Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–…): Season 7, Episode 8 - After, Before - full transcript

Previously on "Marvel's
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."...

- And who are you?
- Sibyl.

They call me the Predictor,

but I simply read the Time Streams.

Where am I?

Surrounded by Hunters in our time ship.


- Where's Coulson?
- MAY: He'll come back.

Always does.

What did you do?

Took as much blood and spinal fluid

as I thought she could handle,

a couple glands.

Now I got to synthesize it all

and transfuse it to me.

[WEAKLY] It happened before.

What do you mean this happened before?


John, you mind if I
take a look at your arm?

JOHN: It's just a scratch, really.

What'd you do with my parents?

They've been gone a while.

Don't do it, Mack.

DEKE: Mack, we gotta
go! Z1's in trouble!



DEKE: Where are you going, man? Mack!

I just need some air.



Is someone gonna go after him?


Fine, I'll do it.


I don't think he's in
the mood for company,

- especially wh...
- I've been through this.

He needs to know that
we're there for him.

We'll be back in a few minutes.

Mack's still not back.

Hopefully Deke didn't
have trouble finding him.


Is it supposed to do that?


It may have sustained heavier damage

- than we previously...

- Get back!
- Oh, dear.


Oh, no, no.

Deke, where are you?!

DEKE: Hey, I said I would check on Mack.

Believe it or not, I get
what he's going through.

No, where are you? The Zephyr's leaving.

Both of you get back now.

The drive's deteriorating.

We're... We're about to jump.





How much time did we lose?

According to satellite telemetry,

we've jumped approximately 481 days.


Deke and Mack...

they've been alone that whole time.


Start the search. Now.


Mack, where are you?


Mack, are you there?

- Mack, do you read? Come in.


There's only so much ground I can cover.

30 seconds.

Let me go back out
there. I'll stay behind.

No, you'll be stranded, too.

I need another data point,

but there may be a
pattern to these jumps.

Why are we jumping at all?

The Chronicoms are gone.

The damage from the missile

must've triggered a
spontaneous power surge.

- This isn't Fitz?
- No.

We're jumping to the same
latitude and longitude.

Fitz always placed us
in specific locations.





How much time? How much?


It's September.


You've got your pattern now?

'Cause I'm going either way.

I've lost Mack for years.


You have 27 days until it's time

to rendezvous back with the Zephyr.

- And I'll be...
- Standing right here.

That's the theory, anyway. Good luck.



You worried about losing them, too?

- Not really.
- I have faith...


... in mathematics.



Welcome back, everyone.

So, what's wrong?


SIMMONS: So, this is
what we're dealing with.

We've lost control of...


... of the time drive.

At this rate, the Zephyr will collapse

into a space-time
singularity in two days.

Or, relatively speaking, 20 minutes.

Wait. Come again, now?

Think of it like a stone

skipping along the surface of a pond.

The jumps... and the time we spend

in any given time period...

are getting exponentially shorter.

If they keep getting smaller...

We sink.

Metaphorically, yes.

For us, that means a jump within a jump,

which leads to...

Honestly, I have no idea.

Finally, the scientist
from the future and I

are on the same page.

But can't we just disconnect
the fuel cell regulator?

We would if we could reach it.


The field is cycling

at a rate of 49 pulses per second,

and it appears to disintegrate
anything it touches.

So we need to find a way
to slow down those pulses.

Or move fast enough to go between them.

The drive's not the
only thing that's broken.

If that Shrike hadn't
taken away my powers,

- then maybe...
- Wait, what can you do?

Simmons, do you have any other theories

as to what happened to Yo-Yo?

I wish I did, but I
just don't know enough

about Inhuman biology to...

DAISY: My mom does.

- Daisy, you should be resting.
- I'm okay.

1983, right?

Jiaying is at Afterlife.

If anyone knows how
to cure Inhuman powers,

it's her.

Can we get there in time?

Well, you could make it

if you leave before the next jump.

Okay. May, you've been
to Afterlife before.

