American Odyssey (2015): Season 1, Episode 6 - Wingman - full transcript

Odelle is reunited with her friend; Harrison asks about a story his father left unfinished.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
- You ever hear of black sands? - Hey, come on!
- What the hell, man? - Next time,
It's not me sitting there, and you're already dead.
- You need to stop. - They are going to kill me,
And now that you're a witness to all of it,
- They're gonna kill you too. [gunshot]
[screams and grunts]
This is my nephew, aslam. And now he's missing.
- Joe's been arrested. - Joe abrams?
Threatened you? I-i can help you.
Like you helped gentry?
- Where have you been? - Sorry.
We were looking for my phone.
- Who do you work for? - Dad!
- What are you doing? - Peter, what are you doing?
What are you doing with my daughter?
[tense music]
¶ ¶
(maya) do you have any orange juice?
I don't know.
¶ ¶
How could you not know if you have any orange juice?
[eletronic trilling]
¶ ¶
We could go out.
What's the matter?
This was a mistake.
No, it's--it's not that i don't like you.
Because i do.
I really like you too.
Maya, i'm 21.
You're 17.
You're still in high school.
Technically what we just did was against the law.
Felt so good, it should be.
I'm serious.
I could go to jail.
Don't be melodramatic.
You're dad's a lawyer and psychotically overprotective.
I'm screwed.
You're sincerely overreacting.
He just doesn't know you.
And the way you guys met was so...
Random and terrible.
Plus, he's been freaking out about work and stuff.
Come to my house for dinner.
My parents are psychopaths,
But they're nice psychopaths.
I promise.
¶ ¶
- [speaking native language] - [speaking foreign language]
The boy on television last night,
That's why you're leaving?
Yes, he is my friend. I thought he was dead.
I have to find him.
Then he will understand why it is not safe for you.
When you are better, i'll find him
And bring him to you.
[speaking foreign language]
[speaking native language]
Please, understand,
I thank you for your kindness, but i have to go.
[speaking native language]
[speaking native language]
Monsieur girard.
How is bamako's favorite candy man?
Drug trade treating you well?
Flourishing, as always.
Touching show last night.
You watched my show?
A man of your sophistication?
I'm touched.
That true? That stuff about your nephew?
Of course. I never lie.
You should know that, my smuggling friend.
So why the sudden interest in my show?
In me?
I think this is the longest conversation
We have had.
It's my nephew, isn't it?
You know something.
I could find something out.
But i would need help from you on something.
[both speaking foreign language]
¶ ¶
You've spoken to aslam?
Where is he? Tell me now.
See now, you are scaring the children.
¶ ¶
¶ ¶
[dramatic music]
¶ ¶
[odelle grunts]
Seydou, what's wrong? What happened?
Nothing. Aslam not there.
Hasn't come back.
(odelle) seydou?
There was a man.
Someone i didn't know.
He was suspicious.
I may have said something.
That--that's okay.
Can you describe him? What did he look like?
White, medium tall, french.
¶ ¶
Yes. You must leave.
[door buzzer buzzes]
¶ ¶
You must leave. This way.
¶ ¶
Sergeant ballard, at long last.
[speaking foreign language]
- I don't think so. [gun clicks]
Hello, odelle.
I don't know you.
We have so much to discuss.
Where is he?
The boy is safe and sound.
You can see him if you like
As soon as you explain to me why--
[both grunting]
Give it to me.
¶ ¶
You take me to the boy or i kill you.
(odelle) how far? (luc) ten minutes.
Takes any longer than that, i shoot your face off.
- I'll keep that in mind. - What did you do to him?
He didn't just give you the flash drive.
I saved his ass, for your information.
I nursed him back to health when i found him
Almost dead in the desert.
I need a cell phone.
- I need a cell phone. - Here.
[dramatic music]
¶ ¶
You're a drug dealer?
I prefer the term facilitator.
[phone clatters] - one that works.
¶ ¶
[keypad tones]
Who the hell are you calling?
That's a big mistake.
You'll get us killed.
[phone line trilling]
¶ ¶
Are you listening?
(glen on phone) this is colonel glen.
Odelle, is that you?
Odelle, we've been extremely worried.
No, i wanted to talk--
- I was calling-- - we intercepted the call.
Odelle, we need to get you to safety.
You are in grave danger, sergeant.
I'm the only one who can protect you.
Tell me exactly where you are in bamako.
¶ ¶
Shame on you.
¶ ¶
Nsa, yes?
