Al Hayba (2017–…): Season 5, Episode 12 - Episode #5.12 - full transcript

Jabal is in a tough situation because of Ali and Rima. Meanwhile, tension is brewing between Al Hayba and Tal Al Asfar.

"Internal Security Forces
Central Prison"

My deepest condolences, Brother

Thank God for your safe return

Getting you out of jail wasn't a walk in the
park, we had to pull some strings for that

You should keep that in mind

And don't forget to avenge for your
brother and get our friends' money back


Hello, Old Man
Fares is out of prison

He took the bait?

His only concern was getting out
of prison, he didn't care how we do it

Your mobile, sir


"Your friend is out of the cage"

Why are you here?
I could have went down to see you

If I was able to bring you back to the village
I wouldn't have left you here to begin with

You know why I'm here

So tell me what I need to hear
to calm down

- Would you take my word for it?
- That won't do now

My question is clear, did you kill him?
Answer me by yes or no


You have to stay here until we know
who's behind this murder

and what's in it for him
to frame us

You're asking me to let them
spread unfounded allegations

while sitting here in the sun
anxious and stressed like hell?

You can't play the macho card
when dealing with this

They're furious
and completely lost their minds

- But this way...
- No buts!

I already lost a brother
I don't wish to lose another

Fine, I'll do whatever you say

Now tell me...

Anyone saw you when Abu Fares' son
was killed and can give testimony?

Why do we need testimonies?
We're not in court here

It's a murder crime

You can't get out of it if you swear you
didn't do it, all the evidence are against you

What's the solution then?

The solution?
I have no easy solution for this

The only solution is by revealing
the identity of the murderer

He killed him with 3 bullets in the back
that coward

Thank God!

- Welcome back, boss
- Welcome back, boss

- Welcome back, boss
- Welcome back, boss

Our deepest condolences, boss

What's going on here?

Ever since Sameeh died
the guys blocked the road

What's the use of that?
Order them to remove the barriers

Open the road!

Open the road, guys!

Tell the village people to meet us
at our house yard

- Fares wants to see everybody
- Of course, boss

Everybody, get back to your cars!

I didn't want to cause any trouble
but I just wanted to check up on you

and make sure everything's okay here

That's no trouble at all
don't say that

We can't let you come on your own
at a time like this

What's going on?

It's an old story between us
and another clan in the Plain

Someone's just reopened this old wound

How did that happen?

I really don't know
what to tell you

Everything is gonna be okay

After Sakhr was killed
may he rest in peace

Jabal avenged for his death
and one of their bosses was gone

Gone? What do you mean by gone?

He killed him

And because revenge
is a never ending cycle...

It only becomes dormant
as my mother says

One year after that...

Someone from our clan
committed a heinous act

and reopened that wound

and what you're hearing
and seeing is a result of that act

We never wanted you to attend
one of our violent crashes

You mean the shooting
we were hearing?

That's okay, I can put
my headphones and go on with my work

Is it really that easy?

I liked the idea
I'll be trying it

By the way, it is said
that music is good for babies too

Dear, whenever you need
to get down to Beirut

I can ask Jabal
to clear the road for you

I'm sure it won't come to that, aunt
don't worry about me

I'm not afraid of incidents like these

We're used to traveling to war ravaged
areas sometimes in my line of work

We've been through
some very difficult times

I hope it all ends well this time

Rima, you don't look at ease today
you didn't say a word since this morning

No, I'm okay
I'm just listening

Let me help you, Umm Ali

Go have some rest
you don't look good today

I'm fine, it's just some fatigue

Go have some rest, Umm Ali
Nisrine can always help out

- Go
- Okay

Poor woman!
How much more can she handle?

A mother's pain is unbearable

A broken heart

and a bleeding wound

Even salt water
can't heal a wound like that

It will keep on bleeding

I want two of our cars escorting
each merchant

I said 2 cars armed to the teeth, you hear
me, Aala? 2 cars filled with gunmen

I have no time to keep repeating that

The other clan might plan
to target our business


- Good morning
- Good morning

Good morning, Abu Ghazi
have some coffee, Nisrine

She's putting the laundry
on the drying rack

I'll get your coffee then


"Tal Asfar bids farewell to its son
Sameeh who was treacherously killed"

- May he rest in peace
- May he rest in peace

- May he rest in peace, boss
- May he rest in peace, boss

My deepest condolences
and welcome back

- May he rest in peace
- May he rest in peace

"Sameeh, Tal Asfar's finest
your death is an incurable wound"

"Oh Sameeh..."

