Altered Carbon (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 2 - Payment Deferred - full transcript

As Col. Carrera takes charge of the murder investigation, Kovacs sets out to find Axley's bounty hunter, and Poe's memory glitches worsen.

- [indistinct whispering]
- [theme music playing]

- Sir, you can't go up there.
- [man] Step aside.

- [man 1] Capillaries burst.
- [man 2 sighs]

The guy's stack is swimming in blood.

[door opens]

What the fuck?

Hold... hold on. Hold it!
This is an active crime scene.

Detective Lorcan, Colonel Carrera,
Protector of Special Forces.

We intercepted your initial report.

My unit will take over this investigation.

[Lorcan] On what grounds?

I mean, this is a civilian murder case.

You're the Wedge.

If it were up to me, I'd stay out
of your way, but I've got orders. So, um,

why not show me the tank,
and we can get this over with.


But no weapons.

[indistinct radio chatter]

You heard the man.


Looks like your suspect
had a hard time re-sleeving.

You download the transfer data?

We're not amateurs, Colonel.

Based on our estimated timeline,
whoever cast in

showed up just before the killing started.

Any weapons recovered on site?

[Lorcan] Nothing that wasn't registered
to Axley or his security.

What about your team?

They know what happened
to Axley's backups?

I don't keep secrets from my team.

[softly] Mm-hmm.


who do you think cast into the sleeve,

You were first on the scene.
I'm sure you have some insight.


Well, judging from the organic damage,
I'm thinking military.

Some PTSD headcase fragged from the war.

Or one too many skulljumps.

You've a low opinion of those who serve.

It's just a theory.

Rich guys like Axley like to hire vets
as bodyguards.

I take it
you've never been in the military?

[Lorcan] What? And risk my stack?

So Danica Harlan
can make an extra two percent

pushing alloy past Kemp's blockades?

The, uh, sleeve our perp cast into,
now that thing is a freak show.

That's mil-spec.



whoever designed it
was into some fucked up gene splicing.

They cut in canine DNA.

The killer's part dog.

You sure it wasn't wolf?

Wolf? Dog? What's the difference?

Start messing with your genome like that,

next thing you know,
you got a snout and four legs.

Guess Axley should've used
a shorter leash.

You know what, Detective?

I've seen enough.

[Lorcan] So, Colonel...

what are you thinking?

[Carrera] Here is my considered opinion.

If you kick a dog, it'll crawl back,
lick your foot,

begging for forgiveness.

[soft gasping]

Kick a wolf...

and he'll rip your face off.

Pack up.

Are we having a fete?

More of a wake, but still a toast.

Here's to 30 years...

42 planets...

countless sleeves...

and I don't know how many credits.

Fifty-one million
three hundred thirty-two thousand.

After all that, I get five words:

"I'm not here for you."

Well, technically speaking,
Miss Falconer was not there for you.

She was there to kill Mr. Axley.

[Kovacs] And I'm just a naked stranger
who got in the way?

Could explain the extreme violence.

Yeah, but it doesn't explain
why she was there to begin with,

or how Axley knew she was coming.

May I suggest temperance?

Your sorrows may be infinite,
but the supply of whiskey is not.

[Kovacs] And just as well.

This sleeve seems to have
some metabolic filter.

Run a scan and see
what other modifications Axley made.

I'm sick of surprises.

A full analysis will take quite some time.

What, pray tell, is your plan?

Drink fast enough to try and override
the tolerance settings.

I meant your plan to locate Miss Falconer.

She doesn't wanna be found.

At least not by me.

As dispiriting as this may be,

perhaps you should consider
the alternative.

That the woman you crossed
is not, in fact, her.

- That someone else is riding her sleeve.
- Yeah, but...

on Harlan's World,
it's illegal to replicate her sleeve.

- Mm-hmm.
- Why risk it?


A murderer terrorizing Axley.

Hmm? Becoming a ghost of retribution.

I wasn't acclimated.

She could have killed me
just like everyone else, but she didn't.

It doesn't make sense unless...

[indistinct whispering]

...she knew me.

[Poe] The only way to know for sure
is to find Miss Falconer.

Or the dastardly sleeve-jacker
who's inhabiting her form.

Axley knew something.

Hack the police files.
See if he's reappeared.

According to the report,
Mr. Axley suffered organic damage

and is recuperating on Latimer
in a new clone.

