Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–…): Season 6, Episode 6 - Inescapable - full transcript

Fitz and Simmons have fought through space, time and alternate realities to find each other, and now, closer than ever, only their own demons can stop their mission.

Previously on
"Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."...

It has been a long time.

- You know this woman?
- I am a Chronicom.

A particularly lethal one.

Atarah wants to know: How you
were able to travel through time

so that we may go back
and save our world.

We don't actually
know how we did it.

- Dispose of the criminal.
- Stop this now.

If anyone can solve
the mysteries of time travel,

it is Leopold Fitz.

What would motivate him
to do what we need?


The last thing that I would ever
want is for Simmons to be in danger.

And you knew that.



Oh, my God, you're here.

You're here.

Are you okay?
Did they hurt you?

No, I'm fine. Fine.
Did they hurt you badly?

No, no, I'm fine.
I'm fine, now that you're here.


I've got so much
that I want to say.

I searched for you everywhere.

Yeah, I was trying
to find you, too.

Enoch said he sent you
100 years into the future,

if you can believe that.

Not until you see it.

Yeah. Wait, what?

- Really?
- Yeah.

- Well, then, how...
- Um...

How are you here?

That, of course,
is the question...

The question you must answer.

Who the hell are you,
and what is this prison?

This is the Chronicom
that's been hunting us

for the past year.
Story is her home planet...

I am Atarah...

She likes to tell it herself,
I guess.

...a sentient Chronicom
from the planet Chronyca-2.

Yeah, you live near a star in the
constellation known as Cygnus.

Not anymore.

Nothing lives there now.

The planet was set ablaze,
heated to the melting point,

the magma now turned to stone.

It is too late
to save my planet.

Which is why I must now
intervene at an earlier date.

Using time travel?

That's the theory.

If you cooperate,

there would be no reason
to detain you further.

Sorry, but unfortunately,
it's against the laws...

Of physics.

You're a Chronicom.
I don't need to explain causality to you.

It's impossible
to go backwards in time.

Your partner claims otherwise.

But that would create
all sorts of paradoxes.

You have no idea.

You will have at your disposal

the most advanced
Chronicom technology.

Any tool you can imagine
will be produced.

All your knowledge, all your memories
will be instantly accessible, sharable.

Every memory?

That's a bit intrusive.
And it can't be safe.

Not always.

But a problem as difficult as a
time shift requires powerful tools,

like this prison.

Know this... there is no escape.

Any attempt
would only lead to madness.

But your minds
are the key to unlock it.

The only solution for you
is to find a solution for us.

I thought she'd never leave.

Listen, uh...

I've imagined this since I was
in prison and every day since,

and I wanted to do it right,

but now we're stuck
in another prison,

and I don't know if we'll ever
be able to get out of it...

- Fitz.
- No, hold on, hold on.

Just... Just...

Just let me say this.

I've realized

the universe can't stop us.

Because we survived
the bomb of the Atlantic,

we've crossed the galaxy,
more than once...

...just to be together.

So, a love like that
is stronger than any curse.

- You and I, we are uns...
- We're unstoppable together.

Yeah, which is why I can't live
another day without you.

So, I'm asking you,
heart in hand...

- Jemma Simmons, will you marry me?
- Absolutely.


I have to admit, right now,
here with you,

I don't give a damn
if we ever escape.


- Nope.
- Ohh!

I really thought you landed
there after the crash.

- Saldon, the one with the triple sunsets.
- Mm!

We went to Saldon!

We almost died getting there.

Well, we almost died
getting everywhere.

- And at the diamond cliffs.
- Mm-hmm.

Daisy went full rage monster

on the indigenous population
when they attacked.

- They're not pleasant.
- She was working out some issues.

Huh. New issues?

Enoch and I had to stow away
on a Sivian duster to get away.

Hey, that's another thing.
I can speak Sivian now.

- Wow!
- Yeah. No jokes.

Ja givram Sivla.

- I like that.
- Mm-hmm.

- What does it mean?
- It means...

"I speak Sivian."

Did you run into any Kree?

Not recently.

In the future, then?

You really went to the future.

But you're not speaking about it.

Well, I don't know
where to start.

