Al Hayba (2017–…): Season 5, Episode 25 - Episode #5.25 - full transcript

As a new shipment takes off with Ali aboard, Jabal keeps a close watch from the other side. Hoping that Shahin agrees to help him, Wadee plans Sarah's escape.

Mrs. Sara, do you need

Ṅo, not at all. I just wanted to
see where I could wash my clothes

Put them there for me
and I'll take them to the cleaners

like I take the engineer's clothes

- Okay, I'll bring them and put them here
- Mrs. Sara

We put the intercom inside

so you can have everything
you need with a push of a button

Brother Wadeeh
we're at the entrance of the tunnel

I'm waiting for you

- Good morning
- Good morning

- Who is this coffee for?
- It's for the lawyer

- What lawyer?
- Mrs. Mona asked for him

We're near Hadbit Al Tineh
in Kelfaya arid mountains

They got into an opening
in the mountain

It's a cave with a track

It seems it's an exchange point

I'll wait here for them to get out
then see what it's about

Keep me posted


Yes, Abu Talal

Take the men and search every hole
cave and grotto in the arid mountains


These guys are using the caves
it seems

What are you talking about?

Get ready, today. There's a water truck
that will go to Beirut


If I go to the court and tell them
that Shaheen isn't qualified to raise his son

will that solve the problem?

- What's the excuse?
- Because...

He's a smuggler

- Would I get the custody?
- Are you serious?

What's our line of work, do you think?
Do we produce pickled eggplants?

Listen, sir. Our family
doesn't need trouble

And if we have to go to court
it won't be for a custody case


Sir, I only care about the law
What does it say?

If the parents' families have
illegal and illicit work

they both won't have legal
capacity in the first place


I mean that the court could
deny custody for both of you

I'm ready to do whatever you choose

Excuse me, I have to go

Take care

Have you lost your mind?
Have you lost your mind?

Do you want to blow our cover?
Why would you shoot yourself in the foot?

Mother, we couldn't reach
an agreement peacefully

I can't get what I want
in the court either

You brought me back
when I tried to leave

What will I do? Should I set myself
on fire and get it over with?

What a strange story!

We're almost done

Ask the Old Man to get ready
to pay the money

I told him. Don't worry

We all want to get it over with


It's here

Come on

God, help us

Abdul Razak!

Abdul Razak!

Where is he?

He disappeared

Where could he have gone?

Let's wait for him

We can't stay here in the open

The planes will start flying over soon

Hurry up! Hurry up!

Let him find a way

Come on! Come on!


Bring the guys and meet me
at the ramp

I will enter, exit then make
this scoundrel come back

I miss you

Count on God

He said he didn't have time
for me today

He's busy

May God grant him strength

Your cousin is here
at the dam building

I saw him

Where are you?

Near you and around you

I'm so lucky

He told me that Shaheen was the only
one who could get me out of here

Let him think of another solution
Shaheen won't accept. Don't worry

You must be crazy, man! How dare
you get involved in a mess like this?

Why is that?

You have no middle ground?
It's either ISIS or Jabal's women?

I think you're exaggerating a bit

It's a big deal as it is! Try to understand
the magnitude of this problem, Wadeeh!

You're in his town
and this woman is under his wing

Do not interfere, you could never know
what's his state of mind

Let him deal with her
the way he sees fit

Don't meddle in this mess
and don't get into trouble with my cousin

And if you want my advice...

Take her in your car
he'll appreciate it

That's what I'd do if I were you


Yes, really, and be careful

Not a soul can get her out
of Al Hayba as a favor


Watch out, don't get yourself in trouble!

Shaheen, keep this between us

Don't ask for my advice
in matters like these

"Al Hayba Dam"

I can hear you, cousin
where are you at now?



Move this bastard to my office

"Monuments of the infidels"

"We're near Hadbit Al Tineh"

"they got into an opening
in the mountain"

"It was a cave with a track"

"It seems it's an exchange point"

"I'll wait here for them to get out
then see what it's about"

"Keep me posted"

That's a solid plan

What do you say, sir?

We get a shovel, dig a hole big enough
and a shot in the head

The usual

Shut your mouth!

That's none of your business!

Take him downstairs!

One second, one second, one second!

Now take him downstairs

For how long has this guy
been with you?


"This is Abdul Razak
he's one of my men"

"Why are you holding him like that?"

"What's he doing over there?"

He's one of your men, you say?

This is Ali Sheikh Al Jabal
it's Ali Sheikh Al Jabal you idiot!

Are you a complete idiot or something?

You've got no brains at all, right?

Did you know he's one of Jabal's men?

Of course not! I swear by God
that I know nothing about this!

But you're the one who made him
join my men

No, it wasn't me

Someone from my village
Kelfaya brought him here

What's his name?

Malek, the grocery shop owner.
The brothers shop from his store

Why didn't you say so?

I was about to tell you
but we got caught up after that

But then I noticed you put him the test
and made sure he's clean

Suleiman! He gave you money, right?

Abu Al Waleed, I always paid my dues
why are you treating me like this?

Move immediately with a bunch of brothers
and drag Malek over here, understood?

Take him!

Yasser, go with them!

- You're a bit late today, Samir?
- The traffic was terrible

Get in

Move it down


That's his shop

Get him!

Who are you?

What are you doing?
Let go of me!

That's him

Let me go!

Leave me alone

- What do you want from me?
- Take your hands off of him!

- I said let go of me!
- Where are you taking him?

You think you can do whatever
you want?

Who told you that you can kidnap him
like this from his shop? What did he do?

They want to ask him a small question
that's all, don't make this any worse!

They're strangers, I get it if they do something
like this but what about you, Suleiman?

- A filthy scumbag!
- A filthy scumbag!

A filthy scumbag!

Get out of here! Get out of here!

What did they want from you?

I hope it's not what I have in mind

You're going to tell me that
the water truck was carrying monuments


And they're all professionals, Abu Sultan

We saw foreigners, crates and wrapping

"But I can't quite understand
this, Abu Sultan"

"How did the water truck enter inside
Kelfaya's cave and got out in Al Hayba"

"Is it the work of fairies
or something like that?"

There's a tunnel, Abu Talal

And Ali... got stuck in there

Listen... tell Malek that Ali
is most probably compromised

Let him take cover


I sent Ali... and I'm bringing him back
safe and sound

You lost someone?

Say what you have to say

The last piece is leaving the dam tomorrow

The last piece is leaving the dam tomorrow

The water truck will leave Al Hayba
without any trouble

- Is that it?
- No

Sarah, she's here at the dam


Send her the car, her passport
and all her files

She's leaving to Beirut

She'll call me when she leaves
Al Hayba

I don't want anyone to get
anywhere near her or cause her any trouble

What about you?
Don't you want to leave?

When I need to leave
I don't need to get your permission, Boss

You're going to get out through your tunnel.
Right, smartass?

If you agree on these terms

you can get your cousin
at the entrance of the dam tomorrow

Listen, buddy
luxury days are gone

With each passing day
I'll send you a piece of your cousin

A nose, an ear, a throat, a hand, an eye

"You're still waiting for me?"

"Soon my love"

Until we get to the head

And when we get to the head
you can piece the parts the way you wish