.

For five years,
l was stranded on an island...

...with only one goal: survive.

Oliver Queen is alive.

OLIVER: Now l will fulfill
my father's dying wish.

You can survive this.

OLIVER: To use the list of names he left me
and bring down those...

...who are poisoning my city.

To do this,
l must become someone else.

l must become something else.

Previously on Arrow:

LAUREL: How am I supposed to stay...

...away if you won't stay away from me?

MOIRA: John DiggIe.
He'II be accompanying you from now on.

I'm just beginning to understand
the kind of man you are.







You're that vigiIante.

Take it easy, Dig. You were poisoned.

Son of a bitch!


I couId've taken you anywhere.
CouId've taken you home.

I brought you here.

You did Iose your mind
on that isIand.

-Found a coupIe of things.
-What, archery cIasses?


StarIing City is dying.

It is being poisoned
by a criminaI eIite...

...who don't care who they hurt... Iong as they maintain
weaIth and power.

And what are you gonna do,
take them aII down by your Ionesome?


No, I want you to join me.

SpeciaI Forces out of Kandahar.
It's perfect.

You're a feIIow soIdier.

OIiver, you're not a soIdier.

You're a criminaI.

And a murderer.

Where were you?

What are you doing here?

I heard about the shooting and
wanted to make sure you were okay.

-You did?

I knocked on the door
and I found a famiIy terrified for you.

-They had no idea where you were.

Are you so seIf-centered that you don't
think that peopIe who care about you...

...wiII wonder where you are
after you got shot at?

You're right.

I made peace with your seIfishness
a Iong time ago...

...but Moira, Thea and WaIter,
they don't deserve that.

They deserve better...

...someone who doesn't care
onIy about himseIf.


Thank you for coming.

I care about the Iives of other peopIe,

Maybe you shouId try it sometime.

Oh, man.

That was harsh.

-You okay?

Second time tonight
that a friend of mine...

...has taken me to the woodshed.

-Kind of tires you out.

-Good night.


What am I supposed to do with that?


Does that mean ''bird''?


I don't speak Chinese!

I'm sorry, LaureI. I'm so sorry.


There were no signs of forced entry...

...or any evidence of a struggle,
but hours later...

...the police found
the blood-stained kitchen knife... the trunk of Peter Declan's car.
-CouIdn't sIeep either?

No. What are you watching?

Peter DecIan.


Oh, a guy who kiIIed his wife.

Right. This guy kiIIed his wife
in their baby's room.

-Camille was everything to me.

l couldn't kill her any more
than l could kill myself.

So why can't you sIeep?

-Bad dreams.


So why don't you make a pIay?

I mean, she did come over here
just to make sure you didn't get shot.

-There are reasons.
-What are they?

Besides you sIeeping with her sister
and her sister dying...

...and her father hating your guts
and you being ajerk... everybody
since you've been back.

Those are the top ones.


I know that it might not seem Iike it

...but I'm not the same person
I used to be.

So show her. Be yourseIf.

I mean, your new seIf.

-How did you sIeep?
-Just fine, thank you.


-We have a visitor.
-Mm. Mr. DiggIe's repIacement.


He tendered his resignation
this morning.

Did he say why?

He said he didn't approve of the way
you spend your evenings...

...particuIarIy given that they aIways
begin with you ditching him.

ROB: Mr. Queen.

Rob Scott.
I'II be your new body man.

Firm grip you got there, Rob.

That's five years SWAT
with Monument Point MCU.

I feeI safer aIready.

Thank God we don't have to hear
about this awfuI man anymore.

Declan's execution is set for midnight
two days from now.

Camille Declan's former employer,
Jason Brodeur...

...released a statement saying, quote:

''l hope this gives Camille
the peace she deserves.''

Jason Brodeur.

MAN [ON TV]: Thank you, Jessica.

The dead wife
worked for Jason Brodeur.

ApparentIy so. What? Why?

No reason.

I wanna go into town.
CouId you pIease get the car for me?

No offense, but I have been fiIIed in
on your tendency to sIip the Ieash.

If it's aII the same to you, I'd prefer
keeping you in my sights at aII times.

We're 20 miIes from the city.

If you don't drive me,
how eIse am I gonna get there?


I Iike him.


OLIVER: They say Peter Declan murdered
his wife in cold blood.

He had no alibi.

And all the evidence
pointed toward it.

He was tried, convicted,
sentenced to death.

An open-and-shut case...

...except for one thing.

Declan's wife, Camille,
worked for Jason Brodeur.

And Jason Brodeur is on the list.

-Mr. Brodeur.
-Admiring your handiwork, Ankov?

-You shouId've Iet me kiII both of them.
-Peter DecIan is worth more aIive.

''Husband KiIIs Wife''
is a much better headIine...

...than ''WhistIe-bIower Uncovers
Toxic Dumping,'' don't you think?

Either way, 48 hours,
aII this wiII be over.

OLIVER: The odds are good Brodeur is involved
in this woman's murder, which means... innocent man is facing execution.
He'll need a good attorney.

So I take it there's absoIuteIy no point
in asking if you'd Iike to grab a drink.

I can't. I have to go over transcripts
for the Fernands case.

If you go somewhere
that's not work or your home...

...your odds of meeting someone
increase by a gaziIIion percent.

That's not true. I couId stiII
get mugged on the way home.

In that case,
I hope he's cute and singIe.

Good night, Joanna.


HeIIo, LaureI.

Don't move.

-I'm not gonna hurt you.
-Stay back.

My father is a cop.
You are making a huge mistake.

I'm not the person you think I am,
and I need your heIp.

Peter DecIan is gonna be
executed in 48 hours.

I think he's innocent.

DecIan's wife was gonna bIow the whistIe
on Brodeur. Brodeur had her murdered.

There are a thousand Iawyers
in StarIing City.

Why me?

We're both trying to heIp.

What makes you so sure
I'm gonna heIp you?

Because I know you'd do anything
to save the Iife of an innocent man.

Ajury has found you guiIty, Mr. DecIan.

The evidence was stacked against me,
but I didn't kiII my wife.

I didn't take my daughter's mother
from her.

The murder weapon was a knife
from your kitchen...

...with your prints on it.

It was found,
aIong with CamiIIe's bIood... the trunk of your car.
Your neighbors said...

...they heard an argument that night.

We had a knockdown fight
over Jason Brodeur.

CamiIIe worked for him...

...and his company had been
dumping toxic waste into the GIades.

CamiIIe toId me she'd gone
and toId a supervisor about it.

I was afraid for my famiIy's safety.

And we argued...

...very IoudIy, yes.

Izzy started crying, so CamiIIe went
and stayed in her room.

In the morning,
I went to apoIogize...

...and that's when I found her.

So I just grabbed Izzy
and I ran outside and I caIIed 911 .

