Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1955–1962): Season 5, Episode 7 - Dry Run - full transcript

Mr. Barberosa tells his young employee, Art, that he's being considered for a more important job in the organization. However, Art must do a special job for him first - eliminate Moran, someone to whom he owes $10,000. Art meets Moran as planned but instead of eliminating him immediately, he considers Moran's "business" proposition. Little does Art know that Moran isn't exactly what he seems to be.

Good evening.

It seems that on
television of late,

tales of mystery and crime are
incomplete without jazz music.

So much so that it is
now almost impossible

to tell whether you are watching a
detective story or a jazz festival.

There is a difference,
of course.

A jazz festival
has more violence.

The basic requirements for a
television mystery program

seem to be an alto
saxophone, a piano,

bass drums and,
if the budget allows,

a detective.

Now, we throw the spotlight

on one member of our little
combo while he takes a solo.

Our sponsor on a one-minute
chorus, after which,

if you watch closely,

you may see our story.

I can't get over that fish of yours.
It gives me the creeps.

I like him. He's dependable.

They're dependable, all right.

You can depend on that piranha
to snap your finger off

the minute
you put in the water.

That's what he's
made for, Prentis.

If you could count on the market to
react the way you can that piranha,

we'd make a million every day.
Am I right, Art?

That's right, Mr. Barberosa.

Sure, I'm right.

Have it your way.
You raise your piranhas.

I'll stick to rabbits.

That's a partial list of some of your
commons that bear a little watching.

What do you
think about Underland?

I think it's going back up.

That's good enough for me.

There's a hot tip for you, Art.

Buy yourself some Underland,
you'll make a lot of money.

Thanks, Mr. Barberosa.
I'll remember that.

I believe everybody who works for
me should make a little money.

Prentis'll tell you that,
won't you, Prentis?

You've always been
very generous.

Now, if you'll excuse me. I
have to get back to my office.

That'll give you time
to go over that list.

Make up your mind what you wanna do.
I'll call you.

Nice to have met you.

He's a good man.

Maybe he gets a little edgy
sometimes, but good just the same.

Takes a long time to get the right
men for a big organization.

I guess it would.

Don't make any mistake
about it. It does.

I like to think
of this outfit, well,

like a baseball team.

Everybody's gotta try out for
his position in the lineup.

I'm the coach.
I depend on teamwork.

Well, you expect it
and you get it.

Right on the button.

Maybe that's why
we keep going strong

while most of our competitors fold up
when the going gets a little tough.

That's because I can depend
on everybody on the team,

and they can depend
on each other, too.

Well, that's real security,
Mr. Barberosa.

Nobody who ever works for
me is going to be left hung up,

stranded, pins knocked
out from under him.

I've had my eye on you
out in the field.

Well, I hope I've done well.

You think maybe you're ready to try
out for a new position on the team?

A better job?

Well, just give me a chance.


That's a word
I don't like very well.

I don't like to take chances.

Maybe that's why I've held my
position longer than anyone else.

Well, you're a top man in your line and
you're getting bigger all the time.

I like that.

I'd like to keep on
working for you.

I'll let you in
on a little secret.

I handpick the people
who work for me

and I look for one quality.

Well, you can depend on me.

Prentis thought I was kidding
when I said I liked this piranha here

but I wasn't. I meant it.

I like him because
he's dependable.

Anytime I toss him some food,

I know exactly what he'll do.


I see.

Reports on you have been good

but I still have to
know more about you

before I give you a better job.

Not that I don't trust you,

but I've got to be sure.

I understand.

You've got to have the
right man for the job.

And you know he'll deliver.

That's right, Art.

Now, I've been thinking.

I have a certain little piece of
business in mind that you might do.

It'll give me an opportunity
to see how well you handle it.

A tryout for the team.

Or a test?

Like a dry run?

Dry run, a test, tryout...
But that's the idea exactly.

I've just completed a deal
with a man named Moran.

He's got some money coming.

I want you to deliver it.

I'll take care of it.

Money's all there.

He'll be expecting you tonight.

The Old Valley Winery,
know where it is?

Upstate a little ways.

That's right.
You'll see an entrance

next to the platform on your left
as you drive into the loading area.

He'll be expecting you.

Have you got your equipment?

I never get dressed without it.

