Arrow (2012–…): Season 1, Episode 10 - Burned - full transcript

Oliver's confidence is shaken after being beaten by the Dark Archer and he takes a break from being Arrow. However, when Laurel calls Arrow for help investigating a firefighter's suspicious...

My name is Oliver Queen.

For five years, I was stranded
on an island with only one goal:


Oliver Queen is alive.

Now I will fulfill my father's dying wish... use the list of names he left me...

...and bring down those
who are poisoning my city.

To do this,
I must become someone else.

I must become something else.

Previously on Arrow:

MALCOLM: It's done.
- He won't be harmed?

Nor will he ever discover your
involvement. You have my word.

OLIVER: You know,
when I confront somebody on the list...

...I tell them they failed the city.

But tonight...

Tonight it was me who failed.


Get that hose to the north face
or we're liable to lose the block.

Yes, sir.

- Danny?
DANNY [OVER RADIO]: Yes, chief?

- Getting a little smoky out here, buddy.
- Just clearing the upper level.

Hey, you. Over here.

I could use some help.
I got a hot spot.

Hey. hey. Hey. what--?


How you doing?
The rehab going good?

- Any news on Walter?
- My contact at the Bureau struck out.

Same with my guy at Interpol.
They both say the same thing.

Either my stepfather
doesn't wanna be found...

...or someone doesn't want him
to be found.

It's been six weeks, Oliver.

No contact from the kidnappers,
no ransom demand, no proof of life.

- I hate to sound insensitive--
- Dig...

...we both know
he's more than likely dead.

- What do you wanna do?
- I don't know.

Even my contacts in the Bratva
can't dig up a lead.

I wasn't talking about Walter.

Back at fighting weight, looks like.

And last I checked, there were more than
a few names to cross off in this book.

Those people aren't going anywhere.

With Walter missing,
my family needs me right now.

Call your people. Tell them to bring the plane.

My people will be here shortly.

Do you not think it convenient
you captured me so easily?

- What?


And Judge Hinkle is ready
to grant them another continuance.

So I said,
"Hell, no. This trial starts right now."

LAUREL: Thattagirl.
JOANNA: Thanks.

Dad, what brings you by?

- I need to talk to Jo.
-ls everything okay, Mr. Lance?


- What's happening?
- No.

Her brother, Danny,
he was killed on duty last night.

- Jo, I'm so sorry.
- No. No, no!

No. No!

LAUREL: Jo, it's okay.
- No, no!





I stopped by the Big Belly Burger.

Thought maybe you, me and Thea
have some takeout, watch a DVD.

Thank you, sweetheart.
I'm not very hungry.

If you change your mind...

I've seen the movie before.

Cut me some slack.
I've been gone for a while.

And apparently
I missed the cinematic genius...

...that is Zach Galifianakis.

I mean, with Mom.

When you and Dad disappeared,
she spent more and more time at home.

Eventually stopped going out altogether.

- What snapped her out of it that time?
- Walter.

One morning, he showed up...

...and you know when he gets
all British and stern-like.

- Yeah.

Get dressed.
We're going out for lunch."

I mean, and it worked.

You know, I've been thinking
maybe Walter wasn't abducted.

Maybe he's having some
mid-life crisis...

wand he's wfih some stewardess
'm Bore Bore...

...and he's too ashamed to call home
and say that he's okay.

Just because we haven't heard from him
doesn't mean he's...

He's gone.

- Right?
- Right.

What strikes me is that this vigilante
was actually making a difference.

In the four months that he was active,
assaults were down.

Muggings down.

The murder rate dropped
by 16 percent.

So in a very quantifiable way...

...this man in the hood
had been a positive force in this city.

So where has he been
for the past six weeks?

True enough.

Looks like everyone's disappearing.



- What's this?
-It's nothing.

-It's nothing?
- It is, it is.

"Reasons I deserve a drawer."

Okay, we're gonna table this
for a less tragedy-filled day.

Yeah, and besides,
I don't think we're there yet.


- I should probably get that.
- All right.

JOANNA: I need your help.
- Jo, come in.

I, um...

