Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–…): Season 5, Episode 6 - Fun and Games - full transcript

With Daisy's life on the line, an unexpected friend attempts to rescue her.

Coulson: Previously on "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."...
Coulson: May. Your leg. You're still not 100%.
There's no way I can tell for certain
if you're being honest.
- But he can. - It's just me and Simmons.
They're telling the truth. Both of them.
- I covered for you. - You can let other people
- read your mind, too. - Yeah.
Fitz: It's a Cryo-Freeze Chamber. I'm taking the long way there.
[Air rushes] [Gasps]
While you were asleep, I had time to put a plan in motion.
Kasius: With the price I'll fetch for you, I'll finally have the means
to leave this horrendous place once and for all.
Man: She's the Destroyer of Worlds.
[Breathes sharply] She should fight to the death.
5x06 - Fun & Games
[Metal creaks]
[Footsteps depart] [Music]
[Metal scraping]
[Sighs] Gonna have to do...
[Indistinct conversations]
Hey, Gretch.
Got your tin right here.
- I'll give you a token. - A token?
- I was hoping for at least three. - Token's all I can spare.
Only for my favorite customer.
[Metric beeps]
[Metrics beeping]
Hey, Citrus, look, I don't have enough today,
but maybe tomorrow, you can ...
[Indistinct conversations]
Sorry, junior. No gimmes today.
Look, I don't need charity, all right?
Only your best offer.
Hmm. [Sighs]
[Knife clatters lightly]
- We've been looking for you. - Oh.
Coulson: Kasius is breeding Inhumans to sell.
Guy's got his own Cronenberg science division and everything.
This would explain all the ships arriving.
You think they're here for Daisy?
- Afraid so. - And still no sign of May?
Normally, she could hold her own against the Kree.
- But her leg ... it's in bad shape. - There you are.
- Tess, what is it? - It's the Blues.
They've come to harvest the children.
[Indistinct conversations]
That is Lady Karaba.
She is a demented brute.
Her affection a curse to anyone who receives it. [Laughter]
And there is Senator Gaius Ponarian.
I am... repulsed by the sight.
Even the man's closest friends
find his temperament to be that of a diseased child monster.
Seems Kasius has assembled the worst of the worst.
Do not fear. You are far more reprehensible
than any other creature in this room.
- Thanks for that, Enoch. - You're quite welcome.
It was a rather fun pursuit, constructing your alias.
No longer are you Leopold Fitz, but instead, Boshtok,
a vile space Marauder of unlimited wealth.
- Was the brooch really necessary? - Indeed.
That medal signifies the number of enemy lives you've taken.
Just... seems a little odd
wearing a medal with little rhinestones on it.
That is quite amusing.
You no doubt realize those are Geg-ku larvae.
Okay, you know what?
Let's drop the charade, find the others,
- and we'll shoot our way out. - Mm.
The chances of survival
would be less than 2% for each individual.
[Music] [Gasps]
That is Jemma Simmons.
Would you like me to broker an introduction?
[Breathing heavily]
[Whispering] Why would I need you
to introduce me to Jemma Simmons?
[Whispering] It's Marauder protocol.
- Man: Ah, the Marauder. - Kasius: Look at the sniveling horde.
These same ingrates mocked me all these years,
yet now they hover about, clamoring for my favor.
I, too, am unfamiliar with the Marauder,
though his fortune is rumored to be vast.
You want me to keep an eye on him.
Ponarian, how great to see you again, dear friend.
Ponarian: Kasius. Pleasure to meet you as always.
[Music] [Footsteps approach]
[Whispers] Jemma, it's me. Don't turn around.
Just play it cool.
I've missed you so much.
You know, I spent six months
locked up in an off-the-books military prison ...
not to mention 80 years frozen in space ...
all just hoping to find you...
and here you are.
You know, I realized something.
The universe can't stop us.
'Cause we've crossed galaxies. We've traveled through time.
We've survived the bottom of the Atlantic
just so we could be together. Now, a love like that ...
that's stronger than any curse.
And you and I ... we are unstoppable together.
I don't want to live another day without you.
So, Jemma Simmons, will you marry me?
I know ... I mean, I know I said, "Play it cool,"
but I didn't mean play it this cool.
- Jemma... - Is there a problem?
I asked your servant a question, which she ignored.
My apologies. My servitors are only allowed
- to hear the voice of their master. - Oh. Are they?
Well, why don't you tell me how your guests' needs are met
when your slaves can't hear them?
[Device beeps]
- There. - Thank you.
This one is quite exemplary.
In fact, she also traveled through time
- with the Destroyer of Worlds. - Hmm?
