Allegiance (2015): Season 1, Episode 3 - Surreptitious Entry - full transcript

In the aftermath of a violent shootout, Alex (Gavin Stenhouse) must convince the FBI to risk a dangerous covert operation to find Mikhail's hidden cache. With Agent Prado (Floriana Lima) at his side, Alex leads a team to Philadelphia to retrieve the laptop from a secure government building, but Victor (Morgan Spector) is a step ahead and orders the O'Connors to break in and steal the laptop first. Meanwhile, Katya (Hope Davis) discovers one of Natalie's (Margarita Levieva) most dangerous secrets, and forces her to choose between love and family. Also starring Scott Cohen (Mark O'Connor), Alex Peters (Sarah O'Connor) and Kenneth Choi (Sam Luttrell). Guest starring Robert John Burke (Special Agent Brock), Patricia Kalember (NCS Director), Fred Dalton Thompson (FBI Director) and Mayor Michael Nutter (as himself).

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
- Previously on allegiance.
- You turn your son into a spy.

An SVR officer said he was
close to launching an operation

that would bring America to its knees.

They're calling it Black Dagger.

D.C. is setting up a joint
task force to stop it.

The best plan we have to stop it

is to find the SVR files Mikhail stole.

This is Alex O'Connor,

but out in the world he's
an alias as Bill Adams.

Michelle Prado.

Tell me the truth, or tell the FBI.

I was having an affair.

Duplicates of the shirts Alex bought.

One button on each is a recorder
with a burst transmitter.

Where are the files now?

They're held in an encrypted hard drive

secured inside a laptop. I
uploaded a virus onto the laptop

that will auto-delete the files.

- How long?
- 48 hours.


Got to hold them off for
three or four minutes tops.




- [Police siren blares]
- 10-13, 10-13.

Multiple shots fired.

Federal agent needs
help. Brooklyn Navy Yard.

He was going to kill Alex.

Katya, let's go.

What are you doing?

Come on. I'm buying us another week

before they realize they
have the wrong weapon.

[Police siren wails distantly]


Put your finger in the wound.
You have to stop the bleeding.



[Both groan]


The password, Vasso.

We need the password to the laptop.

They're setting up a perimeter.

We need to get outside of it.

[Tires screech]

88-24. Perimeter set at Concord and the BQE.

(Dispatcher) Copy that.

33-40, let's get you reposted.

South End, the BQE.

[Sirens blare]

One down. Gunshot wound to the chest.

Multiple perps still in the area.

(Officer) Copy that! Moving in now!

Just remember,

48 hours.

- 48 hours.
- Hey. Hey. Hey!

Hang on! The ambulance is almost here!


- Alex.
- Come on!


He's gone.

[Police sirens blare]

[Tense music]

[Indistinct chatter]

[Cell phone vibrates]

- Hello.
- What the hell are you doing

in the middle of a crime scene?

Are you here?

No. You know why, Bill Adams?

- No.
- Because the CIA encourages

its undercover officers

to avoid places filled with
reporters and news cameras.

We leave that to our friends at the FBI.


Get the hell out of there.


There, all done.

Not so bad, was it?

Last time she screamed her head off.

Can we get you to do her
booster in three months?

Oh, I only practice one day a week now.

Oh, what do you do the rest of the time?

Take care of my family.


Are you okay? You look exhausted.

I pulled an all-nighter for work.

Did Mikhail ever confide in you

or ask you to keep anything secret?

No, just his real name.

He never introduced you to any
colleagues or friends? No one?

No, no. Why?

Mikhail was executed to
prevent him from defecting

with information about a plot against us.

Last night a colleague of his
was killed for the same reason.



I washed my hands three times.

Blood doesn't come off easily. It stains.

I'm a doctor.

- I love you, Alex.
- You too.


Hey, Alex.

I found something in the web history

of Mikhail's Anatoly Motinkin alias.

- What's that?
- About a month ago,

when we believe Mikhail was searching

for a place to hide the egg,

Anatoly Motinkin joined a dating
site for older divorced people.

- Okay.
- Well, the one time

he visited the site, he viewed
97 profiles in 12 minutes.

Then he contacted one woman:
The last profile he viewed.

