Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–…): Season 5, Episode 5 - Rewind - full transcript

With the help of Lance Hunter, nothing will stop Fitz from finding his lost team as his secret journey is revealed.

Previously on "Marvel's
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."...

Talbot: Daisy.
She's not gonna get away
with this.

That wasn't Daisy.
That was a Life Model Decoy.

The good news is
Talbot is alive. He's in a coma.

I'm not saying we're
definitely gonna get
locked up, but if we are,

wouldn't mind grabbing
a bite to eat first.


Take them.

We left one sitting
at the counter, sir.

Not on the list.

We came through a gateway,
some sort of temporal shift.

Fitz didn't get taken. He's no
doubt working this problem,

probably trying to get
a message to us right now.


[ Country music plays ]

♪ I'm not rich
and I'm not famous ♪

♪ I don't have a lot of money
I can offer you ♪

[ Indistinct conversations ]

[ Dinnerware clattering
lightly ]

You're not eating.

Yeah, no.
Not really hungry.

Coulson: You know,
I think this is the first time

we've all been together
in a really long time.

Woman: Anybody have room
for some pie?

[ All murmuring ]

Okay, so we have apple,
strawberry, rhubarb,

and chocolate banana cream.

[ Electricity crackles,
powers down ]

[ Electronics whir ]
[ Sighs ]

Here we go.

[ Door opens ]

[ Footsteps ]

Phillip J. Coulson.

Yep, that's me.

You got us.
Nice work.

And congrats on
the whole power-outage thing.

That was very ominous.

This is my fault.

I'm gonna take...

[ Device powers on,
high-pitched ringing ]
...full responsibility.


[ Tires screech,
door slams open ]

Hands in the air!
Don't move!

[ Siren wailing in distance ]

Where are
the other six?

Where are they?
Where'd they go?!

I don't know.

Take him.

Wait. No.

W-- Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, let go.

Just wait!

I didn't do anything!

Something happened here!

It wasn't me!

I need
to find them!

Footage from the damaged
security camera confirms

you all walked in together
at 8:54 p.m.

But at 9:47,
when we arrived,

you were
the only one there.


How'd they get out?

Where'd they go?

I don't know.



So, you're saying it wasn't
on the security camera?

They conveniently
blacked out

just over two minutes
before we arrived.

What happened
during those two minutes?

I swear I'm telling you
the truth -- I don't know.

Do you like
Bendeery English Ale?


Security cameras captured
a Bendeery truck

parked just in front
of the diner before we arrived.

Then it just...

like your friends.

[ Chair scrapes lightly ]

We've -- We've read
your dossier, Fitz.

It's impressive.

The Big Bad Brain
of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Did you
help them escape

with some kind of new
S.H.I.E.L.D. technology?

How did you know
we were coming?

I didn't!

There was no crystal ball
or -- or, "Beam me up, Scotty."

I don't know
how they got away.

[ Breathing heavily ]

I have a theory.


You did it.

You drugged our food
or, uh, used some kind of gas,

and now you have them in rooms
just like this one,

and you're messing
with their mind

like you're messing
with mine.

So why don't you tell me --
where the hell are they?

[ Breathing heavily ]
Oh, come on.


Who the hell
is in charge here?!


[ Door slams shut ]

it's not General Talbot,

since Agent Johnson
put a bullet in his head.

That wasn't her.
That was -- That was an LMD.

[ Chuckling ]
Oh, right.

Alibis by Asimov,

Blame it
on the robot.

No, that's true.
[ Chair scrapes ]

If it is,

it was built
and programmed by S.H.I.E.L.D.

It was built
by an android called Aida,

and it answered
to her...


Is that the one that killed
Dr. Holden Radcliffe?


And Jeffrey Mace?


No, I'm responsible
for that death.



I'm telling you the truth --
I'm responsible.

Is that why
they left you behind?

For you
to take the blame, huh?

they wouldn't leave me.

They wouldn't...

[ Sighs ]

I'm done.

You're done
when I say you're done.

And if
you don't cooperate,

you're gonna be here
for a very long time.

Do you understand?


[ Door creaks ]



[ Door thuds shut ]


[ Sighs ]


[ Door slams open ]
Time to get up.