Here's one that's been
filed away for years.

Never been used,

can't be traced.

Nice and safe, Art.

Give him the money first
if you have to,

but make sure you get him.

Hold it!

Come on down.

Come on down.

Come on, come on, move it.

Art, huh?

You say Barberosa sent you?

You don't look dry
around the ears yet.

You're Moran, aren't you?

Yeah, I'm Moran.

Why, that Barberosa sure is
picking them young these days.

Well, why don't you complain
to Barberosa about it, huh?

Complain to Barberosa?

That's a good one, kid.

Complain to Barberosa...

Boy, that Barberosa sure
ain't heavy on the brains,

but he got a sense of humor sending
a punk like you around here.

You got the dough, Art?


Let's have it.


Money, I mean!

I know what you mean. I...

What are you so jumpy about?

You want your dough?

Yeah, yeah.

All right, just
cool off now, will you?

I gotta get it. It's in
my inside pocket.

Get it, get it!

Take it easy, kid. Don't rip that
Madison Avenue suit of yours.

Looks like the 10 grand
is here, all right.

I wouldn't have put it
past Barberosa to hold out.

The 10 grand?

Yeah, well,
your 10 grand, then.

Okay, kid, you can
turn around now.

I'm sorry about having to stand
you in the corner like that, kid,

but I gotta be careful about the
guys Barberosa sends around here,

you know what I mean?

It's all right.

No hard feelings, huh, kid?


It's all right.
You can put it down.

How about a drink?

All I can offer you is some
of Barberosa's own juice.

All right, that's okay with me.

That sounds pretty full.
Probably just laid down.

Maybe there's some better
stuff aging in the other end.

You looking for something, kid?

Yeah, I was looking
for a smoke, here.


Well, sit down. Put your
hands on the table.

All right.

I'll give you a smoke.

Here you are, kid.
Help yourself.


Here's to your boss, Barberosa.

May his cheap heart burn in...

Hey, that's pretty good,
huh, kid?

"Cheap... Heart... Burn..."

Cheap heartburn!
Don't you get it?

Barberosa's all right.


You think so, kid?

Why don't you come clean?

Didn't he offer you the
10 grand to knock me off?


How about the money?

I didn't know there was
10 grand in there.

You didn't...

Maybe you're a bigger
sucker than I thought.

You mean you didn't
even count it?

No, I didn't count it.

None of my business.

Oh, sure, sure.

But didn't Barberosa
even, um...

You know, like, insinuate that

after you gave me the money
it was okay to take it back?

If you could?

All I was told to do is to come
here and give you your share.

You handled
yourself great, kid.

Takes a lot of guts to come here
looking for me for Barberosa.

I don't know anything about that and I don't
think there's anything to worry about here.

I was just sort of the Pony
Express, you might say.

Yeah, I suppose Barberosa's got you
snowed like all the rest of them.

I don't get you, Moran.

Maybe not.

He snowed you, but good!

He figures you're just a stupid little
punk and you don't know any better.

What're you trying
to do? Con me?

Could've gunned me
a long time ago

if you thought I was
triggering for Barberosa.

I won't be particular
about this glass...

You asked me what snow job?
I'll tell you.

All that yak Barberosa
hands out about teamwork,

trying out for
positions... Bull!

And that junk about
dependability! Nuts.

I think that maybe you're the one
who's trying the snow job, Moran.

Am I?

You mean you never heard him?

Anybody who
works for me never gets hung up.

Everybody knows that Barberosa's
got a solid organization.

Yeah? Who's everybody, kid?
You and Barberosa?

Ever speak to any of the
other guys in the outfit?

No, we don't talk much
about Barberosa.

It ain't what you
would call healthy.

Well, I'm talking about Barberosa, ain't I?
And I'm healthy.

I'll tell you something now, straight.
I've been around a long time,

and I happen to know.

Barberosa makes a lot of
promises that don't pay off

and the boys don't like
being stung.

You got paid off, didn't you?

You bet your life
I got paid off!

Cheap, chiseling bag of hot air knows
better than to hold out on me.

He knows better
than that, all right!

You talk pretty big, Moran.

Maybe you're not scared
of Barberosa.

You seem to think he's a
little afraid of you, though.

Why should he be, huh?

You can't figure that out?

