Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–…): Season 5, Episode 4 - A Life Earned - full transcript

Coulson and the team discover their captors' true intentions.

Previously on "Marvel's
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."...

I need to cauterize
his wound.

[ Panting ]

[ Screaming ]

It's a transmission.

It's coming from the surface
of the Earth.

So there's someone out there.

We need to find them.

Well, you have carved out
a little life for yourself

on this grim little rock,
haven't you?

No, Abby, you can't!
You sold her.


This is what I do.

My friend's life
is on the line,

so I'll figure
something out.

[ Sighs ]

You were right.

I told you she'd find
her way down here.


I rescued humanity.

Did you know that?

What you may not know

is how much I've sacrificed
to do it.

Before I arrived, this place
was nothing but wreckage,

the rotted shell
of a dead organism.

But I saw it
for what it could be.

I had vision.

And now, thanks to you,

that vision has finally
come to fruition.

You've taken my blood.

What more do you need
from me?

Despite all I did
for these humans,

I found them clinging
to their gods,

their fairy tales,

one of which was...Quake.

The Old Ones,
rest their souls --

they used to tell the story

of how S.H.I.E.L.D.
would return one day

from the past to save them.

Now here you are.

Not my choice.

Yet you show up at the exact
same time as another human,

with no marks on her wrist

and a skill set
beyond her station.


I know you're trying
to say something,

but I'm just
not sure what.

Perhaps you are more
than a fairy tale.

How many of you are here?

No one else.

I want to believe you,

May I call you "Daisy"?

It's a lot less formal
than "Destroyer of Worlds."

You see, I have
my own interpretation

of the fairy tale.

I think you're here
to help me.

That seems unlikely.

Does it?

Word of your presence has piqued
much interest.

In fact,
bidders are on their way.

And with the price
I'll fetch for you,

I'll finally have the means

to leave this horrendous place
once and for all.

What makes you think
I'd go along with that?

Because, of course,

your friend's face
is so beautiful.


Don't you want to make sure
it stays that way?

[ Electricity crackling ]

[ Indistinct conversations ]

What are you doing here?

They shut down
all the Trawler flights.

No idea why

So now they even have the pilots
working as crushers, I guess.

That's a little slang
I picked up here.

It's when you --

I get "crusher."

Anything on Daisy?

Just when we have a chance of
getting answers on the surface,

two of our people
go missing.



Been checking with the guys
working the docking bays

to see if maybe Daisy hopped
a ship to move between levels,

but I don't know.

I assume she didn't.

[ Grunts ]
Is it time to panic yet?


I've covered every square inch
of this floor.

No sign of Daisy.

I don't like this.

She could be captured.
She could --

[ Electricity crackles ]
[ Grunting ]

You're not here
to stand around and gossip.

We were all talking.
Why me?

'Cause you're bigger.

[ Chuckles ]
Makes it funnier.

Keep working!

Big man downstairs
is entertaining.

An intergalactic auction
means that we have to provide

more iron
for Kasius to sell off.

So we are working
triple shifts.

Hey, I answer

to the fat cat Blues,
same as you.

Only I have to go
and explain to them

why we are not meeting
our quotas.

So make sure we do
by the end of today.

Except you.

You're with me.

[ Crackling continues ]

Guy's name
is Gunner.

he's a tough guy.

Owes me a lot
of tokens.

I need you
to rough him up.

Oh. W--
You need me to do what?

Beat his ass.

Look, I got it
on good authority

that Gunner is waiting
on a package from Level 35 --

now, that is a high-security,
Kreepers-only technology floor.

He's in debt to me
and getting tech from the Blues?

I don't like that.

But you already got

Why do you need
me to do it?

Well, I had Zev.

He was a snake.

Now he's roach food.

And have you looked
in a mirror?

You're a beast.

Go be one.
[ Chuckles ]


[ Grunting ]




[ Both panting ]

Excuse me.

They grow it.

Uh -- What?

You're wondering
where the meat comes from.

There's some kind of lab where
they grow it or something.

Was that just
a lucky guess,

or did you just...
read my thoughts?

I heard them, really.

That's what I got
after Terrigenesis.

You're Inhuman.

That's how you anticipated
the moves,

which is not cool,
by the way --

reading people's minds
without permission.

I hear what I hear.

Believe me -- it's kind of
a relief when they turn it off.

[ Device beeps ]

And there we go.

All right,
everyone out.

Not you.

you're something special.

You get a private viewing.


Yeah, I don't think you have
a choice, Mack,

if we want to keep Grill
off our backs.

