Arrow (2012–…): Season 1, Episode 14 - The Odyssey - full transcript

Oliver's heavy-handed approach to getting information from his mother backfires and she manages to shoot him in the shoulder. He turns to Felicity Smoak for help getting back to his ...

My name is Oliver Queen.

For 5 years I was stranded on
an island with only one goal...


Oliver Queen is alive.

Now I will fulfill
my father's dying wish...

to use the list
of names he left me

and bring down those
who are poisoning my city.

To do this, I must
become someone else.

I must become
something else.

Previously on "Arrow"...

Slade Wilson.
There's an airfield

10 clicks from here.
It's key off this island.

I think Yao Fei sent you

because he knows I cannot
take the airstrip alone.

You bugged my mother?
Just listen.

I made it clear
to him persuasively

that his plans endangered
the undertaking.

What are you going to do?

I need to have another chat
with my mom.

And I'll need the Unidac merger
finalized by the end of the week.

We're on something
of a clock here.

Moira Queen,

you have failed this city.

Stand still!

Please don't kill me.

Do you know anything about
your husband's disappearance?

Is Walter Steel still alive?!

I don't know
where my husband is.

I swear.

Do you know anything
about the Undertaking?

I said don't move!

I'm... I'm a mother.

I have a son... Oliver.

A daughter,
her name is Thea.

She's just a teenager.

Please don't take me
from my children.

They lost their father.

They can't lose me, too.

Please, whoever
you are, please.


I'm not going to hurt you.

This is Moira Queen,
I'm on the 39th floor,

I need help.

There's an intruder.


♪ Arrow 1x14 ♪
The Odyssey

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I'm not going to hurt you,

How do you know my name?

Because you know my name.

Oliver, oh...


Everything about you just
became so unbelievably clear.

You're bleeding.

I don't need to be told that.

You need a hospital.

My... my father's old factory,
in the Glades.

No, you... you need a doctor,
not a steelworker.

Felicity... You have
to promise me

that you are going to take me
to my father's factory

and nowhere else.

Yeah, promise.

Something tells me blood stains
are not covered under my lease.

So far the police
are unwilling to comment,

but unsubstantiated
eyewitness reports

claims that the Starling City
vigilante attacked Mrs. Queen

in her office earlier tonight.

She was unharmed
in the assault.

Excuse me.

Can you help me?
He's really heavy!

Oh, damn it.

He just missed a carotid.

It's a zone two wound.
Press there.

I should have taken
him to a hospital.

No, Felicity, that's why he
asked you to bring him here.

Because he knew the police

would want to know how
and why he got the wound.

I'm guessing how and why
are Oliver Queen's

least favorite questions.

Yeah, well, there's also when
and where, he's not too fond of.

So if we can't bring him
to the hospital...

We bring
the hospital to him.

Is that...

Yeah. His blood.
He stored it for a rainy day.

And I say right now,
it's pouring.

I got it.
Over there.

Do you know what you're doing?

Yeah, I had some
medical training

in the army.

I just hope it's enough.

Remember playing "Operation"
when you were a kid?


And it never made me
want to throw up.

Hey, Felicity, listen, trust me.
He'll be fine.

He's been through
a lot worse than this.

Ah, dead.

How did you survive here
for six months?

I know girl scouts who
have more fight in them.

Fighting girl scouts now,
Slade, huh?


What the hell?!

Listen, kid.
We have ten days

until the supply
plane lands.

Ten days to turn you
into at least half a soldier.

So start taking it

What is the point of this?!

These soldiers
don't carry bamboo!

They have guns!
So what am I supposed to do

if one them jams
a gun in my face, huh?

Threaten them with my stick?!

Jam this in my face.

Do it.

I give up.
I give up.

There is no giving up
to these guys!

No crying, or buying
your way out of it!

You have two choices...

escape, or die.

So choose.


Then let me show you

how not to die.

Lian Yu.

It's the name
of the island, I know.

It's Mandarin for "Purgatory".

It is? Wonderful.

Is that the air strip?

A.S.I.S. took satellite images
of the whole island.

This is Fyers' main camp,

where I was held
for almost a year.

Do... do you think
that's where Yao Fei is now?

'Cause we could get
a message to him.

We can tell him we found
a way off the island.

Forget about him.

This is the airstrip.

And these infrared
images show

there are at last
ten soldiers guarding

the perimeter
at any given time.

Too many of 'em for you?


My problem is the guy
here in the tower.

It's a PTAC. A portable
air traffic control tower.

The U.S. government
set up these for disaster zones,

like Thailand
after the Tsunami.

So what's the problem?

The glass is bulletproof.

I can't take out the tower guard
with my sniper rifle.

And if he suspects
anything's wrong,

he'll radio Fyers
and we're cancelled.

It'll be up to you
to take him out.