I don't think what happened
to Danny was an accident.

I think he might have been murdered.

Jo, do you remember when Sara died?

I did all this research to try to find an
explanation for why the boat went down.

I needed to believe
that it wasn't just an accident.

That is not what I am doing, Laurel.

I once handled a case for a clerk
in the coroner's office.

He passed me a copy
of the incident report.

It said that Danny's turnout coat
was doused in turpentine.

But I checked and the plant owner said
that there wasn't any in the factory.

A turnout's supposed to withstand
temperatures in excess of 500 degrees.

But the coroner said
that the fire did not exceed 250.

How did my brother burn hotter
than the fire that supposedly killed him?

Laurel, a fireman died fighting a fire.

- I'm not sure I see the crime.
- I did some digging.

Last week, another firefighter,
Leo Barnes, was killed in action.

Same circumstances.

Traces of turpentine and ignition
temperatures hotter than the actual fire.

Do you think you could talk
to the fire marshal?

Encourage him to pursue this?

Fire Department has its own investigative
unit. They don't answer to police.

Sorry to take so long with it.
CSU's been really backed up.

- Well, you find anything?
- The only prints on it are yours.

The tech inside is military grade.
I can't even trace the manufacturer.

Forensics-wise, it's a dead end.

Another case?

Vigilante. The phone belongs to him.

Where'd you get it? Does he answer?

Well, like Kelton said, it's a dead end.

Listen, kiddo,
I feel for Jo and her family, I really do...

...but there's not a lot
I could do this end.

I gotta go. I love you.

Hey, let's go.



I need your help.

I didn't trust that you'd come.

No one's seen you for a while.
Where have you been?

You said it was important.

My best friend's brother...

...he died two days ago fighting a fire.

The police and Fire Department
say that he died in the line of duty.

But my friend,
she thinks he was murdered.

So you're asking one killer
to find another?

I heard what you said
to your father about me.

That I'm a killer,
that I have no remorse.

Do you?

Take a look at the file.

If Danny De La Vega was murdered,
then we have to bring his killer to justice.

I'll look into it.


Rotate your hips, Diggle.
That's where the power comes from.

It's not just your arms,
even if they're the size of bowling balls.

- Laurel reached out to the hood last night.
- Really?

Thought the vigilante spooked her
pretty well last time.

She thinks somebody's
killing firemen.

It looks all in the job. Seems pretty thin.

- We look into it?
- Yeah.

I have a friend who has a friend... the Fire Investigations Department.
I'll reach out.

If you get any leads, tip the police.

The police?

They just need something
to jumpstart them.

Isn't the whole idea of being a vigilante
that you do the police's job?

You've been spending a lot of time
around here lately.

I thought after six weeks
you'd be anxious to hood up.

I even prepared the
"you gotta slow down" speech.

Where the hell is everybody?

Let me see what's going on upstairs.

TOMMY: There was supposed to be a delivery
this morning, another one this afternoon...

...and I see nobody ready for work.

If you don't get some progress here
in the next week...

...I'm gonna bring someone else in.
Is that clear?

It's difficult for you
to manage my nightclub...

...what with there not being
a nightclub here.

I just took the liberty
of, uh, yelling at our contractor.

I told him if we didn't see any real
progress, we'd bring someone else in... finish the job.
- Good.

How's Laurel's friend?
The one whose brother was a fireman?

Hanging in there, thanks.
That's something I wanted to bring up.

I was thinking that we could throw
a fundraiser for the Fire Department.

- Raise some money for the families.
- That's a great idea.

We could do it here.
We could keep the overhead low.

Make sure we maximize
the proceeds to the firemen.

Who are you?
Where's my friend Tommy Merlyn?

The guy who once rented out
a pro football stadium... that he could play
strip kickball with models.

That guy needed a swift kick
in his lazy ass.

Jo, you really should take
some time off.

Go be with your family.

I seem to recall when Sara died
you hit the books pretty hard.

I am not exactly the best example
for healthy grieving.

Hey, can I talk to you, please?

LAUREL: What is it?
- Where is it?

- Where's what?
- The phone.

I'm sorry. I know I shouldn't have.