[tires screeching] - what are you doing?
Now they now you're alive and where you are.
[keypad tones]
Come on, no more calls. Not on my phone.
I said not on my phone!
[speaking foreign language]
Listen to me. You may want the world
To know you're alive, but i don't.
Trust me, the world treats you better when you're dead.
¶ ¶
(male reporter) and finally this week, the story that has stirred
So much controversy is put to rest.
Sergeant odelle ballard is buried with honor.
Poor family.
It's so tragic.
[cell phone beeps]
¶ ¶
I thought you were going in late today.
Meeting. Just got word.
So this is over?
Things will be getting better now?
¶ ¶
(tsaldari) i'm still not convinced.
- Are you? - They buried her.
- Full military honors. - I've seen reports
Of osela security operating in bamako, mali.
They're still looking for her.
You don't know that.
Where are you headed now?
Soc. Alex baker wants to talk to me.
- About you. - Face to face?
- He sounds desperate. - He's anything but.
Alex is vulnerable.
Odelle ballard is still alive.
He still wants to meet with you.
Tell him that the next prime minister of greece
Doesn't meet with criminals.
[ominous music]
¶ ¶
[car door closes]
Peter. Thanks for coming.
Have a seat.
You are a busy man.
Busy attacking me and my company.
In the normal course of due diligence,
I found evidence of illegal activity.
Sophia tsaldari gave you a document as well, didn't she?
About a certain wire transfer?
We've cooperated with the relevant authorities.
We've isolated the source of the problem.
[scoffs] joe abrams?
You're aware of the stakes.
The soc's debt holdings in greece.
That sophia plans to cancel once she becomes prime minister.
Well, she can't do anything without a legal basis.
If sophia associates the soc with terrorists--
So you're saying it's not true?
You didn't make a deal with abdul abbas
And then murder and lie to cover it up?
I'm saying that we're not the only ones
Making deals with terrorists.
This was taken four years ago
At a crude oil exploration site in pakistan called black sands.
You recognize sophia
With her late husband, christos.
Reportedly killed by terrorists at black sands.
His company, athena oil, had staked a claim there.
The other man is yusuf qasim.
A terrorist.
The defense department labeled him as the jack of spades.
Where'd you get this?
It's authentic.
Sophia's husband wasn't killed for being a terrorist.
He was killed because he was in bed with them.
So was his wife.
They gave him money, travel documents,
Violated international law.
The situation is anything but simple, peter.
What about danny gentry?
Hmm? Odelle ballard?
Those soldiers? Joe?
I take no responsibility for lieutenant gentry
Or the soldiers.
As for joe,
If you persuade sophia to negotiate with us in good faith,
It all goes away.
It's that simple?
It can be.
Talk to her.
Remind her how the timely release of this photo
To greek newspapers
Could dramatically affect the election.
She'll meet.
She has to.
This is the game, peter.
One we can all win.
¶ ¶
(ruby) harrison?
Hey, what are you doing here?
Hey, uh, the times is doing an obituary for, uh, my dad,
And my mom wanted me to talk some guy named emerson about it.
- You? - I pitched a story.
They weren't interested.
So, your, uh, father's obituary?
Yeah. A friend of my dad's is writing it for the times.
You, uh, want some company?
Excuse me, i'm, uh, i'm looking for emerson's office.
Thank you.
[knock at door] - oh, harrison, right?
Yeah, i remember you
As a kid running around like an idiot.
Nothing's changed, huh?
I'm sorry your dad's dead.
- Thanks. - Who's this? Girlfriend?
Just a friend. Ruby simms.
Such a waste.
Your father was a bastard.
He treated me like dirt. I hated him.
Everyone did.
But i was desperate to work with him
'cause he was so damn good.
Fyi, the obit they're writing about your dad
Is a load of crap.
Uh, when did you and my father stop working together?
Who says we did?
So, what? You were working with him
When he wrote about black sands?
Black sands?
Uh, it's-- it's got something to do
With my father's murder.
I thought the old man's libido got him killed.
Just before his death, he spoke to a man named david tenant.
Tenant? From gbr?
He's an idiot.
Black sands. Black sands.
I remember black sands.
We were in, uh, pakistan doing a story
On private military contractors.
Um, blackwater, dyncorp, osela.
Um, american oil and mineral companies
Had assets in black sands.
Pmcs were sent in to keep the peace.
Protect assets and asses.
This guy... Was at the center of it.
