Al Hayba (2017–…): Season 5, Episode 11 - Episode #5.11 - full transcript

The dam becomes Wadee's station for smuggling. While touring the field together, Jabal makes it hard for Sarah to find answers to her many questions.

What's wrong with that stupid man?
It seems he's coming towards us

It seems he wants to look after us

Right away, Badr
He's being nice

Hello, guys

I brought the best tea
to the best people

- You shouldn't have
- Don't mention it

You've been taking care of us
day and night


It's a great view
Do you mind?


It's so nice

It overlooks a great view

It's beautiful, right?

It's amazing

I'll leave now. Take care

I'll leave now. Take care

If they need anything
they take it from us and vice versa

Anyone can make money off of it

And do you deal in that?

Google me up and you'll know

Or, do you know what?
Don't bother

The man you see in front of you
is the biggest smuggler in the country

Come on!

- You really said it plain and simple?
- I don't feel ashamed at all

It's our livelihood and the livelihood
of the people you met

I can call you "Mister Smuggler", then?

I like the "Mister" thing
I miss you, too

I'm not a smuggler
You can say it can go both ways

What do you mean?

I mean...

Either I move the goods
or I secure the road

- You secure the road?
- Yes

Do you see these vast lands?

Nobody can pass from there to here
or vice versa

unless they pass through my land

I secure the road by the hour
and I take my fees

And is smuggling very profitable?
Or according to what's being smuggled?

You're getting too deep

To be honest, Mister Smuggler

I've been told that only you
could give some answers

My job requires me to know some
things about the people here

How they live and how they
provide their needs

I mean, their real livelihood

Is that possible?

Okay, sure

You can say that I'm the customs
officer of this whole area

My men are stationed
everywhere, day and night

and around the clock

In agreement with the owner
I examine the goods

Why is that?

Because I have acceptable
and forbidden things, too

- What's forbidden?
- A whole list

Drugs and heavy weapons
are on the top of the list

I told you. I'm a customs agent

What about artefacts?
Are they accepted or forbidden?

I told you the list was long
Should I keep counting?

Give me something to drink
My mouth is dry

I'll book you a cabin on the beach
It will be only for us!

Take your decision
but hurry up

I want you so much

I'll pick you up today, yes

Don't think. I forbid you

Now we're talking

Wear the tiger print clothes
I love them on you

Let the tiger inside me get out

Well done!

- Give it to me
- Thank you, dear

Close it. I'll finish
and give it to you, okay?


Here you go!

Is that really what your brother
has been doing?

Yes, he said it plain and simple
"I'll never accept that!"

He said we had a plan

I was wondering why he couldn't
stand me at the house

I don't know what he's thinking


He's tilting at windmills...


Do you want me to take your picture
next to it or do you want to dig in?

I'm eating

- It's okay
- I wish Umm Ali was here

to see you eating a hamburger
and not the groats she cooked


Give this to him

- My cute boy!
- Well done

Well, boy? Why are you silent?

Usually, you don't stop blabbering

Are you frying something?

What's wrong with you?


Drop it

Saad El Deen

Drop it, I said!


Well done...

Sit upright! Do like this

Throw it at him. Throw it at him

No? Take it and throw it at Ali



"Natual Gerographic"
Al Hayba Branch

- What is that?
- What is that?

Look how beautiful that is!
Look. It's saying hi

- Don't get it near me!
- No. No

That's so beautiful. Look

Touch it

Touch it. Don't be scared
It will always love you



- Do you need it gift-wrapped?
- That's so nice of you

Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
The scoundrels did it!

The scoundrels did it...

Look at that! Look at that!
They did it!

They assassinated him! They assassinated
him! They assassinated him...

- Calm down and tell me what happened
- Look, Abu Khaled

- They shot him from behind
- Answer me, brother

- Calm down and tell me what happened
- Get up!

- You shouldn't be lying on the ground!
- I don't know

He was alone here. I left him
and went to buy some things

I came back and found him like this
They assassinated him, Abu Khaled

God help us

Who killed him?

- Who killed him?
- Calm down, Kamel

It's not right to leave him like that

We have to move him
Help us, people. Help us

There is no God but Allah...
There is no God but Allah...