The beginning.

You've been on so many adventures,
and I haven't heard a single exploit.

Or start at the end?

- No.
- So, how did you get back?

'Cause if you did, then maybe we
can actually solve this thing.

I know it started with a monolith.

Still haven't
got used to that yet.

Okay, so... so start at
the beginning of the future

or the end of the pa...

The end of the past...

That is enough to twist you up,
actually, isn't it?

Fitz, please.
Let's just... Let's not.

Does it have the same resonant
frequency as the others?

Please, let's not ruin the moment.

I'm not trying to ruin anything.
I'm just trying to understand.

If everyone made it back,
which I assume they did,

then that means control,

and if we didn't build
the control, who did?

Just stop it!

I don't know why
you won't just tell me!

I don't want to!


I don't want to tell you,
and you can't make me!


Hey... No... Hey!

You've got to be joking me.

This... is madness.


I'm starting to play back
what's-her-name's speech,

and I don't think our minds are
the key to unlocking this prison.

I think our minds
might be the prison.

It could kill them.

You say the human mind
is a powerful thing.

Well, now we have two of them
put together.

Let's see what they can do.

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≡ ≡


Don't... Don't be afraid.

I'm not afraid.
I'm observing.

From a distance.

Well, you're just destined
for the sciences, aren't you?

I'm going to be a biologist
and study cuttlefish.

They can change their skin colors
with chromatophores.

You're gonna do
a lot more than that.

Do you know who I am?

Well, then,
you know that I'm a friend,

so why did you run away?
Why did you come here?

This is where I learn the stars,

memorize my chem tables,

and work out problems
in my head.

- What kind of problems in your head?
- All kinds.

My dreams float up to the stars,

and my troubles are locked up
tight in the music box.

that's a nice little system.

- Is there anything troubling you now?
- This one!

Read me this one.

You... Okay.

You want me to read you
a bedtime story?

You know, I-I think I should
probably take you out of here,

because this might be the madness

- that she was talking...
- Daddy!

The strange man in my room
wants to abduct me

- and take me...
- Shh-shh... Shut your... Shhhhhh.

I'll read you the story.

For the love of Pete...

It's about a boy and his imaginary
friend that are lost in the stars.

Is it, now?

What's it called?

That's not a good book.
That's a bad book...

Bad story, very poorly written.

Okay, I don't think it's safe here.
We should get you out now.

I'm sure your daddy
will understand.

What is wrong with you?

I am functioning optimally.

You're the one who is
avoiding the task at hand.

Oh, I'm sorry.

I was just...
I was just figuring out

that you put us in a mind prison
and you lied to us about it!

I don't like it here.

Then figure your way out.

- She's 7.
- And a half.

Okay, return Simmons back
to her adult age, please.

If she has regressed,
it is in her search for answers.

Perhaps they are
the answers I seek.

Hey! No, missy.
We do not play with that.

Okay. Yeah, no, that's...
That's not normal or helpful.

You're messing with our minds.
It's extremely dangerous.

The most powerful tools
always are.

So, if you plan on surviving,

I suggest focusing your energy
in a more productive way.

I mean...


Fitz is not wrong.

Using the cerebral fusion machine
on humans is high-risk, unethical.

Chronicoms have used
this technology to great effect.

There is no better way to mine
the data of separate minds

to solve the problem at hand.

But humans have emotional problems.
Don't you understand?

You seem to be developing some of your own.

We've lost our home, Enoch.

- We are fighting for our very existence.
- And must be at our best.

But if Fitz were here,
I believe he would say

you are being
the absolute worst.

You are being, without a doubt,
the supreme, absolute worst!

- You are a butt face!
- Oh, that's charming.

What is that?

- What are you hiding? Give it!
- No! It's our escape plan.

Give it now!

- What is it?
- Mononitrotoluene.


As in a precursor to TNT?

This is
a representational space.

There's nothing to blow a hole in
here, except the side of your brain.

You're better off cooking up
some cocaine or unicorn tears.

I don't have a memory of either
of those things to pull from.

My supplies were limited.

How are you with spectral theory
or eigenvalues?

I'm still learning integrals.

