Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–…): Season 5, Episode 19 - Option Two - full transcript

The team finds themselves trapped and under siege at the Lighthouse.

Previously on
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D...

If there's a chance to save your life,
why not try?

What if Cybertek has the key
to saving you?

Cybertek's the same company
that built Deathlok's leg.

- The answer's no.
- About that Deathlok program,

I'm gonna do some digging,
see what else I can find.

- Glenn, are you ready to comply?
- I'm happy to.

Talbot, stop.
Why are you trying to get into the hangar?

She's the Destroyer.

Ruby! No!

Yo-Yo, what did you do?

- I found what you're looking for.
- My gravitonium.

S.H.I.E.L.D. has it.
They won't give it willingly.

You'd have me kill them?

I have no reason to stop you.

Four-three point nine...

four-six-two dash seven-six
point one-one-nine-one.

Four-three point...

nine-four-six-two dash seven-six
point one-one-nine-one.

Four-three point nine-four-six-two...

dash seven-six
point one-one-nine-one.

Four-three point
nine-four-six-two dash seven-six

point one-one-nine-one.

Four-three point

Once Zephyr One
breaks through the upper atmosphere,

we can slingshot the gravitonium
at high velocity into the Sun,

destroying it for good.

As anxious as we are to contain an element

that may cause the future destruction
of the planet...

we have to get Zephyr ready
for space travel first.

"Future destruction"?

It's complicated. Just go with it.

- So, how close are we?
- On the Zephyr,

RCS thrusters are operational
on the gravitonium.

We're nearly finished
extracting residual traces

from the machine which seems
to have refined the element in some way.

It should be enough
to power the pseudo-gravity engine.

So, in other words, we're close.

I've kind of been consulting, so...

Carl Creel still needs medical help.

And I think we should get Robin
and Polly somewhere safe, too.

- After General Talbot...
- He's not going anywhere.

I know,
but I've been talking to Tony Caine.

- What, my Tony? The Candyman?
- He's arranged for Creel's treatment,

and he says he could take care
of Robin and Polly for now.

Great. Do it.

- Maybe Davis can...
- I'll take him.

It's the least I can do
after dragging them out of hiding.

Unless there's some objection.

No. They'll be safer, not here.

Well, make it quick.

General Hale's MIA,
and I doubt she took an early retirement.

Wait, explain to me how she got away.
Didn't you have them contained?

Yeah, we did.

- That girl was a ticking bomb.
- And she went off when you cut her throat.

A gravity surge knocked everyone back
and disrupted our equipment.

She slipped away.

I was afraid you'd have to quake Ruby
and crack the Earth.

That shouldn't even be an issue,
speaking of cutthroat.

- All right, let's keep it productive.
- There would already be a crack

- in the universe if you hadn't.
- Look, I did what I did.

I'm not proud,
but it was the right choice.

It was revenge.
You let your emotions get the best of you.

Ruby should be locked up,
and she's not the only one.

All I did was kill the person
called the Destroyer of Worlds.

That's what Daisy was called.
We're lucky you didn't cut her throat.

Just stop, Deke. The point is,
you don't make that decision.

Then who does? You?
We all have blood on our hands.

- Why am I being singled out?
- That's not what we do here.

- This is S.H.I.E.L.D. We protect.
- She was a psychopath.

- Ask Fitz.
- Yeah, just look at his cracked rib.

- If you'd have seen what she was like...
- I didn't get a chance.

I was too busy screaming
to be let out of a cell.

Fitz shouldn't have even been there.

- We delayed their plan!
- If we hadn't gone, Ruby would be free.

But this isn't about the decision, is it?

- This is about not following your orders.
- It's about both.

Well, we didn't pick you.

Coulson made that decision
and brought you back

when he could have broken
that loop right there!

All right, stop it.

Yes, I made that decision,
and I'll be making the rest today.

It's over.
Go do your jobs.

So, is this normal?

A weird mission? Yeah.
The fighting? That's new.

Here to ask me if I'm okay?

Not if I don't have to.


Then tell me what the Candyman's got.

Thinks he found something connected
to the Deathlok program.

- Garrett. Could be a stretch, but...
- It could keep Coulson alive.

Whether he likes it or not.

- So, Creel's been put on board?
- And he's on an IV drip,

so he's not a danger to anyone.

Once you have him,
Robin, and her mum set up. Go dark.

