Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1955–1962): Season 1, Episode 30 - Never Again - full transcript

Karen wakes up in an unfamiliar bed, with a hangover that's even worse than usual. She knows that by getting drunk again she has once more broken her promise to her boyfriend Jeff. Then she realizes that her hand is bandaged and badly injured, and she struggles to remember what happened the night before. She had gone to a party with Jeff, but she felt uncomfortable and lonely, and had started to drink. She tries to piece together the rest of the night, but all she can remember is being angry and drunk.

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Good evening.
Thank you for waiting.

I was tied up
in a story conference.

The writers
seem to have escaped...

with the secretary, too.

I wonder if they
left the story behind.

Oh yes, here it is.

It's called Never Again.
May I show it to you?

No. I don't want to wake up.

Please don't make me wake up.

This is a bed,
I know it's a bed.

My bed.

It must be my bed.

Why does it move? And rock?

I wish it would stop!

No, I'm not in bed.

I'm on
the Staten Island Ferry.

Foggy, the water's choppy.

We're lost.
Isn't that wonderful? Lost.

Karen, stop being so silly.
You're not lost...

not half way to Staten Island,
half way anywhere.

You're all the way
hung over...

the worst hangover ever.

It's just how bad this one is!

Jeff is so right.

I promised Jeff,
"Never again.

"As long as I live...

"I'll never so much as
look at the labels
on a bottle. "


I hurt my hand.
How did I hurt my hand?

Hospital. Am I that sick?


Jeff, don't be angry
with me again.

Please don't be angry
with me again.

How did I get here?



I must remember.

The glass.

There was the cocktail glass.

Yes. I remember.

You probably think I'm silly,
don't you, Margaret,
carrying this glass around?

Honey, what you do
outside of office hours
is your own business.

You know, I didn't say
anything to you while--

Don't pretend
you didn't want to.

it's all over now.

Yes, I haven't had a drink
in four weeks...

two days
and six hours.

And it's still just
a piece of glass.
Nothing more, nothing less.

You're looking like
yourself again, Karen.

You've been
an awful good friend...

my only friend
outside of Jeff.

It's useful after all.

What are you
wearing tonight?

I hadn't thought.

What about the white job
with the sequins?


I'm sorry.

I know you think it's a pity
to keep anything so lovely...

in such a filthy
and torn condition.

That's the way I want it,
Margaret, just like
you see it now.

What time are you
expecting Jeff?

What time is it now?

It's almost 6:00.
Oh, golly,
he'll be here at 6:30.

Do you mind, Margaret?
I just left.

Jeff didn't come by
at 6.:30. It was 7.:00.

The clock on the mantel
was just striking.

[clock striking]

[knocking on door]

Hey, what'll
your neighbors think?

They look forward to it
as much as I do.

Seeing us
reminds them...

there are
more important things than
getting dinner ready on time.

You're thinking
bad thoughts.

I wasn't thinking,
I was just looking.

It's just
an ashtray.

Your glass.
No, thank you.

it's important to me.
I'd rather not, Karen.

But don't you see, it's
a kind of proof that it won't
bother me to see you drink it.


It's nice and dry.

I've been thinking
I ought to find something
to keep me busy...

but after office hours.

Not that I mind
Mr. Clemmon's dictation
from 9:00 to 5:00, but...

I ought to find something
to fill in the gap...

while you're working
or away on trips...

or out holding
clients' hands,
don't you think?

Did you ever know me
to hold a client's hand?

Renee Marlow
is a client.

She's more than that.
She's actually very important
to the agency.

She's the brightest woman
in advertising we have around.

Besides she's
an old friend.

Renee likes you.
Isn't that nice?

I know Renee
better than you do.

I can imagine
what she must have said
about me to you.

Now that's not fair,
and you know it.

We don't share things

Sure we do, honey,
more than ever actually.

Yes, your things.
Not mine.

What I do
isn't very interesting.

Mr. Clemmons
complaining about his taxes.

You don't find
that interesting, do you?

I didn't say that.
But you meant it.

I didn't even think it.
Then why did I?

I don't know.

Jeff, whatever
is the matter with me?

