Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1955–1962): Season 7, Episode 28 - The Kerry Blue - full transcript

Ned Mallie loves his 13-year old dog Annie, a Kerry Blue. So much so that his wife Thelma accuses him of caring more for the dog than her. When Ned returns from a business trip, Thelma has bad news: Annie died a few days after he left and she buried him in the woods. Because Thelma did not call a vet, Ned is convinced that she buried Annie alive and he slowly plots his revenge.

Good evening ladies and gentlemen,

welcome to Candid Capers,

this is the program which
photographs peolpe,

in amusing and embarrassing

and then shows them to the television

our photographer is returning with a new
set of pictures,

allow me to explain how our program

our photographer goes into night clubs,

hotels or park cars,

and snaps these candied pictures,

we then show the photographs on

and everyone has a good laugh,

this first picture,

was snapped in a dark corner
of the Nouveau Po coffee house,

and it shows mr
Andrew Spearman,

and miss Gert oh,

oh there's something on this one, excuse,

it's from mr Spearman,

I see,

Candid Capers loves a good laugh,

but we certainly wouldn't want
to cause any misunderstandings,

apparently all he could find on which to
write his note,

was a hundred dollar bill,

while I go through these pictures perhaps
you'd like to look at the following,

more formal photography, thank you.


How about that Annie?
how about that huh?

that fellow Rembrandt he couldn't do
much better than that I could,

no sir,

there you, are now you got the fanciest
dog house in town,

oh yeah I bet those other butchers are
gonna be jealous, huh

nothing's too good for my little Annie,

you know what I’m gonna
do next winter?

I’m gonna put a regular little
heater in there for you,

I bet you like that huh,

what's the matter?

oh girl where's that old zip,
don't you feel so well?

Well you're coming into dinner, aren't you?

I’m coming,
I just wanted to finish up the painting,

looks pretty good, wanna take a look to?

Find time to be painting,

and you with your good suit on.

Come on girl.

Look at that jacket,

think I can afford dry
cleaning every other day?

why don't you do that stuff
on weekends like other men do?

Other men don't have a dog like Annie,

you know, I don't think Annie feels so well,

-she hasn't got that old zip. -Well what do
you expect of an old dog?

-she's no puppy anymore. -Uh well she's
been mopping around a lot.

maybe it's the water,

you know what I drink?

I think she needs exercise,

I ought to take her
to the park more.

Why don't you take her to dinner in a show?

wouldn't think you'd taken
me to the park, would you?

That's different.

You bet your life it's different,

you don't think I get sick and tired,

or watching you treat that dog
like she was a I don't know,

queen of Sheba,

You don't come home from work to
see me you come home to see Annie.

You starting out again?

Annie eats better than me,

she goes to the vet more
times than I go to the doctor,

and me that really needs it with my back.

You got any pepper?

Annie this, Annie that,

I need to have a fire in this house,
I don't know who you'd rescue first.

Oh come on now Thelma you
know you like the dog too.

Likes, likes is one thing,

it's more than just 'like' with you.

Here Annie,

take it,

She doesn't want any meat.

She didn't eat any breakfast
this morning either.

Maybe she just doesn't like it.

Maybe it's my cooking,

-maybe she don't like that.
-I didn't say that,

now come on Thelma sit down, there's
something I want to tell you,

something happened at the office this

mr McGregor called me in,

he wants me to go to
the Cleveland branch.

You? what for?

Well one of the department
heads out there got sick and,

they don't know how long they'll be out,

he was working on a market research
project for one of our big clients.

-So? -So they want me to go out out
there and finish up the job,

I don't know how long it'll take two or
three days maybe,

what do you think of that?

Was very nice,

-for you. -Well it is sort of flattering I mean
it's an important project,

and he thinks that I’m the right man to
handle the job.

When are you supposed to leave?

I’m gonna catch the plane at nine
o'clock in the morning,

I’II have to pack tonight.

Well don't forget your pills and stuff.

Well I guess I better get started come
on girl.

