Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1955–1962): Season 6, Episode 13 - The Man Who Found the Money - full transcript

In a Las Vegas casino parking lot, William Benson stumbles across a money clip containing $92,000. Benson decides to do the right thing and try to find the owner. He advises the police of what he's found and places an ad in a local paper. The police are already aware of the loss, but the amount lost was reported as $102,000. The owner claims the money and offers Benson and his wife a week's free stay at the hotel he owns. He seems unconcerned about the missing $10,000, so Benson has nothing to worry about. Or does he?

Good evening land
lovers and welcome aboard.

We should have a pleasant
voyage this evening.

Sorry I get carried away sometimes.

We shall make several
interesting ports of call tonight.

But first we must endure
a rather dull 60 seconds,

while we get beyond
the three-mile limit.


25 red.

-Can I get you a cab, sir?
-I don't need one. -Cab?

Oh, it's all right.

A thousand dollar bills.

Six, seven, eight...


92 mil dolares.

-Good morning. -Good morning. I?d like to
rent a safety deposit possibly.

-Just fill this out.
-It wouldn't be for long.

-Months say maybe even less.
-One month 1.75 dollars.

-12 47.

Oh the number of your
safety deposit back.

Thank you you may uh
come in now mr Benson.

Will you come in here please.

You can use this booth mr Benson
just come out when you're ready.

Be right with you.

Will you come with me please.


-Can I help you?
-Yes, I?d like to insert an ad.

All right.

-Uh how many times you wanted to run?
-Just once.

It's not too late
for today?

No, we have a special
rate for three days.

-Well if I want to repeat it I?ll let you know.
-By 11 am that's a rule.

Now uh what's a classification?
-Uh lost and found.

Under 'found'.

morning vicinity Pinto In,

'Found early tuesday,

a sum of money'.

'Owner may have same by identifying
and paying for this ad'.

And then put the box

Found early tuesday morning
vicinity of Pinto In,

a sum of money, owner may have same by
identifying and paying for this ad'.

That's right.

Boxer 308.

That'd be 75 cents.

It's none of my business but,
was it a large sum of money?

Well yes it was.

In that case if I were you I?d go on with
the police station let them know about it.

Money's important in this town,
people are concerned about it.

Maybe a town where
they are.

I think you'll find a
more concerned here.


-Yes sir. -I?d like to report
finding a sum of money.

Wait here.

Captain wants to see.

Sit down.

So you found some money?

How much?

Well I don't think
I should mention the amount.

At the proper time.

Was it in a gold clip mark in it?

How would you know about that?

And was it a hundred two
thousand dollars?

A hundred and two thousand...

Oh no you're wrong about that.
It was ninety two thousand.

Come on now I knew about the clip,
why wouldn't I know about you man?

But I?m telling you the truth
that's all there was, 92 thousend.

You sure you haven't blown the
other 10 thousend at the tables?

I tell you there was
92 thousend in the clip.

If it was 10 thousend more
I don't know what happened to it.

-What's your name?
-Benson, William Benson.


242 wesley St Louis.

-Las vegas address.
-Mirador motel.

-I?m a teacher.

A professor, paleontology.

Look are you trying to tell
me there was supposed to be,

a hundred and two thousand
dollars in that money clip.

When'd you get into town?

Yesterday morning.

Why'd you come to las
vegas uh professor.

To have a good time.

Mostly to play roulette.

I see here captain. All I did was
find some money and report it.

If it's short that's too bad.

Maybe somebody stole it from its rightful
owner and then blew the ten thousand,

-at the tables before they lost it, but
don't accuse me of something. -Okay, okay.

I just want to
get everything straight.

That's all.

-You didn't win last night, did you?
-No i didn't win.

In fact you went broke.

Yes I went broke.

Well almost anyway.

I had to save some
money to eat on.

Pay my hotel and get home.

I saved up four
hundred dollars.

I?m a teacher as I said so don't ask
me how long it took me to save it.

Didn't take very long to lose it.

Just one night.

Where did you find the money?

In Pinto In parking lot, was just
lying there in plain sight.

And it was 92 thousend in one
thousand dollar bills.

-Where were you coming from?
-The casino.

-About 3:30. -So you took the money and you
went to the casino and... -I did not.

You did, didn't?

And I want you to know that I?m not
accustomed to being told I?m a liar.

-Neither am I accustomed.
-Okay, okay.

Some are down.

You seem to know who lost the money why don't
you get him in here and ask him how much it was.

Suppose you tell me just
what you did between,

the time you found the
money in right now.

Well I found the money,

went to my motel and counted it.

I didn't know what
else to do at that hour?

You could have brought it here.

I didn't think.

Or you could have Got out of town
right there now why didn't you?

I did't occur to me.

You knew banks keep a
record of big bills.

-You knew you'd never get away
with it -No I didn't know that.

But I knew trying to cash a thousand
dollar bill wouldn't be easy.

So you did think about it?

Who wouldn't?

I didn't sleep much last night trying
to figure what was the best thing to do.

