Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1955–1962): Season 6, Episode 20 - The Throwback - full transcript

When Enid's boyfriend Eliot presses her, she finally admits that she has been seeing another man, Cyril Hardeen. She agrees to break it off with Cyril whom she describes as a older, gentler...

Good evening ladies and gentlemen.

I?m sure you are wondering
what I?m wearing.

It's the latest
thing I?m told, called a trampoline.

I do not intend
to discuss how I arrived here,

but I?m open to suggestions
for a way to get out.

As a costume it has
severe limitations.

Fortunately you won't have to sit
there staring at me all evening.

We have a story for you it
is called The Throwback.

But first we have this one minute
tear in the tapestry of television.

-Are too early?
-No I?ll be ready in just a minute.

-Oh, this is for you.
-Thank you.

-I better finish dressing.
-But wait a minute.

Wait a minute not so fast.

-Elliot please. -Now you think I bring
girls presents for nothing, huh?

-For nothing?
-We really should go. It's almost 8 o'clock.

-What's the difference?
-What do you mean?

Well tell you the truth I didn't
make any special plans for the night.

-You didn't?

I thought you might like a quiet
evening at home for a change?

Could I hack
your glasses?

Oh come on Enid. For the two
months we've known each other,

we've been rushing around
like every show was,

gonna close and every
restaurant run out of food.

Sorry you feel that way.

I didn't mean it like that.

It's just that you're always
hustling me out of here now why.

I spend a lot of time in this apartment
I just like to get out whenever I can.

Now it's more
to it than that.

And you know it.

Now it's the weekend, can't
we relax on the weekend?

-Are we going out or aren't we?
-No, we're not going out.

Not until you tell me what's
wrong with staying home.


why do you say that?

Well I know it's
wrong I?m not stupid.

There is a thing about this
place now I can feel it.

And there's something
wrong with our dates.

All right why can't I ever
see you on Saturday nights?

I told you I?m busy
Saturdays modeling.

Oh you think I really
buy that story.

All right now what is it?

Now you tell me the truth.

Is there someone else?

Is there?

I thought maybe you'd
never ask me that.

-I was hoping you wouldn't.
-Well I?m asking now is this someone?

Yes Elliot.

yes Elliott.

His name is Cyril
Hardine a widower.

He's kind to me, kind and gentle.

He's such a gentle man
Elliot you've no idea.

-A widow huh? And how old is this, this
gentle, gentle creature? -54.

-Oh but you mustn't think of him as old.

He's well he's a wonderful person.

Yeah he must be.

So that's why you're always
rushing me out of here?

That's why you would
never see me on Saturday?

-I was just a diversion.
-Oh don't say that.

But it's true isn't? It your
heart really belongs to daddy.

-That's not the way it is. -Well what was
his pitch anyway, a man his age.

Uh modeling jobs, your
name and lights, the movies, what was it?

-Well, what was it? Diamonds, perls...
-Stop it. Stop it Elliot.

He loves me that's the truth.

-He he loves me very much.
-Well congratulations and best of luck.

-I hope you're very happy.
-Well I?m not.

-I?m not.
-Why, tell me tell mr Hardeen.

Oh you're you're not even
trying to understand?

All right, all right.

I?m telling you what is it.

Well go on.

I met Cyril
four years ago.

We've been growing
together ever since.

After I met you I tried to break
it off but I just couldn't.

See now tell me something.
Do you love him?

Not the way you mean it.

I couldn't explain it to
you in a million years.

You see everything
black and white Elliot.

But if you knew Cyril if
you knew how he treated me.

He's the kindest man
I have ever known.

I could never hurt him.

He's like a a knight in a
storybook uh don Quixote.

Oh Enid it doesn't make sense.

He's 30 years older than you. Now
what could you see in a man like that?

I knew you wouldn't understand.

Well nobody could understand
except maybe a psychiatrist.

I?m sorry, I?m sorry.

Look I?m sure he's
a nice old guy,

but he's not for you.

-I never think of Cyril
as old -All right.

All right, so now what?
What about you and me?

Yes, what about us?

I?m not gonna put up with
it it's either him or me.

-Do you really mean that?
-Of course I really mean it.

I?ll say it.

-Say what?
-The magic words you know what they are.