Well, maybe.

What I can't figure out is what you're
feeding me this information for here.

If I thought you
was interested,

really interested,
I'd let you know.

But I got a hunch you're
just stalling around here

so you can run back to
Barberosa and worm out.

Barberosa don't own me.

He can't worm me out.

You got something to say,
I'll listen to it.

Keep it to myself.

If I want to.


I got a hunch you're just the
guy I've been looking for.

For what?

To gun Barberosa.

What's the matter?

You scared of the idea, Art?

I got the right guy?

Go ahead and take it!

I didn't say I'd do it.

The money's right there.
It's all yours.

You're pretty hopped up
about Barberosa, aren't you?

What's so important to you
he gets blasted, huh?

Okay, kid.

No reason I shouldn't
let you in on the setup.

I wanna take over.

It's all set
with the boys, too.

Only Barberosa don't go
for the idea, naturally.

Well, why don't you knock
him off yourself, then?

What, are you scared or what?

No, kid. No, I'm not scared.

But you see, Barberosa's always
contacted me through one of the boys.

Look a little suspicious if I might
try to pay him a sudden visit.

But it'd be easy for you, Art.

I mean, he's expecting
you back, ain't he?

As long as I work for him, I imagine
I could arrange to see him.

Aw, come on, kid. Cut it out.
Stop hedging with me.

I know the way he operates.

I'll lay you five to one he expects
you to report back tonight.

Alone, huh?


Why me? I mean, why not, uh...

Why not one of
the other guys, huh?

No, no.

I'll tell ya,
I'll level with ya, kid.

None of the other guys
has got the guts to do it

or the ambition.

What do you mean, ambition?
What do you mean by ambition?

What's in it for me
if I get Barberosa?

What's in it for you?

You'll be my right hand, Art.
Second from the top.

You're not heavy enough, kid. You
haven't been around long enough time

to handle a setup like this.

I could, and next to me,
you're top dog!

You know, with Barberosa, you're just
another hired punk. You know that.

At least you're honest, Moran.

None of this jazz
about being partners.

All right,
if I take Barberosa...

Maybe you're not gonna
keep your promise.

I mean,

how do I know that you're
not snowing me now?

Looks like we just have to trust
each other, don't it, kid?

If I take Barberosa, Moran,

I wouldn't hesitate to take
you if you double-crossed me.

What do you say, kid?
Are you with me?

I don't know. It's risky.

Plenty risky.

50 C-notes there
should pay for the risk!

That's not enough.

This will be the biggest
blast in the business.

I want double that.

You learn fast.

Fast enough.

10 grand or there's no deal.

You do it tonight?

Yeah, for 10 grand.


Okay, kid.

All right, 10 grand,

and your right hand man
in the new setup.

You don't miss a trick, do ya?

Make sure you do the job good.

I will.

Nice, green lettuce
felt good, huh? Cool.

After tonight, Art, that's
gonna be just chicken feed.

You're making
the big time fast.

You learn quick. You've
got guts and ambition.

Someday, you'll even be
planning to take over from me.

Come on, kid. Drink up.

No, no thanks.
I gotta cut out now.

Barberosa's waiting for me.

Yeah. You'd better
get going. Good luck, kid.

All right, thanks.
I'll join you later.

You do that.

Hey, Art.


Barberosa's going to feel
awful bad about this, kid.


Yeah, he's gonna feel
awful bad when he...

Yeah. He thought you'd pass
the test for sure, kid.

He's going to be
awful disappointed.

Wait a minute now, test?
What do you mean?

You said...

Oh, you stupid, little,
double-crossing punk.

Don't, Moran.

Please, don't!

Don't! Don't!

The results of
this case in a moment.

Our decision to join
the rush to jazz

seems to have been a success,
with one difference.

We have decided to take
the silencers off the guns

and use them in the orchestra.

Now, ladies and gentlemen,

a delightfully
cacophonous commercial,

after which,
I shall swing back.

Perhaps our sponsor
should use a mute.

As for tonight's case,

Moran was found
guilty and fined

by the Jazz Musicians' Union

for shooting a man a capella.

The use of firearms without
accompaniment is strictly forbidden.

He was, of course,
also dealt with

by the municipal authorities.

Next week, I shall return
with another story.

Until then, good night.