Al Hayba (2017–…): Season 5, Episode 14 - Episode #5.14 - full transcript

Jabal puts out the fire of the foggy, horrific night. Ali os held at gunpoint while Sameeh is surrounded by Jabal and his men.

In the name of God

What is it, honey?
Is everything okay?

I can feel him

He's moving again

I swear it

Honey, you've been acting like this
for a week now

It's about time you get it in your head that
the baby's gone and the pregnancy's over?

God will bless us with another baby, Mona

Go back to sleep

Let me get you a cup of water

What's wrong?

It's the same story, Sis


What's wrong, dear?

I don't know

I don't know how I can delete
everything that happened from my head

This will need time

But you'll overcome this ordeal, believe me

You're a very strong woman

My dearest, come to me

Calm down

Hello, Mayor

Hello, Mayor

Forgive me for keeping you waiting

- These are all the names?
- Exactly

Believe me, you're troubling yourself in vain

I can't sit around doing nothing
when people lost their means of livelihoods

If I can provide some sort of aid
that may alleviate their suffering...

I'd be at least doing my duty
to help the people I'm living with

As you wish

But let me tell you beforehand

When you'll knock on their doors
asking if they need anything

They'll tell you that someone
already helped them out

And I think you saw how Tal Asfar's men
stood by our side

and assisted us in removing the rubble
cleaning and repairing

Their plasterers and carpenters
also came to help out

And their elders gave us
all the support we needed

I'm surprised how an incident can turn into
war and suddenly everything settles down

Words are sometimes
more damaging than bullets over here

and words can also be healing

A reconciliation between men
can solve the biggest problem

What proves my words is that these
two clans will be reconciliated

- In Jabal's house today
- That's great, thank God

Miss Sara, may I ask you
a question?

Go ahead

What's making you stand the idea
of staying here between us?

What are you still doing here?

- Are you fed up with me, Mr, Mayor?
- No, God forbid

How can I leave you
in times like these

It's our job to help others
in time of need

God bless you

Hello, Abu Khaled
hello, Mr. Mayor

- We were just talking about you
- Ready, Abu Ahmad?

Have a cup of coffee
while I get things ready, come in

- Excuse me, I must get going now
- Godspeed

"Al Hayba Mayor, Safwan Al Saiid"

- Hello
- Hello, Missy

Ready, boss

Scout the road and make all the others
follow me


You've been quiet for so long
this time

When you're behaving like this
I feel like the walls are closing on me

But I know you won't find real peace...

Until you do what's on your mind


Your daughter's been out of hospital
for a week now and you still didn't visit her

How is that possible?

You have to ask the one
who took her out of hospital

and headed immediately to his house
without letting us see her

This man's ordeal
is not to be taken lightly

It's his right to take his wife
and go to their house

he never prohibited us
from visiting her

Look me in the eye, Umm Jabal

Your taking Shaheen as an excuse
or is it something else?

Good gracious

You know me better
than anyone else in this world

You know me better
than anyone else in this world

Sonny, I can't look her in the eye

She lost a baby
and you were barely able to save the other

and it's all because of a stranger
we took under our wing

without checking her background

How could I miss something like this?

Yes, you should think twice
before taking a decision like this next time

Anyway, this is neither your fault
or the one who brought her here

This is a cycle of mistakes that started
with me sending Ali to kill uncle Ghazi

This story lasted for all these years

but we never managed to handle it
the right way

That's why I think you should stop worrying
about it, let bygones be bygones

The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh
let's focus on what's left

This is your daughter and you brought
her to life, she needs your support

We come to you
when seeking wisdom, Umm Jabal

You're the wise man around here
these days

and I'll do as you please, my son

May God keep you, Mother

- The men are here
- Ready

Aunty, get ready and when this gathering
is over I'll take you to her

- Hello, Umm Bushra
- Hello, Haytham

Miss Sara works for the United... something

I work for the United Nations
Population Fund, good morning

Hello, good morning

Miss Sara has a few questions, she's here
upon the recommendation of the boss Jabal

That's if you don't mind, of course

We don't mind at all, you're sent here
by our precious boss

- Hello, Haytham
- Hello, Abu Michaal

Is there any other women here?
I'd like to talk to you all

Come with me

Get the coffee pot and call for your
mother and all the other women

- Mother? Mother?
- Yes, coming



Have a seat

Sit down

Do you live here?

