Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–…): Season 6, Episode 9 - Episode #6.9 - full transcript

Previously on "Marvel's
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."...

MAY: He says he's over 100 years old.

He's hunting creatures
called the Shrike.

Their creator is coming.
Earth will be destroyed.

Possibly by Sarge.

And he won't stop
until he eliminates me.

Where is it? Where's what?

DAISY: The bomb. One that'll
leave a crater 200 miles wide.

When Izel lands,

I'm gonna blow her and her black
tower of death into oblivion.

You are not leaving
until it's dismantled.

Snowflake, I'm sorry.


There's a plan. Now calm down.


Sir, there's a large, unidentified
object approaching Earth.

It seems to be headed
towards the rendezvous point.

What's the call, sir? Standing by.




- _

- ♪♪
- _

Six minutes till impact.

MAN: We're evacuating civilians
from the blast zone radius.

Local law enforcement is on standby.

Tell me they can slow down that truck.

Negative. No units in range.

All right, Davis, how close
can we get to that rig?

Not very. The Zephyr's too big.
Our wake could topple them.

What about the Quinjet?

You think you can extract them in time?

Trust me. That's what I do.

All right. Go ahead.
Prepare the Quinjet.

You heard the plan.

Get in range until Yo-Yo can deploy.

All right, copy that.

After all this, Sarge is
making a sacrifice move.

It doesn't add up.

He doesn't sound like someone
who would play the martyr to me.


So, what are we missing?

Jaco and I will take the bridge.

Pax, you lock down the engine bays.

Then we get this ship out of here
before the warhead blows.

Sounds great. Except for
the glaring flaw in the plan.

Enlighten me.

That fast lady... how are
we supposed to stop her?

The girl with the mechanical arms

can achieve abnormally high velocity,

which can be an abnormally
large pain in the ass.

Come on.

How long we been doing this?

Shelter charges.

I haven't seen these in a while.

Once the field goes up,
nobody gets in or out.

Doesn't matter how fast.

Careful, Pax.

These things run hot, remember?


That image scarred me for life.

I mean, not as badly as the guy
who got his face fried off,

'cause he's dead, but still.

What about Snowflake?

Sorry, Jaco.

She couldn't make it out in time.

But we owe it to Snow
to see this through.


... what do you say we go get
ourselves a new spaceship?

She'd like that.


♪ Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 6x09 ♪
Collision Course (Part ll)


We're five minutes out.

How's it going with the comms?


Swimmingly. Couldn't be better.

Been at this for hours, and I
still can't transmit a signal.

- All right. We'll keep trying.

We may have better luck closer to the...


I found the crew.

Gathering silently.

Staring into the middle distance.

That's not normal.

To... state the obvious.

Are they infected?

Some... alien microorganism?

Maybe it's one of your
little puff parties.

Nah, I don't think so.

They lack joy.

Well, whatever that is, we
cannot let that reach Earth.

[SIGHS] Pathogen or
parasite, before we land,

we'll have to try to determine
the cause and the...

I think I found the cause.



Ready for arrival?


Izel, d-does the crew
seem to be feeling okay?

Well, they're not feeling anything.

We agreed that these rogues
were all mindless fools, right?

So I gave them a higher purpose.

[CHUCKLES SOFTLY] How generous of you.

What... What purpose
do you mean, exactly?

Are you afraid you're
gonna end up like them?

Oh. No, I wouldn't dream of it.

You underestimate your value.

More than you've already paid?

You have no idea how rare it is

to find intelligent beings
like you in this galaxy...

someone to talk to who
sees the possibilities.

Which is why I need
your Terran expertise.

Earth... has possibilities?

Wait until you see what
we've built on your planet.


Just because I'm at the top of my game

doesn't mean I can
defuse alien explosives.

I need more time, okay?

Three minutes till collision.

How's it looking?

Like we have three minutes to live.

SNOWFLAKE: Everything's fine.

My consciousness will
melt into the cosmos,

I'll merge with the infinite...

