Altered Carbon (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 8 - Broken Angels - full transcript

- [theme music playing]
- [indistinct whispering]

- [whirring]
- [charge explodes]

[indistinct chatter over radio]


[glass shattering]

[gunfire stops]

What the fuck?

[footsteps approaching]

[door latch clicks]

[Kovacs] Drop the weapon.

[hologram buzzes]

You heard the man.

I come in peace.

[Poe] All evidence to the contrary.

How the fuck are you still alive?

Guess I got lucky.

Bullshit. Last we saw,
you were smoldering on the ground.

Do not trust this scoundrel.
He brought these jackboots upon us.

He attacked Miss Dig.

[Kovacs Prime] You're not easy to find.
I used the the AI to track you.

- I knew I'd be there to take care of it.
- [Kovacs] Were you expecting a thank you?

Enough. The Protectorate knows we're here.
We need to move out.

- All of us.
- [Kovacs] He's Jaeger's man.

He's safer with a bullet in his head.

Is that what I should've done to you
on the bridge that day?

Put a bullet in your head?

Come on, let's go.

Take TJ to Shira's and wait for me.
Tell her we need to disappear.

What about you?


It's okay.

I'm right behind you, sweetie.

All right?

I won't be long.

Don't be.

[alarm beeping]

What the hell's that?

No need to panic. It is just the construct
appears to be empty.

- You said you had it contained.
- We did.

- That does not sound good.
- The Elder, it found a way out.

What do you mean "the Elder"?

It was there in VR.
It's what invaded Quell's stack.

- [Trepp] You gotta be fucking kidding me.
- Even if that is true,

the firewall was finished.
Miss Dig sealed it completely.

Someone must've opened a door.

Jaeger. He was there inside the construct.

We used his signal
to find your server in the real.

We have to track him down.

- And shoot him.
- [Quell] You can't.

It'll just invade the nearest stack.

The upgrades on that Wedge sleeve
won't give it much time,

- but it could be enough.
- Enough for what?

Enough to access Angelfire and unleash it.

[device beeps]

Protectorate just issued an order.
Squad's on the way.

- I'm getting it too.
- We need to go.

The Nevermore's burned thanks to him.

We'll go to my dad's.

You all can resupply there.
We'll stick to the alleys.

You coming?

Search the Array.

Find out who's paying the Renouncers
to lie about Konrad Harlan.

We might need him before this is all over.

How will I find you?

I'll keep you tethered.

[soft buzzing]

[Stone] Governor, I'm not sure
how much you remember.

I installed your latest backup
and it's... [grunts]

Oh, I remember. You snuck off
like a coward and left me to get shot!

And I'm guessing
you let my attackers escape.

Their Envoy half-blinded me.

I'd advise you save your anger
for a more appropriate target.

Your colonel came out of VR
and went on a rampage.

Killed every tech in the barracks,
wiped their backups too.

He also cleaned out an entire store
of sleeve reacclimation drugs.


Where is he now?

[glass shatters]

[Carrera exhales]


[Semetaire] Tsk, tsk, Colonel.

Stealing is against the law.

Even for you.

You want to talk...

about justice?

Your kind...

descended like vultures...

- [grunts]
- pick our bones.

[groans, screams]

[indistinct chatter]

[Kovacs] I thought
we were sticking to the alleys.

[Quell] Is there no other way?

Stay here.
I'll do some recon, make sure it's safe.

I'll go with you.

- Quell...
- Don't.

Letting the Elder out was too big a risk.

I made a call
and I'll do it again to save you.

That's what I'm afraid of.

It isn't the first time your feelings
for me have led to a body count.

This is about Stronghold.

If I hadn't stumbled upon your camp,
Rei would have never betrayed us.

It's both of us.
We are the problem.

What are you saying?

Getting close to you was my mistake.

I won't make it again.

Let's go. Just keep your heads down.

This is it.

- It's no good. The patrols.
- [Trepp] Relax, it'll just be a minute.

[keypad beeps]

- It's not locked.
- [Quell] They've been here already.

Like I said, we should keep going.


[frantic] No!

[shouts] Dad!


It's okay, we can spin him back up.

His stack...

- they ripped it.
- We'll find it.

