Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1955–1962): Season 6, Episode 12 - The Baby-Blue Expression - full transcript

A beautiful young blonde married to a much older man is mistress to one of his office co-workers. The boyfriend is captivated by Poopsie's "baby-blue expression," but stretched by her expensive tastes, so he plots to kill the husband, with just a little of her help.

Good evening ladies
and gentlemen.

Before I begin
tonight's concert,

I would like to explain the
structure of a symphony.

All symphonies are
composed of two parts,

sounds and silences.
It is very important,

that you know the
difference between the two.

Perhaps I should
give you an example.

This is sound...

Good heavens I don't
like this a bit.

I was told I would be the
only one on the program.

He's as stiff as a board.
He must have been here sometime.

To continue our little chat about
musical appreciation,

for example of sounds,
I know nothing better,

than the next 60 seconds.

Martha I want you to
get me a ticket on the,

first flight tomorrow morning to Toronto.
And get mrs Barrett on the telephone.

You wanted to see me mr Barrett?

I sent Twining to Toronto to wind
up an old litigation and he's,

tied himself up in enough red
tape to trim a christmas tree.

I have to fly up
there in the morning.

-You know what that means don't you?
-The Muldoon right merger.

There's enough work left
on that to keep you busy.

Until I get back I?m
leaving you in charge.

I?ve given you
everything I have here.

-Mr Barrett I have mrs Barrett, on your private wire. -Thank you.

I don't think you'll
have any trouble.

I?m sure that I won't mr Barrett.

Good morning Poopsie.

Did I awaken you?

-Mrs James Barret buried here.
-It's me Poopsie.

-Oh it's you.
-I?m flying to Toronto in the morning.

Toronto, where's Toronto?

-In Canada.
-Is that overseas?

No that's not overseas,
now listen Poopsie.

This is why I called to tell you,
as much as I?ll miss you,

we can't have lunch together today.
I have an important conference.

-Did you hear me Poopsie?

Oh yes well don't worry about me.

I?ll miss you awfully but I?ll
have lunch with one of the girls.

Oh darling I?m sorry to be so terribly
late but gigi just wouldn't eat her lunch.

-Don't be angry with me.
-I asked you my sweet not to wear that getup.

It's a bit like hiring a soundtruck
to go through the streets,

announcing that mrs James Barrett is
having a quiet lunch with her lover.

But I like to dress for you.
You want me to look frumpy.

You'll end up by forgetting
you love me at all.

Impossible, I could
never forget that.

I don't believe you.
Have any idea how,

far that baby blue expression
of yours could take you?

-Philip it's been so long.
-A month.

How much without
even seeing you.

You might at least have come
to irene's cocktail party.

Hold on but we'll
order later thank you.

That's the last thing I
could have done my darling.

You can't help looking at me the
way you're looking at me now.

And I undoubtedly would have
made a dive for you and the,

whole affair would have come
crashing into the open.

Now, There's only one way for
us really to be together.

-Oh James is going away.
-Yes love.

James is going away on
another of his business trips.

And we decided the last time
what we must do, didn't we?

-Where's Toronto?
-Farther than James thinks.

I knew when he sent Twining off to
Toronto, that he would leave him,

there just long enough for him to
make a rather thorough mess of things.

Then the old boy would
be off to the rescue.

He fancies himself
a kind of one-man cavalry charge.

I?ve made all the

James will never reach
the Toronto office.

-What are you going to do?
-Now the less you know of the details my adorable,

feather brain, the
better off for us both.

As things stand
now I?m completely covered.

I don't want the details of
James's impending demise,

to be new york's favorite
dinner topic tonight.

All you have to do is send him off to the
airport with a warm and tender farewell.

-I?ll send you further instructions in the mail.

All you'll have to
do is follow them.

-Then after a brief period of mourning...
-Oh I look lovely in black.

He was sweet.

-And rich.
-And generous.

Oh you're right my darling.

You will look lovely in black.

Well it's liable to be chilly
up in Canada mr Barrett.

-Did you call for a taxi?
-Oh yes mr Barrett I did.

-Well did you tell him I?m in a hurry?
-Well of course I did.

Have a good trip
mr Barret.

Poopsie, you didn't have to
get up so early just to see me off.

