Amsterdam (2022–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - La pelea de siempre - full transcript




What do you think?

Do you look cute or would you
like us to take another one?


You liked it, didn't
you? Yes, you did.

Then it's done.



What's going on?


You took very seriously the idea
of dining with me, didn't you?

Can you take him out for a
walk? He's not letting me read.

What are you reading?

A movie script.

A director's debut
that I got yesterday.

Is it good?

I just started.

Is there a role for you?

If she's not killed in the next few
pages, she's one of the main characters.


Like Nadia, but the
other way around.

Anyway, I don't think she'll
be killed. It's not a thriller.

- Who sent it to you?
- A director I don't know...

with a surname
impossible to pronounce.

And how did he give it to you?

We met during an audition.

A director that
acts in advertising?

Like a model or something?

- Am I like a model?
- No, no. You perform in theater plays.

Well, he's in movies.

- You don't have to defend him.
- Then don't attack him.

This guy is offering
me a part in a movie,

something larger
than three scenes.

He's seen me at the theater.

He knows my work
and he likes it.

It's still weird, isn't it?

You meet at an audition and just
like that he has a script for you?

That's magic.

Don't tell me he goes out on the street
with a script in his bag just in case?

Say what you want to say...

or let me keep reading.

Hey, you! You can eat whatever you
want except these little plants.

Let's go for a walk.

Hi, Mom. I can't answer
right now. I'm taking a shit.

Well, well, well.

- What's your name?
- I found him on the street a few days ago.

- You poor thing.
- We are looking for his owner.

If you can't find
him, you'll keep him?

He's very cute. I'm sure
they're looking for him already.

- And what's the name of yours?
- Rocco.

Hi, Rocco. Like Rocco Siffredi?

Who's that?

An Italian actor.

Hi, Mom. Can I call you later?

Yeah, sure. But call me,
because it's important.

- What happened? Are you alright?
- Yep, everything's okay.

I got out of therapy and I made a decisio
with my therapist I wanted to tell you.

- What decision?
- Don't take it personally,

but we decided...
Well, I decided

that, as of next month, I will
not help you with the rent anymore

Don't worry. Call me when you are
not bus and we'll talk about it.

- Why won't you help me anymore?
- Am I on speaker?


- Hi, Martín!
- He's not here.


the truth is I feel that I'm
doing you more harm than good

if I keep giving you
money every month.

It's not right for me to keep encouraging
that dream of being and actress.

- You're 30 years old.
- Twenty-seven!

I understand you want to be an
artist. I always thought it's amazing

and I think you have a lot of
talent. I'm not arguing that,

but you've been trying
for ten years or more.

I know it's difficult to
make a living from art.

It could be more of a hobby.

You have to start accepting
adult responsibilities.

Give me a second. Can you bring me
another coffee with coconut milk?

No, almond milk, okay?

Yeah, in a glass. And a brownie.

- The tiniest.
- But the tiniest they have.

Mom, you are not helping me.

I can pay for a course, yoga
if you want, or therapy.

In your case, I'd try therapy.
But the rent is too much.

- What about Martín?
- Martín pays half of it.

Then let him pay for the
whole thing. He should commit.

What kind of a couple are you?

I don't want him to support me.
I don't want to depend on him.

Well, I don't think it's fair to help you
and not your sister who has a daughter.

Yes, and an ex who
is a millionaire.

She wanted to be an artist
too, but she studied.

Mom, I studied. I studied a lot.

I'm an actress. I work as an actress
and it's what makes me happy.

Here is my coffee.

Do you have raw sugar?

That was too much, dude.

I'm sure she is
googling Rocco Siffredi.

No. I'm sure she knows who he is,
but felt ashamed of saying it.

Everybody watches porn, man.
You're the only weirdo who doesn't.

I do watch it, but no everyday like you.
You even know the names of the actresses.

And I follow them on
Instagram. What's the big deal?

You have a woman and stick it to
her, but what about the rest of us?

I wouldn't say so. That's a
fantasy single people have.

Then you watch porn,
don't you? Don't shit me.

You'll not say: "No, I only jerk off
thinking about Nadia." No fucking way.

And you, dumb ass? Who
do you think about?

I don't think. I, look... I see.

Besides, I've got a fucking skill
to find similarities between faces.