Babe. Babe! Babe,
babe, babe, babe, babe.

Let's... Let's not talk
about the infinite right now.

Let's just talk about this bomb.
So, what do you know about that?



Just that the slightest
impact causes it to split

the tiniest unit of matter in half,

which makes a big noise.

That's an atom bomb.

You just described an atom bomb!

I hear it's pretty.

- Do you know what that means?
- It means I'm in over my head.

Okay. Deke, focus.

You've reverse-engineered
alien garbage your entire life.

I need you to not screw up right now.

But this could vaporize entire cities!

Hey! Look at me, okay?

This is very hard,

but if there's anyone
who can do it, it's you.

Deke Shaw. Yeah, you're right.

Okay, Deke.

Time to dazzle.


Time to dazzle.


Okay, Rodriguez is
clearing the fuel line.

Quinjet's set for detach.

Agent Diaz, I want you
to take the controls.

Get there fast.

Now, remember, don't
attempt to do any...





Let me guess.

You didn't see this one coming.

I knew you had an exit strategy.

Be thankful.

In a few moments, the threat
to your planet will be vaporized

and we'll be flying
away, sitting pretty.


Just a precautionary measure

in case your fast friend
tries anything stupid.



And this is in case
you try anything stupid.


- So, here's how this is gonna go down.

You make sure your
crew follows my orders,

and if not, I put her out of her misery.

Simple, right?

Now turn this ship around.

Agent Davis...

get us out of here.







I can't do it.

I can't do it. This is happening.

You said it was time to dazzle.

I'm sorry.

I tried.

Actually, I'm not fine.

I am not fine at all.













Well... that worked.

We did it!

We're still alive!

Free spa day for everyone, on me!




We're not out of this yet.

Oh, buzzkill. No shiatsu for you.

We're still stuck with a live nuke

and whatever else is out there.

And imagine what happens
when Sarge notices

it didn't go boom.

What just happened?

Why the hell didn't the bomb go off?

Did you remember to
calibrate the firing rod

to the new telemetry?

This is not my first warhead.


It's been destroyed.

We're in danger.

And now you are, too.

Were you aware that my
tower would be attacked?

No. Hey, a-absolutely not.

We... We have no idea
what's happening on Earth.

Perhaps I overestimated
your intelligence.

Wait. We... We don't know
what happened on the ground,

but we have friends who will help.

I don't think you understand
the consequences if they cannot.

I promise. We just need a few
more minutes with the comms.

Yeah. Then we'll be able to reach them.

Make contact. Now.

While you can still talk.

Take us to the upper atmosphere.

Either Earth is more
hostile than I thought

or he's already here.

No, no, no, no!


JACO: She's getting away.

Damn it!

Set a course for that spacecraft.

I'm in charge,

and I can quiet any doubts
you have about that real quick.

Now follow that ship.





Yaaah! Nnh!


[GRUNTS] You're too late.

We've taken the bridge.

Then I'll take it back.

We've already thought
of that, sweetheart.

Hang in there.

As much as I want to stop that ship,

maybe we should regroup with
our people on the ground first.

Stay out of this.

It's not just my team.

Snowflake's down there, too.

Maybe you don't get how this works.

You're the hostage.

So shut the hell up
until I ask you to talk.

JACO: Maybe it's not a bad idea.

We could use Snow's help.

Not when we're this close.

What do we always say?
No one slows us down.

You say that.

Snow's not "no one". She's
been with us for years.

And we've been chasing Izel for longer.

Snowflake knew the risks,

- and it won't make a damn differ...



Don't take the bait.

"Don't take the bait"?







No one slows us down.

Go handle her.



No one slows us down.



What a mess.

Yeah, I know.

They should've strapped
more of this gear down.

No, I'm talking about them.

I don't know which one has worse taste.

She's a serial killer.

We need to get that
nuke away from civilians.

Let's get the lay of the land
and check for hostiles.








