Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1955–1962): Season 6, Episode 9 - The Money - full transcript

Larry and Angie Chetnik are always bickering about money. She wants more of it and he assures her that he has plans to get a job with a better future. Larry visits his father's one-time ...

Good evening. This is not to symbolize
my expulsion from an exclusive club.

It is a mode of transportation.

This is just the vehicle for those of you who,

have always longed to see Niagara falls...

from the bottom.

This is the
first two passenger model,

For that couple that enjoys living
dangerously even on the honeymoon.

It is also
attractively decorated.

I don't understand why we
don't sell more of them.

And speaking of sell,

we have had complaints that
our sponsors sell is so soft,

viewers have the feeling something,

is being left out of the commercials.

For them here is the
uncensored uncouth version.

Cut it out Larry.

I say cut it out!

You want to wrestle? why
don't you go down to the gym?

You kill me Larry.
You really kill me.

Listen Angie don't
play games with me.

I'm not fooling
around about this.

-I want to marry you.
-I'm not fooling either.

I'm no kid anymore. That time
I settled down I told you that.

Oh yeah, you told me that.
Only money comes first, right?

so what's so wrong about that?

A girl's got to
think about money.

The lesson I learned from mama.

Your mama never had
the price of a beer.

That was the lesson.

Well that's what I come up with to
tell you Angie the money's gonna come.

-Oh yeah, where from?

I quit Patsie this morning. I
ain't taking no more bets for him.

-He can find himself another boy.
-You quick Patsie's?

What for? You gonna give
them some competition maybe?

No, nothing like that.

I don't like horses,
that make me sneeze.

Besides they got smarter ideas in

Big ideas. Look at
the money Angie.

-I've been thinking about it a long time.


I made an appointment
this afternoon.

Tomorrow morning I'm going to meet
with a guy named stefan Bergonick.

He runs a big importing company. Head
man. He's going to give me a job.

-What makes you so sure?
-Because I know it.

Him and my pop are buddies when
they come over from the old country.


So it's like a debt.

Long before my pop died Bergonick
used to tell him to send me around.

Why didn't he then?

Because uh my pop didn't like
the way he did his business.

Bergonick wasn't too careful about
what he imported or where it came from.

You know my pop Angie, he was the
original on his job.

All right so he gives you
a job, what'll it pay?

Not much I guess,
60, 70 bucks a week.

Why? You're making 150
with Patsy right now.

-I got my reasons Angie.
-What kind of reasons?

Here's money in that
operation, big money!

If I stick it out long enough
some of it's coming my way.

You think I'm gonna sit around for
25 years until you get a gold watch?

Uh, it won't be that way I see.

Be that way sweetheart.

What's the matter? Do you
have any faith in me at all?

Money Larry. That's
what I got faith in.



-Larry Chetnick, Mr Bregornick.
-What do you want to see mr Bregornick loud?

It's a about a job. He's expecting
me. Would you tell him I'm here?

Mr Bregornick, uh
there's a Larry,

Chetnik here to see you.

-Send him in.
-Yes sir.

You can go right in there.

Mr Bregornick...

Sit down.

So you're Yawns boy?

I suppose you want something.

No sir. I just thought I'd look you
up like once till my pop I should.

Your pop was a
fool. You know that?

Even if we came to this
country the same day,

for 27 years he broke his back
on the construction gangs.

So what happens? He starves. He raises
his family in a lousy neighborhood.

He gets hit with a
steel beam and he dies.

Am I describing a fool or what?

He was nice, okay?

Nice guys are stupid.

Now, are you stupid?

Not mr Bregornick,
I'm not stupid.

But I try to be a nice guy too.

You speak any other languages?

-No sir.
-You go to high school?

I quit justbefore graduation.

You know how to write out orders keep
need records files that kind of stuff?

-I had a year of business administration.
-Can you handle yourself?

I mean...

what do you do if a guy
pushes you around.

I push back.

Dressed pretty good.

-Got more than that one suit?
-Got another one just like it.

You're willing to work any
hours, nights sometimes?

-You know anything about the importing business?

