Amor con fianza (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Amor, dinero y mentiras - full transcript

The couples arrive at an idyllic villa, where Monica lays down the rules of the show. At the first ceremony, Laura is devastated by Adrian's results.

An idyllic setting.

A true paradise to enjoy love.

And six couples
willing to do anything to win

up to 100,000 euros.

To win, they'll have to put
their trust to the test.

They'll experience everything here
in this spectacular villa,

with all kinds of luxuries

and amenities.

But not for long.

And not only

in this villa.

Throughout their experience,

they'll be subjected to Eye Detect.

Has life gotten worse
since you've been with Cristina?

Have you ever wanted to dump Fran,
but have never dared to?

Have you lied to Laura
about your fidelity?

A revolutionary detector which analyzes

the involuntary eye movements
triggered by lying.

All couples will find out
about Eye Detect's verdict in a ceremony

in which they will also see images
of their cohabitation,

and in which, maybe,

not everything is what it seems.

I don't deserve
what I've been through.

I've put up with it like an idiot.

What for? I'm done.

-I knew this would happen.
-Still trust Katherine?

No, I don't.

Not at all.

God, he shouldn't.

Oh, man. This sucks.

Do you have to come here to realize
you don't love me?

Or want to be with me?

I want a husband, I want to have kids.

I want a stable life!

What the fuck's he doing?

Truths, lies,

doubts, jealousy,

and the couple's trust
pushed to the limit.

Oh my God.

You go your way, I'll go mine.

This is over.

-I wouldn't do that, Aleix!
-But… but…


Look, look at this!


-So cool!

So awesome!

-I can't believe this!

Wow, wow!

We've been through a lot in four years,

but now our relationship
is in a beautiful moment.

-Look at that!
-What a chill-out zone.


To us.

Nobody has faith in our relationship,

and we're gonna prove
that we're really serious.

We're gonna do it together.




Oh my God!

Wow! What's this?

-Think of the parties here, huh?
-Look at how many we are.

We have a lot of ups and downs.

We're in a very sweet spot now,
really nice.

Only… we've had to go through a lot
to get here.

It's true.


-How are you?

So cool!


-Hello, Carles.
-Aleix, nice to meet you.

Uh, you're so pretty!

-Mar, nice to meet you.
-I'm Cris, hi.

-I'm Cris.

-Would you like some cava to toast?

-Yeah, let's toast.
-Let's toast.

-The glasses!

-What a welcome, no?
-You bet!

You're both so good-looking!

-You are!
-You are!

Let's toast because this
is about to start. Let's go!

Let's enjoy it, yeah!

-Let's do this!
-Let the party start!

-I can't believe what's ahead of us.
-Well, well…

-Maybe we'll end up either

loving or hating each other to death.

It could happen.
I mean, you can be with him,

but also start liking my guy.

-If looks could kill, huh?
-What? No, but--

-Are you jealous?


Mar is extremely jealous
and gets threatened if a pretty girl

just talks to me.

I know when Aleix likes a girl
just by the look on his face,

and when he does, yeah, I get mad!



-Look where we're gonna live.
-White looks good on me.

It's so cool.

Our relationship has been very intense
since the beginning. It's true that--

-For better or worse.
-For better or worse.


-How are you?
-That for us?

-I'm Cris.

-Hey, nice to meet you.

We want to prove our love
to each other and…

To know and trust each other 100 percent.

So, what do you do?

You could say I'm a football player,
YouTuber, and singer.

I told him only I could be
in his music videos.

Oh, oh, oh!

-She's jealous.
-It's me.

Adri parties a lot
and has never invited me.

-Come on.

-To us, to us!
-Let's enjoy it.



It's on!

Come and enjoy!

I want to regain her trust.

We have both flirted with other people
on social media.

And we've really hurt each other.

But… can we get past it?

-Nice to meet you. What's your name?

I'm Adrián.

-I'm Cris.

On social media, he'll talk to some girl
in a bikini, showing her ass,

and say, "That ass needs some spanking."
Stuff like that.

-Where are you from?
-Canary Islands.


So cool.

I'm from Santander,
but we live in Murcia.

-Santander's awesome.
-You been?



What did we do to deserve this?

-The pool!
-God, honey!

-This pool, right?

We've hit a rough patch.
We played a game to see who'd give less.

You give two kisses, I give one.

If you don't say "Good morning,"
I won't come home.

