Al Hayba (2017–…): Season 5, Episode 10 - Episode #5.10 - full transcript

Tensions rise between Ali and Shahin over Rima. While Sarah hides something unexpected, Jabal plans to uncover the truth about the dam.

Yes, Boss

"There's a strange face over here"

I'll be right there

Can I get you anything, Mother?

Like what?

May God protect you
and keep you for your father

So you can inherit his name
to your kid

So you can inherit his name
to your kid

I get a feeling you're trying
to tell me something here

Yes, I am trying to tell you something

And I will keep telling you this

May Sakhr and Adel rest in peace

May God grant you a long life
my only son

I just wish you could find a woman
who can bear your child

so that he may have your father's name
and lead Al Hayba after you

You just said it, Mother
it's a matter of luck

Yes, luck and you should make
an effort too, Jabal

I made an effort

- I even made excruciating efforts
- This is God's will

The past is behind us
and we should focus on the future

Having a child that bears your name
isn't a thought to consider

No, Jabal, no...
this is an imperative and you must do it

This is my will, Abu Sultan

May God grant you good health
and a long life

- Wish me well
- Godspeed


The total is 2534000 Lebanese pounds

That's about it

How much does that make in US dollars?
I don't have Lebanese currency now

- You take dollars, right?
- Of course I do, man

One second
what's the exchange rate today?

Let me check

Good morning, Abed

What's the exchange rate today?

I see a lot of strangers today
who's that over there?

I don't know but he seems
to be loaded

He's a foreign maintenance expert

150 dollars

God's blessing

Here's 200 dollars

Can I help you with anything, Samir?

I'm just throwing the hair out here
that's all

Mr. Expert... how about I trim
your beard a bit?

No, dear, thank you

You're welcome

One second

Thank you

You're going to get us in trouble
because of your dollars, man!

To the pharmacy, brother Jaber

I can take you wherever you want
just hide the dollars in your pocket

People find it weird
when someone pays in dollars

Thank you

- May I?
- Go ahead

The big boss recommended you
and you may ask any question you like

Thank you

I'd like to have some information about the
living and health conditions of the people

What are their needs and problems?

Let me start by thanking God
who's giving this region everything it needs

You will always find poor people
that's a given in any village

but people help each other over here

You mean there are
no poor people over here?

You don't have homeless people
or beggars?

Of course not, we're living in clans
over here

No one starves
or begs for food in here

Families care for their members

Not to mention that the big boss doesn't
tolerate seeing poor people in here

His yard is open
to all the village people

- You mean Jabal Sheikh Al Jabal?
- Who else?

That's nice

What does he do for a living?

I mean how could Jabal provide for all
these people? This is very costly, right?

Let me rephrase... I beg your pardon

but we hear that smuggling is one of
the major sources of income in this area

considering that this is a border region

That's very obvious, of course

That applies not only here
but also at any border

It's only normal to have smugglers
and smuggling activities

but not anyone
can engage in this line of work here

All the lands in the arid mountains next to the
border are owned by Sheikh Al Jabal tribe

and the boss Jabal
is controlling all smuggling operations

and nothing crosses the border
behind his back

He's the one who calls the shots

What kind of products
are smuggled through his land in general?

I hope you're not waiting
for an answer now

He's the land owner
may God grant him a long life

He's the land owner
may God grant him a long life

You may ask him

- You mean Jabal?
- Of course

Here comes Umm Mohammad
she's ready to escort you wherever you want

She can introduce you
to whomever you want to meet

Thank you so much, Mr. Mayor
I hope I didn't bother you too much

Not at all, you're welcome

Excuse me

- How are you, Umm Mohammad?
- Thank God, I'm fine

- Where should we start from?
- It's for you to decide

- Miss Sara
- Yes?

- You forgot your purse
- No, this is my purse right here

- Who's this purse then?
- Let's go

We'll start at the square
and move out after that

Who could have forgotten
this purse over here?

"Name: Zeina, Family name Al Saeed
Mother's Name: Siham Youssef"


As you see

The situation is very critical, Abu Al Waleed

The area we're positioned at... its owner
wasn't here when we started our operations

But now... he has his men
track our every move lately

Frankly I'm not ready to make
any false moves

and you wouldn't like
to see me in trouble

Look at this check point
they got over there, look

They're only kids

Kids playing in the prairies

These are nothing but kids

Compared with my men
these are only little boys

Get rid of them
as soon as possible

Because our war is about to end

and if the war ends...
I can't smuggle any other piece after that

I know...
and I'm in a hurry too

I'm hopeful I can take care
of this problem real quick, I'm working on it

Why wait?

The area where all the pieces
are stored now is still under our control

But we never know
when we'll be ordered to clear the area

I'll handle it in a few days

I think you're exaggerating a bit


One of our brothers could go there
armed with an explosive belt

he can turn them to dust in seconds

And at the end of the day
we'll call him a martyr

and he will be wishing for it willingly

In the name of God

What do you think?

I hope we won't be needing that

but if I have to...
I'm definitely going to ask you this favor

And from now until that moment...
may God protect you and the men

I'm sure you'll do everything
you can to help us

Good morning

- You sent for me?
- Close the door and come in

- Rima?
- Yes

You know why I forbade you to travel
after your mother's funeral, right?