Well, that leaves me nowhere.

Hmm, if only you knew someone
who worked for Mr. Axley.

Someone who could provide insight
into his affairs.

What do you mean, the bounty hunter?
The one who shot me in the back?

In her defense, she is hardly the first.

Yeah, but I don't even know her name.
I can't just go around asking.

Pull up all open bounties on planet.

Everyone who has a price on their head.

Last time we were here was less than 100.

Most of these are civilians, refugees,
some soldiers who've gone missing.

Lost souls, if you will.

Narrow it down.

Violent offenders only.

Isolate the subjects
with the highest reward.

Axley's assets have been frozen,

so my guess is our little bounty hunter
is gonna try and make up those credits.

[soft echo] Credits...


My apologies.

There seems to be some disruptions
in my neural net.

It's more than that.

Your processor is corrupted.

It has been since Leung attacked
in Bay City.

Quite aware.

It's getting worse.

You need to reboot.

It's not that simple.

I'd have to completely shut down.
There's no telling how long I'd be out.

A day, a week, a month?

You cannot be without backup
in this crucial time!

It's not about me!

It's about her.

You're afraid your gonna forget Lizzie.

It is...

It is quite possible that in rebuilding
my operating system, my...

recollections of Miss Elizabeth...

would be wiped clean.

All my recollections of you
and our wild-goose chase across the stars.

All the sum total of all my experiences.

Surely you can understand my reluctance.

I can't rely on you if you keep glitching.

You have to let go.

Like you've let go of Miss Falconer?

You're putting us both at risk.

I reboot, there won't be a me
to risk losing.

[sighs] So...

if you will allow me to perform
a manual override...

I believe this is what you're looking for.

Highest bounties on planet
are these five unsavory characters.

Upload them to my ONI.

And when you've finished the scan
of my sleeve, let me know what you find.


This isn't over.

Oh, I assure you.

Measures will be taken.


In the meantime...

I'm going bounty-hunting.

The first alloy shipments
went out on schedule.

No disturbance from Kemp or his rebels.

[Danica] And the Protectorate?

Already demanding we double
our protection as expected.

We'll cross that bridge when we have to.

As far as the mines are concerned...

Colonel Carrera.

This is a surprise.

I thought you'd be gone by now.

[Carrera] I told you the ceasefire
wouldn't hold, Governor.

Looks like I was right.

I have no idea what the hell
you're talking about.

Horace Axley does.

Unfortunately, he's not here to elaborate.

That's because he's dead.

An intruder cast into his home last night
and killed him.

That is alarming.
Then again, it's no secret

that Axley
has his fair share of enemies.

We'll ask him which one it was
when he spins back up.

He's not spinning back up.

His stack was wiped completely
along with all of his remote backups.

- Axley was real-deathed.
- That's not possible.

The Quellists are a terrorist death cult.

They've wanted to curtail the human
life span since the days of Falconer.

Whatever weapon was used to kill Axley,

I'm sure their fingerprints
are all over it.

We cannot let this get out.

- If people think we're vulnerable...
- Don't worry.

I locked it all the way down.

Scrubbed their reports,
took care of the witnesses.

Your reputations are safe.

But they are not my concern.

What is your concern?

You have no proof
the Quellists are involved.

You were sent here
to manage the war effort.

And as much as you'd like
to find a reason to stay,

a Meth's murder is my jurisdiction.

You're wrong, Governor.

The killer's DHF was downloaded
into a Wedge sleeve,

a model designed exclusively for me
and my team.

The stolen Protectorate asset
of that magnitude

makes it my jurisdiction.

I am here until it's recovered.

Well, that shouldn't take long.

We all know how the Protectorate
loves to tag their toys.

We can track the sleeve's biometrics.

By all means, track away.

But I have no doubt you'll find
whoever did this was acting alone.

The people of Harlan's World
are committed to peace.

It's foolish to think you can make peace
with terrorists.

You should have crushed the Quellists
instead of cowing to them.

Your father understood that.

I am not my father.

And we're all worse off for that.

Find the Meth killer, Colonel.
And then get the fuck off my planet.

It's the Protectorate's planet, Governor.

They all are.

- [hip-hop music playing indistinctly]
- [door opens]

Ho, Gertie.


Got a question.

No questions.