[ Grunts ]

So we gotta go rough up
this guy Gunner.


Makes as much sense
as anything else in this place.

Maybe you and Yo-Yo
can just talk to him.

the all-out assault.

Both of us?

I'm already missing
two agents.

I'm going with Mack's philosophy
that we stick together here.


As long as you're back
before Grill, we should be fine.

And it gets us
an opportunity.

That's you and me.

Grill just tipped us off
to Level 35 --

Kree technology?
We have to check that out.

We have no weapons,
no intel.

Well, I'm hoping Level 35
gets us an edge,

or at least something that'll
help us survive on the surface

till we can find
Virgil's radio pal.

You got access
to a secure floor?

No, but...
I think I know a guy.

So you're making them fight?

That's what this place
is for --

For entertainment?

Not just for entertainment.

For profit.

Kasius' profit.

What does he want?

A demonstration
of your skills.

[ Device beeps ]

[ Sighs ]

Maybe I don't feel
like performing on cue today.

Unless you've got

Maybe you should get
in the mood. Fast.

For your friend.


Okay. Fine.

[ Rumbling ]


[ Panting ]

That wasn't what I meant.

[ Device beeps ]
[ Inhales sharply ]

I had no idea

that you had the Destroyer
of Worlds in your stable.

Oh, did I forget
to mention it?

Word's gotten around,

and a host of traders
are on their way presently.

Well, perhaps I can make
a preemptive bid for her now.

Oh, Basha.
That would be lovely.

I can make a far greater
offer than any --

discussion of price

will take place
over dinner.

And since you so prefer
dining on your own ship,

I fear that takes
you out of the

Ah, well.

Safe journey home to your --

what was the colorful
phrase you used? --

"grim little rock."

[ Footsteps recede ]

She seems nice.

I suppose you're here
for payment.

I did bring you Quake.

So you did.


Is that Rhodium?

You have an eye
for high-value metals.

This'll be worth more
than all your credits upstairs.

Yes, it will.

I want to thank you
for bringing her to me.

But Sinara is concerned
about the prophecy --

that others from the past
might have come, as well.

Guess that means
you are, too.

Prophecies are hard
to decipher.

Could be 2 people,
could be 20.

Well, maybe the prophecy
wouldn't be such a mystery

if you didn't kill everyone
that knew anything about it.


Life is full of regrets.


[ Scoffs ]

How can I help?

Should you come across
any additional time travelers

or anyone who helped them,
I'd be grateful...

and generous.


Let me see
what I can find for you.





So, you're telling me
you don't see the whole picture?

I'd fill you in, but I feel
like you already know.

I've read Tye's mind.
Of course I know.

The Ceremonies --

They are making
Inhumans fight each other.

And people bid on them?

Are you okay with this?

I've come to terms with it.

And everyone else?

The others don't know.

They can never know.


They have the right
to fight back.
But we have to.

You can't just sit here
and do nothing.

You can't tell them.
You can't tell anyone.

You've gotta make better sense
than this, 'cause I mean --

If the others find out, they
can't do what has to be done.

We do this,
demonstrate our powers,

and go
with whomever buys us

because our families get
compensated once we're gone.

You mean they get paid
to sell you.

I mean they have
a better shot at survival.

Survival is everything.

This is insane.

This is life.

[ Clears throat ]

[ Sighs ]

Otherwise, our families
could pay the price.

You have people you care
about -- I heard that much.

If you care about them,
I suggest you play the game.

And if they pit us
against each other,

I suggest
you try to win.

'Cause I will.

[ Footsteps recede ]

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Hey. Come on.

We need to talk.

"Say, Deke.
How you doing?

You look really good.
Can we have a word?"

It's not that hard.

I was coming
to find you guys, anyway,

'cause I haven't seen you
in a little while.

I was hoping
Daisy was with you.

Last we heard,
she was looking for you.

She found me.

I was just with her
a couple hours ago.

And it's -- it's --
it's all good.

I-I helped her
onto a lower medical floor.

It's where we think
your other friend is.

She never came back
or checked in.

She said something
about no further contact --

spy stuff.

How'd she put it?
"Silent mode"?

Going dark.
Deke: Yeah. That.

And I told her
that you'd wonder,

and she said,
"Get out of my way.

This is what I do.
My friend's life is on the line.

I'll figure something out."

That sounds like Daisy.

Sorry I don't have her.
I wish I did.

It's all right.
We came for you.

What do you know
about Level 35?

Every few floors,
there's a secure Kree level.

Level 4 is holding --

that's where I met
you fine folks.

And then Level 17
is engineering.

