Arrow (2012–…): Season 1, Episode 17 - The Huntress Returns - full transcript

Helena is back to seek vengeance, but Oliver still has feeling toward her. The Arrow must stop and kill her, but at what costs? Now that several of his closest friends know about his true identity, no one is safe.

My name is Oliver Queen.
For 5 years,

I was stranded on an island
with only one goal--


Oliver Queen is alive.

Now I will fulfill
my father's dying wish--

to use the list
of names he left me

and bring down those
who are poisoning my city.

To do this, I must
become someone else.

I must become
something else.

Previously on "Arrow"...

It's about Sarah.
What about her?

I think
she may be alive.

[Voice disguised] I'm not here to hurt you
or your father.

Why should I trust you?!

[Regular voice]
Because you always have.

This is my daughter, Helena.

When her father
killed her fiancé,

she changed into something
dark and twisted.

I have been alone
in my hate for so long.

What is this?

The police
have him in custody.

He's going to jail
and then onto prison.

I'm not going to stop.

[Crowd cheering,
dance music playing]

Hey, mister.

You feel like a dance?


your first night?

First, and last.



I'm looking for my father.

I figure if anybody knows
where he is,

it'd be his attorney.

I don't.

Ohh! Helena,
I swear...

I'd tell you where
the FBI's keeping Frank,

but after your father and I
made his plea deal to testify,

the Feds, they stopped
telling me anything.


You have to believe me.

I do.

Hey, Gus, song's over,
man. You still in there?

[Motorcycle revving]

♪ Arrow 1x17 The Huntress Returns ♪
Original Air Date on march 20, 2013

Oh, my gosh!

It looks amazing!


Steve Aoki's going to deejay.
Right there.

What? How did you get
Steve Aoki?

I dated his sister.


A million years ago,
a million years ago.

Ok. [Chuckles]

So, will you be my date
tomorrow night?

Is a club opening
a proper date?

I certainly hope so.

Is that a "yes?"


That's a "yes."


I'm glad you called.

Too much...
It's too long

for us to go
without talking.

Dad, I have
to tell you--

No, no, listen,
before you say anything,

I got to apologize.

I should never have used you

to catch the archer,
and I'm sorry.

Laurel, I'm just--
I'm sorry.

Thank you.

I owe you
an apology, too.

For what?

Hello, Quentin.

How are you?

You look well.

What are you doing here?

Why--why are you here?

I'm here because I believe
Sarah's still alive.


Dad. Sit--
What is going on?

Just hear mom out.

What's going on?

Start from
the beginning.

Oliver was found
on an island

called Lian Yu
in the North China Sea.

There are hundreds;

Thousands of deserted
islands in this chain.

What if Sarah
had survived, too?

And nobody would know if she'd
washed up in any one of those.

So you don't actually
have any proof that she's alive?

I have proof.

A tourist took this.

Could be anybody.

Doesn't it look
just like Sarah?

Our daughter's
a survivor, Quentin.

Ah, you have some nerve.

Three years, no phone calls,
no emails, nothing.

You just show up
with an old photo--

Dad, please.

Please, you listen to me, ok?
Sarah died on that boat.


why are you making me
re-live this?

I'm not doing this.




So I told Chris and Shane they could be
our plus ones tonight

to Oliver's club--
if they're lucky.

We both have plus ones, right?

Uh, I-I don't know.

Hang on just a second.

I didn't know purse snatchers
took coffee breaks.

You know, for a stuck up,
rich bitch,

you seem to spend
a lot of time here in the Glades.

My job's around here.

You? Have a job?

You know, you should
try it some time.

Instead of hanging out
on a street corner,

waiting to boost
somebody's handbag.

Sounds good.

Know anyone who's hiring
high school dropouts

with a couple of priors,
no references

and a history
of violence?


Actually, I might.

You know that new club
opening in the Glades?

Verdant? My brother owns it.

I think he might be hiring
valet attendants.

Do you think
it's a good idea?

Me, taking the keys
to stranger's cars?

I think it's time
you put up or shut up.

Talk to your brother.

Oliver: Yo.


Where you been?

Oh, I thought I'd give myself
a rare morning in.