Good! I know that lousy
neighborhood you come from.

Fancying those cheap funks.

You mixed up with them?

I used to work for
Patsy but that's all.

Okay you got a job
75 bucks a week.

And maybe a bonus at
christmas if I like your style.

Only remember I do a lot of
business out of my apartment.

It's where my customers come. You'll
be there when I tell you to be there.

right sure thing mr Bregornick.

Thanks a lot.

-All set up?
-Yes sir.



-It's good to be with you again my friend.
-Please come in.

Miklosh I wish you to meet Larry.

-My cousin.
-My pleasure.

And this is my cousin.

-Please let us sit down.
-Thank you.

-Larry a drink for the gentleman.
-Ah, no no.

No drink for me.

-Ah but a little wine, Larry.
-Wine is good.

Anything for you?

My cousin doesn't drink.


and how is the importing
business my friend?

Business is like always.

The market is only people.
If people want something,

-the market is good. If not...
-You are right as usual my old friend.

Ah thank you.

Uh tell me my friend, is it true that
the wine business is much improved?

what do you think the market would be for,
900 cases of romani county?

49 vintage.

I think it would
not be bad Miklosh.

Depending of course on
the suggested price.

Well my partners abroad suggest,

seven thousand dollars
is a fair amount.

What would your
company say to that?

Do you like the wine my friend?

It is very good.

Do you like the price my friend?

The company accepts the terms.

Four months. I'm
four months older!

-You think that doesn't mean anything to a girl?
-What do you want from me?

I want some action
that's what I want.

Oh, you're the guy with the
big plans, the big money man.

75 bucks a week.

All right you want to know
about the deal? I'll tell you.

-Go ahead I'd love to hear it.
- So sit down and shut up.

I told you about this
guy Bregornick.

He's an operator a big
timer he makes more,

quick importers than
anybody on the east coast.

You know why? Cause
he deals in cash.

No papers no books no
nothing I think he must keep

a hundred, two hundred
grand in that apartment is.

So what are you
gonna do? Swipe it?

No it won't be that easy,
but he looks no dope.

I figure I'm making one big haul
and I'm taking my time about it.

And we'll have enough
dough to skip the,

country live it up big some place
south america Rio.


Yeah any place you like.

However when's it gonna be?
when's it going to happen?

I don't know i can't be sure.
It might be six months from now.

Might even be this week.

There's been a rumor around the
office about some foreign typewriters.



Stolen goods.

I don't know how true it is but I heard from
his close friend Miklosh isn't that a deal.

And if it clicks
price could be big.

How big?

I don't know, I have to see.

And you really think
you could get the money?

Oh I ain't been thinking of
anything else for months.

You said for me mr Bregornick?

Yes, you and me we
got a date tonight.

Your apartment?
-That's right.

Big stuff
tonight Larry.

-Wear your best suit and keep your eyes open.
-Yes sir.

-Will Miklosh be there?
-Yeah that's right.

Our good friend
Miklosh and his cousin.

I don't know what time they're
coming, pretty late maybe.

You come to my place
10, 10:30.

I'll be there mr Bregornick.


There's been a rumor going around
about some typewriters.

-Is that the deal mr Bregornick?
-I don't like rumors.

Sometimes they're true.
Now get out of here.

Bregornick Importing Company.

-Mr Bregornick please.
-Just a minute, please.


Who is this, Miklosh?


Yes is very bad today. I think maybe
I cannot leave a house tonight.

That's too bad. We will make it
some other night then Miklosh,

when you feel

No no.

A business is business.

Perhaps if someone could bring the money
over to my house tonight about eight.


Yes, your cousin.

Larry, uh...

he's trustworthy you know?

Yes but we haven't yet
agreed on the price.

Is the 30000 agreeable
to your partners?

Yes yes it's realible.

All right then.

I'll send Larry with the money.

Hello mr Bregornick I got your
message to come here early.

Yes, our plans for the evening
have changed. Come in Larry.

My good friend Miklosh
called me this afternoon.

He can't make the
meeting tonight,

but he wants to complete
the transaction.

