Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–…): Season 7, Episode 2 - Know Your Onions - full transcript

With the identity of the timeline-unraveling "threat" revealed, the team's mission to protect him at all costs leads each agent to question their own values.

Previously on "Marvel's
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."...

The Chronicoms want to take Earth

and fear only
S.H.I.E.L.D. can stop them.

Alright, so they plan to
eliminate S.H.I.E.L.D. from history.

And if we hadn't jumped when we did...

The fight would've ended
before it ever began.

So, wait, the Zephyr's
a time machine now?

In a sense.

There are critical launch windows,

leading to specific
points in time and space.

Fitz called them "Tides".

The Chronicoms took one,
and we followed them here.

I have a job for you.

If you can deliver this to the docks,

then my employer will reward you.

But the Chronicoms
are after someone else,

named Freddy.

Why are you doin' this?

Because you are the thread.

I'll keep him safe.
Meet back at Koenig's.

Any idea why they were after you, kid?

I-I'm just supposed to
make a delivery tonight.

His full name. What is it?

Wilfred Malick. Why?

Wilfred Malick. As
in father of Gideon Malick.

Future head of Hydra in America.

If the Chronicoms kill Malick,

then Hydra's stamped out
before it ever takes hold

and S.H.I.E.L.D. is never formed.

To save S.H.I.E.L.D...

We have to save Hydra.

Faster! They're gaining on us!

This boat won't go any faster.

You gotta give 'em the slip.

Yeah, and we got to lose them, too.

I'm going dark. Hold on.


So long, Coppers.

Where do we go now?

Gotta deliver the goods.

Might want to get out
of those fancy duds.

You kinda stick out.

This is Deke.

Hello? Is anyone there?

What's that?

Uh, it's like a... telephone.

Deke's an inventor.

Hello? Is anyone out there? Daisy?

Daisy? Daisy? Daisy?

Not a very good one, is he?

It's gotta be plugged into somethin'.

These things suck.

They have, like, zero range.

It's gotta be plugged into somethin'.

Oh, really, wise guy?

I'm sorry. Well, thanks for the advice.

I didn't realize I was
talking to a freakin' genius.

This is the delivery?

More booze?

They'd kill you over this?

This is the highest-grade
giggle juice ever made.

A lot of people would kill

to get their paws on the formula.

If we're gonna protect you,

you need to be honest with us.

Look, you pikers want to ankle,

now's your chance.


We're not ankle pikers.

We're bootleggers,

just like you.

We'll take you anywhere you want to go.

Let's get this show on the road.

The future's gonna be mine.

You guys aren't in the
import/export business, are you?

All you need to know right now

is that we're here to help.

Oh, help, my ass.

It's been nothing but trouble

ever since you two showed up.

If anything happens to Freddy...

We should be so lucky.

What'd he ever do to you?

Buzz off. We're closed.

Swordfish. Now let us in.

We came as fast as we could.

We had to change.

And run... in high heels.

Which isn't easy.

I don't know how you people
live like this. Seriously.

- How is she?
- Not good.

We need to get her fixed up
enough to get her to a hospital.

Not until we get some answers.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Whoa?
You're just gonna operate here?

- I need to remove the bullet.
- Just what I need...

a dead body in here because some dame...

I'm a doctor, not a dame.

Just clean up afterward.

I'm gonna get on the horn,

see if I can get the lowdown.

What's going on?

We found out why Freddy's the target.

Last name... Malick.

Malick? As in...

Hail Hydra. Yeah.

Ain't that the cat's pajamas.

- Where is he?
- With Mack and Deke.

Do they know?

We couldn't reach them.

I don't know. We can't
reach them either.

They do know the mission
is to protect him at all costs,

or there will be consequences.

But what are the consequences?

We... We don't... know.

If Hydra doesn't form,

then S.H.I.E.L.D.
doesn't form in response.

Well, because it doesn't have to.

I mean, think about all
the future lives we'll save

if there's no Freddy Malick.

We can't disrupt the timeline.

If we take out Malick,

something even worse
could rise up in his place.

But then we'll just deal with it
when we get back, right?

To a future we won't recognize.

She's going to be okay.

Killing Malick was
the Chronicoms' intent.

They do know the consequences.

And we'll only know
what happens if he lives.

None of this is pretty.

But why does it have to
be a live-or-die situation?

Can't we stay here awhile,

uh, be a good influence for him,
change his heart?

Technically, that would still be killing

the historic Malick, who...

Has no heart.

You need to disappear. Word is out.

Coppers are swarming every
gin joint, looking for Freddy.

Can we move her?

