Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1955–1962): Season 7, Episode 24 - Apex - full transcript

Claude is a successful business executive whose wife, Clara, owns the company he heads. He is also having a affair with his attractive neighbour, Margo. Claude's wife suspects her husband of having an affair and has made it quite clear that he would get nothing in a divorce settlement. Claude had every intention of killing his wife but when it comes time, he simply can't do it and suggests they hire a hit man to do the deed. Margo decides to take charge of the situation, however. Unfortunately, they find themselves working at cross purposes with not unexpected results.

Good evening fellow

the first item on today's schedule,

is a stop of Buckingham palace for a view
of the historic changing of the guard,

the gentleman performing
the gymnastics,

is mr Wedgley of topper Iowa,

mr Wedgley is engaging in
one of the favorite tourist sports,

he's trying to make the
stern looking guardsmen smile,

in fact, mr Wedgley has made a
small wager with me,

I’m afraid that wasn't quite
what mr Wedgley had in mind,

on second thought I believe
he did win his bet with me,

for I now see just the hint of
a smile on the guardsman's face,

originally our tour schedule provided
for one minute of free time at this point,

but because of this

I think a brief eulogy
would be appropriate.


Don't you think the gold is the

Yes but for both couches and the chair.

Well they are companion
pieces darling.

But that's going to put a
lot of gold in this room,

do we have to decide
right this minute?

No, but we should pretty soon,

the special on that material
runs out this week.

All right,

if you like it go ahead.

Darling can't you
stay for another drink?

Oh no I’m due at six,

I like being top dog in the company
but it sure makes for long hours.


I’m very proud of you.

All right, I’m home.

Darling where have
you been?

I stopped at the club
for a drink.

But I told you I’d make martinis,

we're doing Muriel’s
in half an hour.

Oh honey I’m the most punctual
husband in the business,

besides we're always the first
ones there.

Ed Jensen’s coming tonight.

-Who's Ed Jensen?
-Wilmington industries,

he and father are
great friends,

we used to have his account.

What happened?

Oh after father died he and Joe
Mayberry had some kind of an argument.


now that Mabry’s out,

maybe we can charm him back into the fold.


were you really at the club?

Of course darling

I don't know it's just that well
things haven't been the same lately,

there isn't anyone
else, is there?

No honey for Pete’s sakes I
just stopped for two drinks.

All right all right I’m
sorry, I’II get my bag.

I don't know Margo don't you think
it makes my face look even rounder?

Just the opposite
I love it like this.

Okay if you say so.

And when Claude sees you he want
to take you on a second honeymoon.

More than likely he won't
even notice the difference.


-is something wrong?
-No, nothing.

Are you and Claude having

Not Claude, just me,

and I have nothing to go on,

no mysterious phone calls,

no handkerchiefs with lipstick on them,

but I think he's
seeing another woman.

Claire I can't believe you.

You can't? we just had our seventh
wedding anniversary,

that's when the itch
is supposed to set in.

But you know how
much Calude loves you.

I know how much he says he loves me,

oh Margo,

don't ever marry a man who's even a
little bit younger or poorer than you.

Well it would be
kind of hard to find anyone poorer.

-Oh you know I didn't mean it that way.
-Course not darling.

But we've been
neighbors for over a year,

I know you quite
well Claire and,

I think I know Claude,

aren't you being a
little bit unfair to him?

Well maybe.

Well you've told me
how hard he's been working lately.

That's another thing,

he never discusses business with me

after all I do own the company,

maybe that was a mistake.

-Making him president?

but if I do find anything going on,

he won't own any part of the
company after the divorce.


Clara what are you talking about?

-you just said you don't have a
shred of evidence. -Oh you're right,

oh dear it's getting late and
I’ve got to go to the bakery,

I promised Claude we'd have
cream puffs for dinner tonight,

he loves cream puffs,

don't pay any attention
to me, I’m being ridiculous.

Goodbye Clara.

You're having cream
puffs for dinner.

That's nice.

And you were right.

About what?

She suspects you,

she doesn't even
know why but she does,

we're going to have to
do something about it.

I know.

If she divorces you,

you lose

I know I know.

Darling I understand how
you feel but,

it's one thing to
keep saying I know.

All right I’II do it,

I’II do it tonight.

I couldn't,

I just couldn't do it.

I couldn't do it Margo.

Claude oh Claude
darling I understand,

really I do.

I could hire someone
to do it,

I will hire someone to do it,

but when it comes
to doing it myself...


maybe let me take care of this.

No no I don't want you to
have anything to do with it.

I’II arrange it.

