Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1955–1962): Season 5, Episode 3 - Appointment at Eleven - full transcript

David Logan lives at home with his mother and he's still upset that his father left them many years before. He is haunted by an event when he was twelve years old and he came home to find his father with a blue-eyed blond. He tells his mother he has an appointment at 11:00 so he skips dinner and heads to a bar. There he meets a girl and repeats several times that something big is going to happen at 11:00. He gets into a fight with a sailor in the bar and tells him the same and then again with a patron in an Irish pub, now saying someone is going to die at the prescribed hour. When the 11 o'clock news come on the air, you learn the full story.

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Davie? You all right?


I'm fine.


How long have
I been asleep, Ma?

Only a half hour or so.

You should have waked me up.
It's late.

Man, this heat hasn't
let up at all, has it?

It'll be cooler later on.

I ain't complaining, Ma.

This heat suits me fine.

I've made some iced coffee.
Do you want some?

No, Mom.

It's a funny feeling,
to find out that your father

is just a person
like everybody else.

And that he can just pick up
and leave like as if...

As if nothing here
meant anything to him.

Oh, please, darling.

Please forget it.

Let it lie.

What are you gonna do, Mom?

Stick your head in the
ground and make believe

that everything is
exactly the way it was?

What happened between your
father and me was our business.

Not yours.

I didn't ask to be
a part of it, Ma.

I just was.


Davie, where are you going?

I got an appointment.

But I made supper
for us, Davie.

What you like.

Fried chicken.

I'm not hungry.

Don't go, Davie.

Stay here.

Stay here with me.

You know, you're
not a lot of laughs.

What's the matter?
Don't you like me?

I don't like blondes.

Look, you don't like blondes or
you don't like me? Now which?

What I don't like
is blue-eyed blondes.

You got brown eyes.

Now what have you got
against blondes anyway?

Everybody likes blondes,
don't you know that?

I mean, that is a fact.

That is what everybody prefers.

Not me.

How old do you think
I am anyway?

Oh, I...

I don't know.

But you're awful cute
though, aren't you?

Don't get sexy with me, honey.

I told you I don't dig blondes.

I don't even know why I'm
sitting here talking to you.

I'm supposed to be celebrating.


Hey! Hey, wait a minute.

Listen, is this your
birthday or something?

What gave you that idea?

Well, you... you just asked me
how old I thought you were,

so I thought maybe this
was happy birthday.

No, no, it's not...


How about that?

This is my birthday!

This is the day
I am gonna be born!

At 11:00 tonight,
I am gonna be born.

Oh, you know something?

That is a real nice watch.


My father gave me that
watch when I was 14.



How old do you think I am now?

To tell you the truth, I'm
not good at guessing ages.

You promise to keep a secret?


Cross my heart.

I'm only 17.

I'm not even supposed
to be in here drinking.

That guy could get his
license taken away from him.

Then why are you?

Because I am celebrating!

I am celebrating being born.

At 11:00 tonight, I get born!

Now just listen... What?

I don't get you.
What's gonna happen?

Oh, zoom...

I got it, you're
gonna take a plane.

No plane. Not me.

I am gonna be born.

Just zoom! And I... Well, I...

I could be born all over again.

Are you a beatnik or something?

No, no.

Well, then, why? Why just
won't you talk straight?

I mean, I just can't
keep up with you.

Oh, that's because I'm flying.

I am flying. I'm flying

around in this big dark cavern

just waiting for the light
to come crashing in on me.

Zoom! Zoom!

I'll take four
bourbons, please.

Oh, it's a live American honey.

Oh, boy, am I thirsty. Mmm.

Hey, tell me,

tell me why don't
you like blondes.

Because she was a blonde.


Her. I...

Oh, some blonde you
used to know, you mean?


Not exactly that.

It was... Not exactly
a blonde I knew. No.

But she was a blonde.

She was what everybody thinks
of when they think of a blonde.

There she was in the apartment.

There he was, too.



And I was 12 years old.

My mother worked as
a waitress because he...

He was a piano player.

And he worked nights,

not so often, not since the
band business took such a dive,

and also because
he drank a lot.

Sometimes he'd get maybe 10
bucks for playing a gig,

and he'd stop off
at Dooly's bar

for a few drinks.

Then he'd come marching up the
street passing out quarters,

so that by the time
he got to our building,

he was broke again.

But, man...

Everybody on that
block loved him.

Who are you talking about?


I was 12 years old.

That afternoon I remember I
came home early from school.

I came...

Walking into the house
with my books under my arm

and there they were.

Him, and that blonde, they...

That big blue-eyed blonde.


I didn't know what to do.
I just stood there and looked.