Um, she's unconscious,
but she's stable now.

Zephyr One, come in.
Are you there, Enoch?

This is Zephyr One.

I am here.

We're coming back.

We need to find a way to reach Mack.

They may be out of range.

Perhaps I can find a way

to boost the signal on
the radio transmitter.

See what you can do.

He needs to know what he's dealing with.

There's something else
we may need to deal with.

Agent May is awake.

What do you mean she's awake?

She is up and quite active.

It's too soon.

We have no idea what
kind of side effects

or complications she'll have.

You need to sedate her

and put her back in the healing pod.

I will do my best,

but she does not seem to be in the mood

to take orders.

Agent May.

Perhaps you should be getting some rest.

I'll rest when I'm dead.

That's what we were hoping.

I know you.

I am Enoch,

a sentient Chronicom

and the best friend
of Agent Leopold Fitz.

You and I have not met in this timeline,

but I am told we were
quite helpful to each other

in a previous one.

As I hope we will be here.

Dr. Simmons has prescribed
a sedative that...


Where is she?

Where is everyone?

They are on a mission.

Why am I still here?

What, exactly, do you remember?

I fought my way through
the spirit world,

killed Izel,

and then woke up in that thing.

That is correct.

But you also died... momentarily.

Dr. Simmons was able to
save you using technology

she had a considerable
amount of time to develop.

How much time?

A considerable amount.

You are far from home, Agent May.

How far?

Another galaxy?


You are in the year 1-9-3-1.

I'm hungry.

Who's the buyer for all this?

Some guy. I dunno.

What's he look like?

No idea.

When does he get here?

He's not.

The meet-up is 500 miles away.

That's a lot of miles. We
don't have time for that.

Yeah, why'd you have
us unload this, then?

So you can take the
car and get outta here.

This is where we go our
separate ways, fellas.

That's my ride.

I appreciate you saving my life.

I owe you one.

We're not leaving you.

I don't need no bodyguards.

The cops that are after you,

they're not the type to give up.

They're gonna keep coming
until they finish you off.

You got a job to do, and so do we.

They don't want you
to make this delivery,

but we're gonna make damn sure you do.

Now let's go.

Coppers! They're here!

Is there a back exit?

- You're looking at it.
- Front exit?

This is the only way in or out.

Howdy, fellas.

What can I do for you?

Inspection time already?

Ask around.

I run a very legitimate
illegitimate business.

And I'm all caught up

with my, uh, donations
to the boys in blue.

When is the last time
you saw Mr. Malick?

A couple days ago.

You know, he started hanging
around with a bunch of...

Canadian Mounties.

That would explain a lot.

You have seen them?

They came in a couple days ago.

Gave me the heebie-jeebies, so I, uh...

... gave 'em the bum's
rush back to Mooseland.


Nothing like a, uh...
a shot to hit the spot.

Um, would you boys, uh, like a drink?

On the house.

That... um, That's just my office.

Unless you like a... a big mess

and the smell of my old socks,

I wouldn't go in there.

Hell of a kick there.

Uh, really packs a wallop.

I hope you find him.

That kid was nothing but trouble.

Always looking for an easy way out.

Everybody has to believe in something,

so I believe...

I'll have another drink.

Do you, uh, gentlemen care to join me?


Specialty of the house.

Fire in the hole.


That'll put some fuzz on your peaches.

If you should see Wilfred Malick again,

please let us know.

Oh, I will.

And if you find that no-good bum,

you tell him not to show his
sourpuss around here again.


This big... big rat problem.

They live in the walls.

They like the hooch.

I found the getaway car.


I guess you weren't glad to see me.

Uh, great work you're doing, gentlemen.

Much appreciated.

Thank you for your service, gentlemen.

Let me go.


I can't believe I took
a bullet for you people.

Hey. Hey, look at me.

We're gonna get you to a hospital,

but we need some answers first.

Who are you?

Wh... Where's Freddy?

That's what I've been asking.

He's safe, no thanks to you.

Why were you meeting him there?

I'm a friend of his father's.

Just trying to help him get a leg up.

Any friend of the Malicks
is no friend of ours.

What were you really giving him?

Was it some sort of exchange?

Why is he so important?

He's just a kid.

Whole life ahead of him.


I need a knife.

Germany six times in the last year.

It's now 1931.

What is it, Jemma?

I need some alcohol. 90 proof or better.

I like the way this bird sings.

I'm a biochemist, not a bird.

I also need some salt, some cork,

something made with silver.

Let's hope it's not what I fear.

Enoch, are you there?

I am here, Agent Johnson.

Any luck reaching the boys?


