Al Hayba (2017–…): Season 5, Episode 9 - Episode #5.9 - full transcript

Sarah tells Jabal her story as Mona prepares to welcome her. Wadee receives another message while Jabal begins to worry about the dam'a concealed operations.

I always liked them

I like Syrian sweets
because of my mother...

There are many kinds...

Dear Engineer, come have dessert

- You have the date and this one...
- Come, please

I'd like you to taste them. It's mushabbak
and there's a saying about it

They say "Eat mushabbak
so you won't feel worried"

Let me put some ghraybeh for you

These are so good

So, you told me it was
a population fund? What is that?

I mean I go to different
places and conduct statistics

then I present reports
about what people need and want

and their living conditions

- You do all that?
- That's only the beginning

My work is very hard, by the way

Didn't they find anyone else to send?

Do you mind
that they sent a woman?

Not at all. I didn't mean that
You're good

But your population
isn't like ours

Anyway, I'd like you to continue
your favor as you started it

I want you to help me
finish my work quickly

Quickly? Why? We just got here

Come, please

- Enjoy
- Thank you

Hello, dear Engineer

- Hello, Mother
- Hello, son

Where have you been until now?

I had some work to do

- I'll go heat the food for you
- No, don't bother

I don't feel like eating

There are some grape leaves
you love left. I cooked them

Mona, where's the boy?
You sent him to bed early as usual?

Yes. I want to get him used
to waking up early

Great. He has to wake up
early to go hunting


If you keep sounding like a broken record
I'll send you to bed before him

Speaking about hunting
we heard that you were the best

I'm not bad but Mr. Wadeeh
has a lot of hobbies


On the sea, in air and on land!

We should go together some time

- Why not?
- Sure

We'll hunt together. Why not?

- Umm Ali, where's the tea?
- I'm coming. It's ready!

We plant everything
from purslane to watermelon...

- You plant everything
- Everything you can think of

Leave the tea, Mother

Heavy weapons...

We joke a lot...

There's Abu Ezzat


I'm sorry. It took me some time

Give me, cousin

This is Ali, my cousin

- Come
- Nice to meet you

Wadeeh, the Engineer of the dam


You remember her of course


Thank you

- Where do you need them, ma'am?
- Right here

- Thank you
- Sure

Yes, boss

Yes, we're here

Jabal is checking on you
He wants to know if everything is okay

Say hi to him and tell him "Thank you
for what Mrs. Nahed sent"

- "She shouldn't have"
- She says hi, boss

and "Thank you for what Mrs. Nahed
sent. She shouldn't have"

He says hi and "Don't mention it"

"It's just some homemade food
Mrs. Nahed liked to send you"

Tell him "Thank you for caring"

She says "Thank you for caring", boss

Copy that

- Goodnight, ma'am
- Goodnight

"Identification Card..."

This is the one

Thank you

Yes, Helen?

How did the meeting go?

As planned

Did you find out why
he was in prison?

Based on what people were saying
because of his brother's feud

No. He did a massacre in Beirut
which ended up in killing five men

from the biggest mafias in the country
to steal their money

But he doesn't look like someone
who would do it

He will only let you know
what he wants

Don't worry about me

I got it

Sara, I know how impulsive you are
as usual

but you have to be careful
with this type of people

If he feels that you are trying
to know too much about him

he may kill you

- I'll work on earning his trust
- Don't forget

We're here to answer two questions


is the person in Al Hayba

helping ISIS in smuggling
the monuments?

And how...

How are the pieces
being moved around?

Maybe this way we can find
out Hans's location

Good luck


"Great Damage To The Ancient
City Of Palmyra"

"There is no God but Allah
Mohammad is the Messenger of Allah"

"Al Hayba"

"Money Laundering"

"Welcome to Al Hayba...
The Smuggler"

What's wrong, Ali?

You've been hiding
your emotions for a while

and I've been waiting
for you to tell me

There's nothing to talk about

You can tell everybody that
but I won't believe it

- What just happened...
- Why?