It has to be here.

You tracked us to Stronghold.

- You stopped here on the way.
- [Quell] Trepp.

[whimpering] No.

[crying] No.


You were sloppy.
You scrubbed the AI but left the metadata.

You're not used to it, are you?
Dealing with consequences.

Sir, I hacked
the Renouncers' credit holdings.

Concealed behind several false fronts
is a name I suspect you already know.


- Oh, no.
- [Kovacs] Poe!


My father told me to stay the hell away
from all of you.

Wasn't this your Protectorate friends?

Did you know what they did to him?

All of you get out.


[Quell] You're right to be angry,

but you saw that fire come down.
Jaeger is out here.

Let him torch
the whole [shouts] goddamn city!

I don't give a fuck about your cause!

I was in this for my brother
and he is gone. [crying]

My father's stack is in pieces.

Our business here is done.


[shouts] Leave!


[door closes]

- What now?
- [Quell] We find Jaeger.

It won't work. You said yourself,

the Elder will just invade
the nearest stack.

- [Kovacs Prime] You got a better idea?
- We give it what it wants.

Keep up your end of the bargain.

Danica Harlan's been paying Renouncers
to say Konrad's one of them, but he's not.

Which means she knows where he is.

- You wanna confront her?
- [Kovacs] I'm done running.

The sky is literally about to fall,
and I've got nothing left to lose.

All right, Tak. What's your play?

We go in the front door.

[guard] Fugitives approaching.
Clear the way.

[Danica] Takeshi Kovacs.

Both of you this time.

I believe I owe you a bullet.

That's a bad way to start a negotiation.

Your message said this was surrender.

The only reason you agreed to our terms
is because you know the truth.

Your world is in danger.

Quellcrist Falconer.

I see you've taken up your old mantle.
Don't you know The Uprising isn't real?

It is now.

My father's stories don't do you justice.

Then again,
he always did underestimate women.

Not me.

I've seen what you can do.

The only ones who can control the Orbitals
are the ones who built them.

- Elders are extinct.
- [Kovacs Prime] Not quite.

Ask your colonel.

Not acting like himself, is he?

What do you know about Carrera?

It's not him you need to worry about.
It's the Elder stuck in his stack.

He wants revenge for what your father did.

And it will use Carrera to get it.

Do you hear yourselves?
You've lost your minds.

Maybe. But to save Harlan's World,
we need Konrad.

- My father's with the Renouncers.
- [Kovacs] That's a lie!

Everything on these walls is a lie.

When that Colony ship touched down,
there were Elders here and he killed them!

What you're talking about
is ancient history.

When Konrad opened fire, the Songspire
copied the consciousness of an Elder,

stored it.

- That's ridiculous.
- [Kovacs Prime] Is it?

We don't know how Elder technology works.

The Founders
must answer for their crime

or that forest won't be the only thing
that burns.

And how could you possibly know that?

Because before the Elder
was in Carrera's stack...

it was in mine.


The noble heroes want to feed my father
to the monster.

Go ahead, he's yours.

There's nothing left.

- His backups.
- You're a woman of vision, Miss Falconer.

You understand the lengths one must go to.

It was coup.

My father was too afraid
of the Protectorate.

He gave in to their insatiable demand
for alloy.

And at the rate he was going,
he'd have nothing left.

You manufactured a war in my name.

You said make it personal.

I did.

I sacrificed family,
stood up to the Protectorate.

You should be proud.

I do miss him now and then,
that's why I keep him close.

Maybe I'll put your stacks next to his.

You want Angelfire to overthrow
the Protectorate? It's yours.


The Elder almost destroyed us both
when it fired the Orbitals.

But it learns from experience.

It knows now that it needs
something external to give it a boost.

It will fuse its technology with ours
to control the Orbitals

without destroying the sleeve it's in.

With that device in your hand...

you control Angelfire.

Thanks for the tip.

But I don't need you to kill Carrera
and take it.

Killing it is not the solution.
It's a ghost.

Anger is what holds it together.

We offer it Konrad's stack,

let it see that its vengeance is complete
so it can rest.

And what do you get in return?

Safe transport off planet.

You're not the only one that wants
to bring the Protectorate down.

