Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1955–1962): Season 6, Episode 5 - The Five-Forty-Eight - full transcript

Mr. Blake commutes to work by train and is followed by a Miss Dent who is obviously desperate to speak to him. She sits next to him on the train and threatens to kill him if he doesn't listen to her. She has been hospitalized for eight months after suffering a mental breakdown. It seems she once worked as his secretary but lived a very lonely life with few friends. After spending the night together however, Blake has her fired and she is clearly intent on revenge.

Good evening fellow railroaders.

I became bored with
model railroading. I like...

No point in using two
tracks when one will do.

Never even stop that one.

And now for something
else that can't be stopped.

that is Inevitable unrelenting,

and ceasing.

- Untranslated subtitle -

Very good night to
you miss Smith.

Good night, mr Blake.

Mr Blake, ,can I talk too many?

-Can you serve me, please?
-Yes sir. - Sorry.

-I'm gonna miss my express.
-That clock's right on the dots sir.

Okay, so I miss it.
I'll take that 5:48.

There's always
another train sir.

I've heard that day four.

-Thanks sir. Picture another, sir?
-No no.

-Hello Hopkins.
-Good night.

- Untranslated subtitle -

-This is constant. How are you?
-Sit here, eon't you.

Oh thank you very
much. I put my coat up here.

-There we go -I'm glad
you came along.

I'd certainly rather talk to you than
to him all the way out to shady hill.

-Oh great.
-Yes I'm very fond of his wife, you know.

But somehow I never seem to find
anything to say to him.

Nice woman Louise black. He's pretty
successful I guess I don't know him very well.

Not why actually.

Mr Blake?

I understand.

Do you mind If I sit here?

Are you living out in this
direction almost end now?

I've been very sick.

This is the first time I've
been out of bed in two weeks.

Well I'm very sorry to hear that.

Oh, where are you working now?


I say...

Where are you working now?

Don't make me laugh.

-I don't understand you.
-You poisoned their minds.

-Where are you going?
-I'm going up the car ahead.

No. No, no, don't do that.

And I don't want to. All I
want to do is talk to you.

So don't go please,
or I kill you, don't.

You understand I am serious?

We'll just sit quietly
here for a little while.

I get so, so excited.

I get all confused.

I need to think out what
I should do about you.

I don't understand it.
I was so grateful for my job.

I thought it was so kind
of you to help me out.

My breakdown and all. I never
minded working overtime mr Blake.

I never complained.

Hey look at the time,
I missed my train.

Oh I'm sorry I'm
afraid you have.

Well it doesn't matter at least I know we've
cleared everything up as far as I can see.

How much you got
there miss stent?

That's quite a lot.

-I don't mind mr Blake.
-Type it up the first thing in the morning.

Well it's too late for me to have
supper at home. How about you?

Would you like to have
a bite to eat with me.

-I'd love to.
-Well fine, fine.

Oh that's it.

Yes I have an apartment
on the first floor.

You see I, I haven't
anyone in New York.

No family, I mean.

Well I I guess that's why
I don't mind working late.

-Thank you for a lovely dinner.
-But it wasn't bad.

-Thank you for seeing me home.
-Good night.

Oh, would you care to come
in for a drink, perhaps?

it's 45 minutes of
my next train. That's,

that's a wonderful idea.

It's convenient to the office.

It must be so nice living
way out where you do.

There's some scotch I think.

-Yes here help us.
-Well that's my brand.

-That's fine thanks.
-There's some glasses there.

I hope there's some ice
sometimes this icebox acts up.

Can I help?

Oh I don't
keep much food around.

It's kind of lonely.

Eeating here by myself. I usually
go out. I like to watch the people.

-How is it you're here in New York alone like this?
-Well I...

-Do you mind?
-No that's fine.

-You're not going to let me drink by myself.
-I know.

-Uh, these are your folks?

I I took that about
five years ago.

It's not very good
of them really.

No. Photography is
kind of a hobby of,

mine I bought myself one of those new 35
millimeter cameras just the other day.

Well, what do you do to amuse yourself
when you're not taking photos?

Oh, I read a lot. I'm
used to being alone.

Would you like to sit down?

Thank you.

Don't tell me you don't have some boyfriends
to come take you out occasionally.

No. I don't know anyone
in New York really.

Well, but sometimes
I go to the movies.

With one of the other
girls at the office but,

on most evenings I stay
home and watch television.

Play my records.

You got List, Brahms,


-You like classical music I take it.

I used to play the violin in
the orchestra in Allentown,

School. Miss Trent, our music
teacher, she didn't encourage jazz.

Well, this is a compromise. It's a waltz
even miss trent couldn't object to that.