Oh, are you?
Well, it looks like someone's

only gonna have two PhDs by
the time they're 17, doesn't it?

- Time travel is science fiction, stupid!
- Oh, grow up!

You're the one that said
it was possible, you littl...


Grow up.
Just literally grow up.

This is an adult problem.

You and I are supposed to
be unstoppable.

Well, if you won't help me,

I could turn to
somebody else, couldn't I?

I could imagine anything I want
in this room.

I could boot up an LMD.

Maybe AIDA.

She could really handle
the computations...

Don't you dare.

Ha! I knew
that would get you back.

Reboot the robot that locked us
in our last mind prison?

You're back. Good.
Don't be mad.

She was the most destructive
force in our life.

Why would you think
that would be a good idea

- to bring her in here?
- Oh, I'm sorry that I was childish.

It's just last time
I asked you about the future,

you turned into a 7-year-old
and you hid under your bed!

Don't need a shrink to tell us
that means something.

What are you so afraid of?



He's here.

They brought him home.

It's good to see you.

Please, not this memory.

If you're ready to see him...

Either way, we understand.

What's going on, Mack?

No, wait.
Don't, um...

I don't want you to see...

Just let me explain first.

We can't...

We can't just leave him like this.

We're here for him now.
Preparations are being made.

Are they gonna tell his mother?

Simmons has reservations.

No one knew what to say to me.

And I didn't know
how to tell you.

How is that possible?

You said
there would be paradoxes.

This was one of them.

Simmons needs to say goodbye.

This isn't healthy.

We need to do something...
Um, have a service, something.

We will.
But what if she's right?

So, I made it to the future,
and then I made the journey back?

It was a loop
of the end of the world.

And you died to help break it.
You died a hero.

I think I'm gonna pass out.

Did... Did they...
Did they understand?

I made quite a scene with Mack.
He thought I'd lost my mind.

I had.

Even if it's true,
what if she doesn't find him?

I-It takes Heaven and Earth...

Luckily, I know a Director
who believes in those things.

Mack took your death very hard,
demanded a ceremony.

But he was also the first one to help
me retrofit the Zephyr for the search.


I don't need to see this part.

I wanted to tell you
the right way.

I thought you'd want his ring.


Jemma, did you and I...

Had I... Had I made that
proposal to you before?

I'm sorry.

I missed my own wedding.

No, you just
haven't had yours yet.

Listen, I know it's a lot,
but you have to...

- Hey. No, I can't.
- It's a miracle you survived.

And there was a lot of death,

- yes, but there was beauty, too.
- I can't. No, I can't.

What, there's more death
than this?

What are you doing out of bed?

Had to see him.

He has to take care of himself.

You know
you'd do the same thing.

What's wrong with Coulson?

Why are they talking about him
like that?

Well, Fitz,
he was sick for a long time.

He... He hid it from us all.

That's... That's too much.

- I got... I got to get out of here.
- That's too much.

- He's out there, isn't he?
- Yes, sir.

Then get to work.

Yes, sir.

We could use your skills.

No alien messes with us
when we have you.

I can't leave Mack right now.

Yeah, but the way things
ended, it might be good to get away.

- Did you hear that?
- Yeah, but it's not about that.

He's not the same anymore.

Something's going on.
I can feel it.

Wait... right. This is a memory.
Why this moment?

The stress is getting to him.

- He's pushing himself too hard.
- "He's pushing himself too hard."

And if I'm not there for him,
I'm afraid something's going to break.

- You're late.
- Oh. Good to see you, too.

Yeah, no, s-sorry.

It's just 'cause you said

you were gonna come at 9:00,
and, uh...

uh, it's 9:24,
and so I thought you blew me off.

No, I ran into Professor Weaver
on the quad.

She trapped me in a
good conversation.


Yeah, she does... she can...
Well, she does that.



- Just... Place is a bit of a mess.
- Is it? You should see my room.


I mean, yeah, whenever. If that
happens. I don't care.

Thanks for...
Thanks for coming over.

Yeah, you wanted my help
with a problem?

Uh, yeah, sort of. Well, I mean,
I don't really need your help.

- I can solve it by myself.
- Just...

In lab, you seem like
a good sounding board.

