Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–…): Season 5, Episode 7 - Together or Not At All - full transcript

Just as the team reunites, they become prey to an undefeated Kree warrior bent on killing them all.

Previously on "Marvel's
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."...

May I present to you

Melinda May,
Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Send the Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
to the surface.

That's where they send people
to die.

[ Vrellnexians screeching ]

There's one last thing
I need you to do.

[ Gasps ]

I was just kidnapped
by a crazy woman.

Don't worry.
She's with me.

If I find
you're keeping things from me,

there will be

What is this about your brother
coming for the Destroyer?

I'm only here
because of Father's orders.

[ Rumbling ]


[ Device beeps ]

I'm never
leaving you again.

It's about time.



[ Groans ]

Find me some clothes.

What's the plan, Fitz?

I have a ship.

We get there,
then comes the plan.


Hey, how's your head?

I'll tell you
when the ringing stops.

By the way,
"fight to the death"?


Yeah, well, I had to make
a splashy entrance.

Yeah, well,
you could have

jumped in the octagon
yourself, then.

Well, wouldn't be fair.
I do push-ups now.

Double digits.
That's impressive.

You have no idea
how good it is to see you.

You're here...with a spaceship.
Seems impossible.

Nothing is impossible
Full story later.

there will be pints.
There will be gin.

[ Gasps ]

Oh, my God!

Her implant.
They must be messing with it.

Well, what -- what --
what do we do?

Daisy: Get it out.

[ Breathing heavily,
groaning ]



This is gonna hurt.


[ Choking ]

[ Groaning continues ]

I've got it.
I've got it.



[ Breathing heavily ]


We got to go!


There's the ship.

Just got to get past --

Don't tell me that was --

Our way out.



Is it noticeable?

It should be.

Scars are badges of honor
for the victor.

But as expected,
your priorities are misplaced.

What news
of the Destroyer?

She has no power, no ship,
and nowhere to run.

Have patience,
dear brother.

Patience is a feeble cover
for inaction.

Double the guard.

Have them sweep
floor by floor --

While your expertise
is appreciated,

I have the matter
under control.

There's a system in place,
and it has served me well.

Sinara will end
this inconvenience.

As you saw by her display
in the Crater,

she is the most capable
warrior in my employ.

Your best
has proven inadequate.

You remember my man,
Maston-Dar, here.

He'll make quick work
of this.


A Terran weapon.

Of course.

Bring any human weaponry
you possess.

Maston finds it unfair
hunting primitives

with anything but their own
primitive armaments.


Show them
how we spill blood.

And, uh...find the girl
in the process.


Vicar: This is the price
of hiding Inhumans.

Continue to keep
your mouths shut,

and you'll end up dead, too.

This is bigger
than a renewal.

It's a direct threat.

These people will
give us up in a heartbeat

if it'll save
their own lives.

These Kree may be cruel,
but they're not stupid.

It's only a matter of time

till this trail of bodies
leads them right to us.

It's time for us to make
a move.



There's work to be done.

Faulnak loves
to play general.

Let him.

I need him to be satiated.

He's the gatekeeper
to my father, to our freedom.


Don't be dramatic.

He gives the orders now,

I see.

You're resentful
because I allowed him

to throw you
in the Crater.

Well, look at you --
no worse for wear.

You held your own
against the Destroyer of Worlds,

as I knew you would.

[ Breathes shakily ]

Your strength
has never let me down.

And now I ask for you
to lend it to me once again.

We're so close, Sinara...

to freedom
from this place.

Restored to glory


You're begging.

It's repulsive.

I'm imploring you
to think.

To use reason.

I must appease my brother,

and I cannot allow him
to steal my reward.

I will keep him

We'll let his man
chase her tail...

while you figure out
what's in her head.


Where will she go?


[ Panel beeps ]

[ Door closes ]

[ Breathing heavily ]

All right.