Which probably explains her flawless complexion.
- Is she for sale? - Not independently.
She comes as a companion,
for she is quite adept at motivating the Destroyer.
Huh. Well, I find the only motivation
people ever really need... is pain. And its proper application.
A wonderful sentiment.
I should have expected no less
from a man with such an impressive brooch.
- Ah. - I need you to go see
what has been reaped from today's harvest.
What? Terran food awaits?
A bounty, though the harvest is something else.
Earlier today, my men were carrying out
the process of Terrigenesis,
hoping to produce new Inhumans for my guests.
If any were so inclined.
Depends on how many units I have left after I purchase the Destroyer.
It is said you are a man of expensive tastes.
We shall soon see if you have the resources
to support such desires. [Chuckles]
[Conversations continue] [Music]
Tess: Every year, Kasius puts all the 18-year-olds through Terrigenesis.
- And that day's today? - No, that was months ago.
[Indistinct chatter]
Most of these kids are barely teenagers.
That's the one in charge.
Been working his way up from the lower floors.
I'm guessing this has something to do with Kasius' big party.
- More products, more profit. - That's Flint.
Coulson: He doesn't have anyone talking him through this?
His parents were killed in a Renewal.
Virgil had a soft spot for the kid, was even teaching him to fly.
Gave him odds and ends to help him get by.
You should go say something.
Tess, this is crazy.
I wasn't supposed to get misted for another two years.
Just means you don't have to wait.
- Is this gonna mess me up? - Look, everything is gonna be fine.
Going through the mist ... it's no big deal.
Terrigenesis is scary enough
- without a bunch of hyenas watching. - Mack: It's not their fault.
These people have all been fed the same lie.
People believe what they want to believe.
It's obvious they're lambs being led to the slaughter.
Let's just hope none of these kids crust over.
If I do turn, least you won't have me coming around,
begging for scraps.
I like having you come around.
The Vicar: Children, it is time.
It's all right.
We seek a great bounty.
Hoping that one of the young gathered here today
ascends to something greater.
Prepare to receive your gift from Kasius.
[Crystal shatters]
[Gas hissing] [Music]
[Crowd murmuring]
[Crackling, rumbling]
[Speaks Spanish]
Flint! [Gasps, sniffles]
[Light cracking]
[People gasping]
[Crowd murmuring] [Music]
Do you? No. [Kassius laughs] Mmm!
So, how are you faring with that Vrellnexian litter I sold you?
It has been trying.
The savage beasts have proven quite difficult to wrangle.
[Chuckling] Well, they're certainly not bred to cuddle.
They're creatures of war, the not the shaggy dog of men.
But I had hoped
that the Vrells would provide you a small triumph.
Last time we spoke, the strain of your exile
seemed to... wear heavy on your soul.
- I was never exiled. - Mm.
My father simply wanted me to oversee his Earth project personally.
While your brother oversees the family empire.
[Chuckles] [Music]
Kasius never offered me as a fighter till today.
Guess that's what I get for saving your life.
I didn't ask you to help me.
You were hoping for it. In your brain.
Which is basically the same thing for a mind-reader.
Things are starting to turn in our favor,
so just trust me on this, okay?
I'm really glad my Inhibitor's on right now
so I can't hear whatever dumb idea's in your head.
We just need to work together.
Stop thinking that you have a choice. We're slaves.
I am sorry for getting you mixed up in all this.
Let's just hope one of us doesn't have to kill the other.
Ponarian: [Clears throat] Dear friends, in honor of Kasius
presenting the Destroyer of Worlds,
I, too, have brought a rare delicacy for everyone's enjoyment...
- fresh Xandarian snail! - Oh!
- Mmm. - You are far too generous, Ponarian.
[Chuckles] Please keep that in mind when the bidding begins.
How do you keep your human population so well under heel?
He has them kill each other. [Slurps]
[Dramatic music]
Well, that's what I would do.
Humans clearly have the numbers, so fear is essential.
And getting them to do it ... that is the trick.
Ritualization helps... making it sort of a game.
It's all very efficient, really...
[Music] least in my experience.
Seems we have similar minds. It has done wonders
tamping down the humans' more rebellious impulses.
[Whispers indistinctly]
Oh. Well, I hope everyone's meal has been to their liking.
As for your more primal appetites,
a fight to the death is moments away. So, take a final look.
One of these Inhumans
will soon be withdrawn from the marketplace.
Marauder... you have yet to taste your snail.
Perhaps unrefined men
don't have the stomach for such indulgences.
I find... moist creatures...
[Music] [Splats]
...distasteful... [Plate clatters lightly]
...much like the fat mouths slurping them down.
