Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1955–1962): Season 7, Episode 7 - You Can't Be a Little Girl All Your Life - full transcript

Julie Barton is attacked in her bedroom by a stranger and can't provide much information to the police and the district attorney. She remembers biting into a leather glove when he put his hand over her mouth, but little else. Traumatized by the incident and under pressure from the police, she identifies a vagrant as the perpetrator but she is clearly unsure. Only when she makes a startling discovery is the identity of her attacker revealed.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Good evening ladies and gentlemen,

tonight as I promised you,

we are presenting a really big shoe,

our play is entitled: "You can't be a
little girl all your life",

so we thought it would be
appropriate to show you the home,

of one of our first
and perhaps greatest child psychiatrists,

but before we show
you the story,

we want to test your
reflexes with this commercial,

if I’m seeing it, you have
the impulse to leave the room,

you are absolutely normal.


How do you feel Julie?


I mean far away,

-it's a buzzing in my ears.
-Well no wonder,

but don't think about it now,

I was worried about
that eye,

it's going to be all right.


are you sure she's all right dr Vaughn?

She's going to be fine, Tom


I’m sorry, sorry...

because that lunatic, some animal...

I must look terrible.

You're beautiful.

Julie the police are
waiting to talk to you.

-No. -But you have to
talk to them sometime,

the sooner you do it,

the sooner they can
find the man,

you do want to help don't you?

-Yes. -I knew you would. Tom,

go on out and tell them
we'll come right along.

I’m sorry to have kept you waiting
so long but my wife's terribly upset.

-You will go easy on her, won't you?
-Don't worry mr Barton,

we've been through this
sort of thing before.

mrs Barton my name is Christensen,
lieutenant Christensen police department,

and this is mr Dahl of the
district attorney's office,

now I know this is a difficult
time for you mrs Burton but,

it's important for us to get any information
you may have as quickly as possible,

uh, do you think you'd recognize
the man if you saw him again?


Oh how can you be sure?

I know the bedroom was dark but there is
a street lamp just outside your window,

-you could have seen
something. -Mrs Barton...

Let me put it this

suppose we had this man in a place,
where you could see him close up,

but he couldn't see you at all.


Think Julie.

I heard a sound in
the room,

that woke me up,

but it was dark I never saw him.

All right,
tell us anything you can him about,

how big was he? tall, short, medium?


now I’m not sure,
I think he was tall.

About how old?

I don't know.

I’ll be right back.

-Groceries -You're supposed
to leave them in the kitchen.

Yeah I know but I’m just
back there, the doors locked.

Well uh go on around I’ll
open the door for you.

Mrs Barton,

did you notice anything unusual about his
clothes, anything you might have noticed?

I, I don't,


Leather gloves,
I tasted leather.


He put one hand over my mouth
before he started hitting me.

I bit it.

You bit into the glove.

Yes, I think I tore it.

Yeah, doesn't add
up too much, does it?

It's always the same.

-If you gentlemen are finished
I think... -Please doctor,

mrs Barton,

let me see if I can't make you understand
why we're doing this,

you see, there's been a series of
these savage beatings in the community,

my office and the police
department are,

under constant pressure to do something about it,

but what can we do
if the victim won't help us?

I didn't see him.

Why won't you help us?

are you afraid that you might have to
face some kind of ugly publicity,

-did you know the man?
-No I didn't know him.

Now mrs Barton you wouldn't
want to be guilty of,

turning a killer loose
for your helplessness...

-My wife isn't lying.
-I didn't say she was, mr Barton,

but she suffered a severe
shock she wants to forget.

You came home and found your wife
unconscious didn't you mr Barton?

-Uh yes yes I did.
-That was a few minutes past midnight,

is that the time you
usually come home?

Well it uh has been for the past
couple of weeks I’ve had to work late.

And you always phone your
wife when you're working night?

Yes, I phoned her as soon as I found
out I wouldn't be home for dinner.

What do you do with these
long evenings, mrs Barton?

it's pretty lonely way out
here at the edge of town.

-I don't understand you?
-Well, don't you ever go out, take a walk?

how do you spend your evenings?

Mrs Barton,

don't you see what
we're up against?

this is a very dangerous
man on the prowl,

now he wouldn't have come
into this house last night,

without knowing that your
husband was working late,

that means he's had
the place staked out,

and he knew how to get in,

he didn't come in
here to rob this place,

he came in for just one reason,

this is you, isn't it mrs Barton?

you're a very pretty young woman,

now I want to show you
what a pretty young woman,

looks like after she's
resisted a man like that,

now every time you see
your face in the mirror,

won't you be able to
see the man who did it?

and if you ever see him again won't
you be able to swear he was the one.

Yes, yes, yes...

-Good morning Tom.
-Good morning, it's early.

I have to get up early to make
it out here and back in one day.

I’m glad you came Julie would be
happy to see you, she's in the bedroom.

Take these out of my
own garden.

They're loving, thank you.

A little early but I thought they'd
mean more to you than store flowers.

They do.

Good idea to wear these, have
to protect those pretty eyes,

how is my little girl?

I’m all right,

-I’m fine.
-Shoudn't you be in bed.

a little
chilly this morning.

No, it's not necessary.

Now of course you should, come on,

come on,

you let your daddy tuck

you'll see,

you'll feel much
better, now wait,


don't you worry about me,
I’ll just have a little chat with Tom.

Julie’s resting.

Well that's good,

part of the paper?

Nice, thank you.


you know I’ve never been one to
interfere with you and Julie,

there's something I’d like
to talk to you about.