On your feet!
Get up.

Where is Phil Coulson?

I don't know.

Where is Daisy Johnson?

I don't know.

Where is Jemma Simmons?


I wish I knew.

I wish I knew, 'cause as much
as you want to find them

and bring them to justice,

I want to find them so I know
that they're okay.

I am more than happy
to pay for my sins,

but I honestly do not know
[Voice breaking] where they are

or what happened to them.


I swear I will do anything I can
to help you find them.


If you let me.


He's telling the truth.

Or he beat
the machine.

I don't think so.

I want him to fry
as much as anyone,

but he's the smartest guy
we've ever had in here.

Maybe we should let his brain
work for us,

help us solve
this thing.

What does he need?

Papers, pens, books.

And a TV.

To watch soccer.


Make sure
that's all he watches.


[ Flap closes ]


[ Cheering ]


[ Switch clicks ]


[ Grunting ]

[ Cheering ]

What are you doing?!
[ Cheering continues ]

[ Book thuds ]

[ Door thuds open, creaks ]

Evans: So, what do you have
for us this morning?

I told you about my experience
in the Framework.

It seems very traumatic.

And I did suffer
previous brain trauma,

which may have
been exacerbated.

I may have suffered
from Prodromal Schizophrenia.

So it's possible
I did something to them...

or, uh, I helped them escape,

something worse...

and blocked
the memory.

We interviewed
everyone there, Fitz.

They all had the same
two-minute lapse in memory.

It wasn't you.


[ Chair scrapes ]

that makes sense.

Are you okay?


There was something else,

There was, um...

a high-pitched, uh...

[ Snaps fingers ] Books.
I'm gonna need more books.

Books on, uh,
sonic frequencies, sound waves.

Get us a list.
We'll get them.

And there's
something else.

Would you be able
to post this?


Worst keeper I've ever seen
in my life.

It's a letter
to a soccer fanzine.

The least offensive part

is when he calls the goalkeeper
a Cro-Magnon Twit.

Redact his name.

Have it analyzed
by our code-breakers.

It'll keep him happy.

His intel on Radcliffe's base
panned out,

so he's helping us...

and he's our only chance
at finding the others.

[ Crowd chanting ]


[ Breathing sharply ]


[ Breathing sharply ]

[ Cheering ]

What are you doing?
What are you doing?!

It's a free kick!

[ Shouting indistinctly ]

[ Thud ]

[ Breathing sharply ]


[ Door unlocks, creaks ]



[ Sighs ]

[ Door creaks ]


In six months,

you haven't brought us
a single plausible theory.

I know.
I know.

And I've been racking
my brains,


I think --

No more thinking.

You're out of time.
We want an answer.


I have one.
I know what happened.

By all means.

Enlighten us.


They were abducted
by aliens.


All right, that's it.

We're done with you.

No more books,
no more television.

You've wasted our time.


You're gonna grow old
and die alone in that cell.

[ Cellphone rings ]


Here? How?

Man: Hey, you can't go in there
without authorization.

Your attorney
is here.


Get those
cuffs off my client

and get the hell
out of here.


They printed my letters
in the last six issues

Ballbuster Hooligans.

And how many copies
do you think are available

in Bangladesh?

As in zero.

Soon as I heard
you were missing,

I got hold of some.

Where do you get off
on calling Liverpool

a bunch of wankers?

Well, if you never win anything,
then how do --

Well, at least we're not trying
to buy our way back to glory.

Hey. Do not
talk crap about Man U.

Me talking crap? Your letters
were nothing but crap.

All that stuff
about the --

How many European Cups
have you won?

Well, got your attention,
didn't it?

After six months!

Well, maybe I should've
just thrown them out

and left you here.


I missed you.

You, too, mate.

It's good to see you.


Okay. Okay.

There -- There'll be times
for more hugs later.

Okay. Okay.
[ Sniffles ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Clears throat ]

Hey, uh,
where are we?

You're in a secure
military installation.

One of those
"doesn't exist" places.

But the law's the law,
so they had to let me in.

[ Sighs ] Okay.

Well, at least
you gave me enough time

to come up
with a good escape plan.
[ Watch beeping ]

So, it's a mechanism
that, um, I can slowly assemble,

but I'm gonna need you

to smuggle it in
piece by piece.