All right I love you is that
what you wanted to hear.

Well the words are all right
but the tone's not so hot.

I love you, I...

All right now you listen to me,

I want you to
give up this guy.

I want you to throw your
don Quixote on a junk pile.

And if you want me
to I?ll do it myself.

I know Elliot, I?ll tell him.
It'll be better if I tell him.

My name's Elliot gray I have
an appointment with mr Hardeen.

Mr Hardeenw is expecting you.

This way, sir.

Well right on time I see.

It's very nice you to come mr Gray.

I noticed an imposition asking you
to visit me on such short notice.

But it's quiite all right.

Enid has told me all
about you of course.

That's why I wanted
us to get together I,

As you know I have
Enid?s interest at heart.

Yes so I understand.

-Won't you sit down please.
-Thank you.

Well in his description
of you was accurate.

Oh is that good or bad?

I don't know, it's quite
good I assure you.

Anything, you're even
younger than I?d imagined.

Would you mind telling
me how old you are?

I?m 26. Do you want my
height and weight too?

No that really
won't be necessary.

Look mr Hardin let's
get to the point.

I?m sure I don't have
to tell you how I

feel about Enid or how
she feels about me.

no she was fairly explicit on that
subject you needn't give me the details.

well she doesn't want to hurt you she made
quite a point of that she thinks a lot of you.

-Thank you.
-Now I don't mean to sound patronizing.

But you must have expected
this to happen sooner or later.

-You couldn't really expect it...
-To what mr Gray?

-To love an older man?
-Look mr Hardeen why should I kid you.

Enid is 25 now what kind of
a future could you give her?

You knew that this would happen someday,
that she'd meet somebody like me.

So why fight it?

You're probably right.

Youth is a powerful opponent.

Mr Gray.

may I tell you
something about myself?

I?m 59 years old even older
than Enid thinks I am.

But what's worse I?m a throwback.

An anachronism. And that most
hopeless of creatures are romantic.

Born into an age of unnecessary
speed and cheap music.

If I?d been luckier I would
have been born in medieval days.

When honor was on Earth and the
prize of conquest was beauty.

I can see how boring you.


Why don't we go downstairs
and have a drink.

-Yes I have a bar down in the basement and I,

-I think we both feel more relaxed with a drink in our hands.

Oh it's right this way mr Gray.

Oh this is quite a place.
Is this what you call a bar?

Oh I work out a little here sometimes
helps take off some of the fat.

But I have a few of these and
put the pounds right on again.

-Well what will you have mr Gray?

Little scotch and water.

Thank you.

Well what should we drink to?

To Enid.

No perhaps not.

Suppose we just drink to honor.

To honor.

Well mr Gray as soon
as you're ready.


I?m sure you know what
I expect of you now,

but any man.

At least a throwback like
myself at any rate expects,

of someone who's come
between him and his woman.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

It's an ancient custom mr Gray.

-Ancient and honorable.
-What is?

-I?m speaking of combat mr Gray.
-Unarmed combat.

Oh wait a second uh you don't
think I?m gonna fight you.

Why not mr Gray?
Men have been settling

disputes like this
for centuries.

I suggest we settle
this one the same way.

-I think you're out of your mind.
-Don't you think Enid is worth it?

Well that's got nothing to do
with it a punch on the jaw,

isn't going to change anything
mr Hardin you know that.

Perhaps not but whether it solves
anything or not really doesn't matter does it?

I think a great deal
of Enid mr Gray.

I want proof of your
feelings for her.

I?m willing to offer my own.

Now finish that drink
and let's get started.

This Is about the nuttiest
thing I ever heard of.

No I won't fight you I
wouldn't think of it.

-For one thing you're 30 years older than I am.
-You needn't remind me of that.

Just answer my question,
will you fight?

Look if you've got some crazy idea
about a duel or something forget it.

I?m not talking about
swords or pistols mr Gray.

I see no need for
killing each other.

I?m speaking of unarmed combat.

The old-fashioned primitive sort.

If you're really worried about the
inequality of our years and strength.

I thought of that too.

There's an old custom in affairs of
this sort and I believe it applies here.

-What custom?
-Under Louis 14,

many of the french
noblemen employed

substitutes to carry out
their affairs of honor.