Oh but I did that was
the first thing in...

that was the first thing I thought
of when I woke up this morning.

James is going away I thought,
I must get up and see him all.

-Gigi, kiss goodbay.
-You make it all worthwhile Poopsie.

That fool in Toronto is enough to
make me want to chuck everything.

But you make it all worthwhile.

Your taxi is here mr Barrett.

-Good morning mrs Barrett.
-Morning Harry.

You want me to walk Gigi
for you this morning?

I?d like to have my bag taken down,
if you can spare the time.

Oh I nearly forgot I
brought up the mail.

Oh I?ll take it.

Goodbye Poopsie dear.

By this time my sweet your adoring
husband is on his way to the airport.

Now briefly to business, all you are to
do is write James a good smarmy letter,

leaving nothing to the
imagination of a policeman.

Mail this morning your letter, should
reach the Toronto office tomorrow.

It means nothing that James will never live to
see it as long as it's there for the police.

Send it air mail, the address
is at the bottom of this letter.

Now that's all you
have to do, write it.

Mail it and forget it, I suggest a small cocktail
party in your apartment in the afternoon.

It will help you to forget and provide an
excellent, alibi for a grief stricken widow.

A need to remind you
to destroy this.

My life is literally
in your hands.

Yours forever and ever.


Barrett twining...

and more, 342...

Bay street, Toronto.




My dear.



What is a swarmy letter?




I know you will think,

that I am,

a foolish,

feather brain.

for writing,

to you,

so quickly.

your adoring,



Come on Gigi.

I?m going to send a
letter Ellen.

What do you say?

Can I mail that
letter for you mrs Barrett?

Oh oh thank you harry but
a little walk will do me good.


Judy, don't fight. Your manners.

Oh I?m terribly sorry.

Oh why, mrs Barrett
how nice to see you.

Oh I?m Raymond.

Oh now surely you must remember.

That divine cocktail
party at your apartment.

Oh you'll give the most
wonderful parties.

-Thank you.
-You know I adore people who know how to give good parties .

Such wonderful therapy
don't you think?

-I?m giving one this afternoon, do come.
-Oh, fine, fine.

-Oh around five.
-Will do, bye-bye.

Say goodbye to the
pretty lady Judy.


Well I know you snowed lottie but I?m
so desolate whenever James is away,

and parties are such
wonderful therapy.

You will?

Bless you.

Ellen I do you should stop fussing
around and make some canapes.

-Hello Carly oh of course it's me.

Oh you're sweet. Canapes.

Well I know I?m an
angel for calling you.

How else could I
invite you to cocktails?

-Oh cocktails.
-Today naturally.

No, come as you are.

Oh, Carly.

Oh well. Around five then.

All right mrs Barrett, canapes.
You just hadn't told me.

I have to tell her everything.

Oh, Gigi see you
know Dotty's number?

Oh Phillip?s letter.


Gigi, did you take
phillip?s letter?

I put it in the letter to James.

Oh, I coudn't.

Wait, wait.

Oh mrs Barrett you didn't tell me how
many guests to expect for cocktails.

Mrs Barrett how many?

Mrs Barrett don't you feel
good, can I get you something?

-The last me please.
-Oh mrs Barrett.

Oh Ellen did you ever do something
terrible I mean really terrible like,

like mail the wrong letter
to the wrong person.

-Is that all?

Oh just the whole world
crumbling that's all.

Well why don't you go to the post office
and ask them to get back your letter?

Go to the post office
and ask to get it back.

Oh sure.

-I wonder if you could help me.
-You'll have to wait your turn lady.

That'll be one dollar.

Please you've got to help me.

-What's your problem, miss?
-Missis, that's my problem.

I mailed a letter to
my husband by mistake.

I mean I said some
awful things I was very angry.

-And now you're not angry anymore.
-No I?m not.

oh glad to hear that why don't you
go home and write your husband,

a nice letter and send
everything right here?

But it

You see, he has a very bad temper piece
couldn't I just have my letter back.

-If it hasn't left the post office.
-Well look and see.

All right you take this form
to the desk and fill it out.

-I just want my letter.
-I know that lady.

That's why you have
to fill out the form.

Put the full address here and down here put
the location of the box where it was mailed.

Oh it was the box on the
corner near my apartment.