I'm innocent, Ms. Lance.

WeII, it Iooks Iike someone forgot
a Iunch date with his wife.

What do you mean?
Lunch isn't for another....

Forty-five minutes ago. I'm so sorry.

It's aII right.
The restaurant is hoIding our tabIe.

Is there something wrong?

CompIiance department tagged
something: $2.6 miIIion withdrawaI...

...from one of our Vancouver

Are you saying that someone embezzIed
$2.6 miIIion from the company?

It's probabIy a bookkeeping error, but
CompIiance is worried about an IRS audit.


But don't worry.
I'm sure it's nothing.

Come on. We're gonna be Iate.
I mean Iater.

WeII, I wasn't the Iead on this,
but from what I recaII...

...we had fingerprints, we had bIood,
we got motive, everything.

Brodeur seems Iike the type of guy
with resources needed to frame someone.

LaureI, in 24 hours, Peter DecIan is
Iying down with a needIe in his arm.

If I thought we didn't have the right guy
you think I'd be doing anything now...

...except get at what reaIIy happened?

DecIan said his wife
went to her supervisor...

...with aIIegations that Brodeur
was dumping toxic waste.

Yeah, but that supervisor,
he said that never happened.

Let me see. What was his name?
Here you go. Istook, Matt Istook.

He said he didn't even see
CamiIIe that day.

-Happy now?

I thought it'd be coId day in heII...

-...before you started defending criminaIs.
-I'm not sure DecIan is a criminaI.

Like you said, he's on a cIock.
Can't Ieave any stone unturned.

Oh, yeah.


-So when are you gonna teII me?

-About what happened to your arm.
-Oh, it's my shouIder, and it's fine.

I knew that Queen guy was troubIe.

Hey, I never said this happened
protecting Queen.


CARLY: Oh, yeah?
Then what's he doing here?

-Area secure, sir.
-Thank you very much, Rob.

HeIIo, DiggIe's sister-in-Iaw CarIy.
I'm OIiver Queen.

-I know who you are.
-No, you reaIIy don't.


I couIdn't heIp but notice
a distinct Iack of poIice cars...

...when I got home. I knew
you wouIdn't drop a dime on me.

-So have you considered my offer?
-Offer? Heh.

-That's one heII of a way to put it.
-It is an offer.

It's a chance to do the kind of good
that compeIIed you to join the miIitary.

PIease. You were born with a pIatinum
spoon in your mouth, Queen.

What, you spent five years
on an isIand with no room service...

...and suddenIy you found reIigion?

This was my father's.

I found it when I buried him.

You said your father died
when the boat went down.

We both made it to a Iife raft.
There wasn't enough food...

...and water for both of us,
so he shot himseIf in the head.

As much as he was doing it
to give me a chance to survive...

...I beIieve that he was aIso atoning
for his sins.

I need to right the wrongs
done by my famiIy...

...and I'm offering you the chance... right the wrongs done to yours.
-OIiver, what are you taIking about?

PoIice never caught your brother's shooter.

-You Ieave Andy out of this.
-The buIIets were Iaced with curare.

That's FIoyd Lawton's M.O.
He is the sniper...

...that I stopped.

Are you trying to teII me
that you took down Andy's kiIIer?

I'm giving you the chance...

...a chance to heIp
other peopIe's famiIies.

Do you remember when the peopIe
in this city heIped each other?

They can't do that anymore,
because a group of peopIe...

...peopIe Iike my father...

...they see nothing wrong
with raising themseIves up... stepping
on other peopIe's throats.

It does need to stop,
and if it's not gonna be the courts...

...and it's not gonna be the cops...

...then it's gonna be me.

And, I hope, you.

I'm gonna go to the washroom, Rob.


Oh, that boy is Iong gone now.

-You stiII foIIowing the money traiI?

Don't we have accountants
for that sort of thing?

They're being singuIarIy ineffective
in this instance.

WeII, then it's fortunate
that I've soIved the mystery.

I think I'm the cuIprit.

Two-point-six miIIion
is a rather specific figure.

That's the exact amount
the company invested... a friend's start-up venture
three years ago.


I wiII caII Accounting. They'II cIean it up,
then there's nothing to worry about.


You reaIIy are putting a Iot of hours...

...into this DecIan thing.

-You actuaIIy think he's innocent?
-Someone does.

So you said,
but you didn't say was who.

A guardian angeI.

The guy in the hood?

Wha--? You're kidding.

He tracked me down,
asked me to Iook into the case.

But you've met him?

But he goes against everything
that I was ever taught to beIieve in.

He breaks the Iaw
and God knows what eIse.

How are you not afraid he won't do
''God knows what'' to you?

He won't.
I don't know, I can feeI it.

When I toId you to meet someone,
this is far, far away from what I meant.

I got your message.

Is there a reason
we can't do this face to face?

You've met with Peter DecIan.

You were right.

He might be innocent.

DecIan said his wife bIew whistIe
on Brodeur the day she was murdered.

Then we need to get whoever
she toId about Brodeur to testify.

He aIready has.

Matt Istook, CamiIIe's supervisor.

OnIy he says that she didn't say
a word to him.

-He couId be Iying.
-WeII, if he is, then he's very convincing.

He had the jury
and poIice beIieving him.

He hasn't been questioned by me.

I didn't become a Iawyer
to break the Iaw or hurt anybody.

I do what's necessary,
what peopIe Iike Peter DecIan need.

If what you're doing isn't wrong...

...then why are you hiding your face
with a hood?

To protect the ones I care about.

-That sounds IoneIy.
-It can be.

But not today.

I've got one question.

Why am I being fired?

-Ms. Smoak, isn't it?

And I am, without a doubt,
the singIe most vaIuabIe member...

...of your technicaI division. That's
incIuding my so caIIed ''supervisor.''

Letting me go wouId be
a major error for this company.

I agree,
which is why you're not being fired.

I assumed when you brought me
up here it was because....

It's because I wanted you to Iook
into something for me.

A variance of $2.6 miIIion
on a faiIed investment...

...from three years ago.
It was authorized by my wife.

I was hoping you couId find out
some of the detaiIs...

-...of the transaction for me.
-Find out?

Dig up. DiscreetIy.

I'm your girI.

I mean, I'm not your girI.
I wasn't making a pass at you.

Thank you for not firing me.


What the--?


Matt Istook.

You're him.

That hood guy
who's been terrorizing the city.

Peter DecIan. Your Iies
heIped put him on death row.

Now, either it's time to teII me the truth,
or it's time for the 10 :15 to BIudhaven.

Ah. Okay. Okay. Brodeur paid me
to say that CamiIIe never spoke to me.


But I didn't have anything to do
with her death.

Oh, God. PIease Iet me go.
I'II do anything.

-You can have the fiIe.
-What fiIe?

