Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–…): Season 7, Episode 9 - As I Have Always Been - full transcript

Previously on "Marvel's
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."...

I designed a biological implant

to suppress my memories.

Fitz is completely exposed.

They will kill him if they find him,

so no one can know his location.

Do you not know how
to fix the time machine?

The jumps and the time we
spend in any given time period

are getting exponentially shorter.

If they keep getting smaller...

We sink.

We stopped jumping.

Think of it like a nap.

Sure it is.

Wait. What's happening?

It didn't work.


What are you doing up?

How long have you been here?

Well, I guess, uh...

when did you go to sleep?

Since then.

Did we jump again?

I'm not sure.

Hey, w-where you going?

I've got damage to nearly all systems.

Trying to get a read on our location.

- What's happening?
- Time Drive overloaded.

Any chance that's 21st-century
slang for "worked normally"?

Where are we?


Anyone want to fill me in on...


I was so much happier asleep.

Where's Coulson?


Looks like something just fried
the Quinjet's flight system.

We can't afford to lose that.

You anywhere nearby?

Hey, it's me. Everywhere's nearby.

I'm already here.

I'll check it out.

Simmons? Are you seeing this?

Yes, radiation levels
are off the charts.

We need to get out of this.

I don't want to alarm anyone...

Yeah, wouldn't want to
spoil our feeling of Zen.

... but we're trapped in a time storm.

Are you just taking unrelated
words and putting them together?

No, Bugsy, this is real.

It's just like Simmons said.

We jumped within a jump,

and it tore a hole in space-time,

and now we're being
pulled in towards the vortex

like we're circling a drain.

And if we go down that drain?

We'll cease to exist.

No, we'll cease to have ever existed

or be reduced to the size of an atom.

Honestly, I have no idea
how the science works here.

So it's pulling us in.

Yes. We're 94 kilometers away.



I can't see! I can't see!

Hey, any idea what just hit us?


It shorted out the doors to the Quinjet.

I'm trapped inside.

Mack? Are you okay?

I'm fine. Just deal with the Quinjet.

I'll help her.

I'll get Mack to Simmons. Can you...

Find a way out of here?


Let's hope so.


What happened?

I'm sure it looks worse than it is.

You're literally blind.

It's a radiation flare.

I have something for the burns.

- What?
- What?

Just some... tools
Deke left lying around.

He's been doing a lot

since he got back from his time away.

Agent Simmons,

would you like some help
examining the Time Drive?

I would, yes. But Mack first.

No, fixing the Time Drive is the most...

Shut it. We can do both.

Just got hit with another flare.

I'm showing a fire,
starboard side hallway.

I got it.

Fire's out!

Great, but it won't be the last.

How are we supposed to prevent...

Is that supposed to...


What are you doing up?

Wait. How...

How long have you...

Well, when did you go to sleep?

Since then.

Making sure you keep...


I've got damage to nearly all systems.

Trying to get a read on our location.

What's happening?

Time Drive overloaded.

Any chance that's 21st-century
slang for "worked normally"?

Where are we?

No way.

I was so much happier asleep.

Looks like something just fried
the Quinjet's flight system.

We can't afford to lose that.

- Oh, no.
- You anywhere nearby?

Hey, it's me. Everywhere's nearby.

I'm already here. I'll check it out.


There is a major brain fart happening.

- Are you seeing this?
- Yes...

You guys, something is happening to me.

We need to get out of this.

I don't want to alarm anyone, but...

We're trapped in a time storm.

Yeah, you took the words
right out of my mouth.

Being pulled into a vortex,
circling the drain.

W... Yeah, we're 91 kilometers away.

- How did you...
- Crap.

Hey, any idea what just hit us?

She's trapped on the Quinjet.

That flare just shorted the doors.

She's right.

I'll help her get out.

What's going on with you?

I don't know.

But I do know that Simmons is working on

the Time Drive schematics right now,

and that's obviously connected.

Alright, good. Go talk to her.
We'll do what we can from here.



You guys okay?

I think I'm time-looping.

I-I've done this already.

