Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1955–1962): Season 6, Episode 11 - The Man with Two Faces - full transcript

On her way home from an outing with a friend, Alice Wagner is mugged and has her purse stolen. She got a good look at her attacker and, being a good citizen, reports the incident to the police in the hopes that they might prevent him from striking again. Looking at mugshots, however, she sees a photo of someone who resembles her son-in-law, Leo. She returns to the police where she learns the man in the mug book is wanted for a variety of theft-related charges. But is it her son-in-law?

Good evening fellow bowlers.

I seem to have done it again.

There isn't much
to this game really,

with the advent of the
automatic pin setter,

I felt there should be some compensating
automation at this end of the alley.

I haven't had a sore arm
since I began using this.

This will be very
difficult to score.

I knocked down all ten pins
the back wall and,

three small boys who were playing
in the parking lot outside.

in fact I put one
of the boys in orbit.

But perhaps we should get down to

after which we should
get down to business.


-But I really enjoyed that, didn't you?
-I sure did.

isn't it wonderful what
they can do with the bible?

Oh my goodness just look at the time.
I guess I better be getting on home.

I didn't think it
was gonna be such a long movie.

Aare you sure you'll
be all right?

-Oh it's just a few blocks.
-But it's late and you know this neighborhood.

Oh I'II be fine
I'II see you tuesday bingo.

-Well all right but but do be careful.
-Good night. -Good night.

Mabel how does it look? I used some
of your makeup to cover up the bruise.

Doesn't seem to help much. I know, I'll use
some of my good perfume. That you gave me.

Mother you think you were
going to a party or something?

Well you want me to look nice don't
you even if it is only for the police.

Believe me mother the police
won't care how you look.

I think a woman should
always try to look her best.

Ah this old purse,
I haven't used it in years.

Is Leo awake?

Of course he is I told you
yesterday has an appointment today.

Oh that's right. How
does this dress look?

I shut the skirt
just a little bit.

-It looks just fine mother.
-Then I guess I'm all set.

Well look at the
glamour girl.

Hey where are you going Alice
you got a heavy date?

Oh I'm just going down to the precinct
station to see lieutenant Meade.

Oh at this hour in the morning? Now
why don't those jokers come down here?

After all we pay their
salaries don't we?

Well I think they want me to
look at some photographs.

And I really don't mind, I know
that man's face anywhere.

I got a good look at him, and if I can help
the police find him and get my purse back...

You're sure you
don't want me to come with you?

now you've had quite
a shock mother.

Oh I feel fine dear might
as well get it over with.

Oh you don't think I have
too much lipstick on, do you?


you look fine.

Okay but take it
easy don't let them bully you.

Goodbye. Goodbye.

-Oh, goodbye mom

Watch come in mrs
wagner. Have a seat.

Oh thank you.


-You feeling better? -Oh I feel fine
I guess it was a little shocked.

Last night, he...the man,

didn't really hurt me he
just wanted my purse.

I just as soon as let him have it
only sort of tangled on my arm.

-Well he probably got a little panicky.
-I guess we both did.

That's why I got this.

But you did see his
face mrs Wagner.

Yes I'm sure I'd
recognize him again.

Fine. You know it's not very often
we get good witnesses like you.

Well just a few more questions and then
uh we can look at some photographs.

-You live alone?
-No, I live with my daughter and her husband Leo.

The apartment's
registered in your name.

Oh yes I've had it
for a number of years.

We had it even before
my husband died.

Mabel, my daughter was born there. She
and her husband have been living with me,

for about six months now, ever
since they got back from California.

I see. Well there's uh no use delaying
the main attraction mrs Wagner.

Why don't we go into the record room and
you can take a look at our family albums.

I hope they don't
give you nightmares.

Now we're gonna show you photographs
of all kinds of criminals,

whom we believe to be operating in
the vicinity at the present moment.

Among them of course there'll be specialists
in the kind of work our friend does,

but they'll uh
there'll be all kinds.

This way.

Right in here mrs Wagenr. Here we
have all the albums set up for you.

Now if you'll just take a seat.

Now take your time mrs Wagner and look
at all the photographs very carefully.

And don't be misled by minor changes
in appearance you know things like,

mustaches, eyeglasses uh color of
hair, all those things can change.

I understand.


I'm sorry lieutenant I just
can't seem to find the man.

Well we don't expect miracles it's possible,
he didn't have a criminal record he was never,

photographed by the police.
Could be,

he was a drug
addict needed money.