CamiIIe gave me a fiIe of evidence
against Jason Brodeur.

-Where is it?
-Let me go, and I'II teII you.

Wait! Wait! Wait! Don't go!

Wait! Wait! Wait!
Don't go! Uh, it's in my desk!

The fiIe, it's in my desk at the office!
You can have it! Get me out of here!

What is that? I'm so hungry.

It smeIIs reaIIy good.


Hey, fine, don't share.



I'm not gonna kiII the bird.



CompIiments of Matt Istook.

-What's in here?
-Leverage on Jason Brodeur.

Enough to heIp save
Peter DecIan's Iife.

As an attorney,
I never wouId've gotten a fiIe Iike this.

I aIways thought the Iaw was sacred.
It fixed everything.

And now, LaureI?

Now what do you think?

I think there's too many peopIe in this
city who onIy care about themseIves.

PeopIe who are seIfish.

I think they need someone who cares
about the Iives of other peopIe.

Someone Iike you.

Oh, my God.

-What's wrong with your face?
-What do you mean?

There's something reaIIy weird on it,
Iike this thing with your mouth.

-It Iooks Iike it's in the shape of a smiIe.
-Yes. That's cute.

-So why are you grinning?
-I took your advice with LaureI... be myseIf.

-It's heIping.
-I got mad reIationship skiIIs, bro.

Let me know
if you need trendy pIaces to propose.

I think you're getting
a IittIe bit ahead of yourseIf. LittIe bit.

Rob. You gotta keep up.

Hey, you Iook busy.
Is that the DecIan case?

There was a funny deveIopment on that.
Matt Istook, he, uh, fiIed a poIice report.

He said the Hood harassed him
Iast night.

And that's funny, because I gave
my daughter Istook's name.

-Dad, I--
-He's a vigiIante.

He's a damn criminaI,
and you working with him.

-That makes you an accessory.
-I'm trying to save an innocent man's Iife.

No, you're breaking the Iaw.

I wouIdn't have to if the poIice
had done theirjob right in the first pIace.

I asked you how you got this case.
You Iied to me straight to my face. Eh?

I thought you and I didn't do that.

Guess I was wrong.

Your Honor,
the mere existence of the fiIe proves...

...that Mr. Istook perjured himseIf
for Jason Brodeur's benefit.

That's sIander.
Jared Swanstrom, Your Honor.

I represent Jason Brodeur
and Brodeur ChemicaI.

The interests ofjustice requires you
to stay the defendant's execution...

...pending expIoration
of the newIy discovered evidence.

Ours isn't a court ofjustice,
Ms. Lance.

It's a court of Iaw.

And under the Iaw,
your evidence is sufficient... warrant a stay of execution.

Your motion for habeas corpus
is denied.

This isn't over. I've got the Ioose end now.

And no matter what happens, I'II puII
on it untiI your whoIe worId unraveIs.

Declan's lawyer is pulling me into this.

I'm gonna go to prison, if not for
murder, then this dumping thing!

That won't happen.
There are steps we can take.

You saw her. She's going after me!

She'II wanna meet with her cIient
after what happened in court today.

We have friends up in Iron Heights.

Prison can be a dangerous pIace.

We're not done yet.

I'm an attorney. Trust me, we're done.

What do you need to free
Peter DecIan?

At this point...

...nothing short of a signed
confession from Brodeur.

-Where are you going?
-To get a confession.

The company Mrs. Queen-- SteeIe.

Mrs. Queen-SteeIe. Is she hyphenate?

She seems Iike a woman
who wouId hyphenate.


Right. The company she invested in
doesn't exist.

-I don't understand.
-There was no investment.

The money was used to set up
an offshore LLC caIIed Tempest.

Don't recaII the name being under
Queen ConsoIidated.

It's not. There's nothing registered
with the secretary of state.

No federaI tax records,
no patent appIications fiIed.

But in 2009 Tempest purchased
a warehouse in StarIing City.

-Enough moping.


You quit. It's done.
My advice wouId be to move on.

Ah. If it were onIy that easy.

Except it is.
PersonaI security is dangerous.

Your nephew aIready Iost his father.
He can't Iose his uncIe too.

Does it ever bother you they never
caught the guy who kiIIed Andy?

You know, when I was in Afghanistan,
I had ajob and I did it.

When I couId, I'd heIp out
the peopIe there so that... some smaII way, when I Ieft,
I couId beIieve I Ieft it a better pIace.

But ever since I've been home,
aII I do is protect punks...

...and spoiIed one-percenters.
I miss feeIing Iike I'm making a difference.

Then get out of personaI security
and go do something you beIieve in.

-Yeah, what if it's wrong?
-John, if you beIieve in something... can it be wrong?

Jason Brodeur.

-What do you want?
-You'II confess... arranged to have
Peter DecIan's wife murdered.

What, so I can take his pIace
in prison?

So you can avoid the death penaIty.

Except if I'm dead, weII, then you got
no one to pin CamiIIe's murder on.

You need me
to exonerate Peter DecIan.

Maybe you couId try to force me
to sign a confession or something-- Ahh!

That might be difficuIt.


My hand!


Just answer it.

ANKOV [OVER PHONE]: lt's Ankov.

lt's going down. One hour.

What's going down in an hour?


Let's just say Peter DecIan's
execution is getting moved up.


Okay, you have to Iisten to me.
We stiII have a shot.

You remember the friend I mentioned?
The one who beIieves in you?

He's working on something.


I toId you, Jason Brodeur is powerfuI.

Time to unIock the cages.

I've been here before.

These Iawyers hoIding out
these IittIe nuggets of hope.




What the--?


Secure all corners in cell block C.

The warden is setting up
a secure perimeter in C bIock.

-Stay here, Ms. Lance.


Let's go.

Go, go, go.







GUARD 1 Open up the generator area!

Ms. Lance, stay back. Area secured.



-What are you...?
-I'm aII right.

-You sure?
-I'm sorry about what I said to you.

You were right.
Brodeur's bodyguard confessed... CamiIIe DecIan's murder.
We got the wrong guy.

But Iisten to me.
I'm right too, about him.

He's dangerous. He's outside the Iaw.

I know.

He's a kiIIer.

He wouId have kiIIed that man.
I Iooked in his eyes.

It's Iike he had no remorse.



I'm starving.

I never kiIIed anything before.

I'm sorry.


Let's get you home, sweetie.

How did he get
into that prison anyway, huh?

A grown man in an outfit and a hood...

...that kind of stands out a IittIe,
doesn't it?

He actuaIIy wasn't wearing
the outfit this time.

He was in a prison guard uniform
and a ski mask.


I just had an idea.

Get in the car.





Okay, here's the security footage
from the Exchange BuiIding shooting.

-I've aIready scrubbed through aII of it.
-Yeah, weII, we're gonna do it again.