She smiled and she said,
"Hello there, sonny."

So I ran out.

Was that your father?


All fathers are the same.

Now what are you letting
it get you down for?

Getting me down?

Where'd you get that idea?

I'm just glad I found out about
him when I did, that's all.

Did you tell your mother?


Why not?

I don't know.

I guess I thought he...

He would explain it to me later
when I came back to the house.

But he didn't.

That woman was gone.

He was sitting alone
in the parlor,

looking out the window,
smoking a cigar.

He always had a cigar
burning around the house.

My mother used to call him
the Chairman of the Board.

And then he turned
to me and he said,

"Hello, Davie."

And I said,

"Hello, Pop."

And then I waited.

Because I thought
he would explain.

And then he turned to me

and he said, "This is the
nicest time of day, isn't it?"

"The city is so peaceful
this time of day."

That's all.

Nothing else.

And no mention of the blonde?


And then about two weeks later,

him and my mom
really had it out,

so he left to go
to that blonde.

And do you know something?

He did not even say goodbye
to me, his own son.

Well, now...

Oh, that's no reason
for you to hate blondes.

Besides, I'm
not even a real blonde.

How old are you?

Oh, now, that... that is the one
question you are not supposed to ask.

She was 31.

What did he do, your father?

Nothing. Here, you drink up.

Nothing? You've been talking
about him all evening.

He must have done something.

What he done
is none of your business.

It is too my business.

Hey, listen,
I'll tell you how it's...

Listen, Little Boy Blue, I'll
show you it's my business.

I was sitting there...

You mind your business
about my pa.

And will you stop
pushing me round!

Hey! Hey! Hey! Wait, wait.
What's all this?

This feller bothering
you, ma'am?

No, he's not bothering me.
What's it to you, buddy, huh?

I just don't like to see
a lady getting bothered.

She said she's not
getting bothered,

so you take a walk, will you?

Now mate, you
shouldn't ought to...

Get that cigar away from me.

Wait, wait, you got to
watch the way you...

Get that cigar away from me!

Wait, wait, wait, now look.

If you wanna fight,
we're gonna go outside,

otherwise we're gonna wreck this
nice man's old bar all to pieces.

You want to go outside now?

I'll fight you
wherever you say.

All right, let's go, let's go.

Okay. How about it?

Come on. I'm waiting.

What you wanna
fight for, anyway?

I ain't afraid of you.

Well now, who said you was?

You sure got a
hot head, ain't you?

Never mind my hot head.

Look, mate...

Look, you get in a fight
with a guy like me,

you're liable to get killed.

That's the truth.

Stop talking, and come try it.

Now look, kid, I don't wanna
hurt you none, you see.

You just got a
hot head, that's all.

Look, either you give up trying...
Wait, wait, come on.

What do you wanna
fight for, huh?

I mean, let's just take a walk

and cool that hot head
of yours off, huh?


I ain't afraid of you.

I know you ain't, kid,

I know that.

So, come on. Let's shake hands.

Huh? Okay.

Come on, it's all right.

It's all right.

You see, not so bad, huh?

See? Are you familiar
with this city here?

I mean, you live around here?

Yeah, I live here.

Okay, so let's walk.

Come on, come on.
It's all right.

You can show me all the sights.

There's not much
to see around here.

Yeah, give me one
frank, will you, please?

You want one?

One, please.

Thank you.

Something very important is
going to happen tonight.

Yeah? And what's that?

Did you ever hate anybody?

Sure thing, mac.

There's a guy I hate
right this minute.

Who's that?

Chief Gunner's Mate on my ship.

Man, I hate his guts. I mean...

He's always ridin' me.

You know, I mean, he's telling
me "Do this, you do that."

So, you know, I mean, I hate him.
I hate him.

I, I, I hate him
I just hate him.


Listen. Boy, one of these days,

just like I'm standing
right here, man,

I'm gonna... I'm gonna deep six that louse.
I mean, I mean...

What do you mean?

Well, you know... You throw
him right over the side,

while we're moving.

Drown him, you mean?

Yeah, that's exactly
what I mean, boy.

Kill him?

Well, that's uh...

Pretty strong there, mate.

"Kill" is a mighty strong word.

Hmm. Let's just leave it at...

Deep six, okay?

You hate him that much?

Oh, man, listen. I hate him.

I hate him more than
that, believe me.

Listen, I hate him like...

Well, as for... Listen,
you're the one who asked me.

Ain't you never
hated nobody before?


Well, all right then, you hate him
enough to want to see him dead?


Well, all right then, man.
You know just how I feel.

I know exactly how you feel.

There's only one difference.

You're never gonna throw
that guy over the side.