So, the last time
I saw Yo-Yo and the others,

they were at a salvage yard
on one of the upper floors.

How you feeling,

Oh, somewhere between
motion-sick and --


[ Sighs ]
That's not helping.


Damn it.


give me a boost.

[ Grunts ]

Simmons: I'm just happy
not to be standing still.

Feels good
to be on the run.




[ Vrellnexian shrieks
in distance ]

[ Vrellnexian shrieks ]


[ Vrellnexian shrieks ]



That is the third Vrellnexian
I have eliminated

in pursuit of you!

Not to toot my own horn,
as you would say.

I would never say that.

Who the hell are you?

My name is Enoch.

Fitz sent me.


How were you not eaten
by those things?

They have no interest
in me,

as I have no tender insides
for them to extract.

I thought Fitz was done
building robots.

I am not a robot.

I am a sentient Chronicom

from the constellation you know
as Cygnus.

I am here to aid you,

you who will save
humanity --

Melinda May, Jemma Simmons,
Phillip J. Coulson.

Say that name again?

Phillip J. Coulson?

You're the son of a bitch
from that diner

who got us
into this whole mess!

You -- Aah!

I am here to get you out
of this whole mess.

It would appear
I got here just in time.

I'm managing.

Have you properly diagnosed
the extent of your injuries?


Bilateral tear
of the quadricep.

By all accounts,
you should not be standing.

Are you a doctor?


I'm a fighter.



It may be time
for a career change.

[ Wind howls ]

There's a gravity storm

[ Vrellnexian shrieking ]

They're moving away.

Are they afraid
of gravity storms or you?

The Vrellnexians ride
the gravity storms, but...

I don't think it's me.


I think they're afraid
of something else.

Aah! [ Grunts ]

Aah! Aah!

No! No!

[ Grunts ]


Aah. Aah!

The Destroyer --
where is she?

I-I don't know.
I haven't --


Try again.
The Destroyer -- where is she?

[ Whimpering ]


They're killing people --
innocent people.

In their hunt for me.

We're not gonna
let anything happen to you.

That's right.

We need to make a move
on those blue bloods.

Not with Daisy and Simmons
still captive.

We need to get
out of the Lighthouse.

So instead of rescue them,
we abandon them?

We don't have a choice
right now.

They would do
the same thing.

I agree.

We regroup and come back
for them more prepared.

Where's Tess?
Where can we even go?

Not a lot of hiding places
in space.

To the point at the end
of this giant question mark --

the surface.

Where is Tess?!


Did something happen?
Is she...?

I'm sorry.


It's okay.
I got this.


You were always more interested
in the power behind a weapon.

The ability to kill.


The craftsmanship
was what caught my eye.

Once again,
misplaced priorities.

These particular tools
from Earth seem

a nice cross-section
of our areas of interest.

Firearms are fine...

for those who need
the safety of distance.

I prefer a blade.

Feel the warm blood
on my hands

as the life drains
from my adversary's body.

Spoken like a true
child of our father.

Maybe if you'd bothered
to sound more like him,

you would be less
of a disgrace!


A disgrace...

with no prior training,

was placed in charge
of his own fleet.

A disgrace who fought as you did
against our enemies.

You lost
a strategic outpost

and thousands of warriors' lives
in the process.

I was put
in an impossible situation.


I was cornered, outmanned,
and overrun.

Two of my trusted generals
dead at my feet,

enemies closing in.


And so you ran.

What option did I have?


Drink the Odium.

Fight and die

like any of the Kasius family
name would have

rather than fleeing
with your low-born subordinate.

I wondered...

is it her beauty that you admire
or her ability to kill?

Sinara defended me.

She cut down
my would-be attackers --

And you were both exiled
for abandoning your posts!

She saved my life!

She's been by my side
ever since.

You call me weak.

My strength comes
from surrounding myself...

with loyalty.

More platitudes.

