Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1955–1962): Season 7, Episode 10 - Services Rendered - full transcript

A young man has a minor accident walking down the street and a street person cons him into buying them a drink. It's only when they go to introduce themselves that the young man realizes he has no idea who he is and has suffered a complete loss of memory. In his pocket he finds a $1000 bill and the name and address for a Dr. Ralph Mannick. Mannick has no idea who he is but while at his office, the young man recalls who he is and why he had the doctor's name and a $1000.

Oh good evening,

I have always been deathly afraid
of painting myself into a corner,

but my precautions
have been useless,

you see, I now remember that this door
I’ve been backing toward is a closet,

of course it's always comforting to learn
that others have made the same mistake,

but I wish he hadn't done that,

it's ruined my floor,

now I shall have to spend the
next few minutes repainting,

and miss the first commercial
and the opening of the story,

I don't mind about
the story, I’ve seen that,

but the commercials come in sets of three,

and if you miss one it might be
difficult to learn who the sponsor is.


Hey look out!

better go down.

Better should call
the police or an ambulance.

-No, I think I'm all right.
-I saw the hole thing,

I was walking right time.

Please, please, I,
I just had the wind knocked out of me.

Are you sure? that's
a nasty crack on the head.

I’m I’m all right, really.

My sister chipped her rib once,
never even felt it,

then she had an x-ray
and there it was, third rib down...

-Okay mister?
-Are you responsible for this?

Oh yeah but it was an accident
the board slipped out of my hands.

Criminal things dropping out of the sky.

Listen, uh we're covered mister,
uh, let me take you to see the formula.

Look, why don't we forget
it I’m fine, fine, really.

Okay mister, but if you want to get in
touch with the company later on...

Excuse me, I’m expected somewhere.

-Hi fella.
-Uh? oh, hello.

What's the matter? you look a little pale.

Well I uh I just had an accident.

Oh that's too bad,

I hope it was nothing serious.

-I was quite a shock.
-Let me give you a light sir,

there we are,

could I borrow one of those?
I, I kind of uh misplaced my pack,

thank you, an accident, hey?

what'd you do, walk into a lamppost?

Something like that.

-You know, I know exactly what you need.
-What's that?

A good stiff drink, it's time for the nerves,

besides, you look a little
green around the gills,

come on, I know a swell
place just across the street.

Well I don't know I think
I better be running along.

Oh come, on come on,
there's no problem in the world,

never for a minute,
will not kill you, come on fella.

You back again pop?
I still got the same two words for you,

no credit.

No, no Jimmy,
that's not a very friendly attitude,

he always kids me like
that when I come in here,

what are you gonna have to drink?
I’II take a whiskey,

-what did you say?
-Well I’II have the same.

You uh, you don't have to have
another cigarette on you do you?

I could use one.

Here's looking at your fella.

You know, we've never been
properly introduced that way,

my name is Rutherford,
Cyrus Rutherford, what's yours?

Oh well, uh I’m...

What's the matter?

My name is...

What's wrong?

Excuse me.

Hey wait a minute pal,

you didn't have your drink.

what's mad at you,
you sick or something?

no no it's just,

this is ridiculous.
-What do you mean ridiculous?

Well, I I can't remember who I am.

-What do you mean?
-Well a minute ago when when you introduced yourself,

I suddenly realized that I,

I don't, know my own name.

No, no now let me get this straight,

uh are you trying to tell me
that you you forgot who you are?

That's right,

in fact, I don't remember a thing before
that board fell and hit me on the head.

You, you don't remember anything?

Not a

oh I remember getting up off the sidewalk,

and meeting you,
coming in here,

-but wait a minute...
-What, what is it?

I think I had an
appointment somewhere.

Look fella try and concentrate,

Now I can't remember,

I know it was something
important something I had to.

You sure you haven a problem in here,


Unless what?

Well guess,
you must have a wallet in your pocket,

you know, with pictures and
and a social security number,

and and driver's license.


Must have fallen out
when I had the accident.

Oh sir, wait a minute will ya...

Oh hi, I uh I,
was just wondering if anyone uh,

-found a wallet around here.
-Wallet? -Yeah.

-No, how you
feel? -Well I’m fine, fine,

must have, you know,
dropped out of my pocket when I fell,

I’m sure you didn't
see it, huh?