- Why what?
- Why won't you believe it?

Because we swore by their
graves to be there for each other

and tell each other everything

I'm worried about you, Ali

Try not to show your fear
because your brother won't be happy

You're exaggerating

It's a misunderstanding
and it can be fixed peacefully

Rima, I'm fed up

I'm fed up with loyalty, patience
and humiliation in this house


And what is this new thing
you've been complaining about?

If it weren't for this baby...

If it weren't for my love for him

I would've left a long time ago

It seems that patience
is no longer good in this house

I'll sleep on it

- Let him in
- Okay, sir


- Hello
- Forgive him. He doesn't know you


It's okay. He's doing his job

I thought of paying you a visit
in my turn to say hello


The dam was built
as quickly as a bullet

Well done

- Well done, really
- It's the age of speed

- You have to keep up
- You have to keep up

These water trucks...
Where do they go?

There are some regions above
the dam. Water doesn't reach them

We send these water trucks
and fill their tanks

You're great, Engineer
You thought of everything

It's our job

Give me a tour in the place

The water from the dam
gets here by a giant pipe

By gravity, it gets to the meters room

then to the waterfall

so that we can preserve the oxygen

It gets to the high-speed mixers
after that

so we can add some chlorine

What happens here?

You notice that these are slow fans

They get rid of the debris

As you can see, the water
gets from here...

towards the pipes

These are ten-inch water pipes

Then it gets to the sand filters
at the bottom, as you can see

What does that thing
with the colored buttons do?

That's the board

It's the board that shows us the gauges

It lets us know if there's too much lime
if there are microbes

- or other things...
- Hold on


Why are you making me feel
that I'm a manager or colleague

and I'm on a follow-up tour?

What a shame!


After all this, what happens?
What's the result?

We have drinking water

It's such a long process
Hello, guys

We send some by pipes to the villages

and we send other quantities
in water trucks

It seems you like old cars

You can say that again

How about we go to my office
and have coffee in peace?

I've been talking non-stop
since the morning

Thank you

Don't forget, Mona
You had a curettage before

- Yes but that was a long time ago
- What's wrong, doctor?

- Is there something serious?
- Quite the opposite

The embryo is great

I just want you to ease stress

Take good care of your health
and eat healthy food

because if you have an abortion again
it will be difficult for you

to get pregnant again

I'll prescribe you some prenatal vitamins

Mona, try to reduce hard work
and relax

and everything will be fine

I hope so

Thank you, Nada



She's the kind you'd want
I brought her especially for you

Have you dug into
her background?

What do you mean? Do you think she's
applying for a job at the Central Bank?

She's a poor girl. She works in villages
from home to home

to make ends meet

Be generous and kind to her

You talk too much
You make me sick

Be generous to me, at least!

Where are we going?

How great! You can see everybody
but they can't see you

I have to do this

You know that this dam
is a big responsibility

That's what should be done

Is that one guard enough?

He's doing his job
and things are fine

His job is so simple. He only has
to open and close the gate

I'm thinking of giving you some
of my men, in case anything happens

No! No. What could happen?

There's no need

There's no need

You're in our village. It's our duty
to protect you and your people

Do you need anything?

I was glad to see you. Take care
It was a pleasure


I almost forgot

I apologize for what my guys did
about your water trucks yesterday

- They were doing their job
- Quite the opposite

Let them do whatever they want

Thank you


I know my way out

Thank you, Umm Ali


If you need anything from now on
you'll ask this girl

Listen to my mother and do
whatever she says, okay?

- Of course
- Great

What is it, Umm Ali?
Who's that young girl?

I really don't know

Umm Ali, have you asked
for a helper?