Oh, how do you know, boy?

I know.

I can tell just by
looking at you.

But with me, it's different.



Tonight, somebody dies.

Hey, mate, you shouldn't ought to
talk that way about somebody dying.

Why not?

Look, kid, it just so happens,
I'm a guy you can trust.

But, I mean, you go
telling that to anybody,

he's liable to get
the wrong idea.

And you wouldn't want anyone
to get the wrong idea, now.

What idea is that?

I mean, you wouldn't
want anyone to think

this guy who's gonna die

is someone you don't
particularly like.

I hate him!

Shh, mate. Shh, mate!

You better watch
that stuff, boy.

That's just exactly what
I was talking about...

When it's over, I'm gonna be
so drunk, better shush.

That they're gonna have to pick me
up off the street with a sponge.

When he's dead,
I'm gonna be so happy.

You better cut that
stuff out, man!

Tom, Tom, wait a minute. Yo.

Mate, you better watch who
you're talking with, boy.

I'm not joking.

Wait a minute, Tom.

Hey, you want a shine, mister?
Good shine.

Hey, mister, shine them up?

Want a shine? Good shine.

There's enough time.

What'll it be, sonny?


Would you have a draft card?

Yes, I've got a draft card.

Can't you tell just
by looking at me?

Sonny, I ain't Omar the Mystic.

Maybe you're 18,
and maybe you ain't.

But I ain't losing my
license for strangers,

and showing me your draft card
will clear up all doubts.

I got it here some place.

Oh, go on, George. Give the
lad a drink, will you?

I can't do that unless
he shows me he's of age,

and you know that.

Will you stop acting
like such an old lady,

for the love of Mike,
and give him a drink?

Go on, George.

He'll serve you.
He always does.

Just likes to make a big
fuss about everything.

Go on, sit down.

You know, when a man's Irish,

he likes to make
a fuss about things.

It's... Well, it's
part of his nature.

I know.

Oh, you do? How would
you be knowing?

My father was from Dublin.

Is that a fact? Well,
that's where I come from.

What's your name, lad?

What difference does that make?

Well, I just thought I might
know your father, that's all.

Bartender, bring me
another whiskey.

You still haven't told
me your name, you know.


My name is Logan.

Um, well, that's
a good Irish name.

Uh, what was your
father's first name?

It don't matter.

Well, all right.

I just thought I might
know him, that's all.

Bartender, I thought
I ordered another whiskey!

What's with you?

And leave the arm on,
I make my living with it.

What do you want, mac?

I just wanted
to see who it was.

Come on, now, come on, lad.

Come on, take it easy, will you.

Hey, George, it's time
for the ball score.


Easy, lad, will you? Easy.

What time is it?

It's two minutes to 11:00.

Say, you're not...

You're not gonna do
anything foolish, are you?

Because that's no way to think,

and it certainly
is no way to talk.

Now, look. Listen to me.

Will you listen here to me?

Look, put that
out of your mind.

I'm talking to you as if
I were your own father.

My own father, huh?

That's the guy to
sound like, all right.

Oh, look, you had a
row with your father.

Put it out of your mind.

Fathers and sons
have had rows before.

Is that why you're sore at him?

Mister, this was no
father and son row.

This was only a father row.

And I'm not just sore at
him, mister, I hate him.

I hate his living guts

and that's why I'm here tonight!

Laddy, calm down.

Look, there's been a time when
most kids hate their fathers.

But it passes. It always does.

No, you don't know
how wrong you are.

No, you don't know how
wrong you are, mister.

All right, all right,
lad, look, look.

Why don't the both of us have a
little sandwich together, huh?

How does that sound?

I haven't had too much
to drink, mister.

I kid you not.

My father is gonna die.

And do you know why?

Because his name is
Johnny Logan, mister.

Do you know who
Johnny Logan is?

He's a piano player.

He's my father and
he's the guy I hate.

Ossining, New York.

John Logan,

the so-called Love Nest Slayer,

who two months ago

killed his blonde girlfriend

when he found her
with another man,

met death in the
electric chair tonight

at 11:00 p.m. Eastern
Daylight Saving time.

Oh, but it's too soon.

Officials said that Logan awaited
death in an orderly fashion,

requesting a priest,

and asking that he be allowed to talk
to representative newspaper reporters

before the hour of his death.

It was assumed that... Shut up!

What's the matter
with you? Get down.

Come on.

Now, why did you have to
do a thing like that, huh?

Because I hated him.

I'm glad he's dead. I
hated him, I hated him.

You know, I liked
that story very much.

Especially the part where he...

Oh, now we have a commercial.

That is, you have a commercial.

I'm swearing off.

Until next week.

Good night.