Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–…): Season 5, Episode 9 - Best Laid Plans - full transcript

Mack, Yo-Yo and Flint fight to keep everyone alive by starting a revolution against the Kree.

Previously on
"Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."...

What are they doing
with the shard?

What the hell
did you do to my father?


The Destroyer of Worlds
has proven quite resourceful.

- You want to go after her?
- My orders?

Show no mercy.

Well, I think I know
how they're creating

the artificial gravity
for the station.

Unless I'm mistaken,
and I hope I am, that's...


It's your life
or the lives of billions.

Robin, stay back!

I can't have you
give her the answers.

II raised you? Why me?

You always said one day,
I could help save the world.

When you destroy the world,
you remember this moment.

Remember I tried to stop you.

I'm not leaving with you guys.

Well, I guess we're gonna have to
come up with a plan, then, aren't we?

If we want to survive,

we can't let Kasius pit us
against each other anymore.

All right.

Who's first?

5x09 - Best Laid Plans.

Hold your fire!

- Nice work.
- Yeah?

Why does the guy named Gunner
get stuck throwing rocks?

'Cause you're damn good at it.

- Enemy of my enemy.
- Yeah, puts things in perspective.

He's fighting for a good reason.

For the record, I like
Rebel Peacemaker Mack, too.

- He's sexy.
- Is that right?

Whoa. Two more Kreepers.

This is our floor now.
No Blues allowed.

Hey, slow down, slow down.

We got a long way to go still.

Smile, Turtle Man. We did good.

We got lucky.

But now Kasius
knows we're still here.

They'll be back.

The humans are alive?

- Impossible.
- They killed the Vrellnexians.

And we lost eight soldiers.

- How can that be?
- The humans have guns.

Where on this cursed rock
did they find weapons?!

If even one item doesn't make it
onto my ship whole,

then I fear neither will you!
Am I clear?

An uprising.

Just as I'm on the verge of leaving
this place, Destroyer in hand.

No matter.

Have the doctor awaken
our latest acquisition.

It's time to remind the humans
I am not their enemy.

I am their God.

This Inhuman boy, Flint...
you say his geokinesis

is the key to building a new monolith,
to your returning home?

Technically, Robin said it to May,
but yeah, that's the idea.

And how exactly will that work?

We have a monolith shard
that Simmons said

has a unique crystalline
structure that he can...

It's a rock.

Flint controls rocks.
I don't know.

Won't matter if we can't
make it back to the Lighthouse.

Then we must hope
he remains safe

while we wait out
the intensifying gravity storm.

- By my calculations...
- It'll last for weeks,

and we need to evacuate.
Right, you've been saying that.

Kind of on repeat.

Whatever you're doing, do it faster.

- How we lookin'?
- Terrible.

Zephyr One's been a crash site
for going on 80 years,

so it's a mess.

It's gonna be a while
till comms are up and running.

'Cause I'm pretty sure
generations of space rats

- have lived and died in here.
- Not to ruin the mood, but...

avionics are online.

Agent Coulson, we are evacuating
to the caves for shelter,

- are we not?
- Zephyr flies again, metal man.

I am mostly plastic alloy.
And Chronicoms do not have gender.

We don't have weeks.
We're gonna outrun the storm.

Pull the ground anchors,
fly past as many roaches as we can,

- and land at the Lighthouse.
- You are confident,

despite knowing this will
surely end in your deaths.

We're not gonna
bury our heads in the sand

while our friends are in danger.

Well, so much for avionics.

Rerouting must have
overloaded the MPDU.

Need to try
and bypass the subsystems.

Hey, Plastic, make yourself useful.
Secure this in the back.

Plastics are quite useful,
if not often appreciated.

I'm sorry she had to go like that.

- You want to talk about it?
- I, um...

don't know where to start.

An old woman tells you
that she was your daughter

and that you'll save the planet
from cracking apart...

- doesn't happen every day.
- It's hard to believe.

- That we can do it?
- That... I was a mom.

I just... I can't see it.

- I can.
- Yeah.

You'd be that no phone, no TV,

7:30 curfew kind of mom.

You're kind of...
proving my point with the face.

For Robin's sake,

we need to make sure
this world never comes to be.

