Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–…): Season 7, Episode 1 - Episode #7.1 - full transcript


Could be any time.

When he gets here,

just count the dough and
let me do the talking.

You got it, boss.

You're early.

Who the hell are these guys?

You boys lost?

Gotta be off your nut,
walking around like that.

Captain William Dole.

New York Police Department,
Fourth Precinct.

I'm a sentient Chronicom
from the planet Chronyca-2.

Good for you.

Now beat it...

before we make you
freaks regret being born.

Chronicoms are not born.

I'm warning you.

Last chance, pal.

Take 'em, boys!


What do you want?

Your face.

You're early.

He has Chronicom hardware,

which makes him our most advanced LMD.


what do you think?

He would want us to
consider the ramifications...

Hey, guys.

Why is no one talking?

Oh, hey.

I'm digging the hair.

Sir, you've missed quite a lot.

How did we get here?

The last scan of your brain
was from the Framework.

I've done my best to update it

with all that you've missed.

But you may feel some disorientation

as your mind catches up to the present.

My arm feels different.

It's fixed.

Doesn't feel the same.

Coulson, take it easy.
Let Simmons explain.

I don't feel the same. Why?

We had to make a tough decision...

Because you're an LMD.




- Was that necessary?
- There's no easy way to say it.

A state-of-the-art life model,

enhanced with advanced...

Chronicom hardware.

How do I know that word?

Why am I...


I died.

I died and I came back.

Not me.

I died and we said
goodbye and I came back.

I died again and came back...

- What do we do?
- Fix this.

I don't know how. There's a
lot of data flooding his mind.

Coulson, I'm here.

Okay, so, j-just take a breath.

Do I breathe?

You are okay. You are okay.

No, I'm not okay. I'm not him.

I look like him. Pachakutiq.

May, don't!


That... That was not your fault.

It really is magical,

Talbot, Tahiti, who's
like us, goodbye...

Fitz, oh, God!

Simmons, do something.

It's two years of
information all at once.

Dying, lying, lying, Lighthouse...

Dearly beloved, we're
gathered here today...

- from processing...
- Coulson!

A symbol that must carry on...

Ghost Rider, take the deal.

Take the deal. I'm dead anyway.

I'm dead anyway! I'm dead anyway!

What the hell?! You can't do that!

You can't just shut Coulson down.

It may be unpleasant, but
he needs to go through this.

- You can't...
- Both of you, shut up. That's an order.

Coulson or not,

anything LMD-related is
a Director-level decision.

That's not up for debate. Are we clear?

Agent Simmons.

You're gonna tell us
everything you know.

Right now.

I'm saying we can't waste time.

The Chronicoms want to take Earth

and fear only
S.H.I.E.L.D. can stop them.

So they plan to eliminate
S.H.I.E.L.D. from history.

And if we hadn't jumped when we did...

The fight would've ended
before it ever began.

So, wait, the Zephyr's
a time machine now?

In a sense.

And we can jump to any time we want?

Not quite.

It's complicated. Even
I barely understand it.

Alright, well, give us the basics.

There are critical launch windows,

leading to specific
points in time and space.

Fitz called them "Tides".

The Chronicoms took one,
and we followed them here.

Okay, but why 1931?

I mean, S.H.I.E.L.D. won't
even exist until the '50s.


We never expected to go back this far.

I have no idea what
the Chronicoms are up to

- or how to find them.
- Well, that's not great.

So we're not prepared for any of this?

We're flying blind?

We're flying on auto-pilot.

And we prepared the best we could.

Now we're talking.

Welcome, friends, new and old!

I am scanning existing frequencies

for anything unusual...


Apologies for the high volume.

That is Enoch.

I know some of you have
never officially met him.

That's my workstation,

and, Deke, that... that one's yours.

So you built all of this
and solved time travel.

How long did this take?

Building it was simple enough,

but it took much longer
for Fitz to design.

Bobo's really not here?

And you don't know where he is.

The Chronicoms scanned
our brains once before.

It's too dangerous for any
of us to know where he is.

Please, sir.

Whatever they're planning,
we're already behind.

Well, we need boots on the ground,

and our comms run off satellites.

We brought radios.

Look, we need to blend in.

Deke, can you get us clothes?

Navigating the past
happens to be my specialty.

Last time, you got stupid
drunk and ended up in jail.

That's not true. I was pleasantly drunk.

- It was hilarious.
- Deke... he'll... he'll be fine.

It's Prohibition, so
alcohol's illegal anyway.

It's what?

Who would think that's a good idea?