Up close and personal.

Are you ready for that?

Do you think I'm ready?

What I think is there's only
one supply plane every 3 months.

We leave tomorrow,
or we die soon afterwards.

I pick leaving.

So get some sleep.
We leave at 0600.

Don't worry.

You'll be back with your girlfriend
soon enough.


Please don't hate me.

Why would I hate you?

For cheating on you with Sarah.

Did it hurt, Ollie?

Did what hurt?

When they killed you?

Rise and shine.

Come on.

We're moving out.

All clear.

Hey, can we, um, can we rest
for a second?

You can rest on the plane.

Gosh, well, really
looking forward

to that
in-flight movie.

Oh, God.
Don't move.

Is it a mine?


The soldiers
mine the island?

No, it's probably Japanese,

left over from World War II.

Still active.


Can you disarm it?

Without disarming you?


Can they see us?

They can only see you.

Wait! Stop!

What are you doing
so far from camp?

I got separated
from my unit.

Come with us.

I...I can't.

I'm kind of having
a bad day, you know?

Be still.


Yao Fei.

Come in. Sit.

Now the first time

I saw you with
this contraption...

I thought you looked
utterly ridiculous.

That is, until you took out

three of my best men
with it.

25 compound bows
will be arriving

on tomorrow's supply plane.

I'd like you to train a few
of my men on how to use them.

Archery can take years
to master.

Well, I trust you'll be
a proficient instructor.

That'll be all.

I hope you are steadfast

in your commitment
to our cause, Yao Fei.

For her sake.

I am.

Obviously you were never
a boy scout.

Yeah? What
tipped you off?

We better hurry.

The wolves come out at night.

There are wolves here?

Right. Of course
there are.

Because what would
the worst place on earth be

without wolves.

The only thing that will
keep them out is fire.

Well, you know,
you're welcome to help.


I've been working on
this for two hours.

I know. I was watching you.

Thank you for the entertainment.

You're going to wear that thing out
just by looking at it.

Don't worry.

She'll be waiting for flowers
when you get back.

I doubt it.

Remember how I told you
I was shipwrecked here?

Her sister was with me
when the boat went down.

That's funny. I never took you
as being the bad boy.

You seem to lack the spine.

That's why I've got
to get home.

To make this right.

If you think you can sleep
with your girlfriend's sister

and still make it right...

You're dumber than I thought.
And believe me when I tell you

that is saying something.

Yeah, well, you don't really
strike me as the type of guy

who accepts apologies, so.

Well, everybody is in
this life for themselves.

Learn that at Australian
spy school?

No. I learned that here.

Do you remember I told you
that I had a partner?


Do you remember
the guy who tortured you?

That freak show
was your partner?!

His name's Billy Wintergreen.

Oh. Ok.

Our mission was
to exfiltrate Yao Fei

and to find out why Fyers and his men
were so interested in him.

But our bird got shot out of the sky
before we even saw the airstrip.

That's where I found you.

When Fyers took us prisoner,

he asked if we would
join him and his men.

Billy accepted
Fyers' invitation.

I declined.

He was the godfather
to my son Joe.

And yet, he turned
his back on me

without even thinking twice
about it.

Everybody is in this life
for themselves!

If you let him radio camp,
we're done.

What about the others?
You worry about your one.

I'll worry about my ten.

Good job.

I think.

His heart rate's elevated,

but at least
the bleeding stopped.

Thanks for your help.

You kept your head on.

Well, I always wondered
how I'd react

if I found my boss shot
and bleeding inside my car.

Not that I helped
because he's my boss.

I'd help anyone
who was shot

and bleeding in my car.

I was thinking all of this
would be more of a shock.

What, are you saying
you called this all along?

I'm not saying anything.

Except Oliver brought me
a laptop riddled with bullet holes,

had me trace
a black arrow,

and research a company involved
in armored car heists.

I may be blonde,
but I'm not that blonde.

Yeah, Oliver's not too great with
the cover stories.

Neither are you.

The two of you
with that whole

energy drink hangover cure?

What was really
in that vial, anyway?

I knew it!

I mean, I didn't know
it was Vertigo for sure,

but I definitely knew it wasn't
something that could cure a hangover.

Yeah, we needed it analyzed
so we could take down the count.

That was you and Oliver?

And you, Felicity.

Without you, we never
would have found him.

But why come to me?

Hard as it probably is
for him to admit,

even Oliver
needs help sometimes.

What's happening?!

There's a syringe
labeled Ativan.

It should stop
the seizure. Go.

His heart stopped.

I'm calling 9-1-1.

No. Wait, you can't.

You know how to use
one of those?

We are about to find out.

You didn't say clear!

I heard the charge.

That's good news.
How's that?

It means it might not
be the machine,

it could be the wiring.