Prep the Quinjet, but do not
leave until I give the order.

Well, I need coordinates
and a countdown here.

All right? I'm not doing time math.

I don't have to list
the implications for you.

So let's talk this through
before we pull the trigger.




Can you reboot him?

Yeah, but...

Do it.




COULSON: Couldn't wait
till I was all here?

Things are pretty dire right now.

Mack wants you to weigh in.

Good thing you built
my head before my legs.

The Time Drive is malfunctioning.

We can try to fix it,
but our best chance...

Disturbs the timeline? Just a guess.

We make a wrong move,

it could mess things
up in the worst way yet.

Worse than losing your parents?

The difference is...

at least I'd already been born.

This plan's pretty thin, May.

I'd rather have a thin plan

than live through the '80s again.

Enoch, you have the course heading

for Afterlife locked in?


We will continue on that vector

so we can rendezvous in the air

when your mission is completed.

If the stone doesn't sink first.

The mission's a go.

MAY: Copy that.


Yo-Yo, good luck.

You got this.


I'll see you in a few minutes.





Sit down.

I can feel you worrying from here.

You can?

I thought you needed to
touch someone to do that.

When did this start?

While we were in the Lighthouse.

I was starting to feel more like myself,

and then, um...

I picked up on

you and Mack's, um... [CLEARS THROAT]

... reunion from outside the room.


May, that's horrible.

Well, it wasn't all bad.

And invasive. [CHUCKLES]

You feeling what I'm feeling

is just gonna stress the
both of us out even more.

A negative emotion feedback loop.

I'm well aware.

Could be useful with
Daisy's mom, though.

Wasn't she a murderer?

Only after Hydra cut her to pieces

and left her for dead.

Still, can't hurt to
stay on her good side.



We should land cloaked
and approach on foot.

The last time Jiaying saw a Quinjet,

she started a war.




YO-YO: We never came
up with a cover story.

MAY: Well, just try to keep it simple,

tell part of the truth.

An alien bird flew into
my mouth in the future.

Maybe not that part.

LI: Kora! Kora, stop!

You can't outrun Gordon!




Don't bring me back there.

Take her home.

GORDON: What about them?

Who the hell are you?

We're here to see Jiaying.

- I need to...
- Secure them.


You shouldn't have come here.



How did you know my name?

YO-YO: I was told to find you.

My name is Elena.

I'm an Inhuman.

I need your help.

You're an Inhuman? How?

You're not the only ones
with Terrigen crystals.

If you have a gift, show us.

That's the problem.

I used to be fast.

I could run long distances
in a single heartbeat.

But I was poisoned.

- And now I just...

I freeze in place.

How convenient.

Maybe after a few days
here, you'll stop lying.









This is a Diviner.

Humans die if they touch it.

But Inhum...




It's a prosthetic.


It's settled, then.

We'll do what we can for you.



You're really gonna help
them? These intruders?

I know it's your job to
worry about everything,

but you need to calm down.

We're leaving ourselves exposed.

They're a danger to us.

Something took away her gift.

If that's really possible,
then I need to know how.

The safety of our people depends on it.


Learn what you can.

But you have to realize
that when you're done...

they can't be allowed to leave.





Are we hurting you, Elena?


I'm just not sure how
stabbing me with needles

is gonna help me run fast again.

It's just one part of the puzzle.

This will help break down

any poison in your body.


This all is a bit out
of my comfort zone,

but [SIGHS] I'll try anything.

We'll do what we can.

Though it would help to know

exactly what this poison was.

I don't know where it came from, but...

it killed a close friend of mine.

The blood and tissue samples we took

should help identify it.

Then we can really understand

how it affects your Inhuman biology.

I know you didn't have to help me,

so thank you.

We look out for our community.

Don't get too bent out of shape.

Once we cure Elena,

we'll forget we ever found this place.

I decide when you leave. Not you.

Do you keep a lot of prisoners here?

Like that woman we saw
running away from you?