I'm the fucking best at searching
stuff on the Internet. Seriously.

I found one, dude. She was Julia's
spitting image. She's Russian,

but identical. Really.

- The drummer?
- No, man. The bass player in Pedro's band.

Yeah. That's right.

There's one that really
looks like Nadia.

I've never jerked off watching her, but
if you want, I can send you the link.


Yeah, I'm better now.

Look, hang on a sec.

I can't remember the last time
she came to see one of my plays.

And the short film last year? Remember?
She didn't see it either. Hold on.

- Hi.
- Martín isn't here. He shouldn't be long.

Don't worry. I can
wait for him outside.

No, come on in. It might be
a good excuse to stop crying.

Nobody. One of
Martín's students.

I know.

I'm tired. This is like
a never-ending "déjà vu."



No, thank you.

And, I mean, it's like
every time we're okay,

we have a relapse.

Right? We can't be okay.
That's right. It sucks.

Half of the time she
doesn't come to my plays.

Nadia, good news!

You were shortlisted along
with three other actresses.

They're gonna call you back. I
think you'll get it. They loved you.

Give me a call
when you can. Bye.

I can't believe it!

I thought I did poorly. I left
that audition very frustrated.


You left and they
said, "It's her."

But, since it's a global
campaign, you know,

they have to present three
options to the client.

But it'll be you.

That's for sure.

Besides, this will take
you to the next level.

You'll be valued, honey.

Are you excited?

Of course.

And it's a lot of cash,
okay? Like ten commercials.

I'll send you the call back time. Try
not to schedule anything tomorrow.

- And the movie? Do you know anything?
- No.

Don't even mention it.
They are being idiots.

They want to send the
script to famous actresses.

Well, I think you need to
practice a little more, man.

I know, but I was all over
the place with the exams.

Piano and Economics, dude.
A bit bipolar, right?

You should come to
hear us tomorrow.

We've got a band called
Playlist and we only do covers.

You bet!

Hey, man.

Tomorrow we play
iconic LA bands.

The shock.

I swear I'll die.

Look. Did you hear
what they are playing?

- What's up, Cherny?
- What's up? Are you not saying hi to me?

Violeta, my kiss.

I need to go potty.

- I can't stand him!
- Freaking pig!

- You want me to heat water and make tea?
- Yes!

That "shunkshuk
gluk gluk" whatever?

It's Lapsang souchong!

No idea. You'll have to tell
me what box it is, Nush.


There's... There's
a situation, Nush.

Who did this?

Hang on.

You had finished it, hadn't you?

Take a picture and
send it to him.

He'll laugh to death.

Do you have the guy's number?

It was written on
the first page.

I'm sure it's fine. We'll call the woman
from the audition and ask her for it.

It's funny if you
think about it.

When you do the movie and they
interview you, you can say...

well, that your
dog ate the script.

Right? I mean...

Here's the evidence.


Nush, what's that? I need more tragedy.
It's the worst that's happened to you.

The worst. I mean, wipe that tear with
the remains of this tragedy, please.

More. Wipe it. Wipe your nose.

- One with Amsterdam.
- Oh no.

- Did you name him already?
- Amsterdam. Yeah.

- Nadia named him.
- I love it, I love it.

Come on. Amsterdam,
the movie critic.

- With the script he didn't like.
- Amsterdam, you know what?

This can't happen again.

Yeah, yeah.

That's it.

Let's cook "carnitas".

- A dog!
- How are you?

No way!

No, of course she never told me she'd
stop helping you with your rent.

Hey, don't worry about it.
I'll help you with that.

No. Yeah, I mean, every day that
passes I understand her less.

For real.

You know what? I think this psychologist
she's seeing is doing more harm than good.

Therapist. Don't call her a
psychologist because she loses it.

I've never understood
the difference.

- None. Well, the price.
- Look, you know what?

Don't be mad at her.
Don't take it personal.

Forget it. It's my mom

and she'll never change.

Mom, I want a brother and a dog.

Just that?

Well, today your mom is going on a date
with a man who has a son and a dog,

so maybe we kill two birds
with one stone. How's that?

- Can I give Amsterdam a cookie?
- Sure.

Come, come.

Can I leave her
here for the night?

Who's your date?