-So now you've got it all figured out.

And I want to tell you captain,

I couldn't keep it.

Now why don't you phone up
the person who lost the money.

Or should I do it?

-You got the money with you?
-I didn't want to carry it around.

I put it in the box at the bank.

That was wise.

You sure now there's
only 92 thousend.

Yes I?m sure.

Okay stick on that
side for a while.

Close the door when you go out.

Hello mr Newsome.


Do you have a match sergeant?

Thank you.

Come in.

Mr Newsome, mr Benson.

Ah the captain's been
talking about you mr Benson.

I want you to know how
glad I am to meet you.

Seems I owe you
a great debt.

Ok, glad to do it.

I didn't like being kept waiting out there though.
-I?m sorry about that.

I suppose the captain told you that
the amount I found was 92 thousend.

Yes mr Benson he did and he
said you checked your count.

Well there's no
mistake believe me.

Well I don't want you to worry about
it we'll find the other ten thousand.

That much money
doesn't stay lost in this town.

-Isn't that right captain?
-That's right.

Show up somewhere.

As I said I don't
want you to worry.

I understand you put the money
in a safety deposit box.

Yes I?ll be glad to get rid of it.

I can understand that.

They will have to
think about you.

That isn't necessary.

-I hadn't really figured out.
-Oh we can talk about that later.

You know the captain wanted to
put you on the 11 o'clock train?

I still think it's a good idea.

He's a warrior. good thing too
somebody around here has to worry.

Well after this is settled
I would like to be on my way.

-I hadn't intended to stay long anyway.
-Of course.

We can discuss it
after we pick up the money.

Here we go.

Well that's it just as you said
92 thousand dollars.

And now we have to
take care of you mr Benson.

I?d have to talk it over with my partner
first but I?m sure it'll be all right.

Oh I didn't really
expect anything.

-It isn't every man would have done what you did.
-Thank you.

Let's go to Pinto In.

In the Pinto In?

Mr Newsom owns a Pinto In.

Well not all of it I
own a good piece of it.

Oh you won't need that
safety deposit box anymore,

you better give miss
purdy back a key.

Call you're right.
-Miss Purdy. -Mr Newsome.


Here you still have
another month to go.

Uh well if you need it it'll be here.
-Thank you. I don't think I?ll need it.

And thank you for your
invitation to the Pinto In.

But uh I think I better be on my way.
You back to st Louis?

You're a married man
aren't you mr Benson.

-Yes. -Well I think that's fine.
I?ll tell you what you're gonna do.

You're gonna call that wife of yours
and get her to fly out here for a week.

You'll both stay at the Pinto In
to win the finest in the house.

All on me.

-Gee I don't know...
-She wil join you up here.

-You satisfied then, both of you?
-Of course we're satisfied.

-Everything's under control.
-Okay then, if you'll drop me off in my office.

Sure, let's go.

Thank you captain.

-Oh, wait a minute Mr Newsome.
-What's the matter?

Well I?ve
been thinking it over,

-I?m not sure I want to call joyce.
-Joyce? Oh that's your wife.


I?m not sure she'd like it here.

She'd have a great
time and all expenses paid.

Any woman to give her
right arm to come out,

here without having
to worry about money.

Well it's not just
money mr Newsome.

Swimming, riding, golf, shows, you
telling me she wouldn't like that?

-I don't know.
-Why don't you ask her and find out?

-Gee you're more than kind.
-Call her.

All right I?ll see
what she says.

That's more like it.

What? My bag at the motel if
we're going to stay here...

Oh I?ll
pick it up come on.

This is mr Let, mr Benson.

Mr Let will take care of you while I
arrange things. Excuse me enjoy yourself.

-Great to see the house is yours mr
Benson. -Courtesy of a house?

Yes the house will stake you
to any game of your choice.

I think I?ll just watch arround.

-How about a drink.
-Thank you.

Give this gentleman anything he
wants. Come to see the house.

Scotch and water, please.

-Mr Newsome wants to see you.
-Fien. -Follow me.

In here.

-Come in.
-All right put her on.

-Bill are you there?
-Joyce? -Bill?

-What is it what's the matter?
-Bill they're two awful men here...they...

-Sit down. -You cut me off, why'd you do that?
-I said sit down

My wife's in trouble.

Your wife isn't in trouble yet.

You thought you were getting
away with something, didn't you?

You fooled the police
but you didn't fool me.

You play it straight, now and everything will be
all right I don't believe in holding grudges.

But if you don't play it straight sometime
tonight something will happen to your wife.

And it would be pretty mr Benson.

Now let's have my ten
thousand dollars you stole.

So much for our visit to exotic Las

We shall cast anchor soon for I wish to
have a meeting with a business associate.

But hang on please.

I see one of those
dreadful sandbars ahead.

I shall see you after we tie up.

I?ve just completed a
meeting with my sponsor.

in which he had a
change of heart,

and I think it's safe to say that we may
be spared his commercials in the future.

Why don't you tune
in next week and see.

Until then
good night.