I'm sensing a lot of
negative energy out there.

Insightful. Thank you.


You can probably guess what this means.

That you have one less
thing in development?


Snow, without that repeller,

how long can this trailer hold them off?

I don't know.

We never stick around
long enough to find out.

This is all I can think to do,
so if this doesn't work...

Then I suppose we'll
find a "higher purpose".

Ever the optimist.

Funny what a year of
space travel does to you.

In that year, did anybody
change the distress code?

Thankfully not.

How much longer?

Yep. One moment.





This is S.H.I.E.L.D. 226.
Does anyone copy?


This is S.H.I.E.L.D. 226.
Does anyone copy?

We copy, we copy. Do you read me?

Yes, this is Agents Fitz and Simmons

with S.H.I.E.L.D. 226.

It's good to hear your voice, Simmons.

Davis, is that you?

Affirmative. This is Agent Davis,

also with S.H.I.E.L.D. 226.

Davis, I think you've
confused your call signs.

No, I'm pretty sure
I'm 226, just like you.

Copy that. Loud and clear.



Simmons, are you, by any
chance, on that spacecraft

that just entered the upper atmosphere?

Yes, we are, and in fact,

it seems our landing
site was compromised.


Whoever the hell is talking, I
know someone else is listening.


I got a message.

I killed your Shrike,
I destroyed your tower,

and I'm coming for you next, Izel.


So you finally remember my name.

Come for me,

and I'll help you remember yours.


You said he was dead. Can't be him.

Then why does it sound
exactly like Coulson?


Seems you're still not
sure what to call yourself.

I never put much stock in names.

I prefer actions.

And yours are lacking.

Last I checked, I took down your crew.

Almost got you, too.

All you had to do was
destroy the entire planet

in the process.

You'd already infected Chronyca
by the time I got there.

I severed the limb, stopped the spread.

Oh! A hero.

What is it you always said?

People fantasize about
doing something heroic,

but in the end, they
save their own skin.

Whose skin are you saving now?

Just the one you're wearing, I hope.

Come see me and find out.

I will.

It's time for you to come to your senses

or to a close.

I don't want to destroy you,

but if I must...

That's funny. I can't wait to kill you.

Are you sure?

Dead certain.

Tell me... why is that?

Because you robbed me of my family,

the woman I love, my home.

And then you took the
one thing I had left...

my memories of them.

It's not that I stole your
memories, Sarge.

It's that you never
had any to begin with.



Get me to that ship. Now.


You recognized his voice.


You know him.

You've been conspiring
against me all along?

No, no. No conspiring, okay?

Honestly, we're the opposite.
We're anti-conspiratorial.

We knew someone who
sounds just like him.

But he's dead.

Please. Izel, there
must be some explanation.

It's simple.

You're telling lies!

Okay, all right. Okay.

Just wait a moment.

Saving your own skin.



Now where do we go?


I've got an idea, but
you're not gonna love it.

Come on.

I don't think this truck
can last much longer.


What about the cloaking?

It won't work. Cloaking hides
us from you, not them.

Looks like we might
die together after all.

Did you say "we"?

I mean, I also said... "die".

All right, everyone, grab a blade!

Don't let anything near the bomb.



Don't worry.

Tinker designed the windows
to withstand any type of...


This close to shutting you up.

Barricade the windows. Come on.







Nice trick.



I'm trying to save your planet.

By slaughtering innocent people?

We all make sacrifices.

So you're okay with the killing, Jaco?

How's that strategy working out for you?

Save a lot of planets lately?

Sarge is doing the best he can.

But he's been at this a while.

He wasn't always a killer.

And you were a baker.

The runt.

Is this what your family
would've wanted?


They'd want me to stop the beast
that took them away from me.

Now, that would be a nice trick.




We're at top speed.

Then drop some weight...
the crew, if you need to.

Just get me to that damn ship!

Well, guess that woman
really did get to you.

Sounded like a war of
words... that she won.