All those men those awful faces
some of them so young.

-Just boys. -Well nobody
ever enjoys this job mrs Wagner.

You know you've been very
kind, very patient. if I could,

just prevail upon your good
nature for another few minutes.

Oh, of course.


-Did you uh recognize someone mrs Wagner?

Well I mean the way you
were looking at this page,

is that the man who
stole your pocketbook?

No I told you the man
who robbed me was fair.

Sort of a dirty blonde.

Didn't look like
that man at all.

I'm not asking for a million
dollars all I want is 20 bucks.

You spend more than
that on a permanent.

Well at least I get
something from my money.

What are you going
to have after the races are over.

And who says I'm
going to the track?

Didn't you know I'm a regular
detective when a guy puts,

a racing form in his pocket and
then starts begging for money.

Who's begging?
Nobody's begging?

You would you keep your voice down?
Mother's trying to take a nap.

-Mother you up already.
-I can't seem to sleep.

Well hiya mom. I was just
going out to see my uh broker.

-Anything I can do for you?
-No thank you Leo.

Hey mom remember what I told you?

If you ever want to invest a little
money this guy can make you a bundle.

-Why even a small investment you
know, like uh say... -Leo...

Yeah well,

see you later girls.

-What mother?

So you don't look so
good, is your teeth hurt?

Oh no I'm fine dear. I was
just thinking about Leo.

About Leo, what about him?

You mean about us getting
a job is that it?

No dear I was just wondering when
you first met him in California,

what sort of work was he doing?

Mother I have explained
this to you hundred times.

Leo was in the stock market
he was doing very well.

How do you think I got all
my jewelry and my furs?

It's just the things are
different in the East.

Yes dear I know you did tell me.

I'm just not very good at
understanding these things.

I never really understood
the work your father did.

He never talked to me much about it he
was an old-fashioned man your father.

Yes mother.

It's so hard to really know people
that background and everything.

There were things I never knew about
your father until after he died.

Mother, Leo and I have been married for
almost five years, and if you think...

Darling I don't mean any harm.

I just want you to be
happy more than anything.

I like Leo really I do.

-I'm sure he's a very bright man.

I realize it isn't easy adjusting
to a new city and all that.

Mother what are you driving at?

I'm not driving at anything dear.

It's been so wonderful to
have you here with me.

And heaven knows
there's room enough.

-You want us to leave?
-No of course not.

Well if you do mother
just say so.

Leo and I don't want to be a burden
to you we can perfectly well live in,

some small apartment
somewhere so just say the word.

Please Mabel...

darling please
don't misunderstand.

You're everything in my life now.

You know that.

Yeah, I know that mother.

I'm just upset about
last night that's all.

-I'm not myself.
-You've got to try and forget that.

That's just the
trouble I can't forget.

Well don't worry about Leo.

Leo's all right.

He made a lot of
money in California.

A lot of money.

Well ms Wagner this
is a pleasant surprise

I had any idea I'd
see you again so soon.

It isn't about the press
snatching lieutenant Meade.

-Something else. -Oh, why don't
you take a seat and tell me all about it.

I don't know
quite how to begin.

Well why don't you just
relax? Take it easy.

-Some kind of trouble?
-Oh no I wouldn't say that.

When I was looking at those
photographs this morning I saw someone.

Someone I I thought I knew. Oh
not the first nature, someone else.

Do you
know the man's name?

Oh the name in the
book wasn't familiar to me.

-It was William Graves.

well to be honest with you ms Wagner I
did notice your double take this morning.

Supposing I have one of my men bring the
book in again and we'll take another look.

Oh it must be coincidence of
course but when I saw that face...

Oh sorry would you
check the mug...

you check the files and uh bring me
everything you have on william Graves.

Mrs Wagner uh why don't we
start from the beginning.

Where did you...where did
you see this face before?

Well you remember I told you my
daughter worked in California?

She was secretary to a film producer
later he went out of business.

But that first year
she met this man.

I forget his name.

Well uh go on mrs Wagner,
was this Willy Graves?

I can't be sure my daughter
sent me a photograph,

one time I think it
was taking in Catalina.

The two of them together.

He was tall dark quite good-looking I
thought oh not a movie star but nice looking.

And when I saw that
photograph this morning well,

I guess I've never seen two men
who looked so much the same.

I'm afraid I'm not
being very clear.

You're doing fine.

-What happened to this man?
-I don't know.

Oh thank you.

And uh you don't remember a thing?

I suppose
my daughter might.