Stolen evidence?
Yeah, you probably shouldn't have.

I had to do something.

- The man is a killer.
- Then why did he give you his phone?

- Give me the phone.
- He took it back.

- You were with him?
- When Sara died...

...if someone could've done something
to give you even a little closure...

...don't you wish they'd done it?

If it meant breaking the law,
lying to the people closest to them, no.

MOIRA: Surely there are contingencies
for these types of situations.

Bring someone over
from our London office, perhaps.

FOSTER: It's not solely a matter
of the day-to-day operations.

We have accountants
and vice presidents to do that.

It's about perception,
public confidence.

The company will be fine.

I don't mean to be indelicate...

...but this is the second time
in five years...

...that the CEO
of Queen Consolidated...

...has vanished under
mysterious circumstances.

I don't need you to remind me of that.

The last thing
I wanna do is upset you.

Then you should consider
this visit doubly disappointing.

Good day.

- Who was that?
- Ned Foster.

- The COO of the company.
- He wants Mom to take Walter's place.

He says that the company's stock price
has been damaged by Walter's absence...

...and my stepping in
would help settle the board.

But I told him that I needed
to be at home for my family.

Mom, Thea and I are fine.
We can manage here without you.

This sounds like something
everyone needs you to do.

Well, maybe I don't care
what everyone needs.

She's gonna be all right, Thea.

We have to get going if you wanna
make your dentist appointment.

Now, sir.

Eyewitnesses place a '72 Ford pickup
at the scene of Danny De La Vega's fire.

- Okay.
- Stagg Chemical lit up 1O minutes ago.

I hacked into
Stagg's video security feeds.

Parked on the street
running along the plant.

- Same pickup.
- I've got your gear in the car.

By the time I get someone on the phone
who will even listen to me... least one of those firemen
are gonna be dead.

They need the man in the hood.


I have contact. Two klicks southwest.

Portable to Deputy Chief.

All clear of civilians.

CHIEF [OVER RADIO]: Copy that.
Bail out and wait for second-in-companies.


Who are you?






I have some information for you.

The killer drives a 1970s Ford pickup.

There's a scar on his right wrist from
a severe burn and a tattoo of a firefly.

Well, then you must've gotten
pretty close to him.

All the men in Engine Company 15
had firefly tattoos.

Any one of them could be the killer.

And what should I do
with this information?

Whatever you'd have done
before you met me.

- Who was on the phone?
- Wrong number.

So Laurel's on her own against
a murderer who burns people alive?

- I can't right every wrong in this city.
- No, I get that, Oliver.

But maybe you're not back
to 100 percent like you thought.

Maybe I'm not.


- What did that prove?
- That this is one sturdy desk.

And clearly your problem
isn't physical.

- I never said I had a problem.
- Don't have to.

But this guy, the other archer...

...he got in your head,
he took something from you.

- That's enough.
- He took whatever is in your heart...

...that lets you jump off buildings
and take down bad guys.

Thank you for the analysis.

You can avoid Laurel, Oliver,
avoid me...

...avoid this as long as you want.

But until you're ready to take ahold
of the fear in you... might as well
have let that archer kill you.


Text from Tommy.

I need to run an errand for the benefit
at the firemen's station.

While you're at it, let me know...

...if you still wanna be a vigilante
or just a club owner.

Hey, what are you doing here?

I told Joanna
I'd clean out Danny's locker.

- And you?
- Tommy sent me over... make sure the guest list
for the Fireman's Gala was accurate.

Tommy's been working
very hard on that.

-It's very generous of you, Oliver.
-It's truly not.

Ha, ha. Speaking of Tommy...

...he told me that you're being very
protective of your drawers.

This is not a fancy term
for your underwear.

Are you and I
seriously having this discussion?

Well, we're friends.

Yes, Tommy asked for a drawer.

- And this is bad?
- No, it's just...

I'm an all-or-nothing type of girl.

First it's a drawer, then it's a closet,
half my rent, it's half my life.

Am I really ready
to do that with Tommy?

- You could take it slow.
- I don't take things slow, remember?

I close my eyes and I jump.
Just like you.