She's a human resources
employee at McGregor-Aldrich,

the construction company.

Even if you're right
and Mikhail hid the egg

at one of McGregor's job sites,
they probably have a hundred...

217 on the East Coast.

I'm assuming Mikhail
wouldn't have wanted to fly,

given all the security cameras at airports.

Alex, how are you doing?

What do you mean?

Watching someone die,

plugging their chest wound
with your index finger...

That's not in the analyst job description.

We need to find his laptop.

I need to find it.


You know the office alarm
rings in the rezidentura.

- I disabled it.
- Are you sure?

Depends on how good the training I got

from your colleagues was.

My brother was almost killed last night.

Do you really think the
SVR wants to kill Alex?

He's an important source for them.

Then why did they send in a hit team?

It was a capture team for Vasso.

- With a sniper?
- In case Vasso

couldn't be taken alive.

If anything happens to
him, I'm blaming you.

Do you have any idea how much I've done

to protect Alex?

To protect the rest of your family?

Right. Because you care about them so much.

Because of you.


Why can't I stay away from you?

Can I help you?

I'd like some samples.

Sure. Which ones?

All of them.

Just stay on this side of the glass.

I need to go back to Mikhail's apartment.



Okay, you gonna tell me why
we came all the way over here?

Philadelphia City Hall.

- What?
- The egg.

The laptop with the SVR files.

Mikhail hid it in Philadelphia City Hall.

I concluded Mikhail sought
out McGregor-Aldrich ID

to hide the egg at one of their job sites.

Next, I needed to determine the exact scent

of cut stone I smelled in
his closet on Wednesday.

I found it with this: Pennsylvania bluestone.

It was only used at one McGregor
job site in the last month:

A renovation of Philadelphia City Hall.

Bluestone was used exclusively

to renovate a ceremonial
room called Conversation Hall.

The original city charter
from 1682 is displayed here,

along with this historic vault.

And you think he posed as a workman

to hide the hard drive
we're after in that safe?

A safe that's not in use is never opened

inside of an alarmed
room, inside of a building

with airport-style security at its entrance.

Well, it's secure and
just about the last place

the SVR would think he'd
hide their stolen files.

It's also a place he'd be familiar with,

since his first U.S. posting was to Philly.

It's worth a look.

All right, call the
U.S. attorney in Philly.

Let's get a search
warrant for a government...

No, Sir. I'm not sure we should do that.


If we get our hands on those files

and the SVR find out about it,

they'll adapt to protect
their assets and operations.

Those files will become
almost worthless to us.

I propose that we obtain authorization

to surreptitiously enter Conversation Hall,

retrieve Mikhail's laptop,

and then place another
laptop inside the vault

containing SVR documents of
a low classification level.

When the SVR recover the fake laptop,

they'll conclude they never
suffered the massive breach

they now think they have, and
won't change their behavior.

Meanwhile, we'll be able to watch them,

and we'll learn what we need to,
to foil their plans to harm us.

Do you have any idea how big a deal it is

to get the directors of the CIA, the FBI,

the Attorney General, and
ultimately a Fisa judge

to legally authorize the secret break-in

to the seat of government of a U.S. city?

Especially over the weekend.

You're crazy.

Two days ago, you were lecturing us

that there was no time to put surveillance

on Mikhail's apartment with
the specter of an SVR attack

looming over us.

And today, suddenly,

the government doesn't work weekends, Bill?

That laptop auto-deletes in 36 hours.

And every hour from now until then

is another hour that the
Russians could beat us to it.

If we want to stop that attack,

we have to move fast and get those files

before they're gone forever.

That was awesome. You were awesome.

Don't get ahead of yourself.
We don't have approval yet, kid.

Go back to your hotel and pack.
We're on the 6 P.M. acela to DC.

Conversation Hall,
retrieve Mikhail's laptop,

and then place another
laptop inside the vault

containing SVR documents of
a low classification level.

[Recording beeps off]


We need to get into that
vault before the FBI does.

Are we bringing a team in from Moscow?

It would take a month to
build covers deep enough

to get six new faces
with thick Russian accents

into the building without
arousing any suspicion.

So, what do we do?