-What's your name?

-Dani and Paula.

-Nice to meet you.
-Hi, Dani.

-Nice to meet you.

A pleasure.

-If I leave with Paula, I'll marry her.
-Our final trial by fire.

I'm guessing she's with you.

-I'm her partner.
-Yeah? Really?

-That's so cool!
-She's not.

-No, just kidding!
-You're not?

-No, we actually thought so.
-We were thinking you were.

No, not that you were a couple,
but that a couple had to come in.

Right, right.


-How beautiful. Breathtaking.
-It has an Asian feel.

Oh! The lamps!

Oh my.

-They're lovely.

It's amazing, isn't it?

-How cool is this! Hi!

Hey, what's up?

-I'm Cris.
-I'm Fran.

-Fran, and you?

When we saw each other,
we knew we were made for each other.

Love at first sight.

People fall in love with me wherever I go.

-So handsome!
-How long have you been together?

I say eight years, he says seven.

Because you're more faithful?

No, he had a partner when we started.

I can't know for sure he won't do to me
what he did to his ex.

Let's toast to them, shall we?


-To us!

To us!

Now some hot people are coming!

Oh my God!

Mónica Naranjo!



Mónica is a sight to behold.

She's a diva.

-Oh, oh. She has bad news already.
-Not yet.

She's beautiful!

Welcome to Love Never Lies.

How are you?

I feel good, yet great and very nervous
at the same time.

Right now, I'm loving my housemates.

But I'm getting emotional.

-I'm about to cry.
-Oh! Oh.

Anyway. I'm just afraid.

You might like another girl

and quickly connect with her,
I'm obviously afraid of that.

Before I met Mar,
I was a bit of a character.

So she's jealous,
because she knows what I'm really like.

How about you?

To be honest, I'm really nervous.

I'm scared shitless.

Pure and simple.

Don't know what will happen in three days,
but now the vibes are cool

and everything's great.

What you are about to experience

will change your lives forever.

From this moment on,
you will put your trust to the test

to discover your partner's true feelings.

-I'm terrified of you.
-That's why we're here.

During your stay together,
you will be subjected to Eye Detect.

A high-precision lie detector

based on the involuntary movements
of our eyes…

when we lie.

Maybe I'll catch you now.

Impossible for us to control…

and, therefore, impossible to deceive.

My God, Mónica!

Adrián may tell lies
every hour of the day.

I'm scared of the machine.

Everything I've told Daniel is true.

But there may be some things
I haven't told him.

Of everything that can happen,
what scares you the most?

-Leaving without her.
-It scares us all.


She swears
she hasn't done anything.

So if I suddenly find out that she did,
I don't think I could stand it.

Me too.

-Because you discovered something.
-Discovering something you didn't know.

You came here for answers,
and you'll get them.

Because eyes don't lie.

-Windows to your soul.
-We hope so.

-What will you do now?
-Keep it in mind.

-Now I'm really--
-How will you lie to me now?

That's our real problem, the lies.

-The lies.

-So, if he can--
-My lies?

-Obviously. I don't lie.
-OK, I'm not…

You should know that, here,
truth and lies…

have a price.

-My God.
-We'll see.

You'll start your stay together
with 40,000 euros.

-We can do a lot with that.
-Oh, what a rush!

-Which could become 100,000 euros.
-Ho, ho!

Oh my God.

It keeps going up?

The fact that it keeps going up
to 100,000

blows my mind.

The final figure depends entirely on you.

Truth, however painful it may be… adds up.

Lies subtract.

So no lies.

Only one of the couples
will take the final amount.

Oh my God.

-Are you willing?

-We have to be willing.
-We are, we are!

-100 is complicated.
-Will you tell the truth?

I'll leave you to enjoy this wonder,

and see you very soon.

Thank you!

-No lies, OK?

The verdict is…





Kevin, I know you.

If you keep lying to win the jackpot,
that's just pathological.

Go see a doctor, I'm telling you.

Obviously, I don't fully trust him
because of all we've been through.

The jackpot is shared.
If one of us lies, the jackpot drops.

That's it.

Everything will seem great
until it starts going up or down.

-It's the prize that we all came here for.

So, there will be some conflict.

I hope you've told me everything, baby.

Six couples, an idyllic setting,

many questions,

costly lies,

and perhaps even costlier truths.

But there's more.

Because, although they…

don't know…

they won't be alone.