What's that?

Well you know how Julie is,

maybe it's my fault,

which was all I had
after her mother died,

she was always with me never alone,

well she never even went out with
any young men until she met you,

she needs someone
with her,

she's not the kind of
child that can be left alone.

If you think I wanted
to leave her alone...

Now don't, don't misunderstand
I’m not blaming you for anything,

but Julie is so nervous and,

this neighborhood is so remote,

couldn't you get a friend to stay with
her when you have to work late?

She won't be left alone again.

Oh I’m glad to hear that then,

when you're held up
at the office, I won't worry.

I won't be held up, the deal
I was working on fell through.

Fell through? oh I’m
sorry I didn't know.

All that work for

And you worked so hard on it,

well be other deals,

but there's only one

That's another reporter.

-Mr Barton? -Yes I’m

Lieutenant wants to know
if your wife is well,

enough to come down a
station this afternoon.

we think we found the

They found him.

-Yes I heard.
-We'll be right there.

Shouldn't you get the doctor's permission?

Oh of course, we'll have to call our
doctor first,

but I’m sure we can
make it.

I don't want to go dr Vaughn,

I don't want to go to that police station.

You told him you'd be there
I’m afraid you have to, Julie.

I don't want to
identify anybody, please.

Then how do you expect
them to pursue the case?

What would happen to me if
if I’d identify the wrong man?

I’ve got confidence
in you Julie,

you wouldn't do that.

Suppose I do identify,

then in a few years he gets out of jail,

he might come back
to kill me.

I read about a woman who
kept moving from place to place,

trying to get
away from a man like that.

Julie, the D.A was

you or to your neighbors,
and the other people,

of the town to at least
try and identify the man.

I wish it was all over,
I wish it was all over,

it makes me feel ill.

There's something you haven't
told me, isn't there Julie?

Why do you say that?


What symptoms?

Those glasses,

they make you look
better to people,

and people look better to you,

you're hiding behind them.

I am not.

Julie, I want you to tell me something,

were you out that
night before Tom came home?

You're just like all the rest of them,
aren't you?

no one will believe me, even Tom,

he's different towards me now,

you asked me what's wrong with me,

all right, I’ll tell you,

I’m sure even Tom
doesn't believe me,

he thinks that I don't
want to identify that man.

don't you realize that Tom feels a sense of,

failure because he didn't
protect you from what happened?

now he's acting like
any outraged male.

I’ve always been so
afraid of strangers,

I don't like meeting new people,
I can't talk to them,

don't you understand dr Vaughn?

this house is my world,

Tom and my family,

they love me dr Vaughn,

people who love you
don't hurt you,

but other people,

-strangers... -Oh Julie,
that's nonsense.

I can't help it, isn't? I just
don't think I can go through with it,

I can't testify at the trial,

and face cameras and crowds,

when I was a little girl,

I cried if anyone even pointed to me.

You can't be a little
girl all your life.

Mrs Barton,

thank you for coming, I hope the
reporters weren't too rough on you.


This is dr Carl Weiss director of the
city hospital for mental disorders,

the man you're about to see was
under the doctor's care two years ago,

now if you and mr
Barton will be seated...

now there's nothing for you to
be nervous about, mrs Burton,

all you have to do is look
at the man and say yes or no.

You said the man
wouldn't be able to see me.

He won't be able to see
you, you have nothing to fear.

All right lieutenant let's have the

All right bring them in.

Number one step forward.

Pick up your hat.

All right step back.

Number two forward.

Your hat.

Step back, number three,

-all right step back.
-mrs Barton you've got to try to cooperate,

is it any one of
these men?

I am trying.

Let's start again.

Number one again,

all right back, number two.

You recognized him
didn't you?

-I’m not sure.
-You can't mean that, he is the man isn't he?

Surely if there's any doubt...

How can there be any doubt?
you saw how she reacted.

He's the man isn't
he, mrs Barton? isn't?

Yes, yes, yes...

There you are doctor, she recognized

You picked the right man mrs Barton.

All right let's go.

I know how you feel
mr Barton,

but you wouldn't want me to charge you with
attempted assault, would you?

well then, you just simmer down,
let us finish the job. Get him up.

I think you better call a doctor,

your men seem to have broken my leg.

When Broner's trial
is over,

we're going to take a second honeymoon.

Just like that?

We've been through a bad
time, I’ve only made it worse.

You won't have that kind of talk,

I better get started
for the doctors,

you put your jacket on,

I’ll get your coat it's chilling.

I thought we might
go back to Mexico city,

remember Julie?

do you like that.

This glove,

where did you get it?

-Oh Julie give me that.
-It's thorn,


it was you,

you hit me.

You listen to me...

This glove,

I remember it,

it's yours.

Darling I uh,

I don't know what happened uh,

to see this uh, this
deal I was working on,

killing myself over,

it fell through,

nothing seemed right,

and I went out and got drunk,

suddenly this house,


everything seemed like a yoke around my

something exploded in my head.

If only you had told me,

but you made me
say it was Broner.

That really doesn't matter, everybody'd
be better off without a man like Broner.

But you know he was

you know,

you're the one.

Don't be a fool,

they won't believe you,

they'll say you're out of your mind.

They will believe

they will believe me.

I was sorry to see the
police catch up with Tom,

I must say I can't
blame him too much,

after all any woman who would deliberately,

mutilate a pair of her husband's gloves,

I shall be back in just one minute.

That is quite enough for one night I’m sure,

next week you may be strong enough for more,

by the way,

this is the child psychiatrist I mentioned,

good night.