There is no God but Allah...

- Who did it?
- It's obvious. It's him

- Who?
- Ali Sheikh Al Jabal

There is no God but Allah...

How fancy!

Toast and whatnots...

By the way, how have you been
managing in Al Hayba?

I mean without the "delifery" thing

- You mean food?
- Yes

Is there someone to cook for you?
Do you cook? What's the deal?

Of course, I cook

I cook. I do laundry
I do the dishes

I'm good at house chores

How great! The prince charming
is so lucky

- Where is he? Show him to me
- Come on!

You'll ask Jabal about that, too?

What can I do? Everybody says
"You only have Jabal to ask"


Come down, boss. It's urgent

What's wrong?

Sameeh, Abu Fares' son was killed
There's turmoil in Tal Asfar

Bring this basket

They ruined the picnic for us

- Have you offered the guys tea?
- Yes, boss

They must be choking on it, now

We'll miss them

It's not easy, as you can hear

If what is being said is true
they won't take it lying down

Calm down. Let's make sure
Abu Khaled

There's no proof until now

I hope things won't escalate

Try to appease them

Calm them down
and I'll see what I can do here

I hope things will be alright

I hope nothing serious happens today

They're saying that Ali
was the one who killed Sameeh

We have to be patient
until we know what happened

Let them close up and go home. I don't
want them to be victims of violence here


Calm down, people

Calm down

What's wrong? What happened?

- People, close up and go home
- What happened?

- People... Abu Ahmad
- Move! Let him sit

Abu Ahmad!

Tal Asfar's people, Abu Ahmad

They're burning tires and cutting
roads off

Any car passing and coming
into Al Hayba is being smashed

They attacked us there
and beat us up

They threw us out

Half the people are being hospitalized
and the police are on their way

- Gosh!
- Gosh!

- Khaldun, take him home
- Why is all that happening?

What's going on?

People, they're saying Ali
killed Sameeh, Abu Fares' son

What are you talking about?

They want to attack Al Hayba

Do you see how I asked
everybody to go home and close up?

Come on! Go, everybody
Come on, people

We were glad it was over
Here we go again!

May God forgive you, Ali

- I'll help you put them away
- Make it quick

- Youssef
- I'll help you

I'm coming! Go bring Ghazi
from school and I'll meet you at home

- Hurry up. Don't be late
- Okay

I locked the warehouse door
Everything is fine. Here's the keys

Very good. Abu Mahmud
spend the night here

because they might cut the road off

Okay, ma'am

- What's going on? What is it?
- I'll explain on our way

- Have you seen Ali?
- No, boss

He was so angry when he left
yesterday morning

Why is that?

You can ask his father, boss

He drove me crazy, boss

We ended up fighting...

I hit him

I hit him

What a shame!

Since when did you start
treating each other like that, Abu Ali?

I don't know why things
are getting pretty intense between us

Look at me now, I'm heartbroken
and worried to hell about him

All I want is to know
where he is right now

I've been calling him
but his phone is off

or maybe he's somewhere
where there's no coverage

He's running away from you

Listen up

Take the men
and get to the arid mountains

Find Ali no matter where he may be

and when you find him ask him to
stay where he is until I give him a signal

- On the double!
- Right away, sir

Mona, take the kid
and go inside

Is it true what I heard?

This cousin of yours
must have really lost his mind!

This is not time to implicate us
and himself in a mess this big!


"I just wanted to check up on you
in this warfare ambiance"

"Are you okay?"

I'm staying at home
and my door is locked, so I'm fine

"Let me know if you need anything"

"I'll send one of my men to help you
just don't leave the house for now"

When I cut him off at Tal Asfar's entrance
before he makes any mistake he got upset

He even said to me
"who asked you to bring me justice?"

"You know me well
and you know how I deal with scumbags"

This is result of letting him deal with the
problems, look at the mess we're in right now

And above all that, he stood in front
of everybody and threatened the man

and he kept focusing on killing him
and he executed him

And he did all that
without consulting anyone

Now tell me
how can that be acceptable?