Yes, I know

I'd like to hear it from you
if that's possible

Because I'm your only sister
whom you really love

you fear for my safety
and can't live without me

Is there any other reason?


For the same reason I need you
to pay good attention to this

What's up, Shaheen?

Is something wrong?

Ghazi who was treacherously killed
at his house entrance isn't my father alone

I know that

What are you insinuating at?

I hope there's nothing that's making
you forget what I just said!

What do you mean, Shaheen?

Are you taking me for an idiot, Rima?
You know exactly what I mean!

If I ever know there's anything
between the two of you I'll break your legs!

Don't even think of going there

Why are you so focused
on badgering me lately?

I don't know what you're talking about!

I think you clearly understood
what I meant

if you're starting to forget
let me remind you then!

if you're starting to forget
let me remind you then!

I'm drawing the line here!

You should know the reason on your
own without having me to tell you about it

What's going on here?
What's the problem?

Why are you yelling at each other?

Try to reason with her
instead of asking me!

This fool can't see clearly
where she's headed!

I really feel for you, I swear

But you know how Shaheen
gets sometimes

He won't let this thing pass
without causing trouble

- Thank you so much, goodbye
- Goodbye, Godspeed

- Thank you for your efforts, dear
- Thank you

Umm Mohammad, what's left
for today?

- The west neighborhood
- Let's go then

How cute, hello

- He's lovely, how old is he?
- 10 months

Are you getting him the vaccines
he needs?

Yes, they're providing us
with the vaccines

What are the vaccines
that you gave him up till now?

No, no, please

- I'm going to ask you to delete it, please
- Why?

- It's a beautiful picture
- Just delete it, please

- Look... no, keep it
- I wasn't ready, excuse me

Welcome, boss

Hello there, good neighbors

How's security? I hope everything's calm

Your men are doing everything
they can night and day

And there's no more need
for this guard post in their presence

No, you're indispensable

- Hello, boss
- Good job, boys

Don't mind me, stay around the fire

Here you go, boss

Where's Ali?
He's not here yet, right?

No, boss
he didn't make it yet

May God guide his way

How's the situation?

Everything is clear
and under control up till now

Except for the guy I told you about...
he left and didn't return yet

Yes, I knew about that

He went to the village
with the engineer's assistant

They bought a few things
from the village square


- Goodbye, brother Wadeeh
- Godspeed

Don't forget what we discussed
about the weapons, I'll be waiting

Don't worry, I'll get it for you

I think I know someone reliable
who can provide me with what we need


- Peace be unto you
- Peace be unto you

Boss, if you feel there's something
fishy going on let's get down there

Let's keep acting in good faith for now

He's a dam expert

- Peace be unto you, dear Jaber
- Godspeed

Why did you let him
get out of here?

Where are you going, Umm Ali?

I'm going to make you coffee, ma'am

I know that you wait
for me to make it at this time

I already asked Nisreen to make it
Come. Come sit with me

Well? Don't tell me you're upset

Ma'am, I don't want you to think
that what I'll say is an insult

Are you for real?

What are you talking about?

It's not like that but...

Am I not doing my job
at this house, ma'am?

Of course not

Who said anything like that?
You always did your job

But what made you ask this question?

I've been handling the chores on my own
and I never complained

And with God's help
I was able to manage

- I mean, the girl you brought...
- I brought her to help you

The house is big and there a lot
of people living here, now

Late Marwa used to help you

but now you haven't had enough time
since you started looking after the baby

- Thank you, Nisreen
- Sure, ma'am

Let me have it

It's too light, right?

Make it yourself

Have you heard what Mrs. Nahed said?

I'm the only one who makes
coffee for her

You only have to wash the dishes
and mop the floor, understood?

- Understood
- Follow me

All the lands at the border
in the arid mountains

belong to the Sheikh Al Jabal clan

The possibility of using the co-op
as a cover-up for money laundering

is not valid anymore

- The co-op is self-financed
- "Sheikh Al Jabal clan owns the land"

No external funds

So, what else do we have?

ISIS has no presence here
in Al Hayba

Nor an incubating environment

Well, their relationship is a business
and a common interest

but with whom?

Today, I realized that all the lands
at the border

belong to the Sheikh Al Jabal clan

So any exchange
should pass through them

As we expected. All the lines
take us back to Jabal

A hundred percent

What's next?

Helen, I have to go
Jabal is calling

Okay, fine. Take care



I've been told you finished early

I would've said you were following me

if it weren't you who'd put in
a good word for me

Thank you very much
for your help

Don't mention it

You're very popular, boss

People's love is a gift

I came to do a study
about needy people

but I found out that someone like you
met people's need

What will I do all day long?
Should I go in touristic tours?

I can be your guide, if you want

You just tell me when
and I will personally do it

You? Personally?

I'm so lucky

Where do you want to start?

The arid mountains

Tell filthy Sameeh...

When I see him, I'll shoot him
right there and then...

Believe you me!