Even the Kree let us
make our own boot juice.

This should be enough.

Keep a low profile.

Yes, sir.

Yo-Yo, you're quarantined.

Do not leave this plane.

Mack, I'm fine.

And I'm glad,

but until Simmons gives the all-clear,

I can't risk introducing
an alien contagion

into the past.

Or purple hair.


No, I like it.

I do, but it's gotta go.

How is May?


Her core temperature is nearly there.

Then we'll proceed.


How long have we been apart?

Too long.

It is good to see you.

I shouldn't be here.

Are you steady now?

2 years in 10 seconds.

It's like the worst episode
of "This Is Your Life" ever.

Was that even my life?

It was Coulson's.

And he was against this.

He didn't...

I didn't want to be brought back.

Which I respected.


'Cause you hate robots.

The Chronicoms want to destroy us.

They've scanned Fitz and Simmons' minds.


... they have Fury's Black Box.

Simmons believes if we're
going to get ahead of them,

we'll need you,

that there could be a, uh...

a clue only you would recognize.

What do you think?

You taught me

that a Director has to trust his team.

And I trust her as much as anyone,

but I'd like you to speak for yourself.

Can I count on you?

I'll do anything for you guys.

But if we get through this and get back,

I'm gonna reevaluate.

So am I.

So, what's next, boss?

We need to find the Chronicoms

before they change something.

They already have.

A report on NYPD radio

of three bodies, found without faces.

I believe it to be an erasure...

a particularly invasive Hunter procedure

to procure identities.

Is Deke back?

It's time to suit up.


I mean, I knew it wasn't
really in black and white,

but still. Now I know how you felt.

It's a blast in the past.

New sights, new sounds...

Definitely new smells.

All the huddled masses,
just scrambling for food?

This is more my speed.

Yeah, actually, you know what?

- Good job getting these duds.
- I know.

I got all of this stuff
for, like, 13 bucks.

- I love it here.
- It's the Great Depression.

A decade before Pearl Harbor.

Almost four decades before Apollo 11.

These people have never even seen a TV.

Or a black man in a
fine suit, apparently.

Imagine if they saw my powers.

Or my gears.

Do I have gears, do you think?

Hey, let's quiet down about that.

We want to keep history on track,

not send it off the rails on our own.

Yeah, I-I mean, that's
what I'm worried about.

The butterfly effect.

Just us being here,
walking down the street,

we could've already changed
the course of events.

Yeah, the butterfly
effect is just one aspect

of the multiverse branch theory.

- Personally, I subscribe to the Time-Stream idea.
- Let me guess.

- That's the one that lets you do whatever you want.
- Okay.

Imagine time as a stream, right?

And we were sticks that
were thrown into it.

The water, it... it moves
us... it moves around us.

But it ends up in the same place.

Right. Now, too many sticks thrown in

and that will create
what's called a dam,

and... and that'll change

the direction of the water
forever, and that's bad.

So as long as we can avoid that,

we should be able to
splash around a little bit

and we're all good.

Okay, I know where this is going...

Agent Shaw,

you will not be filing any patents.

Is that understood?

I will tread ever so lightly, Director.

First time in the big city.

Ripples, not waves.

I printed these out before we left.

Is this a joke?

I didn't know what our cover was.

A child could've done better.

You get these out of a cereal box?

I wanted to keep our options open!

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold up.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

We were asked to assist.


Why'd they call you in?

Tell me, uh,

did you find some bodies without faces?

Happens all the time in Canada.

Yeah, don't worry. We
can handle it, so...

What's a gal like you doing
trying to be a Mountie?

Can't you find a husband?


Yeah, I mean,

I wish that I could
hold on to a husband.

But for some reason,

they just end up with broken ribs

whenever they give me lip.

Now move,

or a gal like me

will knock out a guy like you

in front of people like them.

Sorry, ma'am.

Turns out "erased"

is a pretty accurate
description after all.

Not for this guy.

What's different about him?

It's whiskey.

Pfft. Illegal.

I knew you guys were messing with me.

No. I think he was a bootlegger.


- Swordfish.
- You got something?


I can't believe I know this.

First year at the Academy,
history course...

right around when the
SSR became S.H.I.E.L.D.,

there was a safe-house near here.

It was an old speakeasy,

and the password to
get in was "swordfish".

Maybe it's a coincidence.


This is why he's here.

You two work on the erased.

Coulson and I will look into swordfish.

Now, remember. Ripples, not waves.

I'm starting to feel very targeted.

Where's that thing supposed to go?

Anywhere, really.