Honey, you've had a tough
thing to get over.

I am over it,
I know I am but...

there's something else,
much worse.

I don't seem to be anybody,
I'm nothing anymore.

You're my girl.
Isn't that somebody?

Yes, when I'm
with you it is.

We got to get you
out more...

mix with people more.
Tonight for instance.


You have a party?

More advertising people?

Honey, they're
the only people I know.

You know how they keep us
isolated, on oxygen.

I don't understand
that talk, smart talk.

Honey, that is
not smart talk.

That's artificial chit-chat,
and it's nothing
to be afraid of.

Really, Jeff?

Yes, really.

Okay, I'll get
my coat.

Edith, I've been
looking for you.

How are you, Dick?
Excuse me, will you?

Hello. I'm so glad
you both could come.
Thank you.

A lovely dress.
The extra man.

And his extra
lovely girl.

Thank you,

Thank you for
getting Jeff here on time.

I couldn't
keep him away.

I hated asking him
to another party...

but there don't seem to be
enough hours in the day.

Not even enough minutes.
Did you get those proofs?

Yes, I did, darling.
They're in the study.
I won't keep him but a minute.

Make it
a minute and a half.

The place is crawling
with characters, darling,
but just smile sweetly...

and any one of them
will tell you what his analyst
had for dinner.

And don't take sides
with anybody about anything.

I see you've a mixed crowd
here tonight.

Yes, ex-husbands
and ex-wives.

The scars may still be fresh,
darling, so tread carefully.

You won't,
will you, darling?

You know
I won't.

[people chattering]

No, thank you.

~~[piano playing]

You Scotch
or bourbon?
No, thanks.

That's right,
you're martini.
No, I don't drink.

don't be disagreeable.

Jeff, I don't drink
because I like it.

It's when I'm not with you.
Then I can't bear it.

That's the way
it was at the party.

You disappeared with Renee...

and 20 minutes later,
you still hadn't come back.

[people chattering]

Thank you, Bob.

And then I said, "But-but,
you're turning my hair

You never can tell--

The man didn't know

He must've, after all.

He wouldn't have known
the difference
between red or yellow.

So this writer said to me,
he said, "Both networks
are fighting for my script."

I looked him
right in the eye.

I said, "Now wait a minute,
Dave, don't kid me."

[people chattering]

Have a drink.

No, thanks,
I have one.

What? You haven't had
a drop of it.

They don't evaporate.
You're supposed to drink them.

Why, it's just
a little old' single.

And warmer than
Granny's old' hot water bag.

Here, you take
one of mine.
No, really. I....

It's a double.

No, really, I can't.


What have you
got there?

I think they call it
a double martini.

I thought
this was going to be
a dry summer.

I don't intend
to drink it!

What do you intend
to do with it, dry clean?



[Karen sobbing]

It's nothing, darling, really.
Thank you, Jack.

Jeff, I'm so ashamed.
I don't know
what made me do it.

I'm sure all those people
at the party...

thought I'd been drinking
but I hadn't.

I know I didn't take a drink.

But why am I here?

Why is my hand bandaged?

Jeff, do you know
how unbearable it is...

not to be able to remember
what you did last night,
what you said?

Yes, it's coming back.
I ran out.

There was a taxi
outside Renee's apartment.

I got in, I went home.


[knocking on door]



[knocking continues]

Jeff, can you
ever forgive me?

Next time I'll give you
something to be jealous about.

There's not a drop
in the place,
that was the last.

I made it for you.

Karen, I'm not angry.
I'm just worried.

I get scared.
I think I'm losing you.

When we're alone,
when no one else is around...

then it's all right
but when there are
other people.

You mean women?
Clever women.

I can't help it.
I don't think
anyone likes me.

Including me?

When I see you across the room
with a girl...

when I see you
dancing with her...

something inside of me

and I think I'll just
have to have a drink
or I'll do something terrible.

[pearls dropping]

Karen, you've got to stop
thinking like that.

All a man wants is someone
who's simple and honest
and who loves him.

Don't you know that?

By golly, if you carry on
like this now, how're you
gonna act when we're married?


You never
said that to me, ever.

You never
even asked me.