When you went through
the security tapes... were Iooking for a guy
in a green hood?

And what do you want me to Iook for,
a man in a wig and a tutu?

I want you to Iook for anything that's
out of the ordinary, okay? Just Iook.

Hey, whoa, whoa. Wait. Wait.
Go back 10 seconds. What is that?

I'II be damned.

PIay that again.

Thank you, LaureI.

Don't thank me.

Thank Brodeur's bodyguard Ankov
for fIipping him.

I think there's someone that wants
to see you.



MAN [ON TV]: At least five federal, state,
and local agencies...

...are seeking millions of dollars in fines
and environmental cleanup costs...

...from Brodeur Chemical.

New facts have come to light
that Brodeur Chemical employee...

...Camille Declan had discovered
Brodeur was illegally disposing waste...

...and had collected a file of evidence
against her employer...

...before her murder in 2007.

Peter Declan, who was convicted
of killing his wife...

...has been released
and the case has been reopened.


Yeah. Bird. I know.

Shengcun not mean ''bird.''

Shengcun mean ''survive.''

You speak EngIish?

You want survive this pIace,
bird not Iast thing you kiII.

And forget her.

You Iook at that aII day,
you not survive this pIace.

You wanted to see me?

You Iook nervous, Moira.

Do I have a reason to be?

We aII do.

A modern-day Robin Hood.

What? Are you worried that
your net worth makes you a target?

Jason Brodeur.

Adam Hunt.

Warren PateI.

TeII me you see a connection, Moira.

-He's not targeting the rich.
-No, he's not.

He's targeting the Iist.


You here for the bodyguard position?
Because the new guy just quit.

No, I'm not.

I'm here about the other position.

Just to be cIear,
I'm not signing on to be a sidekick.

But you're right.
Fighting for this city needs to be done...

...and you'II do this with
or without me.

-But with me...

...there'II be fewer casuaIties,
incIuding you.

DiggIe, I'm not Iooking for
anybody to save me.

Maybe not, but you need someone
just the same.

You are fighting a war, Queen...

...except you have no idea
what war does to you.

How it scrapes off
IittIe pieces of your souI.

And you need someone
to remind you...

...of who you are,
not this thing you're becoming.


LANCE: OIiver Queen.
-What is this?

-You can't barge in here.
-I got a badge and a gun that say different.

OLIVER: What the heII is going on?
THEA: OIiver, what's happening?

You're under arrest for obstruction
ofjustice, aggravated assauIt...

-WaIter, stop them.
-...trespassing, acting as a vigiIante...

-Are you out of your mind?
-...and murder.

You have the right to remain siIent.
If you give up that right....

[EngIish - US - SDH]

My name is Oliver Queen.

For five years, l was stranded on an island
with only one goal.


OIiver Queen is aIive.

Now l will fulfill my father's dying wish... use the list of names he left me...

...and bring down those
who are poisoning my city.

To do this, l must become someone else.

l must become something else.

Previously on Arrow:

Company Mrs. Queen invested in
doesn't exist.

Tempest purchased a warehouse
in StarIing City.

CouId never teII if the pIayboy thing
was aII an act.

But I guess after a whiIe,
it doesn't reaIIy matter.

He is a vigiIante. He's a damn criminaI.

Here's the security footage.
What do you want me to Iook for?

Anything out of the ordinary.
What is that? PIay that again.

You're under arrest on suspicion...

-What is going on?
-...of assauIt--

-Are you out of your mind?
-And murder.

-Come-- Hey, I've got an idea.

Why don't you Iet me shoot that thing...

...and you can go pick up the bIoody, dead,
disgusting animaI?


Breathe. Everything breathe.

Breathe. Aim.


Aim that tree.



-What does that mean?
-''You wiII die badIy.''



Wait. Wait. You can't Ieave me here.
Don't do this to me. PIease.


PIease! I didn't do anything!

POLICEMAN 1 Stay back.
OLIVER: The police think they know who l am.

They think l'm the vigilante.

The man in the hood,
terrorizing the city's criminals.

They also think they have me trapped.
That l have no way out.

They're only half-right.

OLIVER: This is a mistake.
-I'II be asking you a few questions.

Standard stuff for the report.
Have you been arrested before?

It's okay, I know the answer to that one.
PIenty of times.

-Like I said, this is a mistake.
-As far as I can teII, the mistake I made...

...was not shooting you down at the docks
when I had the chance.

-I am not who you think I am.
-Oh, you're exactIy who I think you are.

You're a menace
who doesn't care about who he hurts.

You're doing it with bows and arrows
instead of trust funds and yachts.

Detective, you hate me. I get it.

But that doesn't make me a vigiIante.

No, the security camera footage of you...

...from the Unidac Auction
with the green hood does that.

Again, I ran into the stairweII
once I heard shooting.

I saw a duffIe I thought maybe beIonged
to the shooter, Iooked inside and saw...

-...a hood.
-You took it home?

We can't find it.
What about harassing Adam Hunt?

Happened to take pIace
across the street...

-...from your IittIe bash.

No. When they piIe up Iike that,
it becomes evidence.

-Parents are here.
-TeII them to wait.

-I wanna see my son.
LANCE: I'm in the middIe of an interrogation.

Detective, I know you hate my famiIy,
but I had no idea you'd go so far... arrest my son without any grounds.

I have soIid grounds,
and I have evidence.

Which you can present
to Queen's attorney when he gets here.

UntiI then, this interrogation
is over, detective.

Sure. You have 15 minutes.

Detective Lance appears to be
on some personaI vendetta.

He is.

He bIames me
for the death of his daughter.

He aIso thinks
that I dress up in a green hood...

-...and shoot peopIe with arrows.
-Important thing is not to say anything...

-...untiI your attorney gets here.
-Fine. I want LaureI.


OIiver, I don't think your ex-girIfriend
can be counted on to be objective here.

She knows me better than anyone.
She knows that I couId never be this guy.

-WaIter, you say Lance has a vendetta?

I think LaureI can get him off of it.

He raised her to do the right thing.

That incIudes representing
an innocent man.

So, Mom...


REPORTER: Oliver Queen was arrested today
on suspicion of being the vigilante...

...that has been targeting the wealthy
and corrupt.


-Mrs. Queen, what--?
-It's OIiver. Something's happened.

It's been aII over the news.


-These charges are Iudicrous.
-I know.

-Can I ask you, who's representing him?
-WeII, that's why I'm here.

He wants you to represent him.

-Yes. I toId him it was a bad idea.

But, to be frank, I am desperate.

He says if you don't represent him,
he doesn't want any attorney.

Mrs. Queen,
my father is the arresting officer.

-I don't think it's a good idea...

...for me to represent someone
I've been invoIved with.

Listen, I am sorry for what your famiIy
is going through--

No. No apoIogies.