I've done this already.

Oh, well, that's fun.

It's actually creepy.

I'll check you.

Is that Deke's gross '80s cologne?

Cue Enoch.

Agent Simmons,

would you like some help
examining the Time Drive?

Definitely. If you...

The flares keep coming.

There's a fire on the starboard side.

I got it.



Mack, the fire's out again,

but I think I need my
head checked, 'cause...

I've got damage to nearly all systems.

Trying to get a read on...

Shut the cockpit door.

Watch the control panel.

... our location.


Listen, okay, I need your help.

You won't believe this, but I keep...

Repeating the same events
over and over again?


How long did it take you to
figure it out this time?

I was really hoping not to
have this conversation again,

but if you forgot
everything we went through,

I guess that means you died again.

I died?!


And always say it just like that.

We're the only two who remember,

so each time you die
in one of these loops,

you don't remember
anything in the next reset,

so then you have to learn
everything all over again.

That's awful.

It's annoying. 'Cause who
has to teach you every time?

This guy.

I've done it 14 times so far.

We've done this 14 times?

Oh, no. No, no, no.

You've died 14 times.

We've been through this loop 87 times...

or I should say 87 that I know about.

That you know about?

'Cause you don't come
power me up every time!

It's okay. Not your fault.

P.S., not a big fan

of starting each loop powered down.

- Disconcerting.
- Why are we the only ones

that are remembering these loops?

Really not sure.

You've had theories.

The latest was that we're the only two

who start each loop in
a futuristic sleeping pod.

Speaking of which...

No, I'm not ready yet. Th...

Nothing we can do.
You'll get used to it.

Please come wake me up this time, 'kay?

I've got damage to nearly all systems.

Shut the door! Sparks!

Okay. Where were we?

The Time Drive is stuck.

It keeps looping back on
itself over and over again.

Like feedback?

I've been thinking about
it like a record skipping.

Every time I say that,
you give me the same look.

Vinyl's back. You're supposed
to know records again.

- What about flying out?
- We tried it.

No navigation, radiation
fried the controls,

and technically, space
is irrelevant here.

So we narrowed it down
to fixing the drive.

And we can't get far enough
before everything resets.

How many loops now?

90. But who knows?

Maybe 90th time's the charm.

Is that you trying to be optimistic?

- 'Cause it didn't work.
- Yeah, that... wasn't great. I'm sorry.

And we're running out of time.

Another zinger.

You're serious.

We can't just keep looping

until we get everything exactly right?

Practice making perfect?


You haven't noticed the numbers.

You really are behind.

It's me. Everywhere's nearby.

I'm already here. I'll check it out.

Simmons? Are you seeing this?

- Yes...
- Time storm.

I don't want to alarm anyone, but...

Yep, time storm. Yeah, that's right.

Approaching the vortex,
circling the drain.

- How far away are we?
- 79 kilometers.

Thanks for asking.

He's saying 79, but it was 94.

Used to be a lot more than that.

Each loop resets us, but
it also brings the Zephyr

a little closer to the
vortex and destruction.

We're gonna run out of loops.

See above re: "Let's do this fast".

Okay, so, if the problem is
that we never solve the riddle

before time runs out, that
means we have two options...

we increase the time we have...

We tried that during
loops 23 through 42-ish.

- Dead end.
- ... or we solve faster.


Got any thoughts on how to do that?

I've got damage to nearly all systems.

Trying to get a read on our location.

Guys... stop!

Listen to me.

We are repeating time.

Sparks, Yo-Yo, Simmons, Deke.

Looks like something just fried
the Quinjet's flight system.


You nearby?

- Hey, it's me. Everywhere's nearby.
- "Hey, it's me. Everywhere's nearby".

- I'm already here. I'll check it out.
- "I'm already here. I'll check it out".

"Radiation levels are off the charts".

Radiation levels are off the charts.

We need to get out of this.

And Deke, who doesn't
want to alarm anyone.

I don't want to alarm anyone,

but we're trapped in a time storm.


I know the future.

Let's talk.