The only thing
that runs deeper

than the river of blood
from your fallen soldiers

is the shame you bring
on our family.

You're like this planet,
brother --

once full of promise
and father's hopes

to be molded
into something magnificent.

And now...

just a broken
speck of dust

confined to the darkest
edge of the galaxy.

I'm eager for my man
to find the Destroyer...

so I can take leave
of both.



These pipes are hot.

Wonder if that means
this is the spa floor.

Ah, a spa sounds great.

I'd kill for a hot shower
and a comfy bed.

This one's cold.

There's a lot of power
running into here.

Tracking signs
of airborne contaminants --

mold, harmful chemicals,
carbon monoxide.

An air-filtration system.

Must be the hub
for life-support systems.

of course there'd be one.

This station is essentially
a giant vivarium for humans.

[ Grunts ]

Well, I think I know
how they're creating

the artificial gravity
for the station.

That can't be.

What is it?

Unless I'm mistaken,
and I hope I am, that's...



Submit willingly
or entertain me.

These are your options.

[ Breathing heavily ]



Get back!

[ Machine gun clatters ]

[ Vapor hissing ]

Sit down.

[ Door closes ]

[ Grunts ]



Deke: Good thing
I'm wearing a helmet.


You come to collect
the bounty?

No, I came
to save your ass.

I should kill you
right now.

Who the hell is this guy?

He works for Kasius.

I don't work for h--

I mean, sometimes I do,

but right now,

I'm Team S.H.I.E.L.D.,
all right?

Well, it's convenient,
you showing up right now.


No, it's mind-blowing
I managed to escape my room

after Coulson welded
the door shut.

I had to crack a window.

A lot of my personal valuables

are now floating around space,
thanks very much, everybody.

What? This story's
supposed to make me feel better,

that Coulson locked you up?

We were working out
our differences, all right?

I don't have time
to get into this.

Can we discuss this after
we're out of the line of fire?

thank you...this guy.

Now please follow me.
We go up the service shafts.

It'll lead us
right onto the trawler.
No, no, no, no.

This is the guy
that sold me to Kasius.

Oh. Kill him.
He's a snake.

I'm gonna cut
his throat open. Aah.

I'm a pragmatist, all right?
Just lis-- just listen.

I told you that I would
lead you to your friend.

There she is.

And I stopped you
from doing something drastic

that would have gotten people
killed in the process.

Thought you don't
look great.

Thank you.
[ Sighs ]

And now you just happen
to stumble upon us?

All the channels are buzzing
with the news of your escape.

I just had to follow
the dead bodies.
It led me right to you.

[ Pounding on door ]

We are out of time!

How do we know you're not gonna
lead us into another trap?

You don't.


[ Rock clatters ]


[ Metal dings, rock clatters ]



Look, I know Tess --

You didn't know Tess.

You're right.

You don't know
nothing about me, either.

[ Metal dings ]

Well, you're not the first
person to tell me that.

[ Inhales deeply, sighs ]

I'm not here to tell you
anything you don't already know.

I'm just...

Well, I'm just here.

If you need me.


It's not fair.



[ Grunts ]

it never is.

I lost people,
too, and...

it doesn't ever
get easier.

Thought you weren't
gonna tell me something
I didn't already know.


Maybe I should
just turn myself in,

stop more people
from dying.

You have a gift now.
[ Scoffs lightly ]

You can help people,
protect them.

"Protect them."
I couldn't protect Tess.

Couldn't protect
my parents.

What happens
if I can't protect you, either?

[ Pounding on door ]

Stay put.
I got you.


[ Pounding continues ]

I thought they'd be here.



How did you escape?



Man, it's good
to see you!

How the hell you get
in the future?

Uh, the long way.

He needs medical attention.
Story time can wait.

Well, not when those stories
include time travel.

[ Door closes ]


This guy?

The hell you doing here?

And how'd you get
out of your cage?

I let myself out,

but thanks very much
for your concern.