Um, so,
if -- if you could visit

three times a week
for a month,

then, uh, then I should have
everything I need.

What are you doing?

I'm gonna need you to move
two meters to your left.

[ Device beeping ]


And come forward.

There we go.
[ Watch beeps ]


What the bloody hell?!

Your coded message
didn't have an escape plan,

so I had to come up
with one of my own.

Come on.
Let's go.



There's our way out!

Who's flying it?


The best getaway pilot
money can buy.



the best getaway pilot
my money could buy.

Please tell me your escape plan
involves an actual escape.

He was supposed to draw
their attention,

lead them on a wild goose chase
up in the air,

while we were getting away
on the ground.

Well, he's definitely
got their attention.

Well, let's go
find our ride.



That piece of junk
is our ride?

Yeah, it's Rusty's,
God bless his cold, black soul.


it's the last thing
they'll be looking for.


The last thing they'll
be thinking is that two
ex-S.H.I.E.L.D. agents

would be stupid enough to try
and escape in this whale.

we are.

There you go.


Your phone.

You're welcome.

Now, Rusty kitted this
thing out with all sorts
of bells and whistles.

[ Engine grinding ]
Is one of those bells
an engine?

[ Engine starts ]
There we go.

[ Engine backfires ]

It's even got cloaking.


[ Engine sputtering ]

How the hell
did he contact an attorney

without any
outside communication?

He mailed
some letters.

mailed them.

Rants to a magazine.

I had them analyzed and cleared.
There was nothing there.

Well, obviously, there was.
Analyze them again.

If you crack
the code,

you find out
who he's talking to.

We checked
all the surveillance footage

a two-mile radius.

Everything checks out
except this.

Are they the idiots,
or are we?

Evans: They won't get far
in that thing.

Well, if you find them,
don't engage.

They could lead us
to the others.

[ Engine sputtering ]


Hunter: Just his head
set on fire?

Nothing else?

Um, no.

That's the strangest thing
I've ever heard.

Except for the sexy robot
that you made

that became human

and wanted you to stick the old
floppy into her love drive.

Can we not
talk about this, please?

Copy that.
Message received.

Well, my life has been
perfectly boring by comparison.

Mercenary work,

working with unscrupulous
dirtbags like Rusty.

How are things
with Bobbi?

Good. Yeah.

We're 100% compatible...

...50% of the time.

Nearly got married again.

Until the ninjas
showed up.


you are together?

Together forever,

doing our own thing.

Distance is our savior.

How about
you and Simmons?

Did you find a way
to work it out?

Distance is our curse.

So, how are we gonna
find her?

[ Sighs ]

Okay. Um, the only
real clue we have

is a
Bendeery English Ale truck.

Chasing a beer truck.
I like this plan.

Do we get to plunder it
when we find it?

No, it vanished.
I need a way to find it.

Then you, my friend,
are in the right RV.

Among Rusty's
more useful traits --

piloting being henceforth
removed from that list --

is that he was
paranoid as balls.

A die-hard
conspiracy theorist

who liked to spy on anyone
he thought was spying on him...

which was everyone.

So, he can tap
into surveillance.

Where is it?

At the back,

beyond the margarita machine
and the ferret cages.

[ Ferret squeaking ]

[ Tires screech ]


[ Ferret squeaks ]


Oh, that's plenty
of bells and whistles.

Thank you, Rusty.

[ Birds chirping ]


There it is.

So, the truck arrived at the
diner just before they vanished.

[ Slurps ]

That's them.


10 of them.

Who's that?


[ Monitor beeps ]

[ Keyboard clacking ]

All the surveillance cameras
within a two-mile radius

went dark
for those two minutes.

How is that possible?

[ Keyboard clacking ]

[ Monitor beeps ]

Where are you going?

[ Monitor beeps ]

There it is.

that's a postal truck.

[ Keyboard clacking ]

[ Monitor beeps ]


Why can you never find
a beer truck when you need one?

[ Slurps ]


[ Keyboard clacking ]

[ Monitor beeping ]


Ruddy bloody hell.

[ Slurps ]

Got you now.