- I'll cover for you here.
- Okay. Thank you for being sane.

Robin said someday Coulson
would put all the pieces together.

That has to mean something.

But not according
to the multiverse theory.

Hmm... I'm not sure you actually know
what "multiverse" means.

That every choice we make spins out
a different timeline into the cosmos,

and right now,
there are infinite parallel universes.

But I am proof
that you can move between them.


you have proof that we are
in one timeline, in a loop.

An infinite, intractable,
unchangeable loop.

But if we succeed
in ridding the planet of gravitonium,

then we break that loop
and prevent the Earth's destruction.

Which is great, because that
definitely won't affect me at all.

Look, it's not like
I'm just gonna blink out of existence.

I lived in one timeline,
but now I live in this new one,

and I think I'm gonna stay in the one
with the Sun and tacos and all that,

'cause that's the multiverse.
That's science.

Or you're a canary in a coal mine.

I don't know
what either of those things are.

We won't know if we're successful
at changing the future

- unless you blink out of existence.
- Fitz...

Jemma agrees. She actually wrote a paper
on the theory of...

Nobody knows how it works.
Now, be careful.

This substance is extremely unpredictable.

Just make sure that gets to the Zephyr
in one... No, okay. You know what?

- I think I might take that myself...
- Oh, quit it! I carried this stuff

around on my belt for years, okay?

And didn't you guys make a pledge
never to leave each other's side?

You have to do that.
You have to keep that pledge for the,

you know, the good of humanity.

Your humanity, you mean.

I appreciate how invested you are
in our future, but for now,

let's worry about
the future of the planet.

Four-three point...

nine-four-six-two dash seven-six
point one-one-nine-one.





Four-three point nine-four-six-two
dash seven-six

- point one-one-nine-one.
- He's been yelling for you.

I can fix this.

Wait by the door.

Four-three point nine-four-six-two...


It's like a record that just keeps
skipping in my head, the numbers.

- I was with Robin.
- Okay. Calm down.

But I was at the control box. Why?
What was I doing there?

- Trying to get the doors open?
- I'm Air Force, Phil.

I know enough about navigational aids
to know that every hangar has a landing...


I had to comply.

The landing-assist beacon.

The only way to get a signal out.

Four-three... point nine-four-six-two...

point one-one-nine-one.

Phil, tell me
that's not what I think it is.

Our location.

It came out of nowhere.

- Any word from outside?
- They jammed our communications

and exterior cameras.
As far as we can tell,

both the Lighthouse and River's End
have been cut off

- from the rest of the world.
- That's not reassuring.

elite citizens of the Lighthouse.

Project Reclamation has been triggered.

It appears you're experiencing
an apocalypse-level event.

- This guy again?
- Please remain calm.

This moment in human history
is what this bunker was designed for.

That actually is kind of reassuring.

Please go to the main computer terminal
and choose from the following options.

If the Lighthouse is experiencing
an extreme-weather event, press one.

Agent Coulson,
I can't silence the alarms.

If you're experiencing a nuclear attack,
press two.

- Screw it.
- For an alien invasion, press three.

You have selected nuclear attack.
For your own health, safety,

and radiation protection,

all outer doors will remain sealed
for 15 years.

- Did he just say 15 years?
- How was I supposed to know

there would be an "alien invasion" option?

You always listen to the whole menu.

You may be noticing that the Lighthouse
is going into lock down mode.

This is not a drill.
The Lighthouse is keeping us safe.

All exits, including the hangar
have been sealed

to protect us from any outside intrusion.

Which is good, 'cause there is currently
a sizeable alien spaceship overhead.

Oh, and due to a technical malfunction,
the Lighthouse thinks

we're under nuclear attack,
so we may be trapped inside

for 15 years...

- ish.
- No, no, no.

I am so stupid. Why am I still in here?

I'm sure there's a way around that.
So, in the meantime...

there's no reason to panic.

The Lighthouse
survives the Earth cracking apart,

so one flying saucer,
probably no big deal.

All Lighthouse survival systems
are operational. Good luck.

You're humanity's last hope.
Your survival is essential.

Oh! Now what?

Oh, hey.

- I know this guy.
- Phil Coulson.

Humanity's shield.

Yeah, I remember you, too.
The lighting wasn't great,

but the whole vision thing
was hard to forget.

Did General Hale send you?

You will be dealing with me now.

I'm here for what was promised.