I think that's why
we spooked each other.

Our feelings, our fears, they control us.
It's not the other way around.

- You know?
- Yeah.

I have to get inside.

LAUREL: I did some research.
There are eight firemen in this picture.

You called yourselves the Fireflies.

That station house was shut down
a few years back.

All the guys went to different
companies, so...

Four of these men are now dead.

It's not all getting cats out of trees.

But three of them died
within the last six weeks.

Except for that man right there,
Garfield Lynns.

He died two years ago
in the Nodell Tower tragedy.

You forget something, Mr. Queen?

Just wanted to see if my friend there
needed some help.

- What was the Nodell Tower?
- How do you not remember that?

I was Wi-Fi free for a few years.

It was 22 stories of glass and steel.

Except it turned out that
the construction company who built it...

...used substandard materials
to save themselves a few bucks.

It was nowhere near the structural code.

A gas line blew. There was a fire.

Yeah, melted right through
the stanchions.

- The whole damn thing came down.
- Bad day.

Thirty-four civilians
and six of my fellow firemen died.

Now, do you need anything else,
Ms. Lance?

Other than reminding rne
of all the friends I've lost and buried?

Hey, what was that all about?

It was nothing, Oliver. I have to go.



Are you there?

I spoke to Danny's old chief.

I didn't get anywhere.

[OVER PHONE]: What am [supposed to do now?
ARROW [OVER PHONE]: Nothing. It's my turn.


We have so many of these old photos.
I really should have them scanned in.

Well, that's an incredibly
ambitious plan.

Which will have to wait.

- Why?
- Because we're gonna go out.

To dinner or to a movie or shopping.

- Anything to get you out of the house.
- No, Thea, I'm just too tired.

Really? That's pretty amazing
considering you've been in bed all day.

Please, don't presume to think
you know what I'm going through.

I do know.

I lost Dad too.
I'm worried about Walter too.

But I don't get to worry about him,
because I'm busy worrying about you.

- I never asked you to do that.
- Right.

Because you don't ask me
to do anything anymore.

You don't ask me to do my homework
or to be home at a decent hour.

I mean, you basically stopped
being my parent.

Well, how's this?
Don't talk to your mother like that.

Maybe you should start acting
like my mother.

So I don't have to act like yours.

Thought you were done
helping Laurel.

The first Firefly to die,
his name was Garfield Lynns.

Well, being dead kind of rules him out
as a murder suspect, right?


...I'm sorry I came at you so hard, man.
But I've been there.

I know what it's like to stare death
in the face and be the one who blinks.

That's not it.

I've been close to death
on the island...

...more times than I can remember
and I never feared it.

Because I had nothing to lose.

But when that archer almost killed me,
when I stared death in the face then...

...I thought about the people that
I've let into my life since I've been back.

My family, Laurel, Tommy.

And that made me afraid.

Afraid of what would happen
to those people if they lost me again.

And for the first time in so long...

...I had something to lose.

Maybe you got it backwards, Oliver.

You think the people you let in
have taken your edge.

I think it gives you one.
Maybe a stronger one, even.

You can stare down death
with something to live for or not.

Something to live for is better.

All the men in the unit
had an alibi for Danny's murder.

The guy that I fought had a firefly tattoo
and his arm was severely burned.

Okay, I don't see
where you're going with this.

The Node“ Tower fire...

...the bodies were so burned,
they couldn't be lD'd off records.

What if Garfield Lynns didn't die,
but was just presumed dead?




You know, ironically...

...if we get any more people in here,
we're gonna violate the fire code.

- We're good on Drawergate, right?
- All good.

Excuse me.

- Can I borrow Laurel for a sec?
- Absolutely.

- Chief Raynes.
- Hi.

- Mr. Queen, this is spectacular.
- Well...

The Starling City Firemen's Relief
Association can't thank you enough.

You guys are the real heroes.
Like at the Nodell Tower fire...

-...which I've been reading up on.
- Oh, yeah?

Garfield Lynns was the first man
to die in your unit.

I read that they recovered his coat
in the wreckage...

...but they never found his body.