-What are you doing here?
-For you.

-He's your ex?

-No fucking way, girl.
-This is crazy.

Oh, oh. I know who that guy is.

We've spoken on social media.

Would you fuck him?

I would.

-Who's that on top of him?
-You know her?

You've got some nerve!

He banged another girl,
and then he comes to do me!

Come a little closer.

I don't think I can stand this.

I've been thinking about him
all fucking day!

I seriously can't control myself.
Tell me the fucking truth!

The couples get ready to undergo
their first questions on Eye Detect,

where each will answer
their partner's biggest doubt.

Have you forgiven his infidelity?

Have you sent hot pics?

Do you flirt with other girls?

How long have you been
wondering about this?

-Our whole relationship.
-All of it?

If you'd told me back then,
I don't think we would be here now.

When you tell someone,
"I'm not OK with my partner,"

it's because you're attracted to them
and want to have something.

I'm having a really bad time!

-Will they lie?

Or tell the truth?

I feel bad for him.
He shouldn't have found out like this.

I've had a hard time too,
and you can't see that.

It caught me by surprise.
I'm afraid of what's to come.

The final verdict is…

Time to clear up all doubts.

Here it begins,

the first ceremony of Love Never Lies.

-Good evening.
-Good evening.

Please, take a seat.

How are you, guys?

Nervous. Very nervous.

Welcome to your first ceremony

of Love Never Lies.

Let's go. The first of many, right?

How are you facing this ceremony?

I'm nervous.

I feel nervous now,
but I know I'll feel better later

because I'll know that he really knows
everything about me.

Mar, you're so nervous.

-What's wrong?
-She's scared.

I really don't know.

-Don't cry.

Mar, if you trust one another,
what's the matter?

There's nothing to fear,
you won't have any problems.

Everything will be alright.


don't forget, lying has a price.

And only you will pay it.

You'll start with 40,000 euros…

and can get up to 100,000.



Truth adds. Lies subtract.

Just like in relationships.

Laura, Adrián…

I'd like to start with you.

What's the status of your relationship?

All my doubts come from the beginning.

He preferred to go out with other people.
He spent more time with other people.

We always argue over the same thing,
because from the beginning

she's convinced that I'm a party animal

and like to be with my friends
more than with her.

That's not true.
She can't get it out of her mind.

If I was invited and could see
what he does, I'd trust him more.

But since I never go to any party…

Because she's studying
and doesn't have time.

Yeah, right!

Like I couldn't make some time
to go anywhere with you? Whatever.

Laura, you'll be first.

There goes your question.

Have you hidden your relationship
with Adrián

from another guy?

And your answer was…


And the verdict is…


OK, explain this.

Yeah, I'll clarify.

I didn't feel complete yet or happy,
or anything with him.

So, I talked to a guy

and may have told him that I'm not happy.

But not, "No, I'm not with him."

The question wasn't
if you said you weren't happy.

-But whether we're together or not.
-That we weren't.

I didn't know that.

When you're partying and you tell someone,
"I'm not OK with my partner,"

or even worse,
"No, I'm not in a relationship anymore,"

it's because you're attracted to them
and want something with that person.

-Did it influence anything?
-Why talk about problems?

-But am I with him?
-No, you're with me.

But I didn't think it was like that.

Since it didn't change anything,
we're still together.

Laura, your honesty…

adds 1,000.

Adrián, your turn.

Your question was…

Have you lied to Laura…

about your fidelity?

Your answer was…


The verdict…


I'll explain.

Well, uh…

OK, I didn't think it would be cheating

because up until September,

we started back in February
and I asked you out in September.


What do you mean by cheating?
What level of cheating?

Cheating as in,
I should have told you outside,

but didn't think it was a big deal
because it was at the very beginning.

-But I knew it would come up here.
-Not a big deal?

OK, honey…

How long was it from our first kiss
until you cheated?

Imagine our first kiss
was in February.

-Our first date, so…
-No need to imagine, it was in February.

It must have been four or five months.
In summer.

Do I know her or was it partying?

-No, because--
-Since you go out so much.

He goes out and--

But I have no issues telling you.
I know how you feel right now.

I would be really upset if I were you.

-It's just…
-That's it, I said yes, I cheated.

And just as I said that, I love you
so much, I'm crazy in love with you.

I wanna spend my life with you.
I've never felt this way about anyone.

And that's also why I came here.