These primitive analogue
communication devices

are quite... primitive.

It will take some time.

We may not have much.

They should have found a
way to contact us by now,



Unless Malick did something to them.

I will keep working.

There is no puzzle I cannot solve.

You really invented this?

Yeah, I did.

It's... It's just a prototype.

And you can talk to someone on it?

And it doesn't have to be plugged in?

You must be real smart.

Well, I don't know if
I'd say smart, but...

I mean, I guess there's not
really another word for it,

so, yeah, I guess I am.

Tech's kind of my thing.


What's your thing, Freddy?

I was never too good in school,

but I made some friends.

How'd you lose your dad?

Took a walk off a tall building.

My family used to have
a lot of dough before...

The market crashed.

Lost everything.

After Dad, my mom went a little crazy.

Hasn't spoken a word
in almost two years.

I'm sorry.

Yeah, well, you play the
cards you're dealt, right?

I did what I had to do.

I made friends.

I mean, what's the harm

in giving people what they want, right?

No harm at all. That's how I feel.


I don't always want to do this.

I got dreams.

When this job is done,
I'll be sitting pretty.

From a few bottles of booze?

You're sure that's all this is?

Well, whatever it is,

it's not like it's gonna
change the world.

She really knows her onions.


You okay?

I'm fine.

You could've stopped that bottle

from hitting the ground.

I didn't see it.

My mistake. I thought you did.

You were staring straight at it.

I couldn't move.

I froze.

Any idea why?

Maybe that thing inside
me... The Shrike...

maybe it messed me up.

I know what it is.

By heating the compound

inside an alcohol-based solution,

I was able to produce a
decomposition reaction,

separating and isolating...

Whoa, cut... cut... cut to the chase.

I'd like to get this
package before Christmas.

The compound is part of a formula

that first appeared in
Germany during World War II.

D... During World War II?

I think you're half-cocked
from the moonshine.

It was synthesized by a German scientist

named Abraham Erskine.

I don't like where this is going.

And first used by a man
named Johann Schmidt.

The Red Skull.

Freddy Malick is about to deliver

the key ingredient used to
create the Super Soldier Serum.

You give a name like that to your juice,

it better have a helluva kick.

You have no idea.

Well, that's definitely alcohol.

Easy, Zima.

This is the Big Leagues.

So, what are we looking for, exactly?

I don't know.

But I think there's more to this

than just some run-of-the-mill
bootlegging job.

It doesn't add up.


... can you...

... information...

... Wilfred.

Enoch, I copy. Do you hear me?

Enoch, do you copy? Over.

What the hell are you doin'?

Enoch, do you copy? Over.

Do you copy? Over.

Wanna tell me why you're
snooping through my goods?

I need to know who and
what we're dealing with.

You may not think there's more to this,

but I do.

Director Mackenzie, do you copy?

Can you hear me?

They're in trouble.

Going somewhere?

I need to be in the field.

I'm the one who protects them.

It's my job.

You are in no condition to leave.

Certainly not in your
21st-century attire.

I wasn't asking for permission.

Agent May, if I may.

You have not been yourself of late.

How are you feeling?

I'm not feeling anything.

I fear there may have
been some complications.

The only complications
you need to worry about

are the ones you'll suffer

if you don't tell me where they are.

I am not allowed to
divulge that information.

If we don't stop him,

he's gonna build up Hydra
and create the Red Skull.

He already did.

We can't fix the mistakes of the past.

Why not?

I'm beginning to think
you people are crazy.

Hydra? Red Skull? Super Soldier Serum?

Sounds like something
out of the funny papers.

Yeah, well, there's
nothing funny about it.

- We can't stop it.
- Yes, we can.

I mean we shouldn't. I'm sorry.

With all due respect,
it's not your call to make.

Mack is the Director,

and he doesn't have all the information.

Daisy? Yo-Yo? Anyone?

Who's out there? Do you copy?

She doesn't know you're back.

Agent May, it's so
nice to hear your voice.

Where are you?

We're coming back to the Zephyr.

What about Mack and Deke?

- There's no need to worry.
- Never mind.

I'll find them myself.

No, don't leave the Zephyr.


We need to complete the mission.

Then we'll deal with May.

Now that I know what you are,

I will ask you one more time.

Where is Freddy gonna end up?

On the right side of history.

You can't stop progress.

We don't want to stop anything.

We just want to find our friends.

Well, then you can go to Hell.

Wait. Wait.

I know where that is. I've been there.

I'm sure you have.

No, no. Hell's Harbor.

Where the double-crossers go

to double-cross the double-crossers.

But you'll never make it there

unless you can fly.

