Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–…): Season 6, Episode 5 - The Other Thing - full transcript

Sarge has May; Altarah has Daisy, Enoch and Simmons; and now, there are two planets that need saving.

Previously on
"Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."...

Leopold Fitz is a wanted man.

Wanted for what?

Tampering with the universe.

FITZ: Jemma?


You should not be here.

I've been looking
all over for you.

YO-YO: So, Fake Coulson put
a parasite in this man.

And implanted him with this.



Everybody down!

YO-YO: Where did it go?



♪ ♪

One of the guys in there is the
spitting image of Phil Coulson.

- Let's go!
- I've got the girl in my sights.

- Any sign of him?
- MACK: Not yet.


If you're not gonna kill me,
then what do you want?

You're about to find out.



♪ ♪

♪ ♪



What are you doing?

I like watching you sleep.

♪ ♪

This whole island's
like a sound machine.

Was I snoring?

Little bit.



♪ ♪





♪ ♪

♪ ♪



♪ ♪

♪ ♪


♪ ♪


Why... am I dizzy?

Because you have
violent tendencies.

A little concoction
in the water you drank.

But nap time's over.

♪ ♪


♪ ♪



We're pretty isolated out here.

Shouldn't be any interference.

It's a bag and gag.

Keep it simple.
Check in when you're done.

So serious for such a pretty face.


Pax and Jaco are gone.

You're all I've got.

I need to know
you can handle this.

Yes, Sarge.
I've got it.

Unless you'd rather go.

I'd be happy to keep
our guest company.

She has so much potential.

You know...
you're gonna do great.


Later, then.

Happy hunting.



♪ ♪

♪ ♪

Well, look at us.

All by our lonesomes at last.

What do you want?

Why am I here?

I'm gonna turn you.

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♪ ♪

♪ ♪

Director. We just got word.
Deke Shaw's out of surgery.

He's sedated.

It's hard to imagine him
actually quiet.

Small miracles, I guess.

It looks like he'll be fine.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪


Wait up.

How are you doing?

I've been working the prisoners.

Haven't gotten anything useful
except they, uh...

They call their boss Sarge.

The big guy barely talks,
and the squirrelly kid won't stop...

That's not what I meant.

- I know you and Keller were...
- You don't have to.

- May's out there somewhere.
- I have people working on that.

Just take a minute.

You lost someone.
That's never easy.

I'm getting used to losing people.


I didn't have a choice.

This isn't a job I take lightly.

- I have to be responsible for everyone.
- I wasn't getting in the way of that.

I was afraid...

Afraid that I couldn't
measure up to Coulson.

And now his double's out there
killing people, and we've lost...

We've lost agents.

I feel like I'm losing control.

You used to be the one
I turned to.

What do you want, Mack?

I take your orders
without question.

You need more from me...


That's what I thought.



♪ ♪

Benson's working on that bird creature,

so we should have an answer
as to what it is soon.

Are you sure
Benson's up for this?

I mean, he has his demons,
but we all do.

Did he make a mistake
with Keller?

I don't know, but, um...

you might want to keep an eye on him...

♪ ♪

ENOCH: There is no hope,

only loss.



I have become a cautionary tale

used to steer children away
from a life of crime and excess.


Would it be rude to turn him off?

His constant complaining
is giving me a headache.


Yeah, well, you are the Puff-Head
who got high and shot up

our super-threatening fuse box, so...

Never mind. Sorry I was wrong.
The source of the headache is Piper.

Definitely Piper.

Okay, Enoch, we made...

a lot of noise on Kitson,

and we only have enough fuel
for one more jump left,

- So we can't hang around up here.
- Yeah, we need to plot a course.

Who was that bounty hunter, and
why would he have taken Fitz?

Poor Fitz.

Though now I walk alone,

I will never forget
my one and only friend.

Your only friend?

But you have us.

When last we met,

I forcibly abducted your team and
sent you all into a dystopian future.

Yeah, maybe not the best start, but
in the end, you really came through.

I did?

In the future,
you sacrificed yourself for us.

Without you, we never would
have been able to get home

and save Earth from destruction.

The human race has survived
its extinction-level event?

And it was all because of...

Our very, very good friend.

But if I have completed my mission,
why are Chronicom hunters after me?