But above all, nobody can know
that you're behind it

Of course. Somebody got into
the junkyard and killed him

- He has a lot of enemies, anyway
- Okay

But this has a big price

He's my boss and I love him
very much

You're a shrewd guy!

Take this payment

I'll give you the rest
when you're done


- Keep me posted
- Copy that

Take care

"I'm here"

- Hello
- Hello

What a beautiful colored purse!

I brought some snacks
but don't worry. They're light

Light? The most important thing
is that they aren't old


- To the arid mountains?
- Let's go


My cute baby!

Come on!

Do you see what I brought you?
Take it

Where have you been?

I haven't seen you since yesterday

- I wandered in the arid mountains
- What is it? Is something wrong?

No, I felt bored at home and wanted
to get some fresh air, right?

I thank God for you, cute boy!

What is that?

What is that? Is that a new stroller?

You're being so spoiled

What's the occasion?

Other than I bought it as an excuse to bring
him so that you could see him?

You needed an excuse?

You mean we need an excuse, now?

Your brother, right?
The chivalrous cousin

There's nothing wrong with that

Do you see how much Aunt Rima
loves you?

She made all of this up
to bring you to me

You're not funny!

Come here. What do you want to eat?
What will we eat?

What will you offer us?

- Ezzo, what do you want?
- I'll go see what they have


Show me this

Are you hungry? Yes, Ezzo?

It's "arid". It means nothing
grows here. It's barren land

There are only some fig
and olive trees

People can hardly get
their winter supplies off it

They can't count much on it

Agriculture needs water
and water is scarce here

They try to build reservoirs
to solve the problem

They try to build reservoirs
to solve the problem

- Reservoirs?
- Yes. Reservoirs

People here wait for the rain
the floods, the snow

and whatever God might send
May God grant us patience

Water gets accumulated
in holes on the surface

They isolate it. They call it a reservoir

It hardly suffices them

That had been the case
until the dam was built

Now, we have enough drinking
and irrigation water

My late father always dreamed of that

But he died before it was built

In the spring, these become grazing lands

The shepherds come from Syria

We let them have their sheep
graze here then they go back

They're our cousins. Some say
"They're our uncles"

They come from Syria?

The other side of this mountain...

We're now at the borders

Look here

This rock is from the lands of Lebanon

If I do this, Miss Sara

it's now in Syria

And if you follow this rock
and look at the rocks around it

you won't find it's unfamiliar
Why is that?

Because all of this
is the same land

People think that the borders are just
barbwires, iron gates and walls

No, the borders are a picture
on the map

By the way, do you know
the origin of the word "Map"?

It's derived from the word "Lie"
in Arabic

They say "A person lies. They're a big liar"

May the one who drew this line
roll in their grave!


That's it. It's the filthy agreement

What a shame!

My grandfather used to own
land on the other side

When these dirty men drew the line
land was divided

between them and us

And smuggling began

And smuggling began
That's for sure

Five and six!

- It's called "Shesh Besh"
- Don't be a smart guy

You know I'm not good at it
and I'm learning from you

Yes, but you're lucky

It's beginner's luck

But listen to me. To win
you need luck and skill

I like that

That's luck. I still need the skill

How lucky!

Hello, Engineer. Hello Shaheen

Hello, Haytham
Are you following me here?

No, I'm here to bring cigarettes
for the guys. May God forgive you

- Say hi to them for me
- Sure

How do you know him?

I didn't tell you

Your cousin Jabal is my neighbor, now

He set up an observation point
on the hill above the dam

He put a whole detachment there for me
even though I didn't ask for it

I don't get it. Come again

The guys are stationed on the hill
watching everything

The guys are nice and respectable

But that's weird
I think that it's not necessary

Weird. He didn't tell me about it

He won't tell you either
You don't have to say anything to him

About what?

What I'm about to tell you

That was nice of you, dear
Thank you

Are you interested in these?

"Assault bombs... RPGs... Kalashnikov
rounds... Kalashnikovs... Strela missiles..."

I know

I know that you will look
at me like this

You become like those
you live with

What do you have to do with smuggling?
What made you deal with that?

Lower your voice. We're at the cafe
What's wrong with you?

We're in Al Hayba
Have you forgotten?

To make a long a story short
I'm a middleman

I just oversee the deliveries
and get my money without any hard work

It might be small or big

Where are your clients from?

How do you know them?

I've been living in the arid mountains
building the dam

I met people of all walks of life

One day, I met an arms dealer

I thought about it

I said to myself "Why don't you make
some money, boy?"

My salary doesn't last
to the middle of the month


Some money and people of all
walks of life, you were saying?

Some money

Focus on that

and put a red line under it

Good for you, Wadeeh

You'll make some money too
if you accept

Sometimes I think
how a small employee like me

lives on a very rich land

Your cousin is always watching us
This man is so strange


I didn't want to benefit alone

There's my dear friend Shaheen
Let him benefit, too

What do you think?


You're making a big entrance
from day one...

Heavy arms in big quantities!

- Can you move them?
- Where to?

To me

Then they will manage

They will pay the transportation fees

Don't make it too hard

Think and get back to me

It's your turn

You're the lucky one, now

You still need the skill

It's your turn

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