But I've never seen 35.

We're hoping to find
some Kree technology.

Anything that'll help us.

We need to investigate
the surface.

[ Chuckles ]

The surface.
Yeah, why not?

No, yeah, it'll take too long
to get to the center of the sun.

I know
it's an unconventional plan.

What is actually wrong
with you people

that you keep going
places you are not
supposed to be going?

Are you all very suicidal?

We have reasons.

Not good ones.

We do now.

Virgil's time in the Trawler?

He was communicating
with the surface.
[ Button clicks ]

Man: Virgil. Come in.
Do you read?

We haven't heard from you
in three days.

Please respond.

Have you secured
the delegation?

[ Button clicks ]

Those people are all dead.
Kasius thinks they're all dead.

I know.

I-I need to go get
a few things.

Oh, so now
you're interested?

Those people up there...
if we can find them,

that's in everyone's
best interest.


[ Indistinct conversations ]

Yo-Yo: Is that Gunner?

That's Gunner.

Try to walk casual.

If you can see me,
that's me walking casual.

That's fair.

But try not to do
anything rash.

Do you want to talk about it

or make not very subtle
comments all day?

Spit it out,

So, we're beating
people up now?

It's bad enough
what we've already done.

Are you talking
about Grill's right-hand man?

I did it to save lives,
your life.

Now the guy's dead.

And I'm sorry about that,

but I choose you over him
every time.


[ Conversations continue ]


I just don't want us
losing ourselves here.

Look what happened
to Fitz in the Framework.

This is different.

Yeah, I know it's different.
This place is real.

Yeah, exactly.
Real danger, real violence.

We protect ourselves
to survive.

Yeah. Do we have
to hurt people to do it?

If we're being practical,

Yeah, well...I was raised

do unto others as you would
have them do to you.

Yeah, you were raised
in the suburbs.

I didn't grow up
in Naperville.

I grew up in Potosí,
a city just like this.

It operates on fear.

And you hated it there.

but I learned from it.

We don't have to hurt him
to scare him.

Look at that bastard.

He owes money, and he's still
trying to get more.

Maybe he does need
a shake-up.

And don't worry --
we won't lose ourselves.

I promise.

[ Conversations continue ]



[ Classical music plays ]

[ High-pitched tone plays ]

[ Classical music plays ]

[ High-pitched tone plays ]

I'm thirsty.

[ Classical music plays ]

[ Suspenseful music plays ]

[ Pitcher thumps lightly ]

[ Gasps ]

[ High-pitched tone continues ]

[ Tone fades ]

[ Tone resumes ]

[ Tone stops ]

The truth is not
a relative concept, is it?

A subjective conceit?

[ Chuckles ]

Then imagine
my disappointment

to discover you and Jemma did,
in fact, hide the truth.

Sinara said Jemma had a friend
who assisted in saving a life,

seemed to know her,
seemed to understand.

I would ask Simmons,

but she can't hear me
for some twisted reason.

I already told you.


I can't abide untruths.

And it's unnecessary

when we can get to the facts
ever so quickly.

[ Footsteps approaching ]

Of course,
there's no way

I can tell for certain
if you're being honest.

But he can.

[ Beep ]


I already told you.
It's just me and Simmons.

[ High-pitched tone plays
intermittently ]

who was the woman helping you
when you helped Reese?

I have no idea.

There were lots of people
in The Exchange that day.

I don't know who they all were.

They're telling the truth.

Both of them.



Did you come through time
together or separately?

I don't understand
why that matters.

Because the prophecy
spoke of S.H.I.E.L.D.

[ High-pitched tone plays ]

And if they did,
you may not even be aware of it.

We came through together.

No one else.
Just us.

Very well.

Tell us
that miraculous story.

Spare no detail.


We were alone.

[ High-pitched tone plays ]

We lost one.
Jeffrey Mace.

Daisy: Fitz killed him.
One of our team members.

Fitz was Jemma's --
they were in love.

[ High-pitched tone plays ]

And he couldn't
handle it.

none of us really could.

He was gonna leave

so I took Jemma out
to talk alone.

We went to a diner.

We were just talking
when these guys came in,

and they grabbed us.

They knocked us out,
and, boom -- we ended up here.

Jemma, now you tell me
the same story --

how you two ended up here.

And, Jemma?

It had best be a story
in perfect accord with hers.


I was so distraught
after our last mission --

in the Framework --
when Fitz killed Mace --

and Fitz was worse.

He decided
to leave S.H.I.E.L.D.

It seemed
our team was breaking up.