Don't look at me like that.
The club is opening, finally.

McKenna and I are going
on date number six tonight,

which is...
It's significant.

And, uh, I don't know.

It seemed like a good day
to give the bad guys a rest.

Well, it's the bad girls
that I'm worried about.


Yes, or as I like
to call her,

your psycho

This was taken
at Alley Cats,

the strip joint.
The police report

lists the stiff's name
as Gus Sabatoni.

That's Bertinelli's lawyer.

Why would she come back
to Starling City just for him?

It's not like he did
a good job.

Her father's serving consecutive life
sentences without parole.

Come on, Oliver, we both knew
this was just a matter of time.

You tried to help her,
you couldn't.

Now the only question is,

how long before she drops
the dime on you,

me, this whole operation.

Look, I want you to get in touch
with her contacts in the Bratva.

Talk to anyone on the street,
figure out where Helena is,

why she's back.

Ok. But Oliver--

dig, if she's here,
she's here for a reason.

If that's not Frank Bertinelli,

we need to know
what she has planned.


[Indistinct chatter
and laughter]

Thea: Oh, we're in here.

Look who's back.

She was just telling me about
your guys' first date--

at Russo's.

Hello, Oliver.

Oh, Ollie, I kind of have
this pseudo friend

that's looking
for a job.

I was wondering
if the club's still hiring?

Yes. Of course.
Talk to Tommy.

As a matter of fact, you can go
upstairs and call Tommy, right now.


You rock.

Where you been?



Monaco, Budapest.

I just needed
to forget who I was.

And how much
I missed you.

Do you mean like
you missed Gus Sabatoni?

I thought you were done

with your father's
organization, Helena.

Because he's serving
consecutive life sentences

in Iron Heights prison.

You got your revenge.

He just cut a deal

with the Justice
Department to testify

the East Coast family.

In 48 hours,
Witness Protection

will give him a new name,
a new life,

and he'll be off the grid forever--

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

My father doesn't
deserve a second chance--

a second life.
And I can't.

I can't take on
a phalanx of U.S. marshals.

Not without help.


It's murder.

It's not justice.

Oh, there you are.

I have a question about
your opening tonight.



Oliver, who's
your friend?

Oh! Mom, this is Helena.
Helena, this is my mother.

Hi. Nice to meet you.
Helena was just leaving.

Yes. I have
a family engagement.

Excuse us for a minute.

Of course.

I guess I will just have
to be more persuasive.


You have a family, too.

She was in my house.

She made a not so veiled threat.

I want extra security
around my mother and sister.

Way ahead of you, man.
Thank you.

It's my job.

For not saying,
"I told you so."

Night's young.

Where you been?

The club opens in four hours.

I've been dealing
with the vendors.

No, you haven't. Tommy...

We need to talk.

I'm sorry, all right.

But I kept this
a secret to protect

the people that are
closest to me.

Do you think that's
what I care about?

What, that my
feelings are hurt?

You're a murderer.

A killer.

You were my best
friend in life,

but now it's like
I don't even know you.

You're right.
I've changed.

Listen, buddy,
now I can explain to you.

I can explain
to you how and why--

What'd be the point?

I wouldn't believe
a word of it, anyway.

One of those missiles
has an effective range

of up to 2,400 kilometers.

We're not going anywhere

until we figure out
what Fyers is planning.

Wild guess? He's planning
on blowing something up.

Well, one of those
could do the job.

But this?

This is about
starting a war.

With who?

What does it matter?

We have to stop Fyers

before he kills thousands of
innocent people.

There are tons
of soldiers down there.

Even if we get through
all of them,

we can't just steal
a whole missile launcher.

Well, who said anything
about stealing it?

So what's the plan?

It's impossible.

We can't take out all six without
one radioing for back up.

It'd be good if we could
get all the soldiers in one place.

You're right.

What'd the stapler
ever do to you?

What is it, Laurel? I'm busy.
The Hood's girlfriend is back.

Dad, I'm sorry
about this morning.

But if I told you the real reason
to come see me,

you wouldn't
have shown up.

You're damn right I wouldn't.

So you really believe this
garbage your mother's selling

about Sarah being alive
on fantasy island?


I mean, no.