Well, the gang's all here
except May.

Except May.

She was taken to the surface?


That's a good thing.

Is it?

We need alcohol
for his wound.

I'll see if Flint
can find something.



Oh, no.


You -- You know the whereabouts
of the escaped Inhuman?

I do.

Too many people have died.
Good people.

You were offered

the highest honor
a human could hope for --

to join Kasius below
and see others rewarded in kind.

Now they'll get nothing.


[ Rocks clatter ]

But good
you turned yourself in.

I won't let any more
innocent lives be lost.

Not for me.

[ Rocks rattling ]


[ Crowd gasps ]


That was for Tess.

I'll alert command.


But he's an Inhuman.

He's bait.


What are his powers again?

He can move rocks
with his mind.

How is he
in a fight?

but I'm guessing
not incompetent.

He's in over his head
on this one, though.

We all might be, but...
it never stopped us before.

They don't know
I have this.


Don't hurt the kid.

I'm the one you want.

On your knees.

Just take me.
Let him go.

I'll take you both.

[ Gunshots ]


Rocks, huh?
That's cool.

Come on, let's go, let's go!


Let's put an end to this.


Everyone here?

We're all accounted for.

Well, most of me,

Mr. and Mrs. Boba Fett
will be here any minute.

So, what do we do now?

We escape via the trawler.

Escape to where?

The surface.

All signs
have been pointing us there.

The Kree
won't follow us there,

and you don't have
to follow us there, either.

Hey, man, I already told you
that I'm in, to go out with you.

No one's getting out of here
if they catch us first.

[ Loud thud ]

Less arguing, more figuring out
what the hell we're gonna do.

[ Rumbling, thudding ]


That ought to by us some time.

[ Air hisses ]

Or not.

I thought I told you
not to go out there.

You told me to use my powers
to protect people.

This isn't
your problem to fix.

It is my problem!
They're after me!

And me.
And me.

I don't think they're gonna
be picky about who they kill.

[ Air hisses ]


Well, we can't leave
with this place surrounded.

Coulson: Come on.

A room full of secret agents,
scientists, and superheroes.

Someone give me something.

We stand our ground
and fight.

Yeah, with what?
Rocks and rubbish?

I can fight with rocks.

How else do you propose
to get out of here?

We don't go out.
We go up.

There's no elevators here.

Then we make our own elevator
with this.

[ Wall thuds, crumbles ]

-A belt buckle?
-It's an anti-gravity device.

[ Wall thuds, crumbles ]

This chute leads directly to
the drop bay under the trawler.

We can get to the airlock
from there.

We use the device
to create a gravity well.

[ Wall thuds, crumbles ]

Will it work?
Yeah, it'll work.

Coulson: It's our best option
at this point.

I'll go first.
I'll show you how it works.

And then I'll drop
the puck down,

the next person can come up.

No. No, no, no. No.
No, no, no, no, no.

Not a chance.

I'm not gonna
let you use us as bait

while you make
your grand escape.

Fitz-Simmons, you're up.

You're last.


Sinara: You're slow.

Once more unto the breach.


All right,
Yo-Yo, you're up next.

Let's keep it moving.



[ Devices beeping ]

Stand back.
I'll handle them.



I'm the last one.
You satisfied?

You sure
they can't follow us?

No, they can definitely
follow us.

It's gonna
take them a while.

All right. So you ready
to take this thing out?

What, me?
I'm not a pilot.

What? You don't know
how to fly this thing?

[ Scoffs ]
Never said I did.

What about you, Flint?

Wasn't Virgil
giving you flying lessons?

Well, yeah.

And I'm not bad, but, uh...
I'm not leaving with you guys.

What do you mean
you're not leaving with us?

You have to.
This whole station
will kill you on sight.

Look, you told me to use my
powers to protect people, right?

They're in this mess
because of me.

I can't just abandon them.