We thought those guys
were from the Confederacy.

That would be much preferred.

Hunters are the most feared of
the Chronicoms... Relentless.

They will never release Fitz.

And I will never stop fighting.

I saw Fitz with my own eyes.
I'm not going to quit now.



What's happening?

Is everyone okay?

- Davis, you junkie, what did you do?
- It wasn't me! Something's hit us.

Nav-Systems, thrusters...
Everything's down.


♪ ♪

Get us back online.
Plot a course to the nearest system.

♪ ♪

Oh, dear.



♪ ♪

You keep staring like that,

my head's bound to catch fire.

Fine by me.

♪ ♪

No wonder Snow likes you.

Between us,

that girl might enjoy her job
a little too much.

But she's loyal,

so what can you do?


I've been to a lot of worlds,

some good, some garbage.

But I've never been to one
where people recognize my face.


But it's not just that.
Everyone's acting like they know me.

♪ ♪

You seem to hate me most of all.

♪ ♪

So let's get into it.


♪ ♪


It won't take the Remorath long
to get through that door.

Then it's lights out, claws out.

- We need guns.
- On it.

- And cover. Give me a hand?
- Yeah.

A ship identical to the many that
surround us came after Fitz and me.

We barely escaped in the ejection pod.


Take aim. As soon as they're inside,
open fire.

- Copy that.
- Ready.

If they wanted us dead,
they would cut this ship in two.

Dropping aliens is what I do.

- What is wrong with you?
- Sorry.

Perhaps it is not
the Confederacy at all.

Enoch! No, no, stop!

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

Hello, Atarah.


It has been a long time.

You look the same.

As do you.

You know this woman?

I have no gender.

I am a Chronicom.

A particularly lethal one
and no fan of mine.

Before I came to Earth,
Atarah was my superior and...

We have pursued you
for some time.

Enoch, you are to be judged for
tampering with the universe.

♪ ♪

Then I will face my punishment.

- Come on, man. Not cool.
- Don't lock us in here.

We hardly even know that Enoch.

Yeah, and my buddy here is
nursing a wicked hangover.

I mean, can we at least get
some water or something?

He gets cranky!

- Cranky?

I was being nice.
You're a whiny bitch.

♪ ♪


♪ ♪

I-I don't understand. We thought
this was a Confederacy ship.

It was, and now it's not.

♪ ♪


Even for you,
this is highly aggressive.

Why have you taken such action?

In order to survive.

♪ ♪

You're being
purposefully ominous.

You're hiding something.

Our home world
has been destroyed.

All that remains of the Chronicom
race are aboard this fleet.

Chronyca-2 is gone?
That cannot be.

My God.

Tell us what happened.

In recent years, there were whispers
of strange phenomena on distant planets,

entire worlds mysteriously destroyed.

We never imagined
it would happen to ours.

It began slowly...

Minor distortions in the fabric
of space that released a plague.

There was a great debate,

but we failed to act.

And then it was too late.

The effects spread rapidly,
consuming our planet.

These distortions...
What caused them?


And you were able to
seize these ships?

The Confederacy came to us,
eager to pick our planet's bones clean.

They were not expecting resistance.

We fought back.

So, you defeated the Confederacy, but
you weren't able to save your planet.

We observe and guide events,

occasionally with violence.

We do not engage in conflict.

We took their warships
because we had none of our own,

and this threat was
something else entirely.

I'm sorry. This is a tragedy,
but what does it have to do with us?

I presume Atarah wants to know

how you were able
to travel through time

so that we may go back
and save our world.

It's not that simple.

You deny that you meddled
with the course of events?

No, but we don't make a point
of helping people play with time

- that have been trying to kill us.
- It's complicated.

We don't actually know
how we did it.

- Lies. A favorite human pastime.
- We're telling you the truth.

Hard to say.

But I was prepared.





What is this?





Stop this!

Hurt Fitz one more time,
and I will tear this ship apart.

I've heard reports
of what Quake can do,

which is why Leopold Fitz
is being held on another ship.

If any harm comes to me,

those ships will scatter
across the galaxy.


or you will never find him.

♪ ♪

So, how'd he die?

The guy said you wouldn't
leave Coulson's side,

but the way you're
always staring at me...