We're 65 kilometers away
from the vortex already.

I don't know how many more
loops that means we have.

I'm guessing not many.

Deke, is there any other information
on the Drive we can find?

Anything Fitz might have left behind?

Let me check.

I'll be right back. It's...
It's, uh, hard to access.

A loop?

You're the one with the Time
Drive knowledge to fix it.

Without that implant in
place, we could solve this.

We don't know that.

We can make a fairly educated guess.

- Did you tell them?
- No.

No. Never. Of course not.

I promised that I would
keep your secret, and I did.

But what if we could just
take it out temporarily?

They wouldn't need to know,

and without that implant
blocking your memory,

- maybe we could...
- Blocking your memory?

That sounds like something
you should tell us about.

You guys followed me?

We don't have time for secrets.

An... An implant?

I told you, we can never
know where Fitz is.

This ensures I don't.

We would never betray Fitz.

Nor would I, but the Chronicoms can

get the information from us
whether we want them to or not.

And if the stakes weren't so high,

we wouldn't need to take that risk,

but we have to know what you know.

Fitz wouldn't want us to
sacrifice ourselves for him.

- I know that.
- Okay, think about this...

once we get the answer,
the loop will reset,

and the implant will be back in place.

Do you have any proof

this loop thing is actually happening?

Think of a fake word
and just say it out loud.


Phlebotinum. Phlebotinum.

Yeah, this isn't the
first time we did that.

Okay. Let's go, before I change my mind.

Only I can enter
authorization to remove it.


Here we go.

Let's try that again.

Are you okay?

I can't bre... I...

S-Simmons. Simmons!

I'm going in there!

How did these doors become locked?

Simmons, open the door!

- Simmons, open the door!
- Open the door!



Okay. Let's go, before I change my mind.

But this time, I'll be
going in there with you.

This time?

So if whatever went wrong
with that thing last time

happens again,

she can get you away from it.

Okay, talk me through this.

Um... never actually done this before.


Cool, cool, cool.

It's gas.

- It's gas.
- I'm going in there!

- Open the door!
- Open it!

- How did these doors become locked?
- Open the door!

Open it!

They're dead.

What a pain in the ass.

This does not appear to be
a naturally occurring leak.

The cut is too neat and precise,

as though it was made with a knife.

This was no accident.

It was deliberate.

Almost as if it was...

Murder. Yeah. We get it.

Hey. What are you doing up?

Did we jump again?

I'd say we're about 48 kilometers
away from the vortex.



I'm sure it looks worse than it is.

You're literally blind.

Is that supposed to...


Wait. I died?!


I know this is upsetting for you,

but I really just want to
get back to the part

where we're solving this again.

Not to minimize your pain.


You didn't happen to catch

how close we are to the
vortex this time around?

I think Deke said it was,
like, 41 kilometers.

We're running out of time.

And someone here is willing to kill.

Just to keep us from
unblocking Simmons' memory.

I mean, I'd ask who,

but it's hard to ignore the
super-obvious suspects.

So, you know about the implant?

Wait. What?! Did I tell you about it?

Please say that wasn't me.

The how doesn't matter.

What matters is that you
guys are protecting a secret

and someone tried to kill for it.

And you think it was one of us?

To be fair, you were the one killed,

so that makes you less of a suspect.

Hang on. You think it was one of us?

Yes, we want to protect Leopold Fitz,

but killing seems

rather shortsighted
and counterproductive.

If we get pulled into
the vortex, we die, too.

We know it doesn't make logical
sense, but someone did it.

I just don't think they'd resort
to such drastic measures.

I mean, it doesn't make sense.

Okay. I could look for
answers elsewhere.

We'll work on the Time Drive.

That means removing
the implant, doesn't it?

I'll get the instruments.

Get it over with before
I change my mind.

I'm having a hard time believing
that one of us would kill the others.

I don't believe it, either, but
we don't have the full story.

Maybe someone was brainwashed.

Maybe someone was
replaced by a Chronicom.

Wouldn't be the first time.

Bottom line is, someone
killed Simmons and Daisy.