This Boshtok makes for a lively dinner companion. [Laughs]
Let us leave these snails to shrivel, huh?
Much greater pursuits await our attention.
Maybe the boy's ability is to disappear.
- No, this is something else. - Is he dead?
How does someone just disappear like that?
I'm really not sure...
though I may have a theory.
- We got to get back to The Exchange. - It's not safe for you.
- But the Guards will be looking for me. - Only to sell you.
But I get a better life and the rest of the level profits.
You get no better life.
People who buy other people are not good people.
- They'll only hurt you. - You don't know that.
How did you do that?
- Tess... - [Panting] Are you okay?
No. I was just kidnapped by a crazy woman.
- Yeah, the kid ain't wrong about that. - Don't worry. She's with me.
Flint, this is Yo-Yo. She's Inhuman, too.
Yeah, I kind of figured that already.
Why aren't you living down on the Kree levels?
- I'm not really from here. - None of us are.
And she's not the only Inhuman with us.
- You mean this guy? - No, he's just cool.
Look, we can't hide in here forever.
Kasius' men will be looking for Flint even as we speak.
And Grill's reporting to his station boss. He'll be back end of day.
We need to disappear long before that.
Look, I could put in for a Trawler run.
We hide Flint in the brig and head out.
Could buy us a couple days.
Yeah, but without May, we don't have a pilot.
- Least of our worries. - Want any help?
More people, more questions. Best I go on my own.
Stay right here. Be back in a few.
[Door closes]
[Indistinct conversations] [Music]
It is refreshing to have a man of your caliber join our ranks.
Would you care to join me for the upcoming display?
I'm eager to see everyone you have to offer.
Then I shall make every effort not to disappoint.
[Fitz clears throat]
Our first contestant possesses extraordinary skill ...
a telepath, able to read his opponent's plan of attack
- before it is carried out. - Fitz: Ah.
Normally, I'd pit Ben against another Inhuman.
Yet, for this select crowd,
I've decided for a more unique opponent.
One not of this time.
This deadly assassin was trained
by one of the galaxy's most despised organizations.
But most intriguing, she is also a friend
to the Destroyer of Worlds. Dear guests...
may I present to you...
...Melinda May, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
[Dramatic music]
Aah! [Gasping]
- You're cheating. [Grunts] - And you're dying.
How many traveled in time with the Destroyer?
[Grunting continues]
My servant and Melinda May are the only ones I've discovered,
though Sinara remains convinced there are more.
[Weapons ringing] [Music]
The mind reader's a skilled fighter. Speaks well of his training.
Ben is quite talented for an Inhuman.
But he wouldn't last a day in my father's army.
- You speak highly of your father. - He's the greatest warrior I know.
[Weapons clacking]
Ponarian made it seem as if
you'd been banished from your home world.
Ponarian knows not of what he speaks. [Music]
My father was disapproving.
The things I did to earn his respect... [Music]
- ...they left scars. - My own situation ...
it is a tragic misunderstanding.
[Music] [Grunting]
No one can help you now.
Not even a guest of Kasius. [Grunting]
[Thinking] You're doubting yourself.
Stay out of my head.
My guess is you're selling the Destroyer
as a way to redeem yourself.
I believe a great fortune can smooth over any transgression.
I'm prepared to help you with that.
[Grunts] [Breathing heavily]
Don't make me the bad guy.
Kasius only tossed me in here because I helped your friends.
Okay. Then I won't kill you.
Thanks for promising not to do something you can't ...
Didn't think, just did. [Music]
[Grunting] [Music]
[Breathing heavily]
We have to work together.
What is it with you guys and teamwork?! This fight needs to end now,
or else they'll feed us both to the Roaches on the surface.
No way. Kasius isn't gonna change the rules now.
You just have to know who to ask.
This fight bores me.
I assure you it will end in a most thrilling fashion.
Sinara, have the guards throw in more weapons.
Lack of weapons is not the problem.
I came to see the Destroyer fight,
not some ancient... has-been. [Music]
I'm afraid a life is owed.
Send the Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. to the surface.
The Vrellnexians will have much more use for her
than your weary audience. [Music]
Guards! Escort the human woman to the surface lift.
[Music] [Air hisses]
Thank you.
Unfortunately, your friend just delayed the inevitable.
No one can escape the Roaches.
[Grunts] Aah!
[Keypad beeping]
The Vicar: Have you seen the boy?
Flint? Mm. Can't say I have.
He's a total floor rat.
- He could be anywhere. - Or... [Music] could be hiding him.
[Chuckles] Why would I do that?
I saw you together at the ceremony, offering the boy last words.
Listen, Flint ... he gets me things no one else can.