We live here and there and throughout this
region all the way to the plains of Homs

Right on time
we didn't keep you waiting

Not at all
open up

Take a look

The order is complete
just like you asked

And it's no ordinary order

And it's no ordinary order

Everything has its price, Shaheen
Everything has its price

You should have told me
where you're taking this delivery

I could have helped you even more
by delivering them myself

I always follow orders without questions

Our mission is to deliver this merchandise
and they will handle the rest

They will drop by here at night
to pick up the merchandise

and they'll be paying in cash

Join me upstairs
while the guys unload the merchandise


Leave them right here
our men will carry these inside

I got married at the age of 14
and I had my son Ahmad at 15

and at the age of 16 I had my son Khalaf
and at the age of 17...

- One moment, how old are you now?
- Wait and see

I stopped having kids
when I was 28 years old

- So you have 13 children?
- 15

- Oh my God
- I had twins twice

Oh my God, God bless them

How about you?
How many kids do you have?

I'm not married

What's wrong? What's your problem?

Are you asking me what's the problem?
I should be asking you this question

- Okay, thank for your time
- No problem at all

Thank you

By the way, one of my colleagues
stopped by a while ago

I don't know if you remember him
I have his photograph here

He never dropped by
and we never saw him before

He's a blondie
with blue eyes, how handsome

I wish he dropped by

- Thank you
- Welcome

- Welcome
- Welcome

- Brothers, God willing
- Peace among the clans

What a joyful occasion

The devil tried to tempt us
in a moment of anger

Dear brothers, we didn't identify the
perpetrator and we put the blame on him

We were hoping to see Shaheen here too
to attend this reconciliation

I hope he's not still holding a grudge
against us

In all cases... he's not to be blamed

What he's been through
is a great deal

and we're counting on you
to solve this problem

It's all thanks to the boss Jabal who opened
his house for this reconciliation gathering

May God have mercy on your father

You inherited his patience
and foresight

It's all thanks to God

This house was always open
to everyone

Ever since the days of my father

and long before that
with my grandfather

and as well as our ancestors

An ominous day separated brothers

and we're passed that now

That's all thanks to the efforts
of good people gathered around here

However, this should not make us forget
that an evil hand tried to separate us

We must get to that evil hand

We must find it and identify it...

and destroy it

Just as Sakhr's blood didn't
go in vain...

Let it be known to everyone

Your brother Sameeh's blood
will not go in vain

- Long live Jabal
- You're a chip off the old block

Guys... excuse me for a second

Me and my brother have a right

And we're entitled
to ask for our right

Say what you have in mind, Fares
don't hold anything back

We're gathered here to reconcile
with brothers

Where's my father's money?

What money are you talking about, son?

The money which was withdrawn from his
account two days before he was murdered

Millions of dollars vanished


- I liked this machine
- It's faster this way

- Jaber, move these boxes fast
- We're almost done, sir

- Jaber, move these boxes fast
- We're almost done, sir

Why are you scared like that?

You're in our land and my men got
the road and the whole region covered

And there's no one other than you
here in these arid mountains

Looks like you forgot when your
cousin stationed his men on that hill

And I thought I was under
his protection at the time

If he was here now
he would be asking for his share of our deal

Fine, that was my fault
from now on you'll be under my protection

and I will be leaving my men
to guard your gate, how about that?

No, there's no need for that

But if I need anything
I'll let you know of course

By the way, you should pay me
a visit at my home

I will pay you a visit, I was just
giving you some time to settle in

We're settled in now
and you have no more excuses

You're going to be invited
to a great meal very soon so get ready

And now we have
our own secluded place

And our party place

Let's go, Ghazi
who's the good boy?

Put your hand over here

Just like that

You look so handsome

No, I don't want to go
I want to sleep

No, this is no time to sleep
we're going to take a walk now

You missed eating cotton candies, right?

- No, I don't want cotton candies
- You're refusing candies too?


Show me your face

Let's go, come

Welcome, Aunt

- Where is she?
- In her room

Come in, please

- I miss you
- I miss you, too

Come on, Ghazi

Well, Mr. Ghazi? Will you keep
acting spoiled?

You used to beg me to take you
to buy things you liked

You don't want that anymore?

- Do you need a ride, ma'am?
- There's no need

I'm going to the nearby grocery store

- How are you, Abu Talal?
- Hello, Abu Sultan. I'm fine

How can I help you?

I want you to visit Zaydan's
assistant in jail again

I want to know if there's anybody left
of the filthy men who died

she didn't tell me about

because the money issue
started to bother me

What money, Abu Sultan?