Daisy took me to a diner
to talk alone.

To make me feel better,
I guess.

And then these men came.

They grabbed us,
they knocked us out...

and we ended up here.


Good, then.

[ Beep ]

I share your concern,

but we have preparations
to make.

And, remember, you're not
the only one working on this.


I imagine
it's not as simple

as taking
the elevator down to 35.

We can't access it.

But I can get us in below it,
find my way in.

I'll call the elevator
from Level 35 itself.

[ Beep ]

[ Elevator stops ]

You guys hang tight.

[ Device beeps ]


[ Door creaks ]

You trust him?

You know me
better than that.

Welcome to Level 35.

Yeah, well, hold the applause.



What the hell
just happened?

I covered for you.

Yeah, but how?

My Inhuman power --
it isn't just reading minds.

You can let other people
read your mind, too.

So you told Simmons
what I said.


They don't know
I can do that.

What about playing
the game?

Daisy, listen, it wasn't
just your minds in there.

That was as close
as I've ever been to Kasius.

[ Sighs ]
My first chance to read his.


So, what did you see?


He hates this place.

When his gala is all done,

Kasius isn't just leaving --
he wants it all erased.

He's gonna destroy
the station?

Along with everyone on it.

My family.

Every family.

But I could also see how
powerful he thinks you are...

and how powerful
you know you are.


Maybe it's time we change
the rules on his game.



Who -- What are you --

Grill sent us.
[ Door closes ]

He wants his money.

Screw Grill.

I told him he'd get his money,
and he will.

He thinks
you're gonna scare me?

I should.

Because if I don't,
big man here will.

What is this place?

Maybe R&D.

That works.


Tell Grill to relax.

I'm putting it together.

No one wants
any trouble.

Then don't cause any,

'cause I don't know
what my friend will do.

Your friend just needs
to calm down.

Take it easy.
Take it easy.

Now, this package
you're waiting for...

you know we can make it

What did you just say?


If this place
is all science,

then there's got
to be something here we can use.

We just need
to find it.

[ Screech in distance ]



I'm saying
if you try anything,

it wouldn't be hard for us to go
after this package of yours

and make it
so it never gets to you.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
You can't do that.

Things go missing all the time.

I swear,
I'll kill you.

What is that?


It's the package
meant for Gunner, isn't it?

Deke: Probably.

There's been
a lot of vacancies lately.

Must be time
to start filling them.


What kind of man
makes a threat so low?

You're sick.

Just pay Grill,
and no one will take your stuff.


But if you don't,
we'll take that package,

and we'll throw it
in the crushing mill.

Mack, look.


Who threatens a child?

Who would threaten
to tear a baby

away from someone
when the chance is so rare?

I didn't know.

I didn't see.

Kids are scarce here

because of people
like you

who only understand
violence and death!

I hope you never get
the privilege.

You'd mess it up, anyway.

People like you don't deserve
a child.


Mack, no!

[ Punch lands ]

Mack, no!


[ Breathing heavily ]


[ Coughing ]

They're using newborns
as a commodity?

How do you think
things are done around here?

It's the only way
anyone can have kids.

I'm sorry --
"the only way"?

People don't get pregnant

[ Baby coos ]


And the vibe goes

What did they do -- sterilize
the whole population?

We think they do it
through the food

so they can decide
who has children.

How long?

They've always tried
to control it.

I was one of the last ones that
was born the old-fashioned way,

until Kasius decided
that it was easiest to just --

Create the children themselves.
But why?

Are they trying to diversify
the human population?

Kasius doesn't care
about humans.

He just wants to increase
the genetic chances they turn.

To Inhumans.

They're much more valuable
that way.

Valuable to whom?

Deke, what is he auctioning off
down there?

You think
he's selling rocks?

The whole process
is pretty upsetting,

so we try not to think
about the details.


I found something.

What is it?


[ Nasally ] Okay. Ow.


The lab got a new sample
they're supposed to use...

[ Computer beeps ]

...for Inhuman genes.


And they've been holding her
since yesterday...

Is that what that thing says?
Because if you --

...even though you said you were
helping her this morning.

Why would you lie about Daisy
unless you sold her out?

Okay, well, this is probably
the part where I should explain.


This is the part
where May breaks your face.

You explaining --
kind of secondary.

Okay. You're mad.
I get that.

Are they using her for breeding?

It seems that way, but that's
not why Kasius wanted her.

So you did sell her out.

Yes, but it's mo--
[ Door thuds open ]

Hey, fellas,
we actually -- we were --

just got a little bit
turned around.