Yusuf qasim. The jack of spades.
Your dad's source.
His source was a terrorist?
Not according to your dad.
He said the whole thing was a lie.
Well, who knows? Special forces raided the place.
Yusuf was killed. The story died.
(harrison) mind if i take this?
Now, about your dad's obituary.
Got anything nice to say?
(isabel) i'm sorry to be so skeptical,
But frankly, since your funeral,
Odelle ballard, quite a few people around the world
Called to say they are odelle ballard,
Or that odelle ballard is still alive.
Most of them certain your death
- Is part of some conspiracy. - I am odelle ballard.
Isn't all the information i've given you so far correct?
Yes, and also easily obtained from the internet.
(odelle) all right, call home. I'll give you the number.
Speak to ron.
Ask him if suzanne were a boy
What we would have called her.
He'll say jefferson after her grandfather.
No. I'm not contacting a grieving family.
Okay, my commanding officer on the task force
Was called richard worthington.
Before we bugged out, he was-- he was--he got engaged.
I'm the only person that knows.
Her name was lucy mcgrath.
Now if that checks out,
What time can i meet you in bamako?
Well, if it checks out,
I can be there by, uh,
Noon tomorrow.
Where will you be?
Um, i need a public place.
Somewhere crowded. Safe.
A public place, somewhere crowded!
Club cachette, rue pasteur.
Club cachette, rue pasteur.
- 12:00, noon. - Okay, odelle ballard.
Please be odelle ballard.
If i'm coming all the way to bamako--
Well, we'll see.
[phone beeps]
[ominous music]
¶ ¶
[all speaking french]
¶ ¶
Serena, odelle. Odelle, serena.
¶ ¶
You are alive after all.
Where's the boy?
Well, yes, he got hungry rather suddenly,
Right after he saw shakir's show about him.
¶ ¶
Yeah, i know where he lives.
¶ ¶
[both speaking arabic]
And i should just tell you after what you did?
Fine, yes.
My german friend found her alive,
- But it's complicated. [knock at door]
¶ ¶
¶ ¶
God, you're alive.
¶ ¶
I thought you were dead.
Very close.
He found me and brought me here to bamako.
I was looking for you.
You're okay?
He took your jump drive.
I took it back.
(luc) okay, what do you say we see what else is on there?
Has to be more than what i saw.
I think you should leave. Now.
Ah, come on. You heard the little man.
I'm the one who saved him.
That's worth something, is it not?
[speaking french]
I'm going to count silently in my head to five.
Can i, um-- can i use your computer?
He was a terrorist. The department of defense said--
He lied.
They called him a terrorist in order to kill him.
Soc controls the department of defense?
Politicians do.
What was buried beneath the ground in black sands
Was worth billions.
My husband knew it. So did alex baker.
My husband got there first.
Baker needed an advantage.
- So he paid abbas. - Yes.
He paid him to kill my husband.
It was business.
Why didn't you tell me that before?
Would you have believed me?
What about yusuf qasim?
Yusuf was a good man. He helped us.
So we gave him what he needed to survive.
But he was killed.
The u.S. Military tried to kill him,
But they failed.
He was gravely injured in a raid,
But he survived.
He isn't dead? Where is he?
I wish i knew.
He could tell the world what societele has done.
And once you prove it, you'll cancel billions
In soc owned debt.
Makes you a very popular prime minister.
You don't believe me?
You've seen what alex baker has done.
The man should be in jail,
And when i am prime minister, i will put him there.
I'm going back to athens tonight,
But we should continue to talk.
[ominous music]
¶ ¶
I'll be right back.
¶ ¶
Are you following me?
Of course not.
I'm here with a friend.
Stay away from me
And my family.
All due respect, but i think you're losing it, sir.
[door opens]
¶ ¶
It was nice seeing you again, mr. Decker.
[tense music]
Gbr industries. How may i direct your call?
May i help you?
We're here to see david tenant.
Of course. Do you have an appointment?
Tell him harrison walters is here to see him.
Harrison walters for mr. Tenant.
Oh. Okay.
Mr. Tenant requests that you make an appointment.
He has an opening in six weeks.
Tell mr. Tenant it's regarding black sands and yusuf qasim.
It's regarding blacks sands and joseph qasim--
- Yusuf qasim. - Yusuf qasim.
Sorry. Still six weeks.
He's not gonna talk to you.
Tenant was there.
He knows why my father was talking to a terrorist.
I'm not giving up.
Thanks, michelle.