- The gravitonium.
- Yeah, that's gonna be a hard pass.

Maybe you haven't realised it yet,
but this bunker, it's apocalypse-proof.

It can withstand a nuclear blast.
We have years of food, water, and air.

- Is that true?
- Not good food.

And pretty soon,
the world's gonna realise

there's this giant ship in its atmosphere,
and I'm thinking

in the current political climate,

won't be long
before you're blown out of the sky.

Too much?

If you're here for the update,
tell Coulson the communication relay

doesn't work, either.

We don't have time for this.

We might be stuck in here for 15 years.

You think you can avoid me
for that long?

- I want to explain.
- Which part?

- I was trying to save you.
- Yeah.

Not this again.

You need to listen.
You saw her. Me in the future.

I spoke to her.
She warned me of all of this.

I don't wanna hear it
and I don't wanna know.

She was trying to help us, Mack.

To prevent this,
to keep me from losing you.

- She said things...
- And it's making you crazy.

This whole future thing
has got you all acting crazy.

I don't want to know.

I'm just trying to fix the problems
right in front of me,

not get my mind twisted
trying to figure out what comes next.

- We already saw what comes next!
- Yeah, so you're willing to do anything,

no matter who it hurts!

We've been through too much.

It messed you up.

Thanks for the reminder, Mack.

You don't even look at me the same.

You know that's not what I meant.

- No wonder you're pulling away.
- You're pushing me away.

You think I don't care about
what happened to your arms?

You don't care enough.

How can you not want that girl to suffer
for what she did?

I wanted to beat her senseless,
but that's not what we do!

That's not us!

- We turn the other cheek.
- Would you say that to May?


That she could've saved that little girl
in Bahrain? No.

Because she made the tough choice
to save lives.

In the Framework, you saw the alternative.

In the future...

we swore...

- We swore we wouldn't lose ourselves.
- I know.

Or lose each other.

I know.

I love you.

I'm doing this for you,
but you need to believe me.

You need to trust
that I know what I'm doing.

Please, Mack.

You know me.

You know I may run away...

but I always come back to where I started.

I know.

I just don't know
if I'll be here when you do.

- Mack?
- Um... Says the relay's done.

That's all he said?


Look... I can't tell you
if what you did was right or wrong.

That's up to you to decide.

But it doesn't just change you.
It changes how people see you.

And the only thing you can do
is make peace with it.

I'm trying.

- Daisy should be back by now.
- I can't get a line out.

But you should be able
to get a signal in, right?

What if she never made it
out of our airspace at all?

- We would know. Can't we try...
- What if that ship fired on them?

Daisy's fine.

She's gone dark.

Daisy's mission wasn't just about Robin,
Polly, and Creel.

- She's following a lead.
- A lead on what?

- A way to keep you alive.
- What?

I don't want that.
My orders are very clear about that.

If there's a chance we can save you,
don't you think I'd take it?

Right now, we all need saving
from our new overlords out there,

- and our most powerful team member's gone.
- No, no, no, no, no.

I killed Ruby for nothing.

It didn't matter.
It's all happening right now.

- Everything she told me.
- "She" who?

This right here...

this is how we lose.

I could've warned myself
about a lot of things.

Ruby, Hale, these aliens,
but instead she told me.

Instead, she told me...

"Coulson is dying,
and we need to let him."

I'm sorry, sir.

I hated keeping this.
I owe you so much.

- You're my family.
- No, you're wrong.

Robin said Coulson
puts the pieces back together.

And you're saying
that we should've just left him

to freeze to death
in the middle of nowhere.

- I have to listen, May.
- In the middle of nowhere.

She was me. She's lived through this,
through the loop,

- who knows how many times.
- Exactly, you don't know.

We haven't lost yet,

and as far as we know,
they can't get in here...

- They can go wherever they want.
- You better believe

we're gonna do everything possible
to keep him alive.

They can go wherever they want.

Sensors, the cameras,
everything's glitchy.

You getting the same thing I am?

Energy fluctuations
all over the Lighthouse? Yeah.

Which could mean they're already inside.


- They're already inside!
- We don't even know who "they" are.

I do.

The Remorath are marauders.

They're intergalactic scavengers
with no planet of their own,

so they just take from others, and...
and wherever they go,

- darkness follows.
- Darkness? That's a little vague.

Well, it's not
the concept of darkness,

it's literal darkness. It follows them,
because they're magic,

and they can see in the dark,
and we can't,

so it makes them kill us better with...

with their claws.