Too bad, Ali
you had no right to do that

It's all my fault, it all started
with a spit and I ended it up with a slap

And now look what I got
my son into

We barely turned the page
with Tal Asfar

how could he bring back
all the hostilities in a moment of madness?

What do you think, Jabal?

I really don't know what to say

I need to see him
and listen to his version of the story

Guys, where's Rima?
She's not upstairs

- She didn't get back with you?
- She never went with me to begin with

What's wrong? What's behind
all the shooting out there?

Where were you?

I was in the market
buying some stuff for Ezzat

- I bought him this stroller
- Who asked you to do that?

Shaheen, this is no time for these discussions

Let's focus on finding Ali
and making sure he's safe

Why? What's wrong with Ali?

Sameeh, Abu Fares' son
was found dead

They're accusing Ali and he ran away
to the arid mountains

and everybody's talking about this incident

- When did that happen?
- Today at noon

Boss Ali

What's wrong? What brought you here?

The big boss sent me here

He says you should take refuge
these days and avoid visiting Al Hayba

before he gives you clearance

- The hell! What is it this time?
- You really don't know, boss?

- Tell me what's wrong!
- Sameeh, Abu Fares' son was found dead

Look at how this day started
and how it's ending right now, Abu Ghazi

It's weird how things escalate
this easily in the Plain

God be with you

God be with you

That's right, you're absolutely right

Please, Abu Ghazi
if you need anything at all...

Just let me know, okay?

I'm at your service


"I liked hearing you say
I miss you"

"I miss you too"

"I'm not a smuggler
you can say I can go both ways"

"You can say I'm the customs officer
of this whole region"

"My men are stationed everywhere
day and night"

"and around the clock"

"In an agreement with the owner
I examine the goods"

"Why is that?"

"Because I have acceptable
and forbidden things too"

- "What's forbidden?"
- "A whole list"

"Drugs and heavy weapons
are on the top of the list"

"What about artefacts?
Are they accepted or forbidden?"

"I told you the list was long
should I keep counting?"

"Give me something to drink
My mouth is dry"

"I told you the list was long
should I keep counting?"

"Give me something to drink
My mouth is dry"

"There is no God but Allah
and Mohammad is his messenger"

"The Smuggler"

"The seventh day"

"On this day I saw
the other side of Al Hayba"

"A combination of adrenaline
and interesting anxiety"

"I can't say for sure if I'm walking
in a field of flowers or mines"

"I find it weird when I feel that my feeling
toward these two possibilities is equal"

"Maybe I didn't find the right
caliber until now"

"and the puzzling question is...."

"Is this guy a devil or an angel?"

"And as they say here
in this region's dialect"

"I couldn't tell right from wrong
while talking to him"

- "Did he show up in Al Hayba?"
- "I'm waiting for him"

"He must show up sooner or later
and I will destroy him..."

"Calm down, stop huffing and puffing"

"I don't want you to get in any trouble
when I'm not around"

"Wait for me until I'm out of prison
and we'll see what we can do then"




- The Engineer Wadeeh in person?
- Yes, it's me in person

I came in person to thank you
and pay your fees

There was no need for all that

It was a piece of cake

Good job, Jaber
the grave is exactly his size

Bury him

God's mercy and blessings be upon you

God's mercy and blessings be upon you

God, please accept my calls and prayers

and forgive me
and forgive my sons

How are you, Fares?
My deepest condolences

May your brother rest in peace
he was a fine young man

Thank you

Who are you?

- I'm the lawyer Haleem Kaddar
- What brought you here?

Have a seat

Sit down

I will be brief

I'm the lawyer of the heirs
of your father's partners

Mr. Hassan, Mr. Salim
Mr. Fouad and Mr. Fawwaz

May they rest in peace
and may your father rest in peace

Thank you

They asked me to appeal for your
release as soon as possible

That's if I have your permission
of course

What's in it for them
if I get out of jail?

The one who killed your father
and their fathers...

no one but you can get close to him
in the Plain

Go avenge your brother and take back
what's rightfully yours and theirs

and take back all the money
that Jabal stole and hid away

This is wealth amassed
by your father and their fathers

We're talking about a large sum of money

What do you say?

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