"Our hearts are mourning in your absence"

"You never took
but the right track"

"Now that you're gone, oh dear friend"

"I must pay my condolences
to your closed ones in your yard"

"Abu Fares left us earlier
to the other world"

"And as the saying goes:
"You were a chip off the old block"

"He will be welcoming you
in the Heavens"

"And you will find relief
after all the pain and fatigue"

Your revenge is a debt we will honor
and I swear it

"And even if he's hiding today
we shall get him sooner or later"

That's right!

Sheikh Al Jabal clan is intolerable
and we must teach them a lesson!

We must retaliate
and punish them severely

Calm down, people!
Calm down!

Blood and revenge can't be death
with this lightly

Revenge is not any word, Abu Khaled
if you'll excuse me

Revenge is a right

It's only Fares' right
it's Tal Asfar's right!

- Indeed!
- Well said!

There's no need to say that, Abu Melhem

I can't believe what I'm hearing from you

How can an old and wise man like you
say something like this?

You're just speaking like any reckless
young man!

We were committed to appeasement
for too long but patience has its limits

You're absolutely right, I didn't say
you were wrong, people!

But let's resort to reason and logic

Anyone saw Ali Sheikh Al Jabal
committing his crime?

Anyone of you saw him? No!

As if you're asking us to wait for him
to confess his crime

People, it's all hearsay until now

Let's calm down a bit more!

Everything will be clearer with time
and we'll know how to respond

Sheikh Al Jabal clan
never shot anyone in the back

If he didn't do it like you're saying he
wouldn't be hiding in the mountains now

- He's a coward!
- What a coward!

What do you say, Fares?

This is your revenge
and we'll do as you see fit

You're the eldest of your brothers
and it's for you to decide

I appreciate everything you said

But there's no need for anyone
to motivate us into taking revenge

or to talk us out of it

We know our rights and duties

Anyone who's surprised
with these people's betrayal...

should remember that they
already kidnapped and killed one of us

Sheikh Al Jabal clan
is waiting for our response

and they will get that response
first thing in the morning

- Thank you for being here
- May he rest in peace

May he rest in peace, boss

I hope I can repay you
in good days

- Kamel
- Over here, boss

Take the men inside

May he rest in peace, boss

"Adnan Bin Fares Tahan"

I'm giving her a pill of this medication
once every 8 hours

And she needs one of these
in the morning and at night


Nisrine, I'm counting on you, dear
I'm beginning to forget things

Don't worry, sir
I hope you get better soon

- Good night
- Good night

Najah, toughen up
this is no time to look vulnerable

We have to support one another
in this trouble that we're in

- Is Ali okay?
- Don't worry, he's fine

Jabal said he's doing fine

He asked him to stay
in the arid mountains for his own safety

Ezzat, you think Ali killed that boy?

I hope not, I hope not

Oh God, have mercy on him
and help us get out of this mess

Who's depriving you of sleep, dear son?

I'm not used to seeing you
like this, Jabal

You've been through worse

and I never saw all this confusion
and concern in your eyes

Your son can't find his foe, Mother

The one who has an interest in keeping
me busy with Tal Asfar's calls for revenge

and with countless problems
with the clans there...

he's the same foe planning for
something bigger in the dark

and I still don't know anything
about his plans up till now

The truth will come out eventually
and you'll see clearer around you

and you will identify your enemy
and you'll discover what he's hiding

and after that you will nail him

And then we will bury him
somewhere in Al Hayba's dumps

like all the others
who did the same before him

I hope you start seeing
clearer soon, sonny

What's up, Abu Al Waleed?

"I have two pieces waiting
and the third piece is on its way here"

"Now you tell me
what's new over there?"

Everything's going to be better soon
I hope

Wait for my call
to give you the timing

"This is the news
I've been waiting to hear, Godspeed"


What is this?

I really don't know, I didn't take
a look inside

A guy from Tal Asfar came
on his bike

and he said this is a gift
from the boss Fares to the boss Jabal

Fares is out of jail then

What a strange coincidence
and weird timing

Here you go, cousin

It's a falcon

He's after me then

He's after the three of us

He's reminding us
of his father

You kidnapped him
and I finished him off

and Ali wrapped him with aluminum papers
and threw him down

Let me go burn Tal Asfar to the ground

We were hoping that the eldest brother
could be wiser than the rest

we thought we could have a conversation
with him

I'm still hopeful too

and I'm asking God
to grant me patience

Because if things get out of hand
only God can restore calm then

Because if things get out of hand
only God can restore calm then

Calm down, don't let them
provoke you to react

I delivered the message
and now if you'll excuse me

Godspeed, Mr. Mayor

Take this

If I can sacrifice myself
on behalf of my son, you and Al Hayba

I'm ready to turn myself in
and sacrifice myself to avoid this evil

Stop this nonsense, Abu Ali

You're our beloved uncle, our eldest
and our blessing

Your fingernail and Ali's fingernail

are worth villages and countries

- Where else?
- The Co-op, the square

The whole village is on fire, boss

Jabal, Sara just told me
there's a fire in Al Hayba

Let me go check things out
I don't want any of you out of here!