Come on, come on, come on,
come on, come on, come on!

Try again.


What the hell did you do?

I've been building computers
since I was seven.

Wires are wires.

What do we do now?

Pray we don't have
a heart attack ourselves.

One job to do,

and you manage
to screw up even then.

I'm going to go make sure that
everything is clear.

Stay here,
keep the door locked.

Do not let anybody in
except for me.

You got that?

Here. Keep this.

And try not to shoot
yourself by mistake.



Is anybody there?

Have you lost your mind?

They might be
monitoring the calls.

Island tower.
This is Skyhawk 801 Foxtrot,

we are 700 kilometers
southeast of your position.

ETA, three hours,
22 minutes, over.

Island tower,
Skyhawk 801 Foxtrot.


Skyhawk 801 Foxtrot.


Of all creatures that breath
and move upon the earth.

What is that?

It's a challenge code.

They're trying
to verify our identity.

Skyhawk 801 Foxtrot.

Please repeat.

Of all creatures that breathe
and move upon the earth.


Wait, I know this.
I know this.

They picked the one book
that I read in college.

What the hell are
you talking about?

A quote, from "The Odyssey".


Of all creatures that breathe
and move upon the earth,

nothing... nothing is born

that is weaker than man.

Are you sure about this?
Because if you're wrong,

this plane
will turn around.

Yes, yes. I'm positive.

Nothing is born

that is weaker than man.

Say it.

Wait! Wait, wait,
wait, wait.

Sorry. Sorry, sorry,
sorry, sorry.


Not born, bred.

Nothing is bred
that is weaker than man.

That's it.

Nothing is bred
that is weaker than man.

Roger that.
See you in a few hours.


"The Odyssey".

Yeah! It's, uh, well,
it's a story about a guy

who's trying to get home, so.

Well, after a few days

at Langstughl Airbase,

you'll be
on your way home.

But you sound like
you're not coming with me.

I'll be coming with you.

After I radio in an airstrike
on this location.

I'm going to send Fyers and
all his men straight back to hell.


You can't blow up the island.

Yao Fei is still out there.

He is not my concern.

He's the only reason
you came here.

Rescuing him
was your mission!

Well, the mission
has changed.

Edward Fyers
is a mercenary

and he is not on
this island by mistake.

He has plans
for me and you

that involve Yao Fei.

And whatever they are,
they must end.

Yao Fei saved my life.

That is your debt
to repay,

not mine.

Where are you going?!

All my life,

all that I've ever
thought about is myself.

I took my family
for granted.

I betrayed people
that I loved.

And I'm not going to be
that person anymore.

I can't leave
Yao Fei here to die.

I won't.

The plane leaves
in three hours.

If you and your friend
are not on it,

I am going to leave
without you.

If I don't make it
back in time,

and you get out of here...

I want you
to call my family.

Call my family.

Sure, kid.

He's going into
cardiac arrest again.


Ah. The leads
just came loose.


It's less stressful when
he's jumping off rooftops.


This bow has put arrows
in quite a few people.

Yeah, bad people.

That doesn't bother you?


And I mean this
in a good way,

you seem like the kind
of guy it would bother.

When I was in Afghanistan,

my unit was tasked
with protecting this local war lord.

Gholem Qadir.

Qadir was less than
human, sold opium.

Sold children.

One day,

we were accompanying
him to Mosul

when my convoy
was ambushed by insurgents.

We had them outgunned.

Fire fight didn't last more
than a minute.

When the smoke cleared,

I moved in
on their position.

They were all dead.
I knew which one I had killed.

When I pulled off
his keffiyeh,

I could see it was just
a kid, no more than 18.

Shot him in the throat.

I killed this kid
to protect

this human piece
of garbage,

and I thought,
am I still good?

Am I still a good man?

Doing this with Oliver;

Doing what we do,
I feel good again

for the first time
in a long time.

And that's worth
all the collateral damage?

I haven't killed anyone, if that's
what you're asking.

But he has.


there are always casualties
when you're fighting a war.

How did you...

Come on, let's go.
I'll explain on the way.

Stupid boy. You should never
have come back here!

I found Slade Wilson
and he has a way off the island,

but we have to go
right now.

No. No!

What? What
do you mean, no?

This is our chance.

What... what reason
could you possibly have

for staying here?!

Not what. Who.

Ah, Mr. Queen,
I think it's past time

you left this island.

Island tower,
Seahawk 801 Foxtrot.

We are 5,000 feet
and holding, over.

Skyhawk 801 Foxtrot.

This is island tower.

You're clear to land.

Simply to satisfy
my own curiosity,

why aren't you
already dead?

I saw Yao Fei
choke you to death.

I guess he's not as strong
as he looks.

Still, you return for him.

So you're either a fool,

or is it possible you now think
yourself a hero?

I'm not a hero.
Of course not.