If I leave it to you,

I’m afraid it will
never get done.



Oh yes dear.

Did I wake you up?

No no I I was just staring at the

Oh is anything wrong?

No but uh,

well I I didn't sleep very well last

I had a horrible nightmare.

It was probably those
cream puffs,

listen the reason I called,
remember the rose petal tea,

you and Claude take
on your honey moon?

-Yes. -Was it Magruder's genuine
oriental rose petal teeth?

Well yes.

Stay right where you are
I’ve got a surprise for you.


In here.

-You told me to stay where I was.


Margo, where did you find it?

Oh a little shop downtown,

now my suggestion to you is
tonight instead of plying,

Claude with cream puffs you
brew a part of that tea,

it'll bring back memories of those
golden days on the islands,

and all your worries
will be over.

Oh Margo please don't tease me about it,

-I’m too upset.
-Darling I didn't mean to tease you,

Clara you've got to snap out of
this it's it's just your imagination.

He left his office at 10 o'clock this
morning and hasn't been back since,

is that my imagination?

Well you probably
had some business appointments.

then why doesn't his
secretary know about them?

-Did you try his club?
-Yes he hasn't been there all day.

Well I’m sure there are a dozen
explanations for it.

It's the real one
that worries me.

Clara I’m not saying that what you're
afraid of couldn't possibly be true but I,

I do know that once you
decide you're going to be suspicious,

of a man you can
find a million reasons for it.

Margo it's more than suspicion,

I know.

-How do you know?
-I just do.

I know what you need to
get things back into focus,

a nice hot cup of
your favorite tea.

Oh I’d like that.


I must tell you about my nightmare,

it was absolutely

I dreamt Claude was trying to kill me.


we were we were walking
along a cliff somewhere,

then suddenly,

oh excuse me,


darling I’ve tried to reach you

Charlie says what?

well you tell him that goes double for
me and to give my love to Jessica,

oh of course,
what time is the boy coming?

all right dear I’II
give it to him,

and I’II see you at dinner,


oh he was at his golf club.

-You see, I told you.
-Playing in a foursome with an old bald mind,

uh Charlie Mitchell,
15 years ago I almost married Charlie.

-Oh that Charlie, cream and sugar?
-Oh no, thank you,

rose petal tea should
be drunk just as it is,

you know, I never loved Charlie but
maybe I should have married him anyway,

things might have been
a lot different if I had,

I don't remember it's
being as bitter as this.

Yes it is, isn't it?

It doesn't taste a bit like the tea we had.

Do you think maybe
I steeped too long?

I don't think that would
make this much difference

oh it's just awful.

But it is hard,

now why don't you finish it?
it will make you feel better,

and then I think you
ought to get up,

I think lying around in bed
all morning makes you depressed.

I think you're right,
why don't I take you to lunch?

I’ve bought a new hat and
I’m dying to show it off.


you finish your tea and I’II
go and get ready,

it will only take me a minute.


oh I don't think
that's it's agreeing with me at all.

Oh dear and I I I did think
it was such a good idea.

Are you all right Clara?

No I’m not,

Claude bought some
sediments last night,

they're in the medicine
chest please get some.

Of course.

Margo please hurry.

I’m looking for them but I can't seem to
find them are you sure you put them in here?


I think you better call a doctor,

it's dr Morgan,

his number's in the
address book,

in the drawer.

I got it,


is this dr Morgan’s office?

yes, I’m calling for
a patient of his,

uh mrs Claude,

mrs Claude Sharm,



Mrs Sharm?

it's me George Weeks.

Just a minute.

Your husband sent me to pick up the

it's in his desk,

he said he spoke to
you a little while ago from the club.

Oh oh yes.

I’m a caddy out there,

guy my age two years of junior

best I can make is a caddy.

That's too bad.


well there are always uh,

little things on the side.


Like this,

1000 bucks,

man of his word.


Your husband,

but why he wants to get rid of
a dish like you, I don't figure,


As Esop would have

when you are part of a triangle,

it is wise to remain in your own corner,

as a result of the scene
you have just witnessed,

Claude Benson and the stranger
with the gun received punishment,

in keeping with their guilt,

and of course,

the guardsman who shot that tourist
also received his just desserts,

he now wears the Victoria Cross,

I have an important
announcement in just 60 seconds,

ah here is something else which
should make our guardsmen smile,

that time the guard made no effort to shoot,

he just laughed out

next week we shall be
back with another story,

now I must beat you
good night until then,

I believe the god is going into his shelter,

you know, it's remarkable how they
retain their dignity at all times.