I didn't ask her of course, you

I mean she might be
very upset if she knew

the kind of man that
she'd been seeing.

And after all it's
a closed issue.

-You know what I mean?
-Yes yes I do.

Well I don't know
how an old photograph,

can uh help us
find Willie Graves.

Oh thanks.

Here we are.

Mrs Wagner...

-Is that the man you say?
-It's the man that looks like him anyway.

You uh still have
that uh photograph?

-You know, the catalina one?
-Yes I brought it with me.

It's not a very good picture
it's just a snapshot.

-Is your daughter with him?
-Yes that's Mabel.

-Pretty girl.
-Thank you.

There is resemblance
all right.

Mrs Wagner would you
excuse me for one minute.

I'll be right back.

William Graves is
Willie the Weeper.

It is Louis Jones born
San Francisco 1925.

Wanted grand larceny
Fresno, California.

One for armed robbery...

Mrs Wagner,

-Have you found out anything?
-Nothing much.

I don't think you
need to be worried.

-What do you mean?
-Well I'll admit,

there is a resemblance in the photographs but
then, you know cameras are tricky things.

You know whoever said cameras
don't lie wasn't a policeman.

Well I've seen pictures of
so-called identical twins,

in it when they get them
side by side on the flashway.

-Then you don't think... -I think you ran
across a 14-carat coincidence Mrs Wagner.

Now this man your
daughter knew in California,

he could be willie Graves,
or he could be five other guys.

But I don't think it's anything
for you to get upset over.

Oh thank the heavens.

-You have no idea how worried I've been.
-I could see that.

-You had enough to worry about this week.
-Yes I guess I am.

This uh friend
of your daughter,

-I guess you can tell me the truth
about him now. -What do you mean?

Mrs Wagner I've been
on the force for over 20 years.

I've talked to a lot
of worried people.

It's hard for me to believe that
you can be so concerned about a man,

your daughter knew only
briefly almost six years ago.

I guess I was silly
to try to fool you.

-Who is he really mrs Wagner.
-My son-in-law, Leo.

I can't tell you,

how startled I was
at the resemblance.

I should have realized,

my daughter couldn't
love a man like that.

You look very good tonight kid.

You know if we're gonna go to
that movie we better get started.

-Where do you suppose mother is?
-Probably got herself a date.

Oh mother where have you been I'm

Oh children you look so
handsome both of you.

-Are you going out?
-Oh we thought we'd go downtown to a movie.

Yeah well why don't
you come along with us mom.

Maybe you wouldn't like it though
it's only cops and robbers stuff.

No thank you but
I've got an idea.

Why don't I call my
friend mrs Buckhalter?

She works for a ticket agency.
maybe she'd,

have a couple of free
tickets for a play.

-Would you like that?
-That'll be swell mother. -It's monday night.

She often has some
good seats left over mondays.

Well there's some wonderful
musicals in town.

I'll call her before
it gets too late.

Oh that'll be swell mom.

you know Mabel I got the greatest
mother-in-law in town.

What do you need? Oh you found my

Well not exactly mrs Wagner,
is your son-in-law home?

-Leo? Yes he's here, why?
-We did some more checking, mrs Wagner.

What's going on here?

-William Graves I'm placing you under arrest.
-Wait a minute.

-I'm sorry about this.
-But you told me...

I know what I told you
but that was necessary,

to prevent you from
warning your son-in-law.

What's all this about?

Oh Mabel my poor darling.

You too mrs Graves.
You're both under arrest.

Mrs Graves? Oh oh no.

Oh no you're making a mistake.

She didn't know about him.

Don't you understand?
She didn't know what he was.

I'm sorry mrs Wagner but I'm
afraid she knew all about him.

You see, they've been working together
in California for the past 5 years.

When things got too hot for them they
beat it out of there and came East.

Can't be true.

Mabel, please.

Tell them it isn't true.

Mrs Wagner...

it's a good thing it was a man
who stole your purse.

If we were looking for a woman in the police
file she would have seen her picture

Mrs Wagner was
hoping her son-in-law,

would get out of the house
and start doing something.

But he's now doing
five to ten.

The law also has a way of
catching up with me.

I refer to that statute
which dictates that,

my sponsor make as many
appearances as I do.

If you've been keeping score
you know that I shall return.

That concludes our...

I don't mind you're leaving the
room during the commercial.

But I expect you to be in your
seats for my part of the program.

I shall return next week and I shall
expect all of you to be here promptly.

Good night.