I've been
expecting you.

What? Wait.

No. We're here to surprise you,
so act surprised.

There's no need
for violence.

You were
at the diner.

I saw you.

Y-You put them
in your truck,

and you
brought them here.

Where are they?

Two Zero Nine One.


Earth Year
Two Zero Nine One.


[ Keyboard clacking ]

Hunter: Why do I
get the feeling

there's a kill room
in the basement?

[ Monitor beeps ]


Where is this?

What's happening?


[ Breathing heavily ]


Who the hell are you?

I was sent here
30,000 years ago

to observe and record
the evolution of your species.

What you would call
an anthropologist.

My Earth name
is Enoch.

I am
a sentient Chronicom

from a planet
which revolves around a star

in the constellation you know
as Cygnus.

We'll just go with "Enoch."

Fitz: Why?

Why did you send them
through that thing?

To fulfill a prophesy.

This speaks
of the future.

They were needed there.

[ Hunter sighs ]

Look, there's only
so much crazy talk I can take

before I start
shooting holes in it.

Why didn't you
take me?

You weren't part of
the Seer's prophecy, Mr. Fitz.


You don't seriously believe
all this, do you?

A prophecy and a Monolith
that sends you through time?

Send me through to them.

The Stone can only be activated
from the other end.

I only knew
when it would open.

I have no knowledge
of who opened it.

Somebody does.

The, uh -- The Seer?

Let's start there.

Take me.

I don't think
it's wise.

You don't think...


[ Gun cocks ]

You are going to
take me to

whoever or whatever
this Seer is,

or your future
ends now.


[ Indistinct conversations ]

Enoch: I am trying to help,
Mr. Fitz.

You did not need
to threaten me.


I'm just worried
about my friends.

So, who is it?




Search every room.
They were here.

I want
to know why.

What the hell?

Stay on the RV,

but keep your distance
and do not engage.

We want to know
where they're going.

[ Cellphone beeps ]

What do you make
of all this?

I have no idea.


Hi, Enoch.

Hello, Polly.

[ Children shouting
in distance ]


I know you.

You're Polly Hinton.

Do I know you?

I'm with S.H.I.E.L.D.
Can I...?


[ Bird caws ]


You must be Robin.

I'm Fitz.

I'm friends
with Daisy.

[ Children playing in distance ]


Lucas: What are we
dealing with here?

[ Apple crunches ]

Is there a kid's room
in this house?


Single male,
lives alone.


That magic crystal ball
we were theorizing about?

It's real,
but it's not S.H.I.E.L.D. tech.


It's a child.


So, she's the Seer?


You are
a very good artist.

Can I have a look?


This is prophecy?

She's been
very active lately.


What is that?

What are these --
What are these symbols?

Enoch: An ancient language
from another galaxy.

Never known
to anyone on Earth.

Until her.

The quiet type, eh?

Wish you could
teach Bobbi that.

Get a drink in her,
and she's like a wind-up doll.

You can't --
They're here for us.


Let's go.

Put these in.


You're coming with us.

The girl, too,
so don't even think about

trying to run...


We just lost
a half an hour of time.

[ Scoffs ]


[ Monitor beeping ]

[ Keyboard clacking ]


I think
we lost them.

Not for long.

We need to find a place
to lay low for a while.

I'm taking you to the place
where I sent the others.

You said
that was impossible.


I'm taking you where,
not when.


Under a lighthouse,

How far down
does this go?


What is it?


[ Clanking ]

Who built it?




They just disappeared.

It had to be
the same blackout technology

they used
at the diner.

Do we have any idea
who the girl is?

We've got images
from surveillance cameras

across the street.

We're running
facial-recognition scans

on her
and her mother.

Well, make it
your highest priority.

If she's able to predict
and forewarn,

she might be able
to tell secrets.

[ Papers thump softly ]


I want you to find her
and control her.

It's better
she's on our side.

We need every weapon
in this fight.

Enoch: As of this moment,
you are the only four humans

who know
of this place's existence.

How do you
know about it?


We'll stay until we can decide
what to do with her.

She is
no longer safe.

Why don't you just
ask her?

She seems to know
everything else.

She gives answers
in her own time.

It's better
not to interfere.


