Amsterdam (2022–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Amsterdam - full transcript

Do you know what time it is?

I didn't mean to.

My headphones got unplugged.

I've got an audition tomorrow.

Tomorrow is today.

I need to get some rest.

Did you have to do this now?

I lost track of time.

It's coming really nicely.

If I don't record it right
away, I'll lose the inspiration.

What inspiration? You do covers.

Are you rehearsing with me?

What's tomorrow's audition
for? A domestic quarrel?


- You're so selfish.
- Don't start with that.

We know the arguments
perfectly well.

Come on, go back to bed.

I'll turn this off and
be there in a minute, OK?

Right, as if could fall
asleep in a couple of minutes.

You don't get I'm
stressed out, do you?

I don't wanna fight right now.

I love waking up
at 3:00 to fight,

especially when I need
to get up at 9:00!

This audition is a huge deal.

Where's that shit you
take to fall asleep?

What are you doing?

What are you doing?

- What's up?
- How are you, man?

- Alright, you?
- Alright. Thanks.

I'm back on Tinder, man.

When did you leave?

- I'm single again.
- Cheers.

Who was it? That Evelyn?

It was, man.

Some girl I started
dating, dude.

She got the wrong idea.

Show me a pic.

Come on! That's where
it went to shit.

She tagged me on
Instagram, dude.

Me! That shit's serious!

See how many likes it got.

We were in different places.

That girl is so
intense, and I...

I'm not down for that, man.

You're the one
playing the fool here.

Don't like it, man!

Come on, dude.

Fuck you.

- Check this out.
- Wow, man!

- This rocks.
- It does, right?


Fucking shit.

I'm off.

- Take care, mister. Let's go.
- Bye, guys. Bye.

- Bye.
- Cool.

- What was that?
- I know, right?

And who are you?



A dog is following me.

He followed me to the bar, waited for
me, and here he is, right behind me.

Maybe he's one of those
K-9 who can smell drugs.

No, he's the least police-looking
dog I have ever seen.

What happened? Couldn't
you go to sleep?

I'm talking in my sleep.


He's so cute!

Bring him over.

We can feed him.

Tomorrow we'll see if
somebody's looking for him.

Hi! Hello, handsome
or pretty. Handsome.

Handsome! Hello, you.

Poor thing. This
is a veggie home.

Do you think he can eat tofu?

Nobody should eat tofu.

It's good!

We should see if
someone's looking for him.

Can you take him to the vet?

We need to make sure he doesn't
have any parasites or fleas.

We should get him bathed,
right? He's due for it.


Hello, you!

No, don't look at me like
that. I'm not decent.

Who is it?

I'll take the stairs.
But it's the 20th floor.

You're gonna think I'm crazy.

You're gonna think I'm crazy,

but I'm afraid of elevators.

Most of all, the ones that
are hermetically sealed.



I need to think
before... Fucking shit!

I'm naked!



What are you doing here, man?

Did Nadia let you in?


Are you sure?

It's good, isn't it?
Wow, look at that.

I've already checked it, but...

They just sent one scene,
right? Or are there more?

Just one. The one everyone got.

The one at the stairs.

I don't get it.

Yes, you do. Explain it to me.

There's this girl
who has a phobia.

She's afraid of elevators

and has a date on the 20th
floor. At a restaurant.

But the restaurant bit is weird,

so I was thinking maybe the guy
invited her over to his apartment

- and tells her...
- No, no. Don't make it difficult.

Violeta, it's very simple.

She's super nervous because it's the
first date with a guy she's crazy about,

and she has to tell
him she's got a phobia.

I got that part.

- OK, silly.
- OK.


Whatever happens happens.

It's upside down.


Come. Come on.

Come on.

Come on, dude. Come!

Come on. Come!

Where are you going?

Don't get used to it.

I'm not carrying
you everywhere, man.

I liked the character a lot

and I feel I can really
relate to this thing...

of acting foolishly with
people she's interested in.

Who doesn't?

You've got eye bags, Nadia.
Didn't you sleep well?

I slept little.

OK, I'll have to retouch that,
because you're terrible at makeup.


OK? Just a bit.

I had a row with
Martín yesterday

and with my mom.

I can't believe how
selfish Martín is.

- Gloss?
- No.

Just a bit.

I don't know what to say.

Men are all the same. So,
when you get tired of them,

I can introduce you to the thousands
of girls who are interested.

Yeah? Like whom?

Many. Hang on, don't laugh.

You're very pretty.


- Hello.
- Hello.

I thought he was lighter.

- What's his name?
- He doesn't have a name.

He's a stray dog. I
found him last night.

He started to follow
me, and I took him home.

Hey! I'm not a stray dog.
I must have an owner.

Otherwise, I wouldn't
be so trusting.

I had to carry him here
because he wouldn't walk.

I wouldn't be caught dead going back to
the street now that I've found a home.

I'm not stupid.

He looks OK.

We only need to wait
for the test results,

but I don't think there will
be any surprises, right?

I'm giving you the
prescription for the dewormer.

It's for three days.

That's all.

This is so good.

Martín's got the
best pot, no doubt.

If you guys break up, do you
think he'll still give me some?

Or maybe you can keep the
plants even if you don't smoke.

We're not breaking up.

- Hi.
- Hello.

Please, come in.



Can you please teach it to me?

They say it's dangerous
When I come out

I'm not afraid of evil
I'm so hot sometimes

Don't get confused, I'm no good

You see evil in my eyes

I'm neither bad nor a saint
Bring some booze, so...