O... kay.


Are you sure we can trust him with her?

Enoch? Of course.

I've heard he's a decent
guy, but... he isn't a guy.

And it's his kind that's after us.

I'm only alive because of him.

So, he's fixing her up, huh?

Repairing damaged tissue.

All being well,

she should be up and
around in a week or two.

As for you...

The Shrike material

has dissolved into your vascular system.

Your body appears to
be breaking it down.


Good, right?

So I'm clear to go outside, then?

Just one more thing.

They're more advanced

than the one Fitz made for Coulson,

precisely calibrated
to your Inhuman ability.

Thank you, but no.

Ours is a world of Inhumans and LMDs,

but we are a long way from home.

A woman with mechanical arms

would draw too much attention.

They'll feel much more real...

It's not that.


I don't want to pretend
like this didn't happen.

This is who I am. I'm not ashamed of it.

And you shouldn't be.

But when was the last time
you actually felt something?

With your fingertips?

Take your time.

Let me know.

Where are we going exactly?

Not sure.

It's supposed to be
under an old post office.

Down some stairs.

Well, I hope they're serving.

The password was only
spread through word of mouth.

And it appeared in a
Marx Brothers movie,

"Horse Feathers".
But that's not for a year.

They probably hung out here.

I must've missed that one.



Pretty cool, right?

Welcome, gentlemen.

♪ Red lips ♪

♪ A red heart ♪

♪ Red skies when we're apart ♪

♪ There's no color in the rainbow ♪

♪ That my girl can't be ♪

♪ She's a painter to some ♪

♪ An artist to me ♪

We know who we're looking for?

Apparently, there was an SSR asset

who kept the peace

and was always behind the bar,

went by "Gemini".

Don't know his real name.

Come on, I'll buy you a drink.

Can you drink?

Only one way to find out.

♪ Oh, she's got yellow hair ♪

♪ Green eyes ♪

Never seen you two before.

Never felt compelled to drop in.

But there's been an incident

involving a man that
might've worked here.

We were hoping to
talk to the man in charge.


Is he around?


Yeah, yeah. Sure thing.

You want to talk to the twins...

... go ahead.


Can that go any faster?

Well, it's sampling his DNA

and simulating missing bone structures.

But how fast would you like it to go?

Looks like more cops.

It is unfortunate the bodies
were discovered so quickly.

We must maintain our cover for tonight.

I'll try and stall.

Silent precision is
absolutely necessary...


She's here.


Obviously not.

S.H.I.E.L.D. has managed
to follow us here.


I will play the part of police captain.

You isolate and eliminate
all members of S.H.I.E.L.D.

And, Abel...

remember to smile.

We have not met.

Inspector Johnson, RCMP.

Your scene is a part of
a case I'm working on.

There's a suspicious truck out back.

Care to inspect it with me?

Of course.

If you wish to live, do not come in.

There may be screaming.

Hey, nothing to...

... see here but
era-appropriate police work.

Oh, it's you.

It's a trusted officer of the law...

As I have always been.

Is this the truck?

How many agents are here?



Look out!

There's another one inside.

Can you get that truck running?

Basic combustion engine.

I can do that.

Yes, yes. I'm very proud.

We're not here to cause trouble.

You come nosing around here

the same day Jimmy Bottles goes missing?

What'd you do to him?

We didn't kill him, but somebody did.

- Tell it to Sweeney...
- It's the truth.

We didn't kill Jimmy Bottles.

We need your help
finding the ones who did.

You know, it's funny,

'cause no one's gonna ever find you two.

You're dead.

You're right.


Wait. What're you doing?

I'm testing a theory, Director.


I'm already dead.

Well, hell, I'm not!

Step back. I'll shoot...

Maybe this LMD thing
has some perks after all.

You're crazy, you know that?

Let's start over.

We were hoping to talk
to the man in charge.

You chuckle heads get blood on my floor,

you best be prepared to get down

and add some of your own.


Ernest Hazard Koenig.

I see my reputation precedes me.

I'm Coulson. This is Mack.

Tell your goons we come in peace.

Oh! You hear that, you
bunch of candy canes?

They came in peace.
Isn't that a load off?

How are your arms feeling?


But better.

Thank you.

How about you?

Fitz said he'd try to send me a message,

but I'm not entirely
sure how to find it.

You must be worried about him.

He's safe.

But I do miss him.

Well, it's not exactly your first go

at being separated by space and time.

Practice makes perfect, I suppose.

Are you gonna try to reach out to him?


We have to assume the
Chronicoms are listening.