- Come on, G.
- You wanna know who I buy from.

I buy from everyone.

You are moving a lot of gear.

Hey, watch it. I don't want those coils
of yours setting off my machinery.

You seen Raab lately?

Uh, no.

Why do you ask?

'Cause he usually comes in
after a hack-and-grab.

- Emphasis on the hack.
- [door opens]

- No, no, I haven't seen him, no.
- [door closes]

I've been looking for you.

You shoot me twice in two days,

I will hold a grudge.


You catch on fast.

Who are you waiting for? Raab?

What the hell do you know about it?

[door closes]

[man] I got something for ya.

Do me a favor,
stay the hell out of my way.


That still have scalp on it?



Been a while.

You broke the code, Raab.

So you got a partner now?

You're supposed to salvage war wreckage,

not other Decoms in the field.

The Guild is offering lots of zeros
to haul your ass in.

Got a preference?

Sleeve or stack?

I suggest sleeve.

How much to walk away now?


is not yours.

Maybe not.

But then again,
maybe I'll take your coils.

Make you mine.


I'm not joking.

I'm not her partner.

Goddammit, Kovacs.


Relax. I'm just gonna take a little
off the top.

[Trepp screams]



[Trepp groans]

[Raab grunts, coughs]

[groans] Wait, I choose sleeve.

- No. Deal's off the table.
- [Raab] No, wait, wait, wait.


You good?

You show up just to fuck
with my income stream or what?

Who's gonna pay for all this?

Take their gear. Keep the change.


[indistinct chatter]

[Trepp] What the hell was that?

- Raab's stack was my bounty.
- Yeah, speaking of bounties,

here are the five highest-valued bounties
on the board.

Bullshit, you went through all five
just to find me?

Process of elimination.

So what's it gonna be?

Are we gonna talk?

Or am I dropping a fistful of scumbags
down the drain?

Shit. Not here.

Let's go.

This is dangerous territory, Danica.

News of Axley's murder
will find its way out.

- And I don't have to tell you...
- You're right, Dugan.

You don't.

There's nothing to be gained
about disseminating this information.

Or by undermining me.

I'm trying to help you.

Your father relied on me
to tell him the truth.

If Carrera's determined
to stay on this planet,

he's just gonna find another excuse.

Then we wait...

till he runs out of excuses.

You're being reckless!

A weapon that can erase remote backups.

Do you understand what could happen

if the Protectorate adds that
to their arsenal?

Your generation doesn't remember
what it was like before stacks.

- Don't.
- The decisions we had to make.

Do not lecture me on consequences.

This isn't about proving yourself, Danica.

Your father knew how to keep
the Protectorate in check.

If you would just consider contacting him.

You wanna contact Konrad?

Go ahead, ONI him.

You've already tried.

We all have.

Since he took his Renouncer vows,
no one can reach him.

He's gone.

I still can't understand it.

He gave up everything so suddenly.

As his oldest friend, I can imagine
your disappointment in his decision.

But I'm his only child.

You can't imagine mine.

You're right.

I'll go.


Carrera is on our planet.

The situation is volatile.

If something were to happen
after he secures the weapon...

who's to say who it belongs to?

What you're talking about,

it would shift the balance of power
throughout the settled worlds.

My father's not the only Harlan
capable of making history.

Give me time.

[rock music playing]

Look, Axley and I weren't exactly friends.

- I did a few jobs for him. That's all.
- [door closes]

He kept his hands to himself.

Paid his bills on time.

Well, until now.

You aren't worried that I killed him?

Didn't add up.

Axley told me he wanted you
for protection.

- Any idea from who?
- No.

But he must have done something
to piss someone off.

So what did he say when he hired you?

That he wanted the Last Envoy.

No accounting for taste, I guess.

And you didn't ask any questions?

Why would I?
The man was offering to double my rate.

What's it to you anyway?

When I found you, you were singing
torch songs on Maghda Prime.

Why not just cash in
that fancy sleeve of yours and cast off?

No one stays on Harlan's without a reason.

What's yours?

[door opens]

I said no interruptions.

Too bad. Crowd out there's thirsty.

And they're actually paying.

Oh, shit. There's trouble in paradise.

[door closes]

Is that the famous Envoy intuition
I've heard so much about?

'Cause you're way off.


when I showed up at Axley's,

he was on his ONI
with his business partners.