Yeah. No matter what.

What are we gonna do with Voss?

I left that up to Deke.

You're upset. I don't blame you.

Think about
what you're doing here.

You killed him.

Me and Owen were lockstep
in almost everything.

Always agreed to pull
these people out of the past,

but once they got here,

we never saw eyetoeye on that.

He thought they'd come
with some grand solution.

I thought killing them
was the solution.

You know how stubborn
your old man could be.

- You were his best friend.
- Yeah.

Up until the day he tried
to end that argument for good.

Came at me with a knife,
and the knife ended up in his throat.

You know he was capable of it.

Not how I wanted it to go down,
but I did what I had to do.

It was all for nothing.
You haven't done a damn thing.

We survived a decade in this hellscape!

You have no idea
what we went through,

what we sacrificed for this.

And now the people responsible
are upstairs.

We could finish it,
but you want to kill me?

You're no killer.

It's fine. Like your dad used
to say, play the long game.

Kasius thinks Quake
is his ticket out of here.

Let him have her.
What's the worst that could happen?

She goes back in time,
you already know what will happen.

Breathe, relax, aim...

slack... squeeze.

- What's going on?
- Check it out, big man.

YoYo's teaching me how to shoot.

One step at a time, hot shot.

Hey! Come on.

You said yourself
the Blues are gonna come back.

And when they do,
we'll fight them.

Not you.

Look, you've seen what I can do.

- All right? I can help.
- We'll deal with it.

- End of discussion.
- Whatever, man.

You know he can handle himself.

- He's killed before.
- Yeah.

But now he's developing
a taste for it.

- As long as he kills the bad guys...
- He's not a soldier, YoYo.

None of these people are.

We can teach them.
We took this floor.

And there are dozens more
full of people

who have no idea
how to fight for one another.

We need a plan, not a mob.

Mack, Kasius sent a messenger.
Hey. Come on.

All right, everyone, back up!
Make room.

Santo infierno...

No way...


I thought you were dead.

I was.

I fought. And I begged.

They dragged me to the Exchange.

Knives are cold.

It's okay, Tess. You're safe.

- But I don't feel the same.
- Well...

- been put through a lot.
- I was dead.

And then screaming,
my heart on fire.

Kasius was there, smiling.

Is he magic?

S.H.I.E.L.D. dealt with
something like this before.

In our time, we've seen
Kree biology bring people back.

- How is that possible?
- Kasius said he...

"smothered the fires of death

with the blood of the eternal."

That's how he talks.
It's horrible.

I'm so sorry, Tess.

It was me who took Flint
from the ceremony.

If I could do what you do,
I would've done the same.

Look, I say
we get in that elevator,

we go down there,
and we kill them all.

Pump the brakes, Pebbles.
We've been over this.

I have powers.
You let me loose on this guy...

- Absolutely not!
- He's right.

We take out Kasius, this is over.

- He's just a man.
- No. Kasius is a god.

That's why I'm standing here...
as proof.

There's only one God,
and he for damn sure ain't it.

- So send me in.
- Just calm down, YoYo.

I'll kill the blue bastard
before he even knows what hit him.

- And if he comes back to life, then what?
- I'll kill him again!

It wouldn't be the
strangest thing I've done.

No, you don't get it!

If I don't bring him
everything he wants,

he said he'd end the human race

with the push of a button.

What does he want?


Everything he needs
to keep breeding Inhumans,

every child older than 10,

- and motivation for the Destroyer.
- The Destroyer?

Of Worlds. Your friend Daisy.

He's working to get her back.

Motivation? You mean us?

Or we all burn.

- Everything okay, boss?
- Hand needs a little juice.

Okay. Well, the comms
are up and running.

If we can get a line of sight
to the Lighthouse,

we should be able
to contact Mack and...

The sooner the better.

Once we're in, first thing we do
is get downstairs,

remove your inhibitor,
get your powers back.

Yeah. Maybe we don't.

- I need you at full strength.
- You have me... as an agent.

- Daisy...
- You saw the video.

I was there
at the end of everything.

Can we really take that chance?

- S.H.I.E.L.D. needs Quake.
- I'm just tired of these names.

If I'm... If I'm not Quake,

I can't be
the Destroyer of Worlds.