You always interrogate
your club's guests?

Why? Do you feel like
you're being interrogated?

I could see it on your face
at the fire station.

There's more to the Nodell Tower fire
than people know about.

I've been doing this a long time
and I've never seen a fire like that.

It was like some monster
out of a science-fiction movie.

I radioed for my men
to get the hell out of there.

But Lynns, he wouldn't go.
Begged me to send the unit back in.

But I wouldn't do it.

I couldn't.

God help me, I left him to burn.

- But I can't bring him back.
- You don't have to.

He is back.

- What the hell are you talking about?
- Garfield Lynns killed Danny...

...and the other men on your unit.

There is no way
he could have survived that fire.

You'd be surprised
the power revenge can give you.

Thank you so much.

The people in this city
appreciate everything you...

You're insane. Gar did not
make it out of that building.

LYNNS: Just like you won't
make it out of this one.


MAN 1: Go, come on. Exit's this way.

GO, go!

MAN 2:
Go, go, go. This way.

Gar, what the hell are you doing?

- Run.
- Go!

What the--?


Laurel. Laurel.

- Where's Oliver?
- He's still inside.

We can't leave him.


You know how long it takes
for your skin to melt?

- I do, from experience.
- I told you to get out of there.

And I told you
that we could save the building.

But you got scared.

You lost your nerve.
You left me in there to die.

- How did you get out?
- I was pulled from the wreckage.

Listed as a John Doe in the burn unit.
In a coma for months.

When I woke up
and saw what was left of who I was...

...I only had one thought:

To leave you as alone as you left me.

Now it's your turn.


It's over.

I'm not afraid to die.

I know.

You're afraid to live.

Let me get you out of here.


...let me get you help.


- But I'm already burned.
- Lynns, don't do it.

WOMAN [ON TV]: Eyewitnesses contend
that numerous lives would have been lost...

...if not for the timely intervention
of the vigilante.

But these were not the actions
of a vigilante.

What's been described
are the actions of a hero.

What's got you all smiley?
Your new club's a briquette.

It was under construction before.
Now it's just more under construction.

Good morning.

Sharp suit, Mom.

Not used to seeing you without
your bedroom wrapped around you.

Well, I could hardly go
to the office in my pajamas.

I'm taking Walter's position at the office.

- What changed your mind?
- Not what. Who.

My daughter.

My family.

And I promise you,
Walter will get back to us.

I will keep looking for him
and I will find him.

- And I'll see you for dinner.
OLIVER: Mm-hm.

- What?
- Just feeling the whiplash.

She went from shut-in
to chairman pretty fast.

- Sounds like you got through to her.
- Yeah, I guess.

It'll just be for a few months.
My mom, she's taking it so hard.

Whatever you have to do
to take care of your family.

Before I forget.

My brother's badge.

My mom was hoping maybe you could
find a way to get it to, you know, him.

As a thank-you.
I don't care what anyone has to say.

He really is a guardian angel.

I'll find a way to get it to him.

I'm gonna miss you.


- Hi.
- Hey.

- You look after yourself, all right?
- I will.


So Joanna's taking
a leave of absence, huh?

- She has to go be with her family.
- Yeah, well, family's important.

- I already apologized.
-It's my turn.

After what happened last night...

...maybe it's a good thing
you got the hood involved.

He didn't take
the phone off you, did he?

Maybe you should hold onto this.

I mean, I may not like the guy's methods,
but whoever this guy is...

...he's got a habit of putting himself
between danger and you.

And that's not something
I can argue with.

I shouldn't have this thing anyway.

Kelton, are we good?

I got a strong signal from the crystal
VHF transmitter you hid in the speaker.

- It can't be back-traced.
- Talk to me like a third grader.

Next time your daughter calls
the vigilante...

...we'll be able to listen to every word.

I know you swore
to bring this guy down, detective...

...but using your own daughter as bait,
that's stone cold.


Good thing the fire didn't spread
to down here.

It's one of the benefits of concrete
and steel construction.

Thank you.

- What for?
- You know what for.

- So, what's next? More training?
- No.

We go hunting.

[English - US - SDH]