But what would it
hurt to take a look

at everything
that mom found?

Even if it's just
to set her straight.

Laurel, you know how long
it's taken for me to get

to a place where Sarah
isn't the first thing

I think about every morning?



Tell your mom
I'm not making any promises.

[Dance music playing]

♪ Die

♪ die

To Verdant.

I know I haven't always
been supportive of this venture,

but I have to admit

this nightclub
is quite an accomplishment.

I'm proud of you.

Your father would be, too.

Yeah, congratulations,

Ollie. The club
doesn't totally suck.

Thanks, Speedy.
Thank you very much,

all of you,
for coming.

♪ And blue skies

♪ to embrace a love unknown

Oh! There you are.

This place is amazing.

I'm so proud
of you and Ollie.


Is everything ok?

I'm great.

Well, breakfast was a disaster.

With my parents?

Right. That was
this morning.



Are you sure
everything's ok?

Because you seem
completely off.

I'm fine.
I promise.

Tommy! Tommy.

Did you call Roy yet?
I left him a message.

He starts tomorrow.
Which reminds me,

I have to go check in
with the office.

Excuse me.

Hey, Tommy.

Remember me?

[Dance music playing]

Sorry to bother you, Mr. Queen.

Your timing is perfect.
I can't dance.

They said it was urgent.

You ok?

Yeah. We ran out of Cristal.

I'll be right back.



Let him go.

He has nothing
to do with this.

I told you.

Oliver, I warned you.

Helena! This isn't you.

My father is a mobster
and a murderer.

It is not like you haven't
killed men like that before!

And I tried to teach you

to obtain your objective
without killing!

By applying leverage.

By exploiting
someone's weakness.

[Tommy screaming
and gasping]

There is a whole club
full of leverage

above our heads
right now.


Oliver, don't
make me do something

that both of us
will regret.

Ok! Ok. You win.

I'll help you.
Let him go.


[Tommy groaning and gasping]

Don't say it.


Then let's talk
about Helena.

Oliver, if you didn't
still have feelings

for this girl, you would have thought
of a different solution

than letting her extort you
into killing someone.

So what do you want me to do?

You want me to kill her?

I think you would have
a long time ago

if she looked like me instead
of the T-Mobile girl.

She's a stone cold
killer, Oliver.

She's not evil.

She's been lost since her father
killed her fiancé in cold blood.

And are you going to sit there

and tell me that you don't know
what it's like to want revenge?

What would you do? Hmm?

If Floyd Lawton
was standing right there?

Nothing that will
involve blackmailing you

into hunting him down.

You're right.

Ok? I can't kill her.

And I can't take her
to the police

and risk her exposing
all of this.

But at least,
if I'm involved,

I can contain her, all right?

I can minimize
the collateral damage.

Sorry, am I...
interrupting something?

We were just...
talking about you.

And here I thought
you didn't care much for me.

Still don't.

I haven't been able
to locate the safe house

where the FBI
is keeping your father.

I can help with that.

I've been dying to hack into
the FBI security system.

Get out. Get out.

This is a private thing,
Felicity. Please.

Oh. Ok.

See ya, I guess...

How many girlfriends
do you have, exactly?

Like I said...

We don't know where
the safe house is.

What we do know
is that the Marshall service

is taking your father
to a hearing

at the Justice
Department tonight.

There's a problem...Helena.

There are two vans.

And one of them's a decoy.
Well, it's a good thing

there's two of us, then.

It's not too late
to call this off.

I think you know me
better than that.

I don't take prisoners.


I found an intruder
while I was circling the perimeter.

It's Wilson.

You killed a few of my friends,
you son of a bitch.

And I'm going
to kill a few more.

I'll talk to one
of our lawyers

and have them
call you right back.

Cut yourself


You got a minute?


How was Roy's first day?

Kid never showed.


I just, uh, I came by
to apologize for last night.

Instead of an apology,

why don't you
try the truth?

You can start
with your wrist.

I got into a fight
with a blender at the club.

It was stupid. [Chuckles]

I thought I asked
for the truth.

I know something's up.

Why won't you tell me
what's going on?

Because I can't.

Why not?

I can't tell you that, either.
I wish that I could.