I thought women were
supposed to be intuitive.

And after what I did to you
tonight at the party?

I happen to love you.

Oh, Jeff.

Now how soon can you
fix your face?
You just fixed it.

You know, I don't suppose
it's very romantic of me...

to bring it up
at a time like this but...

you realize we haven't had
any dinner yet?

I'll only take
a second.


Those people
at the party.

You work with
a lot of them, don't you?

Most of them,
one way or another, yes.

What I did, I guess
they'll talk about it,
won't they?

I guess so,
but something else'll happen
in a day or two.

They'll forget
all about it.


Help me with these.

I want to go back
to the party.


They won't know
what to think,
will they?

They won't know exactly
what to say, will they, Jeff?

Who cares what they think.
Okay, we'll go back
and show them.

Come on.

~~[piano playing]

[people chattering]

Now it's gonna be fine.

I love you.

I'm glad
you came back.

Renee, I'd like
to apologize--

Now come on.
Can I get you a drink,

No, thanks, Renee,
I'll pass.

Jeff boy, excuse please.
Men only. Back in a minute.

Would you like
a ginger ale, dear?

Yes, thanks.

A ginger ale
for Miss Stewart please.

Renee darling, we're leaving.

I'm sorry, would you
excuse me?

Hello, again.

Hello. No, thanks.

Where you been?
I went out for a while.

Me too.
Like a light.

But I'm good as new.
Would you care to join me?

No, of course not.
That's a silly question.

Of course not what?

Of course you
wouldn't want to join me.

You sound like
the party wallflower.

Right and wrong.

Right, I am. Wrong,
a wallflower is a girl.
That's a feminine gender.

I don't know what
the masculine is
for wallflower, do you?

[people laughing]

I know another good word.
Means the opposite.

That's my sister.
She's the antithesis.

Antithesis of wallflower,
that is. Life of the party.

I'm her kid brother,
I drink.

She hates me for it. Great.
So I drink even more.

Would you like
to drink with me?

No, thanks,
I'm all right.

You see that guy
she's holding on to?

She's crazy about him.

Talks about him all the time.
You know why?

'Cause he's gonna marry
some girl not in the business.

He's madly in love with her.
Karen something or other.

Hey, but you know?
She's a drunk, my sister says.

And you know
they never get over it.

[man chuckling]

Sis is counting on that,
I guess. She's part Indian.

Collects scalps. Male.
But she never fails.


It isn't polite to take
martinis away from the needy.

Your need isn't
as great as mine.

At least we have
something in common.

A need.
A need for another drink.

Yeah, let's.

Double martini, please.
Me too.

Say, do you like the bars
better on Lexington,
Madison, or 3rd?

I'm a 3rd Avenue man myself.
How about you?

I'm impartial.

I'll tell you what,
we could start out on Lex,
and then go uptown...

and then downtown, and then
end up at a little bar
I know on 3rd.

You know, this is
gonna be the start of
a beautiful friendship.

Come on. Let's go.

~~[music playing]

Come on, let's dance.
No, I got to play a record.

Hold it,
you dance with me.

Leave me alone!
Hey, come on.

Come on, let's play a record.
Come on.

I want a drink.

Leave it!
You've had enough, ma'am.

Leave it.
That's my own
special bottle!

I'll take care of it.


Karen, put it down.


Come on, Karen,
let's go home.

Let us take you
home, dear.

You think I'm a fool?
You think I don't know?

No, Karen.

Poor Jeff.
Come on,
let's take you home.

Come on,
that's a girl.

Leave me alone.

[Karen sobbing]

[door opens]


I want to go home.
I'm all right now.

I must have been pretty bad,
or Jeff would never
have brought me here.

Which hospital is this?

This isn't
exactly a hospital.

It's the city jail.

Why am I here?

You killed a man
last night.



I killed a man?

Jeff Simmons.
His throat was cut
with a brandy glass.


Ladies and gentlemen,
may I just for this once...

depart from
our customary epilogue.

Tonight we have brought you
a drama...

based on one of
Adela Rogers St. John's
most powerful stories...

with the hope that somewhere,
somehow, it will help someone.