- You can't be serious.
- I don't like it

any more than you do.

I'd much rather have
professionals handle it.

What's that supposed to mean?


Blueprints for City Hall.

Throwaway identities for
both of you and Natalie.

- Hotel reservations.
- We're gonna need entry codes,

overrides, real-time monitoring
of Philly PD dispatch,

not to mention a few very
specialized pieces of equipment.

Make a list by midnight.

We should have fought him harder.

- You mean I should have.
- No! No, I mean...

With what leverage,
Katya? We don't have any.

Do you want to talk more
about what I said to Alex?

- About the affair?
- No, I don't.

You already told me nothing happened.

Right. You just... you don't seem to...

why don't we just focus
on getting Mikhail's laptop

so our son doesn't discover
who we really are and disown us.

And we don't end up in some federal prison

for the rest of our lives,

or end up in a furnace like Mikhail.

Even if we pull this
off, it won't end there.

We have to figure out a way out.

We have to find a way
to get our lives back.


- What if this was our way out?
- What do you mean?

Philadelphia City Hall.
The largest in the world.

Houses the mayor, the City Council, Courts.

One public entrance,

which we definitely
don't want to go through.

Employee and service
entrances aren't much better.

Card readers, security cameras everywhere.

Well, how do we get in there
without being caught on tape?

Across the street from City Hall:

The largest Freemasons temple in the U.S.

City Hall was designed
and built by the Masons,

and apparently they built a secret tunnel

that connects it to their temple.

- How do we it's really there?
- It's on the blueprint.

We have to get through
some metal bars here.

But with the right
equipment, that's doable.

We send Natalie ahead to scout for us.

She can bring Sarah with her.

- What?
- Nothing. Just...

I love you.

I know you do.

We break into the temple at night.

We go through the tunnel to get
to the basement of City Hall.

There's a staircase they used to use

to transport prisoners
from their holding cells

in the basement up to a
courtroom on each floor.

Once we get into this courtroom here,

we can use internal doors

to move from one courtroom
to the next without ever

setting foot in the hallway,

where there are security desks and cameras.

We'll end up here, just a
few steps away from the doors

to Conversation Hall,

just around the corner
from this guard's desk.

But he'll have no line of sight to us,

so if we're quiet, we should be safe.

- Mm-hmm.
- We go through the doors

to Conversation Hall,

get to the vault.

Inside the vault is the laptop.


The anniversary of the
founding of the city is Sunday.

The mayor's giving a speech
at City Hall during the day,

so that's out.

We aim for Sunday night.

(Katya) It's a brilliant plan,

but you do realize it
will be next to impossible.

(Mark) It's the only chance we got.

[Tones chiming over p.a.]

Now arriving 30th street, Philadelphia.

If this is your stop, check your seat

and overhead luggage racks for
any and all personal belongings.


Combined with the fact
that Pennsylvania bluestone

is so rare today, I have
a high degree of confidence

that the laptop containing
these critical SVR files

was hidden by colonel Mikhail Vostrov

in Philadelphia City Hall.

This what you meant when you said

you were training the
analysts in Russia house

to think outside the box, Don?

Not my training. He came to me this way.

But Russia's been acting
pretty far outside the box

for the last year, so
maybe it was lucky timing.

Any more on the plot

that drove Mikhail to steal these files?

We don't know details.

All we know is that the
SVR was willing to kill

three of its own officers

to protect whatever this operation is.

If we want to know what
the Russians are planning,

we need to find that laptop.

Oh, I realize that, Mr. O'Connor.

I just wish I wasn't relying on
your sense of smell to find it.

Sir, you won't need to do that anymore.

S&T just did spectral analysis
on the dust on Mikhail's jacket.

They confirmed it's Pennsylvania bluestone.

You're batting a thousand so far.

So does this smooth the
way with the FBI director?

Not really.

The Bureau bears all the
risk if this goes south.

Surreptitious entry on U.S.
soil involving U.S. citizens?

CIA can't touch those.

It's the FBI's show top to bottom.

Only reason the Agency
has to sign off at all

is we still pay your checks.

Oh, and it won't be us
tomorrow with the FBI director.