It's more important
to keep a low profile.

You stole a truck?!

That is the opposite
of "low profile", Deke.

Why me? There's two of us.

Yeah, we didn't exactly have a choice.

You killed a cop?

A Chronicom.

Motor functions are coming back online.

Tie him up.

Let's get some answers.

You come into my place,

- busting up my guys...
- They drew on us.

I don't want another
interruption out of you...

you or your shadow.

Say what?

Okay, okay, let's keep things civil.

I associate the Koenig name
with a little more decency.

I'm a businessman. I'm
a man of the people.

I guess we'll have to
take your word on that.

Take Freddy's.

That kid was out on the street.

Now he's earning a wage.
I even let him sleep here.

At a... discounted rate.

If you're such an upstanding citizen,

why was your man bribing someone

with a crate of booze
from your illegal bar?

Yeah, a bar that you two
just happened to walk into

looking for a drink.

Who the hell are you that you
find my juice joint?

Imports and exports.

Where do you think
your supply comes from?

I get mine from upstate.

Where does upstate get it?

Your guy wasn't the only
one killed last night.

You lost a man, too?

There's a new gang in town.

Ruthless killers.

All we want is to take them out

and keep things the way they are.

Okay, look.

I'm supplying a party tonight.

And we pay the coppers
to look the other way.

Keep the peace.

What kind of party?

Some political thing.

The Governor's in from Albany.

We can't have him getting pinched

for a couple of martinis.

The Governor of New York.

Isn't that Franklin Delano Roosevelt?

Yeah, last I checked.

- Kid, quit futzing around!
- Sorry, Mr. Koenig...

Every bottle you break
comes out of your discount.


He's elected president next year.

Then, a few years later,
he forms the SSR.

Which becomes S.H.I.E.L.D.

With the Chronicoms running security,

they'll be the only ones armed.

It's easy to assassinate the president

when he isn't president yet.

The drinks don't pour themselves.

Get a wiggle on, you lazy...

You lazy what?

Go on, finish it.

I'm sorry.

Ripples, not waves.

Ripples, not waves.

A butterfly or a stick...

I'm about to strangle
the next 1930s moron

- I come across.
- Two of your finest Zimas, please.

We came as fast as we could.

You recognize any of them?

No, but there was at least
one other cop we never ID'd.

Maybe more.

Well, they've seen us plenty.

If they're Chronicoms,
they're waiting for FDR.

And when he gets here,
there'll be a whole New Deal.

Am I right?

Dad jokes. It's a glitch.


Daisy, you and Coulson
post up by the door.

We'll wait here.

When FDR shows,
get close and keep him safe.

Copy that, Director.

How is he?

He shrugged off a bullet.

Other than that, he's
pretty much himself.

But you knew him better than I did.

You look good.

He will reveal nothing.

As a Hunter, he is programmed

to withstand any form of interrogation.

Well, I'm ready to see
what my arms can do.

Maybe I'll work him over anyways.

I have a better tactic.

The rumors are true.

You've chosen humans over your own kind.

You didn't choose anything.

You were reassigned.

I've set this server to
continuously generate junk data.

In the end,

a Chronicom is nothing
but hardware and software.


With limited bandwidth.

You're going to overwhelm his system.

I saw it with Coulson.

If he's unable to control himself,

he may randomly spit
out something useful.

Is that his data port?


What are the Chronicoms planning?

I'm sorry.

For what?

You didn't want to be brought back.

And I knew that.

But then I-I saw you,

and then I couldn't help myself.

So I pushed the button.

I'm sorry.

It's pretty weird that
there's a button, right?


It's all surreal.

I have data in my head
telling me that I died.

And that I left you a letter.

But I wasn't there.

It's a lot.

Must've been a lot for you.

Yeah, well, not to give you a big head,

but it was, um, a very nice letter.

That's a relief.

Maybe I'll let you read it
sometime. I would like that.

Ladies and gentlemen,

please welcome Governor
Franklin Roosevelt.

How did he get in here?

Do you see that?

He's walking!

Polio put him in a wheelchair.

He wore leg braces to hide it.

Do you have any idea
how hard that must be?

It is a baller move.

But, I mean, he is at an
illegal party with dirty cops.

No, it's only illegal for now.

He campaigns on overturning Prohibition

and helps end it in December of '33.

Careful. Your fanboy's showing.

Thank you.

Well, the band is far more entertaining,

but I promise to do my best.

It's really him.

Uh, I want to thank you all...

- The Governor?
- ... for coming out tonight...

What's the big deal?