Did you kill him?


It's the other thing.

Okay, now we're getting somewhere.
And he died. So sad.

So this...

This must really be
messing with your head.

I didn't kill him, but I am going to kill
you, and I'm gonna make sure it hurts.


So, this imposter...
What was he?


- He was a person. What are you?
- Not buying it.

Out of the whole galaxy,

he just happened to be on
a planet that I ended up on?

- Try again. What was he?
- Decent.

Everything you're not.

♪ ♪

Well, you know what they say...

Every dream is
someone else's nightmare.

You're the imposter.

And if you don't know that,
then you're worse off than I thought.

I know where Coulson was born,

who his parents were,

seen pictures of him as a kid.

I know how he lived and died.


So, the question you should be
asking is: Who the hell are you?


♪ ♪

Talk to me.

Bagged and gagged.
Basement level.

Nicely done.

We're gonna have to finish
our little chat later.

- Will you stop laughing?

It sounds weird.

It's just...
Did you, uh, read that in a book,

'cause that's such a cheesy way
to ask a girl out for a date.

Like I said, I planned to say it,
but as you know,

- I never did.
- You chickened out.

You were very
intimidating back then.

You were too nerdy
for me back then.

Oh, really?

Yes, ma'am.



- Too much wine?
- (SIGHS) No, it's the other thing.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪


- What is this?
- Initiation.

- You're gonna kill him.
- Like hell I am.

You're gonna do great.

When the screaming starts,

you want to stab this
up under his ribcage.

No one's gonna hurt you.
I'm gonna...

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

Best of luck.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪



♪ ♪




♪ ♪

♪ ♪


♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪


♪ ♪


♪ ♪

♪ ♪

I knew you'd come around.

Can we keep her, Sarge?

Welcome aboard.

What was that thing?

♪ ♪


Where are we with Keller?


I'm examining the substance
that grew out of him,

but I never got certified
for parasitic alien birds,

so who the hell knows.

- Yeah, it's a first for us, too.

Well, here's hoping
it's the last.


I-I-I need a night off.

This job is stressful.

You can cope however you like,
as long as it's done responsibly.

Oh, dear Lord.
Is this "the talk"?

Take a look under that sheet.

Stone-cold sober or blackout drunk,

there was no stopping that.

I don't doubt it,
but there have been some concerns.

Agent Rodriguez.

People need to know
you have their backs

and we have you at your best.

My best was 20 years ago.

But Rodriguez was right
about one thing...

This knife stopped
whatever that creature was.

It took a while,
but it's finally dead.

Now, if you don't mind,
I got work to do.

ENOCH: You have made
a grave mistake.

Leopold Fitz is not our enemy.
You need to release him.

Incorrect. You need to help.
They have the answers we need.

He is our leverage.


has been a most loyal companion.

He and I have had
many adventures together.

I am trying to save
our entire race,

and you are concerned about
the welfare of one human. Why?

Because we have recently
become best friends.

It seems Earth has made you soft.

I do not disagree
that I have changed...

but I believe,
it is for the better.

One must change to grow.

I hardly recognize you anymore.

The Enoch I invited into
my charging pod was reckless...

but not a traitor.

I cannot believe I ever granted
you access to my data port.

The fate of the Chronicoms
is at stake here.

You refuse to assist me,

then I will proceed my way.

Your way?

ATARAH: If you will not answer
my questions,

I have no further use
for your friend.


dispose of the criminal
on my command.

No, wait!

- Bring him back.
- Daisy.

- Stop this now.
- Then give me what I want.

There was a machine that
controlled a time monolith,

but it was in the future,
and it's been destroyed.

- That's all we know.
- Who built this machine?

We have no idea.

- Convenient.
- It's true!

The machine was there
when we arrived.

It was built on old designs.

If so, that is most unfortunate.

Perhaps I have no further use
for any of you.

Enoch, help us stop this.

I have not seen this future myself, but
there is only one logical conclusion.

If anyone can solve the mysteries
of time travel, it is Leopold Fitz.

- This is true?
- It's possible.

Likely, even,
but he hasn't done it yet,

and the chances of him
re-creating it are next to zero.