A lot of people stand around anybody
could have grabbed it.

-Yeah I guess so.
-Now listen if it shows up,

-where can we get in touch with? -Oh
that's all right,

thanks, thanks anyway.

Am I glad to see you,

-any luck?
-No I guess somebody ran off with it.

Why don't you try
your pockets again?


Let's see,

there's a

and uh,

key, well that proves I live somewhere,

my trouble is I have a key, no door.

-Wait a minute, wait
a minute. -What's that?

It's a thousand
dollar bill.

May I see that?

that's what it is, all
right, it looks real too,

dr Ralph Mannick, west 96th street.

-Where are we now? -West 83rd street,

hey wait a minute, maybe
that's where you were going,

you remember you said
you had an appointment?

hey you know something,

maybe this dr Mannick
could even be you,

Well if he's not, maybe you can
tell me who I am.

-Hey mister... -Yeah?

that'll be 3.90.

Hey mister,

this is a thousand dollar bill.

-I know, can't you change it?
-Change it?

what do you think I am, the treasury

now come on, come on friend,
cough up the 3.90.

Sorry that's all I have.

I’m fresh out of

I thought he was gonna pay.

Hey what is this?
some kind of swindle or something?

You two walking around town, bumming
drinks with a thousand dollar bill.

-Of course not,
I’m perfectly willing to pay. -Well then pay.

-I did, now let me have my
change. -All right that settles it,


What's the trouble?
-Fella gave me a thousand bucks,

on a 390 tab and says he wants to change.

-You mean this is all you got?
-I’m afraid so.

Well mr we just run a little
neighborhood business here,

-this ain't exactly the star club.
-make them pay Ben.

Look I’m perfectly
willing to pay he won't take my money.

-I told you Ben he's a real
wise guy. -All right, all right,

if he doesn't have it,
he doesn't have it,

get me a pencil and

I guess I’II have to trust you mister,

-just give me a name and
address. -I don't remember them.

-What? -I said I don't remember them I had
a little accident a while ago and I,

Get out of here.

-May I help you?
-There's dr Mannick?

but he's ready to leave for the day,

-do you have an appointment?
-Look will you buzz the doctor,

-and tell him I’m here it's important. -I’m
sorry sir, but I’II have to have your name.

Look miss if I knew my name I wouldn't
be here now will you get the doctor?

Yes well if,

well if the pain
continues call me later,

that's right,


-yes mr Sherman?
-Doctor there's a strange man,

outside who says he doesn't know
his nam, he wants to see you.

Something I can do
for you?

Oh doctor I, I well I know this
is going to sound very stupid but,

you know who I am?

I’m sorry, I’ve never seen you
before in my life.

Doctor you absolutely sure? this is

I’m afraid so, I have a very good memory
for faces and if we had met before,

but we haven't, if
you'll excuse me...

Well wait a minute doctor,

take another look at my face,

well maybe we met at a
friend's house at a party or,

or maybe we played golf together,

or served on a jury,

-No I’m quite positive this is the first time I’ve ever seen you.

I see, well, I’m uh,

I’m sorry I bothered

Are you sure you're
feeling all right well?

Yes I, I just can't remember
who I am,

Turn your head,

hey that's quite a cut you have there,
you better let me see you.

come on in

my nurse just left
a few minutes ago,

we were closing up place,

sit down there,

-that light bother you? -No.

I’m gonna clean that cut up,

now this may sting
a little at first,

-that hurt? -No.

Well that stitching is necessary
you're lucky it wasn't any deeper.

I think I’II let
the air get to that,


you're as good as new,

if you're one of my child
patients I’d give you a lollipop.

I guess I must have been
hit hotter than I thought,

that's probably why it happened.

Why, what

I can't remember who I am,

doctor, I know this sounds weird to you but
about an hour ago I was walking

along the street minding my own
business and all of a sudden uh,

a board fell from out of
nowhere next thing I knew,

-I was flat on my back
on the sidewalk. -A board?

Yes, it fell from one of the buildings
they were doing some construction work.

Were you knocked

Well, I don't know I I think so,

next thing I remember there
was a crowd around me,

well I I didn't have any bones
broken or anything like that,

anyway I got to my feet and I
assured everyone I was all right,

but I uh,

I wanted to get out of there
you see uh, crowds bother me.