It's not possible
to be a hero

when there's nobody
worthy of saving.

Is this what you want?

Did you want me
to fight him again?!

Oh, no, Mr. Queen.

That's where
you're mistaken.

This is not a match.

It's an execution.

I'm sorry.

It's Wintergreen, right?

Bill Wintergreen?

I know all about you.

I know you work
for the Australian government.

And that you used
to fight for your country.

You used to stand
for something!

Whatever he's paying you,
I'll triple it.

How many of them
are there?!

Slade. Come back to die?

Was it so easy
to betray me, Billy?

You know, Billy...

You always had a good kick.

There goes our ride.


I'm impressed.

You didn't puke.

I swallowed it.

You can untie me now.

Why'd you want me
to tie you up in the first place?

A man in pain is unreliable.

I was afraid
I might kill you.



It's just...


I'm trapped on an island

and my only friend
is named Wilson. So.

What now?

We hope my fireworks
show set Fyers back,

maybe enough for those
who hired him in the first place

to call things off.

Hired him?

Well, Fyers is a merc.
He follows the money.

So he's on this island
under someone's employ.

Then what do we do?
We have to make sure

that neither of us dies on this
godforsaken island.

I though you said
if we didn't get on the plane...

We weren't going to make it.

Well, that dumb kid
that I trained,

he would never
have made it.


You might just
have a chance.

Yep, it's Fyers.

Satellites showed
multiple heat blooms on the island.

What the hell
is happening there?

There was a complication.
Slade Wilson?

I'm handling it.

Well, handle it better.
I've worked too hard

and planned for too long
to have complications arise

so close to the end.

I assure you,
it won't happen again.

What about Yao Fei?

I've ensured his cooperation.

Good. Paid you a lot
of money, Fyers.

I expect a return
on my investment.

You sent for me.

I'm a man of my word.

You made the right call today,
turning in your young castaway.

And for that,
I'll grant you five minutes.

Shado? Shado!


Shh, shh, shh.

I guess I didn't die.



It's not bad.

So how am I going
to explain this one?

Hickey gone wrong?

The police collected a sample
of your blood at Queen Consolidated.

I just hacked the crime lab and
ordered the sample destroyed.

Oops. Heh.

I hope it's all right.

Your system looked like it was
from the eighties,

and not the good part
of the eighties,

like Madonna
and, well, legwarmers.

It's a lot of work.

Does that mean you're in?
You mean in

as in I'm going
to join your crusade?

Well, you're practically an honorary
member of the team already.

Hmm. So Mr. Diggle said.


Then why'd
you upgrade my system?

First, because
seeing a network

that poorly set up
hurts me. In my soul.

And second...
I want to find Walter.

My stepfather.

He was nice to me.

And Mr. Diggle told me that
the notebook you use

to fight crime is the same notebook
that got Walter abducted.

I'll help you rescue him,
but that's it.

Then I want to go back to my
boring life of being an I.T. girl.

That's my offer.


So I've been
meaning to ask...

Is there a bathroom? 'Cause
I've had to pee since I got here.

It's upstairs to the left.


Thank you.


Oliver, I know you don't
want to hurt this girl

and you didn't have any choice
in telling her who you really were,

but we're asking her to get involved in
some pretty dangerous stuff.

We can protect her.

Your mother
just shot you, Oliver.

You can't even keep
yourself safe.

She was scared.
She was defending herself.

Or, she was hiding something.
Like maybe her involvement

in Walter's disappearance,
or worse.

Diggle, we don't always know
why people do what they do.

But what I do know

is that when I was
standing in her office

with an arrow
aimed at her heart,

she begged me
to spare her,

all on behalf
of me and Thea.

Now, I've taken down
a lot of bad people.

None of them brought
up their kids, Dig.

Oliver, she had the list.
Now she may not be in charge

of whatever "it" is,

but she's definitely involved.
Involved in what?!

We don't even know
what "it" is,

and until we do,

she is off limits!

Am I clear?

But Oliver, are you saying
this because you truly

believe she's innocent?
Or because you don't want

to face the fact that
your mother might be guilty?


and a deep voice. I...


What's going on?

Where have you been?

I've been calling you
all night.

I was at the club. I get
zero reception in there.

Maybe it's time
you invest in a land mine.

Your mother was attacked last night.

By the Vigilante.

He came after me
at the office.

Did he hurt you?
Are you ok?

Actually, she hurt him.
She shot him point blank

with a gun hidden
in her office.

That should help
with your investigation.

Did you get any evidence,

like a blood sample, or...

There was a screw-up
at the lab.

That's too bad.


We'll be in touch.

Thank you.

Oh, sweetheart.

I was so scared.

I'm just glad you're ok.

I thought he was
going to kill me.


I promise you,

he's never going
to bother you again.