- Shaheen, come with me
- Coming

Firas, wake the men up! Hurry

- What's wrong?
- It's Abu Mahmoud, hello?

Mrs. Mona, the Co-op is on fire
please help me, I'm stuck inside

- What? Abu Mahmoud
- Help me

Abu Mahmoud...

- What's wrong?
- It's Abu Mahmoud

Hurry, move it!

Move it, hurry up, guys

Mayor, mayor, the village
is on fire, Mayor

Abu Ahmad, go
I'll take care of the café, go

Start extinguishing upstairs

Someone start extinguishing upstairs

Someone help the women over there

- Firas?
- Yes, boss

Gather all the men in Al Hayba
and in the arid mountains

and get them all around here, hurry

Hurry up, hurry up!

Faster, guys! Faster!

What brought you here?

I can't sit on my hands
when Al Hayba's burning

Move faster, guys!

My God!

Move people's stuff out of there

I started to say there are four
and throwing anything else

So it worked

Yes, Firas?

Okay, move it guys!

There's trouble in Al Hayba
we must help the men there

Move, move!

Let's go guys!

- "I hear you"
- You can start moving

They'll be there first thing
in the morning

Move, move, move!

- Bring more water, more water!
- Step aside!


Give me the bucket!

There's someone stuck inside!

Abu Mahmoud! Abu Mahmoud!

- Hurry, hurry, hurry
- No, don't go, Mona!

- Faster
- You can't go there


Check if he's breathing, hurry!

- Check if he's breathing!
- Abu Mahmoud!

- Abu Mahmoud? Abu Mahmoud?
- Abu Mahmoud

Abu Mahmoud

Get away from him

Why is this happening to us?

There's a pulse
and he's breathing

Abu Mahmoud

- Take him to the nearest hospital!
- You heard what she said? Move!

Take him, fast!

Move it, guys! Move it!

What brought you here in the night?

It's my fault, he wanted
to go back home

I got worried about him and asked him
to stay because the road was blocked

Oh my God!

Mona, come to my place

You're pregnant, you mustn't smell
the smoke

- Take her out of here, Rima!
- Let's go

Leave, faster, faster!

- Where's the water?
- Get me a blanket, fast!

Hurry up, give it to me here

Abu Ali, please give me
any news about Ali

- Thank God for his safety
- Hassan!

Move it, guys!


Ready, boss!

She's okay

Take her somewhere
where she can smell some fresh air

Right away

Faster, guys

We can't fight this fire
with buckets and hoses

We need another solution

The fire truck needs an hour
to get here

- Faster, guys
- Faster, guys

Downstairs, downstairs!

Get water from the spring down there

Extinguish over there

The water truck is at your disposal

- Faster
- Let's go!

What's going on here?
Oh my God

What's going on?
Is it because of a short circuit or something?

Yeah, it is a short circuit
but I'm going to know who's behind it

Oh my God, anyway, I'm at your service
tell me how I can help

- Thank you
- Thank God you're okay

Drink this, dear
you'll feel better

This is all I could save

I hope they still work

Everything was burned to the ground

All the efforts
we made went in vain

As long as everybody's okay
we can fix everything else

How can you see all these people
blaming you

without telling them that you're not
behind everything that's happening?

What do you mean?
Nothing will change even if I speak

No one will listen

Ali, I can't stand listening
to all the people blaming you anymore

They're badmouthing you night and day

when I know that you're innocent

Don't even think of saying anything

We have enough trouble already

I can't stand seeing you hurt
in any way

You saw how your brother
was frowning at me all the time?

Ali, this thing keeps escalating

People should know the truth


I can handle this but you can't

You understand?

You can't keep blaming yourself
nothing will change if you do

That's bad for your health, calm down

It's my Mother

- Hello?
- Where are you?

I woke up and started looking at you
but I didn't find anyone

What's going on?
You've got me all worried

We'll tell you everything
when we're back home

Tell me what's wrong?
Are you staying for long?

No, Mother, we won't be long
we'll be right there

I can't understand anything these days

By the way, Ghazi's with you, right?

No, I left him sleeping
on my bed

I didn't see him there
where could he be?

- So?
- I didn't find him

Oh my God, and there's no one upstairs

Where could he be?

- Where's Nisrine?
- I sent Abu Ali after her

- So, Abu Ali?
- Nisrine is nowhere to be found

Her belongings disappeared too

- What?
- She took her stuff?

My son is gone

He's gone

I want my mommy

Don't worry, I'll take you to her

Leave me alone! Let me go!
I want mom and dad

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