There's no trains fast enough.

We can fly. Tell us how to find it.

I'll tell you on the way.

That's not possible.

I'm not telling you anything

unless you take me along.

Freddy's my responsibility,
too. I want answers.

If you want to help your friends,

that's my price.

They are on a train.

I will access the schedules.

What if S.H.I.E.L.D. is there?

The target is Wilfred Malick.

If we succeed,

there will not be any
S.H.I.E.L.D. in the future,

and those who have followed us here...

will be out of time.

Just let me inspect the bottles.

And get me killed?

I deliver opened bottles.
What's that say about me?

That I'm a snoop?

You're not curious?

Curious'll get you
killed faster than trust.

Let's just get him there
and be done with it.

It's ripples, not waves, right?

No one will ever know.

Step aside, Freddy.

Deke, give me a hand.

Like I said.

I can't let you do that.

Put the gun down, Freddy.

You need to listen to your friend here.

Just let me do my job,
and we can all go home.

I am sorry, Agent May.

I cannot let you leave this ship.

You don't have the guts
to pull that trigger.

No, I may not have an
intestinal digestive system,

but I am very capable of
applying pressure to...

I do not wish to harm you.

Since we are at war,

I took the opportunity to upgrade

to the Hunter-Level
Combat Skill Package.

A machine is still just a machine.

No need to make this personal.

I cannot let you leave.


Stand down.

You're not Sarge.

No. I'm not.

You're not Coulson either.

Well, yes and no.

Aren't you at all surprised?

I mean... I was dead.

You still are.

She wasn't even fazed when she saw you.

Don't you think that's a little strange?

It's very strange.

She let me sedate her
without any resistance.

She was completely calm and relaxed,

as if nothing had happened.

Agent May is clearly malfunctioning.

Any idea why she attacked you?

She wanted to be on the mission

and didn't appreciate my advice.

Were you able to contact Mack?


But I did make considerable advances.

Once we are in the air and
closer to our destination,

we should be able to make contact.

I trust this will be our little secret.

Not that many people have
been inside our joint.

Oh, well...

I feel so special.

And excuse me if I'm not impressed.

Welcome aboard, Mr. Koenig.

This is a...

This is a... rocketship.

This is... This is
a re... a real live...

This is a real live rocketship.

And that... th...

Is... Is that...

Is he... he's, uh...

This is one of those,
uh, uh, electric men...

Oh, oh, oh! Oh, a robot!

Is... is... is that robot?

I am not a robot.

I am a Chronicom.

If you will excuse me,
I must go fix my face.


You're from outer space.

That's it, isn't it?


You... you're all Martians.

Feels like it sometimes,
but, no, we're not Martians.

And now, Mr. Koenig,

if you'd kindly take us to Hell.

Why don't you come clean?

You ain't bootleggers,

and you definitely
ain't from around here.

Okay, you're right.

We were sent a very, very, very long way

to make sure that you don't die.


'Cause I'm this "thread"?

What's that even mean?

Well, it's complicated.

But Deke's right.

Our job is to protect you.

How do you know this no-name guy

isn't planning to kill you

after he gets what he wants?

I know her.

The lady who asked me to do this?

She knew my father.

And she's giving me a chance

to be something he never could.

They ain't gonna kill me

unless I do something stupid.

Why'd we stop?

We're here.

A telephone you don't got to plug in.

A plane that flies itself.

We'll be landing in five minutes.

Well... If you guys aren't
Martians or Moon-men,

then where are you from?

We're from right here,
just not right now.

What does that mean?

We're from the future,
early 21st century.

We're part of a secret
organization known as S.H.I.E.L.D.

We protect the world from evil threats.

I gotta admit,

I underestimated you Canadians,

but what has this got to do with Freddy?

He's gonna be one of those threats.

Freddy and his family
will be responsible

for thousands of deaths in the future.

That... No, that ain't Freddy.

Well, it's not now, but it will be.

But you... you can't blame someone

for something they ain't done yet.


What's happening?

The Time Window is closing.

What does that mean?

It means in 17 minutes,

the Zephyr will leave this time period,

with or without us.

- And you're just telling us this?
- I didn't know.

There's no way to predict

when the next launch window will open.

It could be 24 hours,
24 minutes, or 24 weeks.

Daisy, reach out to Mack.

Tell him we're coming in hot.

Mack? Deke? Are you there?

You guys there? Mack?

Hey, it's Deke. It's good
to hear your voice.


We're on our way to you.

But you have to be ready to leave

as soon as we get there.

We have no time. Where's Mack?

He's with Freddy.

Okay, listen to me.