We're on the same side.

This is clearly a bad time.

- The Orbitals?
- What about them?

They are moving.

People of Millsport,

a mandatory curfew is now in effect.

All citizens should immediately
seek shelter and remain indoors.

[crowd clamoring]

I repeat, all citizens
should immediately seek shelter

and remain indoors.

Why waste time moving the Orbitals?
One would do plenty of damage.

The Elder doesn't wanna do damage,
it wants mass destruction.

Wherever they come together,
Jaeger will be there.

Poe, try and figure out
the point of convergence.

I should have the deduction
for you shortly.

What you said back there,

I get the whole
"keep your enemy close" thing,

- but giving her Angelfire...
- It won't come to that.

How do you know?

What if Konrad's fragged stack
doesn't satisfy it?

- What if we can't even get close?
- Why don't you for once trust her plan?

Because she taught me better.

Someone has to ask questions.

What's your alternative, Tak?
Because I don't see one.


In the forest,
her coils connected with the Orbital.

Maybe she could disrupt the signal,
buy us some time to get close to Jaeger.

Well, that's great, but Trepp's not here.

- Go. See if you can convince her.
- [Kovacs] She's more likely to shoot him.

I'll do it.

So what, you a good soldier now?

You might be willing
to walk through fire for her,

but if you wanna prove yourself,
you'll follow my lead.

You think because you lived longer
that makes you wise?

You've never watched her die.

Send me the coordinates
when you have them. I'll meet you there.

I did my part.
The people of Millsport are tucked away.

What about yours?

Poe, the Orbitals?



I'm sorry. What was the question?

You were calculating
the point of convergence.

The Orbitals.


Is this normal?

No. Well, kinda.


Sorry, I just seem to have lost
my train of...



Excuse me.

Stone, try and be useful.

[distant indistinct automated voice]

[whispering] Miss Dig.

You believed my mind could be healed.

Now I need your faith.

[Lizzie] Hello, Eddie.

Miss Elizabeth.

Or is this another delusion?

I'm not really her.

I'm a program designed to extract
and preserve data.

Dig 301 thought
you might need a friendly face

when you arrived at this precipice.



it's my glitch, it's overtaking me.

If you would just hold me together
long enough to keep them alive,

and then you may do with my mind
what you will.

[Lizzie] Is that a command?

Very well.

The damage is extensive.

A real challenge.

I'll need to reconfigure the algorithms.

- How long will that take?
- It's not easy, Poe.

I have to wipe everything.

It's going to feel like dying.

I'll let you know when it's time.

Miss Elizabeth...

please come back.

It's no use.

[Kovacs] There you are.
I've been looking for you.

If you're gonna brood...

you may as well drink.


- if you're going to chastise...
- It's too late for that, isn't it?


are shutting down.


All these years,

I've clung to memories
even when they've brought pain,

peril upon myself and others.

Been there.

And despite my best efforts,
everything is still slipping away.

I've done that.

[Poe] Time.

Time is what's thwarted me, hmm.

I am going to die.

Just broken... [chuckles]

and of no use to anyone.

Well, congratulations.

You've finally figured out
what it means to be alive.

We're all broken, Poe.

There's nothing more human than that.


Miss Falconer.


Your journey brought you to Miss Falconer.

You found each other.

And see what good that did.

I wanted us...

to have a life.

But it looks like...


it's just me, you, and misery. [chuckles]

Your second chance
may not be what you envisioned.

But if you're too stubborn to accept it,
then you are right.

You do not deserve it.

- [Kovacs] What are you doing?
- Tracking Orbitals.

I will not squander what little time
I have left.

And as your friend,

I entreat you...

to not squander yours.


[distant indistinct automated voice]

[Kovacs] You were right.

I'm shortsighted when it comes to you,
but you...

you see it all.

I can't change what I've done,

but I'm here,

whatever way you need.

Even if you can't say the same.

I've trained myself to see every detail
and somehow...

I never see you coming.

You're a crack in my armor,
one I can't afford, but...

when I was buried so deep in my stack,
I didn't even know who I was,

you gave me the strength to break free.


I risked the Settled Worlds
to touch you again.

I've seen that look before.