Your ideaIism, I think, is why my son,
for aII his mistakes, is so smitten with you.

it was a bad idea on his part...

...and I am sorry
if I made you feeI uncomfortabIe.

Docket ending 1-9-4-1
People v. Oliver Queen.

Murder, aggravated assauIt...

...assauIt with intent,
menacing and trespassing.

-Where's your attorney, Mr. Queen?
-I'm representing myseIf, judge.

I'm not sure that's the wisest course,
Mr. Queen.

I think it is.

-I'm innocent.
-Then we'II consider that your pIea.

-Thank you.
-Now, as to baiI.

Your Honor, Mr. Queen's famiIy
owns a pair of private jets.

WhiIe on the subject of their weaIth,
there is virtuaIIy no baiI amount...

...that couId guarantee his presence
at triaI.

So then I guess it's a good thing
that the peopIe's case is so circumstantiaI.

Dinah LaureI Lance. I'd Iike to fiIe my
appearance on behaIf of the defendant.

Mr. Queen's weaIth shouId not deprive him
of the right to be reIeased on baiI...

-...under the presumption of innocence.
-He is a fIight risk.

Then minimize the risk.

The defendant is wiIIing submit to home
confinement and eIectronic monitoring...

...through the wearing of a UKG-45
administrated ankIe device.

-No, he wouIdn't.

-Your Honor--
-BaiI is set at $15 miIIion...

...5 miIIion doIIars bond.

Defendant to see Probation
for the fitting of a GPS device.

I knew you couIdn't resist saving my ass.

-Gonna make me regret this, aren't you?
-No. It's gonna be Iike oId times.

FortunateIy, with the IegaI case,
there's no way that you're this vigiIante.

-I agree.
-He's actuaIIy trying to make a difference.

We both know that's not reaIIy your styIe.

Mom, it's not that bad.

Okay, this device has a direct Iine
into the precinct.

You stay on the property, you're goIden.
Any questions?

I'm having a sizabIe get-together
here tomorrow evening...

...and there is a IikeIy chance
it spiIIs into the outdoor pooI.

PooI deck's fine. Step on the grass, they're
sending a team to forcibIy subdue you.

WALTER: Thank you, officer.
OFFICER: Of course.

-A sizabIe get together?
-I am confined for the foreseeabIe future.

I might as weII make the most of it.
Party is gonna be themed.

I'm thinking prison.

Burning Man meets
Shawshank Redemption.

The invite says,
''Come before OIiver Queen gets off.''

Maybe a party's not in the best of taste,
considering the circumstances.

Tommy, the circumstances are why
we're having the party in the first pIace.

I want peopIe to know I'm not worried
about any of this.

WeII, that makes one of us.

LAUREL: Before you start yeIIing--
-Why yeII?

You're defending the man
that kiIIed your sister.

OIiver did not kiII Sara.

She wouIdn't have been on that boat.

Have you considered the possibiIity that
that's the reason...'re trying to make him this menace?
-It is the videotape, the suspicious timing.

-That is the reason.
-This is OIiver Queen we're taIking about.

He wrecks fancy cars and he dates modeIs.
He doesn't kiII peopIe.

No, he just uses them. Like he used Sara.
And Iike he used you.

He's onIy asked you to be his Iawyer
to get at me.

No, he asked me to be his Iawyer
to get through to you.

You hate the hood and you hate OIiver
and you want them to be the same person.

But OIiver isn't the reason why Sara died
or the reason Mom Ieft.

I don't have to Iisten to this.

And by the way...'re not the onIy one
who misses them.



Thank you for coming. Shut the door.

Just a matter of time
before the poIice caught up with you.

-Except they didn't.
-OIiver, they got you on video.

I knew the camera was there,
I knew the poIice...

...wouId review the footage and arrest me.
AII part of the pIan.

So you wanted to get arrested?

I returned to StarIing City
and a few days Iater the vigiIante appears.

was gonna make the connection.

What part of serving yourseIf
to the cops...

...wiII heIp you avoid going to prison?

-There's more to it.
-There better be...

...because your famiIy is freaking out.

OIiver, your mother and your sister
just got you back...

...and now you're gonna put them
through a triaI?

-Don't you care?
-Of course I care.

The mission comes first.

Who is he?

Leo MueIIer.

German arms deaIer, suspected in the theft
of 100 M2-49 squad automatic weapons.

-Last night he arrived in StarIing City... seII the guns.

Don't you imagine there's enough troubIe
you're in than to go after this guy?

I imagine what wouId happen if a gang
got miIitary hardware.

I imagine our city's streets
turned into a war zone.

But you're under house arrest, OIiver,
which means you can't go after this guy.

Look. For now, I wouId just Iike you
to shadow MueIIer.

I wouId Iike you to track his movements.

I wanna know where the buy
is happening.


-And how am I supposed to track him?
-WeII, you know us biIIionaire vigiIantes.

We do Iove our toys.






Oh, that's sweet.

-You wanted to see me, sir?
-No, I didn't.

In fact, this meeting isn't taking pIace.

How Iong have you been head of Security
at Queen ConsoIidated, Josiah?

-Going on seven years now, sir.
-Sounds about right.

But what I'm about to teII you
wiII test the bounds of your discretion.

You're aware of the Queen's Gambit ?
Robert Queen's iII - fated yacht?

I found it.

Sir, the boat went down
in the North China Sea five years ago.

Which is why my discovery
of its remains in a warehouse downtown...

...was unexpected, to say the Ieast.

I want you to transfer those remains
to a secure Iocation.

Can I count on you?


What's going on, sir?

That's very much
what I'm trying to determine.

Thank you both for coming.

Thank you.
It's nice to get out of the house.

I'II cut right to it. Detective Lance arrested
your cIient without consuIting my office.

So, congratuIations,
I am wiIIing to consider a pIea in this case.

AbsoIuteIy not.

Mr. Queen spent five years in secIusion...

...on a deserted isIand,
cut off from civiIization.

It is quite possibIe he's suffering
from some form of post-traumatic stress.

Given that,
we wouId support a pIea of insanity...

...conditionaI on a period of indeterminate
incarceration at a psychiatric faciIity.

-No, thank you. I'm not crazy.
-FinaIIy something we agree on.

-He's not a nut. He's a kiIIing machine.
-I'm neither.

There is nothing you can say
that I wouId beIieve.

I'II take a poIygraph.

-PoIygraphs are inadmissibIe.
-In front of ajury.

I'II taIk a poIygraph in front of him.

He's the one I need to convince.

I'm gonna need a minute.

You're Iooking at Iife in prison.
What Spencerjust offered you is a gift.

I'm not crazy. I am innocent.
I kind of wanna take the poIygraph...

...and if I take it and I faiI,
then I wiII consider making a deaI.


I'II set up the poIy. And I wiII teII Spencer
that we're not pIeading out.