Freddy is not what he seems.

He is very dangerous.


Nah, he's all right.

He's... He's just in a tight spot.

We kind of have a lot
in common, actually.

No, you don't. Trust me.

Do not let him out of your sight.

Okay, don't worry.

I... I got him in my sights

and my finger on the trigger.

You have a gun?

Yeah. It's Freddy's.

Take the shot.

Come again?

I know what I said about
the butterfly effect,

but we can't pass up this opportunity.

He's Wilfred Malick.

He's gonna be a major player in Hydra.

And if you kill him right now,

you will save thousands of lives.

But he's just a kid.

We don't have time to debate this.

Mack's in danger.

So just do it, Deke.

Take the shot.

You satisfied?

What is this?

I told you.

I don't ask questions.

What is that, Freddy?

His name is Wilfred.

Wilfred Malick.

That ring any bells?

It rings 'em all.

Wilfred Malick, the...

the father of Gideon Malick.

I ain't no father.

What are you talking about?

Head of Hydra.

How do you know that word?

I have orders to kill him.

Whose orders?

I'm the one who gives the orders here.

What'd I do?

I thought you were here to protect me.

It was Daisy's call. We
don't have time to argue.

There is no argument.

Put the gun down now! That's an order.

She told me what he becomes,

all the blood that he's gonna spill.

I never hurt anyone.


We've lost contact. I'm coming.

No. You should stay put.

In case any trouble finds its way here.

If we lose the Zephyr, we're stuck.

This is now an extraction.

Daisy and I will find Mack and Deke

and get them back here.

Koenig, you find Freddy.

Morning, Reverend.

I may also be of use.

Though I am slightly damaged,

I am still a Chronicom

and the best chance against other
Chronicoms, should they appear.

Fine by me.

Alright, then.

Let's get ready to roll.

What are those things?

That's our future if we don't
get you out of here alive.

Well, how are we supposed to do that?

We don't have any weapons.

Speak for yourself.

Die, Coppers!


What the... Are those the Martians?

Yes. Those are the Martians.

Stay low.

Where's Freddy?


Koenig, Enoch, split up and find him.

- 3 and a half minutes.
- Until what?

- Till the Zephyr jumps to the future.
- It's a Time Window.

We learned about those in class today.

Any ideas?

I quake, you run?

Just to be clear,

this was a rescue mission, right?

Don't do it, son.

You're better than this.

You need to go.


You're a good kid, Freddy.

But don't make the same
choices your dad made.

Why do you think I'm doing this?

I'm going to be somebody,
not a coward like him.

Listen, listen.

You and I...

are gonna go get a drink, okay?

And we'll talk about this.


What? Are you gonna shoot me?

Freddy, you're a lot of things,

but you're not a...

You think you know me?

You don't know me.

You don't know nothin'.

You just stepped off a building, Freddy.

We failed.

Hydra will rise. S.H.I.E.L.D. will form.

We can still eliminate
those who are here.

Another time.

The window is closing.

We need to go.

They stopped firing.

It's a trick. I don't think so.

Coulson, get down.

They're gone.

We have two minutes.

- Let's go!
- Mack.


He shot me. Can you believe it?

Not even a good shot.

Nothing damaged except
my faith in humanity.

I am afraid I do not
know how to repair that.

Where is Wilfred Malick?

Oh, he... he went with them.

Enoch, do you copy?

We're running out of time.

Did you find Freddy?


Wilfred Malick has made his delivery.

He is alive, and the future is secure.

You need to get back to the ship now.

Get out of here, you ol' metalhead.

I'll be fine.

Yeah, marvelous.


What happened?

We just secured the rise of Hydra

and the Malick Dynasty.

Yeah, it's a real banner day.

Where's Enoch?

He's on his way.

We only have 30 seconds until we jump.

We need to close the door now,

or the ship could be torn apart.

Close it.

- Run!
- Run!

- Run!
- Run, Enoch!

- Stop the ramp!
- We can't.

- Run, Enoch!
- Come on! You can do it!

- Run!
- Come on!

We'll return in a moment.

It is my specialty.

I call it a Barracoolada.



That's a damn fine concoction.

I do, as you say, know my onions.

Oh, that, you do.

You're hired.

But I have a couple of conditions.

First, I want to know more
about this S.H.I.E.L.D. outfit.

I feel like I could be a help there.

Indeed, you will.

As will this fine establishment.

What is the second condition?

I want to know all there
is to know about robots.


Whatever you call yourselves.

I-I find it fascinating.

As will your grandchildren.


My grandchildren?


this looks like the start
of a marvelous friendship.