I can't help you there. But Michelle can.

She'll Shepherd you through that meeting.

- Okay.
- However good the reason is,

the optics of a rookie CIA analyst,

even one detailed to the Bureau,

proposing that the FBI
break into the City Hall

of a major U.S. city, are not... Ideal.

So try to get in sync with Michelle

- before you walk in there.
- Sure, sure.

How do I do that?

Talk to her about it.

She doesn't like talking to me.

I don't think she likes me very much.

She makes everyone feel like that.

You just have to cultivate
a relationship with her.

Well, how do I do that?

Have a beer with her.

Just don't take her to a dive bar

or any place where some drunk
guy might try to grab her butt.

Won't end well for them.

And don't...

Do not get into a game
of quarters with her.

That won't end well for you.

- Quarters?
- [Car door opens]


[Both panting]




You gotta do that when you come here.

I mean, who doesn't love Rocky?

What's Rocky?


I don't know what that means either.

Thanks for rescuing me from
that lame school trip to Albany.

Just pray mom doesn't find out

I forged her signature
to get you out of it.

So how long's your nerd
conference on Sunday?

Maybe four hours.

Bet you'll still be sleeping
by the time I get in.


Some church?

It's a masonic temple.

Church, temple. Same thing.

Haven't you heard of the Masons?

It's like a cool secret society.

Well, if it's so secret,

then why do they give public tours?

[Tour guide speaking indistinctly]

You are aware the free
people boutique at Macy's

is having a sale?

Could you just give me
a few minutes, please?

- Excuse me, ma'am.
- Yeah?

You asked earlier about a hidden tunnel

going to City Hall?
Before it was sealed off,

the hidden door to that
tunnel was in the next room.

Really? Could we see that?

Hey. I was wondering if
you wanted to get a beer.

- I'll have a Potomac Ale.
- Sir?

Oh, I don't drink beer. Water.

What did you want to meet about?

Sam said I should cultivate
a relationship with you.


He suggest you take me here?

He said I shouldn't take you to a dive bar.

What other advice did he give you?

Let you take the lead in
the bureau meeting tomorrow.

He was adamant about that.

Oh, and not to get into a
game of quarters with you.

But I don't know what that means.

I think I'm gonna puke.

Do you not eat ice cream at home?

That would require leaving my room

and venturing out into the danger zone.

Seriously, was mom as
psychotic about you getting as

as she is with me?

It's like the only thing she cares about.

Oh, that's not fair. She
just wants to you have

the best opportunities
you can have in life.

She'd do anything for you.

For any of us.

[Cell phone chimes]

[Soft pop music in background]

What's that?

- _
- My work phone.

I'm gonna go downstairs
and get us some candy

while I call them,

and you're gonna eat it when I get back.


[Door closes]

We have a problem.

We can't wait until tomorrow night.

The government is moving
much faster on Alex's theory

than we expected. Also, the battery

in his button mic has died,

so there will be no further updates.

We have to assume that the FBI will be here

as early as tomorrow morning.

So are we going tonight? [Laughs]

- We haven't even...
- No, we can't go tonight.

We don't have the autodialer for the vault.

It will all be here at 6 A.M.

But that's not night anymore, is it now?

You're saying we do it tomorrow day,

- on the city's anniversary?
- Yes, that's what he's saying.

The mayor is giving a speech
40 feet away from the room

you're breaking into.
The place will be crawling

with cops, not to mention
flooded with daylight.

The plan still works.

There are new obstacles, yes.

Are you crazy?

I mean, are you all crazy?
We're gonna get caught.

If Alex beats you to that
laptop, you'll all be dead.

All of us will be.

We go at 6 A.M.

I'm sorry.

I'll be back as soon as it arrives.

Son of a bitch.

I need a cigarette.

Come on.

Since when did you start
smoking, Dr. O'Connor?

I didn't.

But the SVR provided all
that equipment down there,

and I guarantee you the room is miked.

I don't care if Victor
knows what I think of him.

You might not need one,
but I sure as hell do.

What the... what's wrong with you?

What's wrong with you?

You're with him!

I knew that you were back then.

But it ended. You told me it ended.

- It did. It just...
- And you choose now

to start it back up again? Now?