Giving the kid a pep talk? That was me just keeping
my business relationship on the steady.
If I find you're keeping things from me...
there will be consequences.
Understood. We done here?
[Footsteps depart]
Well, how come I don't have my powers yet?
You have your power. It just hasn't revealed itself.
How long did yours take?
Oh, it was a total [Chuckling] disaster.
I crusted over three weeks earlier, after eating fish soup and tacos.
- What are tacos? [Scoffs] - What the hell kind of future is this?
Tacos are a food.
Anyways, I had told myself this was just a dream.
And then my cousin Francisco calls with bad news about his mom.
I was upset, so I went to get a beer, and ... whoosh!
I'm back on my couch, beer in one hand.
I realize I need a bottle opener,
and whoosh again ... I'm back on my couch,
bottle opener in the other hand.
What did you think was happening?
My heart was beating so fast,
I thought someone had put cocaine in my beer.
Whoa. Dial it back, Escobar. [Chuckles]
I got so worried, I told my cousin Francisco to come over.
He spent countless hours talking me out of an exorcism.
[Metrics beep]
Grill: That is a great story.
Pretty sure Kasius is gonna want to hear that for himself.
10,000 for the telepath!
Kasius doesn't need money ... he wants weapons.
Five Culverian Blasters.
This is an auction, Lady Karaba, not a flea market.
Take your useless toys back to the mudpits you crawled out of.
My apologies to you both,
but I cannot in good faith sell this Inhuman.
What dense thought rattles in your brain, Kasius?
If I wanted a tease, I would have visited the brothels of Kitson.
Your pent-up desires do not concern me.
As to my reasoning...
[Device beeps] [Whirrs down]
Perhaps you would care to illuminate our guests.
No. Please... It won't happen again.
I was wrong. Please!
You see, Ben was present when I asked the Destroyer
if others had traveled through time with her.
She insisted that my servant was the only one,
which turned out to be untrue.
Kasius, th... it's not his fault. Kasius!
He lied. [Chains clanking]
Normally, that would not preclude him from being sold.
Only in this instance, that lie... was told to me.
Is this really necessary?
Make one of the buyers discipline him.
You of all people must understand.
No man of honor can allow the tongues of his slaves to lie so boldly.
I'm the one ... I am the one to blame!
- Not Ben! - Perhaps. But he's far less valuable.
Don't blame yourself.
No... [Body thuds] Ben!
No! No, no, no... [Music]
Hopefully, you found this display more to your liking.
You're home early.
Thought I was getting called up for another damn report.
But turns out, my manager just wanted to let me know
that a Trawler pilot was fighting in The Crater.
- May? - Is she all right?
"All right's" not a word I would use for someone
who was chucked out as Roach food.
"Morsel," maybe.
Now it's time you tell me why the three of you
didn't have any Metrics.
We came from the past to save the world.
Are you ... you speaking of...
the Prophecy? [Music]
Hey, look, I may be a rube,
but only dumb rubes believe in that prophecy nonsense.
Though I will be a rich rube once I turn you four in to Kasius.
- You turn us in, we're all dead. - Listen.
Once that creepy son of a bitch pays me off,
he can do whatever he wants.
Now, being dead... [Music]
...might be your best option.
- [Sighs] I'm so sorry. - Ben saved my life ...
he saved both of our lives ... and Kasius just...
murdered him while I stood there.
There was nothing you could do.
- [Sighs] I'm gonna kill him. - Mm. Well, you'll have to get in line.
So you can hear now?
Fitz tricked Kasius into turning my hearing back on.
- How is Fitz even here? - I don't know!
He just showed up out of nowhere with his own spaceship.
It's a baller move.
Not to mention the whole bounty-hunter look he's rocking.
I still prefer him in cardigans. [Music]
[Sighs] Do you have any idea what he's planning?
[Sighs] Yeah, I'm not sure, actually.
We haven't had a moment to speak,
though it would seem he's here to purchase us.
- What if it doesn't work? - I have a knife.
We can do better.
Well, there was limited cutlery to choose from.
No, with our plan. We have to figure out a way to work together.
Kasius has to turn my Inhibitor off before the fight starts.
We can make our move then.
- Who are you facing? - Someone disposable.
I'm sure Fitz will be ready.
- [Sighs] Here we are again. - Us against the world.
You must hurry. There's a situation.
- We have a problem. - What is it now?
Someone new has arrived to acquire
the Destroyer of Worlds from Kasius.
- Someone more wealthy than me? - And more feared.
His brother. [Music]
Why does Kasius have people fighting downstairs, Grill?
All part of the fun and games.
Let's just hope he doesn't choose you.