Sounding board?

Yeah. Just means
to bounce ideas off.

So, I'm good at reflecting
your ideas back at you,

- like a wall... Like a thick wall.
- Ohh.

No, no, what I mean
is you're good at clarifying

which ideas are, uh,
heading in the right direction

and mapping
consequential results.

For an organized person,
your thoughts are a bloody mess.

Yeah, um...

I-I-I think... I think I need
some help clearing them up.

I just... I haven't slept.

And what problem
are we solving tonight?

That depends.

Whose memory is this,
yours or mine?

We share this memory.

Yeah, 'cause I remember
this being the night

where I went from being
excruciatingly uncomfortable

in your presence to...

perfectly at ease.

I remember it as the night
I put you in the friend zone.

And I also remember
how manic you were

and thinking that genius is
just a tick away from madness.

Yeah, let's not talk about madness.
I'm barely holding it together.

- I can see that.
- Um, I'm working on a problem

to try and get out of this prison,

and the only way to do that
is to solve time.

And then I think about
the hell that you went through

- and the pain of not being there.
- Slow down, Fitz.

And if an entire race
of Chronicoms is feeling that

and we can stop it, then...
then... Then maybe we should.

Take control of time,
undo whatever we want.

Fitz, slow down!

This is why I was careful telling
you everything. Your mind is...

- It's been through a lot...
- What?

...and I'm afraid,
under too much pressure...

Oh, what, I'll crack?
That's ludicrous.

I know you've been hearing him.

You had a pretty bad
mental break when you got back.

All right, well... well... well,
why don't you just pi... Pile it all on?

- That wasn't me.
- That's what I'm afraid of.

I know the Framework stuck with you.
You try to ignore it and push it down.

I'm perfectly... I'm perfectly...
I'm perfectly in control of myself.

been trapped inside your mind.

Hey, stop.

And now we're trapped
inside your mind with him.


Leopold is coming.

- He's coming for us.
- We need to get out of here now.

Did you think you could
play in the shadows without me?

This is what
I was afraid of. I saw this coming.

We'll find a way.

We're gonna be okay.

We're gonna be okay.

- Uh...
- It's gonna be okay.

It's gonna be okay.

It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay.

- Yes. I mean, I found you.
- Simmons?

So we've got to be all right.
You have a dark side. That's okay.

Everything has to be okay.


Oh, no.

Get back in your box!


- A pillow?!
- That's all I had.

What the bloody hell
is that thing?!

Listen, I would remind you
that we came in here

because your Hydra fascist
shadow was trying to kill us.

Oh, so you unleashed the bloody
Ringu Monster that you keep in a box!

I don't hold a candle to you, psycho!

Daddy taught me to put
my troubles away in a little box

so they wouldn't keep me up at night.
Bad feelings... Anger, fear, pain...

I would just put them
inside the little box,

and they would stay in there,
nice and neat and crushed.

You need therapy. You have some
deep, deep, pent-up issues.

It's been a rough year!

I want out! Aah!

I had no idea.

I had no idea you were
holding on to all that.

What's the point? Don't let
anyone know. That's the whole idea.

You are so English.

Where are we? Is this the bunker
underneath the lighthouse?

Yep, our new
S.H.I.E.L.D. HQ.

Oh, perfect. Well, there's no better
place to lay low

- than Strategic Homeland Intervention...
- Yeah, it's an awful acronym.

Yeah, I agree.

You'd think I'd feel safe here,
but I don't.

Every nightmare we've endured can
be traced back to one single moment.

Relax, it's no big deal.

- He's just an agent.
- Just an agent?

- Have you not heard the stories about...
- Yes, I heard the stories. Don't be weird.


Thank you for coming in.

Of course, sir.

I am Agent Jemma Simmons.

- And this is...
- This is ...I am Leopold Fitz.

Fitz-Simmons, yes.

You know, when I first
heard about you,

I thought you were one person.

That's how everyone
talks about you.

Fitz-Simmons, the brain,
topped out of your class

after being the two youngest
ever enrolled.

Well, there can only be
one youngest, sir.

As if that wasn't enough attention,
you recently mounted an unauthorized

"bio-fuel demonstration,"
the results of which...