So I'm sending you
over to his house,

with the money.

Did I have his address sir?

It's on the envelope.

Should I go now mr Bregornick.

In a minute.

Sit down.

I've been thinking about,

Eva, your mother.

My mother?

To you she was just a a nice
old lady, that took your meals,

and sent you to school
and junk like that, right?

Probably my mother died
before I was 12 mr Bregornick.

Yeah sure I remember.

Only maybe,

you didn't know something
about your mother.

Heard me, we were engaged to be
married once back in the old country.

A family thing,
an arrangement, you know?

And Angie met your pup.

That made things different.

You ever know about that Larry?

No sir.

I could have been your father.

I wouldn't have minded
that mr Bregornick.

You were better off the way you
were you. Don't get any wrong ideas.

Your pop was the
best guy on earth.

Stupid but the best.

Sure mr Bregornick.

Don't you ever forget it!

Right, beat it.

-Who is it?
- It's me Angie.

I was doing my hair
I look a mess you.

You shouldn't walk in
on a girl like that.

Sit down.

-So what's it's up with you?
-Sit down!

You always thought
I was nothing, huh?

That's what you
thought didn't you.

This little Larry from around the
corner running errands for the big boys.

Taking bets.

What's the matter you
drunk or something?

-How much? How much is it?
-30000 bucks.

Thirty thousand dollars.

I never seen so much
money in my life.

Thirty thousand bucks.

Counted it, Angie. Counted it.

Oh I never thought you could do it.
I never thought you had it in you.

Oh you sweet babies, you
beautiful things you.

Mama's gonna take
good care of you.

I want a hundred
pair of shoes Larry.

I'm crazy about
shoes, good shoes.

Thirty thousand dollars. Oh, I'll
think what we can do with it.

I'll pack tonight. Oh it won't take
me long I'm not gonna take much.

We can buy new clothes when we
get there. Summer clothes, right?

-It's always summer in Rio ain't?
-Give it back, Angie.

-All of it.
-Ah, come on honey let me keep just a little.

-A little for pocket money.
-I said all of it.

Well I can pack in 15 minutes.

There won't be any pack in. You
wait right here until I call you.

-Where you going?

You ain't leaving me are you? Oh no you
couldn't work out at me just like that.

Let go off me Angie
I know what I'm doing.

Larry, please.

Hey you are coming back?

You are coming back.

Hello cousin.

Tell your cousin I lay off, huh.

Where is the money? What
have you done with the money?

I'm sorry for all the
trouble I caused you.

Here it is, all yours 30000 bucks.

You see he was the one who
called you. Not I, Stefan.

The boy is a thief.

He's right.

I'm a no-good crook.

I was the one who called you
told your meeting was off.

I thought it was going to be easy. I was
set to have a boat to south america.

Then why didn't you,
why did you come back?

Because I forgot something.

I thought I was being real
smart getting all out though.

But I forgot about my old man.

I tried to rob you mr Bregornick, so
you can do whatever you want to me.

But I began thinking about
what you said about my father.

I began to remember
things about him.

He was a pretty dumb guy
all right just like you said

But I loved him.

I couldn't do this to
him that's why I come back.


come back.




Well you came back.

I never thought you would.

-I never thought I'd see you again.
-I told you didn't I?

Where you been?

I've been to Bregornick place.


I gave him back the money.

-You gave him back the money?
-Every nickel.

Why Larry?


What's so funny?

What's so funny?

Didn't you get it?

Don't you get it? You're dope?

30 grands it's okay,
but it's no fortune.

I get something better than that.

Much better.

Something that'll pay off
for 100 grand someday soon.

That got his trust.

Well I was so glad to see Larry get
over his preoccupation with money.

I shall have news for you after the
following sponsorial pronunciamento.

I wish to thank the sponsor for that
heartwarming and revealing human document.

I look forward to more
of the same next week.

I understand that since the very
best people watch this program,

it has become a status symbol.

If you wish to impress your
neighbors do as others do,

turn the set so that it faces
an outside window. In that manner,

passes by can see
what you are watching,

even if you can't.