What corner? You have to put down
what corner.

There's a pen on the desk. Next.


-Please I must have my letter back.
-Maybe you ought to wire your husband.

Why can't I have my
letter back?

This is a government office
isn't it I?m a taxpayer.

So my lady. I?m sorry lady, that
letter is government property now.

-No, it's my letter.
-Sent to Toronto Canada.

I?m sorry lady that may have left
for the airport a half an hour ago.

Thank you.

I made canapes for 20.
Will that be enough?

Mrs Barrett?

-Mrs Barret...
-His life is in my hands.

Now look mrs Barret you mustn't
let yourself get all upset.

Mr Barret has just gone off
on one of his business,

trips the way he does now
and then he'll come back.

Now look, my cousin hazel went
through an experience just like this.

Her husband was a lineman for the
telephone company.

Three nights running here's a dream that
he grabbed hold of a high tension wire.

-Telephone company.
-Nothing came of it mrs Barrett.

Hazel's husband got fired.

-Ellen the door.
-Uh you'll be all right.

-Long distance operator.
-Operator I want,

the offices of Barrett
Twining and Moore in Toronto.

-That's in Canada.
-Do you know the number?

No I don't have the number.

Ellen I?m nice to see
you, come on in gang.

Oh, don't
tell me the firsts one here?

-Oh that's just fine.
-Oh don't mind at all.

Wait did you see this
apartment is absolutely divine.

And there it is martini time.


Where is the ravishing mrs Barrett?

After all we can't drink
without our charming hostess.

-Where's mrs Barrett? -Oh mrs
Barrett is in her bedroom telephoning.


Oh now is that any way to treat
starb parts guest?

Uh perhaps just one,
to settle the dust.

Thank you.

Marty how nice to see you,
I missed you at the television. Hello Mary.

Thank you operator, will
you ring through please?

Oh please let James be
there please let him,

still be alive don't
let phillip's plan work.

Oh there you are. Forgive not knocking
darling but I knew you'd be dying of thirst.

-Please I?m telephony.
-What were you needing, I?m here.

-Oh alone at last.
-Don't be silly.

-That line is busy.
-What? -The line is busy.

-Shall we try later and call you back?
-Oh, yes.

-Yes please.
-Come to the party darling it's beginning to float.

-Besides, nice people want to see you.
-I?m waiting for a call.

God wait life is
fleeting life is short.

Don't say that.

But life is short and the particle
behind us empty follows in the sand.

Madame is here.

You did come as you were.

Hello nice to see you both.

-Lassie you look divine.
-I?m a wreck.

I'm going strictly on
nerves and vitamin pills.

My doctor says I?m a

thinking of taking up astrology.

So this is what happens
when the boss is away, mrs B.

-We'll have to do this more over.
-The boss away?

Now why didn't you tell me
that when we were alone.

-Have a yummy.
-Oh, please. Please that for me.

-I'm ready now for your call to Toronto. -Thank you.

-Go ahead.
-Hello? - Harry Tweinig here,

-Barrett Twining and Moore here,
who's calling? -His wife.

I mean, I?m mrs James Barrett and I?d
like to speak to my husband please

-He flew to Toronto this morning.
-Oh mrs Barrett...

We've been trying to
contact the New York office.

Mr Barrett hasn't arrived.

He was listed as a passenger on the plane
but he never registered at his hotel.

Hello. Hello.

-You've been away from us too long.
-Your drink is warming darling.

The liquor store
sent this over.

I?ll taken Harry.

Oh, miss Barrett I?m sorry but that letter
that you sent to mr Barrett this morning,

it came back due to
insufficient postage.

Oh what a shame Harry.

Will you give me the letter please?

I?ll see to the extra postage.

It's all taken care of, I put on the
extra stamps and mailed it again.

I knew you'd want mr Barrett to
get it just as soon as possible.

Here's the evening paper.

You have probably been wondering
about our friend in the other piano.

Rather than disturb him we
simply buried him in his piano.

It was rather moving really
like going down with one ship.

And now I shall play
the minute waltz.

That was the fastest
I ever played it.

I suppose you've noticed that
this piano has only one pedal.

Because of my speed, they had to
put in an automatic transmission.

Next week I should be
back with more music and,

further explanatory comments.
Until then, good night.