You'll find out about everything,
about how I really feel.

I know we'll be better than ever
after this.

Let's hope it gets a little more positive

because the worst thing is
I was feeling so bad, like,

"Oh God, I told someone
that I wasn't with him," and…

And now I don't know.

That's it.

Calm down, honey.

Adrián's honesty…

adds 1,000 euros.

Please return to your seats. Thank you.

It's OK.

Laura… Are you OK?

It just caught me by surprise.

I'm afraid of what's to come.


Kevin, Katherine… go ahead.

It's your turn. Please.

Please, it's OK.

Why did you come to Love Never Lies?

I need to trust Kevin again because he's
lied a lot throughout all our relationship

and hidden so many things.

Eh… He's cheated on me.

I haven't behaved well with Katherine.

Never. I haven't been a man.


I've failed her so many times.

Thank God, she's still by my side.
She's forgiven me, several times.

But you've come here
to win her trust again.

Kevin, your question was…

Have you flirted with other girls
on social media

since you got back together
with Katherine?


The verdict…


At the beginning, I hope.

The last time I talked to a girl,
fooling around, was in December.

-In December.
-New Year's Eve.

I haven't done it since.

You told me you didn't go out.

-I don't need to go out to fool around.
-We couldn't go out.


Have you talked to any of your past loves
during the last few months?



You know that someone always talks to me.
You know.

Yeah, but I didn't know you replied.

So? OK, I reply, but not to play along.

I answer not to be rude
because we get along.

Then I'll have to talk too. To be polite.

Like you didn't talk already.

It'd bother me if it was Kevin doing it,
yeah, you know?

Because I know your true intentions.

I have no ill intentions.

-You're asking him about…
-A book.

-Of course.

-I gave it back already.

Have you talked to one… or more?


OK, two. Maybe.

But there was nothing bad, really.

It was all cool,
not about meeting up or dirty talk,

like you used to do.

It was clean.

So, you can go back to your seats, please.

Aleix, Mar,

come forward, please.

Why are you here?

We started off badly,

and at first

both of us had things with other people,

I knew everything and so did she,

but I've always had worries.

I hope that, here,

all those doubts you may have in here
will be solved.

Mm-hmm. I hope so.

Mar, Aleix,

we're going to solve
your two big questions.

Aleix, let's start with you.

Have you forgiven Mar for cheating?



Mar, how is this affecting
your relationship?

Completely. I think…

if he can't forgive
something I did at the beginning,

when I wasn't in love with him,

which I've explained to him
a thousand times…

Was it wrong? Of course.
But you were living your life too.

It's not like you were respecting me
and waiting for me.

-If you preferred to be with your friends…
-Hold on.

I'm not going to say,
"You should know this…"

Sure, I understand that,

because if you'd told me back then,
I don't think we'd be here now.

-I'm certain.

Mar, it's your turn.

Have you forgiven Aleix for cheating?

Your answer was…



I'm a super jealous girl.

But he did that at that moment,
when I was doing my things too,

and I'm sure he won't do anything now.

So forget it, move on,
because if you get stuck in that point,

when will you take
your relationship further?

You both told the truth.


Carles, Cristina, come forward.

-Good evening.
-Do you consider yourselves sincere?

-I do.

I've come here to prove
that he can trust me,

that there's no deception,

no lies, that we'll leave here
with a much healthier relationship.

And… that's all.

It's OK.

Many things have happened between us.

I also came here so that he--

so that he doesn't live in the dark
and knows the truth.

And since we've given each other
a second chance,

let's make it for real this time.

-That's why you came.

To regain your trust.

-Let's start with you, Carles.

Do you trust your friends
more than Cristina?



OK, uh--

-I'm having a really bad time right now!
-It's OK.

The first part of our love story
was awful.

The only ones who got my back
and helped me

were my friends.

-And they talked shit about me.
-Well, they--

They judge you for one mistake.

-Everyone makes mistakes!

So much happened, she went away
with another guy, eventually.

And she was fine
because she was meeting someone else.

But I was the one who was left devastated
and in pain.

So why are you with me then?

Because I really loved you.

-Because I really love you.
-But truth is the basis of a relationship.

-OK, and you're earning it.

Bit by bit and more every day.

It's normal that I haven't trusted her,

and my friends have always helped me,
so to me they're my brothers.

And I'd like to think
they don't wish me any wrong.

Cristina, let's turn to you.