Thelma, I’m back.

How are you Ned, how was the trip?

Well it was just fine it was okay.

-Well let me take that. -No that's all
right I can manage it.

You must be awfully tired dear I made
you some coffee.


Annie must be getting deaf in her
old age,

I thought sure she'd be barking when I
pulled up in that taxi,

feels like I’ve been away here,

everything all right here?

what is it, what's happened?

-Ned... -Well what is it for Pete’s sake?

you're acting awful funny, are you sorry
I came home or something?

-I’ve got bad news about Annie.
-What's wrong?

what's the matter with Annie?

was Annie sick, does she hit the vets?

oh what is it Thelma?

It happened two days after you left,

she was acting funny,

well you saw the way
she was acting, she just,

quit eating, I had to force the food on her,

and then one night,

Friday it was,

she was lying
on the floor,

under the dining table,

she was breathing heavy,

and then she began to whimper
like she's having a bad dream,

and then she got up...

What more Thelma?

She came over to me and,

stood in front of me looking at me,

making that funny little whimpering
noise like she had to go out or something,

and then she collapsed,

she just fell over and laid,

I bent over,

but she didn't move,

she wasn't even breathing,

I tried to pick her up
but she weighed a ton,

she wasn't
even breathing then,

I touched her,

I didn't feel anything no
heartbeat anything like that.

Did you call dr Chaff?

did you call a vet?

She was gone Ned, she was dead,

she just
stopped living that's all it was,

I called mr Doyle next door,

and he said there was nothing I could do
about it,

nothing I could do but,

but very poor

he he said that he wished
that he could help me,

but but he was sick in bed with a cold,

he said that,

I should just take Annie
out in the woods,

and bury her.

Did you call Chaff?

did you tell him what
was happening?

It was ten o'clock even later
nobody was open that late.

What did you do?

I did what mr Doyle said, I,

I went out into the woods,

not too far,

I dug a hole,

I put Annie in it, I covered
her up and came back to the house,

was the only thing I could do.

You did that?

It was the only sensible thing then,

I couldn't just leave her there dear.

You buried her?


You buried my dog?

how you know she was dead?

how do you
know for sure?

-Do you know what you did?

you buried out

-you buried my dog alive.
-I didn't, I didn't.

she was dead,

she was 13 Ned, she was old,

dr Chaff said she was
like a 90 year old woman,

You buried my dog alive.

Who is here?

Dr Chaff, I told you he was coming over
this afternoon, will you see him please?

Yeah sure I will.

Come in doctor,.

Malley, I understand you've
been away on a business trip,

been to Cleveland aren't you?

nice town

my daughter married a Cleveland boy.

-Won't you sit down doctor?
-Oh thank you mrs Malley,

it's really too bad about your dog,

fine animal,

I always like Kerry Blues,

your wife told me about all that happened,

about how upset you were,

I just want to reassure you that,

well she did absolutely the right thing,

the dog was old you know 13 years is
very old for a dog,

I’m sure there was no doubt about his
being dead.

She wasn't a 'her',

Annie was a 'her'.

Yes of course I,

well anyway I just wanted
you to know that mrs Malley,

did the right thing by burying her,

the only sensible thing.

You're a vet dr Chaff,

you ought to know
whether a dog's dead or alive.

Yes naturally.

But my wife, she isn't a vet.

Well I I really don't
think there's any question.

But you don't really know, do

because you weren't here,

nobody really knows whether
Annie was dead or alive,

because nobody was here except my wife,

you see my point?

-Mrs Malley I...
-It's all right doctor,

you did your best.

I’m sorry.

Thank you for coming doctor.

You can put your shirt on now,

there's something bothering you?

perhaps a business worry
something like that?

No it's nothing like that doctor it's
it's just asleep,

-that's my problem. -Well you need your
rest no doubt about that we all do.

Those uh those sleeping pills you gave
me the last time I was here,

-I’m all out of them. -It might be better
if you could try getting along without them.