Shut the hell up.

Maybe we should drop some weight.

Maybe we start with you.

Well, I'm just trying to help.

It's been a rough day
for your master plan.

- Keep talking.

What? Your bomb didn't blow,
your boy Jaco's still gone,

and, you know, I just can't
shake the feeling that,

by the end of the day,
I'm getting my plane back.

You're not gonna make it
till the end of the...






- Director!
- Fly the plane!




Stand down!

Not a chance.


I said stand down.



It's over, Sarge.


Told ya.



MACK: All right, this is an extraction.

Get in, get out.

You see the beast, do not
engage under any circumstances.

- We're really going in without those blades?
- Yeah.

What happens if we see a bird zombie?

Shoot it.

And when it gets back up?

Shoot it again.

Quinjet's still prepped for launch.

You'll never make it
off that ship alive.

We won't leave our people behind.

I know how radical
that must sound to you.

Take me with you.

I've spent years tracking Izel,
studying her every move...

all for a chance like this.

I have to do this.

You don't understand
what you're up against.

You're right.

And that's why we're
bringing Jaco along.

But thanks anyways.

Let's move!





They're gonna break through!

They're coming in from every angle!


Fall back. Protect the bomb.

- What are you doing?
- I'm letting them in.







Daisy, what are you doing?!

Maybe one at time we
can handle, but this...

It's a choke point!

Hold your positions.








Are all the females on
your planet this powerful?

They are.


[WHISPERING] You smell nice.







I'll take point.

Me and the ship go way back.

You got it.

What happened to the crew?

Oh, I'm sure they're just fine.


That's her.

Hey, remember,

S.H.I.E.L.D. is a
"Capture, Not Kill" outfit.

Until we verify the
condition of the crew,

proceed with caution.



What did I just say?

Oh. N-Never mind.
G-Good call. Good call.


I'll hold them off. Go get your friends.

Davis, back him up!


That sounds like S.H.I.E.L.D.


I've never been so happy
to hear live ammunition.





Oh, it's so good to see you!



[STRAINED] Hi, sir. Okay.

- That's a bit tight, that is.
- YOYO: Mack. Mack.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. We should
go. Come on. Let's go.





You heard the orders.

We are not to pursue
under any circumstances.

We can end this.


All right.

You take the stairs.
I'll flank around back.






Where is she?

Not here.



How many of the crew members

have turned into those zombie things?

All of them.

That's not a number.


We almost had her. We need to go back.

We got what we came for.

We're outmanned and
outgunned. We get out now.

Jaco, live to fight another day.


They've taken the Quinjet.
There's too many of them.

Please tell me you have
another way out of here.

I might.

All right, go. Go!



And now what?



I like you.

It's because I'm likable.


Is it more Shrike?

I don't think so.





- Bobo!
- What's happening?

Oh! I'm so happy to see you!

Oh, my...

I can't believe it's you!

Who are you, exactly?


How did you guys get here?

The big guy.


Tell Sarge I completed the mission.


You don't have to do that for him, Jaco.

I'm doing this for me.




Jaco, no.

Don't worry.

I'll be a butterfly.








There's a lot of new faces here.

Yeah. It's, uh, it's a lot of strangers.

But they're coming together.

Helps to keep the fridge stocked.

Cheers to that.


♪ One day, you've got it ♪

♪ The next day, you don't ♪

And I thought you'd never come back.

When do I get to hear
stories about deep space?


When we sit down for debrief.

I saw an ocean of lava.

- For real?

I didn't think I could come
back to anything more bizarre,

but I should've known better.

Well, where you been
the last five years...

I'm looking forward to that debrief.

Me too.

♪ So leave the lights on ♪

♪ You're the one I want ♪



You've been staring at her
for, like, at least a half-hour.


Don't be stupid.

So tell me...

How are you holding up?


Should have killed him
the moment I saw him.

I knew it wasn't Coulson.

Kept falling for it anyway.