- Explain.
- If he did this,

he'd have his whole life
to figure it out

and the end of the world
as motivation.

You claim he is your best friend,
but we are the last of our kind.

You have knowledge
that could aid us.

What would motivate him
to do what we need?

♪ ♪


Put Jemma Simmons in danger,
and Fitz can solve anything.

- What the hell?
- Enoch!

Let him live and her.
Kill the others.

They need Fitz alive, which
means they won't kill him.

And I can kick her ass.


Let's go.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

Here to spy on me again?

I rescued you,
in case you forgot.

I killed Keller
to save your life.

Well, if you hadn't, we would
likely have lost the Lighthouse.

I've made hard choices before.

Being right doesn't stop it
from feeling wrong.

♪ ♪

I know what you mean.

Two years back, I got a call.

Car crash.

Your husband?


machines breathing for him...

Tom didn't want that.

His family fought me on it,
but after a few days,

I had them turn off
the ventilator.

They never will forgive me.

It's the hardest choice
I've ever made,

but I took comfort in
knowing it was the right one.

And so should you.



So, the knife did kill it.

The blade generated
a chemical reaction,

paralyzing the creature,

and after six hours, it took on an
inert, hardened state and expired.

Under a microscope,

the creature now has a makeup
similar to those spikes...

A strange,
crystalline structure.

Obviously, I have never
seen anything like it.

♪ ♪

We have.

SARGE: They come from another world.

They're called the Shrike.

Primal, simple beings.

They jump to a new world
and infect a host.

If the host gets taken out, they go
berserk in search of a new one.

MAY: You did that just to make
a point. It could've killed me.

I figured
you could handle yourself.

Besides, you kind of have
to see it to believe it.

When it couldn't get to me,
it started screaming, changing.

Supercharging, turning the host's
energy into pure destruction.

Left unchecked...

Well, it's a good thing
you came to your senses.

♪ ♪

You're not creating these things.
You're trying to stop them.

We follow them to a new world,

then track anything that doesn't
belong there and kill it.

That's why you came after Deke.

Our tracker shows he's not from
here, but he's no Shrike.

- What is he?
- Exhausting.

MACK: Nothing good has come
from these things.

And these monoliths,
each had unique capabilities,

- controlled something different?
- Yeah.

Space, time, and this one,
we never found out.

MACK: We don't know where they're
from or really much at all,

but they're extremely powerful.

- Well, molecularly...

- ...their growths appear to be similar.
- Which means what?

Well, if monoliths control
space and time,

maybe these control life and death.

So, if there are more of these
creatures, then how bad could it get,

- and what are they after?
- Keller said the man was, uh,

headed towards a Ley Lines
convergence point.

A week ago, I would have said
this was hippy-dippy nonsense.

But Ley Lines are believed to be
a matrix of planetary energy.

We've seen what these birds
do with human energy.

Now, if the creature had made it
to a convergence point

and initiated the same process,
the result would be...


What was that word he said?
The man in the brick wall?

He was repeating it.

- Pachakutiq. It's coming.
- What does it mean?

The death of everything.

- You've seen it for yourself?
- Too many times.

They're singular and focused,
serving only their creator.


- A person?
- A monster.

This is the closest
I've come to stopping it,

and I've been hunting for
as long as I can remember.

And how long is that exactly?
What do you remember?

A few weeks? A year back?
You got anything before that?

I've been tearing my way through this
galaxy since before you were born.

You don't look old enough for that.

I've lived on planets moving
at almost the speed of light.

I've been alive for
100 of your years,

and I'll be alive 100 years
after you're gone.

Your man may have run out
of time, but for me...

BOTH: The tick of the clock
is only getting louder.

Don't joke about that anymore.

- You know I hate it.
- I'm talking about you and what's next.

I'm saying the Academy,
it's not a bad idea.

- You'd make a great teacher.
- (CHUCKLES) Sounds like hell.

You know what they say...

Every dream is
someone else's nightmare.

- Wait. What did you say?
- The Shrike are a cancer.

I'm gonna make sure this is the
last planet they ever infect.

How do you plan to do that?

To stop the spread,
you cut off the limb.

When their creator arrives,
I'm gonna burn it all down.

- (GRUNTING) You're not even trying.
- Yeah, speak for yourself.