- Did you say, "claws"?
- Yeah.

Did I not mention the foot-long
razor claws? Because, yeah.

Well, people in the future survive.
There must be a way to stop them.

No, we didn't stop them.
We just gave them whatever they wanted,

and then...

...said thank you and...

cleaned up the bodies after they left.

All right, this is no longer a siege,
this is an evacuation.

Fitz, Simmons, see if you can find
a way to override

the whole nuclear-contamination protocol.
We need to get the Zephyr airborne

and out of here,
preferably with the gravitonium

and our people on board.
How are your arms feeling?

- Fitz recalibrated them, so I'm like new.
- Good, because we also need

to get Talbot out of lockup,
and we have no idea

- what kind of influence he's under.
- Well, if he makes a move,

- I'll make a faster one.
- Great. Thank you.

Coulson, I think we might have something.
There's a...

it's an analogue override on floor 17.

It's the system
I check after the beacon explodes,

- so I can rig up a bypass.
- All right.

If we can get the hangar doors open
and Deke and I can get the engines going,

- we're in business.
- I'll ready the gravitonium for travel.

We've got Piper and Davis here to help,
and Fitz can take Agent Wahl for backup.

No, Simmons. You... You are the backup.

You guys made a pledge
not to leave each other's side,

- so I feel like...
- Well, we don't really have much choice.

You can get Daisy to give you backup.

She's strong, and she's protective...

...and she...

Wait, can't... Wait.
Can't Daisy just quake us out of here?

- Why isn't she back yet?
- Ask May.

All settled?

Weird kid.

Drew me a picture
of a blue lady juggling someone's balls.

Pretty sure they were her balls.

Aliens, you know?

Have you seen
all this weird stuff happening

- in New York?
- I can't watch the news.

It makes me crazy.
Look, I got to get back, so...

Agent Johnson...
you know why they call me the Candyman?

Because the Candyman can?

Project Deathlok had a lot of branches.

It was a very complex web to untangle.
A lot of promises were made,

- promises were broken and...
- Tony.

All right. Short story long...

it all goes back to this one Hydra dude
named John Garrett.

Yeah, I'm familiar.

He was being kept alive
by this secret sauce,

all kinds of ingredients.

He called it Centipede Serum.

I think from the shape of it.

That's... That's the last one, so...

- don't waste it.
- I'm familiar. This is, um... a start.

- Thank you.
- Yeah, well, the thing about it is,

though, Garrett's cocktail
had an extra healing component

that was designed and developed
by the Nazis, so that's impossible to get.

Nothing's impossible.

It's one element. What is it?

Ah. I have no idea.

All I got was the name of some place
where they found it.

And I can't find it on any map.

That's cause it's not a place.

Come on, Glenn.

Just think.

Just think.

You can fix this. You can fix this.

Just think.

Just think.

Just think.

Just think.

- Speedy!
- Don't.

Back up.

Bad aliens are coming,
and we're getting out.

Coulson's orders. Come on.

Oh, sorry.

I can't do that.

I caused this problem.

You give me a gun, I'll help take out
as many of them as I can.

Better yet, you know what you do?

You get me a phone,
and I'll call in an air strike.

But there's no way to call out.

Then I'll send up a smoke signal.

You're not Air Force anymore.

Okay. Look, there's no need for that.
We're fine.

That's not necessary, because I'll comply.

I'll... That's a bad choice of words.




Has to be done.

I'm gonna make up for what I did.

Make it right for that little girl.

Robin and her...

- her mother.
- I believe you...

but we don't know
if you're the one in control.

- Okay.
- So you follow my lead.


Do you think Deke's right?

Let me be clear. Deke is never right.

We're in radio contact.
We've not split up. We're just...


Jemma, do you copy?

We should go.

No, no, no.

Let's move.

Oh, come on. Come on. come on.

Get back!

Shh! Shh! Shh!

- What are you doing here?
- Without you, there is no me.

Never been so happy
to meet someone so self-serving.

If anyone asks,
we scared that thing off, okay?

Or he knew he could just kill us later.

Don't tell me that's the override.

How the hell did he find that thing?
The Lighthouse is enormous.

Doesn't matter.

This was our only way out.

All of you see where you're going,
where to find it.

Then lay waste to anyone
who stands in our way.

Evac is a no-go.
Fitz says the override's been destroyed.