Hey! He's just a kid! [Device beeps, electricity crackles]
I'm starting to think that Zev didn't deserve to die.
That maybe your girlfriend set him up!
Nothing says that I gotta turn you in cherry.
So, you know, maybe I will just watch you sizzle.
[Device beeps, electricity crackling] [Screaming]
[Rock thumps]
[Music] [Rock thumps]
Hey, knock it off, junior.
- I don't know how... - Well, you figure it out!
Flint, look at me.
This is your gift. You can control it.
[Device beeps, electricity crackles] [Screaming]
You stop it, or I will stop you.
[Breathing heavily]
[Grunting] [Rumbling]
[Grunts, thud]
- Kasius? - Mhm?
What is this about your brother coming for the Destroyer?
If you'd excuse me...
Isn't it wonderful?
The journey from my home world is significant,
so Father must be quite serious if he sent Faulnak in person.
I'm also serious,
and I guarantee you I have traveled a much longer journey.
And it has been a privilege having you.
No. Not if I don't get the Destroyer.
You promised me a chance to make an offer.
Which I look forward to entertaining...
though I would encourage you
to consider one of my other Inhumans. [Music]
That did not appear to go well.
- Let's hope the rest does. - Okay, then. [Music]
There's one last thing I need you to do.
[Door thuds open]
[Door creaks] [Music]
Our fate is soon at hand, Sinara.
Ah. It is an honor to have you join us, brother.
There is no honor to be found in this human cesspool.
Yet here you stand. There must be something of worth
for you to travel such a great distance.
I'm only here because of Father's orders.
Oh. It pleases to hear Father sent you,
his most trusted messenger. [Music]
This Destroyer had better be what you say,
or I'll gladly remind you of the many shapes my anger takes.
Yes. You were always quick to offer a demonstration.
Perhaps now I can present one of my own.
The Destroyer is set to battle
- one of my most prized Inhumans ... - I have no desire
to see one of your homegrown experiments fight.
The Destroyer must face a Kree warrior.
Your stray shall suffice.
But Sinara is not prepared for battle.
Is she not your greatest warrior?
You cower behind her as though she is.
Perhaps I have misjudged
and you no longer seek Father's approval.
Of course. Sinara would be honored to fight.
...I understand this is sudden,
but it presents a tremendous opportunity.
Everything I have been striving for
- is but one fight away. - To the death.
Yes. That is what has been promised.
I have every confidence
that you will provide us all a great spectacle.
No. I can't be here anymore.
Hold on. It's too dangerous out there.
It's better than staring at the guy I just killed!
I knew him! He was one of my best customers!
Even gave me spare tokens from time to time.
What happened to Grill is not your fault.
You had no choice. He was gonna kill us.
Now, Mack and I ... we're gonna go find Tess,
and we're gonna get you on a Trawler, okay?
Kid should be playing ball
- or running for student council. - Or class treasurer.
- That's pretty specific. - Ah, served three terms.
I'm a pretty financially responsible dude...
They killed her because she wouldn't give up Flint.
She's already dead. The only thing we can do now
is try to keep Flint from meeting that same end.
Come on. [Music]
Kasius: Now... one of the galaxy's deadliest forces.
Yet tonight, she fights for your enjoyment.
Dear friends, may I present to you...
[Gate rattling] [Music]
...Quake, the Destroyer of Worlds.
[Applause] [Music]
This puny girl is your Destroyer?
Your rush to judgment has always been a shortcoming, brother.
Allow me to switch off the Destroyer's Inhibitor.
Then you shall see her true nature.
Of course, before I unleash her, we must take precaution.
[Mechanical whirring]
[Energy pulsing]
Would you care to give the opening commencement?
[Ricochets] [Music]
Seems your stray is done taking orders.
[Breathing heavily]
All right, you freaky blue bitch. Let's do this.
This is for Ben.
[Grunting] [Music]
[Energy pulses]
[Energy hums]
[Music] [Rumbling]
[Device beeps] [Whirrs down]
[Crowd murmuring]
[Indistinct shouting] [Music]
[Both panting]
I'm never leaving you again.
- Then marry me, Fitz. - Absolutely.
Okay, come on. [Music]
Also, um, just to say, I did propose earlier... [Door opens]
- ...when Kasius had your hearing turned off. - Oh, of course you did.
No, I ... Seriously, I did.
Coulson: We'll return in a moment.
[Steps on hard floor] [Music]
Hello, friend.
- Who are you? - I am a Kree.
As I have always been, brother.
[Keypad beeps] [Gate rattling]
Do you know where you're going?
People don't come back from there ... Oh!
[Thud] [Music]
I am not a person.