I'm not. I just...

Just what?

I don't know. I can't help it.

I know it hasn't been easy

being my daughter.

And maybe you hate me for all my mistakes,

and this is how you're making me pay.

Are you crazy?

I love you. You're my mom.


You're choosing him over us!

Mama, nyet. I'm not.

I'm sorry.

I didn't ask you up here to fight.

We are going to double-cross
Victor tomorrow,

and we need your help to do it.

What? What are you talking about?

We are going to get that laptop tomorrow.

And then, when we're heading
back through that tunnel,

we need your help to make
a copy of the disk drive.

Remotely, from here, using the device

that your father's company
sells to the military.

And then when we hand
that laptop to Victor,

the SVR surveillance ringing
City Hall will disperse.

And then we're gonna take our copy

and we're going to trade it for immunity.

And then we will finally be out.

That's why you had me bring Sarah.

To keep her close.

Yes. The minute you
get confirmation from us

that we have the files, you
get Sarah and you take her

to the federal building
that is six blocks from here.

What if the SVR doesn't disperse?

What if they see us going to the FBI?

They can't.

If we ever want to be out,
if we ever want to be safe,

all of us, including Alex,

this is the only way.

They'll kill Victor if we succeed.

I'm sorry. I am.

But you have a choice to make.

Victor or your family.

All the equipment you requested.

What the hell is this?

The rezident wanted to
discourage any second thoughts.

Are you kidding me?

- [Grunts]
- Stop!

I'm not doing this to you.

If I was, the rezident would
know Sarah's not in Albany.

She's here.

Just do your job today and
everything will be fine.

If anything happens to Sarah, I kill you.

I'm sorry.

Me too.

(Natalie) Back alley clear.

Be careful.

[Cell phone rings]

- Hello?
- [Man speaks inaudibly on phone]

- Got it.
- Thanks.

[Phone line rings]


Director's meeting us at 8
A.M. at the hoover building.

Do not be late.

That would be impossible.


I'm already here.

It's five past 6:00, you lunatic.

The laptop auto-deletes in 14 hours.

The Russians aren't gonna
wait. We can't either.

(Mark) We're in.

No alarm.

Egyptian Hall. What's the track?

(Natalie) Don't go out the right-hand
door. There's a camera there.

Left door, cut left hard
when you get through it.

(Mark) Okay, moving to Oriental hall.

[Door closes]

- Natalie: No cameras.
- Got it.

- Dad?
- Yeah.

Do you remember when I was 15,

you were obsessed with
taking me to the Bronx zoo?

Sure, to see the African penguins.

- Kept putting it off.
- We never did end up going.

[Door closes]

I just wanted you to know
that I always regretted that.

Well, then it's a date.
Me and you, the Bronx zoo.

Exiting oriental hall.

Take a left into a room with
gigantic metal and glass doors.

I'm an engineer, honey.
It... it's impressive.

Come on.

[Toilet flushing]

What a tool.

(Natalie) You in the Grand Hallway?

(Mark) It sure as hell looks like it.

(Natalie) Okay, hard
left under the stairway.

Big green doors.

(Mark) Got it.

(Natalie) Diagonally across
the room, there's a blind arch.

- Beige with tan trim?
- That's the one.

Got it.

Who builds something like this?

- Masons.
- Natalie: Masons.

I can't pick this.

No, we're going to break
it. Freeze it, okay?

- What is it?
- Sarah.

If anything goes wrong...

No, look, the plan is solid, Katya.

By the time the SVR figures
out that we played them,

we're gonna be safe. All of us.

Even the best plan...
something can go wrong.

We are going to be okay.

You got it?

Freeze it.

Got it.

NGI techs just got a hit on Mikhail

off the Philly City Hall footage.

I'm guessing you're ready for this?

Software puts the match at 35%.

It is him. I recognize him.

You recognize him? Like you know him?

You guys pals?

Because that's not an obvious match for me.

- How many other images we got?
- That's it, Sir.

But we've only been through
1/3rd of the footage.

- The building has 96 cameras.
- Well, how long

to get through the rest of the footage

to see if we can make another match?

- 24 hours.
- We don't have 24 hours.