Maybe I should just be Daisy Johnson,
Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Okay, Phil.

Back to work.

Aah! Damn it.

- Fitz, please be careful.
- Well...

I'm not trying
to electrocute myself.

But everything
has been reconfigured, so...

I don't even know
what I'm looking at.

Wait... I think I do.

- That's my design.
- Yeah, for the nextgen Zephyr.

- I remember.
- Complete with RCS thrusters.

But that was purely theoretical.
It's useless without...

Artificial gravity.

Had to be Gravitonium.

Fitz, it's on the base.
It's here on the plane.

- It's everywhere.
- Flying in with Enoch,

I was trying to figure out
how it was all possible...

a planet this shape
with atmosphere.

Gravitonium would explain
why it's held together.

And maybe why
it was cracked apart.

But it being here also means that...

It's true.
Robin, May... it's all true.

This is the same design
from the Lighthouse,

so unless someone else
just happened to come up with

the exact same idea...

we did this... in the past...

after we've lived this moment.

Yeah, the causal loop paradox.

We'd only know how to design it
because we'd already seen it.

Well, we're done for.
This is proof.

I don't know if that's true.

Yes, it is. Think about it.

There is nothing that we do
that matters.

This is a bloody time loop.

- We're doomed to fail.
- No.

If we did this,
do you know what I see?

Proof we make it back.

I think that was a hospital.

Is this your first time having
a building dropped on you?


- Okay.
- Yes, that's what I'm talking about.

You were gone a long time.

- Is Voss still among us?
- He knows stuff we don't.

I thought...
we might still need him.

Ha! Yes!

Are the engines good to go?

In theory, but, sir,
we found something.

Zephyr One's
been upgraded significantly.

Will those upgrades
help us take off?

- Well, no, but...
- 'Cause it's time to fly. May!

Okay. Once we have ignition,

be ready to lift the ground anchors.

Here we go.

- Come on.
- Talk to me, Fitz.

Well, the engines just blew out,
so we can't take off.

As was previously advised,

we should now
evacuate to the caves.

I'll go first.

Look, we need
to go to Kasius now.

- We're out of time.
- No one's going anywhere

until we know
exactly what we're up against.

I'll go. He wants me.
Hand me over.

Like you always do. This is
always the same argument.

Zipzip, I chop
his head off, done!

- Yeah, count me in.
- You'll get yourselves killed.

If we don't go, he'll make
every one of us a vacancy.

With the push of a button, right?

So how's he gonna do that?

Best guess...

he'd have a trigger installed
to remotely cut our oxygen.

Another reason
to deal with him quickly.

Humor me.

- I don't see nothing.
- Please, I hate this, too,

but we need to give Kasius
what he wants.

Maybe he's bluffing.

He's wiped out floors before.

His exact words were,
"They'll all burn."

- "They'll all burn."
- Is that a bomb?

Hardwired directly to
the O2 lines for this floor.

That's pure oxygen.

If there's one on every line
and on every human floor,

there's got to be hundreds.

- Kasius could kill us in a flash.
- Not just kill.


Alright... Time's up.

Move out.

Finally starting to get a hang
of this whole goodguy thing.

Yeah, just in time for
the sky to fall and kill us all.

Good timing, Deke.

What makes you say that?

Voss. You let him live.

Doesn't mean I'm good.

- Maybe I'm just spineless.
- Killing is never the better option.

If it can prevent more pain, maybe.

I'm sure you've done it.

My dad could be very violent,
but only when he needed to be.

You learn that in the Lighthouse.
A life spent, a life earned.

- Never a life saved?
- That's my point.

Shouldn't I be able
to pull the trigger

if I think that person
could do more harm?

I don't think Voss is a threat
to anyone but me.

Right. No, you're right.

Get as far into the caves
as possible.

We're right behind you.

- You here to waste me for good?
- That's not how I roll.

But don't push your luck.

You're going into the caves.
Turn around.

That's why you fail.

'Cause you're not willing
to do what has to be done.

Clearly, you haven't read my file.

We're not in the habit
of killing unarmed people.

You think that was easy?
She was a friend.

You seem to be just fine with
the continents you'll let die.

What makes you certain
that we cause it?