I overheard them talking about extortion.

Said some blackmailer was gonna
catch hell for wearing an illegal sleeve.

- Who did they say was blackmailing him?
- They didn't.

But once he hung up, he called me in,

told me I had to track you down

So Axley's partners, who are they?

Anton Durov and Haruki Okada.

- Where can I find 'em?
- I'm sure we can figure it out.

- There is no we.
- Not yet.

Listen, I have never seen anyone roll
five heavy hitters in one day.

We partner up...

we could set a new record.

Split the payouts 50-50.

I work alone.


No resources and no contacts.

Good luck.

[clinking in cup]

Thanks for the drink.

Uh, bio-tracker, hmm.

You cannot hide your secrets from me.

Mr. Kovacs.

Hmm, back from the hunt.

Was your search fruitful?

I found the bounty hunter,
if that's what you're asking.

Judging by your demeanor,

you uncovered more than you bargained for?

I think you were right
about the sleeve-jacker.

What's this?

This is a new external
data retrieval system

I installed to remedy my...

- short-term memory loss. Hmm.
- You're kidding, right?

If you actually look,
you'll see I performed a detailed scan

of your sleeve as requested.

And it appears there is, uh...

There is transgenic splicing. Hmm?

Canis lupus.

[growls, chuckles]

And hyper mobility, hmm?

- Subconscious survival skills...
- I'll read the footnotes later.

Run a search on Axley's associates
Anton Durov and Haruki Okada.

I need everything.

Most importantly, where can I find them?

But it's unlikely a pair of Meths
would post their calendar on the Array.

Well, hack their personal
security systems.

They know why Axley thought Quell
was on planet.

[soft echo] Planet...



Did you just say, uh...

Did you just say Miss Falconer is here?

On this planet?

Are you serious?


perhaps if you would explain...

I don't have time to explain!

Now you were supposed to reboot.

- I cannot recall agreeing to that.
- [shouts] You don't recall anything!

That's what I've been saying.

Now, screw your half-assed sticky notes!

And screw whatever you're trying to hold
onto in that nanodust brain of yours.

Now either you reboot or find someone else
to follow like a lost dog.

Now do you think you can remember that?

Those words will be hard to forget.


you're gonna get me killed.

May I ask where are you going?

[indistinct PA announcement]

You don't look good Takeshi- san.

It's been a long day.


I found the Meths you're looking for.

They're at the Soul Market.

Soul Market?

The war's left us with too many stacks
and not enough sleeves.

They have to go somewhere.

The man who owns it, Semetaire,

has made good business out of ransoming
stacks back to families.

Sounds charming.

He also extracts digitized memories

and repurposes them for...


Anton Durov and Haruki Okada
frequent his club.

You can't walk in off the street.
You have to be on the list.

So get me the hell on it.

Don't give me commands, Takeshi.

You haven't found her.

I thought I had...

for a minute.

It's a sleeve-jacker.

That's no excuse to take your misfortune
out on a friend.

It seems to be what I'm best at.

Oyabun, someone's walking around
in her skin.

So you want to punish them?

Punish them?

I'd rather put a million bullets
in that sleeve

than let an impostor defile it.

And when that stack hits VR,
it's gonna be a million more deaths,

far worse than that.

You don't know, do you?

There are rumors...

whispers that it was more than
Axley's sleeve that was destroyed.

That all of his DHF backups
were erased as well.

- [Kovacs sighs]
- [Tanaseda] Be careful.

These Meths may have answers you seek.

But follow them
and the killer might turn on you.

I hope they do.

Save me some time.

This is it.

You're on the list.

Arigato, Oyabun.

[in English] As you set down this path,

consider is your anger truly
with this impostor,

or is it with yourself?

There's more than enough to go around.

So why choose?

[Kovacs] Nothing is sacred.

Every gift we've been given...

every resource discovered...

each new and shining thing
that catches our eye...

we pollute...



We tell ourselves this is progress.

Selling each other the fruits
of our destruction.

Sparing no thought to what we lose...

or leave behind, churning in our wake.


[Kovacs] You Semetaire?

[Semetaire] I am a simple ferryman,

plucking souls from my ocean wide.

Soldier, miner, sex worker, laborer.

Ah, no one swims for long.

Not with you stripping 'em
of their memories they don't.