Excuse me doctor but
I’m leaving now,

-that is unless you need me.
-No I’II see you in the morning miss Sherman.

-Good night.
-Good night.

Tell me, were you aware of
striking your head with any force?

I don't know it, just all happened so
fast I mean one minute you're walking,

-along the street, the next minute
you're flat on your back. -Sit down.

When'd you realize you'd lost your memory?

Oh well I,

uh I went into a bar
to have a drink,

and all of a sudden it
hit me,

no name, no address,

I didn't know who I was
or where I was going.

It all seems to fit the pattern.

-What pattern?
-I think you've temporary amnesia.

-Temporary amnesia?
-Produced by shock or a sharp blow,

either physical or

have you had any headaches
dizziness, nausea? -No no nothing like that.

Hmm your pulse is normal,
stand up for a minute,

put your arms out
in front of you,

with the palms down,

that's fine, now close your eyes.

-What's it supposed to prove?
-Oh nothing, is just a test,

-how's your balance?
-Fine. -Good sit down again,

well it's possible
you have a slight concussion,

-but it's difficult to say without
a complete examination. -Oh great.

One thing I don't understand is
why did you come to me?

Oh well uh,

I found this in my pocket it was
wrapped around a thousand dollar bill.

Well that's peculiar.

Yes first I thought I
might be you,

that is that I...I was doctor Mannick,

but then I figured if I wasn't
why you could tell me who I am,

well why else would I have your
name and address in my pocket.

Well perhaps the
patient of mine gave it to you.

Well, it's true,

which one?

-Where do I find you?
-I don't know,

look what am I supposed to do anyway?
where do I go?

I got a picture of myself putting a
big fat x on a hotel register somewhere,

I don't even know if I belong
in this town,

and who am I anyway,

am I an accountant,
an executive, a doctor,

as far as I’m concerned
I could be a an,

unemployed bum just off a box car
this morning.

Well I doubt that,
no one's quite a bum with a thousand dollars.

Yes, you're right.

Now listen to me,
I know you're upset and it's only natural,

but I think the best thing for
you to do is to go to the police.

-Police why?
-Well because they can put your picture in the paper,

that's the first step,
then if you have any relatives,

they'll see it and
they'll come for you,

-I’II just call them and have them send a car.
-No, no no no please look,

I don't want to make a
big thing out of this, I,

I just want to find out who I
am I thought you could help me.

-I’m trying to, just let me call.

this is ridiculous,

you know it is,
whole thing is ridiculous I mean,

a thousand dollar bill and no name,

no name,


can I go away?

-can I get my memory
back? -It's possible.

How possible?

Well sometimes the amnesia
only lasts for a couple of hours,

once in a while, something makes a
connection and the mind returns to normal,

but it's difficult to say, the only
sure way would be a complete examination.

-Who's this?
-My wife.


I wonder if I have a

Well if you do she's probably worried by now,

that's why I think you should go
to the police, they can help you.

-It's the weirdest thing.
-I’II even go to the station with you,

they have doctors there who can
give you a thorough examination,

besides, there may
have been inquiries,

perhaps your wife has already phoned them.

It's the weirdest thing,

look doctor, I’m sorry I uh,

this is really my problem I’m
sorry I dumped it in you.

I’d like to help you.

No no no look, I, I know you want
to go home I’m sorry I bothered.

But wait, you just can't leave like this,
where will you go?

Well I’II,

I’II be all right,


Doctor this is amazing.

-Why, what happened? -I
was standing waiting for the elevator,

and all of a sudden
something clicked,

it was just as if somebody
turned on the lights.

-You mean your memory came back? -That's right,

-clear as day.
-Well that's wonderful.

I even know where I got the,

-uh thousand dollars.

Your wife gave it to me.

My wife?

That's what she paid me to kill you.

As you can see I’m making an effort to
avoid a repetition of my recent experience,

as for the story you
have just seen,

the state has put our young hero away,

so he won't be in any danger
from falling scaffolding,

but neither he nor anyone
else can escape the following,

if you survive, you
will find me here.

There are times when a loss of
memory might be a good thing,

until next week at the
same time, good night.