Do you two need anything else?
We're good, hon.
(joe) she's a good woman.
Doesn't deserve any of this.
I know.
Do you know about this?
No. Should i?
That's tsaldari with her husband
And a known terrorist, yusuf qasim.
The jack of spades.
Yeah, so?
I need to get something on baker.
Something that'll keep him from using this
Against tsaldari.
Maybe he should.
It's a set up.
The guy's not a terrorist.
So now the jack of spades is innocent?
I'm not sure.
But he was set up. I do know that.
And i also know baker's desperate
To make a deal with tsaldari.
He even offered to make the charges against you
Go away if i get her to cooperate.
What? [scoffs]
This is just a game to you people, isn't it?
Guess what. This is my life.
If tsaldari doesn't play ball,
Baker is gonna release this photo
And take down her campaign.
If that happens, you go to jail,
And he gets away with everything.
All of it.
I can't let that happen.
All right, what do you want from me?
A phone number.
I want to meet your friend, the trash man.
He's a criminal.
He's been in and out of jail a dozen times.
You're the one who said, "nothing illegal."
This is a nuclear bomb.
I have to do this.
Just... Give me the number.
[ominous music]
¶ ¶
[knock at door]
(man) sir?
- What? - Odelle ballard.
She made another call.
¶ ¶
Sir, you probably shouldn't--
- Get my clothes. - But, sir--
Do it now.
If anyone's gonna get a kill shot on ballard,
It'll be me.
Do it!
¶ ¶
So joe gave you my number, huh?
Sure, i can get you into soc's mainframe,
But you're not gonna find anything good there.
Why not?
Multinationals took all of their secure stuff off-line.
Afraid of hackers.
They use data centers now.
Data centers?
It's like warehouses, stuck in the middle of nowhere,
Filled with computers.
And you know where soc's data center is?
For the right price, i do.
Gonna cost you five large.
Plus i'm gonna need to find someone with credentials
To get me inside.
When i was working on soc's last merger,
I was given a secure passcode.
It's still active.
Great. Problem solved.
You'll come with me.
No, i won't.
Would you rather give me your passcode?
I didn't think so.
So when do we do this?
[ominous music]
¶ ¶
You got my number.
Give me a call when you got five grand
And the balls to actually do this.
[knock at door]
- Who is it? - Bob, it's me, harrison.
[door unlocking]
Hey. You remember, uh, ruby?
(rose) who's there? - Nobody, ma.
Is that your mother, bob?
Are you gonna let us in, or--
(rose) what are you doing? Let them in.
- Hello, harrison. - Hey, mrs. Offer.
[both chuckle]
- This is ruby. - Hi, good to meet you.
Are you friends with my bob too?
Yes. Bob is a special guy.
Yo, ma, we're--we're--
We're kind of in the middle of something here.
Why don't you go watch your program, okay?
Well-- [chuckles]
What do you want?
I found out more about black sands.
My father had a source, a terrorist, yusuf qasim.
You heard of him?
Uh, i-i don't know.
All right, well, listen. I need you to look into him.
See how he relates to tenant and my dad,
Maybe even odelle ballard.
I-i can't. Uh, computer's shot.
- What? - Uh, entire system.
I can't help you anymore, harrison.
You should leave now.
- Good-bye, mrs. Offer. - Good-bye, dear.
[speaking arabic]
You ever heard of a place called black sands?
(aslam) no.
I don't know.
[exhales deeply]
But if i would have known
How many people would have been killed
By taking that...
I hooked up with a journalist from paris.
She'll be here tomorrow. Maybe she'll...
Put an end to all of this.
I hope so.
[footsteps approach]
We have a problem. General diallo.
But diallo is your friend.
When he's alone, he's my friend,
But not with his soldiers.
You need to hide quickly.
[knock at door]
[speaking french]
[knocking continues]
- Yes. - Aslam.
Take this. Get inside.
[suspenseful music]
¶ ¶
[knocking continues]
How can i help you, general?
There's been a report
That the american woman soldier is on the premises.
We've come to search the house.
Now step aside.
¶ ¶
There must be some mistake, general.
No mistake.
¶ ¶
Why are you doing this to me?
I am doing my job.
But we had a plan, my love--
Hey, keep your voice down.
We said that odelle would appear on my show first--
She can't be on your show.
How would that look?
I rescue the american woman
And then hand her to you?
Look at you.
Now give her to me, or i will rip this house apart.
¶ ¶
If you take her, i will tell.