We all saw something
in Sarge that wasn't there.

But at least we had Jaco.

How did you get him to join us?

I didn't.

I just reminded him
what he was fighting for.

To Jaco.

For seeing Sarge for what he really is.

- Salud.

So, right back at it, huh?

You narrowly escape death again?

Yeah, you can say that.

I mean, it's sad... honestly.

I mean, I took a few days R&R

because I'm still
young and I have a life

and I don't have a spawn
squirming around at home,

but you couldn't wait to get back.


Was he just as much of a pain in the ass

as his old man?



You big baby.

No wonder.

You sleep better here
than you do at home.

I was seriously so worried about you.

I honestly spent several minutes there

where I actually thought
that you were dead.

Well... I'm not.

I'm very, very, very much alive.

Yeah, and you look great, by the way.

Younger... or something.

I haven't really done the math on that,

but I will, 'cause it's your
brain that I inherited.

[CHUCKLES] Oh, and...


... I-I don't want to gloat,
because technically,

the argument was with the other you,

but, uh, you know, you
being here, you prove

that my multiverse
theory was right, so...

Sorry, Bobo. You owe me 20 bucks.

kidding. We didn't bet.

Oh! I did want to show you this, though.

- ♪ So leave the lights on ♪

[WHISPERING] He keeps calling me "Bobo".

That's what you wanted to be called.

So, this is my company.

It's 48,000 square feet.

You got to lay down some roots
if you want to grow fruit.


Oh, which reminds me...


Scotland? Yeah, what about it?

I want to learn everything
about my family heritage.

We... We can... We can go,
we can stay in a castle.

I could buy us a castle.


No, I'm... I'm serious.

I could buy us, like... any castle.

Oh, there's, um...

There's someone I want you to meet.


Hey. What...



Wasn't personal, Snow.


Take him away, boys.

Hey, hey.

Come on.


You're among family now.



♪ Or are you going to let go of me? ♪

Why isn't she in lockup?

Why would she be?

'Cause she's a murderer.

♪ Well, I've tried so hard
to get along with you ♪

[CHUCKLES] Okay, Daisy.

Is that what this is really about?

Uh, what else would it be about?

It's that old chestnut.

Boy meets girl. There's chemistry.

Girl's too afraid to act on it.

Then that same boy
becomes a tech billionaire

and new feelings emerge, namely...


No, I'm pretty sure
it's about the murder.

Could someone lock her up now?

Hey. Hey!

- Wait, you can't...


All right, everyone.

A toast.


To those of you who've served
since the very beginning.

And to those whose
journeys have just begun.

To the agents we've
lost in the line of duty.

As well as those who
have somehow returned.

And to those who stand by us

at our best...

and at our worst.

Because without every single one of you,

there is no S.H.I.E.L.D.

- Hear, hear.
- YO-YO: Salud.














You mind if I come in?


Is everything all right?

Uh, yeah, it's, uh...

I don't mean to keep
you up. It's just, uh...

I have a few things
that, uh, I want to say...

that I've wanted to say.

But, you know, I... I can... um...

I can be slow sometimes, so...

How many beers have you had?

N-No, it's... it's not that. It's...

Uh, t-there are, um...

situations that, uh...

will, um...

will get complicated, no
matter how hard you try...


Today, we survived.
It's been a good night.

Let's not...

I screwed up.

With you.

I screwed up.


We've been through hell and back...

both of us.

And... I figured if...

if I could get you off my mind,

then that would help me be a...

a better Director.

You know, clear-headed, even-handed.

And... did it?

I don't know.

'Cause you're always on my mind.

And today, when they took over Z1

and you weren't there...

I never for a moment
worried you weren't safe.

In fact, I knew you would be.

I always told you not to worry about me.

I know.

And you were right.

I'm not asking for forgiveness now.

Just, uh...

... just a chance to earn it.


All right, um...

Good night.



We can take it slow.



You? Really?

I know you're not much
of a talker, so get to it.