Shall we?

You see, I came to New
York from Allentown and

I had a very good
job at first but then,

I got sick, and now that I'm out
of the hospital and all,

Well, I just don't know
anybody back there.

I don't know what I'd
do back home anyway.

-It's ok If I have one for the road?
-Of course.

-How about you?
-I'd love it.

-Thank you. -Well here's to,

something rather.

I suppose you mustn't
miss your train.

There's always another train.

-Good morning.
-Good morning.

Mr Johnson's in your office. He
said you wanted to see you.

Thank you.

-Miss Dent.
-Yes mr Johnson.

I'm afraid we won't be requiring
you after today.

I beg you perdone.

I'm afraid we're
gonna have to let you go.

Of course you'll get
two weeks severance pay.

-I don't understand why
let me go? -I'm sorry.

Your work you haven't
been satisfactory,

so If you'll just bring your
things and step into my office.

I'll have your check ready.


-I don't understand.
-Well these things happen in business.

I'm sure you'll get another job.

No please. Mr Blake is very busy
he asked me to explain to you.


You don't understand.

I've never been able to
alk to you since that day.

What were you afraid of? I wouldn't talk
to your wife. I would have understood.

I would have understood then.

-What do you want?
-I told you I wanted to talk to you.

-Come to my office.
-I went there every day,

for two weeks, they
wouldn't let me in.

-Did you tell them not to let me in?
-No, I...

Should have made an appointment.

No, I wrote a letter.

I like trains. I like to travel.

It's good for someone who's
been in bed a long time.

I know what you're

You're thinking I'm crazy.

And it's true.
I have been very sick.

But I'm going to be better. It's going
to make me much better to talk to you.

I was in the hospital eight months
before I came to work for you.

And I thought I was all
right but since you fired me,

I don't know. I've
gotten all confused.

But I'm not afraid to kill you because
I don't care what happens to myself.

You said you wrote to me.
I never got your letter.

-I swear to you I never got it.
-I was too sick to go out and mail it.

But it's there. On the seat.

Pick it up.

I want you to read it.

I was too sick to go out.

I haven't gone out for two weeks. I
haven't spoken to anyone but the janitor.

Read the letter.

Read it to me.


Dear husband.

I dream about you every night.

I always had a gift for dreams.

I'm clairvoyant.

I can tell when the telephone
is going to ring.

i've never had a true
friend in my whole life.

It's true.
It's true.

Shady Alex

I know what you're
thinking. I can tell.

You're thinking you can get
away from me. JD I like you.

But I've been planning this for weeks.
It's all I've had to think about.

I've been thinking if there are people
in this world who represent evil,

isn't it our duty
to exterminate them?

I sometimes think I
ought to kill you.

I sometimes think If I do that,

you may be the only obstacle
between me and my happiness.

-I sometimes...
-You don't want to do that stan.

You don't want to kill me you
don't want to kill anybody.

All I've ever wanted in my life,

was a little love.

I don't know what I need
though. I have to think.

Don't move.

This packaging.

Excuse me.

I missed the express by two minutes
Walter. Good night best of the family.

I'm sorry darling all of
our clocks seem to be slow.

I've never been here
before. Shady Hill.

This is where you live.

I thought it would
look different somehow.

Let's get out of
the light. Go on.

Over there. Go on.


Look at me.

I ought to feel sorry for
you. Look at your poor face.

But you don't know
what I've been through.

I'm afraid to go
out in the daylight.

I only feel like myself
when it begins to get dark.

But still in all
I'm better than you.

I still have good
dreams sometimes.

I dream about picnics, heaven,

and castles in the

And a river with willow trees
all along the edge of it.

After all I know more
about love than you do.

Turn around.

Turn around!

And kneel down.

Do what I say, kneel down!

Kneel down.

You see...

If you do what I say I
won't harm you because I...

I really don't want to
harm you I want to help you.

But sometimes I think I can't.

Sometimes I think If I were,

good and loving,

oh much better than I am.

If I tried to show
you the right way.

But I'm better than you.

I'm better than you.

and why should I waste my time,

or spoil my life like this?

Put your face in the dirt.

Do what I say, put
your face in the dirt.

Now I can wash my hands of you.

Now I can wash my hands of
all this because, you see,

there is some kindness.

Some saying this in me that,

I can find again.

Apparently there are more
hazards to commuting than I knew.

I'm afraid you seem to be approaching
one of those dismal tunnels again.

Just sit quietly and beware the,

strange person sitting next to you.

I shall be here when
the smoke clears.

I've arrived at our destination. We
made the trip in just 30 minutes.

Next week we shall make another
sojourn on the great railroad of life.

Join us then. Good night.