- Was her fault. - Her fault.
- Yep, that was her. That was her.

- It was. - No...
- It was you. It was you.

You underestimated
the propellant's burn rate.

You're the one who increased...

- the concentration.
- Shut up.

- And at that level of concentration,
- Shut up....

- it was bound...
- To explode? It exploded, right?

You're lucky no one was hurt.

Well, we were the only ones
in the blast radius.

Look, the powers that be didn't
believe an algae bio-fuel

hydrogen cell could power a
Quinjet, so...

Well, they do now. And the powers
that be have also recommended...

I told you.
We're getting transferred to...

- Shut up.
- One of the poles.

...have also recommended you
for my team.

The... f-field... team?

This is an honor.
Thank you for this opportunity.

Yeah, we would love
the chance to discuss it

and think about it more,
I think, probably, alone.

- Of course.
- Yeah.

Look. I know the field
isn't for everyone.

Some people want to remain
behind the scenes. I get it.

But to be out there,
seeing the lives you're changing,

you end up being the one
most changed by it.

I found him so inspiring
that day. You still needed a push.

Yeah, well, look at
what happened because of it.

What was that thing
you kept on saying? Um...

Do you not think
I have guilt about that?

Oh, yes, that's it.

"Chin up, Fitz.
There's nothing to be afraid of."

Well, maybe now
you can tell him...




- Fitz?
- Jemma!

- Fitz!
- Yeah!


I'm here.

Oh, so predictable.

Do you really think
that little of him?


I was comfortable once,
until you showed up.

You were miserable. Your father
manipulated you. And AIDA...

I finally
found a worthy partner.

A robot to stroke your ego.

You've been keeping things
from me.

So... I'm gonna take what few
interesting crumbs of memories you have,

and then...

I'm gonna hollow you out.

Jemma... No...

You cause pain.

My turn.

Their minds are at war
with themselves.

- They're in the red.
- I know, and I don't care.

They could end up brain-dead,
and you get nothing.

Pull them out, Atarah.

It is the right thing to do.

Do not do anything reckless.

You have a choice, Enoch...

Work in harmony with your fellow
Chronicoms or be dismantled.

Something to bite on?

It's gonna hurt.
I prefer silence.


But... B... I...
I thought that you loved me.

You're only part of Fitz's pain,
to be controlled.

That sounds fun. Like how you control
that... thing in the music box?

She's the part I'll take last.

Oh! God!

I wonder if your bones or lungs
will go first.

- Simmons? Hey, what are you doing?
- Biology.

I like dissections.

- Oh, no.
- Soft belly.

Oh! God!

Your friends joke about how
you two share the same mind.

If only they could see you now.

We are sharing the same minds.

I'm not doing this alone.
I'm not doing this alone.

We have each other.

I-I'm not doing this alone.

You said this was mine.

This isn't real!
This isn't real!


We don't only have each other.

- We have our...
- ...friends.

- You called for - backup?
Yes, I did.

I got this. Go.

Glad you're okay, Turbo.

- Mack!
- Run!


- You are one sick, twisted piece of work.
- I should strangle you right now.

The true you just cut my
heart out with her bone knife!

Well, now you know how it feels!

Oh, ha ha ha!
Hilarious comeback.

Yes, because your shadow self
just tried to erase my brain

with a torture machine!

Well, o-okay, right.

- Well, that... that is terrible...
- Yes.

...but you did shoot his father.
That's called revenge.

- Oh...
- I don't know what I did

- to deserve that horror movie!
- Are you kidding?!

- I never knew pain until I met you!
- Oh, please.

- Your little music box...
- Hey, that box worked, okay?

- It was nice... a nice way...
- Ohh...

- contain little things...
- Suppress.

- And keep things nice and neat and tidy...
- Deep resentments...

- Oh, you're so English.
- ...and orderly.

Yeah, you said that before.
Please elaborate.

- What does that even mean?
- Prim and proper and bottled up...

How is that even an insult?

...and holier than thou, but actually,

Oh! My god.

...Right, yeah, how Scottish of you
to pick a fight on those grounds!

You know, you hurt me
just as much as I hurt you.