There was a light from the sky.
Aliens is what I heard.

S.H.I.E.L.D. tried to stop it
and failed.

- Brought Hell to Earth.
- As cryptic prophecies go,

- you'd give Robin a run for her money.
- That was from her.

She said that was the start,
and then your girl finished it.

Sadly, you'll see for yourself.

We need to go!

- You waiting to get Daisy alone?
- Shut your trap.

I'm not gonna do anything
to anyone except maybe you.

You keep telling yourself that,
but you're not like them.

You'll do what's right.

Now's the time, Deke.
You should go, too.

No, I've come this far.
I need to see it through.

It's an impossible choice.

As leaders of your floors,
we need you with us.

This took me all of an hour
to disconnect,

but it can't be disabled
and it's triggered remotely.

Kasius' demands must be met.

Wait, you want us to hand
our kids over to that lunatic?

- Hell, no!
- Even if we were crazy enough to do that,

we can't trust Kasius
to hold his end of the bargain.

Then we fight! Take him out!

- Suicide. He'll burn us all.
- We'll fight!


YoYo and I are turning
ourselves over to him.

- Kasius will kill you.
- Maybe.

Or maybe we get close enough
to take him out of the picture.

There's no other way.

Now, you won't see us again.
But if we succeed...

- your children will be safe.
- The most important thing

is that you keep your
heads down and keep working.

Kasius is insane.

If they fail, he'll invent
new ways to punish us,

- to make us suffer.
- Don't go back.

I could sneak you on
another floor, keep you safe.

Flint... there's nowhere to run.

I can't lose you again, Tess.

I don't have anyone else.

I think you do.

Look, let me go with you.
Let me fight.

There are other ways to fight.

Remember what we said.

These people need you now.

ZOne can't take much more of this!

Let's just hope it's here at all
after the storm.

The sensation of death
is one that I have yet to experience.

Maybe I can help you with that!

Almost everyone else is gone.
Let's move!

- Cut the anchors.
- She hit her head?

Cut the ground anchors!
Let a gravity wave take us.

That's how we get in the air.

We can't fly without engines!

- Maybe we don't have to.
- Simmons!

The upgrades...

Zephyr One has Reaction Control
System thrusters,

meaning capable
of maneuvering in space.

If we could get high enough,

we could break through
Earth's diminished gravity.

We could fly in space
straight to the Lighthouse.

- Yeah.
- No, right?!

That's a bad idea, right?!
Could that actually work?

- Assuming we don't get crushed by debris...
- Slammed back to the ground...

our thrusters don't
run out of power...

and spin out into the void...
we're in!


I used to be really good
at selfpreservation!

May, can you pilot us through
a gravity storm?

- Another mom face.
- You can do this.

- We can do this.
- Yeah.

When did you get so soft,

Put your back into it!
We got to go!

Hey! You're going the wrong way.

We got to get underground.

All right. You're on your own.

Your messenger has returned.

Wonderful. Send them in.


It appears I did not properly detail

- the consequences of your failure.
- I'm sorry.

I told them what you said,
but they wouldn't come.

Perhaps you should burn along
with the rest of your kind,

- coming to me emptyhanded.
- I'm alone...

but not emptyhanded.

Where did you get those?

I gave them your message.
They insisted on sending one back.

They're holding your research floor
until you come and meet them.

Meet them?

I will send a battalion
to grind their bones to dust.

But that's the thing.

If you don't go and face them...

they'll burn your ability
to breed another Inhuman.

With... "the push of a button."

That's how
they wanted me to say it.

Bring her.


Whoa. Yikes.
That is definitely gonna get infected.

Are you okay?

I've been worse,
but I've been better, too.

As the gravitational forces accelerate,

our chances of implosion
are rapidly increased.

Tell me your primary function again?

To observe and record
the evolution of your species.

More observing, less sharing.

Thrusters and artificial
gravity are ready!

We'll have about
10 minutes of power to both!

Don't fire the thrusters
until we're at the very edge

- of the atmosphere or we will certainly die!
- Great!

Everybody buckle in!

No! No!

- The anchors won't release.
- What?

The anchors are stuck.
We can't lift off.

I'm on it!

Don't look at me like that.
We agreed to do this.