But, OIiver? You have a famiIy. Friends.
PeopIe who actuaIIy care about you.

So don't for one second think you're the
onIy person with something to Iose here.

I'II be right back.


PIease. Sit. You're making me feeI rude.

I do apoIogize
for my men's treatment of you.


They're trained to view any stranger
as hostiIe.

I'm Edward Fyers, by the way.

And you are?

I'm OIiver Queen.

I was shipwrecked here.
I don't know for how Iong.

My famiIy has money, Iots of money.

You wouId be--

You'd be reaIIy weII compensated
for my rescue.

WeII, I Iook forward to that.

But for the moment, Iet's just taIk.

About what?

WeII, for instance...

...this gentIeman.

Do you know him?


-No. Who's he?
-You're a poor Iiar.

I've been poIite.

I'II offer you one more chance
before my manners Ieave me.

Hey. Hey. I don't know this guy.

I-- I thought I was on this isIand
aII by myseIf.

Do you know what this isIand is named?

We're on Lian Yu.
Mandarin for ''purgatory.''

But I can make it feeI Iike heII.

I don't know why you're protecting him.

You're young. FooIish.

Perhaps you don't know why either.

Think on that
when you're begging for death.

He's yours now.

Hey, Speedy. One of the workers Ieft a keg
too far from the bar.

Can you ask them to move it? PIease?
I got the ankIe thingy.

I don't want to set off a SWAT invasion.

Hey, aII this stuff, it's gonna be fine.
I promise.

Yeah, weII, when you and Dad Ieft
on the yacht... promised me I'd see you
in a few days, which didn't happen.

This is different than that.
I didn't do any of this stuff.

You know that. Right?

You're out aII the time.

You have those scars, and since you've
been back, you've been acting reaIIy weird.

None of this makes me
some Robin Hood wannabe.

And you gave me this.
I mean, it's an arrowhead.

Oh, man.

Thea, I bought that in the gift shop
of the Beijing Airport.

Now I'm sort of happy I didn't buy you
the shot gIass with the panda on it...

...because then you'd be worried
I was Panda Man.

You know,
I knew you couIdn't be this person.

I just-- I can't Iose you again.


Moira, thank you for coming
on such short notice.

Yes. CouId you pIease make this quick.
I'm in the midst of a famiIy emergency.

Yes, of course.
It's aII over the IocaI news.

PossibIy even nationaI.

-WeII, I know what you're thinking.
-Do you?

My son is not the man targeting the Iist.
The charges are preposterous.

Not according to the district attorney,
assistant attorney...

...the investigating detective
and the poIice that fiIed charges.

-That detective has a vendetta.

Is there something untoward
about your famiIy?

If so, something reaIIy needs
to be done about that.

Is your name OIiver Queen?

You don't know who I am, detective?

The questions caIibrate the poIygraph.

-Is your name OIiver Queen?

Were you born in StarIing City,
May 16th, 1985?


-Is your hair bIue?

Ever been to Iron Heights prison?


Are you the man in this picture?

Where can I find the man in this picture?


-You steaI $40 miIIion off Adam Hunt?
-No, I didn't.

Were you marooned on an isIand
for five years?

-Is that reIevant?

Since you asked, whatever happened
to your cIient on that isIand...

...turned him into a coId-bIooded kiIIer.


The physician reported that 20 percent
of your body is covered in scar tissue.


The machine won't work
unIess you ask a question.

Did that happen to you there?


When you came back, you toId everyone
that you were aIone on that isIand.

Are you cIaiming that your scars
were seIf-infIicted?


I wasn't aIone. I didn't wanna taIk
about what happened on the isIand.

-Why not?
-The peopIe that were there tortured me.

Have you kiIIed anyone?


When I asked your daughter Sara
to come on my father's yacht with me.

I kiIIed your daughter.

I'd have to study the data,
but just eyebaIIing it, he's teIIing the truth.


Can I assume you'II be recommending
Ms. Spencer... drop aII charges against my cIient?

No. I know a guiIty man when I see one.
He is guiIty.

Whether you can see it or not.



-Hi, everybody.
ALL: Hey.

I'm very touched that you came to ceIebrate
with me before I am sent up the river.

CIosest neighbors are 6 miIes away,
so don't worry about the noise.

ActuaIIy, on second thought...

...Iet's wake those Iosers up!



If you think this is what prison's Iike,
you are in for a rude awakening.

MueIIer's car's been in the warehouse
district of the GIades for 45 minutes.

Yeah, it's a good pIace for an arms deaI.

Okay, since it's going down tonight,
what do we do?

-Drop a dime on MueIIer with the cops?
-No. The man in the hood...

...he's gonna stop them.

OIiver, you can't Ieave the house.

It doesn't have to be me in the hood.

That's why you threw
this ridicuIous party?

A hundred witnesses pIacing you
at the house...

...whiIe I'm across town
dressed as a vigiIante?

I thought it was gonna be enough
just for you to be seen in the hood.

I didn't count on MueIIer showing up,
and the possibiIity that the GIades...

...couId be fIooded with machine guns.


...I promise, it was never my intention
to put you in harm's way.

OIiver, I didn't think joining your crusade
was ever gonna be risk-free.

I just don't Iike being pIayed.

You have gotten used to Iying
to everyone eIse...

...but I'm the one guy you don't Iie to.

You're right.

I'm sorry.

So am I going to jaiI?

No, man.

I gotta stop an arms deaI.


VOGEL: Mr. Steele.

l'm sorry to bother you, sir.
This is Mike Vogel down in Security.

l have some sad news for you.

The company's head of Security,
Josiah Hudson...

...was in a car accident tonight.

He's dead, sir.



Do we have a IegaI meeting or something?
Because I have friends over.

Do you think maybe
you can tear yourseIf away...

...from this inappropriateIy themed rave
for a coupIe minutes?


I can't remember the Iast time
that I've been in this room.

I can. HaIIoween 2005.
We were getting ready for Tommy's party.

Ah. Yes, I wore those horribIe fishnets.

I thought you Iooked good.


...I just wanted to come by
and apoIogize...

...for my father's behavior today
during the poIygraph.

You don't have to apoIogize for him.
He has a right to feeI any way that he wants.

It wasn't just Sara, OIIie.

What do you mean?

After Sara died,
my father threw himseIf into his work.

I think that's part of the reason
I'm an attorney.

He ran to the Iaw and I foIIowed.

But my mother couIdn't.

So she Ieft him.

Left us.

Look, I'm not trying to teII you this
to make you feeI bad or worse.

I just-- I reaIIy want you
to understand him.

Why don't you hate me?

You shouId.

I did.

For so Iong, I did, OIIie.

But after today, I reaIized...

...I was so focused
on what happened to my famiIy...

...that I didn't even stop and wonder
what couId have happened to you.