... and making me feel so very...

He created the FEPC, for one,

taking on discrimination
in the workplace.

He was way ahead of his time.

... was unable to accompany me.

Or will be. Uh, someday.

So, anyway, Freddy,

how'd you fall into
this shifty line of work?

Well, after my dad kicked the bucket,

I was hustling work in the streets.

Mr. Koenig offered me some.

I lost my dad, too.

You do what you gotta do.

Unknown variable.

Unknown location.


Acquire target...

This is taking too much time.


You will never comprehend
its true nature.

Our anthropologists

have studied Earth
for thousands of years.

To speak in metaphor,

we know the exact thread
to pull at the exact moment

to unravel S.H.I.E.L.D...


We'll see.

Head right... Eyes up... Res...


If you push too hard,

his system could shut down permanently.

How are you going to hit FDR?



This LMD thing might not be all bad.

We're together.

At a party with FDR.

I look good, you look great,

and for the first time,
we're both superheroes.

It's not right.

Well, I mean, it's not normal, but...

No, I mean this.

He's exposed.

If... If the cops are Chronicoms,

what are they waiting for?

Maybe exposure is the problem.

They don't want to show themselves

in front of all these people.

Hold position...

Pull... Pull... Pull the
th... Pull the thread...

He's leaving?

Where's he going?

The service entrance.

That must be how he came in.

He needed somewhere close
to stash his wheelchair.

They're gonna hit him as
soon as he's out of sight.

Sta-Stand... Stand by...

Target FR...

If he overloads completely,

he will be of no use to us.


FRD... FDR...

FDR... FDR...

Target FDR...

Simmons, stop it!

I can't.

He's doing it to himself.

FDR... FDR... F-F-R-F-FDR... Target...

Look out!

I'm sorry.

Governor Roosevelt.

Have a little too much
tipple, my friend?

Uh, forgive us.

He's a big fan.

Oh, hm.

A little help, son?

Yes, sir.

It'll be our little secret, then.

Yes, sir.

Where are the Chronicoms?

We're missing something here.

Do you need a drink?


Freddy, I'm your contact.

I thought you weren't going to show.

Target FDR... Target

Freddy... F-Freddy... Freddy...
Freddy... Freddy... Freddy...

Freddy... F-Fred-Freddy...

Freddy... Freddy...
Freddy... Freddy... F...

Who's Freddy?

We need somewhere quiet to talk.

Follow me.

Wait for the hand-off,

then pull the thread.

Mack, do you copy?

It's not Roosevelt!

The Chronicoms are after
someone else, named Freddy.


Your father and I worked together.

He was very powerful,

until he took the coward's way out.

I was there.

Why did you want to see me?

I have a job for you.

A second chance, you could call it.

If you can deliver this to the docks,

then my employer will reward you.

And your family's
glory will be restored.

What is it?

The future.

Who are you?

Why are you doing this?

Because you are the thread.



I've been looking forward to this.


Well, sorry... this is
just another fight for me.

- Where's Daisy?
- Dealing with the Chroni-Cops.

- What is all this?
- We're saving your life.

Let's go.

I'll keep him safe.
Meet back at Koenig's.


I'll be right with you.

1930s baseball reference.

We're closed.

Go get your medicine somewhere else...


Hey, no, no! No!

I warned you once about
bleeding on the floor!

She needs help.

Our doctor friend's gonna meet us here.

Wait, wait, where's Freddy?

Wait, they're not back yet?

Wait, who the hell are you?

Hey, no broads while
we're talking business.

Wow, you're right.
This one really sucks.

They're not back. What happened?

The new gang. They're after Freddy.

Oh, applesauce. He's a nobody.

He's a target. Give me a reason.

They're not after his dad's money.

When old man Malick
jumped out that window,

his debts were paid.

What did you just call him?

His full name. What is it?

Wilfred Malick. Why?

The cops will be on us any minute.

Any idea why they were after you, kid?

No, none.

I-I'm just supposed to
make a delivery tonight.

Well, if they wanted to stop him,

we better make sure they don't.

Tell us where you need to go.

Wilfred Malick.

As in father of Gideon Malick?

Future head of Hydra in America?

If the Chronicoms kill Malick,

then Hydra is stamped out
before it ever takes hold

and S.H.I.E.L.D. is never formed.

So you're saying, to save S.H.I.E.L.D...

We have to save Hydra.


Oh, dear.

Agent May.

It is I, Enoch...

sentient Chronicom, trusted friend.

I am here to help.

How could you lose her?

You had one job, Enoch.

One job...