She's none of your concern.

Why? What did you do to her?


I was curious to see

if your friend made any progress.

Seems not.


I can handle things from here, Li.




MAY: You're supposed to rest.



We need to get to the Zephyr.

I'm not getting anywhere
with these spa treatments.

Do you think they even want
you to get your powers back?

What, did you read something
off of the guy with the knives?

Yeah. Disdain, rage, animosity...

Are you sure that wasn't me?



- Let go of me!
- Take Kora back to her room.

Sorry we disturbed you.

Is she okay?

Kora will be fine. She
just needs her rest.

As do you, Elena.

I have a theory about your symptoms.

Some final test results
that come in the morning

should confirm it.

Have a good night.



If she doesn't hand over

some sort of magic
pill by the morning...

Yeah, we're out of here.

Whatever that was, it's not our fight.

Okay, we got about 10
minutes to troubleshoot

before Z1 jumps into oblivion.

Deke, where are you on Plan B?


We should be able to cut the
power to the Time Drive now.

Stand back. There's gonna be
a big surge of electricity.

Electricity's dangerous.

Do I look like a Neanderthal to you?

I spent time with a
tribe of Neanderthals.

Agent Sousa does not resemble one.

He lacks the characteristic brow ridges.

Can we just push the button, please?


Come on. Work.


How 'bout I jump to Plan C

and get us ready to abandon ship?

Nana, it's not looking so good.

- If only we had more...





I hope you got some sleep.

One of us did.

What did the tests say?
Was your theory correct?


We did a thorough search
for any contaminants,

foreign particles, pathogens.

Nothing came up.

I'm sorry, Elena,

but your problem isn't physical.

It's in your mind.


So, that's it? That's your theory?

I'm not making this up. This is real.

The fact that it's psychological

doesn't make it any less real.

We should go. She can't help me.

There may be another way.

Can you feel her anxiety spiking?


Yeah, but how...

You're not the first person I've met

with an empathic gift.

But I'm not Inhuman.

What you can do is still remarkable.

In fact, this gift may be
the key to helping Elena.

You could guide her

on an exploration of her emotional past.


Oh, yeah, no.

Feelings aren't exactly her thing.

They're really not.

If there's a chance it could work,

don't you want to take it?



This is literally my worst nightmare.

Finally we agree on something.


This will help strengthen the bond

between your subconscious
and your conscious mind.

Is that whiskey?

And if so, I want a lot of it.


Herbs and some dirt.

But at this point, I'll try anything.

Do I have to be this close to her face?

From what you described,

physical contact makes
the connection stronger.

Now breathe in.





I can see my presence is
making you self conscious.

I'll let you work it out on your own.



Believe it or not, alone is worse.

Yeah, and all I'm feeling
from you is embarrassment.

If physical contact will
help, I have an idea.


Please tell me we're not gonna spoon.





That's more like it.

Now I want you to try and beat me.

Avoid my hits using your power.

I'm still not sure...




Well, that was something.

Is pissed off an emotion?

But what stopped you from dodging?

Guilt? Fear?

'Cause I felt those, too.







That was a tough call.

I barely had time to think.

I acted on impulse.

But did you regret it?


Elena, no.


I think we're finally getting somewhere.


... time.

It's up to Yo-Yo now.

DEKE: Well, she's come through before.

- We're working as fast as we can.
- I know.

And you... you should really
be in the healing chamber.

We're moving it to the equipment room

to give you more peace and quiet.

Simmons, there's...
there's not enough time.

You can't save all of us.

I'm gonna ready the parachutes.

I can try.

We are not in the best shape, are we?


You know,

I was thirsty for a year and a half

with no way to...

no body, no stomach, no throat.

That must have driven you crazy.

It did.

I'm happy to see you healing.

At least it feels like happiness.

I wonder how many ones
and zeroes it takes

to achieve that fuzzy feeling.


Well, yeah, I was lucky.

Sousa pulled me out of the wreckage,

got us home.