I was dying on the inside
when you left,

- abandoned me after my brain injury.
- Hey, that is not fair.

And then you get taken away
by some rock,

only to fall in love
with some bloody astronaut...

I was alone on a desert planet.

...who turned out to be Hive,
by the way.

Oh, and also, are we sure
that that happened

- after you slept with him?
- Oh, my God.

Because, hey,
the jury's still out on that one.

Oh, you want to go there?
At least he was a person!

You built a robot girlfriend...

Well, that's bending the truth.

...and, left to your own devices,
turned into a Nazi dictator.

Wait, is that... is that bending
the truth? No! No, it's not!

Yeah, and I suppose you're the
one that's keeping me together.

- It would seem so.
- Yes. Holier than thou, proving my point!

Because you want to build
everything your brain comes up with,

so you couch it in "helping
mankind, helping friends."

But the Framework revealed
the truth... it's all ego.

- Oh, ego?
- Yeah.

- I would love to deal with ego.
- Would you?

- Guess why.
- Why?

'Cause your id's out there
chewing Mack's head off.

Oh, really?!

- Ow.
- We're the same, Jemma.

You just like to repress
your bad thoughts

and pretend
that it's not happening.

Y-Your ego likes to pretend
you're Jane Goodall,

saving helpless,
little creatures like me.

I do not!

When in fact,
if it was you in the Framework,

the place would look like
"Night of the Living Dead."

- I do not think I'm saving you!
- Of course you do.

Calming my manic mind
in the dorm room or... or...

Or taking Coulson up on his offer
to get me into the field... Oh, God.

Listen, if anything, it's always
you what's saving me.

- All right, don't start that.
- Yes, yes.

Because you saved me in the
future, you saved me on Maveth,

and you saved me when we were
trapped in the bottom of the ocean.

Had to mention it, didn't ya?

Don't even think about
getting in the way.

I mean, why would you
design this thing

without any internal controls?!

Because it's a containment pod.

Well, I guess we're stuck
in here together!

Yeah, well, that's what
"'Til death do us part" means.

You don't get a free pass
'cause I died once already.

Hey, don't joke about that!

That messed me up!
All my damage comes from you!

Well, all my pain
comes from you.

And I'm allowed
to want to save you!

I'll save you every time or
I'll die trying. I don't care!

Me, too, because I love you!

- Yeah, well, I love you, too!
- Well, then, why are we yelling?!

I don't know!

I'm exhausted.

We're gonna have to face
those things out there.

And we might
actually die trying.

Unstoppable together?

What... the hell?



That... is abso...

Oh. Oh, wow.

- Didn't know you liked that.
- Didn't know you'd do that.

Fitz, we're obviously
made for each other,

- Uh-huh.
- And...

I'm sorry I can't give you back
the time you missed.

But I can give you me.
Now and forever.

The whole universe couldn't keep
me from you, Jemma Simmons.

I am the luckiest man

on any planet.

Well... that was 5 minutes
and 33 seconds wasted.

- Are you ready to get back to work?
- Okay, listen.

I'm sorry about what happened
to your planet,

and I really want to help Enoch,
but time travel is a nasty business.

And I don't know that I want
to be any part of it.

So, if we have to spend
the rest of our days

in this prison together,
then so be it.

You won't be together.

You'll be...


I have taken bold action.

We must go.

Embrace me.

Oh. I almost forgot.

You're a grandfather.

What the bloody hell
does that...

I can't believe it.


I wanted to.

I prayed, but I...

He's okay.

He's not... okay.
He's locked up in prison...

- In space prison, with Simmons.
- Oh, they'll be fine.

The Chronicoms need them, right?
Yeah, they're safe for now.

Besides, these two, they...

They can survive anything.

I bet you 100 bucks they already
busted out of the place.

Look... even if I had
more jump cells available,

I can't send you out right now.

Talk to me.

- The Chronicom world was attacked?
- That's what I heard.

I've seen the footage.

And they weren't just attacked.

Their entire planet
was laid waste.

And the ones who did it...

- ...they're...
- They're here?, yeah.
Yeah, they...

You kind of... stepped on my
moment there, but yeah.

They're here.