I watched them die.

I don't want to see that anymore.

What about Yo-Yo?

Wasn't her.

She's been trapped
in the Quinjet each loop.

No, I mean as a solution.

Maybe she's fast enough to
get the implant out of Simmons

before someone can stop her.

Can you get her out of the Quinjet?

It's worth a shot.

I'll try it on the next loop.

Sorry to put you right to work
once we get you out of here.

Don't be!

I don't like the idea that
someone tried to hurt them.


I'm assuming it wasn't you, right?

You'd tell me.

I mean, Mack's been blind,
Simmons died a couple times.

It's hard to keep track.

Sounds like I missed a lot.

I was only in here for a few minutes.


How nice.


There we go.

Okay. Tell me where to...

Son of a bi...

- Phlebotinum.
- Phlebotinum.

So, you're saying we've
tried this a couple times?

More than.

I'll get the scanner.

I've been looking for you.

You should be resting. What
are you doing out of that bed?

A time loop?

Fun, right?

It's why I wanted to
stay with this team.

You ever have a day where
something crazy doesn't happen?

It's been a while.

Reminds me of my SSR days.

We just need to get the implant out.

Wait. It's a trap.

- Well, we don't know that yet.
- No, we do.

You said somebody obviously
went through the drawer,

and Simmons was supposed
to get the scanner, right?

Yeah, until I told her I was gonna do it.

Every attempt so far
has been on Simmons.

She's the one they're trying to kill.

Maybe, but we still need the scanner.

R-Right, but if I die,

I'll just, you know, reset, no problem.

If you die, you lose your memories,

and we have to waste all this
time relearning everything.

Time we don't have.

So... it's fine.


Hey, hey, hey, hey! Sousa!

We are no closer to
knowing who's doing this.

Well, the upside is
we're making progress...

thanks to Sousa.

Someone keeps trying to kill our people.

Why doesn't that piss
you off? It should.

I'm sorry.

I don't like watching you die.

I don't like watching any of you die...

over and over.

We will figure this out.
You know we will.

Sure. But in the meantime,
it is soul-crushing.

If I even have a soul.

Don't talk like that again.

Of course you have a soul.

Don't say that.

Don't say "of course".

I'm not who I was.

I'm this thing.

I was Max Headroom for a year.

And you know what?

Being trapped in a time loop,

watching my friends die,
helpless to stop it...

it's not some time-space anomaly.

It's a damn metaphor.

This is my life now.

Does it not occur to you
that I might know something

about watching my friend
die over and over again?

This is different.

Is it?

I will watch all of you die, one by one.

Everyone I love.

Because someone decided I should.

I'm a machine now.

I have programming,

programming which won't even let me...


It's Enoch.

I beg your pardon?

Simmons and Fitz wanted
to protect their secret,

and they had you on their side.

You could have had
the power of suggestion

programmed into you
without your knowledge.

We would never pro...

And because your memory's blocked,

you wouldn't remember it, either.

You could both genuinely
believe you're innocent,

but I don't think you actually are.

Enoch wouldn't do that. It...
It doesn't make any sense.

Everyone on this plane is my friend.

I would never harm any of you.

Not willingly.

But Simmons and Fitz are
protecting something big...

maybe fate-of-all-humanity big.

It's possible you were
programmed with the idea

that nothing, not even
your friendship with us,

should get in the way
of protecting humanity.

How do we know for sure?

We test it.

Now, Enoch, if I'm wrong,

you won't have any problem with this.


Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

- Wait.
- Enoch, stop!

I... cannot... stop.


Enoch, I don't want this!


You programmed me

to protect the implant at all costs,

even if I had to kill.

Even if I had to kill you.

Oh, dear.


What are you doing up?

Why do you care?

Because you don't.

I have to do something, and...

I don't know how.

Maybe we don't have to stop him.

If we can just get the memory
zapper out of Simmons

without Enoch finding out...

Then we never have to fight him.

We can do that, right?

You wouldn't ask me if there
weren't lives at stake, would you?


What can I do?