I asked Ali to bring her
Welcome, daughter

- What's your name?
- Nisreen

We'll have to delay the next shipment
for a few days

Stay standing-by


If you want to humiliate someone
by brining this girl here

it worked

You're only humiliating
your mother and me

- Is this really how you see it, Father?
- I see what you're doing

What seems to be the problem? I only
brought a girl to help my mother

Don't beat around the bush
I brought you up and I know you very well

Be thankful Umm Jabal
covered up for you

I respect aunt Umm Jabal
and I'm thankful to her

but I don't need anyone to do that
when I want to help my mother

Or do you want us to wait
for her to die then feel regret?

We're not servants here, Father
If you accept that, I can't

Do you think I'm waiting for you
to do your duty to help me?

Do you think you're the boss of me?

Do you think I'm weak, Ali?

Look at me carefully
Do you think I'm weak?

I was by your mother's side
while you were away for years

I offered her a shoulder to cry on
over you and I held back my tears

so that she wouldn't fall and give up

That's what makes you fall down
not the house chores, Ali

We'll have dignity as long
as this household has it

You were brought up here
like their children were

Shame on you! Shame on you
if you think otherwise

Leave it! I said I wasn't weak

May God forgive you, Father

- Good morning
- Good morning

Good morning, dear

Where are the guys?

Shaheen's still sleeping
He wouldn't wake up

- Where's Ali?
- I haven't seen him today

Who's this?

We brought her to help Umm Ali

She has a lot of chores and she has
to take care of Ezzat, too

All of a sudden?

- Has anybody looked into her background?
- Yes

Ali made sure of that
and did what should be done

- Weird. He didn't tell me
- Because he doesn't want to worry you

You have enough problems
You have enough trouble already

Good morning, sir

Good morning

- I'm sorry
- Let me do it. It's okay

- Hello, Abu Mahmud
- Miss Sara is here

Make her coffee please
and tell her we'll be on our way


Hurry up. Sara is there

Did we make her wait?

No, she just got there early
She doesn't want to waste time

By the way, you told me that Sara
worked in the Population Fund

but I didn't understand
what she did exactly

Yes. The UN Population Fund

They're conducting a study
about the living conditions

of people who live in distant regions

They see what they lack
and provide them with their needs

like services, health, education
and other things

What a shame!

That's good, anyway

If the Government doesn't
take care of them

there's someone else
to help these poor people

May God grant her good health
and strength

Be helpful to her

"Balance of Account... Item...
Quantity... Number..."

Come in

- Here's the password, ma'am
- Thank you, Abu Mahmud

You have to bear with me until I have
my router connected at home

- Sure. Don't mention it
- Thank you

Here's an ashtray, if you like
to smoke with the coffee

- Do you smoke, Abu Mahmud?
- God forbid

Because it's forbidden by your religion?

No, it's not like that. I have asthma
and it would hurt my lungs

- I hope you'll stay healthy
- Thank you

Good morning, Abu Mahmud
Good morning

- Good morning
- You're an early bird!

The air is clean and I can get
more oxygen. I woke up early

- You're ready for today's round, then
- Of course

You have the schedule. Where do you
want us to start and at what time?

- I'm super ready
- How great!

Listen, dear. We talked to the mayor
and he's expecting you in the afternoon

My brother Jabal put in
a good word for you

You can't take that for granted at all


- Do you want us to go with you?
- There's no need

You sure have a lot to do

I know I talk a lot
I don't stop when I start

Spare yourselves the trouble

I'll go, now

Abu Al Waleed and his guys passed
They'll be here any minute

- Peace be unto you
- Peace be unto you, too. Come

Dear Jaber?

Is there a nearby market in the region?

The guys and I need some everyday
things for our travels

Of course, Abu Muaaz
I'll go bring them for you

Here's the list

"Potatoes for breakfast... Painkillers..."

What's this? I need a translator
to understand it

Some necessary things and medicine

Give it to me and take me
to the nearest market in the region

and I'll manage

It's not safe to do that now
to be honest

We'll go and come back quickly
Are you worried?

Yes, boss?

An unfamiliar face

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