I'm glad he's here.

That makes me happy, too.



I was a paratrooper during the war.

I like to be prepared.

You ever jumped out
of an airplane before?


Though I only had a
parachute the second time.

In the event we do get stuck here,

I thought you should have this.

I put it together after
you came on board.

Prosthetics have come a
long way since the 1950s.


I was unfair to you back in '73.


We pulled you out of time.

You just wanted to go home.

Still not an excuse.

Guess we're all in the same boat now.

Which reminds me,

there's something I have to do.

Agent Simmons, you forgot this.



- How old were you?

10, 11.

My dad got mixed up
with some bad people,

and, uh...

I went to stay with my uncle
and my cousin Francisco

to get away from it.

But one of them tracked us down.








Elena, no.













Papa. Papa.

ELENA: I should never have taken it.

I should've stayed still.

You were a child.

Okay, um, you're impulsive,

but that's not always a bad thing.

I think the point of
this ridiculous exercise

is to forgive yourself for it.

LI: [IN DISTANCE] Jiaying! Jiaying!


Jiaying! Jiaying!

- What's wrong?
- It's Kora.


LI: Our visitor,

did you find out how
her gift was suppressed?

It doesn't seem to be
any kind of substance.

Then it was all for nothing?

- We'll find another way.
- It's too late.

There's only ever been one
solution to this problem.




What did you do to her?


We didn't do anything.

Kora did this herself.


How is this possible?

Ever since she went through the mist,

she's been unable to control her gift.

Holding in all that energy
causes her intense pain.

She's nearly destroyed
Afterlife a dozen times.

That's why we were so
eager to help Elena.

If there were a way to
take away someone's gift,

we had to know.

So you could take away Kora's.

It's better than the alternative.

Not everyone here believes
she's worth saving.



If she's capable of this, she isn't.


And now she has his gun.

You think she plans to
use it for something good?

She's afraid of what
you'll do to her, Li.


That's not what she's afraid of.








Kora, you don't have to die today.


Who are you?


And... And you know what?

I was actually supposed to die, too.

No, I-I... I didn't...

You're just on a walk
with your gun, right?

No, no, you and me,

our... our fates were
written in the stars.

But I'm here to tell you
that I found an escape hatch.

Do you wanna come along?

How'd you know I was gonna be out here?

That I was gonna do that?

Fancy trick, right?

I-I-I have my new friend
Sibyl to thank for that.

She's not much of a dancer,

but she does have this knack

for seeing just how
everything's gonna play out.

What would you call this place?

A commune, a... a cult?

Or... Or is it a prison?

It's my home.

Wow. They really did a number on you.

They tell you you belong

so that they get you
to follow their rules.

And... And you are above that now.

You... You are too powerful for that.

I'm not powerful.

I'm deadly. I can't control my gift.

Who says you have to?

Let it out.

There is no feeling like it.


My friends and I are about
to go make some chaos.

I really want you to come with us

and never feel trapped again.


All you have to do is say yes.






Your powers?

I tried. Still nothing.

Then take this.

We're under attack.


And we're running out of time.





I don't know if you'll ever get this...

but the mission hasn't
exactly gone as planned.

I'm not sure why we lost contact

when I rescued the
team from Izel's temple,

but... the drive is malfunctioning,

and we may have to
abandon the Zephyr in 1983.

Yo-Yo might be able to
fix it, but if not...


It won't be easy,

but I know we'll find some
way to be together again.

Time, space...

it's never stopped us before.



And I won't stop trying.

I love you.



May and Yo-Yo are gonna
be back in a minute,

so we're all gathering in Command.




- Gordon!

Gordon! Gordon, are you all right?

There's too many of them.

- Where did they come from?
- I don't know.

But they're taking people
prisoner. What do we do?


That can't be Daisy.

NATHANIEL: Well, you've been no help.


Kora, get away from him!

Jiaying, right?

You've put Kora through enough.


what are you doing?

I've been holding it in for so long.