I'm gonna figure out a way
to get them out of it.



Well, I guess
we're gonna have to come up

with a plan, then,
don't we?

Yeah, we.

Remember what I told you?

I'm here if you need me.
I got you.

Me too.

Wait. Mack. what about
never splitting up?

Yeah, I know, sir,
but I'm not leaving him behind.

We'll handle things here.

You get to the surface
and figure out

what the hell
all this is about.

Be safe.

I'll see you soon.


Oh. Wait.

Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Okay, if you guys
really are gonna go fight

a bunch of alien warriors,

then you might be interested
to know that, in the past,

I hid a crate
of S.H.I.E.L.D. tech

in a wall on the base.

Oh, that's what
I'm talking about.
Thanks, Turbo.

Level three.

Oh, you got
to be kidding me.

You mean the level infested with
aliens that suck your blood?

Well, how was I --
[ Sighs ]

I feel like I'm not getting
enough credit here.

I have traveled through
time and space to find you.

I think we're moving
past that bit a little
bit too quickly.

Turbo, Turbo, Turbo...

we wouldn't expect
anything less.

Thank you.

Good luck.


So, taking off
is easy enough,

docking is the hard part,

and landing,
that's impossible

on account of these ships
weren't built with landing gear.

So, you have no idea
what you're doing.

I got a flying car.
How different can it be?

[ Controls beeping ]

[ Rumbling ]

Hold on.


How troublesome it is
searching for rats in a sewer.

So many places
to scurry away and hide.


What news do you bring?

Out with it, girl.

They have escaped.


To where?


On the surface.


So, the Destroyer of Worlds
has escaped,

willingly makes
for your land of exile,

where apparently,
others have survived.

Your incompetence is almost
admirably astounding.

There must be some --
Ready a ship for Maston-Dar.

If humans can survive
the perils of this planet,

it will be just fine
for him to pursue.

Maston is dead.

By whose hand?

My own.


[ Laughing ]


Holding your own against
the Destroyer of Worlds,

felling my own
best warrior.

It seems
I underestimated you

and your desire to climb
higher in the ranks,

within which
I now have an opening.

My brother confines you
to his dungeon,

denying you the right
to shine.

On my side,
you will shine more radiant

than the stars we will conquer.

A warrior such as yourself

deserves a leader
worthy of your talents.

I will show you things
Kasius could never.

[ Gasps ]


Sinara is not
some object to be taken.

[ Grunts ]

The truth, brother?

We both know father sent me
on a suicide mission.

Two of my generals were dead
at my feet, yes,

because Sinara
killed them.

They were preventing me
from fleeing the battlefield.

You see, Sinara said --
and I agree --

that the battlefield
is not my place.

I'm not built for it.

With the bloodshed
left to her,

I can focus
on greater things...

and have.

I wasted so much time

on my knees,
seeking your approval.

No more.

You play god
over a dead rock.

But you're just a coward
who hides,

then stabs his enemies
in the back.

And in the front.



A life spent.

A life earned.

[ Breathing heavily ]

Think how warmly
father will greet us

when we avenge
my brother's death

and bring him
the Destroyer of Worlds.

Everything we've ever wanted
will soon come to bear.


I'm never leaving
your side again.

I feel the same way.

That's why
I asked you to marry me.

I a-- Mm.

Doesn't matter.

I don't know about you,
but I could really use
a drink right about now.

I'm just happy
for some alone time.

[ Rumbling ]

Coulson: Okay! So not exactly
like a flying car!

We are so stupid!

So much
for smooth sailing.

Hang on!


[ Gasps ]


Welcome back, Agent May.

You hit your head
quite hard.

[ Grunts, inhales sharply ]

[ Breathing heavily ]

Where are we?

[ Grunts ]

The Zephyr.


What is going on?

They grabbed us
just in time.

Anchored us against
the gravity storm.



[ Grunts ]


I have waited such a long time
to see you again.