By even the great Napoleon
Bonaparte when challenged,

offered to send a fencing
master as his plenipotentiary.

Well in this case I would say a
substitute is even more justified.

But someone closer to
your own age and prowess.

Excuse me.


-Joseph are you up there?
-Yes sir.

Ah there you are.

This is Joseph mr Gray oh
I believe you met upstairs.

Joseph has been a very
good friend of mine ever,

since his retirement from
uh...another profession.

Look mr Hardeen,

if you think you're gonna egg me
into a fight you made a wrong guess.

I?m not gonna fight you
or Joseph or anybody else.

Now if you don't mind...

-You, you can't keep me here.
-Oh don't let's bicker mr Gray.

Now you keep your hands off
from me or I?m gonna call a cop.

Oh come on get up.

I think that's enough Joseph.

Very well sir.

I am sorry mr Gray I hope
that you try and put,

up more of a fight but
I?m satisfied at any rate.

What's the matter you're
some kind of a nut or something?

you're no
throwback you're a a maniac.

Oh I?m afraid you don't
share my concept of,

what's right and honorable
mr Gray anticipated.

-I went out of here.
-Well you can go now I won't try and stop you.

Oh but mr grey there is one thing.

I wouldn't advise you telling
Enid about this. I doubt if she'd,

believe you anyway. You may do
yourself more harm than good.

Don't you worry about Enid.

Well after all I have known her a
great deal longer than you have.

- Well that's all over now you understand?

And Is through with you for good.

You may be right.

Well in that case I?d
say you'd won after all.

No hard feelings.

Come on Joseph.

-You are Elliot Gray.
-Yeah that's right.

We are the police mr
Gray can we come in?

Police? yeah sure come in.

My name is lieutenant Marsh
this is sergeant Baker.

Well I understand, what do you
want, what's this all about?

You acquainted with a man
named Cyril Hardeen?

-Yeah I sure I am.
-Did you see mr Hardeen this evening?

-Yes I did. -You and mr Hardeen
maybe have a little trouble tonight?

Wait look, look uh,
I?m not gonna answer,

any more questions so I
know what this is all about.

Look mr Gray we don't have any warrant
that'll force you to go along with us.

But you save yourself a lot
of trouble later on if you do.

-Where to?
-Cyril Hardeen's house.

-It's a matter of identification mr Gray.

Is this the man mr Hardeen?


This is some kind of crazy mistake.

I I didn't do anything, well look
I?m the one that got beaten up.

That's not the way
it looks does it?

You sure don't pick them
your age do you buddy.

-Enid you know you don't believe this?

-How could you?
-I didn't do anything this is some kind of mistake.

Have the courage to admit what
happened. It's very clear.

You fought over me and
this is what you did.

Cyril told me all about
it. Oh thank you Joseph.

Well he lied to you
Enid it was a frame up.

It didn't happen this
way this fella he did it deliberately.

He wanted
you to to think this.

Aren't you ashamed trying to
put the blame on somebody else.

-It's a frame-up Enid.
-Please don't make it any worse.

You've proved your point you're
younger and stronger than he is,

I know that but I don't want
to hear about it. Not anymore.

If you want to prefer charges for
assault and battery mr Hurdeen...

No I don't want to
make any charges.

But I would like to rest a little.

All right let's get going bud
you know you're pretty lucky.

Personally I wouldn't
mind seeing you put away.

-Enid, will you listen to me? -No. Joseph
hand me that pillow will you please.

-On your way.
-Enid, Enid, you don't understand.

-Can't you see the man
wants quiet. -Enid...!

Just leave us alone Elliott.

You're going to be
all right darling.

That was a pleasantly
romantic story.

But I was in no mood to enjoy it
my feet are beginning to hurt.

Fortunately my assistants
have promised to extract me,

under cover of the following one
minute entertainment blackout.

I shall see you at its conclusion.

I appreciate getting out but
I don't think the job called,

for a heavy construction
crane and a crew of four men.

One of my assistants is
given to large scale ideas.

He was the one who thought
of opening the show,

with a shot of me bouncing
merrily on a trampoline.

However he won't be with us
when we return next week.

We're sending him on
location to Devil's Island.

Good night.