Their lives are worthless.

Their experiences are not.

So what if someone comes around
looking for 'em?

Nobody's claiming them.

But they can still bring pleasure to some.

[device activates]


what pleasure do you seek?

[indistinct chatter]

I'll have what they're having.

I can accommodate you.

Provided you are on the list.

[female voice]

Ah, follow me.

[man] You really think
Quellists murdered that Meth?

If it keeps us on planet, I do.

Ever hear of Constantinople?

The Earth city?

It stood unconquered for over 1,000 years.

The walls were impenetrable.

Until one day, a small gate
was left unlocked during a siege.

There was no sabotage, no traitor.

A simple mistake
and the enemy poured through.

All because the man with the key
fell down on the job.

Governor Harlan is the man with the key.

The man with the key is her father.

He kept the Protectorate at bay
for centuries.

Until one day, he abandoned his post
and left his daughter in charge.

- She's the gate.
- [screen beeps]

We've got a hit on the sleeve.

Gear up.

[club music playing]

[man laughing]


[music continues indistinctly]

Thank you.

[man grunts]

Holy shit.

The way you screamed.

Told ya.

I forgot what real fear felt like.

No rush quite like it, right?

This is a private party, stranger.

Oh, I'm sorry.

Seemed like your friend
could use a chaser.

I'd share, but...


Haruki, relax.

Just a fellow mudraker
looking to feel alive.



On to a more divine plane then.

- [man laughs]
- Absolutely.

[indistinct automated female voice]

[woman] Someone's been busy.


These are the top five gets on the planet.

How did you swing that?

Let's just say I was highly motivated
this evening.

Are you cashing out?

I don't know. Any hits on my guy?

Let's see.


Nothing new.

All the missing people out there,
it's hard to stand out.

You know the drill, Trepp.

More credits, more hits.

- Up it. Up the reward.
- How much?

All of it.

Are you sure?

Some things are more important than money.

[club music playing]


Friend, I don't give a fuck who you are.

This is the best shit I've had
in a century.

- Hey, about earlier...
- Ah, don't worry about it.

Everyone seems on edge since Axley
went and got himself killed yesterday.

You know Horace?

We met briefly.

[Durov] He's a wet blanket.

Afraid of his own goddamn shadow.

It seems like he had reason to be.

Oh, you don't get it. He was losing it.

Talking about the damn bogeyman.

- [Durov laughs]
- About what?

Quellcrist Falconer. She's back.

[Haruki] Here to kill us all.

What about Quellcrist Falconer?

He obviously rode some doctored patch,

but you're not gonna convince Horace
of that.

Well, here's hoping he stays on Latimer
until he gets it out of his system.

Oh, you got it wrong.

My man Axley is not on Latimer.

He's not anywhere.

What are you talking about?

Well, whatever bogeyman he saw,
it got him.

I hear he's dead.

Real dead.

And for all you guys know,
you could be next.

You still got the patch?

Listen, I can protect you,

but I need to see what Axley saw.

[Durov] Give us a minute.

Is this your private reserve?

Semetaire lets us keep the good stuff.

Even when it's contraband.

[Haruki] Here.


[indistinct chatter]

[woman muttering]
Everything turned to ruin.

Everything lost.

Hey! Put the knife down.

[woman continues muttering]
...turned to ruin.

- [Praetorian] I said put the knife down!
- [woman grunts]

[crowd screaming]

[girl grunts] Mom!



[breathing heavily]

It's not her.

That's what we've been trying to tell ya.

[crowd screaming outside]

What the fuck?


Who are you?

That sleeve is not yours.

[man grunts]

Can you hear them?

[groans, screams]

Do you hear the screams?


You're not leaving here in that sleeve!

[glass shattering]




[Kovacs grunts] Who are you?

[breathing heavily]



[breathing heavily]


[breathing heavily]


[door opens]

You need to leave. Now.


I'll find you.

[Carrera] Protectorate.

Don't move.

You're under arrest.

You don't wanna hear my side?

Move and he's dead.

What's the matter?
Pull the trigger, skulljump.

What the fuck?

You can't do it.
No matter how much you want to.

That sleeve your wearing is Wedge tech.

Let me put it in terms you'll understand.

If we're talking wolves...

I'm the alpha.

You are nothing but my bitch.

[club music playing]

[outro music playing]