- They have the layout of this place?
- Who knows? They have teleportation tech,

and they did show me visions
of far-off places.

They'd be great to have on our team
if they were interested.

- They may have a layout of this place.
- So, new plan?

- Yeah, we rally together. Make a stand.
- Well, those doors

- aren't gonna hold for long.
- I don't like our chances

- without more ammo.
- We'll make it to the armoury

- and bring back what we can find.
- Thanks, Agent Kim.

A team of us is gonna take up
a defensive position here in control.

Secure whatever firepower you can,
then head our way. You copy?

Copy. I've got Talbot,
but we don't have much

in the way of firepower.

- We've got you.
- Heading your way.

- Copy that.
- Yeah. We copy, as well,

but we may have a bit of a logistics issue
in the lab.

I don't think the gravitonium
can take the stairs.

Deke thinks he can get
one of the elevators moving.

Okay, brilliant.

Yeah, and, uh, just so
everybody's aware,

I think these guys have tech
that can shut down electricity,

like, uh, an EMP,
so, flashlights, ICERs...

walkies... they'll be useless.

We need to see these things
if we're gonna stop them.

Fire would work.
Just try and find something combustible.

Then let's light 'em up.

I always wanted to say that.

They're here.

- That's our exit. We're cut off.
- Oh, come on. We can fight these Remorons.

Get these cuffs off. I can fix this.

Coulson wants you safe,
which means I do, too. Come on.

I can't be stuck in here again.
I can't be stuck in here again. I...

There's so much I haven't seen.
I haven't seen the ocean.

I haven't seen the Great Wall.
I haven't seen Orlando.

What happened to your multiverse?
Thought you were everywhere all at once?

Shut up!

That is insane. I mean,
it's a miracle you survived all that

- with just one scar?
- Yeah.

You tell everyone that story?

I don't think they care.

- Piper, ICERs won't work.
- So, no modern weapons,

- but yes to '70s era camping equipment?
- 'Fraid so.

We saw them.

They cut off our way to Control.

We had nowhere else to go.

- Jemma, do you copy?
- Yeah, Fitz, I think we're pinned down.

We're going to have to make
our own stand here.

They'll be coming for the gravitonium.

I know.

Sorry, Jemma.
I never should've left your side.

Wait, Deke.
Has he blinked out of existence?

- No, he's still here.
- Then we're good.

- You heard him, they're coming after us.
- Okay.

Davis, Piper, we're on point.

Simmons, you stay here
and defend the lab,

and if it comes to it, the gravitonium.

What about me? Take the cuffs off.
I can fix this.

You just stay back.


Looks like you
and I are the last line of defence.

- Thought you might need an escort.
- I think we can handle ourselves.

Actually, it was a nice gesture.



I can't see anything! We need recon!

I just did. I couldn't see them,
but I could feel them all around me.

We're outnumbered.

Stay behind me.

I can't be killed.

Well, that makes two of you.

There's too many of them!

Hold on as long as you can!

Bar the doors all of them.

Simmons, Yo-Yo, do you read?

Do not proceed to Control.
We are surrounded.

I repeat, we are surround...

Be careful, stay back.

This is the last line.

Here. Draw a line.

Take a stand.

Hold the line.

Last line.
This is the last li...

I can fix this.


A light cocktail of potassium,

and a dash of sugar.

Got it.

Don't worry, Gramps.
If they want the gravitonium,

they're gonna go through me.


...whatever happens next...

never call me "Gramps" again.

Doubt that this will work
without electricity.


Really? Are you serious?



I don't think the ammo's
gonna get here in time.

Okay, people. This is it.

Here we go.

If you need a gun, you'll take one, right?
Here, take this one.

- They're everywhere, just like I said!
- Just hold steady!

We don't have enough ammo
to hold them off!

They're coming from all sides!

Damn it! They jumped
in behind us! They're at the lab!

Simmons, can you read me?

- Simmons! Oh, something's wrong.
- No, nobody can reach anybody.

It doesn't mean that she's...

What was that?

- I'm out!
- Me, too!

Look, May,
this probably isn't the best time.

It's not!

Bullets didn't do much
to these guys anyway.


You okay?

Where's Talbot?

I told you I could fix this.

Citizens of the Lighthouse,

I bring you excellent news.

The outer atmosphere
shows no signs of contamination.

You have survived the nuclear apocalypse.

The planet is safe again.