It's a cute guy. I sold him an apartment
in Polanco, from the seventies.

The guy or the apartment?

It's amazing. The
sound is amazing.

Look, I don't clap
because my hands are busy,

but very well, Martín.

Hey. I need an honest opinion
about a dish I'm trying.

Some black pudding croquettes

with almonds and caramel apple.

Ideally, you should dip it in...

Very well. That's it. Sir.

- Thank you.
- "The Ode to Joy."

What's going on there?

It's López, feeding the beasts.

- Wow, this López is good.
- He cooks better and better.

- I don't know how he does it.
- Is that so?

Hey, does this López
have a girlfriend?

No, but he's the spoiled customer of
the most VIP whores I've ever seen.

- Sexual workers.
- You're always so proper.

Whores, little sister. Whores.

- Just like dad's.
- Mom, can I?

- Yes, but...
- Okay.

- Bring me one!
- He'll be here with everything shortly.

He only cares about my opinion.

Excuse me, you think
you are so great, right?

- It's time!
- Oh, yeah, yeah.

- Hey, move the shark aside.
- López.

Let's see.

- I want this one.
- Me too.

What's this? It's delicious!

It's so good.

Hey, what's the black pudding?

- It's like blood sausage, right?
- Kind of.

The best of my day.


- Long story or summary?
- Summary.

Martín thinks I was given the script
because the director wants to fuck me,

my mom called me to tell me she'll
not help me with the rent anymore,

I got called and I thought I'd been
chosen for a movie I auditioned for,

but no. It was a commercial.

And, to top it off, that little
guy, who finally has a name,

ate the script I was given
because someone wants to fuck me.


No way! And here I am,
leaving Majo with you.

No, I don't care about
that. On the contrary.

That way, I won't
fight with Martín.

This is delicious.
I need some wine.

Wait. I'll bring a good one.

Someone come with me. I need an
accomplice to smuggle down some bottles.

They already ate half a tray. We
won't let them drink all the wine.

Me! I'll go with you. I don't know
that wine cellar, but I've heard stuff.

- This way.
- Thank you.

-The tallest is the brother
-The tallest is the brother

-Hand in hand with the other
-Hand in hand with the other

The little one comes behind

And they go together for a ride

Hey, you.

Sorry about the time, but...

I know it's early for you.

How are you, by the way?

I really liked seeing you.

Look, I got a script and I have
to give them a quick answer.

It's a sort of indie movie.

My agent says I shouldn't do it
because they surely have no budget,

but I liked it.

The thing is I need
an objective opinion

from someone who knows me.

No way.


- Yeah?
- Hi. It's me.

Lola. You don't remember me?


- Which commercial?
- It's great seeing you. About a beer.

Don't you remember? At the
beach, a really cute party

- at sunrise.
- Yeah. Yeah, I remember perfectly.

- It was fucking freezing.
- That's it! That one was a nightmare.

Remember I wore a neoprene suit?
It wasn't worth the glamour.

- And I put you in a spaghetti blouse...
- Don't even remind me. I was freezing.

I couldn't even grab the
bottle. I was shaking and blue.

Yeah. Literally blue.

It was horrible, and the director
yelled: "It's hot. You're freshening up."

I've done a crapload of those.

Don't complain. Tomorrow they'll call you
to play a mom/housewife and you're fucked.

- Make yourself comfortable. Sit down.
- Thank you.


They standardize you. Literally.

I hope I don't have to do
commercials when that time comes.

I promised years ago that I'd
lower my workload, but I can't.

Work is like a drug, isn't it?
It sort of fills empty spaces.

I mean, I control the other drugs,
but, with this, I can't do it.

I don't know why.

I always thought that, in my
thirties, I'd get married, have kids,

and work only in projects that
I feel passionate about, but...

see my age,

I'm not married, I have no kids, and
I'm still doing anything I'm offered.

It's ironic. I mean...

I have a great eye
to pick an outfit,

but, with men, I just can't
get it right. It's like...

I don't know, like I
pick them from an outlet.

I swear it.

How horrible!

I have even thought
about freezing my eggs.

Do you think I should?

- I'd do it.
- Hey, you dress amazing.

Have you ever thought
about working in costume?

When will your sister
come pick up Majo?