That's reggaeton.

Reggaeton is a super simple
rhythm. It's always the same.

A steady beat.

And the drum machine.

There's two of them.
A minor and E major.

You sing it.

I'm neither bad nor a saint

Bring some booze,
so I wet my throat

You need a girl like me

Quiet, but I'm sometimes bad

I start and I don't wanna finish

Yeah, but it can be
corrected if we wanted to.

Please introduce yourself.

I'm Nadia Steinberg.

I was born and raised
in Mexico City.

I'm 5'4

and I am exactly the age I look.

Nadia, can you tell us in one
minute about your qualification,

relationship with, and
experience in acting?

I started acting when
I was 15 at Casa Azul.

I did lots of independent
experimental theater

before I moved to New York to study
with the Meisner technique for a year.

Then I lived in Buenos Aires for two
years and I studied with Julio Chávez.

I've had minor parts in...

other feature films.

And I've been basically
waiting for a good opportunity.

I mean, not just waiting, but...

Yeah, just as anxious as Mariana
in front of the elevator.

Whenever you're ready.

I'll take the stairs.

Are you sure? It's
on the 20th floor.

You're gonna think
I'm crazy, but...

I'm afraid of elevators.

I never use them. Let alone the
ones that are hermetically sealed.


Right. So, you live on
the ground floor, or what?

No! An eighth floor.

Which is why I need to think
twice before coming out.

I go upstairs at least
three times a day.

What if you try with me?




I dropped off the dog
at the vet. He's fine.

They're bathing him. We gotta
pick him up in a couple of hours.

But I gotta go by the studio for
a huge deal. Can you pick him up?

My audition was great!
I am so happy about it.

Thank you for asking.
I was going back home,

but they called me for another
audition, so I gotta go back.

It's for an ad. I'm
not excited about it,

but it's for Europe or the world,
or something like it. I have to go.

After that, I've
got my yoga lesson.

I gotta go because I
skipped it last week.

So, I'm not sure I can make it.

What's the latest
I can pick him up?

Let me know. Oh, by the way! Can you
grab something to eat on the way?

We've got nothing for dinner.

I'm so happy about the audition!

I hope you get the part.
When do they let you know?

Yeah, I'm calling the vet

to see what time they
close. I'll let you know.

Hi, I'm Nadia Steinberg
and I'm an actress.


Please turn.

- What did they tell you?
- It's a gum ad.

OK, we need to test two
things. Consumption.

See how you chew and convey
the product's freshness.

And then you have to make
out really hard with a guy.

Do you mind kissing two
or three candidates?

We're short of girls.

Can't they kiss each other?

- Hey, how are you?
- Hello, Marina. How are you?

- I'm alright, you?
- Doing alright.

Hello. Nice to meet you.
Wow, there's so many of us!

- Yeah.
- Cool.

Hello. How are you?


I can't believe it!

Martín! What are you doing here?

What a place to bump into you!

You two know each other?

Yeah, Martín and I have known each other
since before crossing to the dark side.

OK, I'm off.

- OK, sure.
- OK.

Excuse me.

I can't believe this!

Give me a proper hug!

Benefits ad. Marina
dubbing. Take one.

Five benefits in one.

Five benefits in one.

Five benefits in one.

- Hi.
- Hi.

I like how you act.

- You mean how I kiss.
- No, I've seen you at the theater.

I've seen most of what you've
done. I did miss Vodka, though.

- Are you an actor?
- No, I direct.

Well... I try to.
I'm studying cinema.

- And what are you doing here?
- Same as you, I guess.

I've heard they
pay a lot of money.

Guys, let's move on.
We're two hours behind.

You know what you gotta do.




Hey. Long time no see.

And you're still here.

Yeah, I had to make out
with another two guys. You?

They asked me to stay.

- Nice!
- Yeah.

You got a minute?

- Yeah.
- May I give you a script?

A script?

I'd like you to read it.

I know it's kind of
a weird situation,

but I've been meaning to get
hold of you for some time now.

And, now that this moment
magically came up...

I was thinking giving it to you
later would have been just as weird.

It's the script for a feature film
I wrote and I'd want to direct.

It's a small,

independent film.

But I think the part is nice,
and you'd be great for it.

I'm still waiting for a
reply from endorsement funds,

but I want to
shoot it this year.

I hope you can take me seriously

after my introduction
as an advertising model.

Well... we're the same.

- You want one?
- Yes, please.


No. What is it? Don't you
remember how I like it?

Come on!

People change.


That coffee must suck
for a star like you.

It doesn't even
have one benefit.

No. I'm only a star when
it comes to getting paid.

Otherwise, I'm as star-crossed
as I've always been.


I'm caught up at work. Can
you make it to the vet?

Engage your belly.

And now we're
coming down slowly.


Come on in. Come here. No!

I guessed you were delayed,

so I thought I'd wait a while
longer because I had so much to do.

I closed because I didn't want
any more customers coming in.

Such a nice gesture. Thanks.

If you didn't come,
I was keeping him.

- What are you calling him?
- I don't know.

- It's closed.
- That's my girlfriend.

Let me open.

- Hello. Thanks.
- Look who's here.

- Come in.
- Look who's here.

Hello, doggy. Hey! How are you?

He's glad his mommy's here.


- How much is it?
- Let me see.

Can you please get
a spoon and a fork?

Come help me out.

It's always the hardest.

We should name him.

What if his owner shows up?

I don't know.

What street did you find him in?




No animals were harmed in
the making of this series