Yeah, as long as we keep our heads.

We won't be the ones losing heads.

Look, there's no way to know
how Kasius activates his explosives,

- so until we see the controls...
- "Don't do anything rash,

stay calm, and don't
kill anyone, YoYo."

Yes, I remember
your many stern warnings.

Okay. 'Cause we both know

you don't exactly do well
around people like this.

Evil men who kidnap and torment

defenseless women and children?
No, I don't.

Yeah. I hope Flint's all right.

- We put a lot on him today.
- The people like him.

If anyone can keep
them together, it's him.

He's a kid.

Well, I wasn't much older
when I started out.

He'll be fine.
You know I'm right.

- Please.
- No promises.

I got to say, that...
that's not what I pictured.

YoYo Rodriguez? How peculiar.

- Says the space mime.
- Nobody moves!

You think you're invincible.

But in the end, you will submit.

Give us the controls
to your explosives upstairs,

or your Inhumanmaking days
are over.

Throw yourself at my feet,
and I will consider

bringing you back
after having you slaughtered.


We're not scared of you.

You hide behind stronger men
and force them to do your bidding.

- You're a coward.
- It's ironic, really.

You would trade
Inhumans for Humans

when that very deal was
brokered ages ago.

In all my time here, the one
defining trait of your kind...

you will always
turn on one another.

Turn, damn it!

- Come on...
- Kasius misses you.

May! Hit the gravity!


If I had a stomach,
the vomiting would begin now.

Thrusters?! Talk to me, Fitz!

- Aah!
- We're not high enough yet!

This was a terrible idea!
I'm sorry!

You love forcing our choices,

so how does it feel to be
on the other side, for once?

Any moment now, Sinara will
secure the Destroyer,

and you will have no choice
but to surrender.

Stand down or experience death
like your friend,

many, many times.

You're a real piece of work,
you know that?

I am a god to be feared.
Humans beg to be ruled.

Without me,
they'd have perished long ago.

I guess you're not
a New Testament guy.

Vengeance and torment
are tools of the Devil.

And of the weak.

You want a devil?

I'll show you a Hell
you cannot imagine.

You're no god, no devil!

You're just a cruel,
sad, little blue man.

So why don't we skip to the part
where I end this?

I'm not supposed to kill you.

But well.

I knew I was going
to regret this.

Elena, spare the theatrics.

You wouldn't dare
such a brazen attempt,

not with the lives
of your precious humans

dangling between us and the void.

You really do talk funny.

- Is it done?
- Do I get to fight now?

Now that we're all here...

is this what you were waiting for?

Surrender or make your play.

- Either way, you will be mine!
- I choose play.

You didn't think
I'd be ready for that?

I promised suffering.

Now I make good on that promise.

Okay! Okay!

That is quite the jaw you got there.

Consider me impressed.


- Now?!
- Now!

A sound plan, indeed.

I'll do it.

You'll set me back,
but you won't stop me.

You forced my hand.
Remember, you did this!

Let's go!

That's all of them. Let's go!
Let's get upstairs!

Tess said you were
a slow talker, so...

- we kind of leaned into that.
- You were stalling.

Took some time to move all
the explosives down to level 25.

And you moved the people up.

They all worked together,
every human floor.

And now they're out of your reach.

- Cut off, you Kreeper.
- They're free.

But not you!
For all of you, it's now over!

Over? No, no, no, no.

Asskicking's just begun.


We'll return in a moment.

Mack, YoYo, do you copy?

Mack, YoYo, do you copy?

It's like a family heirloom.

That we need
in two places at once.

Alphonso Mackenzie, do you copy?

Mack, can you hear me? Mack?

Tremors, thank God.
You all still in one piece?

More or less.
It's good to hear your voice.

Mack, we're on our way to you.
Do you have Flint?

Yes, we do. You got a plan?

- We spotted something that...
- Let me guess.

The Destroyer and her friends
are heading here

in an old S.H.I.E.L.D. aircraft.

- Yes, but how do you...
- They're nearing the landing pad?

It appears so.

Ready a squad.
We will meet them there...

and finish this once and for all.

Kasius, apologies,
but how did you know?

They have a seer
telling them what's to come?

Well, I have one of my own.