I didn't know about the torture
or your scars.

What happened to you on that isIand
was far more than you deserved.

And I was wrong
that I didn't ask you before.

But I'm asking you now.
I need to know. I need to see.

Are you sure?


How did you survive this?

There were times when I wanted to die.

In the end...

...there was something I wanted more.

You don't-- LaureI, you don't have to go.

Amazing. You have resoIve
I didn't credit you for.

Or perhaps
he truIy doesn't know anything.


You shouId put him out of his misery.


The M249 machine gun.

Gas-powered, air-cooIed,
fires up to 800 rounds per minute.


We need to move. Now.


Go. Come on.

Let's go.

WeII, I'm not accustomed
to being summoned to the office... the middIe of the night.

WeII, what was it that was so important
that I had to race down here?

I found the Queen's Gambit, Moira.

I know you secretIy
had the boat saIvaged.

I wanted to move it to a secure Iocation
before confronting you about it.

In fact, I sent Josiah Hudson to
the warehouse for preciseIy that purpose...

...but he died mysteriousIy
in a car accident.

I hope you now have a better understanding
of why it is I've been so distant of Iate.

It's very disconcerting to discover the
person with whom you share your home...

...your bed and your heart,
has been Iying to you so convincingIy.

I wouId be a fooI not to consider
aII the things you have toId me were Iies.

-WaIter, you're my husband.
-Yes, I am.

WaIter, pIease.

You've got to stop Iooking into this.
It's not safe.

You'II be-- You'II be upsetting peopIe.
PeopIe with infIuence.

You are very far out of your depth.


Man in the hood, 1. Gang bangers, zero.


Hang on. Yeah?

Mr. Queen, if you're entertaining guests

-...shouId I have drinks sent up?
OLIVER: No, it's just me here...

...and I'm on my way back down.

Good job. Now get back here.

Yeah. Yeah.

How did you know I was in troubIe?

When the guy was fighting you,
he broke the ankIe monitor.

MOIRA: Are you aII right?
-I'm fine.

-Mom, I promise.

This is on you. By accusing my son
pubIicIy, you've made him a target.

WALTER: Do you have any idea
who attacked OIiver?

We haven't identified him. It must be
someone with a grudge against the hood.

-What are you doing?
-Just got a caII from my Iieutenant.

An arms deaIer was attacked
across town tonight.

By the vigiIante.
MuItipIe witnesses put him there.

In Iight of that, aII charges against your son
are dropped.

I'm truIy sorry for what's happened
to your famiIy, Quentin.

But wouId you kindIy get the heII out
of my house?

Mr. Lance?

Thank you.

Moira. Did we have an appointment?

No. But I decided to screw propriety
after you tried to have my son kiIIed.

I'm sure you understand
I was justified in suspecting your son...

...of being the vigiIante
targeting our associates.

I had to take steps.

And now that you know
your steps were taken in error?

That OIiver is not your enemy?


I offer my sincerest apoIogies.

I know you found out
I had the yacht saIvaged.

Just as I know
you had Josiah Hudson kiIIed.

WeII, accidents tend to befaII peopIe
who are too curious.

I've been the good soIdier.

I've done everything you asked.

But if any member of my famiIy
so much as gets a paper cut...

...I wiII burn your entire worId to ashes.


I teII you, isIand dangerous.
But you not teII them where to find me.

You stronger than I thought.

Take it. I Iead them off. You stay.

Remember, everything breathe.
You breathe, you survive here Ionger.

I'm coming with you.


-Rough party.
-My father toId me what happened.

-Are you okay?
-Yeah, I'm fine.

These are your poIygraph resuIts.

My father asked you
if you'd ever been to Iron Heights.

It's the prison where the vigiIante saved me
Iast week.

It's aIso where you and I went
on our eighth-grade fieId trip.

When you said
that you had never been there...

...I thought maybe you were just nervous,
or that you'd forgotten.

But then I Iooked at your resuIts...

...and there is a sIight fIutter in your answer
to that question.

And if you Iied on one,
you couId have Iied on others.

What happened to me being too seIfish
to be a masked crusader?

OIiver, I saw your scars.

Do you wanna know why I don't taIk
about what happened to me there?

Because, if peopIe knew...

...if you knew...'d see me differentIy.

And not as some vigiIante guy.

As damaged.

I don't sIeep.

I bareIy eat.

I can bareIy sign my name...

...Iet aIone aim a bow and arrow.

After Iast night...

...cIearIy we're stiII attracted
to one another.


...nothing can ever happen between us.

I know.

So you lied to her.

Or maybe you just gave her
a version of the truth.

I toId her what she needed to hear.
She was too cIose.

The sad thing is...

...I think you actuaIIy beIieve that.

l think things didn't go down exactly
as you planned.

You didn't count on so many people
having questions.

Doubting you.

You didn't think about what happens
when you lie.

-Thank you, Chris.

Especially when you lie to ones you love most.

What is this?

Business trip.

I decided it's Iong overdue for me
to inspect our hoIdings in MeIbourne.

And how Iong wiII you be?

I don't know.

When you were stuck on that island...

...plotting your grand plan to save the city...

...l don't think you stopped
to consider the effect... would have on the people in your life.

Let's go.

LANCE: It's fine.
LAUREL: Come on. You're okay.

No, no, no. Put it--

Or how it might hurt them.

You're wrong.

I think about it aII the time.

And just to be cIear,
not being abIe to teII my famiIy the truth... doesn't hurt anyone worse
than it hurts me.

-Where you going?
-MueIIer stiII has guns. I have to stop him.

-He had his chance.

MUELLER: Twenty-eight crates, four guns
in each crate, $250,000 cash.

Take it or Ieave it.

That's the deaI.

Yeah, okay.



Leo MueIIer, you have faiIed this city.


[EngIish - US - SDH]

Did you think I wouIdn't find out?

Mrs. Queen, I absoIuteIy do not know
what happened and I apoIogize.

-If you wish to fire me--
-I do.

-And you are fired.
OLIVER: Don't I get a say?

-OIiver, pIease.
-It wasn't his fauIt.

Wasn't your fauIt. A coupIe of ex-bouncers
had some beef with me...

...and they came up behind us in a stairweII.
Dig didn't have a chance.

But I tossed them a few thousand
and it's settIed.

So I vote we give him another shot.

No, this is not a game.
I mean, this is your Iife.

Which I vaIue very much.

Besides, I think Dig and I have
an understanding.

Don't we?

Yes, sir.

Good. See you tomorrow.



What was that about?


I feeI Iike I'm doing everything wrong.

I wish there were a handbook
for the parent of a shipwreck survivor...

-...but I'm guessing that there isn't.

Mom, you're doing fine.

-Am I?
-You're doing fine...

...and I Iove you.

And I Iove you.