Damn. She's not there yet?
Hang on. I'll call her.

- Sorry.
- It's fine. I can stay for another hour.

It's just, I don't know. She was great.
She came with me to walk Amsterdam.

They are watching
cartoons together now.

How's it going?

It's taking too
long. It's boring.

Hey, I saw you had a
script in your computer.

That's the script for "Medianeras",
the movie I auditioned for.

Why do you have it?

- The studio wants a quote for the sound.
- Is it good?

- I don't know. I can't picture it.
- Nadia Steinberg?

- The female character is very good.
- I'm up. I have to go.

I love you. Call you later.

Okay, beautiful. Bye.


- I didn't know you were shortlisted.
- It's great we are here...

with matching outfits.

- How have you been?
- Fine.

- Did you take a look at the script?
- Nadia Steinberg, come, please.

Andy, you too.

Come on, people.
The client is here.

Stand on your cues.

Nadia, remember you have to look at him
like you have the biggest crush, okay?



Beautiful couple. They
are really interesting.

- No, really cute. He's so...
- Cut!

Super. I mean...

Okay, come on.

- Tell me. Did you like it or not?
- I did read it.

I know this is hard to believe.

I wouldn't believe it
either, but it's the truth!

- Just tell me the truth.
- I'll show you. I have proof.

I don't believe a word.

You didn't like it...

at all.

The photo is
amazing, by the way.

- What's his name?
- Amsterdam.

- Like the city.
- Like the street.

My boyfriend found him
there and I named him.

Well, I'll send you a PDF,
so that he can't eat it.

And in which part were you?

I got to the part in which
they go to the beach.

Say no more.

It gets me anxious.

- Finish it and we can talk about it. Okay?
- Okay.

Well, I have to go.

We kissed more than
enough for today.

- Who knows? Maybe they'll pick us.
- Surely you'll stay.

- Me? I don't think so.
- Why?

I'm a bad actor,
even for commercials.

- See you.
- Bye.

Does he have a name?

Yes, Amsterdam.


- You like it?
- Yeah.

It has a ring. Suits him.

- Did you choose it?
- Yeah,

after the street
where I found him.


- It's great that you're adopting him.
- Yeah.

Do you want us to make his tag?

- Yeah, that's a great idea.
- Which one do you like?

This one.

It should read "Amsterdam".


- If you give me a phone number...
- Yeah. Fifty-five...


Can you make us two with cucumber
and one with lemon and rosemary?

Why did you come with someone?
We have so much to gossip about!

I'll make it up to you tomorrow and
we'll tell each other everything.

Who is she?

An Instagram like.

She's cute.

The predator.

How long until he's
rejected? Let's see. Three...

- two...
- Two...



Complete failure.


- Hi.
- Hi!

- They were together yesterday at the park.
- Really?

- The nameless dog.
- No, he has one. Amsterdam.

- Like the street?
- Así es.

- I like it.
- What's the name of yours?

- Rocco.
- Rocco!

Like the movie: "Rocco
and his Brothers."

- Yes, but no.
- You didn't like the movie.

No, I did like the movie, but I
didn't name him Rocco after it.

Look how much he
resembles Alain Delon.

- Handsome, isn't he?
- Sí.

Well, we'll continue because we're going
to see Martín play, this guy's owner.

Would you like to come?

- Hi!
- Hi!

- How are you?
- Very well. This is great.

These are the best.

Cherny is Playlist's bass player.
Lola, a friend and costume designer.

Are you a lesbian too?

It's just all of Nadia's
friends are lesbians.

- Do you ever play while sober?
- This is my lucid state.

That way, music connects with
me and flows towards you.

What do you think of my outfit?

- Risky.
- That's me.

Well, who's the guy?

Run away.

I know what I'm saying.

You know we invite different artists
to accompany us with their voices.

All of them are
wonderful musicians,

but, tonight, we have a star
guest we could've never imagined:

Ximena Sariñana!

Let me dedicate
tonight's last song

to the most important
person in my life,

who, for the last four years, has woken
up next to me, listening to this song.

I think this song is the best. Just
like you, Nadia. You're the best.

For you.

- I love you.
- I love you.


Amsterdam? Hi.

- Come, you. Come.
- Come.

Somebody's afraid.

No animals were harmed in
the making of this series