Have you cheated on him with a schoolmate,

as Carles' friends claim?



I knew something happened.

So, I wasn't going to beat her up
over that.

-You have to live here and now.
-Didn't beat me up?

-You kicked me out of my apartment.

-I had nowhere else to go.
-She cheated on him.

Things were… We should have sat down--

Have you walked in my shoes?

You found a loophole,

like, "While I'm meeting someone else,
that's it."

-You haven't…
-For me, that's not a logical explanation.

I've had a hard time too,
and you can't see that.

I blew up then
because I'm sick of those things.

That was too much.

Daniel, Paula,

come forward.

Daniel, why did you come
on Love Never Lies?

To know if what we have is lasting,

to move into the next stage
of our relationship.

To know if what we have is real.


I feel Daniel owes me an act of love,
some gesture.

I think he's failed a lot,
he hasn't given me my place,

and I think I deserve it.

Well then, Daniel, here's your question.

Have you been sexually discouraged
with Paula because of the way she dresses?



I'll explain.
It's not the way she dresses,

but when I was miserable with her,
I was missing, like--

she doesn't wear tight clothes or things
like that, so I was missing that--

that attraction.

But I never made her feel inferior
in that respect.

I think you didn't
because of my personality.

-I know he likes tight dresses.

All hugging and everything,

with a nice cleavage, but I don't.

Maybe I'll spice it up one day, yeah,
but I feel sexy with everything I wear.

Paula, now your turn.

Have you wanted to make out
with someone else in front of Daniel?



How long have you been wondering
about this?

I'd say…

our whole relationship.

-All of it?
-I'm very untrusting.

So, when I see these things…


It's true that at some point
we've been maybe…

That's what I want, I want that.
That kiss, that love.

And that's it, I love you very much,
and I forgive you.

-You may go back to your seats. Thank you.

Fran, Jose,

it's your turn. Please, take a seat.

What brought you to Love Never Lies?

To put our relationship
to a trial by fire.

We've been going
through a rough patch lately.

And I want to prove to Fran
that he can trust me.

Or not.

Jose, you're first.


Have you sent hot pics

to guys you met on social media?



How do you feel about this?

Not long ago,

um, I caught him.

I saw a conversation that I didn't like.

He denied it, back then.

But I'm not crazy.
I know very well what I read.

I feel bad for him.
He shouldn't have found out like this.

But it also takes a burden off my mind
because we hadn't fully cleared it up.

-Because you didn't wanna talk about it.
-Yeah. I accept, it's on me.

Because I told you,

the night I saw your conversation,

-I wanted an explanation.
-I made a thousand excuses.

Like, things between us
were not OK at that time

and that's why I was talking to someone.
Really it's my fault.

Nothing to do with whether we weren't
happy or going through a hard patch.

I did it because I wanted to, actually.

Jose's honesty

adds another 1,000 euros to the jackpot.

Fran, it's your turn.

Do you feel guilty
about Jose's estrangement with his family?

Your answer was…



So you don't feel guilty?

You don't think you had anything to do
with our estrangement?


I don't understand.
When we talked about this, you said yes,

you knew perfectly well that you partly
ruined my relationship with my family.

Your family hasn't exactly made it easy
for me sometimes.

Maybe they had reasons not to.

So, fine then. I'm sorry.

Yeah, but you know
this issue was very important.

I know it's very important to you.

-I'm telling you again, I'm sorry.
-OK, this makes me even more untrusting.

What else can I say?

-Am I to blame for being me…
-Dude, you don't think--

-…to your family?
-Of course not.

-What's that got to do with anything?

It's one thing that they don't like you
for whatever reason.

It's different that you don't accept
your part of the blame.


You know that lies subtract. 1,000 euros.

I'm sorry.

Don't worry about it.

This ceremony has come to an end.

Now you know the price of truth…

and lies.

Right now, you chose to be honest

and increased the pot.

Even if it meant revealing a truth
that could hurt you so much more.


back to the villa.

I'll see you soon.

Good night.

Good night.

I knew it would hurt her,
but seeing her like that…

devastated after finding out,
which is normal and I understand,

I feel bad for that because I don't want
to see her like that, see her suffer.

And now I see the makeup on my face!

Girl, I just can't believe it.

I didn't expect anything like this
from Adri, I swear.



I'm older than you and I've done worse
than you, three times worse.