I just think it's weird that you
need to be awake for this thing.

Not uncommon for brain surgery.


Which this absolutely is not.

Just removing a little implant. So easy.

Guys, I think we've got a...

Okay, see, where we went
wrong is we forgot...

Enoch starts each loop
going to Simmons in the lab.

So he overheard us talking.

It's not a problem. Simple adjustment.


Agent Sousa.

Say, uh, question for you...

what time is lunch
served on this vessel?

I believe we are all free to
dine at our own convenience.

R-Really? 'Cause, see, often,

when you're on, say, a m-military ship,

all of the soldiers will eat together.

D-Does wonders for morale.

You have been with us long enough now

to know that meals are not
taken in a group fashion.

Is there some reason you
are creating false pretenses

under which you might
keep me in this location?

Quick. Let's get
things started before...

well, that.


Alright, well, stealth didn't work.

Let's try something more direct.

Enoch. Hey.

Funny thing...

we have a-a situation that we
wanted to talk to you about.

- We think you're gonna laugh.
- Or just at least see the irony in it.

He did not see the irony.

No. He did not.


Jemma has something to ask you.

Go ahead, Jemma.

Enoch, I need you to
do something for me,

but it is going to require

countermanding an order I gave you.

In retrospect, I should have known

I'd make countermanding that
order password-dependent.

I think it's time we get
everyone in on the act.


We need to talk.

That did not go well.

Where'd he get all those weapons?

Deke's dead?


Do we need to be sad about that?

We do not.

Hey. What are you doing up?

Uh, well, believe it or not,
I am stuck in a time loop,

and I'm running out
of ways to save us all.


How can I help?

There's no time.


Actually... I can take a loop.

So, that wasn't hard for you to swallow?

The... The time loop?

Nothing seems to faze you.

It all fazes me...
just m-maybe not my face.

Every time I ask you
for help, you say yes.

Even if I don't ask,

you're waiting here to
make me rest or... whatever.


Be honest.


I know your type.

My what, now?

I know people like you.

Some of my favorite
people are people like you.

Focused on the greater good,
even at your own expense.

You want people to think
you like being alone,

even though you always
end up back with friends.

You hate losing.

Everyone hates losing.

Yeah, but you'll keep running
at the problem full-tilt

until you either solve it

or slam headlong into a brick wall.

Some of those walls are literal.

I know.

But how does that...

Because when people like
you run into those walls,

you should have someone
there to pick you back up.

And you...

you like to...

be that someone?

Not for everyone.

It helps if they're fun to be around

and if they say what they mean

and if they have that superpower

where they can rock things around,

which is very impressive.

That's, um...

that is awfully specific.


So, what's this problem
you're trying to crack?

You wouldn't ask me if there
weren't lives at stake, would you?



What can I do?

Wait here. I'll go set up the procedure.

Agent Sousa, you must not
remove Jemma Simmons' implant.

Don't worry. I won't.

Daisy will.

I cannot allow that.

We know you'll fight us.

That's why there's four of us.

You'll get by us...

or at least that's what we hear...

but it will take you a while.

Hopefully, just long enough.

Come on, hurry up!
They're holding him off.

This will work.

It will, but it took too long.

No, it'll work. It'll...

Oh, come on!

Next time, same thing, but faster.

Hey. What are you doing up?


I need you to do something for me.

Of course. What do you need?

That was nice.

Now we need to trap a space robot.

Okay. What can I do?

Wait here. I'll go set up the procedure.

Alright. No messing around this time.

We're 11 kilometers from the vortex.


Are your memories coming back?

What can we do to fix the Time Drive?

We got about two minutes
to get the answer,

assuming Enoch's still busy
with Sousa and the rest.


You okay?

It's Enoch.

He's the key.

He's been against you, but he's the key.


His Electrochron Displacement Mechanism.

Chronicoms use it to
regulate energy stability.

It could do the same for the Time Drive.

It's compatible.

Great. Then let's get to it.

It's not that simple.

It would be like removing
a human being's heart.

Taking it out would...