Laurel, I'm sorry.

So am I.

I really need you
right now, Tommy.

My mother shows up saying
my dead sister is still alive,

and my father is furious with me
that I'm even listening to her.

And I don't know
who to believe.

I feel like
I'm falling apart.

I'm still here for you.

You're not.
You're a million miles away,

and the worst part is,
I don't even know why.

I'm sorry.

[Knock on door]

Wow. Stalker much?

You didn't show up
for the job I got you.

Yeah, I had second
thoughts about parking

your brother's Bentley.

What, being a valet
is beneath you?

No, but accepting charity
from some rich girl is.

Why are you so obsessed

with the fact
that I have money?

You know, money
isn't everything.

[Scoffs] Spoken
like someone who's got it.

Now, uh, if you'll excuse me,

I need to get back
to my life of crime.


Yo, can you help me out?
Think I'm lost.

Where's downtown at?
I--I--I don't know.

Maybe you can give us
some directions.

Or better yet, some money--

[Thea yelling]

[Groaning] You ok?

You're bleeding!

Yeah, that's what happens when
you get stabbed.

[Gasping] Ahh.

Just your father.

Anyone else gets hurt and
I'll put an arrow in you.

That's sweet.

Now I know how you charmed
your cop girlfriend.

[Tires squealing]

[Police radio chatter]


[Horns honking]

Give me Frank Bertinelli.

[Doors open]


Your father's
not in the van.

But he sends his regards.

Where's the Hood?

Helena Bertinelli...

You have the right
to remain silent.

Damn it.

Anything you say can
and will be held

against you
in a court of law.

You have the right
to an attorney.

Paul Copani, Nick Salvati,
Gus Sabatoni.

You are quite the hunter,
Ms. Bertinelli.

Well, I guess I should
make that "Huntress."

You've been
systemically taking down

everyone in your father's
criminal organization.

When Gus Sabatoni
turned up dead,

we knew it was
just a matter of time

before you tried
to murder your old man.

[Chuckles] Do you want
to tell us why?

Not particularly.
You should reconsider.

We got you,
but the vigilante got away

before E.S.U.
could move on him.

You know who he is.
Who he really is.

Don't you?

Ms. Bertinelli,

you're going away
for all day,

we can't change that.

But things
can be better.

Or they could be worse.

You tell me his name,
I will do everything I can

to make it better.

Oliver Queen.

You're dating him now, right?

I saw you at the opening
of his club last night.

Did he mention
that we used to be lovers?

We want to know about the Hood,
not Oliver Queen.

Let me let you in
on a little secret--

it's not going to work out
between you two.

You see, Oliver
has a particular talent.

He uses people.
He used me,

he used the detective
here's daughter--

excuse me--daughters.

I would get out of it

before you get yourself hurt.

[Lance slaps table]
Last chance.

His name.

The Hood.

[Electricity flickering,
alarm sounding]

What's going on?

I don't know.

Go, get out of here!

Head for a door.


Sounds like quite
the daring rescue.

You're very lucky to have a friend
like Roy, Thea.

Oh, don't I know it.

We're not friends.

Well, let me get you
stitched up,

and then you two can decide
what you are or aren't.

You are such a jerk.


What's a matter?


I just don't see why
I need a shot.


Oh, don't tell me a tough
gang banger like yourself

is afraid
of a tiny little needle.

It doesn't look
so tiny.

Well, just think about
something else.

Besides the needle.

Like what?

Ok, now this could
sting a little.


Now that wasn't
so bad, was it?

Thanks for the save.

I couldn't risk you
telling the police about me.

Is that the only reason?

Why can't you
just admit...

That you still have
feelings for me, too?

What is it?

A plane ticket to Rome,
and a passport

so you can start a new life

somewhere else.

The police know you're tracking
your father, Helena.

You'll never find him.

So get out of my city.

[Slade breathing heavily]

Place these around
the launcher.

Do it quickly. Their backup will be
arriving any second.

Man on radio: We're 60 seconds out
from the launcher.

Set your final charges
and we'll blow it.

I think I have a better idea.

What are you doing?

I'm taking the circuit board.

Computers won't work
without them, and neither will this.