Trying to be what you wanted...

to be something I'm not.

I only wanted what was best for you,

to help you.

You turned on me.

Like, since that day,

there's only fear in your eyes.

You don't see anything but a threat.

Admit it.

No. I love you.

I've always loved you no matter what...

You were gonna let him put
a knife through my heart!



Sweetheart, remember when
I would read you stories

till you fell asleep?

What would I always
say at the beginning?

I'm not a child anymore.

I'd say, "Some stories have witches

and dragons and bad men,

and I will always protect
you from all of it".

You didn't protect me.

You protected the world from me.


Nathaniel's right.

This is a prison,

and I finally found my way out.


I'm sorry. She's beyond...

Li, no, stop!





Please stop!


Come on!

Get us out of here! Now!

YO-YO: Come on, hurry up.

MAY: You can come with us.

But I can't guarantee
that it'll be any safer.

I can't leave my people behind to die.

My daughter is still out there.

She made her choice,

but that man with her... Nathaniel...

he's our enemy, too.

We won't let you fight
this battle alone.

We'll send coordinates to that watch

when we're ready to meet.

You should find someplace
to hide until then.

There are a few places we could try.

I'm sorry you didn't find what
you were looking for here.

Come on.

It's gonna be close.

Still no sign of the Quinjet.

Come on, Yo-Yo.

What if she shows up

and she... she didn't
get her power back?

Then we lose the Zephyr.

And with only 46 seconds
in the next window,

there may not even be
time to dock and evacuate.

The intervals will only
get shorter after that.

We are mere moments away
from catastrophic failure.


Well, that's very comforting.

Thank you, Enoch.

Parachutes are ready to go.


Abandon ship.


YO-YO: Are we even in the right place?

I don't see them anywhere.

Give it a minute.

We're a jump late,

but we should still have enough time

to dock with the Zephyr
in the next window.

We should?

If I can land us on the first pass.

We're still gonna lose our time machine

because I'm not about to save the day

like everyone hoped.

Yo-Yo, it was never all on you.

The team could've found another solution

in the last two days.


May, they've only had 20 minutes.

Oh, damn it. Right.


One shot.



You're late.

Yo-Yo. Tell me some good news.

Tell me you can get us out of this mess.

It didn't work.


Alright. We knew it was a long shot.

Mack, I'm so sorry.

No, you did what you could.

Everyone, get to the Quinjet now.



May, be ready to get us out of here.

It's gonna be damn close, but I'll try.


It's not your fault.

It is... if it's all in my head.

Yo-Yo, all this guilt you're
feeling, it's not going...

I could accept it when
it was some alien poison.

But now?

I'm never gonna get my powers back.

You'll bounce back. Always have.

Maybe I'm not supposed... to.

What is it?

I don't have to bounce back.






We stopped jumping.



- You okay?
- Yeah.


Wait, you... you didn't bounce back.

How'd you do that?

I think I've always been able to.

I was just holding myself back.

Afterlife was the right call, then.

I'm glad it worked out.

For us, maybe.








SIMMONS: Your new body
still hasn't fully charged,

so you'll need to power
down for a few hours.

Think of it like a nap.

Sure it is.


- At least let me.
- Yeah.




So, what do you think?

Can this thing get us home?

I am guardedly optimistic.

Okay, I'll take that.

I mean, don't get me wrong,

there's a lot of stuff

that I'm gonna really
miss about the '80s.

Hey, do you play the
drums, by any chance?

I can keep tempo.



Wait, what's happening?

It didn't work.


We'll return in a moment.

This just feels right, don't you think?

You here, them there.

Everybody finally knowing their place.

What are you gonna do to them?

Let's call it a
redistribution of wealth.

Take stabby here...

did he ever do anything

to deserve that power of his?


Just following an ancient
set of ancient practices.

You know, all these rules...

who's given a gift, who's given nothing.

Who lives, who dies.

It's all written in the stars.

I feel like we should shake things up.

Give the world a little something new.

And what's that?