That laptop deletes itself in 11 hours,

and we lose any chance we
have of stopping Black Dagger.


Son, I know what happened to
you at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

And I can understand why
you'd make this thing personal

- after a thing like that.
- I've just seen firsthand

what the SVR is capable of.

What do you think, Agent Prado?

You're closest to the facts on this one.

The SVR murdered three
of their own officers

over these stolen files.

They engaged in a firefight
with a federal agent

on U.S. soil.

In the entire cold war, the
KGB never dared to do that.

Whatever's on that laptop,
I think it's worth the risk.

And if it's not there?

Then it becomes a political
and legal firestorm

with everybody yelling "FBI overreach"

and "constitutional crisis"

the moment our entry comes out.

It's there.

So that won't happen.

- [Grunts]
- [Clang]

All right.

Call the Attorney General.

[Police siren blares]

Are you through it yet?

Mayor's arriving for his speech.

He's working on it.

- [Grunts]
- [Clanging]

Try again.

[Breathing heavily]

- [Grunts]
- [Clang]

- Mark: Through the gate.
- Good.

Now you need to move fast... faster than

- you were expecting.
- Why?

- Alex.
- What about him?

(Victor) He just got the Attorney
General to sign off on his plan.

The FBI team is already on the way.

We need an ETA, Victor.

We need an ETA on that FBI team now.

Working on it.


Damn it.

What are you doing up here?

Alex and the FBI team left
Washington an hour ago.

Even if they're driving 90 miles an hour,

we've still got 30 minutes.

They're not coming by car.

[Helicopter propellers beating]

Your parents have enough
pressure on them already.

I didn't want to add any more.

They can do this, Natalie.

Your mother did dozens
of covert entries for us.

That was a long time ago.

Those skills were drilled into her.

They'll come back.

What about my dad?

You remember what he did
for us seven years ago?

He's a brilliant engineer. He can do this.

We'll be their eyes and ears,
and they're going to be okay.

And we are too.

I'm going to go back down
to monitor the police bands.


Okay, come on. Let's go.

- Okay, that's not very helping.
- Sorry.


[Helicopter blades thrumming]

Mom? How much longer?

We're a little busy right
now, honey. I don't know.

'Cause Alex and the FBI team
aren't driving, they're flying.

Well, when did they leave DC?

Doesn't matter. They're landing right now.

All right, get them passed out.

Dress covers, boys and girls.

Don't be shy. Made in the U.S.A.

65% rayon, 25% cotton.

And lord knows what else.

Come on, guys. Move, move.

Come on, don't be late.

(Mark) We're in. Heading to the vault.

(Victor) No alarm. No
dispatch. You're clean.

[Man speaking indistinctly]

Both a thriving urban Metropolis,

and an international
city of vibrant diversity.

We're a welcoming city,

regardless of ethnicity or orientation.

We are a Cosmopolitan city
of all races and all faiths.

Tell the security guard
at the service entrance

that the leak is unsubstantiated

so he doesn't get on the radio

and call more attention
to this than we want.

I'll give this back to you when we're done.

There's no outlets.

Well, how... how do they vacuum?

We take the prisoners'
staircase to the second floor.

We go courtroom through
courtroom using inner doors.

That will allow us to
enter without alerting

the court police officer.

Now, if they find out
we're here, we're screwed.

If you keep this in your pocket
you can have your ball back.

I got it.

- [Buzzer sounds]
- Oh!

We have to plug it in,

or we won't be able to get into the vault.

- On the count of three. Ready?
- Okay.

One, two...

- Three.
- [Alarm buzzes]

[Man continues speaking in background]

Wait a sec.

I mean, what do I do?

Is it safe for me to stay here?

Not really.

(Natalie) Guys, I think the
FBI just entered the building.

Come on.

Come on, let's go.

We got it.

[Device beeping]

s- Anything?
- Nothing here.

Are you sure?

There's nothing here.

That's impossible.

No find. I repeat, no find.

All right, let's clear out.

The SVR got here first.


I'm sorry. We got to get out of here.

The Russians could still be here.

We need to search this
place from top to bottom.

Michelle, come in here.


I think there's someone up there.