It's a long story. It started
when I was arrested

It doesn't seem it will end

She might have an answer

I'll get it done

Don't worry about what Fares said

Everybody knows you
and knows how good you are

I don't care about Fares, Abu Ali

There's a hidden rat behind it

And the problem is that it's old

It wasn't born now

I know what you feel

I know this agony very well

The biggest agony in life
is when you lose a precious person

let alone if it's your flesh and blood

let alone if it's your flesh and blood

Even an insane woman
wouldn't do what I did

I got pregnant


And I was convinced...

that the baby I lost was going
to live a happy life in this world

It's like hell

What a pity!

What a pity!

I raised you and used
all my strength to keep you proud

I get mad at you
if you envy people

I get mad at you if they belittle you

I spent my life teaching your siblings
and explaining to them

that their dignity can't be touched

You have to help others

I don't like you to be stingy

You have to be fair
and not arrogant

Be proud

Don't be weak

I taught your siblings
to be sensible

How couldn't I be sensible?
How did I make such a mistake?

No, Mother

Don't beat yourself up

This pain has been
in our family for ages

and it won't end

We will keep paying the price

But we're losing our children
like this, dear

I'm afraid for the third one
that we have left

This is so painful!

I feel I'm suffocating, Mona

I'm suffocating

I should have been wiser
and not let this stranger into our house

I should have been wiser

Please, dear...

Forgive me, please

It's my fault you're hurting

- Forgive me, my sweet child
- No

- Forgive me. Forgive me...
- No. No...

- Forgive me, dear
- No. You're too precious to me

You're too precious to me
I'd rather die than see you crying

I adore your smell

Mona. Mona. Mona...

- Ghazi, don't you want your chips?
- I want to sleep

Look after her, Rima

She doesn't have anyone but you

She doesn't have anyone

Well, Aunt?

Is she better?

She's better

Does she have it in for me?

She has it in for the whole world

She has every right to

They will attack

and finish in one region
to start in the next

They're near and
we're in a weak position

Gosh! That's so bad

It's not a good time

Count on God

This will get difficult

They won't let us breathe

We hardly could get to you

What about our pieces?

Don't worry. The pieces are alright
We buried them in a deep place

Nobody can get to them
but we can't get any piece out, now

If they see any loaded car
it will be bombed at once

What will we do?

Above all, the brothers at the battlefronts
must always have weapons

Hold on


I'm not here to smuggle weapons

I don't know anything about that
There are specialized people for it

Weapons are problem magnets

That's making me deal with people
I don't have to deal with

The tunnel is here

If weapons, monuments, people
or vegetables pass through it

what difference would it make?

We need these

"Have you slept?"

"How was your trip?"

"It was good. It would've
been better if you came"

"I'm troubled. I had
a lot of things to do"

- "What do you mean by that?"
- "I mean I have a lot of problems"

"Troubled" is easier for me
to understand

By the way, I'll pass by Mona tomorrow
to talk to her into cleaning the co-op

Only work will distract her
and make her forget what happened

That would be so nice of you

Mona loves you and listens to you
and work makes you forget

You're right. I'll let you sleep


Why does Fares want money
all of a sudden

now that his father is dead?

It's not only that. He doesn't only want
his father's money

He wants his father's
partners' money, too

- Seventy million
- In Lebanese pounds?

Lebanese pounds, man?
In dollars

- What?
- In dollars?

And is he accusing Jabal
of stealing the money?

Nobody would even
dare suggest that!

- In dollars?
- In dollars?

We can get it back to
the way it was and even better

It needed a facelift anyway

I'm trying my best to get a grant
from our office

We can paint it. We can choose
a different color for every department

We'll fix everything and if there's
something that can't be fixed

we'll buy a better one

Don't worry about the employees

They will soon get back to work

Your hard work lately
won't be wasted

I started to assess the damage

I'm preparing a proposal
and I'll try to help get the money

Our problem isn't about money
and financing


I don't want anything fixed

and the project is over

She was released on the same day
you were sent to prison

It's a strange coincidence

There's no such thing
as coincidence

Everything is meticulously calculated

Maybe we should have asked

Why did she give us their names
that easily?

When our enemy was known
we weren't this confused

God grant me patience

I really don't know, good people

I feel...

that these problems...

are all linked

I mean, Sakhr's killing
to going to Beirut

then this girl giving us the names
of the gang members so easily

the police ambush

the prison

and the detective who talked to me
about the stolen seventy million

I feel there's someone who took
advantage of our anger about Sakhr

and stuck it to us

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