You sent my friends
into the future.

I'd call that
some serious interference.

Our protocol allows
for one exception --

the prevention
of an extinction-level event.


So what happened?




[ Pan sizzling ]

[ Spoon scraping ]

[ Spoon clanks ]


[ Slurps ]

Sad, isn't it?

To know
all she knows

and not be able
to do a thing about it.

Maybe she's trying.

You can't save the world.

I can barely
save myself.

What's her story?
How do you know her?

Fitz: Her father
was an Inhuman.

Every time
he touched someone,

he and that person would have
a vision of an impending death.

And it must have
been torturous.

So he couldn't have
any human contact.

Not with his wife.

Not with his --
Not his baby daughter.

And they still
call these "gifts"?

He saved Daisy.


she was convinced
that she could save him,

change the future,

What's written
is written.

Jemma and I
were there.

Holding hands.

We had no idea.


you and Simmons?


we're together now.

Everyone knows.

Even looked for
a place together.

Oh, congrats, mate.

I remember when
you couldn't even admit

that you liked her.
[ Scoffs ]

Maybe it should have
stayed that way.

Everything that keeps
happening to us

does seem like the universe
doesn't want us to be together.

The universe doesn't want
or care about anything.

And even if it did,

why wouldn't it want you
to be together?

You two are so perfect
for each other,

it makes everyone
a little bit nauseous.

Maybe it's trying
to protect her.

From what?

From me.

From what I was
in the Framework...

'cause that came from
inside me.


wasn't programming.

Was that the Fitz I saw
back at Enoch's place?


I have to admit --

I kind of liked seeing
that side of you.

And it worked
for us.

Got Enoch
on the right page.

Yeah, well,
it also got people killed.

Look, I don't know
what you went through,

but I know you're not
a cold-blooded killer.

Every light
needs a shadow.

You just have to learn
how to control it,

use it
when you need it.

I can't stand it
being anywhere inside of me.

I think that's why
they left me behind, I think --

'cause I'm too much of a risk
to them -- to --

too much of a risk
to Jemma.

Bollocks. You want to know
why you were left behind?

Ask the one that kicked you
off the guest list.


Get it
while it's hot.


It smells good.

I'm sorry
about your friends.

Did Robin ever say

why I wasn't supposed to
go with them?

She doesn't say much
at all.

Not since Terrigenesis.

I found her in a state
just like her father.

She was way too young
to go through that.

Her mind
has been scattered.

Past, present,
future --

it's all the same to her,
all mixed up.

Sometimes, she doesn't even know
I'm her mother.


I'm sorry.


Enoch has been
very helpful.

He's helped me
to understand


And she lives
mostly inside her head now,


we can try.


Robin, sweetie.


Mr. Fitz has brought you
some breakfast.

And he has a question
for you.

He'd like to know
why he's not with his friends.

Can you tell Fitz?

He'd really like to know
why he's not with them.


'Cause you have to
save them.


They're in trouble
some 70 years in the future,

and there's nothing
I can do?

[ Sighs ]

I'll be a skeleton
by the time they get here.

I may know
another way.
Oh, now there's a way?

What happened
to no interference?

It's prophecy now.


How, Enoch?

How do I get
to them?

I came to Earth
in a small capsule.

It was discovered
decades ago

and is now secured
in a warehouse.

It might be able
to take you to them.

Where is it?

Have you heard of a place called
Blue Raven Ridge?

[ Chuckles ]
You're joking.

You know it?
of course I know it.

We just
broke out of it.

It's the military base
they were holding you in.

Okay, well...

hate to say it,

but we're gonna have to
break back in.


[ Sighs ]

We're breaking a basic rule
of espionage.

Never walk into the same place
as two different people.

We don't have
a choice.

You sure these I.D.s
are gonna hold up?

I hope so.

Cooter didn't have
much time.

An old friend
of Rusty's.

He's very --
Let me guess --

he's the best
your money could afford.


[ Southern accent ]

We're here to fix
a hole in the wall.



Rusty Peltzer and...
Jimmy Futterman.

That's us.

You break it,
we fix it

and charge you
the military mark-up.


Too much?


[ Normal voice ] If Cooter
hasn't got us in the system,

then this is
all over.