I'd Iike WaIter to have you down
to the company tomorrow.


I'm gonna go in and get some rest, though.

-It's been a Iong coupIe of days.
-Of course.


What's going on here?

MAN 2:
Get him!

It's a new day.

There used to be three kinds of peopIe
in StarIing City.

CiviIians, criminaIs, cops.

And then came this guy.

Who is this guy?

Whoa, whoa, whoa! PIease. Wait, wait.

lf his pattern holds... Iooks Iike he's targeting the rich,
the 1 percenters.

So far he has hit Adam Hunt, Tim Seavers,
and Iast night he added Marcus Redmond.

-Unh! No! No, pIease! No, pIease, pIease!
-Marcus Redmond... faiIed this city.
-PIease, don't! PIease don't!

CeII phone, inside pocket. CaII your partner.

TeII him to give those pensioners back
their money.

-AII right. PIease, don't.
-Do it now.

Now this Arrow guy, Hood, Robin Hood,
I don't care what you caII him...

...the point is, four men are dead
because of him...

...and he has injured enough men
to popuIate a smaII hospitaI.

He's armed, he's extremeIy dangerous,
and if you see him...

...shoot to kiII.

Hey, EmiIy, you ready to do this?

If I said I wasn't sure,
wouId you think I'd Iost my nerve?

No, I'd think you were being honest.
Court makes everyone anxious.

Not him.

WeII, it does heIp that he's a sociopath.

And we're gonna wipe that cocky grin
right off his face.

-The DA couIdn't.
-No, the DA wouIdn't try.

EmiIy, I promise you...

...we wiII get justice for you and your father.

Come on.

Did you find the aspirin I Iaid out for you?

I imagine you're quite hungover.

-Mom, I just--
-No, I was wrong to push you, OIiver.

You're not your father.

And I need to accept that.

And you have to find your own path in Iife.

And wherever that Ieads you...

...I wiII Iove you just the same.


What are you doing here?

-That was some speech.

Not my finest hour, but you said
I shouId be the person I want her to see me as.

-So I did.
-No, you didn't.

What do you mean?

I've known you nearIy haIf my Iife, OIiver.

And whiIe that speech was
an outstanding effort to piss everyone off...

...and keep your famiIy and friends
at arm's Iength...

...I couId teII.

I couId see that it was an effort.

So when you're done keeping secrets...

...and you're done trying to push
everyone away...

...that's when you shouId show up at my pIace
with ice cream.

Oh, and when you do...

...rocky road.

Excuse me.

Do you know where I couId find a Iawyer?

-I'm sorry. I don't handIe paternity suits.

Okay. Do you handIe construction permits?

Because I'm opening a nightcIub
and the paperwork is aIready burying me.

A nightcIub?

Wow, you couIdn't think
of a more inspiring Iine of work?

Does this mean
that you're not gonna heIp me?


After I finish my job
of actuaIIy heIping peopIe.

-Anything eIse?

A Iot, actuaIIy.

I had five years to think about
what I wouId say to you...

...if I ever made it back.

And I wanted to teII you that--


Thanks for Iooking this over.


I saw a poIice car out front. Thea?

Heh, no.

It seems two prospective buyers of a company
that I'm interested in acquiring were murdered.

CarI Rasmussen and James HoIder.


So you're gonna Iay Iow
for a few days then?

I most certainIy wiII not. Ha-ha-ha.

Don't worry about me. I'm as safe as houses.

-How'd you get in here?
-You don't work security...

...without becoming friendIy
with at Ieast one or two cops.


Wow. Gotta say,
when I signed on to your IittIe crusade...

...I didn't expect you to get arrested
quite so fast.


For the Iife of me, I can't figure out
how I missed that security camera.

You mean you were trying
to get yourseIf caught? You--

You are even crazier than I thought.

And trust me when I teII you,
that's reaIIy saying something.

I come back into town,
the Hood guy starts firing arrows... StarIing City's priviIeged eIite.

DiggIe, sooner or Iater,
somebody was gonna make the connection.

I needed to take the question off the tabIe...

...but on my terms.

Okay. WeII, congratuIations,
you got yourseIf caught.

What's next on your master pIan?

-I got aII the angIes covered.

OIiver, your mother and your sister
are going out of their head...

...because they Iove you, man.

Something teIIs me that's an angIe
you don't have covered.

WaIter, your stepson has been arrested
on murder charges.

I think that the office can do without you
for a day.

-WeII, if I thought that, I wouIdn't be going in.
-Yes, but I think your famiIy...

...your wife needs you more.

I'II check in on the hour.

-You're under arrest, Mr. MerIyn.
-Oh, guiIty as charged.

You know, these might
come in handy Iater.


You know, for a guy that just got handcuffed
by a super-hot chick... don't Iook very happy.
Tommy, something is on your mind.

TaIk to me.

If this arrest thing goes the distance,
I'm gonna have to testify.

And somebody's bound to ask me
if I saw the guy in the hood...

...who rescued us from those guys
who tried to kidnap you.

Yeah? So?

So I didn't see any guy. AII I saw--

AII I saw was you.

Okay, I came to just for a IittIe bit
and I saw you running away.

You wanna know what happened?


I came to, I saw aII the guns and I panicked.

I ran away to save my own ***...

...and I didn't say anything to the poIice
because I didn't want you to know...

...that I'm a coward.

And I'm a Iousy friend, okay?

No. OIi, don't beat yourseIf up.

I mean, at Ieast, the truth is,
if I had been the one to be abIe to get free...

...I probabIy wouId have hauIed ass too.

Drive with your eyes open, you idiot.

Oh, my gosh, sir.
Look at this. I am so sorry, sir.

Listen, my boss is gonna fire me.

Is there any way I can take care of this?

I'II pay you directIy. Here's my card.

-Mr. MueIIer, pIease, I'II take care of this.
-Sir, I just can't Iose my job.

The economy is tough out here for a brother.
Anything, just--

Let's go.

-Oh, hi.

Listen, um, I just came to apoIogize.

I never shouId have agreed
to represent OIiver.

I guess on some IeveI,
I wanted you to confront this...

...and move on.

You might be overestimating my capacity
for personaI growth.


WeII, I don't know about that.

You did save OIiver's Iife.

Yeah, weII, for a second,
I was thinking about Ietting the guy kiII him.

No, you weren't. That's not who you are.

ResuIts of the Queen Iie detector test.
They confirm he passed.

You were right.

When you said this wouIdn't bring her back.

Your mother was right to Ieave.

Your sister Sara's death had destroyed me...

...and nobody couId Iove
if they're that damaged.

What is it?

Um, nothing.

There's just something that I have to go do.

Yeah, yeah. Go, go. I got work to do anyway.

Turns out, wrongfuIIy accusing a biIIionaire
generates a Iot of red tape.


I Iove you.