Then why am I
the only one sweating?

It's 'cause you haven't worked out
in weeks, and it's starting to show.

♪ ♪

- We could've saved ourselves.
- We're fine. - We're leaving.

- Great.
- Okay.

- What's the plan?
- Get to Z1, turn the power back on,

and get the hell out of here.

♪ ♪

Found them.

♪ ♪

Surrender, and I will guarantee
a bloodless and efficient death.

- Well, that sounds reasonable.
- New plan... We fight.

All right, let's do this.

- I'm thirsty.
- Take them.

- No. Don't shoot. Daisy, don't.
- Simmons, get out of the way.

Enoch was right. Fitz can't solve
time travel without me,

but not as a hostage...
As his partner.

Fitz and I, we're a team.

Let the others leave,
and I'll go with you.

No. No, no, no. Don't do this.

- We will find another way.
- But there isn't one.

We're impossibly outnumbered.
We're unarmed.

Even if we make it to the Zephyr,

there's a fleet of ships waiting
to blast us into oblivion.

This is the end of the road.

You followed me for a year
across the galaxy.

I never would have
made it here without you,

but I won't keep
putting you in danger.

Thank you.
Now go home.

No. Simmons, I...
I can't leave you.

You have to.

Whatever happens, at least I'll be
with Fitz. We'll have each other.


♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

You must like what you see,
always staring at me.

Your boss runs a tight crew.

Everyone has a role.
But you, I can't figure out.

- Because I'm so mysterious.
- I was gonna go with nuts.

He even said you're unhinged.

Probably why he didn't want you
here when we had our talk earlier.

I dig
the unyielding-warrior vibe,

but you've clearly closed
yourself off from the universe.


You don't even know
what you don't know.

I can help you break free from
your chrysalis of negativity.

Whatever you say,
princess butterfly.

- You'll be reborn, and then you'll see...

♪ ♪


- Damn it, lady.

- I told you I'd make it hurt.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

I thought
you were coming around.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪


♪ ♪

He was your dream.
I'm your nightmare.

♪ ♪

I thought you loved this face.

♪ ♪


♪ ♪


♪ ♪

Told you it was easy to drift off.

♪ ♪


♪ ♪


♪ ♪

♪ ♪

- (SIGHS) Mack. I have a favor to ask.
- Yeah, go ahead.

I need a Quinjet and a pilot.

- To go where?
- The Yucatán,

where S.H.I.E.L.D.'s first monolith
was unearthed. Then, South America.

Pachakutiq is an Incan word. I think
there could be some connection.

Is this you going all in, or
are you pulling the ripcord?

Maybe it's a long shot,
but I'd like to try.

With what we're up against,
we need to turn over every stone.

Hmm. Pun intended?


♪ ♪

Redirect our transceivers.
Get a lock on that signal.


DAISY: Lighthouse Control,
this is Zephyr One.

Requesting permission to land.



♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

Welcome back.

I never thought I'd be so happy
to see this dirty, old place.

Amen, brother.

♪ ♪

- Tremors.
- Director.


♪ ♪

Where's Fitz and Simmons?

Sir, Agent May just called.
She's on her way back. She caught him.

Caught who?

♪ ♪


They... They... They...
They won't tell me anything.

Is... Is... Is Jemma okay?

Daisy Johnson and her crew
have returned home.

Jemma Simmons is safe, but...

a prisoner on this ship.

(SIGHS) Okay, assume that I've
asked you all the questions.

Tell me what happened.

The Chronicoms need you to
develop a method of time travel

so that we may go back
and save our home world.

- That's insane.
- Insanity is relative.

What does this got to do with Jemma?
Why is she a prisoner?


What did you do?

I told them that
you were the only one

who could accomplish
this task and that...

That Simmons would serve well as...

You did what?

It was the only way I could
prevent your execution

- and also help my people.
- You useless, no-good automaton.

- There's no need for pejoratives.
- You are the absolute worst!

side, you and Simmons will be together.

The last thing that I would ever
want is for Simmons to be in danger.

And you knew that.
Get out.

♪ ♪

I came here to tell you: We are
nearing our destination and that...

...I will always consider you a friend.


- The hell? Enoch.

- Okay.

♪ ♪