Well I got to get some
sleep doctor if I could,

just get some sleep, I’m
sure I’d feel better.

All right mr Malley I’II give you
another prescription,

but use them only when you feel it's
really necessary.

I will doctor,

only when necessary.


Yes Thelma?

There's something I want to
tell you.

Is it about Annie?

In a way,

I spoke to dr Chaff again,

and he says...

don't talk about it,

I don't want
to hear another word.

But we can't go on like this,

-you make me feel so...
-There's no sense crying about it.

all over and done with.

But I can't help it.

And she's dead and
that's all there is,

it just won't ever
mention the subject again,

all right?

-Do you mean that Ned?
-Of course I mean it,

forget all about Annie,

just like she never existed,

how about a nice cup of hot chocolate?

No, no thank you Ned I think I’II get
some when I go to bed.

Have some now,

I’d like some myself,

I’II even fix it.


well all right Ned if you want to.

Is it all right?

Yes yes it's just fine,

Ned there is something I want to tell you.

It isn't too sweet?

No no no it's fine,

-You know, that clock needs winding,

but it hasn't been wound since I left.

Ned I, I feel so tired all of a sudden.

Maybe you want to lie down a while.

No no this,

looks to put a bit,

maybe if I,

uh maybe if I got some fresh

I feel so woozy.

Just been knitting too
much, your eyes are tired.

-Lately I think I’m going to faint.
-No no,

you're going to be all right,

-you just go in and light out, go ahead.
-I think it'd better,

that I,

I feel awful,

then I,

I feel sick.

No you'll be all right,

just sit down here,

and lie back,

and go to sleep,

close your eyes,

and go to sleep.

Maybe we better call somebody,

a doctor.

We don't need a doctor,

a doctor wouldn't do you any good now,

it's too late for that.

What do you mean?

what do you mean
too late?

Why it's just too late,

it'll all be over in a few minutes

What are you talking about?

I gave you
something in your hot chocolate tonight,

that's why you're feeling this way.

Give me something?

I went to see dr
Prentice today,

and he gave me a prescription for some
sleeping pills,

a whole bottle full of them,

and they were all in
your chocolate Thelma,

every single one,

don't try and fight it Thelma,

it's too
late to do anything about it now,

there is nothing they can do just like
they couldn't do anything for poor Annie,

you know what might even happen,

you may not be dead,

when I finally
decide to call somebody,

you may only be sleeping,

maybe they won't even hear your

like you didn't hear Annie’s,

maybe they won't even know you're still

and they may bury you too,

just like you
buried Annie out there,


that's what might happen.



help me,

Now just lie still dumber,

don't make it
any harder for yourself,

it's going to be hard enough,

when they
put that dirt over you,

when they start to cover up that grave,

and you're in it,


that's gonna be hard Thelma,

just like it was for Annie,

You think she'll be able to talk now?

You could try.

Mrs Malley,

you're going to be all right now ma'am,

all you have to do now is just take it


my husband.

Well I’m afraid this is going to be bad

mrs Malley,

patrolman Davis found your husband in
the backyard,

he must have fallen,

he struck his head
on the concrete,

well he's dead mrs Malley,

I’m sorry,

was your neighbor mr Doyle who
phoned us he heard a racket,

in your backyard and thought
it must have been a prowler,

it's lucky for you that he did,

look mrs Malley,

I know you don't feel
much like talking now,

but there's something we have to know,

now about that overdose you took,
those sleeping pills...

He's dead,

he's dead,

and never even knew.

Knew what mrs Malley?

He never knew about the dog,

it was dr Chaff's idea,

to get him another Kerry Blue,

just like the one that died, just like

to make him feel better,

I was gonna surprise him tonight.

Would you believe it?

we don't have a single photograph to
show you,

I shall tell you more of this in just a

that concludes our show for tonight,

as for Candid Capers,

we have added a new feature,

the telephone tapping hour,

we hope this will be even
more entertaining,

and profitable, so until
next week good night.