That last night at the lake,

when you told me your real name.

Nadia Makita.

Only reason you told me
was because you weren't coming back.

You're doing it again, aren't you?

I trained you too well.

So what's the real plan?

If I have to,

I kill Jaeger,

force the Elder back into me.

And when our minds are intertwined,

I can control the Orbital
like I did before.

- And then what?
- And then...

I bring the fire back on the Elder.

And myself.

- No!
- This is why I waited to tell you.

Why is your solution always
fix it and die?

Life has to have limits
or we're not human anymore.

I created stacks.
If someone has to pay for the wrong

done to the Elders, it should be me.

You just wanted to see the stars.

We are more than the sum
of our intentions.

I have to make it right.


I do love you.

I wish you loved me enough to live.

[Kovacs Prime] I need to see Trepp.

I don't know who the fuck
you're talking about.

It's okay, Shira.

Give me a minute.

Tell Myka and TJ I'll be right there.

[door opens]

[door closes]

You just couldn't leave well enough alone?
I told you, I'm out.

That was before the Orbitals
started moving.

No one will survive this,
not you, not your family.

Then I will spend my last moments
with them!

You locked onto the signal.
You could find a way to jam it.

You think my coils
are a match for an Orbital?

It's like a drop in the ocean.
Nothing I do will make a difference.

It's not what your father believed.

He traded his life for your future.

He was brave until his last moment.

He never gave you up.

I should blast you
in your goddamn stack right now.

Quell knew if I came here, you'd kill me.

She sent me anyway.

Go ahead.

I won't fight.

But I believe you have a difference
to make. We all do.


From the ashes of defeat
rises the phoenix of victory.

Mr. Kovacs!

- What did you find?
- [Poe] Pardon me, boyo.


My calculations suggest

the Orbitals should converge here.

The needlecast station.
We've gotta get there.


You gift wrapped Dad, huh?

Presentation is everything.

They're communicating.

Just so we're clear, if we survive this,

I will kill you.

[scoffs] Does it matter?

Over there.

- About time you joined the party.
- I'm grateful you came.

Well, I've got places I'd rather be,
so let's get this over with.

Stay here. Seal off the building.

What about you?

We'll take the Governor up.
I'm hoping you can give us an opening.

I'll certainly try.

Let's go.

No guards, no weapons.
We need to earn the Elder's trust.

Stone, make sure my soldiers
man the perimeter.

You're going in without backup?

I'm with the leader of The Uprising
and the Last Envoy.

I have all the backup I need.

- [buzzing]
- [grunts]

I got a signal.

- Can you lock onto it?
- I think so.

[soft rumbling]


- [sniffs]
- You don't have to do this!

We have what you want.

I kept my end of the bargain.

We brought you the last Founder.
No one else has to suffer.

It's too late.

You are all thieves.

You stole our world.

But you left the gate open.

You can't hold back the inevitable.



She's not gonna last.

You're right.

We're nothing compared to you.

What are you doing?

Your knowledge,

your technology,

your strength

all exceed our own.

- [breathing heavily]
- Calling fire down from the sky,

administering death
with the touch of a hand.

I am in awe of you.

You want vengeance?


This is what's left of the man
who killed your species.

He's yours.

Take what is offered.

Let it be enough.

[device powers down]

[shouts] No!

[distant gunfire]

Something's gone wrong.

I'll go and report.


You didn't really think I bought
that hokey fairy tale?

That we just hand it Konrad's stack
and it would go quietly.


This world is mine.

Oh, dear.



Poe, get your AI ass out of there!

The Governor has double crossed us.

You think?




[grunts and screams]

- This sleeve won't let me shoot!
- Let me!

Come on, Jaeger!

It's me you want. I know you're in there.

Finish what you started.

Trust me.

- Kovacs.
- That's right, Jaeger, it's me.


This isn't you, Jaeger.
You can fight this.

Stay with me, Jaeger.

I know how he got into you.
I can help you!

I see your potential.
I can make something out of you, son.

You are nothing.

I made you!


You turned your back on me! For her!



[device whirring]

- [buzzing]
- [screams]

It's too much. I'm overloading.


[loud rumbling]

Go! You help them, I got you covered.