Tomorrow on my show, i will broadcast our love
To all of mali.
You promised you'd never do that.
(shakir) but we had a plan to be together.
That--that was never going to happen.
I thought i told you that.
¶ ¶
¶ ¶
[whispers] oh, god.
¶ ¶
[clicks tongue]
[indistinct chatter, laughter]
(sarah) nightmares for months.
(cameron) did you dream about him a lot?
(josh) yeah, i did. I did, really.
- Peter. - What's going on?
You remember cameron? I invited him for dinner.
[whispers] be nice.
(cameron) yeah.
Hey, dad.
Hey, bud.
(cameron) yeah. Oh, thank you.
Mr. Decker.
Thanks for inviting me over to dinner.
- Yeah. - I appreciate it.
(maya) thank you, daddy.
[mysterious music]
¶ ¶
(sarah) josh.
¶ ¶
Hey, you sure you don't want to come?
Food's supposed to be great.
I'm good.
¶ ¶
(anna) is that the terrorist?
My father didn't think so.
¶ ¶
Harrison, your friend is here.
¶ ¶
What are you doing?
- Come in. - Hi.
Hi, bob.
¶ ¶
Thought your computer was down.
It got fixed.
Odelle ballard's funeral?
(bob) you wanted me to find out about that cleric, yusuf qasim.
- Yeah, but-- - oh, wait for it.
(bob) i found him.
That's him? He's alive?
(bob) i used face recognition software.
I scanned everything i had.
Why was he at ballard's funeral?
I don't know, but he's not dead.
¶ ¶
[bob chuckles]
You see the guy next to him?
- Yeah. - Recognize him?
- Wait, is-- - yes!
One of the ones who wanted to build a mosque at ground zero.
Imam khulus.
[keys clacking]
¶ ¶
He's got a mosque in coney island.
[car lock beeps]
¶ ¶
I thought i told you to stay away.
Your wife invited me.
She wouldn't take no for an answer.
Ah! Stop! Mr. Decker, stop!
You and mr. Baker don't get to mess with my family.
Ah! Okay. Okay, stop.
Look, he's paying me a lot of money!
Son of a bitch!
¶ ¶
You stay the hell away from maya.
Or what?
You gonna tell her the truth about me?
Who do you think she's gonna believe?
You or me?
¶ ¶
[engine starts]
[tones chiming]
¶ ¶
It's decker. I'm in.
Yes. 5 grand.
But there's something you have to do for me first.
¶ ¶
[both speaking french]
[phone rings]
[dramatic music]
¶ ¶
(serena) hello?
[gunshot and glass shatters]
¶ ¶
(man) direct hit, sir.
(majors) confirm target.
[gun clicks]
Let's go.
¶ ¶
It's not ballard.
Move out.
[knock at door]
[knocking continues]
[suspenseful music]
¶ ¶
Somebody there?
¶ ¶
Who is it?
¶ ¶
Anyone there?
¶ ¶
[knock at door]
¶ ¶
Who's doing that crap?
¶ ¶
Message from mr. Decker.
¶ ¶
(bob) you see him? (harrison) no.
There's the guy he was with.
¶ ¶
What if your father was wrong?
- About what? - About yusuf.
What if he really is a terrorist?
¶ ¶
Is that him?
(bob) that's him. What do we do?
Do we just go up and talk to him?
- Just--just wait. - Okay, okay, okay.
Okay. Go, go, go, go.
Come here.
¶ ¶
- Let's follow him. - Follow? Really?
¶ ¶
What are we going to say to him?
I don't know.
Well, we should think of something.
What do you say to a terrorist?
(harrison) he's not a terrorist.
¶ ¶
Damn it. Where did he go?
¶ ¶
Who are you? What do you want?
[shakir sobbing]
- You okay? - I'm sorry.
It's diallo. We had an argument.
- Because of me? - Yes.
He wanted to take you to the embassy,
But i know that's not safe.
I wanted to bring you on my show
And tell the world you are alive.
But that would also show the world me and diallo.
It's impossible.
But the world will know.
I have a reporter from the new york times coming,
Here at noon tomorrow.
She's gonna tell my story.
Is she coming here?
This is perfect.
She'll write your story, then after,
You can come on my show.
Diallo will have nothing to do with it.
This is good. This is good.
[knock at door]
[dramatic music]
The soldiers are back.
¶ ¶
Serena is dead.
- What? - They shot her.
What the hell did you do?
¶ ¶