Dude, I'm like you, I like to lie. But…

It's not that I like it. I feel bad, man.

But imagine I told her back then
when we were starting.

-If I'd told her I wanted to be with her,

because I really liked her, but…

I just wanted to do things
I'd never done before,

which was going out one night
and feel like doing whatever I like, man.

Now I've got to explain it
and try to work things out,

especially so that she's OK,
which is what hurts me the most.

Suddenly, a giant screen tells me

that Adrián hid his infidelity from me.

And I was just crying.

I couldn't even listen to Mónica
or anything.

I was just blocked.

The other couples were saying
beautiful things to each other.

And I tried to live that romantic moment.

It's exactly what I didn't want,
to feel like a fool.

It wasn't cheating,
you and I weren't a couple yet.

You were the person I was dating,
the person I wanted to get to know, so…

I want to know what happened.

Everything! I mean, where it happened,
in what club.

-There were several.
-What's "several"?

Several means three.

You were with the same girl three times
and now you're telling me?

Not the same girl!
They were different girls.

-With a different girl each time?
-Yes, that's right.

-One time wasn't enough?

Then tell me which times,
which girls, which places!

I can't tell you which girl, which place,

because it was three times
that I was partying,

I don't know them.
I just wanted to tell you now.

What are you talking about?
I'm freaking out!

Are you taking me for a fool, Adri?
You go to the bar and just make out?

No, it's not like that.

-Did you have sex with any of them?
-Just one.

-You had sex with a girl?

I'm telling you so that if it comes up,
you know.

Adri, I'm feeling so disgusted right now!

I swear, this is so embarrassing!

I was so high that night,
I don't remember it.

-You think I'm an idiot?

Are you saying you made out with a chick
and don't know who she was?

I'm going from pain to anger,
and I'm dead serious.

You don't want me to get angry
because I can't control myself.

Tell me the fucking truth!

I know how you feel right now,
I know that you're broken inside. I know.

-You're a total piece of shit.

Because I felt bad
over other little things,

and suddenly you've been
with three chicks, fucked one of them,

you don't know where this other one was
or where it was.

-That's what I'm telling you.
-Are you kidding me?

That's what I'm telling you,

that's what bugs me the most,
that the person I'm in love with--

Stop the crap, I know you're touchy-feely.

You like ogling girls.
You like the staring game.

Touchy-feely? Touchy-feely?

Yes! Because one is a slip, but three?
Even fucking!

I value myself now more than ever
because I wouldn't do this.

-I don't go partying with a guy, have sex.
-I wouldn't do it now either.

And if I'm with you as a partner,
I wouldn't either.

Not even if I'm single!

Being single, I'd never experienced it--

Do you really think I'd let a random guy
stick it in me any night?

So, those two girls--

They're so gross!

Seriously, it's so disgusting!

And while you were with me!

I just can't.

Fucking someone without knowing them
is such a shameless thing to do.

I thought you valued yourself a bit.

I'm not sure I know the person I'm with.

I'm not the person who did that.

-I'm not that person.
-What are you talking about?

Are you listening?

-You fucked her, right?
-I know.

Listen. I know how you feel.
I'd feel the same or worse.

-Cut the drama crap!
-I can't tell you what or who because--

I looked you in the eye!

If it had been once, alright,
but it was three!

I feel like shit because you gave
everything for me since the beginning.

I don't want to be with you right now.

I'm only asking for respect.

The ceremony has revealed
the first secrets of the couples.

This is just the beginning.

From now on, they'll have to put
their trust to the test separately

and in the company of others.

Some of them already shook
their relationships in the past.

-Why are you shaking?
-Because I'm nervous.

Sex with Katherine was hot and passionate.
I loved spending the night with her.

What are you doing here?

We have something left over, don't we?

There's great chemistry
between Paula and me.

I knew Paula had that attraction
and wanted to kiss me.

OK, let's go to the party.
Stop the nonsense.

I don't want to be with him, I swear.

Have you questioned Kevin's sexuality?

It's OK.

-He's handsome. He has a nice body.
-I wanna go.


This is insane!

-I just really spoiled your plan, huh?
-You did.

Katherine and Elías are gonna hook up.

Keep it together.

Bad person because you spend the money,
you don't give a damn about anyone else.

Why be with me? I'm 21, let me enjoy.
I have a lot ahead of me.

With two? Three?
How many did he have sex with? I can't.

So the relationship's broken for you?