Uh, is this Level 35?
We were actually looking --

Oh, okay, we're fighting.


[ Body thuds ]



[ Panting ]

[ Door opens ]

More Kreepers.

you take Deke upstairs.

Make him talk.
I'll hold them off.

I'm not
leaving you here alone.

May. Your leg.

You're still not 100%.

I got this. Go.



[ Grunts ]

[ Axe clatters ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Breathing heavily ]

[ Screams ]

[ Groans ]

[ Coughs ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Breathing heavily ]



The bleeding's stopped.
How's it feel?

It's fine.

Not too tight?

No. Snug.
Not too tight.


In that case...


I really need you people
to stop doing that.

Where's Daisy?

Look, I had to do that.

Oh, you had to?

Yeah, I had to.

People had died,

and Kasius wouldn't have
hesitated to kill hundreds more,

and Daisy didn't even seem
to care at all.

So, trust me -- it's safer
with her out of the mix.

I don't trust you.

Well, I did
what needed to be done.

Oh, please.

That wasn't the first time
you went for a payday.

You weren't out
to save lives.

You made a profit.

The two
aren't mutually exclusive.

So don't pretend
your motives were pure.
Oh, please.

There's so much
you don't even know that --

And now you're doing it again,
aren't you?

You don't want to help
those people on the surface.

You want to turn them over
to Kasius for --

You don't know me, man!

I was 9 -- okay? --

when my mother got
dragged away and murdered.

Kasius got rid
of all the elders,

all the smart people,
and she was one of them.

And after she was gone,
my dad took up the cause.

He carried the torch
for her.

And as I got older,
I begged him not to.

I said that they were gonna
get him, too, and I was right.

He got sent to the roaches,
just like the rest of them.

That's why it was pretty strange
to hear his voice.

That was your father?

If he's alive up there,

I don't just
want you to succeed --

I need to be there
when you do.

That's a good story.

But stories
are what you do,

so excuse me
if I don't buy it just yet.

You wanna help us,
you're gonna need to prove it.


Let's start with the payment
you got for Daisy.

Someone else needs that
more than you do.


[ Sighs ]

That's more painful
than getting stabbed.

That buy me some trust?

It buys you some time.

I think we're safer
with you out of the mix.

Hey, wait, wait, wait!



Any word from May?

Deke: Come on! Hey!

[ Thudding on door ]




Wanna be careful
standing around.

Grill's gonna be back soon.

[ Object clanks, air hisses ]

Are you ready
to talk yet?

There's nothing to say.

I mean, there I was, telling you
not to lose yourself...

Who doesn't love irony,

Mack, Gunner hit
your weak spots.

Of course you reacted.

I just couldn't listen
to him.

[ Scoffs ] He doesn't know
what you've lost

or how great
of a dad you are.

But what if I'm not?

Not what?

A great dad.

Mack, please.
Stop it.


When Hope died --
the real Hope --

she never came home,

and, still,
it took me weeks

before I could walk
into her nursery

and take everything away,
but I did it...eventually.

It must have been hard.

But this Hope...

my Hope...

in the Framework...

She, uh...

This is harder.


[ Voice breaking ]
I miss her so much.

[ Sighs ]

It's so much worse.

Imagine that.

I survived the pain
of losing my real child,

but I can't get over
the pain of losing a fake one,

so what kind of a father
does that make me?

Maybe Gunner was right
about me.

Maybe I really am
already lost. I --


Hope might not
have been real,

but your love for her was.

And that makes you
a great father and a good man.

We'll get
through this place intact.



Hey, Monster Mack!

[ Chuckles ]

Gunner just paid me off.


Seems like you're twice
the beast I thought you were.

Glad to have you, Mack.

You fit right in.




[ Indistinct conversations ]

And you've dealt
with our newest guest?

[ Bell chimes ]

Your gracious host Kasius

would like to say
a few words of welcome.

It is truly my pleasure

to invite you
to this wondrous place,

the last bastion of a species,

a place I've been proud
to call home for so long.

You are the first to arrive

for an exhibition
of unbridled powers

to excite the senses...

...all leading up
to our main event.

[ Chains clinking ]

One powerful Inhuman,
long thought gone,

now here to enrich
one lucky patron's life.

Quake, Destroyer of Worlds.

[ Crowd murmurs ]

Someone, maybe someone
in this room right now,

will win this prize.

[ Liquid pours ]

[ Pitcher thumps ]

Her power...will be your power.


...are there any requests
as we begin?

Skip the exhibition.

She's the Destroyer
of Worlds.


[ Breathes sharply ]

She should fight to the death.