[Chuckles] Leverage.

I'm sorry.
I should have called.

No, it's--it's ok.

Come on in.

Are you sure?
Yeah, yeah.

Thank you.
I'm surprised,

but I'm happy.


Everything ok?

I had a really rough night.

I just wasn't anticipating,
with my work and the club,

I feel like
I'm letting everybody down.

My family and Tommy


You. I feel like
I'm letting you down.

You're being too
hard on yourself.

We both have
demanding jobs.

That's no excuse for hurting
the people closest to you.

No, but when you believe
in what you do,

you find a way
to make it work.



The first thing you do

is you find
yourself someone

you never have
to apologize to.

["Kiss Me"
by Ed Sheeran playing]

♪ Settle down with me

♪ cover me up

♪ lie down with me

♪ and hold me

♪ in your arms


♪ Your heart's
against my chest ♪

♪ your lips
pressed in my neck ♪

♪ I'm falling for your eyes

♪ but they don't know me yet ♪
[Cell phone buzzing]

♪ And with a feeling
I'll forget ♪

Hey, it's me.

I was multitasking,
and intercepted a police report.

A local sporting goods store
just got robbed

of one high powered cross bow.


Could be a crazy coincidence

or your psycho

Dig's words, not mine--

is still in town.

I'll let you know
if I learn anything more.

In the meantime, your back.


I don't think
we had a chance

to be properly
introduced this morning.


Felicity: Oliver...

I'm here.

You ok?

Hey, hey.

You ok?

I got your call.

What happened?

She wanted the address to the
safe house where her father's being kept.

She made me hack
the FBI database.

Sorry, Oliver.

It's not your fault.

Oliver, what are you
going to do?

What I should have done
in the first place.

[Crickets chirping]



Code three, shots fired

at the Bertinelli
safe house.

This is Hall.
I'm onsite.

Lance on radio: Wait
for back-up, Detective.

That's an order.

You won't shoot me.

You're not a murderer.


But you are.

And if I let you go,

that blood will be
on my hands.

I'm sorry.


I practiced that move.

I had a feeling
I might need it someday.

You would have killed me.

[Both grunting]



Put it down.

Turn around.




[Knock on door]



How you feeling?

Uh, numb.

Hey, don't--
don't move.


I met your doctor.
He's a nice guy.


He says you're
lucky to be alive.

Yeah. He also said

I have a shattered femur,

and it's going to take
at least a year to rehab.

I loved being a cop.

Oh, come on.

You're still a cop.

You have one more
surgery, go home--

I'm not going home.

I'm moving to Coast City
to live with my sister.

They have the best
physical therapy facility

in the country there.

I'll visit.

Hey, I'm a billionaire, right?

I'll move to Coast City.

[Chuckles] That's
very sweet, but...

Your club just opened.

And your work is here.

Don't worry about me.

It's my responsibility
to worry about you.

Just stop, ok?

Listen, you know
how I feel about you.

Please don't make this
harder than it already is.



It's, uh,

it's whatever you need.


Are you cleaning
out your desk?

No. A friend's.


You asked to see me.

Why don't you
take a seat.


I'm ready to listen now.

Thank you.

Tommy: Hey.

I, uh, heard
about McKenna.

You ok?

Not really.

Look, I know that I have been
a jerk lately.

I just couldn't

how you could keep
such a huge secret from me.

But I--

I never considered
the toll it must take on you.

Lying to the people
that are closest to me.

It's the hardest part.

I get that.

[Exhales deeply]

I was wrong...

to think that I could
have it both ways;

that I could do what I do

and still have a normal life.

With anyone.

Except if you're alone,

you're never
going to be happy.

Maybe not.

But me being happy isn't
what's important right now.

Your plan,
your call.


Mr. Queen.

I thought I might
be hearing from you.

We have the circuit board.

You're making
a grave mistake.

My men are scouring
the island for you as we speak.

And when they find you,
they will kill you.

Very slowly, I'm afraid.

If your men kill us, then you'll
never find the circuit board.

And after that, we both know
that all you'll be left with

is a really ugly piece
of modern art.

What do you propose?

A trade.

I see.

And what do you want
in exchange?

I want a way off the island.