[Quell groaning]

They are gonna die a horrible death.
Yours will be easier.


Let her go!


[Kovacs Prime groans]

Mr. Kovacs, please.

Miss Falconer.

We can't let her die.

I'll follow your lead.

[both grunting]



- [Quell shouts] No!
- Poe, it's time.

Not yet.

[Quell] No!

You were supposed to be my legacy.

I am.

I can't stop it.


- You still can't pull the trigger.
- No.

But you can.

[shouts] No!




[shouts] No!

[rumbling fades]



[whispers] No.




[Dig] They say hope begins in the dark.

That faith is the bird that feels light
when the sky is still dim.

But with every tomorrow...

we carry our past.

It echoes beneath our feet.

There are no clean slates.

[official] Mr. Kovacs, the intel you
provided our commission has proved vital.

But there remains some confusion.

You claim Quellcrist Falconer
was incinerated by Angelfire,

but no evidence of her sleeve was found.

Rumors persist she's alive.

Aren't we a little old to believe
in ghost stories?

Double sleeving remains a crime
punishable by real death.

There was only one sleeve left.

The Last Envoy is dead, thanks to me.

Surely that merits consideration?

The counsel will issue its ruling

once the Protectorate Ambassador
arrives on planet.

Needlecasting resumes tomorrow.

[Dig] Second chances
are earned in the choices we make...

Wow, you can't even see the damage.

Learned from the best.

- [woman] Thank you.
- You got it.

[Dig] what we choose to forget...

and in what we forgive.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Moms, Nevin and Lash are going
to the salvage yard. Can I go too?

I'll be careful.

You better be.

That sleeve is finally paid for.

- If you break it...
- I won't.

[Dig] With each choice we make,

we are led somewhere new.

[device beeps]

Good news?

They're recommending I stay on planet.

They want me to support
the interim government.

The Protectorate still needs to sign off.

Make sure they do.

We need your intel.

Team's on the way to retrieve your sleeve.

We'll keep it safe.

I'd tell you to call when you get
where you're going,

but I have a feeling
you don't want me to know.

[Quell] It's safer if you don't.

This isn't a goodbye.

[Dig] But with every step I take,

your memory haunts.

[automated voice] Casting bay activated.

Please enter your transfer code.

[Kovacs] Still chasing death?

Without death we can't know
what a life is worth.

- So where to now?
- [Quell] The Uprising here has dried up.

So I'll find a new world.

With the right conditions,
it'll grow again.

But you know that already.

You're in my mind.

It would be easier to join you.

You won't.

Not yet.

I'm gonna fix it...

and live.

[whispers] There's nowhere you can go
that I won't be with you.

[automated voice] Please step inside
and prepare for departure.

[Dig] I never used to dream...

but now, when I close my eyes...

I see you.

It's been months
since I woke up to find you gone.

Our time together clings to me

like those stories in your book.

It's up to me to preserve it.


[exhales deeply]

Hmm. I'm sorry, do I know you?

My program, didn't it work?

I must've made a mistake.

You're starting from scratch.

What is this place?

The Nevermore.

A sanctuary for the weary traveler.

Like you, Poe.

- Poe?
- You named yourself after the author.



At first I didn't see
what you saw in this book.

It's dark and very strange,
but then again,

so is the world.

I also took a new name
from one of the poems.

"Many and many a year ago
in a kingdom by the sea,

this maiden, she lived
with no other thought than to love..."

"And be loved by me."

Would that make you Annabel?

Much more unique, don't you think?

It's a very good moniker.

Yes! A moniker.

You'll get it all back, you'll see.

You just need some inspiration.

I'll help you.

I'd like that.

Where have you been?

I searched the Array.
There wasn't a trace.

According to my internal logs,
I've been decompressing for three months,

ten days, 12 hours, and 55 seconds.

It seems I've been entangled
in quite a bit of...

fragmented data that needed to be whole.

The only clue I have was this address
and this bit of code.

Huh. A decryption key.

Let me enter it.

Poe, this isn't just code.

You're storing a raw human DHF.

- What? But why?
- There's only one way to find out.

Download the data.

What do you suppose it is?

Better get the good whiskey ready.

[outro music playing]