Taking it out would kill him.


Simmons? Are you okay?

What have I done?

Oh, my God.

- I'm sorry.
- Jemma, what are you remembering?

- What have I done?
- Jemma?

- Oh, my God. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
- Jemma, what is it that you remember?


I've got damage to nearly all systems.

Trying to get a read on our location.

Everything's gonna be okay.

Trust me.


Looks like something just fried
the Quinjet's flight system.

I'll check it out and let you know.


I need you to meet me in the LMD lab.

In a moment, Enoch's gonna join you.

Bring him.


How far are we from the vortex?


We're less than one kilometer.


I need you to come with me.

Are you okay? You sounded...

Did you tell him yet?

No. I was about to.

Tell who what?

The vortex outside is about to kill us,

but we are stuck in a time loop

that is keeping us from breaking out.

So we need to act fast.

What do we need to do?

You were the one who told us.

Enoch has something called

an Electrochron Displacement Mechanism.


I understand.

I don't. How could I have told you?

I don't even know what that is.

You do.

You forgot, but we helped you remember.

Look, however they got there,

if it's something we can
use in the Time Drive,

then I can figure it out.

But there's a risk.

To Enoch.

Which is why we're here.

It is not an easy discussion to have.

No, there has to be another solution.

We have tried every possible angle.

You can't just expect
Enoch to sacrifice...

I believe this is what you need.


What did you do?

What needed to be done, apparently.

Enoch, you'll die.

And the rest of you will live.

I would like to think Fitz
would do the same for me.

I would like to think all of you would.


Oh, my.

I do not feel at all well.

What do you think?

There's no time to think.


I think I can do it.

It's a good fit.

Whosever idea this was,
she knew what she was doing.


Just need to make...

one more adjustment.

Coulson, Daisy,

Deke says he can get the drive working.

We should be ready to jump
out of the storm any minute.

We'll let you know.

Shouldn't you get to the Command Center

for the jump?

They'll be fine without us.

Does it hurt?

It does... a bit.

But it's not the physical
pain that troubles me.

I am acutely aware

that in my thousands of
years observing humans,

I never used to feel lonely.

I have been alone many times.

To be candid, I preferred it.

But it wasn't until I met

this particular team
of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents

that being alone meant...

feeling lonely.

And I don't care for it.


I am feeling, as you might expect,

some anxiety now.

You don't have to.

You're not alone.

Daisy and I will stay with
you right up to the end.

That is very kind of you.


it's that last part, isn't it?

You can stay with me up to the end,

but you can't come with me at the end.

I will have to leave you.

And I will have to do that alone.

And I can't help wondering...

when that happens...

will I feel lonely?

I can say with some authority

that you're not wrong.

Dying is lonely.

But the feeling is temporary...

at least for the person dying.

The ones who are left behind...

less so.

I guess that's the one
advantage to going first.


It's different,

watching your friends
go before you, isn't it?

I have been through that, as well.

It can be harder to stay than to leave.

I'm sorry, Philip J. Coulson.


the team will carry on the mission.

We will survive because of you.

Thank you.

You are most welcome.

But, Agent Johnson,

while your friends will indeed survive,

the team will not.

W-What do you mean?

I have seen the future.

Carry on this mission and cherish it,

for it will be your
last mission together.


That's... That's not possible.


Enoch, this is my family.

Of course.

Yet this is the nature
of family, isn't it?

I have seen it countless
times on countless worlds.

People arrive, so we celebrate,

and people leave us, so we grieve.

We do what we can with
the time in between,

but the cycle is always there.

No one escapes it.

Not even me.

Which means you're not alone.

You're a part of that cycle.

Like every other living thing.


He was my best friend.

And you were a good friend to Fitz.

You were a good friend to all of us.

As I have always...

Jump successful, everybody.

We're safe.

Don't overthink it.

Let the energy flow through you.

Let it fill you up.

And then... send it
where you want it to go.


My friend, Brava.

I've spent years feeling dangerous.

This is the first time I've liked it.


You know, your little sister
is gonna be so impressed.