Then we'll find
another way.

From our tiny little cells?


[ Receiver clicks ]


[ Clears throat ]


All clear.
You know where you're going?

[ Southern accent ] Know it like
the back of our hands.
[ Gearshift clicks ]


[ Sighs ]

[ Normal voice ]
Rusty always said

there was alien artifacts
on this base.


he wasn't so crazy
after all.

[ Door creaks ]

[ Box clanks ]

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

These are extremely volatile
and unpredictable.

Screw up once --
you could lose a limb.


Once we do this...

that's it --
no turning back.

Let's do it.



Release the ferrets.

[ Ferrets squeaking ]


[ Alarm blaring ]
What's that mean?

Something's setting off
the perimeter alarms.

[ Blaring continues ]

You seeing this?

We got
a 10-98 here.

[ Grunts ]
Repeat, a 10-98.

They'll instinctively head
for the drains and vents.

Motion sensors will interpret
that as an escape, right?

And procedure
will seal the perimeter,

leaving us alone
in here.

Which is fine...

till we need
to get out.


This is it.


You sure
this is it?

[ Blows ]

[ Touchscreen beeps ]

This is gonna
get me there...

if I'm lucky.

All right.

Let's get this
back on the truck.

We're not gonna need
a truck.

[ Switch clicks ]


[ Chuckles ]

Brings back memories.

We had some good times
back in the day...

in between
all the bad times

and being shot at and chased
and attacked by monsters.

[ Sighs ] Yeah.

This place...

the base...
always felt like home.

Like family.

don't worry.

You'll be
together again soon.

You're just saying that.

of course I am.

They're stuck 70-odd years
in the future,

and our world's
about to end.

The odds, my friend,
are not in your favor.

Are they ever?


Well, let's see
what we've got here.

[ Chuckles ] Fitzy.

We just hit
the jackpot.

They've brought everything
from S.H.I.E.L.D.

What the hell's
going on here?!

[ Electricity crackles ]


[ Gunfire ]


[ Groans ]


Go upstairs,
fire up the guidance system,

and activate

I'll hold them off here
and close the doors!

Uh, shouldn't you do
the technical, and I'll --
[ Gunshots ]


All right.


I know
you mean well.

I'm sorry
that it has to end this way,

but you have continually
let me down.

I don't
trust you anymore.

You're demoting us?



What?! No!


[ Phone beeps ]


I need
a cleaning crew.


[ Latches click ]


These will be waiting for me
when I get there.


Team S.H.I.E.L.D.
will be fully armed.


How does this get Fitz
to the future?

It's a
Cryo-Freeze Chamber.



I'm taking
the long way there.

Gonna sleep
for 74 years.

That is
the most insane idea

in our history
of insane ideas.

We can't hide you
in a wall.

You'll suffocate
when you wake up.

And if we leave you
sitting around here,

who knows what people
or things are gonna find
their way in there.

He's not
going to be here.

I summoned
a Chronicom Vessel.

We'll orbit a planet
hidden safely away from Earth

until he wakes up.

Oh, great.
That's brilliant.

Are you ready?


We'll look after
those two.

Bobbi could use
a good cause.

Thank you,
Lance Hunter.

Just make sure
he gets back okay.



I guess
this is it.

I've had a helluva time,
as always.

I guess
I underestimated your odds.


Don't die out there,


[ Sighs ]

All right.


Okay. Yep.

[ Air hisses ]


[ Whirring ]

[ Latch clicks ]

[ Keypad beeping ]


I love you.

[ Chuckles ]

I know.

[ Ice crackling ]


[ Rumbling softly ]


[ Beeping ]


[ Beeping stops ]

[ Ice crackling ]

[ Air rushes ]

[ Gasps ]


Good morning, Fitz.

Rise and shine.


[ Breathing heavily ]




[ Grunting softly ]

[ Breathing heavily ]


While you were asleep,

I had time to put
a plan in motion.

We have a few days

until we arrive
at the Lighthouse.

That should give me
enough time to prepare you.


Prepare me for what?

For facing off against

some of the most ruthless
and brutal mobsters,

monsters, and mercenaries
in the galaxy.

I hope
you have it in you.


I have it in me.